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So my friend and I never played call of cthulhu and we decided to try it. And well ,one thing led to an other and I am now the game master of our little group. I pretty much skimmed the book and it looks nice. not complicated and fairly simple. So my question is. as my first game and all , what should I do to make sure nothing sucks ? I really want my group to have a nice gaming experience.

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Remember that confrontation between the investigators and the Great old ones must always be indirect for the investigators to have ANY CHANCE of survival. Make your story atmospheric, existential, and frightening, and most of all, if you can, make it PLAUSIBLE. You want your players asking 'what would I do if this really happened'. Play up the loss of sanity by including hallucinations and such.

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Remember that if your players seem serious and in the mood and mindset for things to get Lovecraftian, then you should work to set and maintain that tone. But if they want to play Gentlemanly Adventures With Dynamite And Bowler Hats, then there is no use fighting them and you should roll with that to the best of your abilities.

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Run The Haunting (the haunted house) scenario.

Seriously, that scenario is pretty simple and elegant.

The first thing you'll need to do is remind the players that they're not D&D style characters. The point is not to win and get better, but to investigate and play a part in a story.
Since it sounds like you're group is into it already, that shouldn't be hard.

Also, SAN loss does not mean immediate change in behavior unless it's a temporary insanity. The full damage sets in over time.

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>Call of Cthulhu
>Nice gaming experience

Hohoho. Masterful ruse, friend.

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sound like a nice idea for a first game lol.
sorta obvious for the great ones. but true , atmosphere seems to be quite important. I guess dim light will make it even better
gentelmanly adventures with dynamite and bowlers hat are for dnd and suchs. if they dont want to play it correctly then they just wont play it and i'l find some other player.
no good game exists without his haters, mate

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Try to keep a certain tone to your voice. You don't need to go into crazy detail, but some choice descriptions work well.

Also, banging the table for certain sound effects works well.

Most of all, never describe creatures by name.
Don't say "The Shoggoth attacks!", say "The mass of flesh flows in your direction, razor-edged teeth emerging from its folds"
Then again, quick descriptions like "It lashes out at you" is fine too.

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Oh man, CoC is a great game, but "nice" is not an adjective I would use to describe it.

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Some of the guys behind Delta Green have some good advice:


Delta Green was a setting that came out in the 90s that 'updated' cthulhu for the modern day. It's got ties with government conspiracy and national politics. Very much like X-files.

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Welp , they could not have picked better as a GM then ahaha. I just love doing that kind of things.
lol. Guess i'l only hvae an opinion of it once I tired it
hey those looks great! thanks

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>The first thing you'll need to do is remind the players that they're not D&D style characters. The point is not to win and get better, but to investigate and play a part in a story.
This is probably the biggest problem that a group new to CoC has to deal with.

The typical D&D mindset of "kick in the door and kill the monsters" is about 180 degrees from a CoC game. For one, the PCs are going to be weak compared to just about any threat (would YOU try to fight a wolf bare-handed?). Guns are extremely lethal in CoC; if someone has a loaded gun pointed at them, their reaction should not be "I have enough Hit Points to take a few bullets, lol I charge him!"

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Hell ya Delta Green!

Dumping images for your inspiration

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>open minds
Usually, that's a good thing. In CoC?
>"Here, wear this flammable clothing fireman. It will protect you from the fire."

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COC can be hard to GM, it doesn't play like DND, typical Hack N Slash, It's more of a thinking man's game. COC is more into using your brain instead of a magic sword. Library Use is probably the most useful skill. I would limit starting skills to nothing over 50 or 60%. Also, players are supposed to get a chance to advance skills used in the game and if they succeed, they can add a D10 roll in points to the skill, this caused problems in a game I ran for a few years. Some of my players eventually had incredible stats in certian areas, I had a player that eventually had a 97 in shotgun! It got real outta hand. Also, don't be afriad it give out little sanity loses, like 1 or 2 points, without rolling. Don't do it too much, your players will get pissed, and give it for legitimate reasons. Your players will bitch either way, but stand firm. Also, try using pre-gen adventures at first, COC can be very hard to write adventures for. There are hundreds out there on the net, check the Chaosium website, there are alot on that site. Last point, make sure you know who you are dealing with in your game, some COC adventures can be very racy and sick (1 of the first adventures i ran for a group involved some parents raping and killing their own daughter) some of the adventures can really upset certain people. I would also use minis and maps for combat, it helps alot. I hope you have fun and the stars are right!!!

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