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>JAN: Dark Angels
>FEB: Daemons
>MAR: Wave month (hobbit, warriors of chaos, 40k)
>APR: High Elves
>MAY: Tau
>JUN: Summer wave (40k, supplement book for 40k)
>JUL: Lizardmen
>AUG: Mystery Box
>SEP: Wave month
>OCT: ???
>NOV: Eldar
>DEC: ???

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Are these wild guesses?

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Oh c'mon! No update for Eldar until fucking november?

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Can't wait for the new DA codex. Hoping that standard ravenwing and deathwing squads will be troop choices without specific HQ's.

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>via the little birdies:
>Late-December-January: Dark Angels
>February-March: Chaos Daemons (still LOTS of >chatter of a synchronized release of 40k/WFB >Daemons books like Games Workshop did last time)
>March: 40K Miniatures Wave ALPHA (see below)
>Another Hobbit release wave is in this quarter as well.

>April: Warhammer Fantasy Armybook
>May: Tau Empire
>June: 40K Miniatures Wave BETA (see below)

>40K Miniatures waves are said to be:
>Ork wave: with buggy, wartrack, updated >Battlewagon, coptas, flashgitz, and tankbustas
>Flyer wave: with: Eldar, Tau, Tyranid, Dark Eldar kits
>The order of those two waves is in contention, but >both keep coming up in chatter.

>WFB Army books for 2013 are said to be "pointy ears and 8-pointed star" variety.

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Could be worse. That could be Black Templars for all we know.

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>APR: High Elves

Don't play with my feelings like this

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Fuck you. Fucking High Elves are getting there second codex and same with lizardmen before Dwarves get a new one. Its going to be a fucking full decade before I get my new codex.

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>Daemons in Feb






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can... can bloodcrushers be cavalry?

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Apocalypse this summer.

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>no Eldar till November
They're my second favorites and I was considering starting 40k. Maybe I'll go with Dark Eldar instead. Is there a way to build a DE army without all the weird flesh monster bullshit?

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Sure, but you lose a lot of staying power that way.

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>High Elves and Lizardmen get new codices
Yeah, I guess it's not all bad.

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I take it you mean the talos? Yes.

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I call bullshit on Tau in may.
If it DOES somehow happen, it'll be the fifth edition codex.

And it'll make things worse.

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Daemons, High Elves, LIzardmen and no Bretonnia. Are we being treated like Dark Eldar? I'm pretty sure the wait is getting close to being the same amount of time.

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Also, no new Dwarves. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing really.

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The Britfags at GW won't turn their backs on the Monthy Python jokes forever. Bretonnia will get updated in due time. Besides, if it's the Dark Eldar treatment they're getting then the update will probably be awesome.

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Azrael - Artificer or Terminator options. New model. Lions Helm grants 3+ Inv., Lion\'s Wrath grants Gets Hot rerolls (army-wide?), Master crafted Plasma Blaster (see Horus Heresy book?), Sword of Secrets is Sx2 Master Crafted Power weapon. Watcher in the Dark model is W:1 5+ Inv, with no other stats. It cannot be targeted by anything including blasts, and must stay within 2\" of Azrael or is removed. Watcher can take Look Out Sirs.

Belial - Terminator armor. New model. Eternal Warrior 2+ Inv!!! Grants Elites Deathwing Termys Heroic Intervention if he is attached. Cannot take options, Master Crafted Strombolter. Sword of Secrets is a Relic Blade with an additional effect. Belian grants a buff to Termys within 6\".

Sammael - If mounted in his Speeder, unlocks scoring Speeders. Can also take his normal bike.

Azmodai - Current model (finecast) Unlocks no units. His Litanies grants a longer ranged more potent buff.

Ezekiel - Current model (finecast), Psyker Level 3

Barakiel - Master of the Forge. Armed with a \"Reaper Cannon\" - 36\" S:5 Assault (6 or 12?) AP:3 Extremely Expensive in points.

Librarian - Power Level 1 (upgrade to 2)
Company Master - Power Armor, or Terminator armor
Interrogator Chaplain
Command/Honor squad Terminators or Bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, Apothecary, Standard bearer, 1x Heavy weapon upgrades. W:2 regardless of armor, or bikes.

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>>Monty Python
I hope that MP never comes up in Bretonnia or anything else Warhammer. Monty Python jokes just ruin everything they touch.

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Except for delicious spam.

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I actually hope they release Bretonnia, Wood Elves, and Beastmen in the same quarter.

But seriously, Wood Elves, Beastmen, and Bretonnia seriously fucking need updates.

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Its time for the manliest chapter to receive its righteous reward, GW.

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>New Beastman book.

Well, they can hardly do worse than what we've got I suppose. But I really doubt it's going to happen in this decade.
Woodies and Bretts getting close releases might be possible, but honestly I'd think it would make far too much sense for GW to actually do so.

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Beastmen have already had a new book. Not that you can change something that sucks so badly without making it completely OP.

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Their reward will culminate in a WD update or being absorbed back into C:SM

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I've only just brought the current Lizardmen, i dont wanna buy a new one :(

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Chaplains / Brother-Interrogators - Unit size 1-3. Chaplain style death masks, dual bolt pistols and power maul. (can upgrade pistols). B-I have an increased BS over regular chaplains and can operate independantly as IC or join units, B-I only buff the unit they join with litanies (more potent version), while non-upgraded chaplains buff a 6\" bubble. B-I are only characters if independent, and cannot leave attached units (similar to Wolfguard).

Inner Circle Unit Terminator armor. W:1, Heroic Intervention if Belial is attached to the unit. WS/BS 5. They get a cover save upon deepstriking. \"Lion-themed\" visually. Entire unit can purchase Sergeant upgrades. No heavy weapons, Unit max size:5. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit

Dreadnought - Venerable and Mortis options. Categorized as Deathwing Assault Unit.

Scouts - Land Speeder Storm as dedicated transport. \"Markerlight\" effect targets one enemy unit - other Dark Angels units then get a bonus (reroll to hit?) versus the unit as long as the Scouts are within line of sight to thier \"Fallen\" target. Teleport Homer. Sergeant Namaan (WOOHOO!!) returns, granting Reserve rerolls to all Death Wing units.


Veteran Squad

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Tis how GW treats it's faithful servants. Example given: Ward. They tainted him with visions of Ultramarine splendor and corrupted him, using him to drive up sales.

They've started to taint Phil Kelly, hence why he looks so ghoulish.

Luckily, and sadly, Andy Chambers managed to leave before he was forever tainted with GW's poison.

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Deathwing Terminators - Same general layout as we have now, but with additional Plasma Cannon and Autocannon heavy weapon options.

Tactical Squads - The old classics we all love, moving on...

Ravenwing Bike Squad - Up to ten bikers, for each 5 bikes, you may upgrade one to an Attack bike. Attack bike gunner options are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!. Squad can Combat Squad and has Teleport Homers.

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You mean Wracks and Grotesques? Yes, they are pretty lame actually. Wracks are only ever taken as Troops because they are not anywhere good enough to count as Elites.

You will probably end up taking Hammies at some point though, Haemunculi are good.

If you want Eldar, you don't want Dark Eldar. They aren't really similar besides both being xenos armies.

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Ravenwing Landspeeder Support Squad - Same as now, but gunner option are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!

Ravenwing Bike Support Squad - Full Attack Bike unit (could also be a duplicate report of

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Predator - Plasma and \"Reaper Cannon\" new main gun option, no new sponson options - new model kit possible (and the Predator is kind of an old kit).

Whirlwind - Flakk missile option.

Land Raider - Dark Angels get all the current Imperial types. Deathwing can take then at dedicated transports.

Dreadnought - The classics that we know and love, moving on...

Devastator Squad - Flakk missile option.

Vindicator - Nothing New

Siege Cannon - Techmarine\'s mortar-like cannon. Multiple sources speak of this model being somehow interchangable with Imperial Guard artillery kits to round out the last missing models. ~Editor\'s note: the Griffon perhaps?

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Dark Angels elite bikers will be called "Black Knights" with plasma weaponry and a thunder hammer that's shaped like a Raven's head.

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If they take damage, do they yell 'TIS BUT A SCRATCH!' ?

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>all these rumors
But none of this answers the most important question: Will the Dark Angel's innermost sanctum of The Rock be called The Armarium?

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We don't know; it's a secret.

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Why dark Angels and not ultras? What makes them so special?

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Because Dark Angels need an update more than the ultrasmurfs do silly!

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>Dark angels
>colored green
>not black

Da Fuq?

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their first company is bone-white

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Should have known they'd get something gayed up like that.

>> No.22091919

Oh, the gayness is JUST BEGINNING.

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Originally "Chaos Black" was called "Dark Angels Black"

Manufacturer error (might have been deliberate, I forget) swapped "Chaos Green" and "Dark Angels Black", and GW rolled with it.

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>something gayed up like that.

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>"Black Knights"

Dark n' Edgy Angels plz leave

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