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>Okay, so this is something of an experiment. It’s a short, self-contained quest that should be completed in 5-6 threads.

>Ship stats: http://pastebin.com/xmWLwnbJ

The ship shudders as it breaks the barrier between realspace and the insanity of the warp, and the high-pitched shrieking of the transition alarm fades away. Around you, the background murmur picks up again as the bridge crew begins to collate the readings of the auger arrays and internal sensors and the rumble of the plasma drive replaces the ghostly silence of the warp engine. Heavy clangs echo as the armored shutters withdraw, revealing a starscape dominated by clouds of ice dust and a distant, pale blue star.

You are [Roll 1d100 for name, will take highest of the first 3], 4th lieutenant of Battlefleet Victorum and the senior officer of the scout frigate “Starflare.” Eight years of service in the Imperial Navy have seen you serve on everything from garbage scows and scuttled hulks to attack carriers and grand cruisers, in positions ranging from gunnery officer to sensorium agent to Navigator’s aide, providing you with a broad breadth of experience in the activities and necessities of an Imperial warship. Only 26 years of age, you would normally be a simple bridge officer. However, the senior officers were slain at the hands of the Ethereal Tear corsair band six months ago during the battle for the “Pilgrim of Terra,” forcing you and other junior officers to take command. The fact that you led the final counterattack which recovered the “Pilgrim” prompted Battlefleet to promote you to the minimum rank necessary to captain a ship.


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Now you and your crew have been ordered to the foreboding reaches of the Mylas Cloud, to investigate a recent increase in the sighting of Ork vessels and raiders. In addition, you have been ordered to escort a troop convoy to the world of Oxydas 9, a key node in the Ellard’s Gauntlet warp route, to bolster this distant outpost’s planetary defense force.

Your aide, a young ensign by the name of Avalyn Domino, climbs out of the sensorium pit onto the main bridge deck with a dataslate in hand. With a few smooth flicks, your circular captain’s chair descends to the deck, the brass armature that attaches it to the bridge’s vaulted ceiling giving a whispering creak as it retracts back to the balcony that overlooks the narrow command bridge. It docks into its ornate arch, and your aide climbs up to you.

“Captain, we have achieved a successful transition. Coordinates 68.3 by 58.9 by 1 of the Oxydas system, just beyond the orbital limit of Oxydas 12,” the young ensign reports as she hands you a data-slate with the most recent readings from the ship’s electronic eyes. “‘Aethera Maximus’ has reported in, but no signs yet of ‘Kyrgy’s Prize’ or ‘Goliath.’”

“Very good, Mr. Domino. Carry on.” You dismiss the junior officer and turn your attention to the data-slate. You glance at it, quickly picking out key data points thanks to the time you spent performing the same duty for the late captain. Now that it’s your turn to sit in the captain’s chair, you’re grateful you survived the experience.


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>5-6 threads
Oh boy, more quest threads

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A few things jump out at you immediately. First, only one transport in your three-ship convoy has translated from the warp. Given the difficulties of traversing Ellard’s Gauntlet at the best of times, it isn’t surprising that the convoy was scattered. In all likelihood, the rest of the convoy will appear within the hour. If something happened to either of the missing ships, it will be a crippling setback to the Imperium’s plans for this system and a black mark on your career.

Second, Lady Navigator Benthis left a message for you during the last shift. While it doesn’t appear to be urgent, or else she would have sent her aide to interrupt your sleep-cycle, it is never a good idea to keep a Navigator waiting. It seems that the Navigator noticed some unusual warp fluctuations during the voyage, which she feels are a portent of concern.

Third, your sensorium has registered unusual readings coming from the ring of ice asteroids orbiting Oxydas 12, a few million kilometers away from the system’s Mandeville point, where you currently wait. Though the cogitators suggest that these are simply augur echoes bouncing off asteroids of wildly different densities and materials, they could be signs of a hidden ship or two trying to disguise itself. You could move to investigate, but doing so would leave the convoy open and unprotected at the system’s Mandeville point.

>What do you address first?
>[]Try to find out what happened to the rest of the convoy
>[]Go and meet the Navigator
>[]Investigate the mysterious readings
>[]Check your ship’s status (Free Action)
>[]Check your ship’s log (Free Action)

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I guarantee it won't be an undying, 80-thread quest. I'll kill it before it gets too far.

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