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Sup /tg/

I am in the process of painting a Looted Wagon, with a boom gun of course, because why not. Anyway, because I dont have the money or the resources to create good spiky bits I have a lot of space for Ork Graffiti.

So what motto's and graffiti should I paint my tank up with.

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Here's some ork glyphs to help you out.

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Boss tier nob right ere.

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For extra credit: see >image related

All of the ork glyphs translate to various 4chan memes. For example, the battlewagon is labeled "party van".

The lesson to be learned? You can write whatever the heck you want on your vehicles, and as long as it's written in glyph, it'll look proppa. And it won't be as distracting as english text, either.

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So... Can this be a general ork artwork and/or models thread now?

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50s pinup of a Sister of Battle kissing a grot that's holding a fungus beer.

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Da Biggest

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make it two colored with lightning and glitter, if anyone asks the orcs looted a bowie record

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while we're on the subject, can anyone think of a cool/proppa way to convert a tua hammerhead to a looted wagon? I was thinking of putting treads on it, but good sized treads are kinda hard to come by and i cant really figure out how to put them on. maybe 6 kan legs?

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have a bunch of orks holding it up

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Don't know anything about doing it that way, but here's a pic I saved of a converted Hammerhead.

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