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Well, /tg/, I don't see a character art thread about (although by no means does that mean there isn't one). Bonus points for sci-fi.

>tl;dr character art sci-fi edition pic related

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I shall give what I have.

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This x1000 is my Eclipse Phase character.

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That must really bug the other players.

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Any interest?

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When you say x1000, do you mean 1000 times bigger or a swarm of 1000 hiveminded robot mosquitoes?

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I hope it's the latter, cause that would be fucking cool.

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This is probably the last of it from me, at least until there's some other interest.

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A hivemind swarm - though they look a bit more like wasps. Playing this kind of character has been interesting to say the least.


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Why not both?

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A swarm of gigantic cyber-wasps?

Death is a preferable option.

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I'll dump a few.

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Not gigantic enough.
Each one should be powered by a sun.
They travel through the universe, harvesting whole galaxies to reproduce.

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Because I can't afford 1000 Dragonfly synthmorphs right out of the gate. Besides, a swarmoid morph is fucking beautiful for espionage.

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Probably only going to dump 1 or 2 more for now.

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Yeah I'm pretty much all out too...

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And done for now, might be back later.

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I have some time.

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God Help the man who uses Corvo as Character Art.

He will have to live up to it, and he will fail.

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It's not that hard, really. He never says anything and he doesn't do much besides stab people.

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More Stalker than scifi, this.

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Unsorted folder, now.

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>Step 1: Teleport
>Step 2: Stab people
>Step 3: ????
>Step 4: PROFIT!
What's so difficult about playing a silent sorcerer/rogue that stabs/possesses people, teleports, and summons/eats rats?

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anybody have like...sci-fi gladiators?

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If you mean, like, laser swords, I probably have some usable Jedi, but not really, no.

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The fact that someone will overdo it and turn it into a shittly done facsimile with heavy speech and bad attempts to come off as badass. That and the temptation to do so, because it'd actually be pretty funny to see.

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okay, dont worry about it then, like sci-fi cyberpunk stuff

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Overdo what, stabbing people? As for speech, that's... I felt Corvo could've been an interesting character if he, you know... had an opinion or spoke. Ever. At most it's implied.

He felt more like a blank canvas: I varied between "Cyrus gruff voice" and "cheerful cockney voice" in my head. As a character, he didn't really "do" it for me. I couldn't care about him, because he was just... there.

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That's simple enough.

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>thick block of monstergirl porn
Fuck you unsorted folder, I am doing something.
>slightly smaller block of monstergirl daww
Stop that! Fffffffffffff

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I kind of like him as a mute. I prefer his actions speaking for him, and an occasional bit of perceived ambiguity as to why he does some things from the eyes of another character.

But the fact that he's almost entirely blank is intended. Completely intended on the Dev's part, so as to allow the player to BE Corvo, and shape him according to what they feel he would do.

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Huh. I guess I can see that? All power to them, because I did feel that he was unmolded clay. But that turned me off to him.

But, that's all >opinons.

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This looks like metroid fanart.

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I hope it didn't get in the way of you enjoying the game though.

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This picture makes me think of the mannequin scene in Spec Ops.

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Didn't mean to quote you, my bad.


It was fun while it lasted. Although, having stealthed a majority of the game, going full-out hacker-slasher in the Lord Regent's Manor was pretty fun. It was the first time I used Blink as something more than just quick-move, and used to to slam into people before gutting them.

I could say a lot about Dishonored, but CharArt, and this isn't /v/.

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Looks like my time's up. Later.

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