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Welcome, my fellow Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus. I apologize for interrupting you in the midst of our Feast of the Emperor's Ascension preparations, but an urgent matter has arisen which requires our unified attention!

Inquisitor Van Alum has come to this conclave with grave news. It appears that we will NOT be able to sponsor the annual Ascension Day Demolition Derby, for the Adeptus Mechanicus has denied our request for... 30 unpainted Leman Russ battle tanks, 42 maintenance servitors, and 18 female Tech-priests, scantily-clad.

Now, I am not one to suggest that the Mechanicus is without honor, rights, or privileges, but they have clearly overstepped their boundaries here! We are the Emperor's most holy Inquisition, and we must have the tools necessary to combat the Ordo Malleus' Ascension Day Sororitas Wrestling Competition! To say nothing of the Ordo Xenos' Ascension Day Beach Volleyball Tournament!

What shall we do?

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Don't worry, I can get those.

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Xenos was here. Hereticus are losers.

Suck it.

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No! I insist.

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I can stay, right? I'm totaly not going to tell my master everything once you're done.

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It looks like the rumors were true after all; one of the "exhibition" matches during the volleyball tournament will be comprised of xenos!

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Sir Sir maybe instead of a demolition derby we should have a Sororitas roller derby.

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Quick, seize him! We can't have Ahriman showing up again with his Daemonette Conga Line!

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But...we're Hereticus. We should have the Sororitas wrestling. If they're stealing our holy order, we should steal theirs.

Grey Knight luchadores, anyone?

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Daemonette? Who do you think I am, Slaaneshi?

Bloody Imperials, can't tell a Tzeentch from a Slaanesh.

Plus the Ascension Day Demolition Derby fail? That was my master's doing. Just as Planned.

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But of course, Inquisitor. We must see which is better, Eldar Soulstones or the Tau’s Greater Goods.

You must know a threat in order to combat it and we intend to know the xenos threat...intimately.

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Yup! I can set up my Eldanaide stand there, right? It's the drink that gives you three flavors, all of them delicious and sweet to taste!

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Blast it, we can't. The Ordo Malleus managed to convince the new Canoness that being too close to those cog-worshipping Tech-priests would put them at risk of heresy, and she pledged her convent to them instead. Now all those fine ladies are all busy practicing their grappling skills, and the canoness stopped returning my calls after one of Inquisitor Van Damme's servo-skulls was caught in the convent's bathhouse.

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AdMech here, the rest of you can suck it. Now if you'll excuse me, we just found an STC for flavored lubricants, so things have gotten a little crazy around here.

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Well, thank goodness for that. We'd rather not see what a Tzeentchian Daemonette looks like, thanks.

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We're Hereticus, not Malleus. The specifics of daemonic allegiances aren't our concern. And what are you still doing free? Here, stand still and let me grab you.

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All you Ad-Mech have been working on lately is turning jailbait into Techpriestesses!

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They shapeshift. One second they're the hottest piece of arse in the universe, next they have feathers and a beak. right in the middle of sex. Just as Planned.

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... You know, that wouldn't be too bad. Who has Kaldo Draigo's phone number? I've been trying to snag that fine piece of Astartes for a few missions but they keep denying my requests for "lack of daemons to slay." I've had to make do with the Deathwatch, and while they're quite skilled, they're not the same thing.

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Go away! I'm...researching these xenos. Yes, purging them!

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Jailbait? Pssh, I'm more into jailbreak.

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>next they have feathers and a beak. right in the middle of sex

Get this heretic out of here!

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I say we have a sit down with several prominent members of the Admech and the other ordos on planet Virez. We should all come unarmed and with no armies so there is a trust amongst us. And don't worry, the reports of Virez being overrun by Tyranids is completely unfounded and are simply a rumor.

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I've been chased by Harlequins for millenia, and escaped them every time. You think you can catch me?

Also, has anyone seen Czevak? My master wishes to meet with him, for reasons.

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oh ..... That quite distressing Sir. Maybe we could have a carnival with Ferris wheels & roller coasters with the main event being the Grey Knight luchadores.

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Too bad I know your ultimate weakness!

Angsty teenagers.

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What are you doing with my mom?

...That's not where a spiritstone goes.

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Are they now? Well, that sounds smashing! What else is in this plan, beyond stepping foot into a tropical paradise unclothed and unarmed?

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Slather yourself in barbecue sauce. For...cultural reasons.

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Dammit, where are all these Xenos coming from?

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I'm not going to say I let them in...

Just as Planned.

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Shhh. No questions now.

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Why isn't this thing dead yet?

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Invite as many people as possible, especially important military leaders like Calgar or Vulcan He'stan. Not Creed though, as he is our sleeper agen... I mean he is too busy fighting Abbadon. You know what? Why don't we just bring the golden throne with us too. Just to make this the best meeting ever.

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Calm down, I know there's at least one Slaaneshi hiding here somewhere, along with a couple of Alphas. Go seek out the Slaaneshi, I'm sure he'll be delighted to see you.

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Errr... Can someone help? I think she's going to eat me.

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Don't worry she won't eat you (I already called dibs on that)

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By the way, where the fuck's the bathroom in this place? The Inquisition's architects can put skulls everywhere (nice touch by the way) but they can't even place bathrooms properly? I swear to Khorne I'll just kill an adjutant and pee in his fucking chest cavity if I don't find one soon.

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Who let all the Xenos and Chaos in here?

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Yes, your security seems a little lax. Not at all Codex compliant, if I may so myself.

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Radical Inquisitors my friend, Radical Inquisitors.

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Small timers."

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The back door was open. There was a guy in green armor there but he was kinda asleep so I just let myself in.

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No need to worry, see? I have tea and cookies.

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Tea is for old people. But, hey, cookies.

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Ordos Hots Babeus here, "inspecting" the hot babes of Ordo Hereticus in the name of the Emperor

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Stick around that SoB long enough YOUR back door is gonna be open ifyaknowwutimeen.

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Just shut up and get in the bag already.

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>serving tea with cookies

It's like you want me to vomit all over your carpet.

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Who's the cocksucker who ganked my booze?
If you assholes are going to be keeping me up I'm not doing this sober.

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Oh great, first Tau, then Chaos and Eldar and now Necrons. Next thing you know, the Squats will arrive and join us.

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too late :3

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... if you're so desperate that you've got to watch techpriestess rally queens or Sororitas wrestling matches, you're not using the Remit properly.

Just saying.

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Oh dear, that poor Eldar boy.

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Someone needs to get the broom and clear all these heretics and xenos out of here!

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Hey, the xenos are fine... mostly. And when it comes right down to it, most people nowadays are heretics anyway.

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What he said. Now, Czevak anyone?

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Any specialists on the eldar present? Is there a Path for service girls?

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So I was playing some strip poker with a Farseer I happened to meet on a business trip to the Southern Rim. Turns out she could see what my hand was going to be before I even drew it.

How is that even fair?

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Does he have more than that one book?

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So I take it this party is over?

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It never got started.

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If you want to do it again, do it Wednesday ro something.

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Thread was DOA.

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Just like any celebration the IoM throws. They just know how to be angry and racist.

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