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What if the Imperium was more tolerant? I.E. instead of killing all the xenos and destroying their technology they enslave them and steal their technology.

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HERESY that's what would happen

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Then they'd be the Tau. And we already have Tau.

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They do sometimes

There's been references to slave races and there's been references to Imperium shit based of alien designs (Dreadknight for example).

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Did you mean "breed them"?

It ain't that easy:

-Orc stuff don't work for humies
-Necrons will rape you if you touch there stuff (at least before tomb-friends-in-space-lore, thanks matt)
-Nids are nids
-Eldar and Tau run other tactical deals then the humies, so most of there weapons would not be of big use and not worth the cost of producing.
-Chaos is out, too, corruption everywhere.

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God damn. I want to feel that air caste's legs around me.

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The Imperium used to be very tolerant, but they got stabbed in the back after the Heresy. Billions of humans enslaved, many more billions killed.

Anyway, the Imperium does tolerate some xeno's but not in the open. For example, the Jokero. The Ordo Xenos often work with xenos to get new technology and new weapons. It's just not done in the open. The Imperium is currently in ceasefire with Tau and they were/are being traded with. The Imperium don't fear the Tau due to their limited Warp travel. But they don't take shit from them either.

The Imperium is strange....

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You've made a classic blunder.

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These tau girls are not in a pile. WHY ARE THEY NOT IN A PILE?!

And why isn't that picture on 1d4chan?

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Care to tell what are new 4 in that pic?

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They're killed, they are just occationally allowed to build stuff before they're killed.
>Ordo Xenos
Huge difference between black ops and regular organizations.
>ceasefire with Tau
lol. The Imperium kills the Tau every time they see them, the only reason they haven't crushed them yet is because they have bigger fish to fry.

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Well it depends on the Tech priest.

Some feel that humanity already invented everything, so they see Xenos as lesser and don't bother with any of their tech
Some see their tech as a key to getting back to the golden age.

It very much depends


That said, it's true. The IoM isn't ALL murder. they already KNOW they're stretched thin as it is and can use as few fronts as possible. I think they prefer to ignore the problem then anything else.

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I see hugetau.

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That'll be ten thrones sir.

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What'cha looking for?

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Third from right in Xeno tau.
Huge Tau next to her and then Muscle Tau?
No clue what the red haired air is.

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Which one of those is Xeno?

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How about they enslave them and steal their CHILD BEARING HIPS?

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Much better. Carry on.

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Could it the red head air be ethereal?

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Their official policy is to murder all aliens, the question isn't if there are some people who don't follow the official policy it's what if the official policy was different.

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They can't tell Xenos technology from Xenos attacks, and as a result they have to deal with stuff like corrupted Chaos Space Marines. If they did what you suggest they'd lose their human identity and become culturally diffuse.

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None of them were meant to be Xeno, or explicitly noted to be rather.

Two photoshops were done by myself using the original four, then two Anon artist contributed the purple-haired one and the hugetau.

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Earth, Fire, Water, Air
"Fap fuel:"
Aether, untitled, hugetau, Iron.

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Yeah, but third from right is clearly Xeno because she's waving. She's got no idea she's in a hip size comparison chart.

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The Imperium becomes more tolerant and open to new ideas. Thousands of worlds fall to chaos and genestealer cults within the first year. The Eye of Terror expands at an exponential rate as the Hive Fleets move ever onwards and inward towards Terra.
A century later, all that remains of the Imperium is a scattered few empires barely held together by desperate Space Marine chapters.
In a quirk of fate, both Abaddon and the Tyranids reach Terra at roughly the same time. Hundreds of thousand of space marines and billions of guardsmen (plus some sisters, I suppose), are slaughtered in a glorious last stand.
The galaxy is them consumed over the next few centuries as the tyranids, gorged on the stuff of chaos in a new eternal war, have become more deamon than biological. The cataclysm allows the Dark Gods to merge the warp and the materium.

It would be pretty badass, now that I think about it.

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>earth caste

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Thanks. I'm quite new to /tg/, but I have a huge interest to Warhammer 40k lore and it's related creations such as these.

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humanity would have been bred out ages ago

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Also would the death of the Emperor create a new warp rift (the Eldar say) or is this the cataclysm you mention?

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It's xeno now sucka.

Good call.

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Whose skin do you suppose she's wearing?

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Jokero are left because they are not a threat.

The guy said Imperium, not the "public" part of it. So the Ordo Xenos point is valid.

They are in a ceasefire. They do battle over planetary issues... But they are individual battles not a full out war. The Imperium are not at total war against the Tau. They fight them, but are in a ceasefire due to Hive Fleet Behemoth and other fleets are in Rape Formation around strategic vital Imperium planets and the outer-rim of the Tau Empire.

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Her own.

Before she got nerocermised.

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That's some pretty good faptau for being so new. You trying to trick me or something?

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Remove that picture now before you get B&. /tg/ mods do NOT like anything NSFW and the fact you've put it in spoiler means they are more likely to check... Yeah, so, that picture will get you in trouble.

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I would just love to put my face between fire or earth caste's thighs. Not even as a femdom thing, they just look so thick and lovely.

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I knew for this stuff for years, but as for going to /tg/ itself, is new for me.

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Tau's are fun.

captcha: easupsid chansons

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All of that stuff will happen anyways.

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I understand, anon.
Chill, provider. The mods are usually okay as long as it isn't straight up porn.

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Jokaero are regarded as animals and thus not killed unless they use their digitech to start fucking with the Imperium and even then it goes on a case by case basis.

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I just want to see Earth and Fire scissor. Or Fire and Air.

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In all honesty, it might be best to ask a drawfag to provide a piece of Xeno for this. I would even add it to the psd file.

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Well, in my experience, if you show full out nipples/pubic hair/penises or whatever, they do.

Sorry, I'm not being rude I just don't want him banned.

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Sorry, GG, I don't really have any full-body pics of Xeno that wouuld be suitable.

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This is an old picture I got from here... Is this OK? They are necronised.

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What if the Imperium was more tolerant to Chaos?

Chaos is not evil. It's just misunderstood.

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Oh thank goodness. Thought the mods on /tg/ are very strict, unlike /v/'s (from I have gathered).

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I have a few I could dump

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Those hips. Those fucking hips.


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Chaos turned against the Emperor, therefore there will never be a compromise.

I've been banned several times for posting Rule 34 pics I thought were safe but turned out not to be. I just didn't want that Anon (if it's you) banned.

This pic is pretty cool. I'd love to see it turned into a model.

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It was the Emperor who betrayed Chaos.

So that makes him the bad guy.

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And of course, this! Hope that helps.

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This is my favorite Xeno pic.

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That's cool.

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If they legalized Chaos and regulated it, things won't be so bad.

Prohibition never works.

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Now I want a Rastafari CSM with penises for dreads saying “Legalize it, mon!”

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>Jokero are left.
Except they aren't.
>The guy said Imperium, not the "public" part of it. So the Ordo Xenos point is valid.
The Star Trek Federation is one of the most hippie do-gooder organizations in sci-fi but read up on what their Section 31 has done. Black Ops organizations are not a measure of a civilization.
North Korea and South Korea are at a ceasefire, their soldiers stare each other in the face everyday and no one fires a shot.
The Imperial Navy and Guard on the other hand kills Tau everytime they see them, The Imperium is still at war with the Tau and saying that just because they aren't invading them right this moment means they aren't is as stupid as saying that America wasn't at war with Romania because they were too busy invading Germany.

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>What if the Imperium was more tolerant?


>Op gets purged

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This is a good thread.

Can you take your edgy angst filled bald self-insert characters elsewhere please.

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...why penises?

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>Typical 40kid.

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For a moment there I thought the Marine had the dogs as his lower legs.

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“Slannesh be all bout da good times, mon!”

Really it was just something that seemed significantly Chaos-y,

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I mean really.

Humanity won't end if Chaos had its way, it will only get stronger. So what's so bad about?

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See, this picture is fine (I've done it before) as it's just a butt. But if it was the front.... It wouldn't be allowed. Or if it was from the back and labia was visible.

You one of the people who believes that the Emperor bargained with Chaos over being Immortal and the tech/knowledge to make SM?

I don't remember reading anything about Jokero being murdered by GK. I know Black Ops are not a measure of civilisation. They are at a ceasefire as I said they fight each other when the need calls for it. If Tau invade an Imperium planet, they are killed, so on, so forth. However there isn't a full on Crusade against them as there are bigger fish to fry. Like the 'Nids.

From 1d4chan:

"After it became painfully apparent that both sides were getting absolutely nowhere this way, the Imperium eventually relented and entered into meetings with the Tau Empire for cease-fire talks. Whilst neither side trusted the other one bit (this is the universe of grimdark after all), the meetings were basically successful, in no small part due to a Tyranid Hive Fleet (specifically Hive Fleet Kraken) moving in to rape a huge shitload of strategically-vital territory - followed immediately by a second hive fleet (Behemoth). This forced the Imperium to stop trolling the Tau diplomats and agree to the fucking cease-fire in order to be able to go fuck that shit up before things got even more grimdark. They still fight, of course, especially when there's a conflict of planetary interest, but it's mostly individual battles rather than protracted war. "

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The Word Bearers and Iron Warriors got it right in their approach to Chaos.

They have control over it and its dark power is no threat to them. Look how it empowers them.

There are no downsides to Chaos. I see none.

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That's cause you're a angst ridden fag.

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What about random "blessings" from your patron Gods and you being turned into Chaos Spawn?

What about the Daemon Machines which have the Souls of Daemons trapped in then and which often freak out and end up killing anybody nearby, including Chaos?

Also, it's not a great thing for non-Chaos worshippers.

>> No.21963791

So what's your excuse for not joining chaos?

>inb4 HERSEY

Close minded buffoons...

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Because I am slave to noone, et cetera.

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You post just like the guy who spammed Ultramarines in tau threads.

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...What if we make all the xenos worship the Emperor. Not only will it keep them pure but it will make the Emperor stronger.

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>This is a good thread

Uh huh.

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The Gifts can be removed or cured through magics or science. You won't get them frequently unless you devote yourself to the path of power.

>What about the Daemon Machines which have the Souls of Daemons trapped in then and which often freak out and end up killing anybody nearby, including Chaos?

Accidents. Are you telling me that the Imperium is not prone to accidents and neglect?

>Also, it's not a great thing for non-Chaos worshippers.

The Imperium is not great place for non-Corpse worshipers. Believe me being a servant to Chaos is better than a slave to a corpse.

If they won't see the truth, then it's their fault, Same thing will happen to them in the Imperium if they refused the corpse.

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Chaos is still evil, you fuckwit. The only thing in 40k that isn't technically evil is nids.

>> No.21963900

Orks aren't technically evil, they're just looking for a good time.

>> No.21963904

Don't be a fool. There is no in between. No neutral shelter from this conflict.

You either pick a side or die. As simple as that.

>> No.21963905

What if the same exact fetish fuel thread about Tau females with exaggerated proportions and shit stopped being posted every other hour?

>> No.21963906

Oi Provider, whatcha wanna talk bout again?

I didn't quite catch you the other day?

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The Hivemind is smart enough to know what it's doing is evil.

>> No.21963915

Wrong thread. This one is about stroking your dick to how edgy you are for liking Saturday morning cartoon villains.

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Chaos is not inherently evil. Chaos is what you want it to be.

>> No.21963939

>let no good deed go unpunished

>> No.21963946


>Gav Thorpe's writing

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The Imperium isn't that cookie cutter of an organization. If there's, say, a radical inquisitor nearby, you can better believe everyone's gonna listen to him, and he may very well decide enslaving the xenos is better than killing them.

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I thought this thread was about the Imperium's tolerance?

Oh...you silly Xenopiles had me fooled. If you wanted to lust over Xenos why not be honest about it and create your own threads.

>> No.21963978


The BRB already states that the Imperium ignores/exploits non-hostile Xeno species. I don't know why this thread has dragged on for so many posts.

>> No.21963980

Usually I tend to create one explicitly blueberry thread and one regular tau thread whenever I want to talk about tau so that you faggots are distracted and have a place to shitpost. Its amazing how well it works.

>> No.21963983

If you want to lust over big bad bald men in spikey armour why not be honest about it and create your own threads?

Maybe more homosexuals will join you for a good old fashion circle jerk.

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I agree. Chaos is not inherently evil. But it is still evil. The evil far outweighs the good.

Now why aren't you posting tau girls, ya git?

>> No.21963999

Because evil is subjective and I find it usually entertaining.

>> No.21964003

>Chaos is what you want it to be.

Did forget this line? The Traitor Legions use Chaos as the means for their revenge because they want it to be this way.

You're the kind of person who would blame the bolter for its wielders actions, aren't you?

>> No.21964008

Oh dear god, I thonk I just cut myself.

>> No.21964009

And there were Nazis who protected Jews.

>> No.21964015

I do not think anyone wants to find out if I have the artistic ability to photoshop a taucron from what I have to work with. Grand results would likely not be had, hence the suggestion to ask a proper drawfag.

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We don't need another Xeno, she's already in th pic.

>> No.21964031

Words cannot describe my desire to cut Abaddon's pony tail.

>> No.21964044

It is still the better alternative to the Imperium. A humanity under Chaos would be mightier than the humanity united under the corpse.

And post your Xenos. I am not stopping you from doing that, am I? Chaos is all about FREEDOM, you know.

>> No.21964049

I know that feel.

>> No.21964058

Tau are supposed to be short

>> No.21964067

No, a firearm doesn't turn my arm into a sickening abomination of a limb and exaggerate my emotions beyond imagination.

I'd imagine you being one of those kids wearing leather-strapped bell-bottom pants and fedoras.

>Chaos is just misunderstood, like my soul...

>> No.21964072

The subtleties in that pic.
Made my day.

>> No.21964100

So this was your work?


>> No.21964120

>There are no downsides to Chaos. I see none.

Of course you can't see, you're blind.

>> No.21964135

No pony tail! YES!
Next the arms.

>> No.21964143

I had based the Fire caste off the average height for japanese women. I will happily adjust the canon castes if I am provided with sourced measurements otherwise.

Regarding my own creations, I have a bit of a "thing" for taller ladies.

>> No.21964156

Your lack of knowledge and control leads to such outcome, not Chaos itself.

Shifting the blame says volumes about your character.

>> No.21964162

Damnit. Now I have to see it again.

>> No.21964185

Are implying the Imperium does not punish failure?In the context of this galaxy, Chaos does indeed have no downsides.

At least in the service of Chaos you may get another chance to redeem yourself and earn your glory.

>> No.21964202

>dat earth caste

all of my HNNNNNG

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>> No.21964255

Cheer up Abaddy, the Dark Gods will probably give you a new set.

>> No.21964316

Seriously, the Necrons seem to me as having the best deal out of any of the factions. Immortality, super-science, no mutations, and they killed their gods.

>> No.21964357

How did the Necrons killed the C'Tan?
Also having no soul and lacking all sentience and senses (apart from the more powerful Necrons) seems a downside.

>> No.21964381

They got no soul which makes them feel bad and sucky.

Also they are going insane.

they used weapons that channeled the LIVING ENERGIES OF THE UNIVERSE to shatter the C'tan into shards and then imprison them.

>> No.21964386

Never be able to sigh with contentment after snuggling down into a warm bed.

I'll take the Imperium, at least there you have a chance at a warm bed.

>> No.21964389

What if you didn't have a soul to begin with, then you're turned into a necron?

>> No.21964398

A warm bed while waiting in stagnation for a guaranteed death. Unless you turn to Chaos and are ravaged by mutations and monsters thirsting for your essence.

>> No.21964423

Or a redhead?
Also if you have no soul does that mean you incapable of being a psyker?

>> No.21964435

>Implying Chaos doesn't grant this and much much moar

Whatever the Imperium offers, Chaos can give you and more.

>> No.21964486

This seems like the thread to ask, so does anyone have a screencap of a certain Guard story? First post is a Chaos Lord gloating about how Guardsmen die afraid in holes for a god that never cared, second is about how Guardsmen have held the line for 10,000 years just by being human and calling out the Lord as a monster.

>> No.21965020


sooo kinda like this?


>> No.21965116

If I didn't have to leave soon, I'd totally turn this thread into a Tau drawthread.
All fetishy Tau! All the time!

>> No.21965223

There's an old story in which a psyker makes mental contact with a Fleshborer.
>We-it hates you-us.
The Hive Mind is very much malevolent.

>> No.21965307



Look, let me tell you this, Chaos corrupts. Whatever failings someone may have, it isn't the issue, issue here is chaos, turning you into their slave and causing you to create mass slaughter, orgy, misery, hate etc. and feed on human souls....

Tell me this is not evil, Tell me this is just missunderstood. Tell me that without Chaos Imperium would be the shithole it is in 40k.

>> No.21965323


Given that Chaos is created by the emotions of living creatures, it's actually the reverse - Chaos is the victim.

>> No.21965330


>> No.21965336

>mfw I realized TIDF is a strawman troll created by marinefags to make tau players look bad

You know what tipped me off? the dude hates blueberries no tau fan hates blueberries.

>> No.21965378

Actually they all do, because blueberries make their super-legitimate, totally-not-a-clumsy-attempt-at-reachng-the-japanese-market army sound less serious.

TIDF, actually, makes tau fans less hated, because everyone who doesn't realize that TIDF is not an actual tau apologist, thinks that actual tau fans cannot be as stupid as him, by contrast. But that's only because TIDF says aloud what they all think.

As a result, TIDF makes tau fans look good.

>> No.21965394


NEGATIVE emotions. Turned up to eleven. Forming cthulhu-tastic entities.

This is like pure evil. It's not your human anger, hate or lust. It's an all consuming hunger, trampling over the lives of countless innocents.

Best thing is, it's not because of living races. It's because of fucking warp itself.

Now excuse my as i go and purge myself for knowing too much about Chaos.

>> No.21965403

Another time, Anon.. I promise.

>> No.21965423

>Actually they all do
>Telling tau fans how they feel about their own faction
I like tau and I like blueberries.

>> No.21965440

>Negative emotions
no, simply human emotions and desires struggling against the boundaries of consciousness, morality, reality and ethics.
Hence the name, Chaos.

>> No.21965452

But you don't really like them; you just sort of like them.

>> No.21965490

They're not my favorite faction, sure, but they're easily in the top three. But that's not a fair statement since nothing is better than orks.

>> No.21965537

>nothing is better than orks.
Oh, so you're one of those guys who only like 40k ironically and believe it's all a big joke setting and nothing else.

It doesn't count as "liking", again.

>> No.21965547


Sorry but i don't see chaos gods of love, kindness, friendship, valor or compassion. And i am sure as hell that there aren't any lovenette, valorites, friendlings, compassionettes or kind-letters among the ranks of chaos.

>> No.21965558

Nurgle is a god of all these things.

>> No.21965579

Except valor. That's Khorne.

>> No.21965623

Why people ignore that billions of people worship Chaos and they're all fine.

>> No.21965631


Go drown yourself in shit and save this world from suffering your stupidity.


I can argue that. Though, yes followers of Khorne do not shrink from fight but it's because of their mindless thirst for blood and skulls, not higher calling of valor. They are mostly mindless killers, little more than rabid dogs.

Unless we are talking about fantasy Khorne, that guy has valor.

>> No.21965649


Because those millions are so insignificant in eyes of chaos gods that they barely acknowledge their existence and use them mostly for stepping stones for a daemon invasions, exalting a champion, meatshields?

And trust me, when you start worshiping chaos, you don't stay fine, at least not for a long time.

>> No.21965715

"fantasy Khorne is valorous and 40k Khorne is stupid" is a common misconception, they're both the very same god, described the same way in both settings.

And Nurgle IS a god of love, tolerance, compassion, kindness and friendship, because these things are what people do to clumsily face angst. That's why he acts like Santa Claus: he's the embodiment of how humans cope with death.

>> No.21965717

>it's all a big joke setting
Not to piss in your cheerios or anything, but 40k was originally very, VERY tongue in cheek. Like, if that tongue was any further in there, it's be tearing through that cheek.

You didn't seriously think that anything that used the word 'grimdark' was supposed to be taken seriously, right?.. Right?

>> No.21965764

"Grimdark" was never used by Games Workshop, it was originally used by people who make fun of 40k.
40k is still tongue-in-cheek.
40k was already serious back in the RT-era.

>> No.21965805

Yes, they're insignificant meaning their safe. Their situation isn't dissimilar to their Imperial counterparts.

>And trust me, when you start worshiping chaos, you don't stay fine, at least not for a long time.

they're been doing it for ten thousand years. Building a civilization of Chaos and I don't see them falling apart.

Just because they look mutated and monstrous doesn't mean they're not humans. They might seem crazy but compared to the Imperium they come off as a little strange with a touch of mad.

>> No.21965806


Fantasy Khorne is valorous because in fantasy fluff, his followers don't kill everything that moves. Warriors that worship Khorne actually seek out stronger warriors, though they aren't shinning examples of how warrior should be, they have control over their action.

40kk Khorne's followers are inhuman, mindless rabid dogs that kill everything that moves, and some more.

Also please explain to me how spreading worst imaginable diseases, killing millions by drowning them in shit and puss, having them die agonizing deaths while raising their corpses to further spread disease to others is kind, compassionate, friendly or such? Go on, i can't wait.

>> No.21965818

Ironically? No. Recognizing the setting is pretty much the biggest adolescent power fantasy ever and enjoying it for what it is? Absolutely. I just enjoy the simple pleasure of watching some 10 foot tall genetically engineered cyborg slam down from fucking orbit onto a bunch of genetically modified fungi made for killing. Maybe I don't take it as seriously as you do, maybe I find the whole universe just a little bit retarded, but then I look at pictures like this one and say to myself "Goddamn, that's awesome." The whole thing does have a bit of a snarky metal vibe, but at the same time I don't see why I would have to hide the fact that I think elves riding dinosaurs with lasers on their backs fighting robot daemon dinosaurs is fucking neat.

Besides, Ive always liked orcs in every setting and they're always my favorite race. I guess Ive got Gangreen or something.

>> No.21965825

>Also please explain to me how spreading worst imaginable diseases, killing millions by drowning them in shit and puss, having them die agonizing deaths while raising their corpses to further spread disease to others is kind, compassionate, friendly or such? Go on, i can't wait.

Kill or be killed.

Those guys are their enemies and so they shall die and suffer for it.

>> No.21965857

>Only I know how people are SUPPOSED to like the things they like

>> No.21965874


They are not just mutated and monstrous in appareances, they are mutated, monstrous and inhuman in every possible way. You don't seem to realize this but when you start worshipping chaos, your humanity decays, and with it your whole soul and conciusness. If you manage to catch attention of your god before process ends, you get promoted, otherwise, welcome to spawnhood or being a meatshield-sacrifice-daemonfood.

Compared to this, i would pick imperium over all day.

>> No.21965896

No soul is a pariah which have a super anti-soul presence that really fucks up people with strong souls.
Psykers feel immense pain around the soul-less so much so the imperium has a weaponized assasanorium dedicated to soul-less people.
Luckily the necrons are robits so being soul less has no more effect than sitting on a soul less couch (unless the couch flays your skin off).

>> No.21965908

>Also please explain to me how spreading worst imaginable diseases, killing millions by drowning them in shit and puss, having them die agonizing deaths while raising their corpses to further spread disease to others is kind, compassionate, friendly or such? Go on, I can't wait.
It's EXACTLY what Nurgle followers believe. Because they know that there's no difference between the disease and the cure: love, friendship and tolerance make people grow weak and forces them to rely on a higher power, and result from their weakness and mortality in the first place.

>> No.21965930


So those newborn babies, children along with those that aren't soldiers had to die in sick, painfull deaths after a long period of suffering, not to mention that it's common occurence that death can be denied to those poor souls who are affected by nurgle's diseases, turning them into half-living walking sack of meat and pus, causing them constant agony and pain.

I mean compared with Nurgle, Khorne is fucking MERCIFULL, and i am talking about 40k khorne.

>> No.21965990

40k Khorne despises psykers and wizards all the same, because he hates cowardice and cheap tricks. He's valorous. So are many of his warriors.
WFB Khorne promotes insanity and mindless butchering as well. Know about Scylla?

And let's not talk about his daemons. They're enough to prove you wrong.

>> No.21965991


Being compassionate requires you to think about others feelings. You know empathy and all that. I mean if nurgle followers were really compassionate you would figure that they would at least think, "Dude, we are spreading all these horrible diseases and sicknesses but what if those peoples don't like it? What if they don't need it. I mean shouldn't we at least consider their feelings? Maybe mother of that child don't want his son turning into a walking sack of meat and puss and condemning their souls to whole eternity of pain may not be the nicest thing for them."

>> No.21966052

>Being compassionate requires you to think about others feelings.
They dismiss those feelings as a foolish attachment to what causes suffering: life.

>> No.21966055

huegtau besttau

>> No.21966075

Huegtau worsttau

>> No.21966076

I personally like them because they're a fun parody on the canon material. Same reason I like most 40K parody work.

The reason why I as a tau player don't like TIDF is because the guy doesn't even remotely try to quote sources when he claims something to be facts, and tends to throw wild accusations towards people who do.

Which, by the way, also ruins the previous claim that "TIDF says aloud what all tau players think." He doesn't. I as a tau player have disagreed with TIDF in many threads.

>> No.21966104


>> No.21966113


You are right about his Daemons, as Daemons are purest form of negative emotion given form. But you are ignoring the factor of followers.

Followers of Fantasy Khorne are humans. They have human feelings. They believe that martial superiority is everything. They are harsh and bloodthirsty. Yes, there are those from their ranks that are genocidial maniacs but unlike 40k, there are warriors worshipping Khorne who believe that murdering children and women is disgracefull. They prefer to make widows and orphans, not kill them and toss their skulls to their god and they actually manage to stay that way.

40k Khorne, not so much. Every servant of his is a bloodthirsty maniac.


Same with cowardice.


That is selfish. If you dismiss someones feelings force your own way upon them, causing them unending suffering and pain, and even worse, blind enough to not see it....

that means you are a bloody FOOL at best, causing death and destruction which isn't forgivable either.

>> No.21966121

>The reason why I as a tau player don't like TIDF is because the guy doesn't even remotely try to quote sources when he claims something to be facts

Pretty sure he does. He even made this.

>> No.21966129

You see, they are compassionate: they realize how afraid of death all their victims are, and they want to cure them of their fear, by killing them.

>> No.21966156

Oh, good, someone saved it. I drew the third from the right after determining the others weren't cute or sexy enough.

>> No.21966171

>The servants of Nurgle cry out to him to rid them of the gifts they so blatantly invited when they turned to worship him, and he takes great sport in prolonging their suffering through the granting of yet more of his marks.

But Nurgle, you're a grandfather, grandfathers can't be evil.

>> No.21966175

Ah, true, let me rephrase then. He doesn't like quoting sources when the sources disprove his claims. Like when he claimed the tau never send in armies when negotiating with new cultures and I had to force the 6th edition tau page (which explicitly states they do) through his throat.

>> No.21966178

>someone saved the thing i commissioned

fuck yes best 11 dollars i ever spent

>> No.21966179

>causing them unending suffering and pain
No. Souls harvested by Nurgle, and followers of Nurgle don't feel pain anymore, they're happy to have gotten rid of life, they are eager to help living beings reach their state. To them, life is a disease (cf: the Purge)

>> No.21966199

This line is contradicted by all the fluff that says how cheerful, careless and enthusiastic Nurgle Followers are.

>> No.21966206


Do those people want that cure? Tell me, did they asked for that cure? They could at least leave choice to them don't you think...

Fact that they aren't shows how right i am.

Now please, stop trying to defend ELDRİTCH GODS WHO FEED ON PAIN AND SUFFERING AND HUMAN SOULS and try to show them as misunderstood victims.

You aren't even making solid arguments anymore.


Followers of Nurgle don't feel pain. Those villagers and peasants that died to his plague, they felt fucking everything.

>> No.21966217

You mean you spent 11 dollars for that half-assed doodle?
Damn, man, for 11 dollars I can draw you five of those. In the very least.

>> No.21966230

>after determining the others weren't cute or sexy enough.

>> No.21966233


FUCK! tg? Some help here, i am tired of repeating same fucking things, ı am sure there are anons who have logic and sanity to help me here.

I need to go ot bed soon.

>> No.21966254

>They could at least leave choice to them don't you think...
No, because according to Nurgle, they are clinically insane. You don't ask a madman whether he wants to be cured or not, you just do it, not because he's dangerous or different, but because you're compassionate, and because you know that he's suffering from his state.

Compassion is horrible.

>> No.21966258


Madness prevails today.

>> No.21966289


>> No.21966305

And if they hadn't been cured of the cause of their suffering(life), they would have suffered for much longer, because the greatest pain is not the one caused by wounds and infections, it's the fear of losing everything you have and of oblivion.
It's at least what Nurgle worshippers believe. That's why they turned to Nurgle in the first place.

>> No.21966306

real life has guaranteed death...

>> No.21966309

i gave them extra money cuz they were going to buy mcnuggets

mcnuggets is a good cause brah

>> No.21966326

Well I'd be using that money for booze, isn't booze a good cause?

>> No.21966335

I'll be sure to make note of this, then.

Do you have a gallery?
Affordable smut is something I enjoy.

>> No.21966367

Roleplaying, trolling or genuinely protau.

Im still holding on to my theory of him being a strawman troll. Because nobody seriously hates blue cheesecake unless they're a troll.

>> No.21966371

the third from the right is the least sexy. It has really ugly legs and is generally not very womanly

>> No.21966388

He shitposted in the thread Xeno got banned in, so I wouldnt be surprised.

>> No.21966398

It looks like he tried to apply human proportions to the tau bodytype the rest have. It somehow managed to look worse than the Ethereal. At least it isnt Mary Sue Caste like the last one, though.

>> No.21966412

I do but it doesn't contain sketches for 10 dollars, just bigger things for 30 dollars. But I run Xeno's Adventure, and it's the type of little drawings I could give you five of for 10 dollars.

e-mail in e-mail field.

>> No.21966421

>biggest adolescent power fantasy
>not CoD
>not Gaylo
>not GoW
>not most SW content
>not almost every other fucking mainstream thing out there

>> No.21966429


Madman with such degree of insanity is a case of 1 from 100000.

People who have different point of view manage to live, thrive, socialize without causing harm (and don't dare to counter this with sins of ımperium because that was FAULT of chaos.).

And also even you try to cure someone, you make sure patient does not suffer, those who weren't followers of nurgle died from plagues of the god of pestilence suffered, badly. They saw their loved ones rot away alive while their own body was wrecked with scikness.


This isn't true. Your logic is flawed. Fear of losing something maybe painfull, but it also drives you onward, it drives you to strive for power so you can protect them.

And because Nurgle worshipers believe something does not make it true or compassionate.

This was my last answer as i have to go to bed now. Someone please take from where i left.

>> No.21966436

>Derailed Blueberry thread

Does my eyes deceive me?!

Justice at last. Take that, Xenophiles, taste your own medicine.

>> No.21966468


>People who have different point of view manage to live, thrive, socialize without causing harm (and don't dare to counter this with sins of ımperium because that was FAULT of chaos.).

Seems my grammar is suffering too. Whelp.

What i meant there was that you don't call someone who has different points of view from you a madman.

And again failure to see the difference between a different person and a madman proves how much of a dangerous fool you are and how big of a threat you are to community.

>> No.21966481

Blueberry threads get derailed all the time and this technically wasn't even a blueberry thread.

>> No.21966485 [DELETED] 

Only, you know, lewder.

>> No.21966498

Dammit, Technomancer.

>> No.21966518

They almost all look pretty ugly, though. Those gangly legs and the impossibly drooped thighs and chunky, ribboned muscle fibers and all. I think they just need a better artist working on them. Or maybe you just can't make them look sexy unless they look more human, or if you're just a weird pervert.

>> No.21966525

Accept your defeat with dignity, scum.

>> No.21966533

Blueberry and other assorted xeno threads, until you love it you closet homophile piece of gaping incestious zeal.
I bet you purge anything and everything for that guy who just couldn't sit down for a moment and think da fuck he is doing.

>> No.21966536

Ethereal is just Earth's stretched out body with fire's head and air's colour.

The things that bother me about that one is the weird square feet, the absolute lack of waist and torso and lack of hips. It's just a slightly angled line from tits to legs.

>> No.21966544

>What i meant there was that you don't call someone who has different points of view from you a madman.
A guy who has different points of view and suffers because of it, and cannot change his point of view despite you proving him wrong is a madman.
And yes, Nurgle worshippers are a threat to the community.

Look, I'm not saying that Nurgle worshippers are right. I'm saying that they think that they are right, just like you do, and that because of how much they want to prevent your psychological suffering, they're going to make you suffer physically in hopes that you end up "realizing" that death is a preferable alternative to life.
True compassion is impossible, it would require telepathy, but as an attitude, it exists, and Nurgle worshippers are genuinely compassionate.

>> No.21966557

It's okay, just fucking with you a bit.
Honestly, though, I could give you five more for the same price. And without diapers of course.

>> No.21966586

I'm not the guy who wants huegtau pics, I just wanted to call you out being creepy.

>> No.21966630


And i told you that geniune compassion requires at least caring for the thoughts of others.

Nurgle's worshipers are arrogant maniacs and disillusioned fools who think that they are doing something right by spreading horrible diseases and causing your dick to rot and fall off along with your whole body, and make you feel every second of it unless you pledge your soul to nurgle.

>> No.21966633

All Xenophiles are creepy by default. Calling each other creepy makes you kinda of a hypocrite.

And I will make it my duty to ruin each one of them. I'll clean this board from the cancer known as the Tau.

>> No.21966673

That you, Lewdanon? Writefag here. How's that comic page coming along? Send it to me via email if its NSFW. Also would love to get in touch with you, if your work permits.

>> No.21966704

>And i told you that geniune compassion requires at least caring for the thoughts of others.
Nurgle followers do, they care for your fear of death and decay, and they want to cure it.
>Nurgle's worshipers are arrogant maniacs and disillusioned fools who think that they are doing something right by spreading horrible diseases and causing your dick to rot and fall off along with your whole body, and make you feel every second of it unless you pledge your soul to nurgle.
Yes, how does that contradict the fact that they are compassionate?
They simply happen to believe that psychological suffering is worse than physical suffering, or at least that physical suffering can be easily accepted.

>> No.21966707

>All Xenophiles are creepy by default
And this is where I have to call bullshit.

Within the heart of every Xenophile pumps the blood of a conqueror! They see a world of unimaginable terror, of confusion and hostility and they do not shrink back in terror and reach for their rifle. No, instead they spring forth in turgidity and clutch their dicks, ready to tame the wild stars with nothing more than what they were born worth.

You see a xenophile and look upon a pervert. I see him and gaze upon a hero, ready to plunge forth where no man has gone before!

>> No.21966734

>That you, Lewdanon?
Nope, I just like his arts.

>> No.21966759

Ah, ok. My mistake. Guys harder to get hold of than the Batman.

Incidentally, his lewdtau art is awesome.

>> No.21966760


There is difference. Nurgle followers do it from arrogance because they think they know what is best for everyone. They don't care what happens to someone if they aren't worshiping Nurgle, if they did, they wouldn't be rotting dicks of whole villages and instead would find a less painfull way.

>> No.21966777

He just posted some stuff in >>21965733

>> No.21966785

Dude, shine a flashlight at the sky if you want batman, don't you read comics? Unless you're trying to get a hold of him IRL, then I can see why you'd have some problems getting hold of a fictional character.

>> No.21966826

>because they think they know what is best for everyone.
So does everyone. Don't you? You think that life is preferable to death; maybe you're right, but what allows you to believe this if you haven't been dead yet?
>They don't care what happens to someone if they aren't worshiping Nurgle
Yes, if they didn't care, they would simply live peaceful days in the Garden of Nurgle. They sometimes do.

>> No.21966847

If you worship the Emperor, you will live and die for someone who couldn't care less about you (in fact, someone who doesn't even know what he's doing, hence Ordo Hydra).

If you worship Chaos, you will die for Chaos but you will live for yourself (quoting from Black Crusade, Renegade entry), which is something Big E has yet to offer.

The Eldar, Craftworld or Dark, will kill you. The Orks will probably kill you (unless you're made of pure badass and the kaptin of a Freebooter ship lets you on his ship). The Necron will kill you and make a Warrior out of you. The Tyranids will kill and then digest you.

The Tau will let you toil in one of their Castes and fill your head with the Greater Good and all that, but if it's propaganda that has to fill your every waking moment I think one about hope, cultural understanding, and progress sounds much better than anything the other factions have to offer.

>> No.21966848

Try it lord of grease.

>> No.21966958

Then, what if there is a species that worships the humanity they know from the time before the war of machines and the human living there are actually humble and down to earth?
what if they created a warp space distortion to buy time to research so much that they will be superior?
Imagine the butthurt.

>> No.21967028

Sounds like something the Sensei would do.

>> No.21967304

The mankind its united because they found another thing to hate than themselves.

>> No.21967306

I look forward to our future potential dealings.

>> No.21967369

Yeah, other humans, good job. Because saying that the archenemy of Mankind is something other than Chaos is heresy. The Imperium is the most inhuman faction in 40K. Chaos at least is honest (if you're not an idiot, but if you are then you're already screwed anyway).

>> No.21967771

All the neckbeards love the imperium anon, deadl with it.

>> No.21967880

What's up with people speaking in the name of all of /tg/ these days? Or am I bumping into those same people with brain tumors? Some like it, some don't, except some do it either reasonably (as in, making a decent justification) or responsibly (as in, admitting that you just can't help but be a fanboy, happens to me all the time as well). It's the frothing part I have issues with, not the object of said preferance.

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