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Hello /tg/. Would anyone be up for a WH40K RP over the internet? Any suggestions as to the story, the means to do it, etc. etc. ? I really would like to do something with the WH40K RP, but the miniatures are too expensive for me and i have nobody to play it with IRL.

I was thinking about it being about a group of Chaos troops (not necesarily marines) from Chaos Undivided (so everybody can worship another Chaos God without there being conflicts) sent out on some kind of mission, but EVERYTHING (and i do mean everything) can be changed right now.

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Which RPG do you plan to use?


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I do not know. I have never did anything Warhammer related before, except read some codexes and play the DoW games. I am open to suggestions, as i said. With a bit of help, i can set up anything the players would need.

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Bumping this for the forces of chaos.

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Bumping this again.

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I would be interested.

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sure enough, I am game for this.

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If anybody is still here, could you please suggest the means we can use for this? Maybe just use it over Skype or any other messenger that allows groupchats, without a set battle / game system, just with much storytelling.

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Even though I know fuck all about 40K, I'd be down.

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Would you be ok to use Skype or something like that with this?

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Yeah. Haven't used Skype in a long damn time, though, probably gonna have to download it again. You got a time you wanna do this or what?

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I dunno, first i just want to gather players.

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Whoops. Deleted wrong post. And alrighty. I'll be watching the thread then.

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You can post your Skype name over so i'l have it in case this thread 404's.

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Think of that what you will.

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Bumping this. If anyone wants to join, just leave your Skype name.

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Up for this. Added you already.

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I havent posted my Skype name here. You added another guy from this thread. I'm OP btw.

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So yeah, post your Skype name.

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I'd be down to ERP as a follower of Nurgle

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Not happening.

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So you don't even know the RPG rules then? If you want to go Chaos then Black Crusade is your best bet. Since you seem inexperienced, try looking for the quickstarts on FFG's site.

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