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Can we have one of those threads where we post pictures of characters/landscapes/creatures/etc?

An "inspirational" thread!
Fantasy settings, Warhammer, sci fi enviroments, whatever, character design, weapons, objects, everything!

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Best kind of threads on /tg/

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I know, I love them!

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does it have to be good?

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I fucking love this threads

Have a steampunky one

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If yer posting characters can I get some modern mages? You can never have enough of those

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Do you have any more pics like that?

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the fuck is tryndamere from leauge of legends doing as a woman

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I'm putting a game in a setting inspired by crusades-era Egypt/Turkey/that whole area for a game.
I need art of that place.
Can anyone help me?

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Fuck yeah.

Thanks guys.
As long as you keep posting I'll keep saving.

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Happy to be of service ...

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This is not bad art. Just try to ignore the transcription error in the upper right corner.

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Imma draw a shady magic/curiosity shop for WoD.
Hit me with some inspiration?

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What is this error that you are referring to?

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>those proportions

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saved one, posting one

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Ahh, strange. Must have been my imagination, or maybe a desert mirage.
Either way, what a relief.

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come on, hammer bros. Don't leave me hangin'

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Since the posting of middle eastern inspired art has stopped I assume you have exhausted your supply for me.
I thank you and love you all in an only slightly homosexual manner.

I'll keep lurking to snatch up any cool images however.

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Requesting any scenery pics with a early-mid 1900's Shanghai look.

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Ah, Charlie, what a good day it is!

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Because he'd make an awesome chick.

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....What's this from?

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/tg does not deliver...

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You know this pic would've worked wonders in a game I played once.
My party had to abduct this nobleman, and he had one beast of a walrus moustache.
Anyway, they snuck into the manner as adventurers do and captured the jolly fat man as he was admiring some of his possessions.
Then all of a sudden there's a knock on the door, no one can know the nobleman's missing until morning, so one halfling thief, a human wizard, and a human cleric and one half orc barbarian all pile into a single closet with a fat nobleman. Unfortunately my fighter can't fit, so in an act of brilliance rather common to his... special mind, he shrugs off his armor, throws it into the closet and cuts off the man's moustache and shoves it beneath the visor of his helmet and allows it to droop out visibly. This all takes a bit of time, and there's a rather more insistent knock on the door and we here a woman ask, "Husband are you there?"
I of respond with, "Yes dear, just a tick." He strips off the rather heavy coat the fat nobleman was wearing and puts it on himself, and walks with his hands in the pockets so he can pull it on the interior of the fabric and make himself look larger.
The wife enters the room, and asks why I'm wearing a helmet and why I sound so strange.
I reply with, "It's a magical helmet I purchased recently, muddles with your voice. I wanted to wear it and see what it's like."
The result of some phenomenal luck in rolling means she actually believes me.
The conversation carries on for a few minutes, and just as she's about to leave, the moustache falls from inside my helmet.
The wife freaks and asks me to remove my helmet.
I act only as I can. I take it off, and attempt to brain her with it. Somehow the plucky lass manages to trip me up and runs off screaming through the manor.
Needless to say our employer was not amused.

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It's because that exact request has been fulfilled around 9001 times bro.

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I have never seen it done

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Go in the archive on sup/tg/ and search brah.
You'll find enough images to satisfy you.

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>Expecting /tg/ to deliver.

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That's all folks. Hope you've enjoyed my Beksinski dump.

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Requiem chevalier vampire
Awesome comic

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>pig person
>dat filename

You obviously never watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid,

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Might as well finish off the thread with some asian-inspired images ...

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Image limit reached. New thread?

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my right arm is much stronger than my left arm...

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