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Any khorny scans today ?

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None as corny as your post.

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Hijacking this thread for a Black Crusade General motherfuckers!!!!

What have you been doing with Black Crusade Lately?
Opinions on the first two "Tome of XXXX" books
Speculation on the two(possibly three) books
Just how does one roleplay a khorne berzerker?

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I'm thinking if adding something like prestige talents pack (equivalent of alternate career paths of previous w40k games) would be a good idea.

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i did it. first i ignored the newer fluff about them being lobotomized. then i built him to have the failling wrath. finally i included that khorne is the god of noble battle, and only fought things that attacked me, or were worthy to fight. no kids, no invalided.

i also would go out of my way to fight the strongest opponent first, and ignore weaker foes.

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Did anyone ever scan the Tzeentch book?

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i humbly request that if any elegan/tg/entlemen saved the image of the scan of the khorne berzerker entry, that they please post it with all due haste.
the one that does so shall be deemed to be winning at life, or at least on the correct path to do so.

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not the best quality, but you'll have to make do as there aren't a whole lot of scans.

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What is the goal in black crusade anyway? What is my motivation?

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the goal is to spread chaos, and your gods' influence.

that is not to say burn, rape, kill and eat everything you find( still is a legit option).

mostly it is to spread corruption, and build your own legend before you mutate into a puddle.

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Been playing an Iron Warrior, last session he almost died to a tech-priest. Just like that.

I felt rather sad, really.

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>first i ignored the newer fluff about them being lobotomized.

>newer fluff

Heh, scrubs. That's from 1e Realms of Chaos, so its always been there.

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The goal is do whatever you want. Its Chaos.

But the most typical motivations are "lead a titular Black Crusade" or "ascend to daemon princedom."

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Just got into a game myself where I'm playing as a Khorne berserker.

Party so far is Khornate renegade, Undivided sorcerer, Slaaneshi apothecary, Undivided NL, & me the Khorne berserker.

Wondering how it's gonna go.

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Will this book allow me to play a Khornate Sorcerer?

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Besides the berserker and the NL, what new archetypes are introduced?

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The "Khornate sorcerers" of Dawn of War are just undivided, because undivided includes those who worship all the gods, or who worship one but not enough to move to that alignment. There is even an Exalted (undivided) Khorne-ish power which draws on Khorne.

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Our Slaaneshi War-Band is very close to putting on the raddest show ever. Our Roadieteks assure us the sound and light show will be most orgasmically fucktacular. Our plan is coming together quite nicely, all things considered.

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Cowardly sorcerer!

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The goal can be pretty much anything you want it to be. Your motivation can be pretty much whatever you can think of. Really, you can play it more or less seriously, but you are given every option for how to play that you could ask for, unless you want playable xenos.

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You can dedicate yourself to Undivided if you are a pussy, but Khorne alone will never accept your affections if specifically targeted at him.

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Well, there is some reason that you might make a sorcerer/heretic and go khornate.
Those starting skills with daemonic knowledge and such, would make those rituals, such as summoning blood letters, easier.
And once you hit the Khornate alignment, you lose the Psyker type, so they won't instantly attack you on basis of being a psyker, while you keep your beginning skills in knowledge(daemon) or knowledge(the warp)

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What makes a man go neutral?

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Not every heretic is even an evil Chaos worshipper. A lot of people have really reasonable grievances against the Imperium like, "My sister got kidnapped for the Black Ships, and she never hurt anybody and was just good at playing cards. Fuck the Imperium!"

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I love that I can play as anarchists and anti-establishment characters instead of just having every character be dedicated to something called the "Ruinous Powers." It gives a lot of depth to heretics and kinda makes me think they consider the EoT and the Screaming Vortex to be lands of opportunity and not just the hellholes they were forced to bunker down in.

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So it is like, create a warband and get some? So like rogue trader mixed with only war, with death watch power levels?

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My GM had the brilliant idea to stat the primarchs.

This can only end in tears.

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As far as I can tell, you're trying to attain 100 Infamy points, at which point your character becomes a Daemon prince...and as such is removed from the game, before you can complete the campaign.
So maybe that just means you can die if you're too good at the game?

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So, I'm working on a black crusade campaign idea, I'm going to have the players being renegades in a sector completely based on the RT era.

It'd be fun having Abdul Goldberg as a major foe.

But yeah, anyone got any favourite bits of RT era fluff that would be cool for a black crusade game?

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...what were the stats?

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Is he crazy or stupid?

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He decided that all the stats should approach 200 or exceed it.

Bit of both, honestly.

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Did he just buff Daemon Princes or did he start from scratch?

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Made a very high level chosen for one of them I think, then added Daemon Prince stuff to him. Not sure, I didn't ask him and I hope I never see the bloody thing used in the game.

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If he does end up using stated Primarchs in your campaign then, please, share the story.

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Post 'em when finished.

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Going by the fluff, a primarch would take roughly a dozen chapter masters or 100 psyker terminators to defeat, so make sure he takes that into account for stat purposes

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Hey /tg/, I made a Khorne Berserker and my party has two sorcerers in it. I'm not sure how to handle interaction other than hating the enemy more than I hate them, and then going for the sorcerers once I'm in frenzy mode.

What ideas does /tg/ have?

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Khorne understands that sorcery should be used to improve your weapons and bloodlust, just get increasingly mad when they use magic for other purposes

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Kaldor Draigo says hi :3.

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I refuse to accept that he's canon

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Maybe just give them a shitload of fate points?

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I'm actually running Bl right now. (first time in Gm seat) I've hit a bit of a road block on where to take the game. What sounds better, necrons or DEldar?

Have a holiday 40k pic as an offering

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Arent necrons boring for chaos? Go DE if you have some slaneesh guys in party. Otherwise, Harlequins!

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Do any books have harlies? I've got soul reaver, and the rest are in the core book.
Plus I like crons, I love both tbh. And they are also in the core book, I'd just have to custom job a lord. (tell me pic related doesn't seem BBEG tier)

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I believe there's a single harlequin main character in Outer Reach. don't know of any others.

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They are somewhere, hard to remember each book's content. Also, DE and harliquins can be combined.

But hey, if you like necrons, do it. Your enthusiasm is important to the game.

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Hey, he's just like any other Daemon Prince.

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What's wrong with the BC harlequins?

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Thanks to your pic I found some nice shit on the most Holy Archivum.

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Nothing. I'm hesitant because for me the best part about eldar is trying to roleplay them. Trying to get int he head of an eldar, especially a Deldar, is also the hardest part. Any tips? Anyone try out Hars or Deldar?

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A Deldar would be supremely arrogant, but not because of the perceived intelligence and cultural differences, but because in his long life, he has killed many humans, and he knows in moments he could have you begging for your pathetic life

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Of course he feeds on pain, treats it as an art. So even if you were best friends, he would want to cut you open for a few moments of bliss.

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holding out for a scan but heres my black crusade file to be going on with till i find one


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>Wait for Tome of Blood
>It'll arrive next year

Motherfucker, at least give me this as a Christmas gift.

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The OEF of Tome of Fate is out in the wild too. Don't have a link, but shouldn't be too hard to find.

I think the only book that doesn't have an OEF version out there, is Navis Primer. All the other books are.

Not counting Tome of Blood and Only War, of course.

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see above for the other mediafire link

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I meant that there's also the OEF version out there. Not just the scan you linked.

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bumping for the scan again. my special khorne flake berzerker is missing some love.

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I need the scans as well, in the name of Khorne.

>sugppla giveth

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damn son, all these pdf's... it's like christmas!

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bumpin for dumpin

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so there will be no chainfisting during the holidays ?

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I don't know what you are all complaining about. My FLGS had it in stock 2 days after it was announced released. My god, some of the material within, this combined with Jericho Reach will make for some truly epic battles.

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No scans yet?

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anyone will give khorny anons chrismas present ?
Isn't this holiday about sharing ?
May everyone have the chainhammer hate helicopter!

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your welcome my little deviant

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bump for khornmas scans

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Damn, playing a Khorne Berserker is a lot more fun than I thought it'd be.

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Can tell me how the NL archetype is? I'm rather interested.
And what're the last two archetypes, if anyone knows?

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Anyone got that pdf that talks about necrons?
Outer reach?
Its for deathwatch

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Any descriptions of warbands dedicated to Khorne?

>> No.22043619

it LOOKS like playing a terrifying terrorist will be fun, but also a balanced starting skillset.

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I remember an in-canon Word Bearers warband dedicated to sorcery and Khorne.

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>He decided that all the stats should approach 200 or exceed it.

a couple of squads of Dark Eldar Kabalites with poison can take one down (Unless it's Morty). They don't deserve stats in the 200s.

They're not really that strong. Angron, for instance, is a joke.

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You seem...frustrated.

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It's okay. We all can't be as good in combat as Fulgrim, or as durable as Mortarion, or as versatile as Horus...

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Don't you just hate it when that happens?

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The best part is that by ascending it makes him even weaker.

Gotta love white dwarf.

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>Don't you just hate it
>hate it

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I'd like to thank ye as well. Holy shit. Been wanting these for ever, couldn't be arsed to look much and BAM! get plopped onto table.


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So, this is slightly off-topic but I didn't want to make a new thread.
>Starting a DW game
>Everyone is new to the system but has at least some familiarity with the lore
>Player 1 loves to play fantasy-Scots in D&D so he rolls up a Storm Warden
>Player 2 got into 40k through Dawn of War, asks if there are rules for Blood Ravens and I point him to it
>Player 3 decides he wants the challenge of rolling up a random chapter and fluffing it out
>Rolling out in the open he gets +5WS/+5BS, Rare Weaponry, and other stuff that leads him to decide they're perfectionists that demand their Brothers do everything with the utmost skill and using the finest gear
>Look at my DMPC (I play them the right way, as just another PC) from a chapter based on the shitty Chapter Traits I used when I started out in 4E
>Green/White color scheme, lots of Apothecaries and a preference for standing there and taking the best the enemy can dish out
>Well shit, we prodigal sons now
Any advice on how to make this work?

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what is the usual size for a black crusade game anyway? we have 8 players and the GM can't seem to find the right it's-a-challenge-but-not-too-hard encounter...

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8 players is too much if you're doing it online. Live, not so much.

Though I'd prefer something like 3-4 players + GM.

Also bump for scans

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I thought she had some kind of Y shaped penis until I finally clicked on the thumbnail.

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Not even once.

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challenge them to a bloodletting competiton. see who can shed more blood in the name of khorne, as thats something they would probably be happy to do anyway. if they accept and win, they earn a grudging respect although you still revile their psyker ways you wont axe them a question when you frenzy. If they fail they deserve what they get.

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me so khorny

>> No.22049385

is there anything among the crunchy stuff that a psyker could and would want to use without fucking themselves over?

>> No.22049686

>>Psyker. Not fucking themselves over.

You really picked the wrong Archetype, sir.

>> No.22050667

I was of course refering to "in using one of the items", not just being a psyker.

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Scans for the scan god.

>> No.22054436

bump for bump god !
(and christmas)

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bumping because i won't have this second thread dying.

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do black crusade general threads ever get past 150 replies?

>> No.22059520

this one must

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despite of a bump i'm a just rat in a cage

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Spoiler please?

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Khorny thread never dies !

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all is dust!

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Is one of them named Mok?

>> No.22072157

khorny thread will remain khorny !

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Lorgar manipulates Angron into becoming a Daemon Prince. He also manipulates Kharn from a pretty nice guy into KHARN THE BETRAYER. ADB is a fa/tg/uy.

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>Make Khorne Berserker
>Not allowed to play him

>> No.22072260

Someone has scans of Crusade of fire and Imperial Armour volume one second edition?

>> No.22072300


Book ends revealing that DP Angron is kept chained and howling in a basement of the WE flagship, and the captain want's to jettison him into space because ship's water supply keeps turning into blood. For some reason I found this rather hilarious.

>> No.22072314


I found a lot of it hilarious, although that applies to pretty much everything ADB writes. In a good way. (ONE OF US! ONE OF US!)

>> No.22072341

They aren't undivided, they're goremages

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