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GM PCs are usually powerful high rnk guys who run the risk of ruining campaigns. Ever have a GMPC that was just a normal personn like a camp follower or a student?

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Nope, but pic related.

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Well sure, the GM ran plenty of normal people, although generally we just called them npcs.

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My players stole an airship, kidnapping the pilot and engineers on board. When they managed to get the pilot killed by dragging him into a dungeon as a hostage, they decided to hire the enginners.

They still travel with the party to this day, just being common engineers, keeping the ship in one piece and upgrading it at the PC's commands.

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well NPCs aren't the GMs avatar tht has prominence to your plot. Like Mcguffin girl that party has to bring somewhere. Mcguffin girl pulls her weight in the party. GM has vested interest to sain "NPC"

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I just think of all my NPCs as DMPCs. Some of them may be "powerful high rnk guys", but most of them are not.
If any NPC is invited to take a role in the adventureing party they generally fill in a role that the party lacks, but I tend to make then a bit weaker than the players.
Now when I think about it, my "DMPCs" are a lot more like redshirts than anything else.

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Nah thats not the game, it has to be someone reoccouring and important, like that journies with the party >>22006777

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I think the line between NPC & DMPC is that NPCs are part of the framework of the plot, whereas DMPCs, like normal PCs, progress the plot.

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We had one where the GMPC was just something of a scribe who followed us around, using his knowledge to give hints and insight about random shit. He was also a massive coward who would become a blubbering wreck in any tense situation, which was apparently the DMs way of stopping the PCs looking to him for guidance at every challenge.

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Normal people aren't PCs.
Therefore normal people can't be a DMPC.
Such characters are called NPCs. By default, any character who is played by the DM is an NPC, even if they are important or prominent (such as the BBEG the quest giving king, or the paladins squire)

A DMPC is when the DM is basically masturbating with the story.

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Nope. Had lots of NPCs that varied from overpowerign to pathetically weak, from hateful and hated to loved and respected, and the entire gamut.

That's because I run a game for my players, and my pleasure is in making things interesting for them. If I want to play, someone else gets to run. Then I make a PC.

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camp follower turned chosen one

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as a DM, i now have a PC of my own to control, because i want to be a player and not a DM (but noone in my group is vaguely interested or skilled enough to try to DM). I have, i think, the highest casualty rate on my DMPCs of thr group, or possibly tied with another person. I make them under the same rules and level as the players of the party, except with my latest character where i accidentally the calculated APL wrong. While i would, from the DM side, like to remove the character and only take along DMPCs the players choose to bring along (such as they have now, a 74 year old scholar they've dragged up a mountain), it's hard to overcome the urge - i too want to be a PC.

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The only GMPC I've ever run was when the healer in our group stopped playing midway through a campaign so I took over. I had that character immediately fuck off for parts unknown, only for identically named characters to reappear by coincidence every time the party got in a fight. If they got in a fight in front of a restaurant he'd be eating there. If they climbed a mountain to battle a dragon at the peak he'd be taking a nature walk in the same area. If they encountered a group of NPCs there'd be a version of him there - the only human in a city of dwarves, wearing a fake beard and trying awkwardly to fit into dwarf clothes, et cetera.

Worked well as a running joke to see how bizarrely he could appear, kept the proper party dynamic for fights (they would have been screwed without him) and kept me from using a DMPC to railroad the plot. Went alright.

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I know that feel, but due to all the dmpc horror stories around here, I down right refuse to make one.

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I fully agree with this representation of what DMPC is (as contrasted with NPC).

Bullshit unpossible situation. The normal camp-follower doesn't qualify for the DMPC label. Yes, I've run normal NPCs in my games that stuck around with the PCs for a while.

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I was once running a BESM game, which is basically retarded anime power levels, where a group of mutants were stuck in an American city.

They has essentially overthrown local government and military there, but there was soon going to be a nuclear strike on the city.

So this pretty young japanese school girl shows up and asks them to help her escape. In return, she promised to show them the dangerous way out (Which they weren't aware of) and take them to Japan.

She was literally just a normal girl who was told this information by the BBEG.

Yes it was stupid, but all intentional.

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Kind of ran two in a Persona game. They went around together and had ADVENTURES! in the dream world and helped the PCs pretty often.

Edmund Carter had a strong weapon for their level and the supernatural ability to never, ever, stay dead. This was balanced by his inability to cast spells and his max HP being 1. Usually he'd do some useful damage, then get his ass kicked, then wake up after the fight totally fine. Ed had been adventuring in the dreamworld for most of his adult life, and used his adventures as inspiration for his daytime novel-writing. He was not a very serious person, and tended to treat hideous monsters borne from nightmares as new and interesting things to check out.

"Sheila" was a little shoggoth girl thing that traveled with Ed. She had strong physical abilities and some healing powers, making her a decent combatant for their level. She lacked the PC persona-switching, though, and was only capable of saying "Tekeli-li" or variations thereof.

In the grand scheme of things they didn't ever do very amazingly in combat, but they were kind of neat for people to interact with.

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I disagree. I've HAD to play DMPCs in the past, especially when NONE OF MY PLAYERS COULD HEAL OR TURN UNDEAD IN A HIGH-MAGIC SETTING.

I typed that in ALL CAPS to reinforce the fact that it was a REALLY HUGE OVERSIGHT that would probably have ENDED IN YET ANOTHER TPK.

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