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Dwarfs are more then vikings!
Dwarfs are better than those sissy elfs!
Dwarf thread!

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Santa, stop being racist to your employees. It's fucking Christmas time, man.

And you have better things to do than bug 4chan anyway.

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Elves were here.
Enjoy your nomagic, stone-chewing faggots.
And no, writing "fuck you" on an axe and calling it "runes" is not magic.
And please, last "fuck you" axe we got as a trophy had three grammatical mistakes. How did you manage this, i have no idea.

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Don't you dare glare at me, Gimli.

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*chit, chit, cheet, chit*

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It is apparent to all with eyes and ears that thou art incorrect in your claims of the superiority of dwarves over elves. Not that anyone would need eyes nor ears to know that as a certainty if they have noses to smell the foul odor you emanate with such pride.

Return to the dark cavern from whence you came, Child of Stone.

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Jared, we talked about that. No amount of magic can fix the fact that you're goblin. Just accept it.

goddamn elfaboo

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Why can't I like both elves and dwarves you underage faglord?

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because you cannot be pro-skub and anti-skub at the same time.

Shut up, Steve. You are not both, you're just fucking hipster.

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Thine senses fool you to make you think me a goblin. To rule a people does not make the ruler the same as the people he rules. Then again, if thine senses are clear and you still think me a goblin, then you are the fool.

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But humans are a crossbreed between elves and dwarves.

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Because neither are Skaven.

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That's a lie if I ever heard one.

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Death to beard-things! Death to elf-things!

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Denial is one hell of a drug.

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Dorfs are superior to all

Especially tree-hugging girly girl elves

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Go to bed, that guy.

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This is now a Skaven Thread

What's your favorite clan /tg/

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Eshin all the way

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Fucking Skryre! There is no other!

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Someone starts a Dwarf thread.

Everyone else comes and posts their own favorite race and acts superior. This is why you guys suck sometimes /tg/

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Dwarf women are hot, bros

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That's how we roll, yo.
What we would discuss other wise? "yesterday my dwarf bearded so much, that he accidentally the whole ber with axe?"
Boring, man.

personally i like warforged.

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Most favorite race threads typically don't start with FUCK X RACE, which is just begging to be invaded.

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Everybody looks pretty much the same after death.

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Maybe OP shouldn't have mocked elves like a manchild then?

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fuck this keyboard.

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But some have more bling than others

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That's not a dwarf woman. Dwarf women have beards.

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>Dwarfs are more then vikings!
More of what? Beard?

>Dwarfs are better than those sissy elfs!
Elves have badass warriors that kills the shit out of Balrogs in LOTR. One elf had so much fury within him that when he realised he had been killed his corpse simmered with so much rage that his body went up in flames.

>Dwarf thread!
Make a better original post next time, faggot.

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>implying Hobbits are not the true master race

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That would be Silmarillion, not LOTR. In LOTR, Gimli beats Legolas by killing one orc more in their little contest. PJ pandered to the ninja elves and made Legolas the star when in actuality, he was a fag.

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Same thing. I just call the setting LOTR because that way everone knows what I'm talking about.

I also like both Gimli and Legolas you assmuffin.

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It was enchanted with runes of confusion.

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