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So, my Wizard just got Tenure at a Wizarding university.

I need to think up at least 24-36 interesting and original lectures that he's going to give in his spare time.
Necromancy and the non-evil uses of it. No actual spells, just theoretical of course and partially an ethics of magic course to compliment the Necrology aspect of it.
Problem is I suck at names.

Help me /tg/, you're my only hope, I need names for Necromantic subjects and lectures.

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In the meantime, gonna be doing an image dump of my undead folder so everyone is getting something in return for helping me with my Necronomics homework.

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Ethos, Pathos and Thanathos : The proper use of contacting the dead.

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post mortum comunications
soul transferal 101

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I just gotta comment on this...
>carthagians uncovered
really? I think we all know that ancient people are really untrustworthy as far as archaeology goes

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Not a class but maybe a sort of help group.

Reincarnation and how to cope with your new form

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Necrophilia: The Undead, consent and you.

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Would homonculi and golem creation fall under necromancy in this instance? I know it can vary based on fluff but it still has the elements of bringing life where there was none.

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I suppose there should also be a class studying the difference between undead that have no mental ability and those with their own will like zombies vs. vampires and such.

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Corpse Acquisition: How to tell how fresh is too fresh.

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A class on the importance of properly cleaning your tools and materials. Wouldn't want to go about infecting innocents with unsanitary, disease-ridden zombie helpers now, would you?

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Courses on curses as well as components for rituals and such?

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The skeleton inside you

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A followup class on how to awaken other peoples' skeletons while they're inside them.

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Fighters, Clerics, Deities And Other Things I Can Cock-Slap Without Consequence 101

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Discerning the various legal, ethical, and inoffensive means and methods of obtaining material for necromancy: contracts with the living, respectable period after death, unrecognizability of the body, sidestepping legal delicacies, and so forth.

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Oh! The various deities that have domain and pull in the afterlife/dead and how Necromancers may have to deal with them or avoid their ire.

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Things Man Is Forbidden To Know
Lines Man Was Not Meant To Cross, And Methods For The Crossing Thereof
For extra credit, there's an optional in Thaumatological Grey Areas, or Things Man Has Not Been Explicitly Forbidden To Know

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Simulated Reality: Practical Applications of Necromancy and Skeptical Hypothesis

Conjuration of Undead and Artificial Consciousness: Implementation, Archival and Transferrance

Relativity of Reality: Intelligent Undead and the Indistinguishable nature of Dreams

Recursive Simulations: Interactions of Necromancy and Theoretical Infinite Regression

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Why Using The Flesh Of Women And Children Is A Bad Idea
The Lichloved: Dating Tips For The Mortally Impaired
Appeasing Spirits And You

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On the nature of the soul in various forms of undead, and the ethical ramifications thereof.

For instance, different ways of creating undead might simply animate the bodily shell while others might involve binding a soul to it. Naturally the former is ethically neutral at worst, while the other might be generally considered an evil act.

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Preparation and Sanitation of the Corpus (and associated Practicum)

Legality and Ethics of Corpus Acquisition

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Things Man Has Not Been Expressly Forbidden To Know is also an optional module available to the law department. Wizards and lawyers have a lot in common when it comes to loopholes.

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How about one about the general sociological role of the undead in various cultures? You could have ones comparing different models of undeath in different species and time periods. Say pointing out how some nations practice necromancy as a way to preserve the honored ancestors, thus making the undead a priveleged elite in their society.

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Bugtrap - Decomposition and Native Entomology
Voodoo, Hoodoo, Voudoun, and Vodou - Always the correct sacrifice
Wards & Circles 101 - Intro. to Divination Safety
Shambling through the Ages - Animated Deceased throughout History
Anatomy 101 - Bone Structure and Tendon Layout
Anatomy 102 - Blood Vessels and Cardiology
Anatomy 103 - The Central Nervous System
Advanced Anatomy - Dermal Preservation
Intro. to Extradimensional Civil Law
Faustian Case History and Precedence
The Self Sustained Small Animal Farmer - From Mice to Goats, Sustainable Sacrifice Husbandry
Organs for Eternity - Intro. to Preparation and Preservation

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Æthereal Metaphysics: Immortal Consequences and Divine Retributions

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Undead Slaves/Factory Workers
Healing necrotized wounds

Housepets that never die

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The do's and don'ts of Golemcrafting, guestspeaker Prof. V. Frankenstein

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To Lich Or Not To Lich: Weighing The Pros and Cons of Becoming and Immortal Skeletal Abomination

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Abjuring Larvae: Defending The Corpus From Vermin and You

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How long will a lecture be? How broad in subject will a lecture be?

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I'm calling bullshit on everything past goliath.

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Totally depends, mostly its all going to be about Necromancy from a scholarly perspective though.
Since the game is based in a world where Necromancy is a big no-no, this is a pretty unique and controversial step.
I'm teaching evolution in 1920's Mississippi to a class of mixed race students.

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Lilian, you clearly haven't been paying attention in class. Everyone knows that when designing a gravesuit, you must never leave the controller exposed.
And really, did you have to strip for this?

Ten points from Gryffindor.

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Can't wait till I get into wizard school, 11 years to go guys.

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How about calling bullshit automatically on anything "discovered" prior to 1950? It's listing stuff there discovered by fucking CARTHAGINIANS.

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"Never more", the Aesthetics and Ethics of your choice of familiar.

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Enjoy your 29th year as a virgin. Just 11 more to go!

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Also to note: The class is going to be open doors to the Public. So I can't teach anything too controversal or horrific, since the goal of the lectures is mostly to remove some of the mystery and fear from necromancy. Sure I can go into the whole fact that corpses rot and how to stop that, but no THINGS MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO KNOW! or 'Sex with your Corpses: Dead girls can't say no'

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Polymorph and Intercourse: Illegal, or just weird?

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Understanding the Undead; An introduction to Wizard - Zombie communication.

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Dungeon Design 101: Introduction to Basic Necromancer Dungeon Design
Dungeon Design 102: Practical Applications of Necromancer-Themes in Dungeon Design
Dungeon Design 103: Dynamic Necromancer Dungeon Designs

DD 103 focuses on case studies, with an emphasis on the first necro-computer.

More names:
Investigation of Cultural Treatment of Necromancers
Use of Necromancy in Engineering Applications
Necromancy and Voodoo: Similarities and Dissimilarities
The Role of Vampires in Traditional Necromancy Legends
Liches: Why they are often Necromancers

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Interesting. This coincides with my setting a bit. At least with the part where magical universities are places of mostly theoretical learning and research rather than places where you master the art of throwing fireballs.

Try these:
Necromantic basics: Origins, history and contemporary forms thereof (3 parts)
Necromantic basics: Defining aspects and comparison to other schools of magic
Necromantic basics: Classifications within this realm and beyond
Necromantic basics: The Rayabur Construct (a.k.a. the Simplex Construct) (2 parts)

Necromancy and ethics P1: Historical aspects
Necromancy and ethics P2: Contemporary aspects
Necromancy and ethics P3: Future prospects and problems

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But necromancy is going to be inherently disturbing simply because it's NECROMANCY. Maybe change the name?

How about calling it metapathology? Start googling terms from pathology - especially forensic pathology - and see how you can twist them to magic.

Actually, there's an idea. How about a lecture about the boon that necromancy could be to the field of criminal detection? Just summon up the ghost of the victim and say "who murdered you, sir? And would you be willing to testify to this under law?"

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The Necromantic Discourse: How to speak of the undead

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It is, but I can at least point out the arbitary nature of Necromancy vs Spirituality.
I mean, fucking christ, there's 3 other PCs in the party at least who have some kind of ancesteral connection or communicate with the dead in a way that's considered Okay.

That and its my character trying to improve the image of Necromancy as much as anything.

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What's the setting like? How does necromancy/magic work in the world? Harry Potter? DnD? WFRP?

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Use that. Start borrowing shamelessly from their language and terms to describe necromancy in socially-accepted ways. That's going to be the quickest and most effective way to say "necromancy is something you already 50% approve of" - by just talking about stuff they already approve of while BEING A NECROMANCER.

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D&D, we're using Pathfinder, but with the undead being more playing with fire, rather than out and out evil as per Pathfinder RAW.
So a Skeleton released from service might hunt someone down, but its more because of crude beastial instinct rather than because its directly channelling pure elemental malevolence.
And so there are ways around that.
But, naturally since most necromancers in D&D are MASSIVE DICKS and most good gods hate Necromancers; there is a stigma.

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>a Skeleton released from service
Is a destroyed skeleton, or locked in a sarcophagus until you need it.

There's a reason Disrupt Undead is a Necromantic Cantrip.

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Rolled 2

Balance of the world, or how every spell unknowingly affect the einvorment.

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Yeah, but released from service sounds better than 'I fucked up and now there's 4 skeletons gone rampent in the Catacombs, fucking hell here they come. Everyone flee for your lives.'

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Applications of Animate Necrology in Fields of Manual Labour and Food Production

Myths and Legends of Nnon-Mmagical Undead Creation Rites

Better Living Through Necromancy and the Family Pet

Where Animate Necrology Ends and Spirit Conjuring Ends

Bokors, Bone Conjurers and Other Historical Necromancy Practitioners

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>"who murdered you, sir? And would you be willing to testify to this under law?"
If it was a family member they could lie about it, forcing them to tell the truth would also be unethical. So if it happend (the murder) when family members were present it would be suspect. They ghost might not have even seen the killer and then decides to say someone they had disliked in life did it.

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>they might not have seen who did it
That's why you ASK THEM, to make sure.
>they might lie to hurt enemies, protect family members
In this regard they are no different than any witness ever.

But bear in mind this is a setting where a decent chunk of the population can determine a person's moral alignment by looking at them in a special way. You can reasonably rely on the testimony from a Good-aligned ghost and could be generally aware you'd need to take the testimony of an evil one with a pinch of salt.

As for truth compulsion.. honestly, that's a whole different kettle of fish, but given that magical methods of compelling the truth would be objectively more effective and less cruel than mundane torture, I imagine the ethical objections and problems would be far less than you're imagining.

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nice typos me

>Myths and Legends of Non-Magical Undead Creation Rites

>Where Animate Necrology Ends and Spirit Conjuring Begins

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Maximinus of Rome was actually shorter than 8'6". Roman foot is 11.65 modern inches (29.6 cm). Modern foot is 12 inches (30.48 c). That means by sheer feet alone, he loses 2.77165 inches 7.04 cm. Toss in the additional subtraction of 0.69 cm per inch for the left over and you get another 4.14 cm off. So in total he actually loses 4.40157 inches, making him 8'2". And that isn't even assuming the most well known account on his height talked him up a fucking lot. Problem is, a lot of shit on that list uses different measurements.

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> People paid good money to hear your lecture
> Waste their time with pretentious speech on how their opinions are wrong

Well, would you look at that. Just like real life university professors.

>> No.22037736

Animation and Undeath: Definitions and differences
Animation and Undeath: Animation basics
Animation and Undeath: The Simplex Animation
Animation and Undeath: Animation energy distribution
Animation and Undeath: Scaling in numbers and size
Animation and Undeath: The Suduri Coefficient and theoretical upper bounds
Animation and Undeath: Construct programming (also potential cross-diciplinary subject)

Animation and Undeath: Undeath basics
Animation and Undeath: The Simplex "resurrection"
Animation and Undeath: Introducing "life" (2 parts)
Animation and Undeath: Introducing "soul" (2 parts)
Animation and Undeath: Construct intelligence and control

>> No.22037738
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>> No.22037751
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>> No.22037753

I'm pretty sure that was the point, you twit.

>> No.22037757
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>> No.22037761
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>> No.22037766
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>> No.22037770


Why yes, I would like fries with that.

>> No.22037771
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>> No.22037772
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>> No.22037774

Bro, I used to teach intro science at Uni (teaching electronics at HS now, much more fun). Some tenured professors are bloated bags of gas that don't actually say anything of value in their lectures. Others are perfectly legit, but not every one.

>> No.22037777
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>> No.22037809


So what you're saying is that you couldn't cut it and it was the other guy's fault?

>> No.22037812
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>> No.22037816


To further clear it up, artwork and coinage depicts him with several traits of acromegaly. Which may mean he was significantly larger than people of his time, but considering the average height back then would have been around 5'3" to 5'6" with tall individuals (generally those being from outside of Rome) being around 5'9" he was realistically probably capping the height limit around 7'6" max with his actual heigh being between 6'3" to 7'3" imo. Beyond that he would be having some issues with circulation. Hell, even 6'4" would have been really fucking tall.

>> No.22037818
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>> No.22037825
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>> No.22037829


It's still pretty tall today though it's less of a freakish outlier; I'm 6"5 and it's a pain to get basic clothing. I remember William the Conquerer was considered exceptionally tall at 6" 2.

>> No.22037841

You can't insult someone on the internet man, that shits illegal.

>> No.22037865


Well, to quote Shakespeare: "Fuck the police."

>> No.22037873

Well, to quote Gandhi: "Get in the bed little girls."

>> No.22037876


In the words of Abraham Lincoln; "Get in my van."

>> No.22038191

I just had a flash of a ghost caught lying at a tribunal and poofing out of existence from shame.

>> No.22038394
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Y'all niggas need to watch some Rashomon.

>> No.22038650

>"Man this professor needs to get laid"
>"Don't you mean 'boned'?"

>> No.22038664


What's with female necromancers always having hands for bras? Do they not have boyfriends to cop feels for them?

>> No.22038686

Thanatopic Intelligence Quotient: Are you Smarter than a 5th degree zombie?

>> No.22038690
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This cover made an impression on a lot of boys in the 90s.

>> No.22038693
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I have nothing to add, I just wanted to post this

>> No.22038714

It has been sitting on my drive for the past two years.

I might watch it today.

>> No.22038740

Well he's also saying that he's still asspained about his failure even though it was all that time ago.

>> No.22038792
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I have to DM later a game and I was not prepared. This thread and its pictures have inspired me. Thank you all

>> No.22039257
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Sorry for the Gap, internet crashed

>> No.22039265
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>> No.22039278
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That could be an interesting one. Zombie or Flesh Golem: How to tell the difference.

Pic related

>> No.22039280
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>> No.22039285
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>> No.22039290

Undead Labour and the Assembly Line

>> No.22039294
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>> No.22039296


Well he is a tenured wizard in a somewhat understaffed organization. Being stuck with the occasional Basic Energy Manipulation course would provide for some humorous interactions to discuss during the campaign.

>> No.22039297
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>> No.22039303
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>> No.22039319
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>> No.22039326
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>> No.22039327

Introduction to Planar Energy: Elan Vital and Elan Morbis
Introduction to Planar Energy: Nerves and Blood
Introduction to Planar Energy: Bodily movement
Introduction to Planar Energy: Ectoplasm and the Aether
Introduction to Planar Energy: Quintessence and the Astral Plane
Introduction to Planar Energy: Humours and the Elements

>> No.22039329

>Necromancy for manual laborers. Do they help the community, or simply take jobs from people?
>Communicating with the Deadead: Gaining Wisdom or disturbing the dead from their rest?
>The difference between reanimated bones and proper golems.
>Legions of the Damned: The applications of the undead as soldiers or guardsmen
>Undead as personal servants, whether that would be defilement or just taking advantage of materials
>Overview of the history and ethical debates of necromancy
>Corpse Conjuring: The key differences between summoning an undead from another plane, and animating a corpse

>> No.22039330
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>> No.22039331

Liches and horrors of the undead

>> No.22039336

Replace Morbis for whatever the actual French or Latin term for Deathly is, of course. I have no romance languages

>> No.22039342
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>> No.22039372
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>> No.22039374

Vampire Queens, Witch Liches, and Zombie Harems: When is necrophilia acceptable?

>> No.22039383
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>> No.22039391
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>> No.22039397
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>> No.22039402
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>> No.22039405

and don't forget your skull ring

>> No.22039409
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>> No.22039417
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>> No.22039419

Raising the stakes: Vampires before, during, and after death.

>> No.22039425
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>> No.22039431
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>> No.22039436
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>> No.22039441
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>> No.22039450

Restless legs: A discussion on zombies and other shambling hordes

>> No.22039452
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>> No.22039467
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Jackpot: The ins and outs of grave robbing and "grave borrowing"

>> No.22039470
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>> No.22039472

Necromics: Maintenance 101
-A beginner's course about daily maintenance of undead servants. Cleaning them, making them not smell like decaying flesh, and how to prevent the flesh from falling off.

Necromics: Macroeconomics
-Theories as to how the undead could potentially solve a future labor crisis. Lectures include basic history lessons about the past working conditions and how the undead may solve this and make life better for all. Also includes theories as to how to implement them into the modern economy.

Necromics: Ethics
-Ethical debates on whether the undead should be used for menial labor and when. Is it okay to keep a worker employed after his death?

>> No.22039477
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>> No.22039490

Well; reached the image limit.
Cheers for the ideas guys.

>> No.22039494

thats a pic of afrika bambaataa who i used as inspiration for the only necro i ever played "Ifa Corpses"
Play it again, Sam: Methods of restoring the soul w/ Special appearance by Sam the undead bard

>> No.22039509

Also, during the lecture he should start having sex with a female vampire, constantly screaming at the students "YOU CAN'T DO SHIT I HAVE TENURE"

>> No.22039541

I can't think of names for lectures, but I browsed through the PHB and came up with Astral Projection, Blight (pest control,) Death Knell as a (possibly) painless method of euthanasia, Clone for... Cloning, I can't think of anything specific in a setting where organ transplants aren't exactly necessary, Death Ward, Death Watch for hospitals if such a thing exists in your setting, Disrupt Undead, False Life, Gentle Repose, Ghoul Touch as a paralytic, Halt Undead, possibly Horrid Wilting if your DM allowed to specify something as minute as a tumor (maybe cancer treatment for giants?) Speak with Dead, and Vampiric Touch on an ally to save your life.

And that's only in the PHB.
captcha: spirit sesianda

>> No.22039708

human souls or animating energies:what propels our machines?

purely hypothetical discussion of morals in light of our ability to perceive the lands after life. (be sure to mention before you begin speaking that if any of your students have a revelation in this lesson, that the town guard does NOT share their Ubersmenchen worldview.)

anatomy of the human body: where can I best staple these grippers to?

one specialized servant or many simple ones to a task?
Add on to the above: maybe ask them to observe an ant colony in their spare time to see how they deal with problems.

>> No.22039911

Necronomics: Macroeconomics Lecture 2
-Theories as to how virtually unlimited, free labor could create a future economic crisis.

>> No.22042886

Let us know how it goes, OP. I'm a big fan of necromancy and how to apply it to a setting without making it inherently evil (Of course with all the inherent temptation that makes so many bad dudes so bad) so this is interesting!

>> No.22042918

Wouldn't that be covered under Necronomics: Ethics?

>> No.22043157

That could just sort of be your intro piece to some of the issues brought up by Necromancy. There could be upper level courses that tackle specific, dense subjects.

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