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did anyone every play the starship troopers wargame? was it any good?

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I think /tg/ basically only plays 40k. Looks pretty cool, though. Were all the aliens the same?

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they did have the ones from the movie but they mode different kinds like this

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That one's awesome.

They made Skinnies too. And a good variety of bugs and marines. Was a good line.

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240 bucks on ebay. I know cause that was the final price on the one I bid on a year ago.

called an overseer bug.

All the models were really good, I wanted some of the winged dudes for shrikes and a brainbug as a proxy tervigon.

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I use the bugs as counts-as Tyranids.

Good times.

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so i am looking around and skinnies models are pretty much non-existent and the arachnids don't have a hq model available that cost less than forgeworld shit, damn shame about the discontinuation

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ChaZadores? FUCK where be my glitchy cowboy repeater!

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this and both types of exosuits are things i would to get my hands on

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I did a couple of games using the RPG rules for this.
Players were all fans of the movie and tv series, and had an absolute blast.

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i guess i will let this thread die now

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I love how they gave a nod to the TV series. Watched the entire series and it's a damn shame they never got to finish the finale. A lot of crazy shit happens during the final season on earth and I wanted to see how it ended so badly.

Are the miniatures any good? The troopers are what I'm interested in, might use a few for IG stormtroopers or something. Also, they look like they're one piece. Did they have any multipose ones?

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bump for interest

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Never played the original, but I use CAP troopers for my Tomorrow's War.

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I did. i own it.

took me a while to get out of the 40k mindset to play it.

i was originally playing the troopers like imperial guard and getting my ass handed to me.

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plastic and metals. hell they have metal models for the movie version of the mobile infantry dubbed "light infantry" for the klendathu invasion rulebook

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Holy crap those look really good.

Which means they'll cost an assload on ebay.


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Same here, have the whole series on DVD. Wish they'd done the final, hell, I wish they'd release the audio file and scripts so fans could make the end for themselves.

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The models were good (if they followed existing designs) to pretty shit (SKINNIES). The rules were...I cannot begin to describe. years after death of the system, I am still a fanboy. I got that game as I was still playing 40k, and the...difference lterally made me sell my 2,5k tau in one week. Seriously, the gameplay was fluid, the mechanics elegant, the balance fairly good before MongooseMatt fucked it up with later supplements not written by Chambers. The game is dead so i can't be accused of viral, so I will tell this...to this day, after playing 30 different systems or so, I think it was the best ground-based scifi system I've played.

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It was very good. The rules were very elegant. Sadly I didn't get a chance to play many games.

The Arachnid models were fantastic, but hard to put together properly.

The MI wee great. The light infantry and novel power armour were particularly amazing, but it was all good.

The skinnies were rubbish. No surprise that most of them were released when Mongoose was running out of cash and the schedule had gone to hell. The plastic raiders and the metal soldiers were quite nice. The skimmer and the power armour were awful though.

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Andy Chambers, the old GW Guy wrote those rules?

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I have 90 warrior bugs, 6 guard bugs, 15 Hoppers, 2 Mantis Assassins, 1 Infiltrator, 20 mind control bugs, 20 Firefries, 12 Blaster Bugs, a tanker, thorny tanker, an Overseer and a Brain Bug.

Plus every rulebook ever published on the game.

Sadly I sold my plasma bug to a guy who made tyranid drop pods from its ass.

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Yes. They're literally everything 40k was not. Firefights were quite deadly, ranges quite long, the CC faction (bugs) had to use every trick in the book to get the jumping infantry into cc. reaction mechanics back when IGO-UGO was still the norm, artillery barrage rules that were hard to grasp on purpose, but pretty nifty once you did (yes, there was a FAQ in the book that literally explained decisions made in writing. That's how cool it was.), a wide choice of weapons, and mechanics that assumed any chimp with training can more or less aim in the general direction of enemy so what really matters is if the weapon is strong enough to actually damage the powered armor or alien gribbly. I think, given the short time between this and 40k 4th ed, he must've had written the rules before. I weep for what 40k might have become but never will.

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Mongoose sold some of the molds, you can still get some of these. Firefries, cliff mites, and the CHAS robot have been redone.

I think Rebel owns them, not sure.

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The company that does those also do Skinnie soldiers, who are some of the best metal skinnie sculpts.

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Does anyone have any pics of the K9 squads? I can't find anything that's a decent size on google images.

Also is this based on the books or the movies, it's kind of hard to tell.

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>dem exosuits

I remember seeing them in my FLGS years and years back. Great sculpts, bloody heavy. You could kill someone with a handful of those models.

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mostly on Roughneck Chronicles, with Light Infantry from the movie and exosuits that are based on the ideas from book. Bugs are again mostly Roughneck chronicles, which is movie+some other species of bugs added.

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Film and Animated MI Troopers, and standard Warrior bugs are all I'd want, if I could find them.

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The best bits of all three, all combined into one glorious whole.

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Yes, Andy Chambers wrote the rules for it, and it was glorious.

Basically Matt Sprange the guy who owns Mongoose was a junior ex-GW/White Dwarf guy and he used all his contacts to amass a really fantastic games development team.

Then after a couple years it completely fell apart because Mongoose Matt was way too inexperienced to run a successful miniatures company at 25. Also there was something about wanting to jump on the prepainted bandwagon, and several awful decisions and a rushjob on the Skinnie army completely killed the game.

I head that recently Sprange tried to get the license back but the cartoon/book/film rights have been broken up and Heinlein's estate is particularly reluctant to license.

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game is pretty cool though.

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Rebel Minis sell some of the sculpts here http://www.rebelminis.com/sciencefiction.html

Earth Force Marshal (SICON officer)
TCN-2000 'Tin Can' (CHAS robot)
Mantis bugs (Mantis Assassin/Mantis Infiltrator)
Terror Mites (Cliff mites)
Space Scorpion (Firefry)
Valonian Empire (Skinnie Soldiers and Skinnie Officer)

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I'm keeping mine for Tomorrow's War, but I'm thinking of dumping the Warriors and using Defiance Games' bug drones. The warriors take up so much space its unreal, even though they're basically just cannon fodder.

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enjoy waiting next geological epoch for them to actually deliver. if it's not their crappy plastic GI's it's not in stock.

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Didn't they release their drones months ago?

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oh yes, sure. A few people did get them. Everyone else is still waiting for them to "iron out kinks" that their own fucking CASTER told them would come up if they insisted on keeping the models so fragile.

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can't beat them drones

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Ironically, I was sorting through my cupboard of unmade models the other day and found an entire armies worth of models (I bought a tonne when the game went OOP and Mongoose were selling them off cheap via ebay).

I have something in the region of a hundred MI troopers Ten Marauder Suits and some Patfinders + Command Models, It cost me £30 the other week to FINALLY get a CHAS.

I'm still hunting for more Arachnid Warriors though and I've never got my hands on a Tanker, the brain bug I got was a massive dissapointment as it came with two left sides.

I'm also thinking of using the models for tomorrows war as the game was...so-so.

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>only plays 40k
lurk moar newfriend

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Mantic's corporation are pretty starship trooper, if people need marines

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Neodogs, remember to put them down if their handler dies.

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if you could, are even read this, can you scan those books?

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if you could, or even read this, could you scan those books you got? i could only find the main rpg book

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>It cost me £30 the other week to FINALLY get a CHAS.

It's out of stock for now, but it's the same model. for 15$.

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At 16 quid per model it's a bit expensive, but the antenociti Kamodo suit will make nice exosuit.

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to anyone that played the game, i see that shock prods are an weapon option. are they any good or worth it?

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>mfw these are like a perfect modern-standards version of the great old 2ed Cadians as opposed to the ugly midgets we have now
>want so badly, will never own

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Goddamn stop mentioning the CHAS. I almost feel bad for that poor thing. Stop making robots self aware.

I was never alive.

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Live forever, apes!

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short answer, no. if you haven't shot the bug, the bug will munch you.

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I bought a giant lot of them when I was a kid.
Sadly, a squad or so of the MI CAP troopers got wasted, mauled, and destroyed, along with a Chickenhawk suit. An M8 Marauder was a junker, but I made it something decent. I have a plasma bug, 3 hoppers, 3 Blister bugs, and a boatload of warriors, some still on sprue. I have 1-2 squads of nicely done or WIP CAP troopers, with some still on sprue.
Never played the game, have the books.
It seems pretty good, honestly.

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smile for the camera

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So wish I could buy some of these to use as Imperial Guardsmen.

Klendathu Drop is fucking awesome.

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i think anyone in their right mind would shit themselves when they see this fucker burst out a suit

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Lol dat cameraman, fucking awesome

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no breaks on the rape train

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Goddamn I remember that first episode on the TV show where those things popped up.

The started getting really dark around that time. It went from "humans kick bugs ass, the TV show" to "Holy shit we can die now."

Anyone know where I can get the light infantry models, those guys look kickass and I'd love to use some for my IG, and other game systems

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...surprised this hasn't come up...

I would like to know more

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Just got 40 of these guys for 35 bucks on ebay with free shipping. Wondering if I did good or done goofed. Either way, I've got a shitload of cheap infantry to use for something now. Each box was like 7 bucks, and the only other guy selling them wanted 30 bucks for 8 guys.

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Those eyes... Fuck... Genestealers, y'all better be taking notes.

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Are the walkers any good? Look like they'd make good sentinel stand ins for dirt cheap, or at least, cheap enough I'd actually consider buying them for fuck around games. You can get 4 for the cost of a brand new GW sentinel

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