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It's time we had a 'guess my 40k army' thread, /tg/.
>tall and slim
>wear slim fitting clothes
>have a healthy disdain for the Spiritual Liege
>listen to Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal, Alt. Rock, Grunge, Electronic, and a hint of Classical
>favourite colours are black, purple, red, pink, and lime green
>I like grimdark
If you need any more hints, go ahead and ask.

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Imperial guard or chaos muhrens.

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Considered both of them, don't play them though.

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You play Sisters of Battle.

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You do know that just for that, you can get banned for two years straight, right?

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The setup seems stereotypically Dark Eldar.

I don't believe you're 16, enjoy being able to vote and drink legally.

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You know that the admins don't want you posting on 4chan, right?

I'm gonna guess you're Chaos Space Marines, though.

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Slaaneshi Chaos army. Mixture of cultists, Noise Marines, and very possibly daemons.

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Dark Eldar

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I think they're pretty cool, but no.
You got it! Dark Eldar!
Noise Marines are my favourite Cult unit...

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Aren't the blue boards all ages?

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>Tall and chubby
>Jeans and Dress Shirts when not in work gear
>Really dont care about the whole Ward Wars
>Listen to ska, punk, and techno
>Favourite colours are green, black and red
>social butterfly
>I enjoy Grimdark to a degree

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>medium height and slim
>wear sport coats and suits
>cool with Ward, not so much with Crudface
>listen to standard, power and classical metal, jazz and classical
>also play music, vidya, vidya modding and design, political volunteerism, as well as write poetry and hike/fish in the outdoors
>favourite colours are black, white, blue
>cynical, yet strong in personal moral and ethical ideals
>grimdark is cool, so is nobledark though

What faction do I play? What faction do I admire, but not have enough models to play?

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Nope. They're just "Safe For Work".
You still have to be 18+ to be here. (although if you don't go shouting your age, I'm sure there are a lot of 15-17 year olds around that get by fine.)

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Probably spess mehreens but want to play IG.

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ooooooooooo forgot about Dark Eldar as a possibility. Anyway, I guess I'll post my "stats".

<span class="quote">>6'1, 150lbs</span>
>Dress like a Canadian lumberjack
>I listen to varied types of music, depends mostly on my mood. As of late, Nazi march music, the Ace Combat 5 soundtrack, and the Lovecraft Christmas Album.
>I don't have favorite colors, it depends entirely on the situation they're used.
>Outlook on life is just... Eh. Pretty much chill with anything.
>Grimdark works in some settings and not in others. In WH40k, it works.

My image isn't my faction

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You play Dark Angels.

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We'll I've got nothing better to do so I guess I'm game.

30 yo
PhD (Chemistry)
Work out. Drinks craft beers, whisky and short drinks. Smoke Cigars.
Listens to Hard Rock, death metal, post-punk, rock, bit of hip-hop or anything else good really.
Reads European comics and pulp fiction.
Healthy disdain for the spiritual liege.
Cynical but not really bitter (Ambrose Bierce, bitch!).

Have two armies. Started my first during 2nd ed. 40k. Started the second army during 4th.

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Me, I am not only seven, but also a dog.

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Nope, but that is what my wife plays.

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>skinnyfat, average height
>wears military clothes and metal shirts
>conflicted about Ward
>listen to Black/Death/Doom Metal, Industrial music and the odd prog rock/classical music.
>favorite colors are white, green, black.
>joyous and open but kind of a jerk
>I like grimdark genuinely

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Craftworld Eldar

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahah nope.

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Whichever army is the faggiest, I'm sure you play with that one.

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Somewhat ashamed Grey Knights player

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>skinny and muscles
>jeans, t-shirt, buttons shirt, jacket
>folk, metal, classical
>total contempt for all 40k post 4th edition
>minor contempt for all 40k post 1998
>favorite colors are red, green, yellow
>I think grimdark can be done right or done wrong, see the contempt section above

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>Mid and big around the waiste an nowhere else
>wear T-shirts and jeans
>Fuck ward
>I'll listen to anything once, but Progressive metal, mainly Gent, is my mainstray right now
>favourite colours are white, black, and grey
>Cautiously optimistic
>Think settings need a balance of dark, light, crazy, and realistic to have long lasting appeal

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Crimson Fists

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>Tall and Thin
>Wear Jeans, T-shirts and Hoodies most of the time. Winter colour scheme.
>Polite and respectful but not necessarily nice.
>Get along well with others but more of an introvert.
>Listen to a lot of Industrial music, House, Witch House, and Metal
>Favourite colours are Black, Silver and Purple

I have two armies.

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Never even considered playing them.

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Tau player, maybe?

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pff no.

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Guard player?

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Necron player.

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Imperial Guard

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Considering starting a small army, but no.

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Not bad. I ally IG to Tau

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Dark eldars, CSM.

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>Everyone saying they like Industrial music
Do people mean Industrial in the sense of Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, and ohGr or do people mean Industrial rock/metal such as Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM and Rammstein?

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>tall and slim
>tactical genius
>listen to Classical, Acapella, Electronic, Folk, Rock, Heavy Metal
>favourite colours are Black, white, grey, and light blue.
>Don't really have an opinion on Mat Ward.

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CSM and Guard were right.
I'm also thinking of starting up 'Crons or DE.

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I meant it as NIN, Ministry, Oomph!, Rammstein, etc.

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I'm going to have to guess IG.

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>medium height, strongfat
>wear black jeans, black t-shirts, black short-sleeve shirts(open)
>like Ward's rules, dislikes his fluff
>listens to Amon Amarth, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, VNV Nation
>optimistic and quite artistic
>likes grimdark with small grains of brightness

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> 25
> 6'1" 210 lb
> Lots of very good friends
> Mechanical Engineering student
> Loves to hit thing with a spanner when it doesn't work right
> The leader of my army wears a Tau shield drone as a hat

All too easy.

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Necron player here.

Everything ranging from weird noise shit like SPK to EBM/aggrotech, going through industrial metal and rock.

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>> No.22072942


Nope. Have many times considered starting an IG army though.

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Immaculately converted AdMech counts-as-grey-knights?

>> No.22072957


Conflicted about mat Ward and not Grey Knights basically just left a Necron player who hates Ward but loves that his army is useful now.

I know that feel.

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I second this, either Wolves or Templars.

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Rolled 92

>Tall, bit of a gut
>Often wears sweats
>Classic Rock
>Brown, grey, green, other neutral and earthy tones
>I prefer NobleBright over Grimderp

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Grey knights

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Tau, maybe Eldar.

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Nope, sorry

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>tall and fat
>mostly wear pajama pants and t-shirts, peacoat if it's cold outside
>listen to classical, oldies, classic rock, harcore metal, hardstyle, gabber, some rap, and, recently, indie music
>favorite colors are brown, navy, gray, and dark green
>that feel when no gf

You'll never guess.

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Guard and/or Blood Angels

>> No.22073005


Who are you guessing?

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Space Marines? More specifically Salamanders.

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Ask any mechanical engineer who likes table top games, the Orks are the promised land of design. No one tells a Mek his Deffdread isn't cost efficient enough or his Killakan doesn't meet safety regs.

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Battle sisters
only such a massive faggot could play them.

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That's what I thought everyone meant.

You. I like you.

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Rolled 11

Hot damn. Good job, /tg/. Salamanders with Tau allies.

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Most of these guesses are off.

I know a guy who is a Harley biker, and uses a marine bike army painted and modeled like Harley Davidson bikes. Black, white and orange on everything, including the land raider, and using a lot of ravenwing models.

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>Salamanders with Tau allies
You are the cancer

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>tall and somewhat skinny
>Wear semiformal clothes
>listen to classical music

I seriously want you guys to try and guess this one.

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>Ask any mechanical engineer who likes table top games, the Orks are the promised land of design. No one tells a Mek his Deffdread isn't cost efficient enough or his Killakan doesn't meet safety regs.

I know. I was joking, you were right and it was obvious. Ork player here.

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were you surprised at all?

>> No.22073092

> Overweight French Vietnamese American
> Hangs out with players who hate Ward but can't live without grimdark
> Personally hates overly grimdark but loves grimderp
> One of two players in group who paints his army, other guy being Imperial Guard/Grey Knights player
> Only one willing to base his models and scratch build, and even offers to scratch build stuff for my group
> Listen to Western, classical, symphonic metal, and rock
> Master of mobility compared to other players and can set up twice the amounts of models compared to the Nid/Necron player in the same amount of time
> Hates CC and prefers to overload army with Dakka and flyers
> Loves metal models while my friends hates them with a passion preferring resin, finecrap, and plastic
> Loves mechs and walkers as well

>> No.22073099

necessarily battle sisters

>> No.22073102

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.

I don't even play 40k.

>> No.22073105

No, but the revelation only redoubled my loathing.

>> No.22073109


Not that guy, but although Tau is cancerous, I'd guess they'd work pretty well with Salamanders, high strength short range shooting+high strength long range shooting working together.

Salamanders are bros, though. And everybody who doesn't play them is mad jelly of getting to re-roll hits with the infamously inaccurate point investment known as the "multi-melta"

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>> No.22073126

Metal IG. Steel Legion or something. Or possibly tyranids.

>> No.22073147

I've yet to see someone who can correctly guess me.
>muscular, fit
>wear shining golden power armor
>have a healthy disdain for the enemies of the Imperium
>fought in the 2nd Armageddon war
>favorite color is red
>I love my golden death mask
>It's awesome

>> No.22073148

Go away Alpha Legion, you just say that because you can put on Ultramarines paint easier.

>> No.22073151

>5'9 and built
>v-necks and tight jeans
>Ambivalent towards most GW writers, but loves ADB
>Listen to anything, but mainly techno, hiphop, kpop and epic movie soundtracks
>social butterfly with self-loathing towards ultrasecret nerdy indulgences; unconditional total bro
>I enjoy pirate adventures; also bro adventures
>sneaky bastard

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This one is WHFB

>I was about 14
>My name is Sigmar
>I noticed that a guy called Sigmar was worshipped in the Empire.

>> No.22073156

Kaldor Draigo?

>> No.22073159


I actually do

>> No.22073164

Rolled 64

Obviously Chaos. Probably Nurgle based.

>> No.22073165

>Height above the average, weight above the average
>Jeans, tshirts, and hoodies
> Who's Ward?
>listen to rock, metal, hip hop, a little of pop; reggae and electro
>favorite colors are red, grey and black
>grimdark is cool when not overused

You'll never find

>> No.22073169 [DELETED] 


Are you retarded?

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>> No.22073185

Nah, it fits best whit Marneus Calgar

>> No.22073199

>Started in 3rd, left during 4th
>Returned to the game Spring 2012
>Did fuckmassive overhaul of old minis
>Table looks like a goddamn chop shop
>Huge mathhammer fag
>Moderate tourneyfag
>Fucking loves painting now that he's good at it
>Listens to classic rock, prog rock, metal, Sun Ra
>Reluctantly added allies and fortifications but immediately turned gay for them

Guess my primary and my ally. I actually have two forces now both with their own different allied detachments, but my love for my original army will never diminish.

>> No.22073206


Commander Dante of the Blood Angels

>> No.22073210

>Tall, not fat
>Sweatpants and funny T-shirts, sometimes polos
>Fine with Ward's crunch (to a point), not so much fluff
>Listen to techno, alt rock
>Fav colors are navy blue, yellow, silver-gray, red
>Grimdark is fine, but not when overdone

>> No.22073221

Although, to be honest, if I did play, I would play Kroot, like this guy said.

>> No.22073226


Necrons and IG?

>> No.22073229

>Dornian Heresy reference

>> No.22073236

Black Templar

>> No.22073237


naw dawg

>> No.22073253

What are you? Stupid? He's obviously


so he would play Grey Knights.

>> No.22073258

>implying that Necrons need allies

But seriously, no on both counts. You're sort of on the right track.

>> No.22073297

>21, 6'3, Black Hair, and hazel eyes.
>Wear jeans, button ups, doc martins, sportcoats or peacoats depending on the weather.
>Listen mainly to death/black/folk metal, indie rock, synthpop, goth rock, and EBM.
>Currently listening to Iron Maiden: Alexander the Great
>Favorite colors are black, blue, red, and silver
>Also plays oWoD (mostly WtA, and VtM), DnD, and Pathfinder.
>Sanguine personality, and likes dark humor.
>Grimdark is awesome, especially when played for laughs.

Bonus Points: Guess my allies of choice.

>> No.22073328

I'd guess Chaos Spehss Mehreens or Blood Angels
Necrons or IG as allies.

>> No.22073344

Guard and Imperial Fists come to mind.

>> No.22073355

>Tall, thin and gangly
>Buy XL clothes because I keep outgrowing the sleeves
>Don't care for ultramarines
>Listen to rock, jazz, dance, dubstep, rap, heavy metal and musical numbers (why yes I do enjoy mashups how did you know)
>Favorite colour is green
>Hope that things will turn out well, but frequently doubt it. I know what is right and what is wrong.
>I prefer comedy

>> No.22073371


Dark Eldar

>> No.22073375


>> No.22073389

How did you know?

>> No.22073417

>Chaos Spehss Mehreens
>IG as allies

And we have a winner.

>> No.22073420

It was the sleeves thing.

>> No.22073460


>> No.22073461

Half right.

I'm starting to collect some metal IG models like Vostroyan, Mordian, or Tallern. My friend is the Steel Legion guy who only paints his models and never fucking puts stuff on his base. He doesn't even paint them.

I mainly play Tau and spam the shit out of Tetras, Suits, and in Apoc, Remora Drones.

Remora Drones everywhere Markerlighting people.

>> No.22073470

It's a distinctly orkish thing, shedding your sleeves.

>> No.22073549

listen to Rock (Metallica, Trivium, etc)
Wear collared shirts everywhere all the time
Favorite color is white
I play New Conglomerate on PS2

>> No.22073550

I got it from your favourite colour and your preference of comedy.

>> No.22073608 [DELETED] 

>medium hight.
>wears a grayish peacoat.
>enjoys steampunk.
>student government.
>leads a group of asshats.
>colours are green and red etc.
>also cynical.
>hopes this is green.

>> No.22073653

Long hair
Skinny jeans and band t shirts or shirts with like a batman logo or a nes controller
Favorite color is a toss up between gray and green.
Like pretty much any kind of music except country or rap but mainly listen to the black keys, nirvana, foo fighters, etc

>> No.22073689

>play New Conglomerate on PS2
A traitorous rebel like you can only play Chaos or traitor-guard.

>> No.22073705

>i ally with tyranids

>> No.22073710

Obvisously you play as Dark Eldar!!

>> No.22073759

Considered playing noise marines, but since I like things that look nice (always wear nice shirts) I picked this army..

>> No.22073795

>tall and average, not slim not bulky
>brown hair and eyes
>History Major
>Enjoy creative writing
>love videogames
>considering joining the military
>often wear button-up clothing
>listen to all kinds of music, on an electronic kick right now but Johnny Cash is favorite
>looooove the grimdark

>> No.22073945

>average height and weight
>wears loose fitting, comfortable clothes
>usually wears a university or band hoody
>have degrees in Politics and Law, and a Masters in Law
>listen to classic rock, metal, alternative, nu metal, goth + emo, as well as some dance
>favourite colours are black, red, purple, dark green, brown
>heavy pessimist about some things, huge optimist in others
>like grimdark, but also like Ciaphas Cain style 40k

What do I play?

>> No.22073995

>Bit of a gut.
>Wear decent fitting clothes.
>meh about Ward.
> I'm pretty alright with most music, not too big on most pop or rap.
>Favourite colours: Green, darker reds, purple, gold
>Fairly social, but enjoy some quiet alone time.
>Grimdark is fine if done right, but grimderp is also ok for some chuckles.

>> No.22074093

> be 22yrs old
> be ex-Military, Engineering Student, politically active
> be richfag
> enjoy painting and modelling alot

>> No.22074109


Imperial Guard

>> No.22074525

>Tall and chubs
>Jeans and black clothing
>Care to a certain degree
>Sabaton, System of a Down, Frank Sinatra, Dethklok *Heavy Metal to Classical*
>Purple, Dark red, green
>Nobledark and Grimdark are good. So is Noblebright.

>> No.22074530

>tall and fat, but not overly so
>shorts and shirt, wear shoes as little as possible even in winter when I can
>listen to light stuff (ben folds, amanda palmer) with a mix of heavy (in flames)
>I play a lot of video games
>legally crazy, I take medicine
>I enjoy grimdark but only when good lore is surrounding it.

>> No.22074546

didn't mean to quote.

>> No.22074710

orks orks orks orks

>> No.22074736

Imperial Guard or Chaos of some kind.

>> No.22074807


Nah. Reading my post though I can definitely see why. They are a good second favorite of mine.

>> No.22075001

Grey Knights?

>> No.22075078

>tall, skinny
>dresses like a 2010 hipster
>you have to beat the player, not the game
>listens to anything. currently japanese avant garde jazz
>favourite colour is turquoise
>objective with criticism, subjective with solutions
>it can never be too grimdark

>> No.22075096


>> No.22075097


>> No.22075099

Alpha Legion?

>> No.22075125

>5'8" and ~148lbs
>Dress stylishly
>Listen to Industrial, Psy-trance, Classical, Garage Rock, Classic Rock, EDM
>Favourite colours are ultramarine, silver, white, forest green, crimson
>Cadet and Classical Civilization Major
>Created own fan-dex, pic related
>I like grimdark, but also think it's overrated

I've posted pictures of my army here before, but I don't know if anyone remember it.

>> No.22075191

>Committed Christian
>short, average weight
>T shirts and Jeans if its cool enough, shorts if its not
>I'm one of those annoying people who doesn't listen particularly to any particular musical genre. Electro swing, Melodic Death metal, Childrens music, game tracks. My Itunes list is pretty diverse.
>Purple is best colour
>social, but doesn't like large groups
>Grimdark is fun, but not to the exclusion of other flavours, and not as a broad brush to paint an entire galaxy with. Pic related, sanctioned xenos in my Dark Heresy game (would take opportunity to remind people that sanctioned xenos are in the BRB, you cannot deny it!)

>> No.22075196


>> No.22075416


i'm impressed

>> No.22075509

>180cm and 100kg
>short hair
>t shirt and jeans mostly, sometimes suits
>listen to some metal (mostly melodic something), some electronic music and reggae/dancehall
>sarcastic to the brink of being cynical

Will provide further info upon request

>> No.22075600

>6', 175lbs, moderately athletic
>Checkered shirts, jeans and hiking shoes
>Strength in unity
>Currently in a classical music phase, plenty of Beethoven, Handel, Mozart and Tchaikovsky, some Dvorak.
>Favourite colours: green, white and sand
>Easy going
>Grimdark is fine in the Warhammer universe and some others as a plot device

>> No.22075601

>slightly overweight but muscled, average height
>Typically wear funny shirts or whatever I like.
>Hate Grey Knights, fine with anything else
>Usually listen to metal or techno but much rather listen to what others have to offer and usually enjoy it whatever it is.
>Favorite colors are purple and cyan.
>Enjoy joking around and having pleasant conversation with anyone given the opportunity, seen usually as very polite, kind, funny and "chill" to be around by friends
>Grimdark is okay but I prefer how ridiculous things can get in 40k

>> No.22075629


>> No.22075668

>black purple red pink

>> No.22075697

Nope, but I do like our little blue friends. maybe next codex

>> No.22075717


>> No.22075729

Eldar or Dark Eldar

>> No.22075732

Either Tyranids or Chaos.

>> No.22075741


>> No.22075751

blue boards aren't 18+

>> No.22075755

Space Wolves

>> No.22075764

I thought this was "What armies do I play?" not "What races do I hate the most in 40k?"

>> No.22075772

Black Templar

>> No.22075778


>> No.22075789

I can't be bothered going to the rules but the global rule is 18+, blue just means no porn aloud.

>> No.22075791

>funny shirts
that's such a fat guy thing

>> No.22075795

>I run my own gaming club
>22 years old
>Currently a Waiter in a cafe
>I do aggressive inline
> Engaged
>Dropped out of Uni
>I listen to Gorillaz, most Trip Hop artists, a lot of Old school Rock & Roll and some heavy metal. A lot of Jungle electro too.
>I work out to keep up performance.
>I wear adult fashionable clothing.
>I enjoy cross country running.

>> No.22075797

Imperial Fists

>> No.22075811

Chaos or IG

>> No.22075814

I wish, I love those guys but I do not own any at the moment since one of my other friends has an Ork army.
Chaos is the correct answer! Bonus round: Can you tell which God I prefer the most?

>> No.22075819

Tau? What history major can resist blue commies?

>> No.22075829

Not him but tzeench

>> No.22075833

Imperial Guard.

>> No.22075843

I can, quite easily in fact

>> No.22075844

>184cm: 81kg
>always wearing jeans and a plain white shirt; only thing that changes is my jacket
>The Pixies, Mars Volta, Joy Division, Deep Purple, The Yardbirds
>Love life and hate people who try to suck me into their depressing lives

>> No.22075861

Damn straight, now what home world and regiment?

>> No.22075868

No Sorry. More info on me.

>I like Grimdark, but im not obsessed with it. Id like it things became a bit wackier like they used to but kept a bit of the same art direction.
>Red, Blue, Black, Grey colours.
>People consider me to be modern day gentleman, I stick up for others and dont take shit.
>I have a large circle of friends but keep few close.
>Been playing 40k since I was 10

>> No.22075873

Fair enough I'm not a fan of their art style to be honest, alright my last guess, Dark eldar.

>> No.22075877

>Love life and hate people who try to suck me into their depressing lives

So, Necrons then?

>> No.22075883

Deep purple. Ma Nigger.

Imperial guard or Space Marines.

>> No.22075891


>skinny and fit
>wear slim clothing
>uncaring about Ward right now
>listen to mostly everything with the exception of grindcore.
>no real fav color, red and blue are cool?
>social butterfly
>grimdark is ok when it needs to be... Would rather they stuck to just fantasy in space.

>> No.22075897

The cynical part made me think of the pointy ears.

Well, urm, Chaos undivided?

>> No.22075904

Im 6'2'' 180lbs, good looking.
Very social and athletic. Eclectic taste in music and literature.

What faction do I play?

Trick question, Im a well adjusted adult and don't play games intended for children.

>> No.22075909


>> No.22075914

Oh dang I'm going to do awful at this. I'm gonna say...Armageddon and Steel Legion?

>> No.22075929

Afraid not, the right answer is Nurgle.

>> No.22075932

Nah, although my guys aren't ground pounders.

>> No.22075945

"Im overweight and hideous
I never leave the house, I listen to the MLP sound track"

"I only play Grey Knights so I can win"

"Trick question, I sit at home alone and pretend to be cool and edgy, I do play "kids" games but I sure do love to say I dont and troll threads"

>> No.22075951

Crimson fists

>> No.22075957

Good one there, it was what I wanted to go for initially but I decided not to the day I went to buy my first stuff because, and this will probably give it away i dislike painting and wanted to go for something easier

>> No.22075963


>> No.22075968

I do like painting but not 3D objects. So I can relate.

>> No.22075974

Mah nigger.

>> No.22075981

Space marines.

>> No.22075989


Nope, in the same area, though.

>> No.22075997 [DELETED] 

>in school for electronics
>lazy as fuck
>sits on computer all the time
>hate large social gatherings
>love grimdark
>dress painfully average
>love storytelling more than actual crunch in wargames
>easygoing as fuck
>favourite colours are navy blue and black
>love grimdark in all its derpiness

>> No.22075999

I think you may be projecting.

>> No.22076000 [SPOILER] 

>favourite colours are black, purple, red, pink, and lime green


Also, fuck Kaos.

>> No.22076008

Here we go! I really like Necrons too so it's not that a problem. Would've loved to play IG but 90% of their miniatures just look shit

>> No.22076017

>Average height, skinny
>Dark jeans, t-shirts, thermal hoodies
>Quiet but respectful
>Bit of an introvert, but I get to talking real fast once spoken to
>Power metal, viking metal, battle techno, epic orchestral
>Green, Orange

>> No.22076028


>> No.22076029

I play Space Marines and Orks,

Crimson Fists and Speed freaks.

Im currently playing with my Orks because I find trying to win with Space Marines really fucking hard work. You have to put in a lot of thinking to do well. Orks you can have a lot more fun with and still enjoy winning or loosing.

>> No.22076031


>> No.22076033


>> No.22076056

>6' and fat
>wear t-shirts with unbuttoned longsleeve shirts over, and jeans.
>listen to a lot of indie, electronica, some hiphop, most /mu/core
>favorite colors are Blue, Red, Purple
>Grimdark is stupid

>> No.22076081

Failing that, do you even play?

>> No.22076083

Are you me?
I'm going to guess space marines, either homebrew or Salamanders. since that's my two chocies (though I play homebrew)

>> No.22076092

>Failing that, do you even play?
shit, you caught me

>> No.22076095



>> No.22076101

2/10, try harder.

>> No.22076134

Elysian Drop Troops?

>> No.22076153

>22, tall, well-built, but not ripped
>Wear jeans and dark shirts
>Listen to electro, some metal, a lot of electro/metal stuff a-la Celldweller.
>favourite colour is red
>Not bothered about grimdark/noblebright, I just like to have fun

also try and guess my job if you're bad enough

>> No.22076180

Khornate Chaos
Something in IT

>> No.22076194

Yeah, was quite easy though since they are the only published bunch with a moderately modern means of operation within the Guard.

Bonus round: Name of the 1st platoon's commander, his rank is captain?

>> No.22076195

Nope and Nope.

>> No.22076197

relatively short and skinny
some people tell i'm looking like junkie (well, i actually do some drugs)
listening mostly to post-punk, new wawe and Bowie, but used to listen to metal mostly few years ago
favourite colors: black, white, shades of grey, crimson, navy blue
introvertic, a bit of dreamer, can be a very bad person sometimes
finding only skinny girls attractive

>> No.22076256



>> No.22076277

Awww man I literally have no idea. Garek?

>> No.22076288


>> No.22076297


>> No.22076326

>Average height, skinny
>Ugly old sweaters, layers (I get cold easy)
>Don't really care about fluff, just like painting dudes
>Listen to lots of old electronic/experimental/bleep bloop 80s new wave/new agey shit, italo disco, soundtracks to 60s movies
>Guess I like warm colors the best: reds, oranges, yellows, etc.
>Okay with Grimdark but prefer the Grimstupid of the RT-era

>> No.22076333


>> No.22076349

Vanilla marines

>> No.22076357

still not even close

>> No.22076401


Tau. Failing that, Eldar.

>> No.22076413

>Not fat, more slim
>EDM is my jam
>Chill outlook on everything.
>Red and green are my brohans
>Overall, grimdark is meh but it depends on setting
>Never played space marines

>> No.22076419


Slaaneshi Chaos

>> No.22076436


Chaosbro, maybe?

>> No.22076451

Considered them, but no

>> No.22076457

But I was considering demons for a while

>> No.22076463


>> No.22076471

>love life

Indeedo; Space Marines.

>> No.22076475

>Average height, bit of a gut
>Jeans and sweaters every day
>Sort of like some of the things Ward writes but not all of it
>Listen to whatever music I like, most genres except dubstep and rap and a few others.
>Favourite colours are red and midnight blue.
>Sort of apathethic.
>I'm okay with grimdark, grimderp is fine too.

>> No.22076502


>> No.22076516


>> No.22076531

>play guitar
>work at a nightclub as a bar tender
>long hair
>not a metal fag
>enjoy hanging out with friends
>read a lot of books (mainly classic lit)
>watch a lot of films
>studying film making
>go to the gym in my free time

>> No.22076541

>6'0". Work muscle. Ex-Marine.
>Regular maintenance work clothes.
>Like the mythology of 40k lore most.
>Symphonic Death Metal; Wagnerian Classical.
>Wear a lot of black.
>Cynical to the extreme.
>Fuck if I know.

>> No.22076543

>Short and thin
>Wear a tremendous amount of plaid and flannel
>No real opinion on Ward
>Listen to many variations of Rock (stoner, classic, prog, etc), Shoegazer, and OSTs mostly
>Fan of earthy colours (deeper greens and browns are my favourite)
>Find grimdark to be full of potential, but coming off as too edgy most of the time

>> No.22076549

No, not Tau. I don't like the Tau, actually.

>> No.22076572

Hrm. Nids?

Also, no one has gotten mine yet. It's really obvious...

>> No.22076584


>> No.22076588

CSM, maybe Khorne related stuff

>> No.22076603



Chaos, maybe

Any of you care to take a crack at mine?

>> No.22076612


>> No.22076618


>> No.22076620

do you even satan?

>not even satan

http://www.joyofsatan . org/
http://www.angelfire . com/empire/serpentis666/Outsiders.html BUT I IS AN ATHIEST!?!?!?
http://www.angelfire . com/empire/serpentis666/Tree.html SATAN CREATED HUMANITY THROUGH GENETIC ENGINEERING
http://www.angelfire . com/empire/serpentis666/Incubus.html HAVE SEX WITH DEMONS

Don't miss out on this shit, you'll be mad if you do. ANCIENT ALIENS MOTHER FUCKER.

Also now join us on le Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/spiritualsatanism/

>> No.22076644

What the fuck?

>> No.22076648

Imperial Guard
Sandwich Artist

>> No.22076667

do you even spam

>> No.22076668


>> No.22076684

>tall and bulky
>T-shirt and jeans
>not really a fan of the codex astartes
>listen to mostly classic rock and metal
>like red
>have a very dry sense of humor and I'm pretty cynical
>grim derp is pretty good when handled right

>> No.22076689

Seen that posted a few times around here recently. That exact same post. Either someone's trying to force a meme or they're just a bit wrong in the noggin.

Wrong, but I do make some damned fine sandwiches. A man's gotta eat.

>> No.22076701

nope, i kinda like them but wouldn't play

>> No.22076730


>> No.22076739

Nope, sorry - though I do still like Gorkamorka, I've never owned an Ork army.

>> No.22076816

>average height and build
>plain solid color shirts and jeans with black and white chuck Taylors
>listen to eclectic mix of classical, electronia and typical hipster fodder
>good-natured and casual
>love me some grim dark

Caveat: I have two full armies and two allied detachments.

>> No.22076824


Nope. It's a bit of a trickier one.

Here's a a clue. I love to have loads of fun with a game.

Dude who said IT was closer than he thought, I do work with tech, but not computers (often)

>> No.22076862

This game is hard...

Tyranids maybe?

>> No.22076909

Blood Angels?

>> No.22076913



>> No.22076986

electronics tech

>> No.22077013

Hmm, Space Marines?

>> No.22077020

Nope! I own exactly zero IG models.

>> No.22077023


Still nope.
>Not much left 'til process of elimination gets it, I suppose.

>> No.22077054



>> No.22077084

Yup, I own some Eldar as an allied detachment.

>> No.22077108 [DELETED] 

>20 years old
>5'4" and a buck thirty if I am lucky
>listen to metal, late 80s hair metal, folk music,classical,industrial,electronica, country
>dress in dark colors of tshirt and sweatshirts with baggy jeans
>like browns,greens,reds and blacks

>> No.22077129

try me

>6", 240lbs.
>preferes bowling shirts and cargo pants
>Wants balance for all classes including own, hates cheese lists.
>plays D&D as well, likes 3.5, but favors 4e.
>listens to any type of music if I like the sound of the song, except gangster rap and country.
>favorite colors are blue, green, and purple.
>I generally beleive most people are honest and just want to have fun in 40k.
>I like the 40k setting, both the cannon absurdist grimdark, and /tg/'s fannon. Maybe the fannon a bit more.
> played 40k one time and went out and bought a starter kit for my army. Been with army for 4 years.

>> No.22077158


oh god is that what I think it is

Hmm. Something more choppy than shooty?

>> No.22077167 [DELETED] 

clarification: played 40k with friend only 1 time before i commited to it. Not saying i've only played once.

>> No.22077193


>> No.22077248


Nope. Prefer to blast things from a distance.
I love pie plates and flamers, but I never seem to field that many.

>> No.22077256

>skinny engineer
>patient in the game
>Plays 40k for the fluff (don't get me wrng, I like the game, I just think it's more fun to talk with friends about the lore.)
>loves grimdark, doesn't care about Ward fighting
>a bit idealistic, I daydream a lot
>Friends joke that I'm too positive
>listen to classical, progressive metal, jazz fusion and rockabilly
>like bright or dark colors as long as they stand out: blue, purple, green, gold
>atheist but not cynical, sort of nihilistic but in a positive way

>> No.22077260

>short and skinny as fuck.
>Listen to pretty much any and all music under the except for rap
>wear baggy clothes in dark colors
>like greens,reds,and browns
>I run 3 different armies two 40k and one fantasy

>> No.22077314

Failing that, Tau.

Uh... Space Wolves, IG and Orks?
I don't play fantasy, so... lizardmen?(that's a team, right?)

>> No.22077395

Yep, Tau.

>> No.22077442

Yes IG, dark angels and beastmen

>> No.22077459

Whoa, missed this. Yeah, Orks.

Roadie, actually, but nice guess.

>> No.22077487

Okay /tg/
>i'm 18
>large build (tall and fat)
>wear baggy clothes
>people look to me for advice
>most people do not associate with me
>clever, but lazy.
>i like bright colours
>tend to be reclusive
>i dislike really happy people
>hate society

>hardmode: activate.

>> No.22077511


Well, 33% isn't goddawful when you look at how many teams there are.

Any guesses on my team?
Another "hint". I love infantry. Not necessarily saying my team has good infantry, but I like troops, generally speaking.

>> No.22077536


Sisters of Battle.
Failing that, Chaos Daemons.

>> No.22077559

my personality doesn't really reflect my army that much, apart from one flaw, which if i mentioned would instantly give you the answer.

>> No.22077600

>tall and fat
>dress shirts and jeans, sometimes a leather jacket
>no opinion on ward, a bit pricey maybe
>listen to anything 50's-80's and classical music
>Purple and blue are my favorite colors.
>loud, obnoxious, generally pissed off
>I suppose that I love grimdark.

>> No.22077601

Orks,tau, or nids

>> No.22077627


Grey Knighs? I guess I really don't know. Any more hints at all? Otherwise I'm just guessing random teams.

>> No.22077661

Space Wolves?
Failing that, Eldar?

>> No.22077662


Notice meeeeee
Hint: most of my models are from 1st and 2nd ed

>> No.22077676

na, I guess they don't really match me very well.

>> No.22077700

hmm let me see.
>i believe that a quality is worth more than quantity.
>victory often comes swiftly.
>i am similar to others but unique in my own right.

should help!

>> No.22077727

>Medium height, extremely heavy build (I have little body fat, I don't work out much, but I'm barely overweight still)
>Mulatta with notable African features, but light caucasian skin colour
>wear office casual
>have a healthy disdain for everything
>listen to Metal, Alt. Rock, Grunge, Classical,and some funk
>favourite colours are purple, black, purple, prismatic arrays, and purple
>Despite being enormously full of hate, and having disturbed anyone I've ever really confided in, generally percieved as affable coolguyl with a florid (re: verbose) diction.
>I like Gothic, and wish I had the body to pull off gothic men's wear.

>> No.22077741


Mulatto*. I had a freudian slip about something I read, or a typo.

>> No.22077754


Nope, not Orks. An above post clafified I prefer shooty.

>> No.22077770

i'm thinking Chaos or necrons?

>> No.22077862

Imperial Guard.

>> No.22077873 [SPOILER] 


agreeing with >>22077770

You seem like someone who may like DOOOOMRIIIIDER!!!!!!

... sorry, couldn't find my doomrider picture. Have something else instead?

>> No.22077989

Dark Angels Deathwing

>> No.22077994

>medium height, slim
>minimum effort jeans'n't-shirt
>find the Ward wars hilarious, usually support Ward because it's amusing and the people who hate him seem like total neckbeards
>rocky indie-y guitar-y singer-songwritery
>laid back to the point of laziness, easy going
>find grimdark amusing, but don't treat the fluff for toy soldiers seriously

Disclaimer: don't actually play 40k, but definitely have a favourite army that I would play

>> No.22078019

Grey Knights
Thank you for not trolling this threadyet

>> No.22078041

getting close though.

>> No.22078043

>usually support Ward because it's amusing

>I like things to upset others, not because I actually like them

>> No.22078052

Gotta be Ravenwing, then.

>> No.22078065


Bingo, bros. Though oddly enough I'm way more into Tzeentch; despite the fact my post seems to point towards khorne. If Necrons didn't suck so much I'd prolly dig them as I'm a huge aegyptophile.

What makes it sound like I like Doomrider? I mean, I do (and he's awesome), and I'm into Slaanesh (not like that), but not particularly Doomrider.

I've gotten even more into Slaaneshi stuff since I started having to take a notable quantity of drugs a few months ago.

>> No.22078067

>Industrial Engineer
>Classic Rock, Rap
>Love comedy movies
>a healthy appreciation for the theatrical and dramatic ways of war
>if it isnt whisky it isnt a real drink

>> No.22078070

Nope. Actually, it's really hard to tell from what I've written. I'll make it easier by adding
>find Spess Mehreens boring, wish they only had one codex

>> No.22078076

Oh, Necrons then.

>> No.22078084


>> No.22078092

Eldar, definitely. The kind of smug sense of superiority and amusement at the lessers suits the spaceelves well.

>> No.22078102

Nope... I don't like them either actually. Really, I'm just OK with Ward because (a) he doesn't take himself too seriously, and (b) the people who hate him take him far too seriously.

>> No.22078104

Nope. I do like the eldar lore though, but not the army playstyle. Less... direct.

>> No.22078118


...wow, that was spooky. To undercut the smug superiority a little, my second favourite is Orks.

>> No.22078134

I didn't say Necrons because of Ward, I actually despise Ward and love Necrons.
Yes even their new fluff, it's the one thing he did right

>> No.22078143

>11 yr.s old
>Pudgy and short
>Wear a mustard stained Cars 2 shirt and sweatpants
>My mom pays for all my stuff
>I'm whiny and loud when I go to my FLGS
>Favorite colors are blue and gold
>Grimdark is super faggy

What army do I play?

>> No.22078145

naaah less bikes.

okay, obvious time.

>> No.22078149


Taste in music and colours, as well as general outlook screams chaos. office casual and coolyguy seems like a perfect fit for /tg/'s fanon DOOOMRIIIDER!!!

Anyways, this thread is a blast, I'm rediscovering old picture folders I had forgotten about!

>> No.22078151

ork are mine too, brosef. Two sides of the same coin.

Eldar and Ork are both very aware of the ridiculousness of the universe: Eldar scoff at it, Ork embrace it. Very similar at their cores, to many peoples' surprise

>> No.22078153

Black Templars, but they tend to use a lot more troops than other chapters...

>> No.22078175

I'm looking forward to the Dangels to see which way /tg/ falls. Can the Ward supporters press home their Necron-based advantage? Or will it be Grety Knights II?

>> No.22078177

oh lawd.
i actually know a kid like this, but he plays tyranids and is about 13.

>> No.22078187

I like it! Well explained, sir.

>> No.22078189

>medium height and, despite lots of cardio and some lifting, eternal medium ottermode build.
>wear plain grey or black t-shirts with jeans; grey knitted pullover when its colder; goes well with side-parted or slicked back hair
>would love to wear 3 parted grey suits, but I can't pull them off yet
>disdainful towards post and pre 3rd edition stuff both in fluff and partially even rules
>listen to Industrial and classic, sometimes (Viking-)metal
>care about my hydroponics and some other hobbies that require not much more than solitude, yet I'm not socially awkward
>favourite colours are varying, mostly black, grey, red, orange, blue
>cynical and subtly choleric; outlook in life: switches hilariously between superoptimistic and superpessimistic
>grimdark is where it is at, I need no satire or humour.

>> No.22078203

Okay let me try again, make it more obvious.
>others see me as flawed

>> No.22078206

As am I. I like robes and power armour, so I'll be happy even if the fluff is awful.

>> No.22078210

Ultramarines if you started before 6th edition.

>> No.22078219

Blood Angels, obviously.

>> No.22078228


Blood Angels.

>> No.22078242


>> No.22078243

>disdainful towards post and pre 3rd edition stuff both in fluff and partially even rules
Wait, does this mean you only like 3rd edition?

Uh... Eldar. Just for the hipsterdom.

>> No.22078257

Well done. i thought me dropping the word "flaw" earlier would have given it away. haha

>> No.22078274

I had guessed three times. I always forget about those red bastards.
They can be cool sometimes, though.

>> No.22078309

main reason i like them is the whole jumpers count as troops
also, red is just awesome.

>> No.22078315

>disdainful towards post and pre 3rd edition stuff both in fluff and partially even rules

Have you considered that your opinion is objectively wrong?

>> No.22078332

>5'11", fat but not fedora level
>wear comfortable loose fitting clothes
>worn same shitty shoes for 4 or so years
>work in landscaping
>listen to everything there is, other than death metal
>cynical, apathetic, laugh at everything
>took me about a month to decide on this army, and even then I'm still not sure

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