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No painting thread? Lets change that and show what you recently finished or what you are working on.

Here is my Word Bearers Heldrake, not a great picture though because of not enough light.
Now that all models that got primed are finished I'll start building the next batch of units (bikers from chaos knights and AC havocs).

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Last thing I painted, started it over a year ago and just never got around to finishing it. One slight problem the main colour I used to paint the armour doesn't exist anymore so i've had to improvise.

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I like the green! Always trying to work on some "glowing" parts of my models, hard for me to get the edges done though

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I have a question about paint on primer, I've never used it before but local climate given I can't use spray paint for the next little while.

Do I need to thin paint on primer as I would any other paint?

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don't use paint on primer

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Good idea, I'll just not paint my army for 4 months until the weather makes it possible instead.

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be a faggot about it if you want but >>22100168 is right, paint on primer should only be used for touch ups, not to replace spray primer.

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I used paint on primer for my first models (those from the 40k ultramarines paint set) and it can work, however using either a spray can or, if you can't do this because of the weather, an airbrush is much faster and gives better results.
If you realy want to do it, yes, you need to thin it a bit but not to the level of thinned down normal paints.

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on plastics you can try using gesso, but id thin it first.

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>painting thread
>only 2 models show

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OP said "No painting thread". That's what he got.

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Painting up my 3000p Necron army.

Never seen one with yellow rods before so I went for that.

Work in progress, the rods are only basecoated and the bbone on the Monolith and facemasks need some more highlights.

Still debating whether I should give the Warriors bone-coloured shoulders.

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I like what you've done with the crystal on the monolith, but it looks a bit dull (by that I mean not shiny, as opposed to boring), like it's made from stone. Or is that just the camera?

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That looks classy as fuck

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More a fan of a glowing necron look but this looks very good.

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It is dull, I've yet to paint the backside so it isn't varnished yet.

Still figuring out where to place the glares to make it more realistic.




Define "glowing".
Might be something I could add to improve them.

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I would post but my stuff looks horrible

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Bought one, ruined it when spraying, GW sent me one for free, managed to save the first one with fine grit sandpaper.

Free spyder is best spyder.

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Post anyway, we could give pointers or stroke your ego.

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I've used gesso in a pinch, its so-so.
Imperial Primer really isn't that bad.
I airbrush all my stuff now and use the Vallejo urethane primer. Which is ok, except for the white, which is too thin.
In my opinion, of course.

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The last thing I painted was a necromancer 2 months ago. Fucking uni, let me go, I want to paint my little army men alone.

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well, a bright contrast color like orange / green / blue. With the yellow tone you have it looks good and cohesive in your army but the runes / rods / energy sources don't realy stand out.
Just personal preference though.

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>We want to lol at you and cripple your ego

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hi5 cryx bro

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Dumping some stuff, because FUCK YEAH PAINTING.
I can't wait for the holidays to be over so I can get cracking on my inquisition force.

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love me some cryx

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let my trollkin go

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Not mine, but I'm a fan of it.

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I feel the airbrush is kind of cheating.

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>e yellow tone you have it looks good and cohesive in your army but the runes / rods / energy sources don't realy stand out.
>Just personal preference though.

You mean like how it blends into the desert/bone colours too much?

Been thinking that myself, I tried blue but didn't like it, they just didn't look evil.

Still, if anyone has an idea I'm all ears.

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Said the poorfag without an airbrush.

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dunno why, but im thinking red...

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bone shoulders would look good i think

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It's another type of brush. Nothing is "cheating" if it creates the desired effect.

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Red is a bitch to get right though, bright red either looks pink or orange. And with 500+ light sources in the army I prefer a colour that's easy to get right.

When I shade the yellow rods they'll get a bit more orange though.


Yeah, will probably try it, they look 100% metallic from behind which is a bit boring.

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That Predator is painted by hand though.

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My first 40k miniature

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The conversion is ok, the paintjob however is awesome.

Loving the tone of pink and the battle damage.

Have any still images with better quality?

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Thanks! Yes. I have a LOT of pictures (with bad illumination, though).


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Looks very good. Is this your first mini or just your first 40k?
Doing a gif for a 360 view is nice too

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(sorry for the position, they seem to be ok in my computer)

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First 40k, 10-12th miniature

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I've always wanted a 40K model. I don't play, I just want to build one. Something either Necron or Sister. But then when I think of painting it, I can't bring myself to buy one.

I've never painted anything like this. And the things I have painted turned out awful. I can't bring myself to ruin something so mother fucking over priced. But if I left it unpainted, it'd look stupid. So fuck 40k. When they come out with Babby-Tier "pre painted" models, then I will try one.

Man I really want an Immolator. And a Monolith.

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why is the ammo belt just swinging off without connecting to anything?

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Randomly, what do you guys think of the "dip brush in water" thinning technique?

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Works for me.

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Any particular tips on using it? Dip before or after getting paint on the brush? Do I do it every time, or does the brush stay sufficiently wet?

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Why not start with a 40k paint set?

Never used it. I just drop a bit water on the palet with my color.

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Painted more guard.. but honestly i've spammed /tg so much with them it isn't worth showing newly painted minis.

I do have a request however. does anyone have a picture of a WWII German tank commander leaning on the hatch of his tank and shouting and pointing backwards? I have an image in my head, pretty sure i've seen the image in picture form.

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A friend of mine gifted gave me this miniature, I just painted it. But anyway, I guess it could be some kind of large (and a little senseless) magazine. Or something like that.

I really like this one, by the way

And one question: sometimes, I have seen some really well done icicles on miniatures. Any idea about how to make them?

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What's a 40K paint set?

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Put the paint on a (wet) pallet and then mix the water with your paint tip into the paint.
And better to start with to few water than to water them down to much.

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sorry about that "gifted gave"

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I honestly just do whatever feels right.
Before makes it a bit more thin and runny but a quick dip in water with the paint already on does that less so.
I really just play it by ear.

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Water effects + thin cord (like the ones to catch fish).

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That looks awesome.

The fuck is it?

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Ogres with parts from the talos pain engine and wracks I guess

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Rarely used Dark Eldar elites.

Quite awesome work, looks like he built them from those Irongut Ogre things. They almost look slaneeshi though.

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If you are thinning your paints you should buy a bottle of liquitex flow aid (pic related). You can add a few drops to your paint pot and miz and the whole pot will be thinned. You can also add a drop on a pallet and miz in paint. But the best part is this can be used to thin paint to the point that they become washes so you can not make washes in any color you like.

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grumble, stupid pictures not showing.


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Ogre bulls with heads from the talos kit (excluding the aberration - that head is a cluster caltrop from the reaver jetbike kit) plus tentacles and a single liquifier gun from the talos kit.

To be honest i've wanted some grotesques in my army for completion sake (I have a large DE army) but fuck paying £15.50 per model for the disco-dancing model GW makes.

However I can't claim the idea for this conversion as my own, I took inspiration from a much better modeller/painter than me.


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Im mostly just messing around with paint, i have enough just lying around. same with models.

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Planning out my ghost rider ork

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you did that for attention, didn't you

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isnt the point of these threads to get attention?

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I wish you were the first to do that.. but sadly.

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its to get advice and help, jackass.

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Yep, I don't care. Though I'm also making a irom man nob, which has been done but admittedly badly from the several I've seen (mostly just paintjobs).
Not saying that mine will be better but no harm done in trying

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Yeah I understand, i'm making my own knight commander pask.. thats been done a million times as well.

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alright then, how do i know when ive thinned the paint too much?

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Its a shitty pic, but I'm not all that good of a painted to begin with, so....

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*good of a painter
And yes, some of the faces in this are pretty derpy, but in my defense, they weren't all that great to begin with. (Though, in my anti-defense, I do suck at painting faces. I blame the fact that I've been using shitty brushes for too dam long.)

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Rolled 20

Painted up a Weirdboy last night.

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TGs Tigers Sir!

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nice one

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Its sad, because the Starship Troopers miniatures game is dead.
It had promise, dammit.

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Blue twizzlers!

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Pask head so far... I put his cap on, then realised he looks almost identical to the tank commander heads I have on sprue.

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oops Correct photo here

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VERY NICe. Excellent job. Seriously.

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Anybody know of any good tutorials for Gsing fire?
google is giving me tutorials that really don't help

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Havent painted in a while so i bit the bullet and painted my Malifaux markus crew. Got it all done in one sitting. Just got 3 more models to paint and ill be done.

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Raar I will come out of the sea and eat you.. or swamp.. depends on where I am at the time... could even be a river.. anyways key points.. I'll emerge from something then eat you.

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