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Blanche thread.

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Is anyone else getting Sheoldred vibes from this?

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Fuck! Posted the wrong pic!

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>captcha; ight eembWard

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I'm so playing this guy next time I play Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader.

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Nah, they just built a cathedral around it.

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>I"m so papal even my tall hat has a tall hat

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Blanche Mona Lisa.

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Not Blanche, but inspired by Blanche.

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yay! get to share!

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>"Space Marinez"

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I like his art, but I really wish he would figure out proportions or perspective. Not both, I'm not greedy, but at least one of the two.

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That Deathwatch marine could pass as a Chaos git, his backpack is so spiky.

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All part of the style, dude. Personally I think the wackier the better.

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>posting Ian Miller in a Blanche thread
I'll allow it.

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It really puts me off sometimes.

Case in point, these look like a childs work. One of the big reasons space marine models so often look like shit is because theyre being based off of really lazy work.

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sorry, must have gotten mixed up. I picked it up from another blanche thread. the line work is so similar.


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It used to bother me, but I just accepted that it's probably more of a stylistic choice on his part than that he's utterly incapable of realistic proportions and perspective.

Anyway, here's an Eldar Pirate.

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This is probably my Favorite piece.

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For a second I thought my monitor was busted.

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I actually think those are worse than normal Blanche because they're largely based off the models- they're constrained by that. Look, they're even in the same squatting pose and everything. Crazy Blanche is best Blanche, in my opinion.

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one more, I think

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>Solar Priest
No idea what that is, but it looks awesome.

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I want to blow this up to poster-size, put it in a really nice frame, and hang it over my fireplace.

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It'll look like shit unless you can find a way higher resolution version.

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I know, and it pains me. Can anyone help a brother out?

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I'm pretty sure you won't find any larger pic. Try using your google-fu.

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Why didn't they make the Newcrons more like this?

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They were too busy not making them like this.

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