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Hey guys looking to buy a new army for my birthday and I'm thinking daemons. Could someone please look over my list and give me some pointers on the build before I buy it.

Thanks heaps, also 40k lists in general.
What are you getting for christmas?
Epidimus 110pts
Skulltaker on juggernaught 175pts
3 bloodcrushers wit fury of khorne 130pts
8 Bloodletters 128pts
8 Bloodletters 128pts
7 Plaugebearers 105pts
7 Plaugebearers 105pts
6 Plaugebearers 90pts
Heavy Support:
Soul Grinder phlegm 160pts
Soul Grinder phlegm 160pts
Daemon Prince Mark of nurgle, Noxiouse touch, Iron hide, Daemonic flight. 210pts

Thanks again guys


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buming for great intrest with daemon pics

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>Buming for interest
Thats a Tzeenchian slip if ever i read one

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Really no interest, no love for the daemons

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Daemons aren't so great in 40k, from what I hear. Although what's nice is if you can magnetize the feet or figure out some other way to swap bases you can use the same army for Fantasy, if you so desire (even Soul Grinders... for some reason).

I play Guard and my usual group has xenos so I can't really help you with your list there, but from what I gather from the rulebook and my tyranid friend MCs are the bee's knees, if not fliers. So Daemon Princes are probably useful (they can get wings too, can't they?). Other than that I imagine Khornate units would stomp face in melee, but 6th really favours shooting as far as I can tell. Have you looked into the White Dwarf update with the new units?

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Also, you can't assault after deep striking, so that's probably something to keep in mind. (IIRC, daemons are the ones who have to MULTIPLE SIMHULTANEOUS DEEP STRAIK everything.)

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>Daemons aren't so great in 40k, from what I hear.

Apparently if you spam rediculous numbers of Flamers and Screamers, they become really powerful. But other than that, the army isn't very good. The main problem is their troops choices are primarily melee based, but are fragile and forced to rely on Deep Strike to get them into position. OP, if you're interested in Daemons, you might be better off picking up Chaos Space Marines and using them as allies.

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Epidimius is super not worth it unless you're running an all-Nurgle list, and all-Nurgle lists are pretty bad in the first place.

Hes great if you're using Daemons as allies for Chaos Marines, since its much easier to rack up his Tally with Plague Marines and Nurglebliterators than it is with any of the Nurgle shit in the Daemons codex.

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Ally with Guard (Traitors). Gets you some cheap troops to grab objectives and means you'll have some troops were you want them for sure from turn one.

They're good, *but* they have some major weaknesses, so you need allies to cover those up and make them work. Guard ideally, but CSM can work. Flamers/Screamers are the ones to spam if you want a powerful list BUT you do need to do something to deal with their issues.

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Not OP, but how does that work the other way around? Guard main force with Daemon allies? I'm putting together a Guard army, but I have an unassembled Bloodthirster that calls to me.

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Generally it's just guard, with some options for deep striking combat units to objective grab and screamers/flamers because they're great. In this case, the random deep strike thing is easier to deal with, because your army is mostly guard.

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