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War sucks. Imperial guard mission assignment logistics sucks even more.

"Hammer of the Emperor! Take this bag of rocks! Give back your lasguns! Victory awaits!"

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Oh god, her face.


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And on the flip side:

"Command specifically requested that your squad is to be fully outfitted in Carapace Armor, your squad shall also have access to a single Heavy Bolter, one Meltabomb, and an Orbital Strike target designator. Oh, and a full crate of lho sticks, which are to be carried into battle"

"...but we're from a FETHING SCOUT REGIMENT"

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I sometimes wonder how the Imperium can keep its troops supplied despite all the thousands of campaigns happening on a bajillion worlds.

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For the most part, they don't have to. Lasguns can be recharged in the field, so all they really have to supply is tank shells.

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Thank the Emperor for these weapons!

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The Munitorum does a remarkably good job considering how much they have to deal with.

They probably segment it up as much as possible and try to keep supply routes to as few warp jumps as possible, but it's still a fucking huge complicated clusterfuck of a system that somehow still works, kinda.

And Lasguns, those things are pretty interchangeable, you can recharge them by throwing them in a bonfire if needed, and everyone has them. That makes everyone's life a lot easier.

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Squad upgraded!

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>tfw the quartermaster hands you the Inquisition Mystery-Box, with attached note saying "keep it secret, keep it safe, do not open".

Two sessions, one hour long argument, and one BLAM'd Sergeant later, it turned out the box contained cigars. Our squad was the Inquisitorial Cigar Delivery Service, and Sergeant Marks died for it. Fucking Inquisitors.

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The Munitorum probaby still makes mistakes every now and again, though.

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My cigs! Give'em to me!

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Oh fuck yeah they do.

Does anyone know if Only War as a 'logistical fuck up beyond the players control" roll?

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Not often, but when they do it can be fairly catastrophic.

For example, in one of the Gaunt's Ghosts books the Munitorium mixes up the ammo crates of two regiments, who use different patterns of Lasguns. So when they go to get assigned their ammo before the battle, they find out they've been given size-3 charge packs instead of size-5s. Suddenly, the entire regiment is fighting on nothing but a single clip and balls of steel.

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Oh all the time. Given that it's the Imperium there's a large human element to it, and humans make mistakes all the time. Sure people double check each other's work, there's systems in place to catch these errors but there's so many forms to file and so much paperwork that stuff is going to screw up along the line.

People will receive summer uniforms on an ice planet, they'll get fur coats on a jungle death world, you don't get your weapon shipments or fuel, due to a clerical mishap your full strength regiment got folded in with another full strength regiment from a planet that you hate, sometimes you don't even know how or why you got that box of frilly dresses and somewhere the 557th Imperial Crossdressers ended up with more Smoke Grenades than they needed.

There's fuck-ups, but it works which is impressive for such a huge supply network.

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Sorta. Before each mission you make a Logistics roll. If you pass, you get your standard issue gear. If you pass by a lot, you get to roll on the extra bonus gear table. If you fail the roll, you lose access to some of your standard issue gear for the duration of the mission.

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>throwing bayonet equipped guns

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I remember reading somewhere that a planet can get destroyed by a simple maths error in the accounting department.

Whether it's because they stop sending it food and it just falls apart or exterminatus I don't remember.

I just remember it was over the top and kinda bleak in the 40k kind of way.

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You guys lasted two sessions? A friend of mine ran something similar using West End Games' Star Wars. We were a group of troubleshooters hired to deliver a crate by some Imperial authority. We argued about the box before we even took off from our office. Once on the road, we got into a firefight by unmarked/unidentified goons that we figured to be the Rebel Alliance. After barely making it out of a massive chase in a desert wasteland, a few of us BLAM! each other over the contents and then did some delicate work to jimmy the bigass crate. At least it wasn't a box of cigars...
<s>It was a spare suit for Darth Vader</s>
The survivors pretty much crapped themselves over the discovery.

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It could get deleted from Imperial records, sure, but it would have to be a backwater shithole anyway for someone not to notice the mistake.

Its unlikely that this would directly harm the planet in the short term, since the Governor could just send out an astropathic message saying "Attention all Rogue Traders, will pay big dosh for bulk food supplies" if necessary shipments stopped coming.

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Probably not Exterminatus, that requires authorization from a high ranking Space Marine, Imperial Navy or Guard Officer, or Inquisitor. That's a separate chain of command from the Munitorum.

It might starve the world, it might rank it an unimportant asset so it won't get proper defense should something nasty attack it, it might set the tithe too high for it to sustain, it might cut trade and they don't get something they need to survive.

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Forgot to mention. We didn't make it past the first session

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15 Hours is this in a nutshell.

A bureaucrat, sitting at a computer listening to a voice tell him numbers which he then puts in a computer. This is his entire job. "25463" type out 25463, hear new number, continue. No context, no explanation, just that. He feels useless and depressed, and so he gets a single pair of digits mixed up. 25436 instead, so to speak.

Because of that an entire company of newly recruit Guardsmen gets separated from their regiment and dumped onto a hellhole planet with a single known remaining city under siege by orks (trying to get to the promethium reserves within)... for 10 years. His dropship gets shot down in the middle of No Man's Land, and out of his entire company he alone survives. Several of the bitter veterans tell him, among other miserable tales, about how they once engaged in a costly assault to get to a dropship full of supplies that turned out to hold nothing but ballistic rubber. The book title comes from the average life expectancy of green soldiers in the warzone.

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You know what's funny? Men & women join imperial guard to make there life better then before.

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ANd yet, given some worlds, that works.

Having a 85% chance of being eaten by an ork before you hit 45 is shit, but better than another year on DickWolfRape IV.

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I have to quote tv troops:

"To expand on this, imagine being one of quadrillions of human beings alive in the Imperium. Imagine living in a hive planet, which is basically an entire planet hollowed out and turned into a single giant city, where countless other humans live, where all your food and water are probably exported from some agri planet. Imagine being at the mercy of an unthinkably massive government, one that views you, at best, as a resource to be used as they say fit (as a citizen of the Imperium, you have no rights, just responsibilities). On top of some incredibly shitty job (think 12 hours of factory work a day), imagine also having to worry about the incredible amounts of crime all around you. Imagine knowing that, at any moment, the authorities might take you in for any crime (guilty or innocent), and do whatever they please. Imagine being taught from birth that your entire existence is to be a servant to the Emperor, a lesson which everyone around you has learned very, very well. Imagine knowing that any amount of heresy, of any kind, you might display will land you, at best, a very quick death. Then, remember that doesn't account for all the xenos, heretics, and so on that exist all around, and that, with every coming day, the chance of being killed by some invading fleet, your own government, or something similar can only get stronger....Yeah, the Imperium sucks."

Join IG, now!

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Hammer of the Emperor sounds pretty boss.

And I'm glad it doesn't sound as critically important as the other "core" sourcebooks have been. Advanced specialties, cavalry stuff and mixed regiments sound pretty useful, but not absolutely necessary when starting a new game.

Too bad they've decided to leave aeronautic material for some later book, though. But I guess I'd rather have the air support, fighter pilots and other nifty details dealt in its own separate book than a single chapter in a generic sourcebook.

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This reminds me strongly of Hans Von Luck's war diaries. On the Eastern Front, the German supply train was so stretched and so corrupt that regiments often received useless supplies or nothing at all. One time Luck's armoured company received skis instead of winter coats and fuel.

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Sounds like the soldiers should slide on over and knock em cold.

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I dunno, that kind of mutinous behavior is a pretty slippery slope, coated in ice.

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I'm sure it'll be cool.

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Hopefully, the guy in charge of making sure they got the supplies they needed didn't get the cold shoulder.

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I miss home

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They do that. They also stand in two lines, facing each other, spin those fuckers insanely fast so the bayonets pretty much turn the space between into potential choppy death if you make one misstep, and then their commander strolls through the middle, LIKE IT AIN'T NO THANG!

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The minute you think about 40k as opposed to reality is the minute you realize that taking 40k seriously at any stretch is something reserved for the mentally disabled.

Know how a real battle would go? Lots of WMDs. A fuck-ton of WMDs. See also: Starship Troopers.

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You know I've been thinking of making a Administrations campaign for 40k using Rogue Traders as a template of sorts.

If any of you have seen 'Better off Ted'
sort of like that but less development of new whacky stuff and more just trying to keep the Guards and Lords all happy.


Using this as an example:

"Sir our Guardsmen on Deathkillplanet IV are on low moral since the devastating loses and the higher ups are thinking of cutting funding to the sector because of it."

"Hmmm tell them... tell them we didn't LOSE 26,000,000 troops and 8,000 tanks, tell them we used them."


"Well we use bullets right?"

"Only in outdated weapons but yes?"

"I'm going to ignore that statement and point out bolters but anyways.... bullets, we use those but we don't say we lost a million bullets putting down an eldar raid, we don't say we lose a bullet when a sniper has killed a heretic! NO we've used that bullet! We used 26,000,000 Brave Soldiers and 8,000 of the Emperor's finest tanks to acquire victory for the Emperor!"

"I think you're on to something sir."

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So I'm the only one who finds her look hilarious.

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That's nothing. Our last Logistics check, we actually, honest to God-Emperor, got the box marked with the Inquisitorial =I= right before we were deployed via teleportarium right into the heart of an enemy nation. Now we've got heretics and probably the Inquisition after our arses, and nobody wants to open the box for fear of gribblies coming out and being all gribbly.

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/tg/ make her a thing!

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If ever there was a time cooler heads shouldn't have prevailed.

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Thats why like the Tau better, than again, I always felt that eastern philosophy to be wiser.

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In theory yeah it works.
In practice? Not so much.
Because no matter where you come from humans as a whole are usually jerks.

All that stuff about playing nice and being equals? It's the big man trying to reduce the risk of rebellion.

Honour and codes of Bushido? Do it to make people like you more then stab people who think you're honourable when it's easier to do so.

Hell arguably Tau have the same problem.
If a Ethereal tells a soldier to kill himself for the greater good they'll probably do it no questions asked.

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You are talking about a really intelligent people, if the west would leave them alone the world would be able to see how it works.

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The only really difference between the Fire Caste and the Imperial Guard is that the first dies for honor and the second for duty

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We did. History. It is exactly that with a side of rebellions being crushed or causing huge deathtolls.

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Most the people who fought it where being stupid though they kind of had it coming.

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>can recharge them by throwing them in a bonfire

Yes, but this is a terrible idea if you want to keep using the laspack, which if you're not being resupplied, is what you want.

Better to use solar or one of the tanks as power generator, since tech spirits are magic.

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There would be no more fighting if everyone agreed to listen to smarter cultures.

>> No.21976888

Well, I guess that makes people who don't like getting ruled by a nearly culturally distinct taxmaster far, far away pretty stupid.

Oh, right.

ps 'eastern' history is full of just as much blood and gore, they just had a bureaucracy (IN CHINA) for a bit, as well as some theories on the right of rulership that differed in interesting ways from western divine right. Because of this (or this because of circumstance) they, for a very long period of history were nothing like the normal ideal of unity. The most famous period if the Warring States period, but it was hardly the first or last. China has had its periods of bloody suffering and death just as the west.

And of course people simply ignore SE asia or Central Asia for the most part.


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Problem here is that smarter isn't always the best at least for everyone.
A smart individual culture invented by a greedy smart man might only benefit himself for example.

Not always, I think it's been stated that bonfire is quicker. If it's the choice of having a safe gun that only has a few shots left or a potentially dangerous gun with more shots then some guards could take the bonfire.

Not only that but I'm assuming a lot of battles in the 41st millennium take place in <s>The grim darkness</s>

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If needed, that's the important part of the sentence. It's far from the optimal way to charge it, but if you don't have anything else you might just have to.

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*was the Warring States...

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I am talking about china when it was stable, most the problems with china (and Japan) where from people being foolish and betraying the ideals.

SE and central Asia where not much better than the west IMHO.

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Man what the fuck happened to this thread. It started off so well.

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People love feeding trolls.

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>I am talking about china when it was stable, most the problems with china (and Japan) where from people being foolish and betraying the ideals.

No. I'm not even gonna bother explain why that is wrong (and in so many ways). You won't listen and it'll be a waste of my time. But damn.

Hint: That is being human.

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But seriously this is how quite a few /tg/ threads go.
If it doesn't derail into a debate about history or something else we like then you're not doing it right.
Well not doing /tg/ right anyways.

>> No.21976949

To be fair it's not really troll feeding persay.
At least not where I'm sitting.
It's more of a case of one person giving their opinion on something.
Then another person coming in a dismissing it.
Then debate club ensues.
Said quality of debates are questionable but as far as I can tell no one really is being a complete troll, at least not an obvious one to me.

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It's 'per se'.

>> No.21976968


I am ashamed of this, probably should not let it go as far as it did, but I wanted to share with what kind of bullshit I had to put up with in the last few weeks with the new group I am stuck with.

They took something I loved (my sunday gaming sessions) and destroyed it with the exact same bullshit I just fed you, only they really believed that shit. The only reason I even play is is because my best friend in the world for some totally fucked reason thinks he needs to stick it out and see it to the end, or until the DM rage quits or kicks one of us out.

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Well the fact that you knew what I meant means you got my point regardless of how bad I am with wurds.

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To err is human, to correct is divine.

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Oh thank goodness. I'm the snood who laughed and I pity you so badly. China and eastern history is great, but the idea of a 'superior culture'... They've never touched a book.

I am so sorry.

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Hmm I wonder how Techpriests deal with logistics?
Better then others I guess but imagine what would happen if they lost power to one of their planets for a week....

>Week passes and power comes back online.
>Techpriests have been using their batteries to construct some sort of self perpetuating super generator to keep things going.
>It's incomplete but the idea is there.
>Inquisition wants to blow it up because 'SCIENTIFIC IMPROVEMENT AND ENHANCMENT!' but secretly supports it so they can steal a finished version for their own rapid fire death star project.
> Administration wants it publicly destroyed but secretly funds it so that they have to push less pencils in the long run.
>Khorne wants to steal it.
>Nurgle wants to corrupt it.
>Tzeentch probably was the one who made the adept in charge of the power carry the 1 wrong.
>Slannesh just wants to fuck it.
>The Techpriests want to finish it.
>The Magos <s> Wants to fuck it as well </s> just like every IT boss ever with every project.

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Yeah, that conversation was like.
Me: dude, you know your white, right?
DM: You would not know that if you knew how I was treated in this country.
Me: Dude, you know your out of highschool now, right?
DM: Just get on with the game!

I am waiting until he kicks me out, but he seems kind of gutless.

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>most the problems with <INSERT NAME HERE> were from people being foolish and betraying the ideals
And you have just summed pretty much the majority of human history.
If you look back, in every age the philosophers mourned general decline of culture, morals and such.
They also were right. It is a spiral of idealism and degradation, repeated on increasingly higher technological levels. First, a generation builds something, then it starts to wither and rot, until the next crysis breaks it, and new generations rebuilds, trying t make it bigger and better.

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Do people fuck in the imperial guard?

>> No.21977212


Yep. IG Regiments have legions of ships full of hookers and nannies just to start a mobile population up/deal with the kiddies.

>> No.21977230

Yes. They are people.
Sooner or later they will find some way to sate their urges some way or another.
So the IG caters to that.
You just don't hear about that in official fluff.
Abnett mentions the camp followers and the decks they occupy on ships, though.

>> No.21977236

>Do people fuck in the imperial guard?

Not sure how protection in 40k works but for all we know daily use of a lasgun could make them sterile.
Probably a bad idea, I think the Guardsman Primer says doing it with a fellow soldier or while on duty or in the presence of the superior etc will get you shot or something.
Probably not a good idea since battlefield pregnancy would well... like I said not be a good idea.

So yeah it's possible I guess.

>> No.21977241


Soldiers need to screw, after all. Then there're the mixed regiments.

>> No.21977253

In mixed-gender regiments they most likely do. Ciaphas Cain's parents were officers I think and in one of the Cain novels it is said that he had to deal with children while with the Valhallan 597th.

>> No.21977262


You mean shit like this?


>> No.21977263

Makes me wonder whether there are arrangements for pregnant soldiers.
There must be some official way to deal with them.

>> No.21977274


Maternity leave probably. Making more soldiers > being shot. I'd assume. It's likely dependant on regiment.

>> No.21977301


Ciaphas Cain novels have a brief mention on how his roll as a Commissar is over seeing that all troops remain combat ready and if not are in proper recovery conditions. He goes on to mention that being a Commissar of a mixed regiment unavoidably meant he also had to deal with pregnancy.

In most cases the parents were only given a slap on the writs and the child when born was sent to Valhalla (Regiments home world).

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Not the guy you're responding to, but thanks for linking that. That was pretty nifty.

>> No.21977419

Yeah, the same guys who do this for the Army are the ones who compete for being part of the Tomb Guard.

>> No.21977431


I thought it was condoms. The supply ship contained nothing but a thousand tons of condoms.

>> No.21977457


Making bad puns in an active war zone is punishable by summary execution, Guardsman. May the Emperor find you worthy. *BLAM*

>> No.21977466

Ouch. I think you need to chill out a little more, man.

>> No.21977468

Shit man, that was cold.

>> No.21977474

Damn sir you shot that one out of the park

>> No.21977475

Awe man, homeboy got iced...

>> No.21977483

I don't want to get shot, I', gonna make a run for home!

>> No.21977493

Are you sure you are going to be safe?

>> No.21977512

Maybe we should go back to base?

>> No.21977639

I've heard he strikes you three time BAM BAM BAM, and then you're out!

>> No.21977666

>whine about logistics

>Raven Guards get surrounded by Orks
>spend 50 years fighting Orks from the shadows with no supplies

Imperial Guard confirmed for pampered babies.

>> No.21977709

They are only human.

>> No.21977716

Tell that to the Catachans.

>> No.21977739

They're only Rambos.

>> No.21978031

>whine about logistics

>Raven Guard cllones a shitload of soldiers
>Can't even look after the cloning machine in case someone spikes it.

Raven Guard confirmed for stoopid beakies.

>> No.21978039


Tell that to the Krieg Death Korps.

>> No.21978370

They are only Frenchmen with german naming conventions.

>> No.21978569


Tell that to the Cadians.

>> No.21978796


>> No.21978881

But they're only WW2 Canadians.

Kriegers are WWI Frenchmen with German names.

>> No.21980601


Krigers are an amalgamation of pretty much every WWI army. There are elements of french, belgian, and german uniforms in the models.

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Let this thread die.

War... war never changes.

>> No.21981575

Overall the logistics are quite good.
But there are trillions of soldiers in billions of companies on millions of worlds in thousands of sectors, and everyone's trying to request or 'circumvent' said process for the good of their squadmates.

Sometimes someone manages to secure a spare escort's lance strike for the week. Other times, someone else did, and you're the one that got the bag of socks.

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War has changed.

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>> No.21981843

The Administratum is like the platonic ideal of the Postal Service.

They don't work very well, but it's amazing they get as much done as they do considering the scale of the problems they have to deal with.

It being 40k, they also probably have assassins on retainer and viciously engage in byzantine power politics both internally and externally.

>> No.21981857

This ork is obviously an imperial-hired merc

I think this Necron is just lost though...

>> No.21981874


Oh I feel silly.
That's the wrong service.

Still, what I said applies equally to both. It's a miracle either get anything done, ever.

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Keep going...

>> No.21981891


I hope Creed pops up somewhere... Somewhere silly.

>> No.21981905

I prefer to see her enslaved by orks than killed by necrons or nommed by tyranids. So damn it, orks, loot her and make her a good kitten bed!

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>But they're only WW2 Canadians.

Wait, what? how?

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Well, this is a thing.

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"Who said my name?"

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u sad?

>> No.21982133


Cadian kinda sounds like Canadian.
so needless to say the frostbacks latch onto the concept.

>> No.21982154

>my butt hurts
>my coffee is too cold
>i want to go to sleep
>i could kill all these xenos if i wanted
>i wish i was back home reading the codex

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I fucking love you.

>> No.21982191

I chuckled.

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we need to give her a cute nickname

>> No.21982226

Ah, Warhammer 40k RPG, where being asked to pop down the shops for a packet of Benson and Hedges is cause to grab a plasma cannon and mount up in the Russ

>> No.21982229


umm. guardswoman Bekka?

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I wish I didn't save it with bad quality.

>> No.21982257

Debbie Downer.

>> No.21982260

You should be ashamed...you have killed this thread...

>> No.21982270


Did you not notice that their shelter is propped against the front of a tank?

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I wonder if she serves under Commissar Paunch.

>> No.21982281

Its the long odds. If you survive long enough, you get to retire somewhere, make a life for yourself under an alien sun, maybe have a farm or something
In fact, I remember in the second Gaunt's Ghosts book they end up making a base in a farm that used to belong to an ex-Guardsmen who'd won the land

>> No.21982311

And then he is dead. Yeah, I think it sucks balls being a guardsmen even after being discharged.

>> No.21982312
File: 110 KB, 600x600, huge12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21982324

>tanks pop out of nowhere
>surly guardsmen pop out of shelters connected to the tanks, which came out of nowhere
Tactical genius now has layers of genius.

>> No.21982328

Well obviously <s> why are else are the IG equipped with flashlights?</s>

>> No.21982332
File: 411 KB, 619x800, 1340154071677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>15 Hours
>the short stories
Greatest and most depressing Guard book. <s>Other than Dead Men Walking. Or Last Chancers. Or...</s>

>> No.21982334


>> No.21982344 [DELETED] 
File: 1005 KB, 964x579, rooom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21982346

To forgive, beyond the scope of this operating system
<cut to very confused Techpriest who just wanted coffee>

>> No.21982354
File: 55 KB, 643x541, stophavingfun3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Or is the tank propped up against the shelter?

>> No.21982374
File: 771 KB, 964x579, rooom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is getting better and better

>> No.21982394

>doing it in the presence of a superior officer will get you shot
I should bloody well hope so! You can't very well organise the liberation of this world in the Emperors name if the bloody troops are fucking dogging in the map room!

>> No.21982399
File: 43 KB, 600x328, would you like to know more.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See also: Starship Troopers.
Poor bloody infantry vs all consuming alien swarm? Perfect fit.

>> No.21982404
File: 63 KB, 450x450, Commissar Paunch even has a cubby aquila.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Way too fat, mang, Commissar Paunch is just chubby. Stick to Huegtau for the gigafat.

>> No.21982424
File: 39 KB, 399x266, 1351415379959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP's picture gave me feels

>> No.21982441
File: 41 KB, 425x215, spec-ops-the-line.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Op, you could have prevented this

>> No.21982447
File: 212 KB, 694x1151, 1339877726066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"The Emperor demands much of his servants in the War eternal. From the Death Korps of Krieg, he demands Sacrifice, to them he has revealed that War is not a struggle waged with gun, aircraft, and tank, it is a battle of wills, with the very soul of humanity as its prize. A battle where one's capacity to fight and willingness to die exceeds that of the enemy is a battle already won - everything else is simply a matter of time and faith. As such, the Death Korps expend lives in battle as carelessly as other armies may expend ammunition or fuel. Theirs is the mortal fuel that continues to feed the fires of the Emperor's will."
— On the teachings of the Cult of Sacrifice

The Death Korps are hardcore.

>> No.21982475
File: 18 KB, 200x188, General.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Preservation of life for its own sake is not to be commended where sacrifice offers a reasonable chance of gain. Non the less, the purposeless waste of life is equally to be avoided. The loss of trained personnel implies the loss of resources, equipment and knowledge. A true warrior does not belittle his value as a resource. The duty of the commander is to judge what means should be undertaken to achieve each objective. He must be aware of what is to be gained and what may be lost. A commander who places his troops in a position where he may likely lose more than he may likely gain risks more than the lives of his men. He risks far more: he risks failure.
>Loss is acceptable, failure is not.

>> No.21982481

See, I can actually see this as being the awkward silence after he propositioned her, and she's....*ahem* in the grip of Khorne

>> No.21982488

And the worst thing to happen is if the Space Marines show up to take the glory.

>> No.21982492
File: 67 KB, 437x311, zuoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Munitorum is always right!

>> No.21982511
File: 136 KB, 691x922, Richelieux.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>as well as some theories on the right of rulership that differed in interesting ways from western divine right.
How is the Mandate of Heaven different from the Divine Right of Kings? Genuinely curious.

>> No.21982533
File: 42 KB, 600x429, Generation Guardsmen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine is shit.

>> No.21982534

>not a single mention of pure bodily essence
It's like you fight in the war room.

>> No.21982540


Lt. "Salty" Susan?

>> No.21982558

IG regiments that get permanent garrison duty are expected to go forth and multiply.
And don't start me on those that follow the Redemptionist Creed...

>> No.21982578


The big difference is that if the country falls into disarray, it is perfectly allowable for the people to rise up and replace their ruler.

If it succeeds, Tian has stripped the Mandate of Heaven from the previous ruler and given it to the new ones. If it fails, obviously the previous ruler still enjoys the Mandate of Heaven.

>> No.21982585

If the Ciaphas Cain novels are to be believed then yes. Yes they do.

But then those also have hard drinking, gambling Sisters of Battle who sleep around when off duty.

>> No.21982599
File: 142 KB, 920x659, ititit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


moar, moar!

>> No.21982604


I didn't notice her face had changed until the very end.

>> No.21982613

Lt. Nikki Heat?

>> No.21982616


Look at the side of his helmet. He tried to kill himself and his helmet stopped the laser.

>> No.21982623
File: 131 KB, 960x540, EMPARAH!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New one, right in the feels

>> No.21982631

Don't you even start, man. Don't you even fucking start...

That fucking game. That mother fucking game.

>> No.21982643

Do you feel like a hero yet?

>> No.21982647


So what's the deal with Only War anyways? Is it better than the other FF games for 40k? How interesting is it to play as a Grunt Soldier?

I'm thinking of running it instead of Dark Heresy, but I need to learn how it "plays" before I run it.

>> No.21982654

That game gave me the strangest boner.
It doesn't help that the protag looks like Commander Shepard.

>> No.21982662

No. In fact, it made me feel bad for enjoying games like Modern Warfare, and for playing games like Assassin's Creed like a wonton murder-hobo. So I guess I came out a better person?

>> No.21982667
File: 300 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper_1_1024x768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its ok, after all <s>Lugo was the lucky one, he never saw what you became</s>

>> No.21982673


No fucking shit. I bet you anything that when they sat down for an art direction meeting and they were shown references for WP burn people had to be excused from the room.

I study war crimes and genocide and let me tell you that shit was ACCURATE. I have not felt that cold since Africa.

>> No.21982674

Wasn't the whole premise for Fifteen Hours that a desk jockey transposed some coordinates and sent a green unit to the wrong theater?

>> No.21982680
File: 68 KB, 472x681, 1339877766849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's better because it deals with real puny humans with balls of steel. None of that supersoldier boring stuff.

>> No.21982686
File: 161 KB, 1003x678, tititit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21982687

You got a boner playing Spec Ops The Line? What the fuck is wrong with you? Nolan North has a nice voice yes, but....how?

>> No.21982690

It really did put things in perspective, didn't it? My god. I loved it so much. I hated it utterly, but I loved it so much. Made you think.

>> No.21982697

Go get that supply drop, soldier!


>mfw this is the only clip I could find

>> No.21982704

That game was the most overhyped, hamfisted and melodramatic tripe since Avatar.

>> No.21982707

On a scale of 1 to the Rape of Nanking, how bad was it?

>> No.21982710

I think its the first time I really grasped the idea of enjoying something, but not having fun at the same time. I loved playing it, but I couldn't play another shooter for weeks afterwards

>> No.21982715


When they said they were making a game to make you question everything about war videogames I did not believe them.

They made a game that made me never want to play another war game again.

>> No.21982718


Now do the Guy Guardsman who isn't taking it seriously.
For me, the first thing that sprang to mind was he was singing to himself "ASS, TITTIES, ASS AND TITTIES..."

>> No.21982721

Because of the hard questions it asked, and the unique spin it gave modern war games. Most are about heroism and martial glory.

Not this one. I loved Heart of Darkness, and seeing something modern in the same vein gave me a dick as hard as iron. Metaphorically.

>> No.21982732

A thirty-seven.

>> No.21982734

wanton*, what the fuck man.

You know, that was the only decision I made in the game that I felt justified in doing. And I, Walker, I, am still a monster for doing it. Other games, it didn't hurt. It didn't feel bad stabbing people in the throat. But, I don't know. Fucking hell, I don't know.

WP burn? But yeah, I had no idea. I'd seen pictures, but they were just that: pictures. The game, fictional as it was, added an extra depth to it. I FELT like a monster.

Awesome. Any different from Dark Heresy's "feel" of skulking in the dark and working towards the dim?

>> No.21982738


8 or so, because Nanking went on for weeks. This shit all happens in the space of like 3 days and by the cracking of one man.

>> No.21982739

Solid eight.

>> No.21982744

well now I have to play it. Maybe I can get the army guys on my floor to watch while I do it.

>> No.21982757

One man who condemns an entire city to slow death by dehydration.

>> No.21982762


White phosphorus. It is the single worst way to die on the battlefield short of massive radiation poisoning.

>> No.21982765

Play it. They won't enjoy it.


See, I didn't like the game at first because I saw the trailer that didn't explain anything and I thought the sand mechanic sounded stupid.

Going into it with the mindset of playing it like a regular shooter really added to it, because it was just such a shock.

>> No.21982771

Out of curiosity, why?

>> No.21982775

I remember the final part, in the camp before you climbed the tower right at the end. The scene with all the refugees. Its odd, I was trying to figure out how to solve it without my gun, and then a guy just shoved me. I opened up with the M249, never forget it

>> No.21982789

After Lugo died? That was the only thing, the ONLY THING I felt justified in doing. Those motherfuckers lynched my best friend when we were trying to save them. They all deserved it.

(Pretty sure that makes me a monster)

>> No.21982801

You crossed the line too? And you were proud of it?

<s>Me too. Only achievement in that fucking game where I felt I had earned it.</s>

>> No.21982804


Not that guy, but Willy Peter is the successor to napalm. It sticks harder, burns hotter and refuses to stop.

<s>not that there aren't even worse ways to go</s>

>> No.21982812 [DELETED] 

Where you trying to save them? Were you even trying to save yourself?
<s> Or where you trying to be something you're not? A hero. </s>

>> No.21982814

Imagine burning to death, slowly. And the chemical that is burning you can't be put out by water.

Google "White Phosphorus burns"

>> No.21982819


Shit will stick to you and keep burning, get it on skin, you have to cut that part of skin off.

>> No.21982823


It's an aerosol chemical that burns upon contact with the air. It gets literally everywhere. Your skin burns, your eyes burn and your lungs burn. You can't put it out and it rarely skills outright. You die screaming and very slowly.

>> No.21982825
File: 21 KB, 217x295, hugg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help the poor lady, she needs a name... (and a hug!)

>> No.21982837

Were you trying to save them? Were you even trying to save yourself?
<s>Or were you trying to be something you're not? A hero </s>

>> No.21982840
File: 241 KB, 1920x1080, 12796166769406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

downloading then

>> No.21982843

Shellshocked Sandy?

>> No.21982853

looks to me more like she just needs a cup of not-shit coffee.

>> No.21982861

I don't know... Space Marine was pretty bad...

>> No.21982864


The scene with the woman and her child? She was lucky. She went quick.

<s>but jesus christ though i hesitate to call it such, that fucking shot was artistry</s>

>> No.21982865
File: 1.90 MB, 236x132, 1343434598133.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw the only line the game makes you cross is the one that I ran past happily.

"Oh man, I love using mortars! Fuck yeah! Look at those dumbasses! All bunched up and shit! Fuck yooooou!"

>> No.21982872

She's in the military. Coffee comes in Dirt or cold dirt.

>> No.21982878


>not having a kettle inside the tank
>do you even British armoured corps?

>> No.21982888

You know, its harder on a second playthrough. Not because you know, but because I noticed Walkers face the second time around. And he's enjoying it, like I did.

>> No.21982894

Seeing as this thread seems to have been completely derailed into a Spec Ops one.

I'm curious.

When you have the choice to <s>shoot Riggs, or let him burn, was anyone able to just let him die slowly? I know he was a dick, but atfer the WP scene, the thought of letting anyone burn was too much for me. I shot that fucker right in the face.</s>.

>> No.21982896

I was damn proud of it. And then I carved a path of vicious psychopathic vengeance through the city. I didn't cross the line; I wiped it off the face of the earth.

Also, I loved the progression of his executions from clean and clinical to jamming barrels under peoples' chins and listening to them beg as they die.

>> No.21982903

I really, really was tempted to let him burn. Absolutely tempted. But then I realized he and I were just doing the same thing.

Common courtesy, I suppose. He'd do the same for me.

>> No.21982906


It's worse when you notice they don't have any guns or direction and the game won't let you progress.

No wait that's not the word.

Better. Way better. When you're forced to do something by arbitrary gameplay mechanic to continue using that entertainment medium, the guilt washes right off.

Still, the next scene is really, really good. Very emotional. Gives me high hopes for the VA in The Last of Us.

The game got lots of gamer hype, but goddamn was Spec Ops poorly advertised, at least in the EU.

>> No.21982907
File: 176 KB, 985x673, 666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brienne the Red?

>> No.21982910



2nd time around I let him burn so I could shoot that fucking deer for the achievement.

>> No.21982915

Saved my round. Fucker used me and my men, abandoned his own to die, got us to do all the heavy lifting and tricked me into <s> killing just about every survivor left in the city </s>

>> No.21982926
File: 408 KB, 624x352, Moostache.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Attempting to operate a stove kettle in a confined space of a tank is against regulation; which grounds for an for njp...Ima NJP YOU ASS SERGEANT PPPPATRICK

>> No.21982930

You can get that right at the start you know. Look down the cliff before you repel, there's three of them just chilling in the dunes

>> No.21982934

Oh yeah. I had no idea, I was talking to my friend about how messed up it was. We're both CoD kiddies, so I was surprised by how "brutal" it was.

No. I haven't. I'm playing it again making the opposite choices. Lugo is going to be the hardest one.

Yeah. I noticed it the first time, I thought it was a cool touch. That ending though. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens if you kill the Konrad.

>> No.21982935
File: 52 KB, 898x348, worse than expected.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the complete opposite.

<s> I resisted using the mortar, tried to shoot all the guys normally until I ran out of ammo</s>.

<s> I didn't hesitate to shoot the shit out of all those fuckers who lynched Lugo though. I killed them all, and I enjoyed it. </s>

After I unlocked the achievement I felt fucking dirty.

>> No.21982937

At least Space Marine was pompous bullshit. And it spawned this
Which alone makes the game worth its price of entry.

>> No.21982944
File: 46 KB, 376x500, crushthegermans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21982960


...Thanks. Now 4 months later I feel EVEN DIRTIER.

>> No.21982966
File: 264 KB, 640x480, when_in_war_cheese_sandwich_appears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Gosh darnit.

pic related, couldn't find it the first time

Fucking Sixta, right out of fighting nids and he's lifing us with his illiterate retardese.

>> No.21982974

The worst thing to me?

Knowing I wouldn't do any better than he would.

>> No.21982988

I mortared fuckers, let Riggs burn, killed the bitches that murdered Lugo and didnt turn into a little bitch at the end. Did the game really turn that many people into crying little faggots?

>> No.21982989

Konrad was magnificently played, that whole level up in the tower was beautiful
So, what did /tg/ do the first time they reached him?
<s> I pulled the trigger by accident. I had every intention of letting him kill me, but then he said "one" and I shot on instinct. Felt weird after that, I was ready to let Walker die but I still saved him </s>

>> No.21982996

I knew what it would do, and that's why I used it. Because I thought that paying them back in blood would make it all equal.

Crossing the Line gave me cold satisfaction. Like, grim, cold, furious satisfaction. I was pissed. I was mad, and I emptied the entire SAW belt and a shotgun. When it was over, I walked out. I knew what I did. Feeling bad would come later, when I killed Konrad.

>> No.21983003

"And on top of everything fucking else, this is DECAF."

>> No.21983029

Brienne The Redshirt!

>> No.21983031


Have fun!

>> No.21983033

I believed that he wouldn't be able to hurt me. But then he kept counting. When he got to one, I couldn't stand it. I couldn't. I had to shoot, I had to.

>> No.21983055


Yes, yes you're a manly little pre-teen, daddy is very proud of you. Please return to >>>/v/ so the adults can continue their discussion.

>> No.21983069

Anyone here who turned himself in in the end?

>> No.21983082
File: 155 KB, 631x346, Gandalf-You-Shall-Not-Pass-Ian-McKellen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Go back to the /v/oid!

>> No.21983084


This is what made the damn game so good. You're playing A FUCKING VIDEOGAME and you FUCKING KNOW IT but it still tears a visceral reaction out of you.

>> No.21983087
File: 155 KB, 250x306, spec ops.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best. War Game Soundtrack. Ever.


>> No.21983094

I did. Then I went and saw the other endings for giggles.

Unrelated, would anyone want to play/has anyone ever played a pen and paper like this?

>> No.21983103


Yeah, I replayed that part so I could see all the endings.

Fucking game gives you, what, 4 completely discrete endings? I'd just beaten ME3 and was left there going "holy shit Bioware take some fucking notes"

>> No.21983109

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.


>> No.21983113

Fuck no, this is an intelligent game, its useful as material to help DM's make a more psychologically involved campaign instead of the standard war story and most people here are swapping stories of how they played their role.

>> No.21983115

Couldn't even make it 1 minute in. As soon as they showed his face.

>> No.21983123

I played in a oWoD hunter campaign set in Iraw during operation Desert Storm that was pretty similar.

Shit was fucked up. Like Spec Ops but with Vampires.

>> No.21983128

Im serious. I mean, I could see what they were going for and it was admirable and all, but the whole thing was way too contrived, kinda like what >>21982906 points out. Killing them wasnt a choice, how you killed them was and therefore I felt absolved of any guilt I might have felt. I guess after you play enough videogames you tend to notice the invisible walls that corral you and don't fall for the cheap tricks this game was built on.

As for the burning, eh, I just like fire and it was nice to see a game craft fire nicely.

>> No.21983135


>> No.21983139

Shiiit, I hadn't listened to the Soundtrack yet.

No. Spec Ops wouldn't be that hard to turn into a Pen and Paper campaign. Hell, use Only War. You'd probably need to stretch it out though, as games go it was pretty short.

Exactly. I don't know what it was exactly, but that game was just... I don't know. It was my GOTY.

>> No.21983142
File: 41 KB, 562x437, Ha ha oh wow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is an intelligent game

>> No.21983155

I did. More like I resigned myself to it. I hadn't even wanted to survive, I couldn't fight anymore

>> No.21983165


No. I think this is one story that can only really be told in it's medium. You would lose so much on the tabletop. You can't do the imagery justice, you'd be accused of railroading, and...

I don't know how to describe it other than what >>21983084
says about it. You really need to be in the position of knowing that you're distanced from the action but experience the shock of it, the panic forcing you to pull the trigger.

>> No.21983166

I love how the game kept asking me "Why are you here?" during loading screen.

I was never quite sure, but I shrugged it off, "I'm here to save the day!"

<s>The flashback at the end reminding you that your original orders were just to find out if anyones alive then leave was a real dick punch</s>.

>> No.21983168
File: 43 KB, 495x361, planetoftheapesending.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread was going good...
You Maniacs! You blew it up !!!

>> No.21983169


I would play the shit out of that game. Jaded Guardsman in a cityfight, hunting down heretics and deserters? My god.

>> No.21983179

The whole "you have no choice, go commit this war crime" aspect was an attack on so many modern war shooters which funnel you to the next set peice where you can use the latest gun

>> No.21983193

<s>How many Americans have you killed today?</s>

>> No.21983194

Look at track listing
>Alice in Chains
>Deep Purple
>Nine Inch Nails

Holy shit...

Why have I not played this game?

>> No.21983204

I felt like the sand mechanic was another nudge in that direction too. It rarely showed up unless the story demanded it, and it wasn't that "intuitive" at all.

Either it's a nicely hidden swing at how video games come up with the newest, flashiest thing to get sales, or it was something that just... didn't matter.

But then the game itself is a critique on the industry itself. And that's just so meta my dick gets hard.

>> No.21983207

I kind of agree with you. You'd need a god-tier GM to do it justice, wouldn't you?

But still. I want to try. Reminds me of that one story about the guys who got coked up on Karkathi Marching Powder and raped and murdered an entire city.

>> No.21983212


How the loading screen messages just get worse and worse was one of the best parts of the game.

>> No.21983214

And I get that whole tryhard meta-irony thing, but it doesn't change the fact that it deprives you of the freedom to chose and therefore removes any guilt associated with choosing. Its no different than post-EA Bioware and their illusion of choice.

Hell, that one choice between Kaiden and Ashley in ME1 was more gripping than all of The Line because it was an actual choice.

>> No.21983217

>And that's just so meta my dick gets hard.
That explains it. This is a game for hipsters.

>> No.21983223
File: 61 KB, 646x482, worms-armageddon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...If you think about it, Worms is pretty much what happens if two IG armies fight each other.

>> No.21983224

Got to love a game that can use Martha and the Vandellas in an action sequence
"Ain't got nowhere to run to baby, ain't nowhere to hide...."

>> No.21983227

The problem with P&P is, you don't get to create this kind of illusion.
You have no camera control. The group members will have more insight into the situation.
You cannot force them to look the other way, to not see things. You cannot force them into delusions.

You could do similar hardcore stuff. 40k gives you tools to do just that.
But you could not make the players turn into deluded maniacs playing the hero without their consent.

Couldn't you shoot a salvo over their heads to scatter them? Not that I did...

>> No.21983243

There are actual choices in the Line. Remember the prisoners?

>> No.21983244


You are actively choosing the worst way to interpret the game. You installed it, started playing with the expectation and intent of pushing it off as just another shooter. The fact that you're holding on to it is just sad.

>> No.21983256


oh my god you're right

>> No.21983258

"Hank this is some bullshit. This is fucking BULLSHIT."
"Sarah shhh the Commissar will hear you."
"I don't give a fuck Hank! The tea is shitty, the weather is shitty and we have to take orders from some motherfucker in a trenchcoat. And for what? These fucking aliens are using sticks and stones and shit! Do we really need these fucking tanks? Do we really?"

A picture is worth a thousand words.

>> No.21983266

Nope. You HAD to kill them. No different than kill X amount of boars to proceed.
Or maybe I played expecting some masterpiece of storytelling and got a game that was just another shooter despite it trying to call out all other war shooters over. Kinda ironic in the end.

>> No.21983274

"....Its better than a shitty tent though isn't it?"
"Well, yeah. 'Spose. This tea is still crap"

>> No.21983276

Not the person you're replying to, but I had already had the plot spoiled before I even played it. It still got to me; by the time I was climbing the final tower I was physically sick and exhilarated at the same time; my god. Never, ever have I so whole-heartedly wanted to believe in an illusion as when I saw those soldiers.

>> No.21983278

I love how "hipsters" is the default insult for "you like something I don't like". It just makes me want to pinch your cheeks and hear how Halo invented FPS.

>> No.21983291

Ah, I see. You got the second wave of hype.
Yeah, story wise it could use some development, but a lot of the impact is based on expecting a decent shooter, and getting something that cuts to the core of why you play those games, and points out how fucked up that makes you

>> No.21983303

>I love how "hipsters" is the default insult for "you like something I don't like"
Actually, it had more to do with you jerking yourself off to how "meta" something is, which is a very hipsterific act, but okay.

>> No.21983304

You are still a good person.

>> No.21983316



You can scatter the later crowd but nothing moves those refugees.

Like I said earlier I felt absolved. It didn't destroy the story at all, but it didn't personalise it for me. The worst event in the game was necessary. Basically if you didn't do it it would be Adventure of Some Dude who Made Small Decisions.


Meh, I didn't feel it was a critique. More 'don't you want to see the rest of the story?'. Since I paid for it yes, yes I do. It was a good story. I really loved the tower at the end. It was a lovely atmosphere.

I'm not incapable of connecting with the game though. At the same time as I thought 'i'm so obsessed with collecting intel items that the guy upstairs is just waiting for me' he started calling me on it. That was cool.

>> No.21983337


"If you're quite finished rifling through my things, come upstairs."

>> No.21983341

Which once again is fucking bullshit. This game is the equivalent of some angry mother browbeating kids for "killing" their friends in a game of Cops and Robbers and calling them sick monsters for it. Its fucking play, if you cant disassociate play from real life then you are kinda sorta retarded. And this is coming from a guy who tries to save every last marine in Halo on Legendary.

>> No.21983353

Well, I actually like Avatar
Spec ops would be good too, if not all those forced "choices". Makes little sence really. Would be better to just watch the story. Still worth to play.

>> No.21983354


What the fuck has meta got to do with being a hipster? We're on a board that has dedicated threads to the metagame of 40k and That Guys getting meta in pen and paper.

He's a dude who enjoys meta criticism. Spoiler: this is something shared by a great many different people is not an immediate indicator of being a fucking hipster.

On the other hand, judging someone from his interests as being a hipster is an excellent indicator of being a douchebag.

>> No.21983366

Not who you were replying to, but...
It's not to say that we can't tell the difference. Haven't you ever read a book or watched a movie that evoked strong emotion in you? Same sort of thing here, just a different medium.

>> No.21983386
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>> No.21983407

>you jerking yourself off to how "meta" something is
What? I just said I enjoyed the meta commentary you could find in it, that's hardly jerking off. I thought it was interesting- I guess that makes me a hipster? Hell if I know, if you're the one dictating my choices.

>> No.21983410

I saw it more as making you realise these sorts of games have simaltenously fetishised and cleansed the act of war and death. You press, there's a bang, the terrorists die, you win, yay america. The Line makes you question that whole thing, it never shies away from the true effects of war, on both the dead and its survivors.
It wouldn't work as a movie. You'd need control for that final message to work

>> No.21983426

Those evoke emotion based on character and story, The Line tries to evoke emotion based on player choice and unhappy accidents of circumstance and the like and it falls horrendously flat. If you want a game that really drives home what a monster the player character can be, then just play fucking Nier. God damn, Nier is some heavy shit and it doesnt try to act all smug and condescending like The Line does.

>> No.21983441

Just gonna leave this here.

>> No.21983455

And this

>> No.21983474

>smug and condescending like The Line does.
Was it really condescending? The most I got out of that was the tip screen reminding me that I was an asshole: which, in the context of all the choices I made (not counting the WP), I was.

Smug I don't get. I don't think the game ever says "Well, if I was playing it, I would've saved everybody, but because you're so shitty YOU killed everybody".

>> No.21983492

Does not work on everyone I guess. I don't like to control small things in order to achieve forced goals. I've never felt so alieneted in a game before, like, "the fuck you want me to do? all this shit makes no sence, I am out of this". Same time, it was dissatisfying that while being forced to commit war crimes, I couldn't just go nuts murder hobo and kill everyone then crawl somewhere to die.

>> No.21983505

Stating the obvious isn't exactly a difficult feat. I know war games aren't an accurate representation of war and anyone else with half a brain does too. They're games, for fucks sake. Its all right there on the tin.
>Zero Punctuation
>Any credibility whatsoever
The man is paid to be a incendiary little shit with tourettes, his judgement is about as valid as Fox News.
And Extra Credits is that much worse. Ignoring the fact that they lied about their credentials and knowledge of the gaming industry, they are lodged so far up their own ass they're popping back out their own mouths.
It was so fucking full of itself. Its like that kid who quotes Nietzsche or namedrops Dostoevsky and thinks it makes him deep.

>> No.21983512


You can at the end, if you shoot Konrad. US army patrol finds you, gives you the option of killing them all, and it pans out on Walker going back into Dubai, presumably to curl up and die or finish going completely batshit.

>> No.21983527


I'm the other guy who couldn't let go of seeing the strings the first time.

Don't you think you're buying into the vision of what gamers wanted it to be, not the story it was trying to tell?

All that 'do you feel like a hero yet' and 'cognative dissonance' stuff in the loading screens, the flashback scene that gets played through again, you can see it as some grand critique yeah. But that's not what the devs seem to indicate. In my opinion those scenes were there just to portray the character going crazy, a la eternal darkness.

People just... read really heavily into things when they like them a lot. I don't think the game has that smug superior attitude unless you let Extra Credits ruin it for you.

If you don't consider the game a grand critique of war games there's some bits that stand out IMO. The game tries really hard to be a Platoon/Apocalypse Now style war movie. The eternal obsession with downward motion. The little slice of life scenes you get exploring villages - you're removed from any guilt and just left to soak in some history. How good having that AA12 felt. The story and gameplay bits.

Could have done with some gameplay tweaks though.

Nier WAS the tits yeah.

>> No.21983537

Ooooh. I get it. You're one of those people who thinks every opinion but their own is wrong, and anything like your opinion is tryhard.

That makes sense.

>> No.21983553

Nice. I didn't shoot him thou. I had an urge to go batshit much, much earlier and I could not and so I kinda chose random things, just wanted to end it.

>> No.21983561

Shut it, traitorous whore.

>> No.21983566

What's that phrase... Even a broken clock is right twice a day? Yes, Yahtzee is an utter cunt. That doesn't mean that Silent Hill 2 wasn't an amazing fucking game, or that Prince of Persia wasn't.

>> No.21983576

Now you've made me sad about how mediocre WAR was.

So much could have been done with the mutations. So much.

>> No.21983603

I lol'd

>> No.21983622


Try it again, and shoot him. The army convo pulls up and Walker is just sitting on the steps with an AA12 and wearing Konrad's jacket.

"Captain Walker? Something's not right. Look at his eyes."

I need to go and check if the targeting reticule turns red if you aim at them now, because you can either shoot or surrender your gun.

>> No.21983630

>I don't think the game has that smug superior attitude unless you let Extra Credits ruin it for you.
I don't know, stuff like >>21983386 just reeks of pretentiousness. The whole game just had that sense of, I guess it was that meta aspect someone was praising earlier. The game was conscious of the fact that it was a game about killing people and it tried to rub it in your face of how sick of a person you were for playing this game at every given turn. The perpetual praise the arthouse crowd gave it did it no favors, either.
Not at all, and I can compromise on a lot of things. I am a pretty big Halo fanboy sans Reach and 4 but I acknowledge it is neither the best game ever nor did it invent the FPS. I find Dark Souls fun and pretty difficult, but not BALLCRUSHINGLY INSANE TO THE MAX that people bill it as.
I just find The Line to be mediocre from a gameplay standpoint and terrible from a story standpoint and you have yet to disuade me from this stance. The only thing you HAVE done is quote two of the most disreputable sources of video game “journalism”.

>> No.21983650

Oh man, look at all this Only War.

>> No.21983668


Yeah, it really stayed on topic from the very first post.

>> No.21983672

oh shit

>> No.21983708


I think it's the result of the hype. Even the lines like 'do you feel like a hero yet?' and 'how many americans have you killed today', which i'll admit were cleary intended at the player were just loading screen material that while overblown was not given as much attention by the game itself as say, the plot about Konrad, or exploring Walker himself, or going down, down, down. Arty farty yes but not particularly pretentious.

Sad to hear you didn't like Reach. I quite enjoyed the detail of the planet itself. The guns and scenarios were also a lot of fun - the vehicle sections kind of felt like a device to get me to the next fun encounter but that was always a Halo thing. Though I found the squad left me cold and driving wasnt as fun. They shouldn't have killed off the sympathetic one.

>> No.21983721


If you love things going Fubar, you'll love yourself some A Bridge Too Far.
Lions led by donkeys.

>> No.21983832

>I think it's the result of the hype.
Could be, but the whole game felt needlessly antagonistic towards the player rather than the player character, which is an important distinction. Nier was emotional because events were directed at the MC as well as at you, The Line felt like it was just trying to drag the MC through the mud to get at you the player.
>Sad to hear you didn't like Reach.
I had mixed feelings on Reach. They absolutely murdered custom games which left me a little buttwrangled and they simultaneously improved Forge but then forced you to only use it to its full capacity on one map, which was frustrating. The campaign itself was nice, but felt more like Band of Brothers with a Halo reskin than an actual Halo game, if that makes any sense. It was enjoyable for a while, but ultimately left a bad taste in my mouth. I followed the Dev Diaries on Halo 4 for a spell, but each tidbit of new information just left me more turned off for it. What pissed me off the most, though, was how bad they gimped vehicles. Vehicles had always been my favorite part of Halo and they just made them utterly useless and destroyable by a sniper to boot.

>> No.21984023


Ah, those are fair reasons against Reach. The late game of reach was very band of brothers. To me the huge letdown was you didnt even get those band of brothers connection stories. I spent long periods of time with NPCs not talking. As you said not the best multiplayer, but its not their fault the fanbase saw it as the new hotness and not something nice and different to 3.

I suppose we gotta agree to disagree with spec ops. Both Nier and it have a forced decision (you'll want to take that book), but maybe Nier gets spared a lot of problems with that by jamming it right at the start. The 'deal with the devil' is when it clicks they'll just keep coming back - this can come off as hopeless despiration or just 'do this or you get no more game ration'. The same could be said when the hummer drives onto the bridge. You can take that vehicle, with your regular guns a hundred times. The game don't care. Do it.

Walker was damaged goods to begin with - I didn't really feel attacked, as I was detached from the Walker character, who I considered just a Nam Movie Protagonist and I was honestly keen to see how far he could go down the rabbithole while making fundimentally good decisions, but I can see why you feel that way.

>> No.21984541

best bit of the game is how it seriously, fundamentally offends people like
"you mean the media I consume says something about me? HORSESHIT! i am the ubermensch! i am an island! you who dare suggest that there might be something weird about a culture where the primary source of entertainment is fantasizing about murdering hundreds of people, it is YOU who are the weird ones, and probably tryhards to boot!"

whenever you can get a nerd to start whining about how you should just turn your brain off and enjoy power fantasy, you can rest assured you've done something right.

>> No.21984922

Because buying self-aggrandizing media that uses the same exact power fantasies to flagellate yourself with in order to boost your ego makes you the better man. And I like how all those things you said I said I never said, when in reality I -actually- said that its message wasn't all that terrible, it was just a message that didn't really need to be made unless you are a mouthbreathing retard and was poorly executed to boot.

But go on, do keep making a fool of yourself whilst feeling all smug and superior just like I stated this game is rife with all those posts ago. Its nice to see to see my analysis of this game confirmed so blatantly like this.

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