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And so it begins, the great battle of our times.

Hard mode: Only talking in terms of backstory and lore, not of how adorable you find them.

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oh god, not again.

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Both suck.

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The other one, because I don't know who she is but it'd be hard to be more of a faggot than Xeno.

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That's like asking whether you want a solid turd or watery diarrhea on your shit sandwich, OP.

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Nah, let's talk about hair instead. I've always wanted to cut my hair. How does one do that?

I know there are a bunch of larpers here. Tell me your secrets.

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Both are quite good, fluff wise.

But for me it has to be ball-joints.

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Ends in angry lesbian hate sex.

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If male: Short back and sides, long on top, sweep it over.

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Mirror, scissors and time?

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>picking post necron xeno for anything ever

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Everything should.

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Generally, I go to a barber.

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But they don't hate each other, Xeno likes Blue and Blue finds Xeno obnoxious.

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Even haircuts.

I would visit hair salons so much often if this simple rule would be followed.

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well, if you like blandness, then pre-necron Xeno would indeed beat Blue.

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>But they don't hate each other, Xeno likes Blue and Blue finds Xeno obnoxious.

I'd say it's more that Blue just thinks of Xeno as an annoying buzzing noise who won't go away while she's trying to work on dakka.

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which is more technically competent?

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The answer is obvious.

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Blue, I would think so. She enjoys her tech time.
Xeno is Xeno.

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>Walk into hair salon
>"Guten tag"
>Xeno talking in german
>Sweet bass line starts
>Blue comes over and asks what kind of hairstyle would you like today.
>"James Bond"
>A short cutting job later, angry german hairstylist sex

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I'd say Blue. Xeno is still trying to create a human clone of herself and already wrecked the lab, destroyed a bioreactor and dumped a shoggoth in the webway in the process. On the other hand, she's really good at AI programming.

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If you're going to be cutting your own hair you need at least two mirrors, coordination, and the ability to swallow your own pride when you screw up and doom yourself to a crappy hair cut for another month.
Before you begin, figure out exactly how you think you want your hair, generally as a guy the back of your head should be pretty easy to do unless you want to do something nuts, and it'll be the front of your head that you'll pay the most attention to. This is good, because the back of the head is a lot more complicated.
Set up your area as well. If you're doing this in front of your bathroom sink, lay down a towel so you don't keep finding hair on your bathroom floor until the end of time. Also set up a second mirror behind you. This way you have both hands free to cut the hair on the back of your head.
Now that you're ready to begin, remember that anything you do that you use the second mirror for is backwards to what you're used to in a regular mirror, it is always better to cut away less than more if you're not sure, and you'll probably end up looking kind of retarded the first few times so have a hat ready.
Otherwise, good luck.

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Gonna try that next time. Getting a bit too steep for me to just go and get my hair cut short every month. And because there's no angry lesbian sex around when I go to the salon, it truly bores me to tears.

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But blue has the power of WAAAGH behind her which makes things a lot easier.

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not if she's all alone

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Don't cut your own hair. It'll look like utter shit.

Take a vague bit of pride in your appearance; get it cut in at the very least a barbers, and use some damn product.

Also clean yourself up, wear normal person's clothes, and enjoy life not feeling like such a loser.

Blue is better.

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I fear I've somehow missed out on the blue character before now. I guess its an orky tau> Someone explain or link?

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Blue is the superior waifu

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>Also clean yourself up, wear normal person's clothes, and enjoy life not feeling like such a loser.
Who could possibly spout such ridiculous bullshit?
>Blue is better.
Oh, I see.

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Clearly not.
Yeah, an orky tau, there's not much more to say, she's just one of the many members of an ork clan called the Scraplootas.

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Blueberries are not serious business he said...

Silly Xenophiles

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I'm being serious though.

Cleaning myself and becoming fashionable got rid of my depression.

>Yeah, an orky tau, there's not much more to say

There's a fair bit more to say. It's not just like Orks allow any old blue grot in, she has quite a well written backstory.

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Have you ever considered just letting it grow out, or is there an occupational reason for having it short? If you're just looking to save a buck, then just go to the barber less.
My advice was more for when you're looking for a specific kind of haircut (because you're a special snowflake like I was at the start of high school) that a barber wouldn't cut for you.

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oh you again

>> No.22070928

Don't mind me.

I am just enjoying the spectacle.

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I think most of /tg/ agrees with Blue on this point.

ergo, I'd say Blue wins.

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I like both just as much.

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>mfw just how much Scraplootas stuff there is to read

where do I start?

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Did Blue get any diaper art....no?

Then Xeno is superior.

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I think you've got that the wrong way round bro.

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Whereas Blue is exclusively supported by Xeno-haters because they somehow think she will magically prevent people from liking Xeno despite being a less developed, less interesting alternative. They actually hate her nearly as much. Those who like Blue know that Xeno is better.

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Blue is about to get some, if that answers your question.

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The wiki pages, and then what ever story catches your eye.

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Yeah, your outcome is faulty there.

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But...I consider Blue better, while not hating Xeno.

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>Less interesting than robot space blueberry with zero personality

Yeah, sure. I don't even dislike Xeno much, but be reasonable. Blue is a better character.

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Then you're imply only taking into account the bad OC of Xeno. If you go that way, even nothing is better.
>Zero personality
going on her twitter page, or reading her diary will easily convince you of the contrary.

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Xeno has personality.

She a cutesy ''be my friends'' airhead. What do you have against cute airheads, anon?

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Ok. I'll read them in order.

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Airhead isn't a personality.

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She's not an airhead, she's just naive. In point of fact, she's trying very hard to prove that she's worthy of the responsibility that the Lady gave her, it's just that sometimes it doesn't work out that way.

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No. Blue is a less offensive, less talkative version of Tank Girl, whereas Xeno is a mixture of "spoilt princess", "moe magical girl", "adventurous kid" with everything a space lich can do.

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>Blue is a less offensive, less talkative version of Tank Girl

We're saying that's bad?

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Yes, there's that too, she's constantly trying to be a good Phaeron, but it never quite works as intended.

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We're saying it's less good.

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Because....she is an airhead.

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Among other things, yeah.

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I strongly disagree.

Xeno is a generic character. Very generic. She's like a female blueberry Mr Bean, a child in an adult's body who does things in a well meaning but incompetent way. It's hardly a new concept. There have been countless characters like that, and all of them lend themselves to the "kawaii waifu" stereotype.

Regardless of how similar she may be to Tank Girl, Blue is at least a bit different (and less waifubait).

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And not an interesting one at that.

>> No.22071186

>There have been countless characters like that.
Because it's a strong, efficient and interesting character type;
Blue fits another archetype (not really Tank Girl, actually, it's just her visual aspect): the kid with gentle giant buddies. She's actually more normal than Xeno, it's her lack of quirkiness that makes her contrast with her environment. By herself, she's just some slightly rude kid.

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Xeno is a quest character, she was naturally intended to be a blank slate so that she could develop organically with the quest.

Blue is just a rerun of Sandwich, but with orks and tau instead of dwarves and drow.

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stop being wrong

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Even Xeno likes Blue. Why can't you?

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>By herself, she's just some slightly rude kid.

But that's the thing, she's not by herself.

And it's not that she started as just some rude kid, she's grown up to be like that.

In any case, the interesting thing about Blue has always been the Scraplootas, not her. But if you want to talk about the Scraplootas you need to throw out the waifu fishing rod first.

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>Blue is just a rerun of Sandwich, but with orks and tau instead of dwarves and drow.


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how so?

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Is it just me that thinks of them both as daughterfu instead of waifus?

They're too adorable to want to fuck.

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>posting seriously in a troll thread
>Arguing about waifus
>Not derailing this to be something awesome
Come on guys, I expected more from /tg/

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Sandwich is an orphan drow girl who is adopted by dwarves and grows up to self-identify with her adopted race, eventually becoming a paladin.

Blue is an orphan tau girl who is adopted by orks and grows up to self-identify with her adopted race, eventually becoming a mek.

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We're far more likely to derail a not-waifu thread into than the reverse.

>> No.22071246

S-Scraplootas derail?

>> No.22071250

>into waifudom
somehow I typed and deleted an entire word

>> No.22071258

Except Blue has interesting characters around her, in a saturday morning cartoon way.

>> No.22071259

I thought you intentionally a whole word.

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Blue captures and reverse-engineers Xeno.
What happens?

>> No.22071278

Rare for me. More often I use far too many.

>> No.22071283

Xeno with gubbins

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Krumpus Bay, one afternoon, right outside Teeftougua. A moderately sized shuttle broke away from a Space Hulk that orbited the bay. As it drew closer, curious eyes saw that it bore the emblem of the Scraplootas, a spanner and a bent strip of metal behind the front of some trukk engine with headlight eyes and teeth. The shuttle landed in front of one of the safe ports, the grot on duty giving the shuttle a nod and a salute as the engine cut off. Scraplootas weren't very well known in Krumpus Bay, but they did have allies amongst the desidens they could trust fairly well. They never had to fire on any parts of the bay itself, yet.
The door to the shuttle opened, a ramp extended, and down walked four nobs, a really skinny weirdboy, a shrub, and a handful of grots. The biggest one had a looted commissar's cap and was draped in a similarly looted Ethereal's robe like a cloak. He didn't carry many weapons, save for a very large revolver at his waist and a decently sized chainchoppa, practically ceremonial by Ork standards. With bandoliers of mugs and two serving grots on his back, it was fairly obvious this Ork was serious business, for fighting, for interspecies interactions, and for a good cup of squig tea or coffee. His serving grots waved Scraplootas banners half heartedly. This was Urtylug, de facto leader of the Scraplootas. He looked almost noble or refined. Definitely by ork standards, almost by other more exacting standards. As both Warboss and Kaptin, he was particular about his titles, and calling him a Warboss in space and vice versa was asking for a good krumping. In floating space station places like Krumpus Bay, the distinction was at best blurry, so generally it was best to call him something along the lines of Warkaptin or Kaptinboss or da Boss.

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>implying any /tg/ character doesn't have an extensive supporting cast.

Do you even into Longeared Irregulars?

>> No.22071299

I, uh, living metal titans powered by DAEMONS?

>> No.22071300


Next to Urtylug was his right hand Ork, the Big Mek Zizzbitz. A first mate of sorts, Zizzbitz dealt with all of the technical bits that running such a technologically sophisticated Warband required, or at least did it by proxy when he couldn't be zogged to do it himself. He had a powereye and a powerklaw, which currently lofted a chest marked "GUBBINZ N BITZ." His arm underneath was intact, the chest was just so large and heavy that it required augmented strength or a bunch of grots to carry, and Zizzbitz wasn't about to trust a bunch of gits to his box of loot. At his belt he only carried an orange transparent kutlass with a chainblade, its bits were flashy and they probably zizzed a whole bunch when the kutlass was running. On his other shoulder sat a grot. A careful observer would notice that this grot was Blue, had a nasal slit like a Tau, had large Tau-like eyes, had hooves like a Tau, had the body shape of a female Tau, held a Tau Fio'la spanner in her hand like a Tau would, was wearing a squighide jacket that she made herself, and was definitely a grot. The kind of grot that aided a Big Mek in all of his duties loyally or got krumped. She didn't look like she got krumped much, and the Big Mek seemed to tolerate a lot of mischevious mucking about by this grot. Said grot was now trying to clamber onto Zizzbitz's head for a better view with minimal comment from the Big Mek.

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On Urtylug's left side was a Kommando. Draped in a tarp, he carefully surveyed the area the way only experienced trackers and hunters did. Or at least, he looked around quite slowly. He spat out a small pebble or perhaps a chip of a tooth. It was hard to tell, because this was Rockeata, a moniker that was both literal and figurative, as he was as patient as erosion and as sneaky as a sudden avalanche. And he ate rocks. It was rumored his waste matter could be used as building material, but horrible realization never dawned on him, mostly because you can't be that bright to go around eating rocks in the first place, so the literal application of a metaphorical phrase is completely avoided. Urtylug's best Kommando, Rockeata was a sneaky git when he needed to be, but he just looked out of place in the urban sprawl of Teeftougua.

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Behind Urtylug was the "priest" Fizzgutz, the Weirdboy Threegrot, and a shrub of dakka.
Never mind that in the urban enviroment of Teeftougua even the toughest weeds were withered and pitiful, this shrub looked well watered and large enough to hide a nob inside. It also apparently grew fresh dakka. Whenever a grot tried to pick one of the dakka fruit, the shrub also grew a boot to kick the grot. The shrub would then grow Snekkit's head and yell at the grot. Snekkit was the second in command of Urtylug's Kommandoz, and was doing his best to be a notible swashkrumper, just like Urtylug himself. He actually had more successful missions than Rockeata, but no one was keep track and half of them were suicide missions anyway so they didn't count. He had a soft spot for Blue, and brought her on many missions, not the suicide kind, because he thought she was lucky.

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Fizzgutz was dressed in robes and held a large book that someone had carved "DA BUK" into the cover. he was surrounded by grots, for he was the Scraplootas' grot herder, though the grots seemed to be herding him. Every so often he'd pick a grot at random to throw the book at to keep them in line. The grot would just dodge the book, pretend to get hit anyway, and then make sure Fizzgutz got the book back. Da Buk contained the holy scriptures of Gork and Mork, or so Fizzgutz assumed, as he was illiterate and he considered reading unorky. It didn't stop him from opening the book, pointing at some line or other, and then preaching the ways of Gork and Mork, never once looking down at the page. The grots would politely clap each time he finished. He was also a recruiter of boyz, quite impressive actually. He'd take the ones that were mucking about and hit them with Da Buk while reciting something or other incoherent and then the grots would help add the boy to the press gang. The grots seemed to be doing their own sort of recruitment as their numbers mysteriously swelled over time, but Fizzgutz didn't notice.

>> No.22071328

There's a difference between a group as a character and a bunch of characters making a group.

>> No.22071335

Coincidentally, I do!

>> No.22071339

Finally, Threegrot was just there, the first Weirdboy that Urtylug saw in the ship. It was helpful to have Weirdboy support in case something went funny, just so Urtylug could fight weird with weird. It was tactics. He could only be matched this way, never beaten. Urtylug never noticed that the first Weirdboy he saw every time he went looking for Weirdboys was Threegrot, but that was probably expected of a busy Boss like him. Threegrot knew though. Dressed in a trench coat, he lurched around like three Weirdgrots standing one on top of the other. But of course something like that would be ridiculous and definitely wouldn't happen. Most people didn't even notice Threegrot, as hard to not notice a skinny Weirdboy that grumbled from chest and hip level and occassionally produced small zaps of energy from his limbs and eyes.

>> No.22071349


Fizzgutz was the first to break away from the nobs and the grots dispersed with him, he was to round up some boyz to reinforce their frontline. Any boy who was muckin' about and would hear the word of Da Buk and was smaller than Fizzgutz was applicable. So Urtylug's retinue included the Big Mek, Blue on the Big Mek's shoulder, Rockeata, Threegrot, and the shrub, which grew boots when it needed to get places. Sometimes Snekkit's head also poked out of the top when he wanted a better view.
Today was the Scraplootas day in town. Urtylug was looking for work, Zizzbitz wanted to talk some shop and trade for flashy bits, and Blue wanted to look around. It was only the second time the Scraplootas had been to Krumpus Bay since she joined them. The first time she hadn't left the space hulk as she was still trying to get used to being an Ork. Today she was all eyes and ears, taking in the sights, breathing deep, and then coughing whatever it was that she just breathed in back up.


>> No.22071355

>group of characters
>characters making a group
>somehow different

My sides!

>> No.22071401

That makes a massive difference.

>> No.22071404

>Tau raised by Orks
>Tau raised by Necrons

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. They're both pretty lore-rape-y.

>> No.22071406

In that case, I'll read it later.

Remember to put it up on the wiki once finished.

>> No.22071422

One thing that Blue definitely has over Xeno?
There are still people writing lore for Blue.

>> No.22071434

>Implying anyone ever wrote lore for xeno anyway

I should finish some of my Scraplootas stuff I've started and got distracted from.

>> No.22071441

Sure, if you totally disqualify Xeno's Adventure, @LittlestPhaeron and even that permabanned Xeno trollplayer.

>> No.22071451

Oldcrons used to kidnap children and turn them into these.

Of course, they were human children who happened to be special.

>> No.22071471

Meh, Blue isn't TOO bad.

>> No.22071487

Why? If Drossel gets to wear diapers, why not Xeno?

>> No.22071511

Xenofag didn't contribute anything to the lore and Xeno's Adventure is on indefinite hiatus. You could maybe argue that @LittlestPhaeron is contributing, but it's not on the board so it really doesn't count.

>> No.22071533

>You could maybe argue that @LittlestPhaeron is contributing, but it's not on the board so it really doesn't count.

Plus it's not very good.

>> No.22071544

None of it's very good, that's not the point.

>> No.22071568

Actually, it is at least as good as most other pieces of content

>> No.22071570

>Sure, if you totally disqualify EVERYTHING WE HATE ABOUT XENO

>> No.22071571

I like it...

>> No.22071580

why hate everything that's good about her?

>> No.22071582

I want forced memes to leave

>> No.22071590

Woah, woah, woah. Xeno trollplayer was not good.

>> No.22071599

They're not forced memes, they're characters.

>> No.22071620

Well, it depends, he did post some genuinely funny and amusing posts, but most of it was just a more bland version of what can be found on his twitter feed.

>> No.22071621

More accurately; why hate everything about her?

>> No.22071630

They're not the same person.

>> No.22071661

>Forced Meme

Xeno I can understand kind of.

>> No.22071696

Like hell they aren't.

>> No.22071722

irrelevant, the twitter is better anyway

>> No.22071752

Ah blue, I can't claim her since she was a group project, but i was the one who wrote that first paragraph of blues back story about how she was found fighting grots off in some tau hab.

One of my greatest contributions to /tg/

And then /tg/ ran with her and then created the scraplootas.

>> No.22071790

>the twitter is better
>unironically liking a faggot that made a twitter account for a meme to post in-character shit for something no one cares about that people that post screenshots on /tg/ of, believing we care

>> No.22071792

Who else could be that aspie?

>> No.22071835

Shas. She all but admitted it was her Twitter, created to undermine Xenofag.

>> No.22071867

Shas is a man.

>> No.22071909

This is some soap opera shit

>> No.22071911

It's whatever it wants to be.

>> No.22071961

A man.

>> No.22071962

Sky pirates assemble.

>> No.22071975

Pretty sure she's not.

>> No.22072006

Well the derail worked, no more waifu wars, and only Xeno haters remain.

>> No.22072013

hey, I'm not a xeno hater.

>> No.22072066

The only thing i'm sad about concerning blue was in the original thread, I didn't just write (poorly) blues back story.

But i also wrote about a grot that was adopted by an elderly Tau because the grot had somehow accdentally made it onto a tau craft and was mistaken for a lost alien child.

The old tau doting on the grot rather heavily while the grot is an indescribable terror. And the elderly tau's neighbour being a retired crippled Shas'ui who realizes what the grot is and who's plans to kill the grot or confront the elderly tau are always confounded.

Even if its a joke at the expense of those mothers or grandmothers who have a toddler but yet do nothing to discipline the kid when they're badly misbehaving.

>> No.22072120


Also stop trying to take credit for shit, faggot.

>> No.22072255

The original thread was about a cultural exchange.

this was the other side of the coin, A grot trying to be raised by the tau, very unsuccessfully because of the grots inherent nature. IT was also a joke on the naivety of tau, especially in their citizens as they try to civilize a grot.

>> No.22072278

That's a sentiment I can understand.

>> No.22072546

Who likes ball joints?

>> No.22072602

I do!

>> No.22072687

The real answer is of course, Hugetau

>> No.22072736

I like them both for not being trade federation style.

Those Gita from the star wars prequels might have had styling robot but the aliens themselves sucked.

>> No.22072777


>> No.22072832

Fuck year Hugetau. The things I would do...

>> No.22072878

I prefer glorious smooth skin and handfuls of fleshy hips

>> No.22073035

What's trade federation style?

>> No.22073071

Xeno is better than smooth, she's sleek, and her hips are not fat, they're metal.

>> No.22073098

But that's what I mean, I want flesh, not metal.

>> No.22073118

Viceroy Gunray and his race.

>> No.22073211

>Fuck year Hugetau. The things I would do...

Take her out to a nice dinner?

>> No.22073230

Give her a big cuddle?

>> No.22073243

Bald. Whether male or female, go bald. Bald chicks are hot.

>> No.22073277

Actually, the Scraplootas are far from gentle.

Just sayin.

>> No.22073287

You mean you can't tell the similarities between the tau and the trade federation?

-Blue asian accent aliens.
-Adept at diplomacy able to steer councils to their will
-Use wide varieties of drones to wage war
-Have over tanks with powerful precision weaponry and missiles.
-Bad balistic skill

The Kroot are like the Gungams too
-Fairly Savage but with some surprising technology
-Using large beast of burden that mount weapons
-adept in closer combat
-not well armoured

The big difference being that The tau are done cool and can be somewhat bad ass and the kroot are infinitely superior to any race that contains jarjar binks.

The tau were always a mix of 90's/2000's scifi.

Their mission and their status in the setting as a new and vigerous race always also reminded me of the Federation of Planets from star trek (especially the whole working with other races and integrating them). And of course crisis suits work well as any sort mecha (with angular smooth lines and aerials like gundams)

I like to call the tau the Trade Federation of Planets as a portmanteau. But unlike the other two settings the tau are much more sinister, despite their utopian appearance.

>> No.22073292

I think she'd be the one cuddling you.

>> No.22073301

True, that.

They're at the same time gentle and rough. as hell.

>> No.22073331


>> No.22073332

Er...yes...dinner and a cuddle...

>> No.22073342

That's because she's a big sweetheart like that

>> No.22073346

>orange transparent kutlass with a chainblade
I didn't know an orange transparent chainsaw was used in making Zizzbitz’s Patented Zizzomatic Chainkutlass.

Then again, Tau's having funny orange metal slipped my mind.

>> No.22073350

By sinister you mean they sterilize people.

>> No.22073366

Yeah, except for all of them were shitty and forced dreck by the creator of Sandwich just like Smoothscale

>> No.22073411

Do any of them even really have a personality? Did Sandwich really have a personality beyond dorf?

>> No.22073439

Even if they do I doubt they'll have Scraplootas tier personalities.

>> No.22073449

And then maybe a magical ride in a Stormraven

>> No.22073467

Does tg has a personality beyond grease and neckbeard?

>> No.22073472

I'd say so, yes.

>> No.22073473

From the inside

>> No.22073497

Say it ain't so

>> No.22073509

/tg/ has as many personalities as it has characters.

>> No.22073518

Lies! Vile Lies!

She would never do such a thing

>> No.22073526

Nah, not just that, They have rigid population control, They accept pow's and give them a place in their empire but then watch them like a hawk and essentially get them to develop their newly conquered worlds for them. They do underhanded deals. they practice gunship diplomacy. They use propaganda EXTENSIVELY.

Not all of it has to boil down to sterilization. (which honestly isn't even all that bad considering, you could pop out a few kids, Get sterilized and then just keep fucking not having to worry, and its better than being blamed or being destitute with a bunch of kids in the bottom of a hive).

The tau use sterlization to control populations not to kill them off (except for that planet of traitors, and lets face it, had it been a reclaimed imperial world that rose up against the imperium for the tau, every single person on that planet would've been executed immediately, not just sterilized.)

but yeah that also adds to the darkness of the tau.

>> No.22073538

the only reason blue worked is because she's an amalgamation of the two least grimdark empires

>> No.22073560

I want her to go into a lower calorie diet, assisted with weightlifting.
I wanna see her abs mang.
I wish I wrote into her story that she did a cut and became beautifully shredded as fuck, instead of being bearmode bordering into hambeast.

>> No.22073603

But then she wouldn't be so soft and huggable

>> No.22073649

tidf pls go.

The tau use sterilization to kill off human populations slowly to get room for their colonists. The humans that live in the Tau live in ghettos and are slowly dying off.

>> No.22073679

I seriously wished I didn't writefag her at all, right at a-fucking-ll

>> No.22073730

>source: /tg/

>> No.22073738


Blue works because she's not like all the other Blueberries, not deliberately made to be fetish material, plus she is only one cog in the glorious machine that is the Scraplootas.

>> No.22073746


How is it defence force if i'm posting the truth?

In once case the tau was dealing with rebelious traitors, (and dissidents and politicals the tau do come down heavy upon as they work against the greater good)

And in the fantasy flight books it was sterilization for population control since human populations tended to become more wildly out of control than the tau anticipated. (partly all the babies and love, partly due to the average human living twice as long as a tau).

Population control doesn't mean sterlizing kids. No it could just be a 2 child policy with automatic visectomy after the second child.

or it could just be vasectomies immediately but via lottery.

But who cares. Free Vasectomy? Hell most people i know would love to have unprotected sex with a guarantee of no kids.

>> No.22073871

>Being sterilizing brainwashed drone isn't so bad...really guys really

According to FFG the Tau use sterilizing when the population to keep control over the humans. This means if humans don't like how the Tau run things they get sterilized and have their numbers reduced dramatically. This is a form of genocide. It's not quick and clean like the Imperial type but still this is genocide.

The populations are used as slaves and then are allowed to die off so the Tau can colonize their worlds.

>> No.22073899

>not deliberately made to be fetish material
Neither is Xeno.

>> No.22073917

Xeno has become that though.

>> No.22073949


And Blue hasn't, and hopefully never will be.

>> No.22073974

Every time someone says that, I feel like we are tempting fate. There was a brush with fate with the funstikk..

>> No.22073986


Am i advocating it here? In real life?

Fuck no. its just one grim dark step away from chinas child policy.

And its still vastly superior to the way most other aliens treat other aliens in the 40k universe.

And the last part about populations dying off and being used as slaves is conjecture.

I read the FFG stuff and it only mentioned population control.

The rest was about subduing dissidents and removing Chaotic forces.

Also how is this any different on imperial worlds where if humans don't like how things are being run they are declared heretics and burned enmasse by arbitors or sisters using flame throwers.

A different type of sterilization. but its essentially the same.

>> No.22074002

At keast the Funstikk was a funny little diversion.

>> No.22074046

Which was why it was only a brush with fate and doom.

>> No.22074072

This here picture, the reference design >>22072878 features a thong, and wiiiide hips and booobies. It is inherently sexualized.

As for Xeno, she was sexualized about one or two years ago, not since then, and originally was too bland to be sexualized.

>> No.22074074


Well, we can stay vigilant to ensure the curse of fetishism and waifuism doesn't infect Blue the way it had taken over Xeno and so many others.

>> No.22074078

The funstikk is what saved us. By giving Blue a canon dildo, we saved her from being perverted. The Vaedrisa fapfics also helped a little.

>> No.22074090

Why is sexualization and fetishism a bad thing at all?

>> No.22074097

The backstory is terrible for both, and "adorable" is for fags unless we're talking about baby animals

You fucking faggots.

>> No.22074158

"adorable" means faggy, indeed, which is why baby animals are NOT adorable, and are therefore not for fags.

>> No.22074182

It's not sexualised though. Especially since she's meant to be a child.

Besides, there is no real official art. How old she looks varies massively, and even in the lore it varies depending on which path you believe (old age and death, becoming a dreadnaught thing, or being forever young thanks to waaagh).

I'd post that christmas picture if I had it, but I don't. Anyway, that one shows her as being very young.

>> No.22074190



>> No.22074212

>she's meant to be a child
What? When they found her, she was a child. She's all grown up an proppa orky now.

>> No.22074215


I have it.

>> No.22074235

What, no, she was just found young, but she's not a child. She grew up with the orks which is why she has orkisms.

>> No.22074242

There were fapfics?
...I see they were wisely kept off the wiki.

>> No.22074250

HA, thats not her being young, Thats her being a Tau.

Tau are naturally shorter and smaller than humans.

>> No.22074263

>Xeno not invited

Best version

Depends on what you want to believe.

Myself, I like the "waaagh keeps her young forever" path, but it's up to interpretation I suppose.

I just find it too sad to imagine her dying some day ;_;

>> No.22074301

Blue and Fanseer's adventure isn't on 1d4chan? Now that just isn't right.

>> No.22074312

I'm surprised there isn't another ending, where the Scraplootas are just gone and forgotten.

Or does that hit too close to home ;_;

>> No.22074341

I think it is, but it doesn't go full fapfiction.

Don't do this to me man.

I'll always love them, even if nobody else does.

>> No.22074364


You're not alone in loving the Scraplootas.

>> No.22074386

Yeah, well, sometimes it feels like it's just you and one other anon who likes them any more.

>> No.22074441

The non fapfiction version is.

>> No.22074465

There's more than that, faggots.
A wraithbone massage tool is involved.

>> No.22074467

There's a fapfiction version as well?

>> No.22074487

Then that must be rectified. 1d4chan caters to all OCs.

>> No.22074512

I'm also interested in this, as I genuinely thought there wasn't any.

>> No.22074521

So we've got Blue, Sandwich, Cultist, Taldeer, and what I'm assuming is Noh. Plus Xeno being foreveralone outside and what I think is a Primarch's Daughters poster on the wall. And a Bloody Magpie gazing covetously at Sandwich's mug.

But who are the others?

>> No.22074587

Yeah, it's the version the Fanseer conducts a "physical" examination of Blue during that Q&A thing.

I don't feel like tracking it down and adding it to the page since there's already like 3 revisions of that one bit of writefaggory which made it a pain in the ass double-checking that the correct link to the finished piece was up there in the fist place.

There's also the "A Business Proposition: after words" bit that hasn't been pastebined yet or added to the page where they're talking about other fucked up rumors in the sector and mention Xeno in passing.

>> No.22074615

There's a version of this updated pic will that stuff in the background edited in.

>> No.22074616

>There's also the "A Business Proposition: after words" bit that hasn't been pastebined yet or added to the page where they're talking about other fucked up rumors in the sector and mention Xeno in passing.

Hm, this sounds more interesting than the fap bit.

>> No.22074717

You want me to pastebin it and add it?

I've been adding a bunch of links to the page recently, lots of writefaggory still not present on it, plus there's the pastebin links on Blue's page that aren't on the main page; still trying to figure out the reason why before I just put all the links on the same page.

>> No.22074752

Yeah, I'd love that if you would, thanks.

>> No.22074867

Xeno's dress looks pretty!

>> No.22074891

OK, there.
"A Business Proposition: Afterthoughts" pastebin link has been added to the Scraplootas wiki page.

There's still a bunch of other stuff that still needs to be tracked down and added though.

>> No.22074921

Thanks, off to read it now.

>> No.22075143

>And an alternate version: TsMA1qh4

Which one of you did this.
You are a terrible, terrible, wonderful person.

>> No.22075157

Oh dear, what will I find I wonder.

>> No.22075206

I'm horrified by what I'm reading but I just can't stop

>> No.22075907

Hwee tink bweing ignored is not cool, but hwee ah still cool.

>> No.22075970

You don't really have a comparison.

>> No.22075993

You're just a human version of Blue

>> No.22076044

Blue is sexual cultist chan is more the retarded step child of chaos, with charm.

>> No.22076104

It might also be of interest that I finally founded and added 'Umie Huntin' and Da Karhold Job.

Slowly collecting all the various bits of writefaggory no one else bothered to.

>> No.22076149

If you think Blue is more sexual than Cultist, you haven't seen enough pictures of Cultist.

>> No.22076160

This hard.

>> No.22076167

Where did you manage to find them?

>> No.22076192

Of course there's going to be R34, I meant the personality.

>> No.22076206

We're on /tg/, the board that has suptg archives and has been being archived by archivefoolz for years.

It's not hard to find ANY given post ever made on /tg/ in those archives if you know what you're looking for.

>> No.22076209

Just a guess here, but...perhaps the Scraploota threads?

>> No.22076318

There are Scraplootas threads?

>> No.22076393

Go to the archives, anon. Go, and learn.

>> No.22076395

They were weekly for August, September and the first part of October.

Now they're more sporadic since the writefags are busy with real life stuff.
More often than not, there's only a thread when someone has some new content to post.

>> No.22076493

>> No.22076497

Neat, I'll keep an eye out then.

Anything ever get done? Has anyone ever bothered doing a comic?

>> No.22076575

I saw the porn you sick fuck.

>> No.22076582

I love that pic.

Has there been anything else done lately?

>> No.22076610


>> No.22076614

Longest comic was all of two pages.

Some anon was talking about maybe commissioning a short comic and was asking around for which drawfags might do it.
Haven't heard anything since.

>> No.22076637

Most recent Scraplootas related pic is this WIP I haven't found the finished version of yet.

>> No.22076646

I think the problem is that it'll cost, and that I'd need to hire a writefag AND a drawfag.

>> No.22076658


>> No.22076671


>> No.22076686

You don't need to hire a writefag, the stories they've already written are free to use.

>> No.22076711

I love this comic so much.

>> No.22076754

Me too, dammit.

>> No.22076806

I take it I'm "that other anon" then.

>> No.22076858

>not sexual
>Dranons Delight

>> No.22076880

that ending gets me everytime

>> No.22076886

Well, did either of you write that excerpt from before? At least one of you is a writefag.

>> No.22076906

You are the only anons who like them any more.

Circlejerking faggots.

>> No.22076982


>> No.22077042


>> No.22077345

We're all that other anon.

>> No.22077390

I know it isn't, but every time I see that image, it looks like that thing is attatched to her massive clitty.

>> No.22077411


How old are you?

>> No.22077543

He might just be brittish.
Or a faggot, who knows. Why care.

>> No.22077583

No, I'm British and I've never said something as ridiculous as that.

>> No.22077602

Guess the guy I knew was just a faggot that happened to be british then.

>> No.22077631


Blue and Xeno are not circlejerks. I've seen real circlejerks, and they arn't it.

>> No.22077658

You head them

>> No.22077663

Xeno can be, a little.

>> No.22077685

Thats right. We Brits call them screechy weechy pinkery pushems.

>> No.22077693

This guy knows what he's talking about.

>> No.22077738

>I've seen real circlejerks
Have you now?
Know any good locations?

>> No.22077805


>> No.22077809

>I've seen real circlejerks

I bet ;)

>> No.22077917


I don't like circlejerks, I like the good people here telling writers point blank if their work is good or shit. That way, they learn and grow as writers and get better. I'd like to think I've learned a thing to two from you all here.

For the recrd, I don't head anything except the 'Traditional Gamer' Ezine. Which reminds me, I want a Scraplootas story for issue one. Anyone have one between 1500-3000 words they can spare?

>> No.22077961

>between 1500-3000 words

If you were wanting a new one to be typed up on the spot, I'll have to disappoint.

>> No.22077995


Well, I don't want to piss someone off by publishing their story against their will.

>> No.22078022

What about... Eyebrows!?

>> No.22078024

Is there even a website for this Ezine so maybe one of the writers could get in contact with you maybe?

>> No.22078035

I've seen real circlejerks, too.

I just call them 'lgs marine-players'.

>> No.22078057

Chances are the people who wrote most of those are lurking in this thread or have seen this thread by now.

I sincerely doubt you'd be stepping on any toes giving more publicity to this little project by adding one of those pieces to your online magazine thing.
Most of them were written by anons for the sole purpose of others to read them.

>> No.22078141

I wrote some of the pieces and I'm cool of it.

>> No.22078198

I wrote every single piece that this Anonymous claims to have written, and I am not okay with it.

No seriously, post contact info so one of these writefags can get in touch, at least eventually.

>> No.22078239

Just put them in. Asking permission takes away from the whole anonymous thing, and anyone can take credit for a story.

I'm okay with you using them, and I wrote a few.

>> No.22078240

Well shit, I didn't realize it was such an unbelievable claim.

>> No.22078253


Thankyou. I've decided we will publish Dat Blue Grot, the perfect way to get people into the Scraplootas story. Hopefully by doing this we will get somone willing to do that comic series for us.

>> No.22078333

Well, I didn't write that one...

>> No.22078342


here is my introduction of the setting for the eZine. Please critique.
Blue and the Scraplootas came out of a simple idea: What if an Ork Tribe adopted a Tau girl? From this idea has spawned one of the greatest /tg/ creations, right up there with Love Can Bloom and the Angry Marines. This is the story of how that Tau Girl came to join the Ork Tribe. If after reading this story you are interested, there is more information and writefaggotry here http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Scraplootas
- Ahriman’s Aide

>> No.22078344

Which stories would even get comics?

In the unlikely event that someone decides to take up such a challenge, I'd like them to try and go in chronological order, or at least the best they could.

Does anyone have any concerns over the current arrangement of the chronology on the wiki page? I've been trying to organize them a little, but a lot of it can be switched around and rearranged.

>> No.22078368

>greatest /tg/ creations, right up there with Love Can Bloom and the Angry Marines
That's a whole breeding ground of controversy.

I'd recommend changing "greatest /tg/ creations" to "/tg/'s most notable Ork Tribe" and rewording the rest appropriately.

>> No.22078385

I did and I'm totally okay with this.

>> No.22078413

No, I am Alpharius!

>> No.22078418

>/tg/'s most notable Ork Tribe

Isn't it /tg/s ONLY Ork Tribe?

>> No.22078431


Arn't you Omegan?

>> No.22078441

Well, TRIBE maybe.
I prefer the Deffwatch, personally.

>> No.22078450

How in the world is that controversial? I think he has the right of it.

>> No.22078510

The clear winner is apparent in the course this thread took.

>> No.22078537

Maybe just substitute "greatest" with something meaning most well known? Famed, something else, I don't know.

>> No.22078611

>Maybe just substitute "greatest" with something meaning most well known?
You mean like "most notable"?

>> No.22078639

Scraplootas always win! Oh, and I guess Blue is cool too.

>> No.22078677

And that makes them the best/most notable/well liked /tg/ ork tribe by default.

I've seen /tg/ fight over the most petty of details when it comes to OC, I don't want this guy to get a fuckton of bitching sent his way over something minor.

>> No.22078721


I already have a fuckton of bitching sent my way because of what I write for. How will this make it any worse?

>> No.22078778


>> No.22079376

Yes! I mind often spaces out when trying to think of proper works for stuff.

>> No.22079410

see >>22078368

>> No.22079708

I should remember to always refresh the page before posting.

>> No.22079760

Or just install 4chanX. Its so much easier.

>> No.22079855

Oh dear, we seem to have hit the bump limit, some time ago even.

So anyway, how long until the Scraplootas fight a chaos warband (which Cultist-chan is currently a part of) on a tomb world Xeno happens to be on?

>> No.22079881


What do you write about that people bitch about?

>> No.22079900

I would write this but I can't be arsed to write about Xeno or the Necrons without cliff notes.

>> No.22079988


>> No.22080250

Eh, Scraplootas isn't the only /tg/-made Ork Warband or Tribe or Clan, whathaveyou. There's the Waaagh Tang Klan (mafia/gangsta Ork created about the time of the Rising Sons were popular), Da Blue Boyz (sometime after Waaagh Tang Klan, they're blue-skinned Orks that's the equivalent of heretics in Ork society). Both were created by /tg/, but didn't get as popular as Scraplootas.

>> No.22080379

I'm sure there are plenty of people who can give you some if you ask when it's not the dead hours.

I've actually heard of the blue skins.

Trying to collect all the misc. writefaggory (there's a lot of it), thinking of just putting all of the smaller ones that take place within Boris in the same pastebin.

No idea what to do with the fapfictions though.

>> No.22080487


Well, my disliked series has a specific page for fapfictions, maybe you should do the same?
Keeps it segregated from the normal stories, while still acessible.

>> No.22080538

Currently the only fapfic on the Scraplootas wiki page is struck through and a non-link.
Just don't draw too much attention to them I guess.

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