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Thread thread? Thread thread.

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Like a fucking elk.

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so much win here

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Here you go.
Does anyone have the thread about Pelor the Burning Hate?

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heres one I grabbed

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no but I have this awsome fisherman god one (not op)

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NO. No Golem's Garden!
>I didn't ask for these feels.

QUICK! Someone post the pic of the Dreadnought telling someone a bedtimes story, to make me feel better.

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Not the story you asked for, but here, have the tale of a Rogue Trader with balls so big he needs a whole transport for them

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Best trolling ever.

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I made the Maelstrom Serpent my pally's god in my latest game. Feels good man.

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Naw man, the one where someone says

"Tell me a bedtime story /tg"

And the Dreadnought talks about killing a xenos and laughing for hours.

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Dude. Dude, you're killing me here. I'm having a heart attack and dying. My body was not meant for feels of this magnitude.

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Anyone got the "I don't even need any other boards"?

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Anyone got the one where Kat tries to catch a cat by jumping off a roof?

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This ones pretty recent

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Here's one.

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And should anyone desire a link to a zip with all Katlyn screencaps and artfaggotry.

And a link to all the /tg/ archived threads:

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Does anyone have that one about the sorcerer? He does support spells for the party so the newbies can have the spotlight, and then the party tries to screw him and he destroys them.

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laughed so hard

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I second this as I want to read it

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whats with all the feels in this thread?

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I don't know, but I like it.

I don't think I know of the story you're talking about, but I've got this one about an artificer that's kind of similar.

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Elegan/tg/entleman, I bring you a story of a better man than I.

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Aye. A cleric taught me how to be a paladin.

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well damn thats a good story

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well crap man I hope you went on to make his sacrifice count.

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I'm not that paladin, I meant in general terms. I wish I had been part of that epicness.

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Why did I start to tear up over a pair of goddamn wavelengths?

Pic related, but in a good way.

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Because you are a miserable failure and your laugh is a sick mockery of decent people.

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He wasn't laughing, I think you quoted the wrong guy.

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It was a typo. I meant "life."

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You fail at laugh.

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I dont know if its been posted yet, but here's Pelor the Burning Hate for you

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Pretty sure this is it

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Who says D&D 3.5 has a monopoly on silly implications of minmaxing?

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Here's most of the stories I believe

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I'll admit, I lifed a little at that.

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I guess I'll dump what I have.

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Massive Dump incoming:

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i watch that with my nephews like twice a month ahahahahahahahahahaha

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Somewhat obligatory. 1/2

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Okay now Boxcar Joe is awesome.

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Old Man Henderson

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Is shit.

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That's almost too small to read . . . thank god.

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Aannd I'm out. I'm thinking of dumping the STORYTIEM chronicles, but it is kind of a lot. Like and hour reading's worth. And I'm a fast reader.

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Still the best.

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when has that not been true?

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Not technically a thread, but one of my favorite moments from a Pathfinder campaign I'm currently playing in. Happened a while ago, not sure how well I remember it:

>Wandering through an the ruins of a lighthouse that used to stand on top of a hill.
>The lighthouse "shaft" broke off from the base, and fell down the hill, leaving it lying on the hillside, trashing the house below it.
>We enter from the ruined house, and make our way to the lighthouse's ruined shaft.
>Inside, all of the rubble is floating in the air, allowing us to use it to climb up.
>I'm playing a 7'2" level 3 Human Barbarian with 20 Strength. Basically playing my character as a freight train who lives off of violence. Pretty much rolled nothing but Attack, Grapple, and Intimidate before this.
>I try to climb, find it very difficult to do with my armor on, so I stow my shield, scale mail, greatsword, and bastard sword in my backpack, and try again.
>I climb like a fucking monkey, end up a good 50 ft above everyone else.
>Suddenly, fucking Will-o-Wisp
>It attacks me, I end up falling 40 ft. Fortunately, because of the floating rocks, the whole area is in a sort of "low-gravity" zone, so I only take 20-something damage.
>I'm blessed with a high constitution modifier, still have more than twice the HP of any other party member.

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>Party members at this point consist of a Hobo-Thief Tengu with a huge knapsack, a celebrity Gnome Bard/Musician, a female sorcerer, and a temporarily DM Controlled Cleric.
>Celebrity Gnome showed up late to the session, gets to start climbing all the way from the bottom. Doesn't get very far, ends up staying at the floor for a few rounds.
>Tengu and Cleric are climbing, Cleric is healing people who fall.
>Sorcerer is using momentum from their spells to fly up, using their spells as rocket fuel.
>I keep climbing at my ridiculous pace, end up on top of the tower, looking down at my party members, and the will-o-wisp they're fighting.
>They've hit it once or twice, but it's still going strong.
>My character, Hal Fey'tran (Hal Freight Train), is suddenly very bored. He sees the monster below him, and comes up with a cunning plan.
>"I jump from the top of the tower and attack the Will-O-Wisp as I fall."
>DM: "What?"
>"Just trying to roleplay my Wisdom score of 6."


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>DM: "All right, if you succeed, you'll deal your normal damage, plus the amount of falling damage you would have taken. From there, we'll see if you can somehow land from there, or if not, how far you'll fall past that.
>"Sounds fair."
>Entire party thinks I'm an idiot at this point.
>I jump off, and start falling.
>"All right, I- oh, shit."
>DM: "What?"
>"I never specified which weapon I was using."
>DM: "Roll a wisdom check"
>Needless to say, it was low.
>DM: "You opt to use your shield"
>All right then.
>Roll, mid-range.
>DM: "You miss."
>"Shit. Wait, does this count as a charge?"
>DM: "Oh."


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>DM: "You glance it. You deal damage, but you're definitely going to fall further."
>I roll for damage. I roll quite well.
>Yeah, that thing is very dead.
>I keep falling.
>I keep falling aaaalllll the way down.
>All 200 feet.
>I don't have THAT much HP.
>At this point my party does everything they can to try to save the tank of a man who just drop killed the monster.
>Rocket-Sorcerer tries to stop my fall, no such luck.
>Cleric tries to throw something at me to hit me against the wall before I fall further, doesn't work.
>Tengu uses his huge knapsack as a parachute, tries to crash into me.
>He misses, just barely.
>Celebrity gnome casts prestidigitation.


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>DM: "What are you trying to do?"
>Gnome: "I'm going to make him disappear, and make him reappear on top of the tower."
>DM: "Oh boy. All right, I'll roll 1d100. if it's low enough, I might let you get away with it."
>Fucking 1.
>DM: "You throw a deck of cards out from your pocket, which form a slide from the bottom of the tower to the top. Hal falls on it, and is whisked back up in a loop to the top of the tower, where he now stands safely.
>Hal waits for the rest of the party to catch up, again.

Afterward, I rolled for falling damage to see what would have happened if I hadn't been caught. I would have survived, but fallen unconscious. I had about 42 max HP at this point. I was most pleased.


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From that point on, I've stopped playing my character with any abandon for player safety. Since then, we ended up traveling to a town, and I decided to sleep outside on the streets. DM says I wake up completely naked, stripped of all possessions. I know that this town has a lively black market. I'd leveled up since that fight and gained an ability from the Barbarian class that let me bull rush better (don't remember specifics). I run into the black market alley, completely naked, and roll an intimidation check. Nothing. I decided the bull rush every single person in the alley, like a trash compactor. I push a few together, and then roll a wisdom check to grab the most valuable things I can spot. I end up grabbing a mysterious leaf cloak, and a live chicken. I then hightail it the fuck out of there, putting on the cloak, now my only non-living possession.


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That's the cutest shit I've ever read on here.

I'd love to know how that group isdoing.

>> No.22113254


Later, we come across an old crashed caravan, full of large metal boxes with mesh coverings that squeal when their knobs are turned, and strange large metal lutes (Amps and Electric Guitars, I quickly determined OOC.) I decided to grab the sturdiest looking "metal lute", and use it as my new weapon.

Shortly after, the Tengu died because of a cursed sword, and gave me his Chest of infinite money and space to carry for the party.

I want you to picture this. A 7'2" Barbarian wearing nothing but a leaf-cloak that doesn't close in the front. He carries with him a large metal guitar, which he hits people with, and a huge treasure chest he drags behind him everywhere he goes. He is followed by a live chicken. He is always angry. He is always ready to fight. He will grapple you and pin you into submissions. He will threaten to break your kneecaps if you don't give him what he wants. And now he is multiclassing to Sorcerer. And, later, to the Dragon Disciple prestige class. He will have a breath weapon, and be able to claw people to death.

I'll admit, I don't usually play meatheads, but I'm liking the way this one is turning out.

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This in screencap form, in case you guys need it like that to appreciate it for some reason.

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you are approached by a strange old woman who grasps your enormous hand and glances over your palm before your senses kick in. she tells you that it is your fate to become a heavy metal god. this obviously confuses you and so you deal with your confusion as any barbarian would. you grasp the old woman firmly by the entire head and squeeze. her head pops like a grape and her lifeless form drops from your brain slicked hand like an old sack of wet leaves.

>> No.22113405


I'd recommend looking at this homebrew of the Dragon Disciple and seeing what you're GM thinks. Mine's usually pretty strict, but he approved it for our campaign because he knew I wanted it for RP. It's pretty badass.

The prestige classes in both 3.5 and PF are pretty awful, especially compared to others, and you'll be sorely underpowered at later levels. Sheer luck would be the only thing keeping you alive.


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Saved everything, can sleep in peace. Night /tg/.

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Is it a bad sign that my moment of greatest /tg/ related pride is writing the piece that this anon used as a jumping off point to something far, far greater?

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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria....

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I think we've had enough stories for tonight.

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Seriously just shed a not-entirely-manly tear. These feels.

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I want more stories but don't have anything /tg/-related to contribute, this is close enough though.

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I don't think I saw this one when I browsed the thread, so if it's already there, my bad. Caught it a few nights ago and it was pretty interesting.

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This one always makes me laugh. No action necessary, the tards just take care of themselves in the end.

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I'm the person who asked for that. I asked for this about 9 and a half hours ago I think. Anon. Your determination and thoughtfulness inspires me to greater heights of mindless bloodshed in the name of the Emperor. Thank you.

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Anyone got some old, rare, obscure stories? Ones that don't get posted often?

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We do, but first you must prove yourself worthy.
There are three tasks you must complete, each more harrying than the last.
Dare you enter my magical realm?

>> No.22116761

For rare /tg/ stories?
Give me your tasks, old man, I'll do them in no time!

>> No.22116785

Okay, eager young man, but beware, these are no ordinary tasks!

First you must...
Post a picture of a spidercat!

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I always laugh hard when reading this one.

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They are truly fearsome creatures. But with my pictograph box, I shall see to it.

>> No.22116904
File: 44 KB, 590x419, spider-cat_2967328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here it is! The dreaded SPIDERCAT

>> No.22116931

Good, good, but next you must...
Stat a fighter in 3.5 that can outperform a wizard at level 15!

>> No.22116998
File: 438 KB, 909x835, 1338685546671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.22117181

Has the Sphinx told you those fiendish riddles?
Stats: 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18
Wizard is bound and gagged besides the Fighter, without any prepared spells.

>> No.22117223

Only a select few have managed to come this far.
But fewer still have passed THE THIRD TEST!

Now, prepare yourself, for you face the greatest test of all!
You must compliment the traditional games designer you loathe the most WITHOUT BEING SARCASTIC OR SOUNDING MAD!

>> No.22117263

You clearly are no mortal man, your cruelty unmasks you, scourge!
But I shall do as you say!
The designers of the Second Edition of Exalted made commendable effort to capture the feeling of the original while changing the rules.

>> No.22117264
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>> No.22117302

>Really enjoy this thread
>Its dying and soon to be pruned
>Rescue it with the only three I have
>Go to sleep
>Come back late next day
>It's still there, more than doubled in size
>Bless you /tg/

>> No.22117327


Well done, you cast Resurrection, and it worked!

>> No.22117334

I am defeated!
I shall gather what you ask, oh great knight, as fast as I am able!

>> No.22117368

The writer of FATAL did manage to create something worthy of learning. Even if it wasn't exactly in the way he hoped.

>> No.22117388

You devotion to our agreement ennobles your soul.

>> No.22117403

Surely you have never heard this tale before, great knight?
As you can tell from the tome's colouring, I have brought it forth from the black halls beyond the light of /tg/!

>> No.22117406
File: 588 KB, 918x4643, fucking wizards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I'm an idiot, too!

>> No.22117423

Or this!
Do be careful with it, the last idiot who handled it must've spilled something on it.

>> No.22117427
File: 562 KB, 1880x2624, herp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22117448
File: 201 KB, 1202x899, black jester.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or finally this!
I shall endeavour to find further reading material, m'lord.

>> No.22117453

Do you take me for a fool? While I'm no scholar, it takes far more to find something I don't know. Why else would I have come to you for stories?

>> No.22117503

This one I didn't know indeed. Splendid.

>> No.22117518
File: 172 KB, 867x3932, sw campaign.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lo, for I have found yet more tomes hidden deep within the secret archives!

>> No.22118135

Did we ever get a follow up on this one?

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