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ITT: Fucking horribly designed weapons.

This is a god awful weapon and limits what the combatant can do. Name me a worse weapon design wise.

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entertaining to see used though

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I believe that weapon was designed to be lashed to the arm stump of disfigured gladiators, so they could continue to entertain, even if they only had one hand.

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Nope. there is a handle in there. Though I am sure they could strap that to a stump if need be.

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>limits what the combatant can do
Like every weapon?

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Nunchakus, that Klingon weapon, any sling based weapon...

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Well to be fair taking it off would be a full round action.

I have to say the Katar is just as bad as much as I love that weapon.

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The katar is as useful as a punching dagger, you can imprim more force though because its natural movement of punching.

Well, speaking about practical katar, not flamboyant katar with 4 edges, pistols and shit.

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I'd rather have a set of nunchucks with blades attached to the end of the handles than a Batleth (Pretty sure I saw them as a weapon for the Elvis looking dude in Soul Calibur)

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>terrible weapon

HA HA yeah no that thing is fucking deadly, punches straight through fucking ribs and mangles them when it comes out, excellent forearm protection to use as a crazy maneuverable shield.

scissors are fucking brutal

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Any given sword is better. The Scissor is clumsy

Really EVERY Gladiator weapon is shit. They are meant for show not efficiency.

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i have tons far worser weapons

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That can't be real.

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Come at me, bro.

Preferably one at a time with long intervals between each person so I can figure out how the fuck this thing is supposed to be held comfortably.

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I think you hold it like an N64 controller. Just disregard half of it.

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in soviet Korea it is
*hmm* dunno *hmm*

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you did it guys im

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going to post my folder of idiot weapons.

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For a people without steel, that really doesn't deserve its place. They used what hey had.

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For when you need to say HAHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU while still remaining partially safe.

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How exactly is that supposed to work? Wouldn't you have to reach uncomfortably far to pull the bolt back?

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Looks like a toy.

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The Battle Pan: For the Fighting Princess on the Go, Now just 39.99gp

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the longest one in my collection

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A... a Balisword? Holy shit where do I get one!

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That is way too much balisong right there.

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<s>Can you block with the handles?</s>

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That's not how you spell Sam.

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>have bladed nunchucks
>make one mistake
>cut off own head

Simply terrible

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What about the sharkblade?

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fear the banata

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Can we say Experimental and Concept weapons get a pass? Sometimes you have to try shit to find out it's shit.

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...Helter Skelter?

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Agreed. Considering the environment that it comes from, that thing is pretty damn efficient.

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Same goes for fictional weapons.

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When I first saw it I chuckled but... I can't help but think if you swung that at someone just as naked at you are... I think that would fuck up someones day. I can't quite make out where this weapon is from, but I picture it being used in old ass Hawaii for some reason. But I guess it could be from any tropical island type place.

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Well, I know one thing that shitty weapon can destroy

>my sides

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>complaining about a weapon that was used exclusively for showmanship

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>Helter Skelter

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Not to mention you have to get the gun away from your face, and therefore from the target, to work the bolt.

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I think that in this case they should have stopped when someone drew the thing, and someone else asked, "well that's nice, but how the fuck do I hold it and reach the bolt while people are trying to kill me?" And when the artist just shrugs his shoulders, they should realize that they're probably better off not bothering with making one.

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I'd imagine it would work the same as the Aztec weapons that used obsidian shards in lieu of shark teeth: fucks up naked flesh quite nicely, and will often leave little pieces of rock/teeth in the wound.

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Ok, with this in mind...

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How do you even use the scope without getting your face smashed by the slides?

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>For when you absolutely
>fuck up some dude's bonsai tree from a distance

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Fictional. Who cares?

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>Not showing Zabimaru in its whip form
Nigga, do you even shitty weapons?

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That is one evil looking pizza cutter.

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That's some serious shit right there.

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Turn the blade sideways and it's alright. Just a shoddy manufacture.

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Who would need such hand cannon?

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Some things deserve no pass.

For instance, this weapon. You can cut through time with this.

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I want to own this weapon for some reason.

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Don't mock what works.

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This isn't steampunk! It's just stupid! It's not even lazy glue-some-gears-on-it steampunk, for God's sake! This is- I don't even have a word for it. It's Regretsy steampunk.

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with this i posted the best imho pivs in my folder.
If anyone wants more stupid weapons i can keep posting

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Someone hunting elephants.

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Toss the chainsaw and that would be an awesome sci-fi prop

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People huntin Big Game.

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Who wouldn't? It's a fucking butterfly sword.

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>>Grip by the handles
>>Stab the enemy like it was a dagger

Not optimal but it would work

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Can we all talk about the best weapon ever devised for a second?

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It would be incredibly inefficient. Wouldn't it kill you?

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incredible i googled balisword .... and you are not the first person to use it

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Nah. It worked on Karen.

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Give a second one and you have some WH40k weapon.

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I like this just for the effect it has on /k/ommerades.

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More dakka

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<s>I like it</s>

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loaded with pic.

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...Its a brilliant solution to a problem you never should of had in the first place

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Wow. They really put the "b" back in subtle in this monument to overcompensation.

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An absolutely terrible weapon.

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Isn't there also an advertisement for a pistol with the sights mounted on the side for gangsta-style shooting?

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Is this- is this a gun that fires bullets that fire other bullets!? Now we just need a gun made out of other guns.

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There is actually a reason for weapons like that, specifically that such weapons leave wounds that are almost impossible to stitch shut as the flesh won't connect properly or heal right. If they don't exsanguinate, then necrosis almost certainly claims the flesh between the lacerations. Death by gangrination.

Prison shanks often use a double-blade design for exactly this reason.

So it isn't really a terrible design so much as you not being fully familiar with the medical problems associated with such injuries.

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How the hell you're meant to use the M203, I don't know

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Because fuck you.

That's why.

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Yes it is.
Please see >>21984475 for the multigun.

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Or you could just kill the guy

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If you made the ammo feed form an infinity symbol it would give the user infinite ammo

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>For its time, place, materials and use katana were awesome weapons

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Closest thing i have.

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It is true that touching a person with a blade automatically kills people, yes. Good suggestion.

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A man's spirit is insid their Banakai *ehm* Bonsai
if you destroy it you lose your powers.

Google shakrs tooth weapons and you will find serius shit

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>mfw katana is a ridiculously good sword when used in the context it was supposed to be used in

You use the fucking bow and kill your enemy. If they get closer, polearm. Still closer, sword. That's a rare occasion.
Katanas are really fucking good at cutting.
Once or twice.
And then they dull down.
They dull REALLY quickly.
Also, katana techniques are all pretty much hit-or-miss. You put your whole body behind attacking. It's not like the Chinese swords that can actually be used to, I dunno, disarm the opponent.
But, as a one-strike kill weapon, the katana's decent.

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Its still a terrible sword in real life

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If you fear the pizza is stil alive when you eat it,
Use our Ebil Pizza slasher Delux

>> No.21984627

For when you absolutely have to kill a motherfucker before the fish course

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Here is a gun that shoots other guns.

>> No.21984636

Why bother when you can paint letters on your face and have infinite ammo for every weapon?

>> No.21984650

So wait
Am I seeing this right?
It shoots toward the handle
But the trigger is designed to be pulled while pointing the other end at the person you want to shoot?

>> No.21984652

How about a gun that shoots other guns that shoot chainsaw-bullets?

>> No.21984658

The aztec used thick 30-layer salted gambesons. That thing would do very well against european light armor, until you introduce rigid scales or metal.

>> No.21984664

How to troll /k/

>> No.21984666

It's for when the dinner conversation becomes so dull hat the only option is suicide.

>> No.21984679

I think you push the trigger forward
So you point the handle at them, and push the trigger forwards with your thumb, something like a matchlock

>> No.21984680

The best part about this bomb is that the Soviets were planning on making it bigger.

>> No.21984681

>he thinks the techniques for armored fighting are similar to his silly kendo shit
Katanas were acceptably effective weapons used in a perfectly logical manner.

And I say this a s a full fledged jap hater.

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I too like Planetary.

>> No.21984693


No seriously. I learned about it in EMT training for ski patrol because one of the other trainees worked at a prison which is why it came up as I recall.

Think about it from a historical perspective. Most of the deaths on battlefields would be from wounds that turned septic because shitty medical practices back then. Not so much because of OMG INSTANT DECAPITATION!

Is it a silly weapon? Yes, but it does serve a purpose, even if it isn't really worth the extra weight and cumbersomeness.

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how about a chainsaw in where every tooth is actually a bullet that gets fired every time the chain is moving?

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It's a glass bottle in front of the moon.

>> No.21984701

most awesome disney princess ever.
I loved the pans jokes

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You pull the trigger with your hand pointing at you. This points the muzzle at them.

>> No.21984723

I think you can get those in Rogue Trader. Ripper rounds I think they're called, you use them in wide bore solid shot weapons, and they dig their way through a target until their motor burns out

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>> No.21984760

only the week need chainsaws to make Ork weaponz

>> No.21984761

punching aids are incredibly practical

they're the best self-defense weapons, although obviously you wouldn't have full-size katars used as a punch load
they're more or less one of the deadly(er) variations of brass knuckles

>> No.21984786

>needz dakka

>> No.21984788

although I should add that they become considerably more effective if aids are also included for hammer-style hitting

>> No.21984799


Kendo? Fuck kendo.
But, the katana isn't a blocking or parrying weapon. Like I said, it dulls really quickly. With Chinese swords, you can easily disarm opponents, disorient them, stab and slash. The katana is a slashing ONLY weapon.

Also, in order to use the katana properly, like any slashing sword, you've got to put your whole body into each slash. It's meant to cut through things, after all. But if you miss, you're wide open. It's as if you've got a rocket launcher that shoots 20lb rockets. If it hits, your opponent is FUCKED. But reloading that bitch takes time and by the time you're ready to shoot again, you're probably dead.

>> No.21984806

What about Kopis, Tridents, Spears, Gladii, Sica, and nets?

>> No.21984824

>dakka and choppy

>> No.21984828


>> No.21984844

Dat riot shield.

>> No.21984849

GOAT weapon combo. One of my favorite characters to play is a seafaring ranger or druid who uses these.

>> No.21984863

>like any slashing
Any sword. Literally all of them. All sowrds requie you to put your body behind strikes, even the rapier
>isn't a blocking or parrying
funny then how they teach users to do exactly that. Hell, there are even half-sword techniques for the shitana.

>> No.21984865

All used with minimal armour, to make it interesting.
The gladiator is not defined by the weapon, but by the entirety of his equipment.

>> No.21984867

>Net and Trident

I have always wanted to try it in a game.

>> No.21984869

I think he meant every weapon that only gladiators used were shit. Kopis, spears, gladii and sica were real weapons used by real soldiers before gladiators started using them.

>> No.21984877

I would actually play that game. Either its tacticool spec ops teams being deployed to alternate dimensions or fantasy realms, or its a first person perspective of the early days of X-Com. Win-Win

>> No.21984892

Shit yes, someone saved this picture!
I long ago lost hope that I would see it again.

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Katanas suck compared to a comparable european sword.
>small hilt
>usually shorter

>> No.21984916

Thing is, you can probably make a bomb big enough to start a chain thermonuclear reaction which will burn entire fucking planet to its crust.

>> No.21984934


>any sword
As someone who regularly watches users of Chinese swords, I can honestly tell you that the idea with that is ALWAYS to disarm your opponent before giving a nice, quick stab. Not like when you're using a katana, where you put all of your momentum into your first strike.

>They teach users to do exactly that
In martial arts, there's something called Drunken Boxing. Yeah, you could use a Drunken style in combat, and some schools teach you to specialize in it. Still, you've got to know when it IS and ISN'T a good idea to limp around.
Add to that the fact that good swords are fucking expensive. Do you really want your expensive sword to get chipped and dulled by blocking and parrying? Are you retarded?

>> No.21984938

The bomb isn't even the real weapon.
They bury them to use as reverse-orbital lasers, firing discs of metal into space ships.

>> No.21984940

>seaweed net of binding/poison trident
So much fun.

>> No.21984946

so what about this katanas upgrade?

>> No.21984951

No shit. So does almost EVERY WEAPON. The langscwhert was a stupidly effective weapon. Not being as good as it doesn't make a weapon bad, it makes it not a longsword.

>tryinmg to tell me the katan is bad cmpared to the glorious langschert
>while replying to a post where I called it a shittana
Wow, HUUUR KATA BAD LONGSWORD GOOD really IS a kneejerk reaction that precludes the actual reading of the thread now, isn't it?

>> No.21984957

Yeah, nuclear physics says no. That's not a thing.

>> No.21984958

what about the key ?

>> No.21984962


That is beautiful and has no flaws whatsoever.

>> No.21984966


Yeah. It's kind of saddening to see that zombies are the only thing they want to snag from fantasy for war games.


Not the original, I'm afraid. I remember seeing it in one of the Modern Fantasy threads all that time ago, couldn't find it again, and remade it.

On an related note, fiddling with GIMP is hard when you don't know what you're doing.

>> No.21984978

Those aren't wandchucks

>> No.21984996

>implying I posted a longsword

>> No.21984997

Standard cock-pull.

>> No.21984998

DGAF, it looks the same as the original did... three years ago?

>> No.21984999

>do you relay want yoursword to HUUUUR DURR
Yes you do. Because if you don't, you are going to die.
>chipped and dulled
>he thinks you block with the edges
>he thinks parrying has ever involved edge on edge contact when flat on flat is universally more effective for redirect and opposing weapon
You are an idiot. Watch less TV.

>> No.21985018


Also can i post immaginary/v/ weapons?

>> No.21985034

>Katanas aren't used for parrying



<s>Yes, they're using bokken. These are all still techniques meant to work with a live steel katana.</s>

>> No.21985049


You obviously know nothing about swordsmanship.
First attack with bow. Then with polearm. Katana is last effort defense. Sometimes, yes, they were used in duels the same way a pistol may have been used.
Still, purposefully blocking another sword with your own sword instead of simply moving out of its range and counterattacking is akin to crashing your Mercedes in order to piss off the cars around you. Ridiculous and retarded.

>> No.21985063

You can. We'll tell you it doesn't count.
I'd still prefer it to the Weaboo and Westaboo war.

>> No.21985071

Bring on the JRPG character with the giant glass pizza cutter.

>> No.21985074


Real combat isn't as fluid as forms. Herp derp.
A real swordfight is usually over in only a few movements. It doesn't usually go on like that.

>> No.21985103

>The point

>Your head

>> No.21985115

And then I found this:

>> No.21985122

not exactly, opinion differs. Nuclrear phiscist are never sure about their theoretical results.
One of the reasons Ruskies didnt do the 100mt version of Tsar bomba was beacause they feared a chain reaction in the ocean. The hydrogen could be enough to keep it going.

>> No.21985123

You don't even know what a parry IS, do you?

>> No.21985124


That movie is just a choreographed dance more than anything else.

>> No.21985136

This thing looks like it would be about as accurate as the pepperboxes of yore. That is to say, the only safe places would be either directly behind or directly in front if it.

>> No.21985151

Of course I do. Have you ever even held a sword? Have you ever been within ten FEET of a sword?

>> No.21985155

>move out of it's range
>move out of range of an already moving weapon in full kit
People do not move that fast. When they do, they can enjoy either being caught on bad ground, or moving too slowly, since the opponent has no reason at all not to simply continue the attack. Fighs are ended by hitting th other guy which requires you to either strike first, or successfully force his weapon out of position, which is best done by countering an attack with your weapon and instantly moving to attack him.

>thinking th eother guy isn't going to be moving forward as he strikes so you CAN'T get back
All strikes can be made to incorporate steps for this exact reason.

>> No.21985171


No, they reduced the power because they wanted to keep the crew of the bomber that dropped it alive. And to reduce the radioactive fallout so that it wouldn't land on populated areas.

>> No.21985176

But all the moves are functional moves you would be using in combat.

>> No.21985197

If you had even the slightest clue what a parry is, you would not be saying such stupid things. Parries are primarily DEFLECTIONS, not BLOCKS.

>> No.21985223


Yes, and like I said, good swords are FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Katanas are FUCKING THIN. Parry, block, parry, oh look my katana's got a chip in it. A few more times with good hits, you need a whole new katana.

>> No.21985243

>or successfully force his weapon out of position, which is best done by countering an attack with your weapon and instantly moving to attack him.

There is, or perhaps was (as I'm having trouble finding it) a TSKSR video demonstrating such techniques in action on Youtube. It was from a German show talking about Japanese swordsmanship.

>> No.21985260

>thinks katanas, despite having edges more brittle than most, are as resilient to blade contact as spun sugar


>> No.21985304

Katanas aren't thin, they're more thick than european swords dude.

>> No.21985314

Katanas are exceptionally flat blades with a very thick spine. It's what makes them such excellent cutters.

>new katana
No, you just need to put a new edge on it.
Really not a great concern given that the field is littered with them after the battle, the the damage to your sword means the opposing weapon didn't harm YOU.

Wouldn't shock me, given that it's basically THE fundamental concept of all forms of fighting, especially single weapon.

to badly paraphrase those more skilled than I:
All attacks must also defend, all defenses must also attack.

>> No.21985324

Fat, not flat.

>> No.21985342

Just how weak do you think a katana -- or any sword for that matter -- actually is?

As others have said, parrying is NOT edge-on-edge. You use the flat, because (a) it gives you better control over where your enemy's weapon goes, and (b) so you don't dull the blade!

Parrying only fucks up your edge if you're doing it wrong. And in that case, you're a lot less likely to live long enough to care about roughing up your cutting edge, because you're not protecting yourself as effectively.

>> No.21985375

This thread has become dildos.


>> No.21985379

The video actually pointed out that katana used in combat frequently had notches in said spine, as the technique in use involved using that big thick back bit to parry the incoming strike.

>> No.21985427

That doesn't make it an acceptable weapon design. Good weapons are meant to win fights, not cause your opponent medical problems a week after he's killed your dumb ass for using with twice the strike area and therefore half the power. Using a sword like this when you could just as easily use a regular sword is like using a one-armed strike when you could just as easily use a two-armed strike. Shanks are different; you gotta play the psychological game in prison. I'm sure there's a decent way to implement the tactic you're talking about, but just sticking a regular katana blade right next to your already perfectly functional katana blade isn't it.

>> No.21985436

I've heard the same thing.

>> No.21985461

Damn, that looks badass.

>> No.21985557

>implying all weapons aren't horribly designed

>> No.21985768

I'm not the one you're arguing with, but people don't just make constant sound barrier-breakingly swift dodges in the middle of swordfights. A sword can be swung a hell of a lot faster than a human body can be moved out of range of a sword swing. You can dodge backward, sure, but unless you're a vast open plain with no obstacles and you're capable of running backward faster than your opponent can run forward, eventually you're gonna need to close, and relying strictly on opportunistic strikes in close combat is reckless; you need a defensive response in case your opponent counters. Obviously blocking is also important. I don't exactly how many blocks occurred in an average katana duel, it might not have been many, but I'm sure that they didn't just try dashing away like the Flash when counterattacked at close range just to protect their damn swords.

>> No.21985817

Old weapons weren't designed horribly.

>> No.21985928

I can't tell for shit what the hell I'm looking at here.

>> No.21985983

>old smokescreen device

>> No.21985987

Is that shark teeth? That would hurt something fierce.

>> No.21985999

That's a tube at the bottom that you put your arm in. It makes you look like you have a tiny guillotine for a hand. The tube helps protect the arm for some added defense.

>> No.21986055

So the Brand Jakobs from BL is real?

>> No.21986091

>hand removal device
10/10, would laugh again

>> No.21986103

I hope you ain't dissing the TAP Vespa.
That thing was for jumping out of fucking aircraft with.

Paratrooper artillery and transport. Fucking awesome.

>> No.21986119

A worse weapon, OP?

>> No.21986141

Ok.. a sword and a shorter sword.
The bar for stupid weapons needs to be reset.

>> No.21986199

It's a sword with no guard.

In other words, just asking to get your finger removed.

>> No.21986200

I suppose we could.

>> No.21986239

I've read that those were actually pretty effective.

>> No.21986302


>> No.21986309


>> No.21986676

It's Ma Deuce, dammit!

>> No.21986894

from the hip

>> No.21987340

It is a toy. The main gun part is just a nerf rifle.

>> No.21987409

can I please buy this?
without the ebony hilt though
ebony is awful for grips

>> No.21987422

that's so incredibly unwieldy

>> No.21987472

it's a fucking bladed tonfa

>> No.21987490

that looks like it's entirely for show, like a royal guard or something

>> No.21987580

And this is an actual bladed tonfa. Called rooster blades.

>> No.21987629

>beacause they feared a chain reaction in the ocean. The hydrogen could be enough to keep it going.

>> No.21987645

from an aircraft

>> No.21987673

It's a Bat'Leth, you fucker, and oh god did I really just correct someone on that I have to lie down.

>> No.21987836

if you need to, count to ten and take deep breaths

>> No.21987906

What's really funny about these threads is that even if a lot of these weapons ARE terrible, there's still probably people even today who could do some nasty things with them.
In my experience with martial arts, and just what i've seen in real life, even unconventional weapons can still hurt like a bitch. I mean I've seen a guy beat up another guy with a metal hoop, not even a bladed chakram, I mean fucking metal hoop, the kind you'd push with a stick if you were a child in the 1900's.

Except this 'weapon'. Seriously, how can you fire this without getting a concussion?

>> No.21988024


>> No.21988037

the addition, and naming of a rear visor is hilarious to me

>> No.21988170

11/10 would forge glorious breakfast of legend with

>> No.21988248

Nice to know the Cobra Ferret has a historical basis.

>> No.21988309

I did martial arts for years. My weapon of choice was nunchuks. I agree that they are a stupid weapon with no point. The hardest part about using them isn't hitting yourself when bouncing them, no the hardest part is avoiding getting him by them after you hit something really fucking hard.
On an unrelated note, when the ball bearings wear out on a chain pair you can injure yourself even if you're decent with them as the spinning motion is changed.

>> No.21988310

>Not using gratuitous amounts of heavy ordinance
What are you, man, some sort of namby-pamby?

>> No.21988542

As ridiculous as this is I like the look of it.

>> No.21988564

I want this table.
It is glorious.

>> No.21988671

>swordanboardan against bed intruder
Hell yeah

>> No.21988707

Yeah, but you know what's WAY more practical than a double-bladed sword?

One with a triangular cross-section. Sure it's really only good for stabbing, but stabbing's fucking good. Many daggers from the Renaissance and thereabouts are made this way. IIRC, a lot of WW1-era rifle bayonets were triangular spikes.

>> No.21988762

You mean like this? Aren't those illegal because the wounds are so hard to close?

>> No.21988895

Except you would probably want to change it to a single hand grip in the middle so it actually functions as a shield and not just a piece of wood bound to your forearm. Unless you were planning to joust with the intruder. Or stand in a phalanx.

>> No.21988896


That's a swiss saber, dude. Schweizersabel. That's why he said 'equivalent', it's basically a katana with a proper hilt.

>> No.21988938

Hm. Then would the top of the bat be attached to the single rigid handle?

>> No.21988946

Kind of a ZOMBIES EPIC XD example of what I was talking about, but the principle's there. Can't imagine that that's anything but a show piece.

This IS an impractical weapons thread, after all.

>> No.21988958


>and not just a piece of wood bound to your forearm

You realize that's exactly what most shields were, right? They tended to be strapped to your arm.

>> No.21988994

0/10. Almost tried to teach you nuclear physics.

>> No.21989048

>not having your entire family trained to fight in a phalanx

>> No.21989445


Larger shields were are were more common on horseback and in formation fighting.

for a one on one encounter with a small shield like this one, you should grip in the middle like a buckler

>> No.21989456

OP, that's not a weapon, it's a hair pin.

>> No.21989484


W... why the fuck are you posting a stiletto in an impractical weapons thread?

>> No.21989534

cannot unsee

>> No.21989574

>> No.21989586

I've never even been to /k/, but now I understand. I understand their rage.

>> No.21989608

wow, a helmet cannon, and cooking utensil in one.

That's some technology right there

>> No.21989644

Why is this in the thread?
It's tacticool and therefore far superior

>> No.21989657


>> No.21989665


>> No.21989679

>Tfw you got to put those bars in there

>> No.21989685

>Bullets vibrate blade
>Magic power keeps them from exploding the barrel
Why not just use fucking magic to vibrate the retard sword in the first place.
>Cannot remove slug from enclosed barrel

>> No.21989709

Not to mention the whole "sword weighs more than you do" thing

>> No.21989738

... people...

>> No.21989782

Never know when you need to shoot down a helicopter with one shot

>> No.21989802

Or a charging rhino or five.
>TFW I actually want a revolver chambered in .45-70

>> No.21989803

Sechs' staff is pretty stupid, especially since it gets doubled in size later.

>> No.21989863

I see the giant from Dark Souls has moved on to gunsmithing.

>> No.21989883

Not large enough.
I want a gun that's able to tear a mans arm off by firing a single shot (and I'm talking about the guy holding the gun, not even the guy who gets hit by the bullet.)

>> No.21989894

>the guy who gets hit by the bullet
No such thing. There is only the crowd that was in front of the bullet at the time.

>> No.21989900

I thought the bullets themselves were magic, and only thing you need to remove is casings.

>> No.21989904

More like Jakobs exists in real life.

I think I just have a raging boner for rifle caliber rounds in pistol-sized firearms.

.45-70 will fuck all kinds of shit up, yo.

>> No.21989922

You don't even need to shoot your target, the explosive force of the gunshot will liquify him.

>> No.21989926

>Tfw you could never fire it in game.

>> No.21990044

>TFW I hit it every time
>TFW you must be 'tarded

But check this out.

>> No.21990057


You should read Teller's examination of the principles involved. It's actually very clear that the premise of atmospheric ignition literally doesn't work. It's not just not actively supported by physics, but requires elements that are incompatible with observable and testable laws of physics. It is as close no impossible as physics get.

>> No.21990064

Shishkebob was amazing.

>> No.21990071

Wasn't this type of blade used on knights that were knocked off their horses?

>> No.21990086

What about a rocket luncher?

>> No.21990089

Clearly you never played The Temple of Elemental Evil.

Fucking frying pans to 2d12+STR! :O

>> No.21990189

As inefficient as this almost certainly is I love the way it fits together

>> No.21990274

They didn't do the 100MT detonation because it was too dirty, and the bomber would have been doing a suicide run.

>> No.21990467

It's also a combined shirasaya, which kind of defeats the point of a shirasaya. You're not supposed to use them in combat anyway, they're for "storing" blades safely (and having more than one blade inside would likely lead to slight scratches if you transported it).

>> No.21991236

dont worry you got 2 hands.
You can always try a second time if you mess up

>> No.21991376

could you tell more?
Also Guatierskij?

>> No.21991393

>shirasaya in the there there are two holes in which you put blades
Also a wheapon for more civilized time

>> No.21991403

Serious question /tg/. How would you go about making a usable and durable flaming sword?

>> No.21991404


Lightsaber bong?

>> No.21991434


I'm going to assume you don't mean slings mean the things that throw small clay pellets right?

Because those things are super deadly.

>> No.21991476

White phosphorous. Parring with the blade with spray chips of burning phosphorous at the attacker, and provided you aren't dumb enough to make the entire blade out of it, won't compromise strength, although the burning property may make the blade brittle through over-hardening.

>> No.21991523


>shield on forearm

That's not how shields are supposed to work.

>> No.21991532


>> No.21991536

>what is a buckler

>> No.21991551

honeslty no idea how to make one.

>> No.21991561

And before anyone thinks that those leads are the ones feeding the fire, they are not. Those are wires for an arc welder so that when they collide they spark. You can see the same thing without the fire in another of the guy's videos.

>> No.21991563

...I think I know what Sam you're speaking about

>> No.21991574


A small shield held in the fist?

>> No.21991589


Take a durable sword and attach a colorful feather boa, paint it with a rainbow. And I think nothing else really needs to be done.

>> No.21991656

could you tell to me too?

>> No.21991731

A brass knuckle you can block weapons with.

Really, the main moves with a buckler are punching the opponent in the face, slamming the sharpened rim on a hand or wrist and punching their weapon.

It's a blast to use in steel fights

>> No.21991737


>> No.21991763

Small channel through blade, some holes in the upper area, gas bottle in hilt.

>> No.21991768

Fat of your victims filling the blade's abrasions, lit by your cigar before shit hits the fan.

>> No.21991788

You'd probably need some sort of lipophob armor/coating to prevent the stuff from running down your arm tho.

>> No.21991789

You actually could not cycle the bolt without un-shouldering the rifle, who the fuck could be that retarded
>Designed by the Marine corps
Also Pic related, who the fuck thought this would be a good idea? Throwing some Wrought Iron on the side of an Enfield does not make an LMG

>> No.21991797

Just always hold your sword low forward.

>> No.21991831

Ok the Cannon was removed before firing, it's just an adorable artillery tractor, not stupidly well armed scooter.
You know if you are say, a polyneisan who lacks the knowledge to work metel, this isn't that bad of an Idea

>> No.21991852

You can't really tell that from that picture and there are dumber mistakes copycat swordmakers make (katana with no blade collar is a favorite of mine)

>> No.21991934

wrap the blade in cloth

>> No.21991942


Soak it in methanol or something that burns away.

>> No.21991978

cant find a pic but it was in Rin daughters of mnemosyne, it was a glove that fired shotgun shells when you hit something.

>> No.21992029

Yeah, that explanation was retarded.

I would have accepted it more if it was basically a pistol with a sword bayonet

>> No.21992086


Eh, it seems to have worked out well enough for the time period. Certainly better than, say, the Chauchat.

>> No.21992146

White Phosphorous is dangerous as fuck, but doable. You could even have a sortof ranged attack by swinging the sword in your opponent's direction, sending small sticky fireballs flying at him.

I would like to design a sword that looks as sword-like as possible but portable in that it doesn't need external fuel-sources. Like a big hilt perhaps with a hidden bottle that evenly coats the whole blade periodically without blowing up the bottle or compromising strength.

I'd also require a sortof ignition next to the grip of the sword so one could ready it by simply pressing a switch or valve then flick the ignition and bam, sword catches fire. The ranged attack flick thing could be done more times if it's replenished.

>> No.21992198

Sheath full of oil keeps the blade from becoming too unwieldy and tacticool.
Better be a sheath made from god's scalp or something tho.

Ignition could be something flint-based near the index finger or guard.

>> No.21992226

It was made by Ancient Filipinos, forged with fire and brimstone, and with the insane thoughts of:

"I should make this bigger."

>> No.21992244

New Demoman Random drop:

The Demopan!
No Random Crits, 25+ health for every egghead you "fry", +50% more if on fire.

Works with the Demodemopan kit:
Stoot Sheko.
Chergeen Terge.
2 Refeind Boots.

>> No.21992245

How about a sheath of asbestos? Could have one of those long kitchen lighters in the hilt, replaceable cause the hilt opens up. The entire roll of asbestos, soaked in gasoline would light up from the inside and voila, flaming sword and the sheath doesn't melt.

This is more of a prop though, I'd actually want a metal sword. I don't think that's possible without a machined swordblade that's a bit hollow and has tiny holes everywhere where gasoline/flame would come out. that would also snap.

Is it even physically-possible to make a flaming sword that's both battle-quality and durable?

>> No.21992292

it's even got a chain, so you can swing it around

>> No.21992309

yes. it pierces plate armor quite nicely

>> No.21992318

"jumping device"

>> No.21992384


>> No.21992486

Attach cloth or felt or something to the blade, soak it in fuel, light before use.

It would really mostly be just very flashy without having much other advantages other than the psychological advantage of being the guy with a fucking flaming sword.

>> No.21992520

You wouldn't even need the asbestos if you just choose your fuel smartly.

Since the temperature of those flames is generally lower than that needed to ignite the cloth. (the outside will be somewhat singed after usage tho)

Hell, this is why torches can actually work like they do.
They are basically this concept.

>> No.21992570

No, it doesn't.
It's used to go AROUND the plate, in the gaps.
Generally one would use a misercorde, which is pretty much a shank. Think knitting-needle mounted on a cotton reel.

>> No.21992795

Its a man catcher and actually pretty useful, if extremely specialized. Its for capturing people (mostly) alive. Those talons are not sharp on the inside but the points make damn sure you are more liable to just let yourself be captured than ending up with those bastards fucking up your leg or whereever you are hit.

In a real fight, its horrible though.

>> No.21992838

Similar devices are like, the best thing for fishing.
Fishing spears are either barbed (harpoon) or almost exactly that but weaker.

>> No.21993370


>> No.21993831

What the hell is this dynamo for?

>> No.21994564

Ignition spark.

>> No.21994778

It's a two-eye sight you loot at it with the guns at arms reach.

>> No.21995479

>exposed core
You're just asking for that thing to explode in the middle of a fight.
>smoke from the emitter nozzle
lol nope

>> No.21995547

an unrealistic portrayal of an unrealistic weapon?


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