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So, whos got their jimmies all rustled by this shit?
As if the hot plump pinup chicks weren't enough, they throw in these awesome monsters. Phoenix and Watcher look fabulous.

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dat dragon. this better be good.

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I managed to get one of the $129 survivor slots, which helped offset the international shipping, still currently pledged for $330. I'm in it more for the models than the rules, so I'm mostly just getting the pinups + expansions I like the models of.

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Pretty neat idea about the armour sets, but I got to wonder of it will turn out in practice. Like, if your character gets new armour, are you supposed to snap off the head and stick it on another armour model or something?

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I don't think so, they are pretty much there just for you to put together your favourite or sweet looking gear combos.

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>tfw you want to get the game but don't have anyone to play with

A-anyone in New York w-wanna play with me?

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Why would you jimmies be rustled?

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I haven't pledged but I plan to. Only thing is that the release date is supposedly November 2013...it'll be a long wait.

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Yeah it's a bit of a pain. I'm thinking of it like sending a christmas present to my future self.

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Kind of hope they'll include options to get some of the old minis too thou. Almost everything is constantly sold out.

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Messaged poots a while back abotu this. He said that the kits are, primarily, for visual effect. this game isn't necessarily WYSIWIG, as there are cards for gear as well... So while you may have a full dragon armor set survivor with a phoenix spear, your cards might say that he's only in half dragon gear, or whatever.

Tragic as it sounds, the game sounds completely 1 player capable, sine it's really survivors V monsters, and the monsters are controlled by AI cards. Similar to games like Call of Cthulu, where friends are fun, but solo works.

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I'm just glad I'm getting a lion knight one way or another.

Although I wouldn't mind picking up a couple of resins before the game is released.

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Still pissed that I missed Nico. Got a mail from CMON about a holiday version of her being added to the kickstarter though, so maybe hope yet.

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So much thighs, so much hips...

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Jesus Christ, I don't know that I could play this with most of my friends. A few of em get really weird about sexuality and half of these models look to be tits out. And one of em has a wonderful bare ass (and maybe a bit more) just hanging out for the world to see...

How do people expect to play this with other people? It seems extremely sexual.

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Because those models aren't part of the game.

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Is there any more art of these lovely ladies?

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Female armor sets that aren't pinups have no fan service usually.

Anyway, gonna pledge soon, there's so much good stuff I want to get my hands on, and the rules look very interesting.

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I'd have bought the game if it weren't for the incredibly stupid cheesecake.
It's too gaudy and pandering for my tastes.

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And yes, the "real" game models look a lot more serious. And those fucking insane monsters, oh man.

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This is apparently the holiday version.

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holy shit proper clothes

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I think I'm gonna pledge and get a copy of the game. It looks pretty awesome, and there aren't too many games like it gameplay wise. Like a fusion of Monster Hunter and Bastion vidja. With Cheesecake.

So, perfect!

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This one always gets me, her tits are completely out. That's not a sheer cloth she's wearing, that's body paint.

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Such a mystery

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I got the Black Friday game deal, but I'm thinking about upgrading to survivor... depends on how many expansions there are at the end. I don't want to go overboard on this, but fuck, it looks sweet.

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Forget the cheesecake, HOLY FUCK:


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Dunge beetle, what.

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Don't post this piece of shit please

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Sculptor's deviant art


He confirms that she's topless.

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Well I got to give it to them, these are some of the most interesting monster designs I've seen in a while

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Am I weird for thinking that's the coolest model of the ones listed in the thread thus far?

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No, there's something to be said about attractive, classy, sexy women.

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Well, female artwork more like.

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I hate to beg, but would any kind anon happen to have the Flower Knight's art larger than this?

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Meanwhile in another thread, someone's moaning about infinity females being overly sexualised.

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>Meanwhile in another thread, someone's moaning
Got that right.
I just want to eat my cheesecake in peace

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I kinda like the Castlevania style of it all.
It's so baroque it's whacky.

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I, for one, believe mankind can only benefit from more cheesecake.

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The base game doesn't have that, just survivors with armor and monsters

>and enupid
Yes chaptcha, there's that too

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Some of these armour renders looks pretty cool.

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sexytimes work best with more than one person.

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Could do without the chest window

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Where is this from? KS page doesn't have it yet

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Its on KS, the updates tab.

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I've never heard of this before now but after seeing those minis...my wallet's in for a world of hurt.

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Oops, was just checking the main, thanks anon

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I just love the whole creepy setting with the stone faces on the ground and demon babies all. It's kind of like some mad mix of Berserk's demon stuff and HR Giger.

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It's like the BLAM! and Biomega-Universe.

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True, I was thinking the same some days ago, setting style is really interesting

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have any rules or gameplay information been released yet? I can't find any.

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There's a video on the kickstarter homepage

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There is a brief gameplay video that shows the bare basics. There is also settlement building and a hunting phase of the game.

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Yeah been obsessing a bit over this since I saw the first thread about it here. Hell even my gf likes the crazy horror design and models.

How much Christmas money I have left after getting others gifts will determine how much I pledge for this. While so far it dosnt seem too complected, it certainly looks fun.

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Man, someone needs to learn anatomy. Hips to the left, vagina to the right?
At first I thought she was (for some reason I couldn't grasp) wearing her shield on her belly, and I sort of laughed at that "I didn't ask for this" look on its face.
But then i realized that was wrong. The face is on her belly and that "I didn't ask for this" look is suddenly a lot more disturbing.
That red thing I thought was part of a tabard or loincloth really wraps around her leg and is some form of tentacle penis serpent, too.

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They'll probably write rules and stuff for their old monsters too. That wet nurse is sure going to be fun...?

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>Never managed to get any resins I've wanted either
>Reading Kickstarter comments
>See this post
>Can anyone recommend a good set for brushes paints and glues?
I bout the forsaker pinup and architect pinup and dont know the types of glue piants to use. or brushed. someone please help this noob:(

Pic also related.

Why would anyone want to learn to paint using expensive, limited edition models?

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Iirc, the fluff on the shop page states she use it to eat the dicks of her mates.

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I had a question about Kickstarter. When the drive is over will this still be available? Like can I order the game and expansions online or is this the only chance?

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All my why.

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I would assume it will be available for normal sale eventually once all the pre-release obligations are taken care of. As for when or what price it would be at, I do not know.

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some kind of starter set and most of the minis presumably. But probably not nearly as cheap, and obviously not the limited ones.

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Should be available after all the kickstarter orders get shippied in November.

It will be more expensive, I think $115 for the game.

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Don't forget the penis helmet.

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there was a video on youtube reviewing one of the models and it had a picture of the huge spider monster from the 700 expansion at the end. Did they remove it or I just can't find it?

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the figures look a lot less chunky and feminine than the art

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That's probably going to be something in the back, part of the lore...I'm waiting to see these "kings" they often talk about though

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Hell to the yes. I can't even afford this bullshit. I'd love to play/paint though!

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That one at least. Only got the pinup preacher myself and it looked pretty true to the art.

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Oh well, lets post some well painted minis instead.

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>Well! What is it!

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If I can paint Flower Knight even half as good as this, I'd go for it.

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I love the purple, white, verdigris scheme.

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hoho, time for wet nurse

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>Smalls wondering where Biggie is at.jpg

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This is just creepy and unnerving.
I don't know what kinda people put this udner fetish.

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She has two moles.
Now that's damn classy.

>> No.22088397


It's supposed to be creepy and unnerving, it's horror not fetish.

>> No.22088448

I know.
I'm just wondering about the sanity of the people screaming Fetish!

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I'm getting a bit of a Shanoa vibe from this.

>> No.22088507

Oh wow, Old Death fits perfectly with this. Which reminds me, I have a Primus Death mini i have no idea what to do with. Might as well throw it into this game then.

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oh right, misunderstood you post

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Holy shit... this is so gorgeous it made my eyes water.

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I'd lick her armpits

>> No.22088686

You know, a more conservative poster would imply that something's wrong with you.

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You would lick anyone's armpits, you slut.

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I own resin versions of these two models!~

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...What the fuck is that?

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Picture pls

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Calvin doing touhou cosplay.
Nothing is safe. The pills will save you.

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The amount of cheesecake is absolutely obnoxious

>> No.22088970

pfft. they're locked away in a closet never to be assembled by my terrible not even experienced enough to be considered a novice hands. i'm considering commissioning someone to put together and paint them scince i'm terrified of breaking them and i don't know how to piratecopy parts to mess around and break those bits.

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That comic never fails to depress me.

>> No.22090116

Maybe some mix of Shanoa and Albus.

>> No.22090134

I want this to happen with my survivors during the settlement phase.

but it probably never will.

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Blur it out next time.

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I don't care.
The fact that they include this at all is insulting.

>> No.22090197

How are the survivors going to survive if they're allmost naked with a dirty cloth wraped around their privates

>> No.22090205

...I'd be willing to say that you're taking this too seriously.
>torrnatt them for a
For a what, captcha?
>muirmis activity
well, now that's clear...

>> No.22090251

Cuz early monsters are low level if I got it correctly

>> No.22090286

the art for this game is so permavirgin pathetic it put me off it

shame because it sounds like a good idea

>> No.22090321


I think the male charactersr are great

I don't know what kind of cape/cloak this is but I love it

>> No.22090392

i am kinda sad it's just a boss rush. ONLY BIG FIGHTS HERPADERPDERP.

>> No.22090428

Wouldn't know about that, monsters have levels, and one has to wonder what use could a set of 25 kingsmen have...we need more details I suppose

>> No.22090468


Maybe they're saving the roleplaying part for the end

As if

>> No.22090493

the kickstarter video (not the combat one) describes it a s a boss rush, survivors against big monsters. though yeah, the kingsmen should be interesting. I just wanna see more numerous monsters.

>> No.22090515

Seriously, let's see some fucking monsters in here. Fucking neckbeards and their cheesecake.

>> No.22090559

What's stopping us from putting more monsters on the board anyway?

>> No.22090571


Did that baby come from the poisoned womb of a genderswapped barbarian cumslut?

>> No.22090605

Its not there is some sort of town-y settlement phase, then a tracking hunting phase. Then I presume random encounter like final fantasy.
Suddenly boss rush.

>> No.22090667

What? Fighting is one of three phases the game will offer

>> No.22090729

I took the wording from the creator. in the video he says "/Monster/ Is a boss rush, you'll be fighting one beautiful and powerful monster at a time."

Looks like win condition is kill the watcher, which devours human knowledge and history. Lose condition is run out of survivors in your settlement.

>> No.22090763


The other two phases are shopping for items and running away from monsters

>> No.22090891

Yeh the game revolves around a boss rush but its been stated that there is a tracking phase and a town phase.

>> No.22091014

I get a huge Berserk-style vibe from this.
The visceral nature of the monsters doesn't have Giger's distinctive biomechanical pseudo-organic nightmare look to me.
It does have Miura's hideously warped, but still recognizable forms with lots of detail, that somehow have an aura of incredible violence about them.

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So, there's one guy who donated over $5000, and I was curious as to how much they'd actually donated. Was it $5000, or was it a lot more? So I added up how much each bracket donated and then added up all the groups together. Assuming that they only spent the minimum amount, every they did together only adds up to $394,412.

The total donated amount is $690,926.

This means that he could donated as much as $296,514, but it's doubtful he donated that much. However, given how often the intervals at which they increase the donation bracket, people can't over-donate that much.

tl;dr-- One singular guy probably donated about $250,000 to this.

>> No.22091260

I'd say it's more reasonable to assume that a lot of contributors donated more than the minimum amount.

>> No.22091303

You're retarded. I was in the black Friday game only bracket, and have over doubled that with expansions. And I didn't buy and of the pinups.

>> No.22091444

If everyone spent the absolute maximum without going into the next bracket, it still only adds up to $556,291.

He donated at least $134,635.

This assumes that 1045 people donated $249 instead of either the minimum for that bracket ($155) or spending a dollar more for the next bracket ($250). It also assumes that 4 people donated $4999 instead of the minimum ($1000), or a dollar more ($5000).

So, he spent somewhere between $134,635 and $296,514. No matter how much he actually spent, that's a shitton of money from just one guy.

>> No.22091466

>If everyone spent the absolute maximum without going into the next bracket, it still only adds up to $556,291.

You do realize that kickstarter doesn't kick you up to the next bracket automatically, right? You choose what reward tier you want if you donate equal to or over it. I have a 155 pledge tier, but 300 actually pledged.

Are you seriously fucking stupid enough to think that someone donated over a hundred thousand dollars to this through Kickstarter?

>> No.22091522

Well, I respect that people want this. It's perfectly fine that they do something specific that a specific demographic wants.
I'm just saying that I personally find it insulting.

Like I find scat insulting.
I recognize that some people may like it and that there is no accounting for taste, but I simply don't see the appeal of it.

>> No.22091567


No, but seriously, you're Goddamned retarded.

>> No.22091578

So you didn't chose the level that instead gives you everything from the $155 bracket plus more, but instead the $155 level?

I don't believe that enough people donated that much extra to make up the difference, It would mean that half the people who donated would have donated at least $100 more than the bracket they chose to be put in. To me that's just as crazy as one person donating $100,000 or more.

>> No.22091605

i don't know. how RIDICULOUS LETHAL it appears appears to have appeals. that and Preg is my fetish so i like the grand mother.

>> No.22091642

With all of the pinups and expansions, it's very possible that half of those donating have doubled their initial bracket cost.

>> No.22091657

I would kill to see a female model done by these people that isn't fetished to shit. Some of their sculpts are fucking amazing.

>> No.22091663

Retard. You're retarded. Learn how Kickstarter works before you try to amaze everyone with your retard math.

>> No.22091693

You don't get it: if you pledge 155 you already have the game plus more stuff, but that doesn't account expansions (and pinups, if you want them). Some of the more expensive pledges gets you all the basic stuff but in resin instead of plastics, that's why they cost more.

So basically, the 155 pledge with expansions is the way to go if you want a lot of stuff spending a somewhat reasonable amount.

And yes, with expansions it's easy to get 100 $ more than yur base pledge.

>> No.22091702

Any female survivor that isn't a pinup? Armor is mostly done right by what we can see.

>> No.22091723


So you never saw the Reaper kickstarter? People kept adding to their Vampire level pledges with addons and ended up with 3-5x the cost of the original pledge.

>So you didn't chose the level that instead gives you everything from the $155 bracket plus more, but instead the $155 level?

I put 300 in because I'm accounting for expansions. At 295 I would be getting FAR FAR less than I get at 155+expansions. Don't spout a bunch of insane bullshit when you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.22091740


is that Minxy

>> No.22091747

yeah, the pinups are made to be cheese. most of the non-pinups are decent. ish.

>> No.22091791

>check ebay because KD shit is always out of stock
>$84.32 for an "encore run" mini
>a single fucking mini


>> No.22091825

welcome to limited edition resins.

(just wait until plastics come out in UNKNOWN AMOUNTS OF TIME)

>> No.22091837

Thats just (probably chinese) scalpers asking ridiculous prices.
I sold a limited edition for little more than the original price.

I think its funny Poots gets lots of msgs from chinese people asking him when he is doing another run. They then get bought out as soon as they are opened.

>> No.22091876

so anyone have suggestions on who to commission for putting together and painting models?

>> No.22091879

Exposed assets all over the shop and "check out my ass" poses too. The only one that works is the Great Game Hunter, and that's because it's a noblewoman who wants to look flash while she hunts.

>> No.22091891

msg top 50 on Coolminiornot? Hope you don't like money.

>> No.22091898

>i hate womens bodies
Every thread. Don't care for the billionth time if you are a faggot.

>> No.22091900

You're very easily insulted.

>> No.22091914

I know right. Someone better not tell him about playboy.

It will be the insult-a-caust

>> No.22091916


Canada, mostly.

>$164.80 for the Forge God

>> No.22091940


or Reaper.

>> No.22091948

Talking about female models with armor sets, anon, the ones who would be in the base game. The females we can see, rawhide armor as an example, is much more reasonable than any extra model.

>> No.22091962

Oh well Canadians are renowned for being assholes with prices.

>> No.22091963

I'm fine with cheesecake. It's not to my tastes (for a miniature game anyway), but I've got no huge beef with it. I just wish there was some variety in there.

>> No.22091972

>implying there isn't a shit load of chinese in canada.

>> No.22091984

Sophie was stupid too. I traded mine in.

Playboy's purpose is sexual gratification.
That is literally its entire raison d'ĂȘtre.

This is supposed to be a good game, right? Why can't it stand on its own merits instead of appealing to the most base desires of men?

>> No.22091987

There is fucking variety in there. If it wasn't for people like you actually honestly existing i'd assume your dumb posts were trolling.

>> No.22091993

>I've no beef with it

>> No.22092020

fuck's sakes, is there anything that isn't out of stock from KD?

the larger scale + insane detailing looks fun to paint, and I have no problem with naked chicks. I also don't really have a problem with dick monsters vomiting dicks onto naked chicks, so... I wouldn't mind having some Kingdom Death.

But I'd rather my money went to the actual sculptors/artists than someone on eBay, and that I didn't spend quite as much (although with the boxes and art cards and everything I presume KD releases are fairly expensive anyway)

>> No.22092021

It isn't sexual gratification. Its titillation. Play boy is not the level of Penthouse.
The game does stand on its own merits the pinups are fucking separate from the game.

Why can't you accept the female form as being beautiful not just "appealing to base desires to men" how ironically misandrist.

>> No.22092022

>instead of appealing to the most base desires of men?
Because the most base desires of men are profitable. Dude used/is using the cheesecake shit to raise money for the other stuff.

>> No.22092034

Dude you are months and months late. Why are you acting surprised. They are usually out of stock.

>> No.22092038

Playboy is not purely intended for sexual gratification. "I read it for the articles" is common joke, but Playboy actually does have interesting and well written articles.

Playboy is for both sexual gratification and a feeling of superiority over people viewing lower class porn.

>> No.22092040

Try cool mini or not.

>> No.22092055

Don't feed the troll base desires of men as he is referring to is shafting a prostitute.
Not buying a well done resin miniature and painting it.

>> No.22092063


>Why are you acting surprised

they have a "general release" section, which kind of >implies there would be more than a handful available.

I know it's near impossible to get KD minis but you'd think they'd have at least something available.

>> No.22092070

This is in the base game.

>> No.22092074

No Anna sculpt, Phoenix Knight is the only one that looks kinda cool. Seriously though, you're kidding yourself if you don't see that almost every female model is cheesecake.

>> No.22092078

Playboys pretty tasteful, KD is more tame than that.

>> No.22092086

>this thread

>> No.22092095

It's been so long dude since they were stocked. General release means he will restock but right now he has stopped with the site because he is focusing on the kickstarter.
It isn't a company just constantly producing stuff. He is a 1 man show.

>> No.22092103

That is outrageous surely we should ban it for the sake of the children!

>> No.22092105


>Popular Tags

>> No.22092109

>Why can't you accept the female form as being beautiful
I can. I do.
I also recognize that there's a time and a place for everything. Well, almost everything.

It's how I wouldn't go to my grandmother and call her a fat faggot cocksucker, even in jest.
Also, quit the "lol misandry" thing. I don't give a hoot about feminism or men's rights or whatever. I live in a place where we've luckily grown out of that phase.
No, what bothers me is the gratuity of it all.

I know the game is separate from the pin-ups, but it carries the baggage.

Which is fair enough, really. I just think it's extremely tacky and find it strange people actually think it's a good idea.
I can't see how it works.

I wouldn't know.
I use that site that has no maternal parent

>> No.22092135

If you view that site why the fuck are you even complaining about clothed women.

Fuck off you spastic mentally handicapped troll. You are in another dimension of retardation.

>> No.22092146

I want to make sure I'm reading the guide right. If I pledge $100 for the basic entry level pledge, I just have to pledge an additional $25 to get the Lion Knight expansion? Am I reading that right?
Mainly curious because I really want the Lion Knight but wouldn't mind some of the other stuff.

>> No.22092157

you don't think you're overreacting a bit, there?
What are you being so defensive about?

>> No.22092164

Didn't say anything like that, brah. Just saying that it's inaccurate to say that what's in the base game is much more reasonable than the cheesecake.

>> No.22092165

It's possible for people to like porn and desire stuff that isn't exclusively smutty.

>> No.22092176

>This is supposed to be a good game, right? Why can't it stand on its own merits instead of appealing to the most base desires of men?
Just because something's good at one thing, doesn't mean it shouldn't be good at others. That's like saying there shouldn't be art in rulebooks, because if it's a good system, that system should stand on its own instead of "relying on" being aesthetically pleasing too.

>> No.22092178

That dude's the same troll who always appears in these threads.

>> No.22092179

If it says you add 25 you add 25. But why not fork out 300 for a bunch of shit and get lion knight and man hunter for free : D

>> No.22092186

here's what you get. not sure how current it is.


>> No.22092188

You could problably pledge even less and then add the 25 for the Lion Knight, but basically yes, with 100 you get the base game, then you add how much you want to get whatever you want.

>> No.22092201

No i'm not. You are tsk tsking non-nudity and you are claiming you view a bannable hardcore site.
If you actually think any of your arguments make sense you are full of shit.
No anon you are the troll.

>> No.22092213

I'm the one who said the "more reasonable" bit, and I'm not the guy you answered to now, just saying.

Can't seem to view images now, but I'm willing to think that whatever you posted wasn't on the level of a Dragon Sacrifice.

>> No.22092223


most of the naked ladies are out of stock there too. Sunstalker's $85. unsure if can justify price while blowing money on christmas.

$25, yeah, but the few in-stock ones at that price aren't really grabbing me. (and one of them is a mostly naked lady so it's not just that it's dudes)

>> No.22092229

Thing is it could be aesthetically pleasing in multiple ways. The sculptors clearly have skill. Why not have some awesome looking non-cheesecake to go with the awesome looking cheesecake ones? That way everyone can pick up something they like without pissing in each others' cereal.

>> No.22092230

>I don't give a hoot about feminism or men's rights or whatever. I live in a place where we've luckily grown out of that phase.
Your country/community has "grown out" of caring about inequality? How is that lucky?

>> No.22092234

No, I'm the guy who complained about it.
I've never been in a Kingdom Death thread before this one, although I have seen it a lot.

Why do you think multiple people can't have the same opinion?

What? No, no my good man. That is completely, completely misconstruing my intent.
Look, aesthetics are important. A game system must provide a full experience, but the art must compliment the gameplay and the tone. The atmosphere must be maintained.
The cheesecake clashes against the monstrous nature of Kingdom Death. It's a dissonance that just can't be ignored.
You're trying to build up a cool narrative and a terrifying struggle between mankind and his surroundings.
And then ass 'n titties show up.

The two things don't mesh, which is what bothers me so much.

I didn't care about Tentacle Bento or anything. Those were meant to be like that.
Kingdom Death looks like a serious project and has some really cool sculpting going on, but the cheesecake is so gratuitous.

>> No.22092246

The "cheesecake" complaint is full of shit since its coming from male feminist boob hating neckbeard goat fucking pedophiles.

>> No.22092269

People only have so much time. If people are still wanting cheesecake, why start spending time on something different? Something they might well be less skills at, or at least less experienced, and certainly less sure of a good reception.

>> No.22092275

There is not a single country that has grown out of feminism and that durp shit. Feminist totalitarianism is rising around the world.

>> No.22092279

True. Hence 'isn't MUCH more reasonable'. The figure's still truly bizarrely proportioned (waist thinner than thighs anyone?) and presenting its ass, which to me doesn't go well with the nightmare horror-survival feel. Altogether too cheesy/silly.

>> No.22092292

>implying an argument can ever be moot dependent on who says it
This is like Logical Fallacies 101.

Okay, I'm a goat-fucking neckbearded boob-hating cis-queer nonbinary beastiality trans-racial neo-South East Asian paedophilic pantsu-fetishist.

I like fun
Therefore, fun must be terrible and shit and invalid.

>> No.22092293

>Why not have some awesome looking non-cheesecake to go with the awesome looking cheesecake ones?
They do, no? That's what the monsters are.

>> No.22092304

Look at their male models. They're badass as all hell and look like serious business. Surely they can do that for a female sculpt too.

>> No.22092311

I know, hence why I was sceptical about anon's claim, and hence why it's so important to make a stand for equality, instead of "not giving a hoot".

>> No.22092312

>No, I'm the guy who complained about it.
I was talking about the guy you said was overreacting, not about you. Unless I'm completely confused here.

>> No.22092321

let's just stop, eh?

>> No.22092333

>Feminist totalitarianism is rising around the world

>> No.22092342

Not at all more proof you are full of shit.
Lets say that the pinups are harmless and normal (they are)

You are saying this is unacceptably sexualised and I don't like it. Right?

Then you go on to say you like perverted porn because you are mentally handicapped.

Its basically you revealing your agenda. The pinups irk you for personal/socio-policial reasons.
Not for any actual reason to do with sensibility.

>> No.22092348

>dat hoplite-like phoenix armor set
Talking about poses, I'd say that it all depends on personal taste I suppose

>> No.22092352

Fine idea. You have my sword.

>> No.22092376


>> No.22092384

Man, when I checked this thread like two hours ago, I thought /tg/ finally found something it loved.

I still think the models are cool...

>> No.22092401

Oh hell yes, the models are cool as fuck.
I wanted to back it, but the stupid cheesecake just turned me off completely.

>> No.22092415

we're divided. i'm planning to back it, even with the cheesecake because hnng dem models.

>> No.22092424

The question is how is that guy. If he is going to scream that women in bikinis is an affront to common decency and unacceptable. Then at the same time being a serial flasher/pig fucker.

It just cannot be taken seriously.

>> No.22092425

Top notch strawmanning here. The guy never said he didn't like pinups and that they were unacceptable sexualised. He's just saying that they don't fit the tone that the game says its trying to set (grim peril and all that). Unless I'm confusing two different anons now.

>> No.22092430

Pretty sure anon is saying they are fine with masturbation and porn and sexy naked ladies, but they'd rather those things were not mixed with grimdark 'survival horror'. I tend to agree.

If only because if I'm playing a game with someone, I really don't like the thought of them masturbating to the minis.

>> No.22092452

Its not a strawman its mine and yours entire fucking argument. Learn the definition of words before you use them.
You are basically a hypocrite.

>> No.22092462

No he is saying he is fine with the most perverse "fetish" porn but not representations of women in bikinis.

If he reaaally thinks that his brain is full of shit.

>> No.22092468

Hey wait a second, can see the image now, this is not one of the armor sets, this is another extra...

>> No.22092471

How do I shot English?

>> No.22092474

>"Man, I sure love ice cream. I also love vodka.
Hey! I just got a great idea!
Why don't I stick a bottle of vodka up my ass and use ice cream to soothe the pain!
I'm so clever."

>> No.22092477

You can avoid the cheesecake, though. Of the stuff in the box... well, the starting survivor models (men and women) are semi-nude, but in a much classier way. The only other thing I think is >>22092070, and there's a cloth to cover her ass. Plus I don't think you actually need to use her at all, she's an added extra.

>> No.22092483

/tg/ loves to Viral Market kingdom death. It looks like an interesting game, and /tg/ is pretty much kissing cousins with /d/ anyway.

The only problem with Kingdom Death is the people who are in denial about how sexual the game line is. They ruin threads.

"Oh no, you see the main game is family friend."
"What do you mean the monster has fetish elements?"
"Well if this is cheesecake, then all pictures of women are cheesecake."

We could have these threads, jerk off on resin, and have a good time together. But no, they ruin it every single time.

>> No.22092494

No, that's you imagining what he thinks and deciding it's stupid, instead of going for the logical, intelligent interpretation of his words.

>> No.22092497

Haha, you're so fucking hilarious I don't even know man.
Top-notch comedy there.

>> No.22092500

This is a pretty good point. One of the main monster sculpts is a tentacle monster with a pregnant harem.

>> No.22092501

Yeah, if you get the 100$ pledge you don't even get her, that's an extra.

>> No.22092520

It never fails to amaze me that there are actually people backing at the $70 level.

>> No.22092523

So I don't know how Kickstarter works. If I pledge whatever but I want some of them titty models, like Regeneration Suit, Phoenix Dancer and Beyond The Wall, I can just add those?

>> No.22092534

the monsters and sculpts are amazing but it seems like its just about getting models of hot girls on a board

>> No.22092543

That monster is not in the game, part of the world maybe, but you won't be seeing that in the base game that's for sure. Out of the monsters in the basic pledge, the only fetish you can find is probably the disembowelled antelope.

>> No.22092555


are you implying there is something wrong with that?

because when my skull armies come back from a hard day of fighting, they should be able to lounge around someplace pretty.

>> No.22092557

Yes, you can pledge how much you want, you'll be asked to choose what you want to get.

>> No.22092583

No it really is stupid. It is illogical not intelligent and opinion.

>I don't like women in bikinis
>I like [insert X illegal content]

There is no defence from this hole and defending it is only digging a deeper hole.

>> No.22092584

Dammit, we need Poots back in here! I want to see him wade into our regular Kingdom Death arguments...

>> No.22092596

Pffthahaha, please tell me you don't actually think you have a leg to stand on? That this is an elaborate ruse and you were "pretending all along!"

>> No.22092598


>> No.22092618

I suppose I can respect that, though I don't really understand it, personally. There's enough non-cheesecake models to warrant me throwing my money at my computer screen already. As it is, I've sunk $400 into this Kickstarter so far, and will probably do more if they keep offering new xpacks to boot (crazy human-handed squig-spider, hooooo), and that's without me putting any money towards a single pin-up variant.

I guess I just don't see what all the fuss is about. If you don't like the sexy models, dun get 'im. I don't feel like they taint the setting, as they're not even part of it, just goofy extras solely to support the company.

Are they sexist? Sure. But I'm not getting this game to support feminism (which I do support in other ways). I'm getting it because I like badass sculpted models and I like cooperative board games, and this combines them both. Ain't that enuff?

>> No.22092623

The argument was

>I like women in bikinis
>I like [insert X illegal content]
>I don't like women in bikinis in place Y
>I wouldn't like [insert X illegal content] in place Y either

>> No.22092624



wait this stuff comes out in November? I really need to get my painting schedule in order.

>> No.22092639

I don't think anybody's complaining about the existence of sexy models. Just that there aren't any non-cheesecake female models.

>> No.22092640

So it's pretty fucking clear that we're going to hit 700k some time tomorrow and you know if Poots had any organizational skills he'd realize that and start working on the update now.

But that's not what's going to happen, he's going to wake up tomorrow at his normal vampire hour of 3pm EST check the pledge page go "Oh shit!" then quickly post a comment saying "Update coming up in an hour!" than 5 hours later we'll finally see the update.

I guarantee it.

>> No.22092650

I think I can get the whole "not good in this context" argument, but seriously guys, you can just get the models you want and ignore the rest, what's the big deal?

You get to choose how your folks will dress and what they will fight, what more can you ask for?

>> No.22092651

>If you don't like the sexy models, dun get 'im. I don't feel like they taint the setting, as they're not even part of it, just goofy extras solely to support the company.
What about things like the Lion Knight's bitches?

>> No.22092655

Derpetiderpetyherp, opinionsopinionsopinions whinewhinewhine

We done with that now?

>> No.22092660

I never said I couldn't understand why others backed it. Hell, I was close to doing it myself.
It's just a matter of personal principles. That's all.

What I couldn't understand was how the cheesecake was actually well-liked. How people like >>22092583 can defend it further than just saying "it's a necessary evil".

>> No.22092662

She must have really tiny nerps.

>> No.22092663

No his argument was.
>I don't like the pinups. It is inappropriate and cheesy.
Then he goes on to basically say he is [insert] porn deviant scum.

>> No.22092665


Poots sounds familia- wait am I Poots?

>> No.22092670

There are though.

>> No.22092673

Yeah man, fuck opinions, always fagging things up.

>> No.22092677

>I don't know what appropriate means

>> No.22092690

What do you expect these threads to be used for? Advertising?

>> No.22092699

Armor sets models and concept art looks good enough to me,check the list, someone posted it here.

>> No.22092701

What about them? They're part of the fluff. Dude formed himself a harem of women that he keeps immortal and beautiful and endows with unknown secrets of the world. Bitches are super-smart sages who happen to be dead sexy. Considering the Lion Knight is a patron of art, culture, and beauty, is that not in keeping in-line with his fluff?

>> No.22092706

Yes I do. He was appealing to decency. Its throughout his argument. Tsk-tsking the pinups then apparently hypocritically saying he enjoy illegal porn.

Which is what i always knew the boob hating crowd on /tg/ is made up of neckbeard pedophilles.

>> No.22092708

Easy solution: don't wait up for the update.

>Just that there aren't any non-cheesecake female models
I don't think the standard female armour models you can build are particularly cheesecake. Could be wrong, but what I've seen of them seems reasonable.

Oh indeed. I was just trying to explain to that anon that context was the issue the other anon was talking about, not 'hurrrr likes porn, doesn't like bikinis, hurrr'.

>> No.22092713

...don't use them?
>inplia and
No captcha, I'm not implying anything

>> No.22092727

Well personally, I don't think it needs to be defended. If Poots wants to make cheesecake models, that's his choice. I don't think it's a necessary evil; I don't think it's even evil to begin with.

>> No.22092731

I had hoped for more herpetyherpetyderp.

>> No.22092735

So... If you like one kind of porn, you must want boobs everywhere all the time?

>> No.22092741

Haha totally. Honestly I tend to avoid posting on here at all, since tg tends to be pretty vocal against any form of cheesecake, fetish or anything not "realistic". I play for fun in a variety of settings and this one will be no different. I'm seriously contemplating getting a higher priced package if I can afford it. One question though, is the money merely a promise like a petition or is it charged from your account right away? Stupid question I know, its my first kickstarter.

>> No.22092745

>They're part of the fluff.
Exactly. Anon was saying the sexy models weren't part of the fluff. I was saying 'some of them are, yo'.

>> No.22092761


>> No.22092764

He's not appealing to anything, dumbass. Bikini-clad cartoon girls in survival horror don't scandalize him, they just don't fit the tone.

>> No.22092777

Can we try to discuss something better guys? What about lore? What's up with the Kings, and Knights roaming around?

And isn't all this "survivors developing a civilization in the monster infested darkness until they become the hunter and no the hunted" pretty good HFY material?

>> No.22092778

You see that's the thing, the cheesecake is entirely gratuitous. Its not really a part of the game its a "let's take some of our normal models and totally sex-ify them for publicity purposes" I don't see how this would interfere with your game experience at all. It has no more relevance to the game than /tg/'s sexy tau girls do to 40K.

>> No.22092785

"Some" is not "all". And I fail to see how some creepy naked immortal sages completely contradicts the horror setting of KD.

I mean seriously, if I'm wandering around a horrific world of darkness and nightmarish things that want to eat me, and suddenly find a naked chick that is completely okay and unafraid of being eaten by said horrors, that's gonna send off all kinds of warning signs in my brain. But maybe that's just me.

>> No.22092795

Why are you faggots this retarded. Its not about liking one thing and not liking another.

Its about saying something is not acceptable because of decency and sensibilities but then being ok with illegal pornography (really fuck you)

I bet you hypocritical cunts are 100% for a conservative politician being kicked out for having gay sex while not supporting homosexual sex.

This is the same scenario. In fact it is worse.

>> No.22092810

Do those girls even have a role in the game? Or are they just part of the world in the background?

>> No.22092813

Enjoyment doesn't have to be rational.
I just can't get over that hurdle of Kingdom Death using pin-ups to advertise itself

It's just a personal gripe.

+1 really like this comment will retweet to all my twats

>> No.22092814

He is. You are the dumbass. take your argument that bikinis are not acceptable but goat fucking is to any public forum.

Do it.

>> No.22092826

>saying something is not acceptable because of decency and sensibilities
How about you show us the post you mean here?

>> No.22092831

Illuminated lady entirely revolves around that concept.

>> No.22092837


>they just don't fit the tone.

of other survival horror stuff. like, sure, it wouldn't be appropriate for Resident Evil. but how do you distinguish your game from other ones? "mine's the one with the titties". there you go. monsters and titties, no zombies, it's Kingdom Death.

>> No.22092846


You are very confusing and angry, and I feel like you need to stop for a little while. Just calm down, have a Hot Pocket, and re-read the argument again when you're less incensed, because you're making dragons out of windmills at this point, to prove a point about cheesecake resin models.

>> No.22092850

Excellent fuckin' point.

>> No.22092860

I keep thinking I should try to get in on this, just so I can paint some of the models, but 155 for the game and Kick starter exclusive miniatures seems kinda high...

>> No.22092864

oh god I completely forgot about her aaaaaa

>> No.22092880

Exactly, and then look at the Illuminated lady, which is basically some siren ish demon that lures men to their doom. The whole premise from the start obviously opens up for a mix of sexy cheesecake and creepy shit, hell, have people already forgotten that huge creepy breeder demon thing, or the forge god that collects penises? If someone's saying sexy shit don't fit in they obviously haven't looked properly at what the setting actually contains.

>> No.22092883

I'm neither confused or angry. I'm entirely rational. You could say in kingdom death i'd be a beacon of light and leadership figure to the survivors. While your fruitlessly try to butt fuck a slain Gorm while screaming that the female survivors should put some clothes on for decencies sake.

>> No.22092893

If you don't mind having something less, you can get the full game at 100$, you miss having 8 armor sets instead of 4 of any kind and only get 1 monster (instead of 2 for some of them like the phoenix), but you're good to go.

>> No.22092896

It really isn't.
Differentiating your product is important, but there has to be internal consistency.

This is like making a burger that's full of nothing but potato chips.

Sure, potato chips are good. Burgers are good.

The burger bread really doesn't need to be there, though. It adds nothing to the experience. Sure, burger bread is really nice with a good patty, but this experience is not about that. At least, that's not what someone who came to get some potato chips expected.

Understandably, some people who enjoy potato chips will not like the gratuitous burger bread.
Sure, you can just remove the burger bread, without really impacting the chips, but why on earth is it even fucking there?

>> No.22092900

People really need to look up the term wet nurse.

>> No.22092902

So I'm new to these kickstarter things, and the more I read about this game, the more I'm interested in it (mainly for the premise of playing pretend as a busty female warrior in bikini slaying monsters and trying to stay alive).

What should I do to get the game? There are so many funding options, I get a little confused reading all of them.

So if I pay $100, I'll be given the base game. Then I'll need to pay an extra $15 each if I want to get the fappable miniatures (Lioness, Dragon Sacrifice, etc.)? What do those extra options come with? Just the figurine? Or some extra rule sheets for them too?

I don't even know what the game/story is like. other than the youtube video explaining the combat.

>> No.22092914

Well, I do like the exclusive models and the watcher. Do I get those?

>> No.22092922

Dude, take your meds.

>> No.22092924

Still, if we look at the model and art for her, she's not overly sexualised like the pinups are, she's just naked.

>> No.22092931

u go guy fight the powr
fuk dat oter guy he dumb

>> No.22092932

I'd really recommend if you are getting Pinups to get the resins. Since you are getting them for viewing pleasure you want them in the best material.

>> No.22092935

If you came into KD not expecting sexy shit, you are retarded.

>> No.22092937

A weird analogy isn't an argument, though. You'd need to actually explain why 'survival horror' is inherently incompatible with 'sexy' in any way other than 'because I don't like it like that'.

>> No.22092942

The pinup figures are just bonus figures that you can use as stand-ins for survivors, or just have to sit around and look at. They don't come with any optional rules.

>> No.22092944

Again likewise

>> No.22092956

Expansions have rules (IA cards, loot, stuff for your village etc), pinups don't but you can use them as counts-as if you want.

>> No.22092957


You've been shouting about decency, despite everyone else saying it's not about that and the original complainer bringing up his own weird porn habits as proof that decency isn't his concern, but rather fluff is. Then, you got angrier and called him and everyone hypocrites.

I admit, his argument is stupid, especially since Kingdom Death's entire thing is Sex + Monsters + Weird Sex Monster, at least as far as I've been able to tell as an outsider. But you're having a completely different argument than everyone else, and it's to a point that I think something else has you set off and I think you need to just walk away until you can follow an argument like a reasonable person.

>> No.22092962

Don't listen to him if you're a beginner with miniatures. Resin has better detail yes but it comes at the cost of being highly toxic and very fragile and with a good paint job it's fairly difficult to distinguish the two.

>> No.22092966

I dunno, at that point I think you're reaching into eye of the beholder territory.

>> No.22092973

Exclusive models are from the 155$ pledge, but you do get the watcher even with the 100$ one.

>> No.22092992

pfft its toxic if you snort the shit. It is fragile if you use it as a game piece.

If you check out the plastic and resin comparisons the plastic is great for game pieces but it is not the closet to the master sculpt.

You are basically wasting your money if you buy the pinups in plastic.

>> No.22092998

But with $155 you get two Phoenixes and two Watchers, I think. Seems like a sweet deal because those minis are BIG and awesome.

>> No.22093007


>I don't even know what the game/story is like

me either. I wouldn't mind a .pdf explaining some of this shit, because the descriptions on the product page are just kind of fragmentary.


it seems pretty internally consistent. there are dick monsters and the Wet Nurse already.

so you have grotesque monsters made out of hands or penises or babies, naked chicks who are evil, and then pinup chicks who fight them.

also from what I can tell there's some kind of dreams/nightmares theme to it, so sexual stuff (cheesecake or Giger'd) fits perfectly.

plus at least it's not yet another alternate history WWII game with Nazi Zombies and allied soldiers in power armor. it has a distinctive vibe to it.

>> No.22093014

Well, she is supposed to be naked and sexy in her role as a naked sexy demon. They are supposed to be sexualized in their roles as PINUPS. Difference, where?

>> No.22093016

Well that's fair enough then, if I found promotional cheesecake really gross I suppose I wouldn't like Kingdom Death either. Just wanted to point out the sexy leather girls weren't a part of the game or the setting, only the marketing scheme.

>> No.22093028

>getting mad about a boardgame

I don't see why anyone should care. If you don't like something, don't buy it. Why is this even an issue?

Is Kingdom Death's sexual imagery actually dangerous to society in some way? Will it cause suffering amongst it's players? What's the fucking point of getting mad about this shit? Does anyone honestly believe it sets back female equity? What? What're you all so afraid of?

Please don't turn KD threads into yet another breed of thread that I just autohide without looking at it's content. I actually like KD, don't ruin it.

>> No.22093030

Indeed, was just suggesting that you get some good stuff even with 100$ pledge, but if he's aiming for the KS exclusives he will have to pledge 155$.

>> No.22093062

>Why is this even an issue?
It becomes an issue because people start arguing about it, and then they want to prove themselves right so they keep arguing. Exactly the same as any other argument about things that don't matter on /tg/.

>> No.22093074

The people that are getting pissy about it have a "secret" agenda they are being disingenuous about it.
It's most like some sort of feminist retardation.

>> No.22093087


so...... titties are like coasters?

>> No.22093088

>Why can't it stand on its own merits instead of appealing to the most base desires of men?

You know, I gotta analyze this. If you take out death and sex from entertainment, you have not just cut out most the fun, but you have cut out the human experience.

The point of minis is to look fun.

>> No.22093102

Yes. Or female space marines. Or Taugirls. Or 4th edition.

>> No.22093107

Pose, demeanor, look at the art. She almost looks humble, walking with the torch, maybe hoping to lure someone wanting to save her. Is this someone's fetish? Probably. And she has a reason to be naked, because that's how she lures her victims.

Very different from the pinups, who are supposed to fight monsters, but are shown in their underwear just because.

>> No.22093108

The most base desires of men is food. Poots should do an Iron Chef pinup for maximum rage.

>> No.22093114

Aren't female space marines just sisters of battle?

>> No.22093118

>someone's fetish
Stop please. She is supposed to be a mythical will-o-wisp

>> No.22093121

Nah, its the people who need to move to the Middle East who is always going BLOOHOOHOO THIS IS SEXUALIZED AND THEREFORE BAD that shit up these threads.

>> No.22093123

>If something is someones fetish than it should be banned.

I guess you guys better ban all unassembled mini kits because amputations are my fetish.

>> No.22093133

>Very different from the pinups, which are just pinups meant to be enjoyed visually, and aren't really a canon part of the setting.

Fixed that for ya.

>> No.22093135

>Does anyone honestly believe it sets back female equity?
Obviously not by itself, no. But I can see people thinking it's part of the problem, and if you don't want to address any parts of the problem because they're only parts... well, the problem isn't going to go anywhere.

>> No.22093141

No,no, that's what you fail to grasp. The normal miniatures are supposed to fight monsters. Check their webshop, they have a twilight knight and a preacher, and then they have PINUP versions of them.
The very nature of pinups inexorably entails showing off in some sexy way regardless of whether it makes sense. And like anon mentioned, if someone dislike these pinups, then ignore them and use the regular models.

>> No.22093152

Oh. Would you look at that. A straw man.

>> No.22093159

Doesn't stop it from being someone's fetish I'm afraid

>> No.22093165

>Words don't have synonyms and arguments don't have syllogisms.

>> No.22093175

OK, show me the posts which
that this stuff should be banned.

>> No.22093181

Hmmmm... I don't think you were serious, but part of the reason I fuckin' love vampires is partially the fact that Vampire Masquerade/Requiem are the only RPGs where you literally eat your way to immortal power.

>> No.22093185

>Doing your legwork for you.

You must be rich with many servants in real life.

>> No.22093186

Well, thank you, but how does that change what I wanted to say? I'm confused herem I fear I can't explain myself properly.
Yes, maybe I didn't say it properly, I wanted to let him see the difference between the Illuminated Lady and the pinups.

>> No.22093235

OK, anon, I just did all the work. I searched through the thread. No sign of anyone suggesting it be banned. So it turns out you were talking shit again.

>> No.22093246

Uuuuuuh, I dunno, now I'm confused too. I'm not above admitting I can be thick at times, so maybe you just better spell it out for me.

>> No.22093248

I'm serious. If poots does a release of the architect pinup wearing nothing but an apron and chef hat.

The amount of incoherent rage it will generate.

Even better a pinup in french maid costume.

>> No.22093252

That's one possible conclusion though it's not the correct one.

Well no sense in continuing this argument as you obviously suffer from a mild case of mental retardation.

>> No.22093283

no u

>> No.22093288

Well the thing was me trying to explain the difference between a naked Illuminated Lady and the pinups.

The first one has a reason to be naked, and apart from being naked is not shown overly sexualized (though your mileage may vary), but the pinups are just something mainly (or entirely?) out of canon, shown in skimpy oufits just because.

>> No.22093316

Oooh, shit, so we were basically agreeing.

Derp, like I said, I'm thick. Disregard, I suck cocks.

>> No.22093344

It's ok anon, all settled now

>> No.22093403


So HOLY SHIT did you guys see that fucking lion tear that guy's head off it was all like BOOOOSH

>> No.22093437

Yeah, first encounter in the game and you can already lose 1 survivor or 2? That's gotta be interesting, wonder how many of them you can have, and how replacing losses works

>> No.22093504

That's certainly something I'm curious about as well. I'm hoping when the other gameplay vid(s) go up FINALLY, that'll answer some questions about it. I'm imagining you probably start out with X number of survivors (perhaps dependant on the number of players?), most of which stay in the settlement to work on shit, and then you pick some to go out on the hunt phases to get shit to help your research along. Then you run into OMG monsters for the showdown phase, (hopefully) kill them and take the spoils back to do more research.

Of course, that leaves out a lot of the specifics, but it makes sense to me. Mostly, I'm really curious to see how it all fits together. Lordy knows waiting until next November to get my hands on the box is going to be a fucking chore.

>> No.22093553

I feel that, having to wait almost a full year is not nice, but it looks it could be worth it

>> No.22093935


you can see that the average person is 253 dollars in; though this does not give you the median number (which is way more useful) I suspect that this is fairly close for their is not much that you would donate above 5000 beside resin everything additions

so it would go: poor fags in at 100-200 for game+stuff and people going all in for the herald level at 300-300+. and a few wierdos going at less or WAY more

>> No.22094007

That matches my impression of how it works. The equipment doesn't seem to be specific to models, so if your dude dies your next dude can have the same equipment. IIRC Poots mentioned a limited levelling aspect if you do manage to survive for a while, though.

>> No.22094107


>> No.22094660

>Dat landing strip

>> No.22095651

>"internal consistency according to MY definition of tropes and traditions"

>> No.22096339

Rules explanation please?

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