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Ok, /tg/, here's a question that's been bugging me:

Do Chaos Space Marines require Navigators to travel in warp space?

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The ships usually are possesed by daemons who can navigate in the warp just fine... so nah.

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It probably varies with the Legions. The Alpha Legion and the Night Lords probably require Navigators to traverse the Warp safely.

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To elaborate on his point: The more corrupt a ship is, the more likely a Daemon, a sorceror, or even simply a possessed marine can drive it.

If it's still got that new car smell, it will need a navigator.

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Night Lords certainly still do.

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However, the Night Lords books explicitly say that a sorcerer could do that too.

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The ones in the Night Lords novels need them.

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>This female was a lazy, weak-minded creature, and they would be better served without her. To slay her outright would only anger the prophet, but she could be replaced by other means. Ruven had never suffered in guiding vessels through the warp. Sorcery could achieve through strength of will that which a Navigator achieved by a twist of genetic fortune. He had no need to see into the warp, when he could simply carve a path through it.
>(Blood Reaver)

Glorious sorcerer master race here, Navigators are plebs.

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Sorcery is bitching, it combines SCIENCE! with the far right existentialism's "man of action".

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Depends on how chaos-y the particular warband is.
The guys in the Night Lords trilogy do, but they also admit that a sorcerer could do the job about as well.

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I thought I read in a Word Bearers book, that they used Sorcery and a corrupted Machine Spirit. Great story if you like reading up on Slaanesh deamons and other CSM legions.

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the new chaosdex mentions Possessed can guide ships through the warp too

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Yes and no. All ships need to have something that fills the role of a navigator, but this can be a sufficiently powerful sorcerer, a daemon, a navigator, or a piece of machinery even.

It just kinda comes down to how you want to go about it - the daemon will act like a navigator and likely gellar field as well but will likely require sacrifices and the like - good for a vessel that lacks the stated high tech bits but has bodies, for example.

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Deamon World by Ben Coulter
Its got the Violaters renegades in it too.

Really neat story, its got planets which just want to stop existing.
If you like the show Metalocalypse, its that type of absurdity and story line with Chaos Marines in it..

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From the new Chaos Codex, page 39:
''[Possessed] are superb trackers and can even guide the fleets of the Chaos Space Marines thhrough the shifting tides of the warp.''
So it seems likely that most legions will have possessed on hand for navigation. I guess legions like the Iron Warriors or Night Lords might just have navigators as slaves, or something.

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