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You awaken to discover that you have been transformed into a sexy illithid.

Now what?

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Kill myself because I dont want to bring an end to the world.

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Leave the city, enslave some small town.

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See if I can feel myself up with my own tentacles.

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Well considering the fact that I can opt out of such changes by simply not bothering with the thread, I'd just fuck the nearest sexy ilithid ca/tg/irl I can find.

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Thank god! No longer will I be a lesbian woman trapped in a man's body!

Bonus, tentacles!

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Correct. Also if you have mental powers can't you trick your mind into experiencing pleasure?

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>lesbian woman trapped in a man's body
Wouldn't that just make you a heterosexual man?

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sauce on pps pic?

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Make people's dreams come true.
I am a charitable person, and I know there are people who want to put their dick in an octopus woman. It would be my honorable duty to get fucked. Might even make some money with it as well.

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Probably spend some time struggling with my insatiable hunger for human brains before finally caving in to the dark desires of my new form.

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>a sexy illithid
Of all the monsters, why an illithid? I really can't imagine one being sexy. And there are monsters I would love to be a sexy one of, and I mean real monsters, not "hurr durr dryads and succubi are in the Monster Manual, they're monsters"; I mean monstrous monsters.

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>Of all the monsters, why an illithid?

Probably because OP had a transformation fetish comic of an illithid girl.

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Technically, its not even an illithid but thats neither here nor there.

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But he's not even posting the rest of it! He could have posted any monster! Or a female of any monster! No comic necessary!

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If you can't think of a sexy humanized version of any creature in the Monster Manual, you're not trying hard enough.

A true gentleman shouldn't even need humanized forms to find them sexy.

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Check your privilege, cis scum.

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Well I guess I'd eat brains and mind blast stuff. I'd prolly wait in a room until a group of perfectly balanced point-buy-created adventures walk into it and fight me as part of a carefully curated dungeon-crawling experience.

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You might not have to get squidfucked.

OP only said that you have been transformed into a "sexy illithid". There is still the possibility of being a mindflaying gigolo.

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>carefully curated dungeon-crawling experience.

You know, now I have this mental image of monsters showing up for work at their dungeons like it's a day job. They all gather around the water cooler, talking about the big game or what was on teevee last night, then the bell rings and it's time to hit the dungeon floor.

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Don't forget the big sign outside the dungeon: "FUN."

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>lesbian woman trapped in a man's body
>wanting to be a lesbian
>instead of getting the dick
It's not like you can't still have girlfriend you make out with or anything.

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You could also fuck their brains and give them the best sex/dreams ever.

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It's just... slimy rubbery skin? Tentacles? There's so many hotter alternatives to both!

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>slimy, rubbery skin
>thinking there are any hotter alternatives
>I shiggy diggy

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Sure there are, but that doesn't mean there's no appeal to the classicness of slime, tentacles, water-gushing deformed genitalia and mind-control fetishism.

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Alright, alright, fine, it's just not my personal thing!

Are there female illithid pics, besides OP's comic? They could help it become my thing.

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Any...cuter ones?

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Rolled 6, 6, 5 = 17

...gotta be fucking shitting me... fetish roll is go.

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Oh that's more like it. I thought I'd seen one in the past, but couldn't recall the details and doubted myself.

I like how you found it in ~1 minute.

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I have a folder of them.

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upload that shit

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Of illithids, or sexy pictures, or sexy illithid pictures?

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Gooby pls

>> No.22034330

sexy illithids

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That ass will haunt my dreams, if I can ever sleep again after seeing it

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Go ring a bell in a creepy tower

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The thought of buff illithids really amuses me.

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Is this a thing people fantasize about?

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Considering the full image(before I cropped it) had an erect penis?


>> No.22037855

I would call myself Squidward.

Beautiful Squidward.

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So what has to happen for a female illithid to keep her tits post-ceremorphosis?

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That does it, I'm not opening the thumbnail.

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Time to enslave the human race

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Your DM has to be a perv.

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There's no way to use trickery?

>> No.22049823

I rejoice because I finally have the mind control powers I have always wanted.

>> No.22049909

Gives a new meaning to
"Blow my mind!"

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