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What is it that you can draw.

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right, I should really say the following

>no NSWF reuqests, artists don't really want to get banned. /tg/'s work safe, after all!

>try to keep it simple! if your request has like four different characters in complex actions, it's very unlikely that it will get drawn

>keep it tigi related, this should be obvious.

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We must have more corgitaurs

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Draw a blueberry who just can't stop being lewd no matter how hard she tries.

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cool stuff. mostly monstrous races and things like that.

i'm fine doing erotic stuff, too, but I won't post it here for obvious reasons

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Tremere fledgeling. Looks 30-ish, skinny, with beard and medium length black hair. Wears merchant's clothers. Is "armed" with lantern and a shovel (I'm not kidding).

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Draw the classiest ork.

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>obvious reasons
depends on what you call "erotic". As long as it doesn't show genitals or nipples or buttholes it's totally okay.
And fortunately, I have a non-nude fetish >>21956223

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i can craw a couple of character portraits; preferably females. if you want your request drawn, link me to some music i can listen to while i draw.

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For anyone willing I would like a character portrait of my wookie in d6 Star Wars.
Brownish Red fur (if in color)
He wears a top hat and keeps a handlebar moustache. He has the iconic bowcaster slung over his shoulder and has a pair of shock-boxing gloves on his hands. Any additional gentlemanly things the artist may wish to add would be interesting to see

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Rolled 7

I need a picture of a selesnyan catgirl
can you do it?

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The girl on the left. She can be doing whatever you want.

But if you need context uhm... she can be carrying shopping bags! YEA!

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From looking at your work, you have a certain old-skool D&D monster designer style which I like a lot.

Perhaps then you could draw my old-old tiefling NPC from Planescape (2E)? This was back when tieflings were random in appearance rather than just red-skinned draenei devils.

Anyway, pic related. Would be awesome to see your interpretation of her.

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>she can be carrying shopping bags! YEA!

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A glorious member of the Vanu Sovereignty shooting dead a New Conglomerate Soldier.

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What does this even mean?

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Oh then my request might not be in your area of expertise but would you be able to draw a futuristic styled Tommy Gun

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You will both be crushed under the bootheel of the eternal Terran Republic. Remember what Home is.

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>Reploid Girls
och! my weakness.
on it.

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Planetside 2 factions.

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Blue and Gold is NC and Purple and green is VS.

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Can I have an octopus with a pair of night vision goggles, and an array of techno-gadgetry on a belt around his mantle?

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Can I get an unassuming male human paladin? Sword-and-board with an engraving of a torch on his shield. If you do it, I'll draw you a crappy picture of whatever you want.

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like, the fruit? thats kinda weird yo.

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>[email protected]
You goofster, you were holding shift still!

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no, not like the fruit, like the /tg/ depiction of tau girls.

Picture yourself a very curvy girl, with blue skin, short hair (a hairless body otherwise), an animu-ish face, a Y-shaped slit on her forehead, no nose, four fingers, and hooves instead of feet.

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I would like a female Asian human bard with a longbow and a backwards baseball cap.

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I don't do PS2, but getting cut off like that seems like a terrible idea...

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I suppose I am up for some stuff

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Rolled 2

Can you do the selesnyan catgirl I asked for earlier?

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Working on a House Sigil for my song of ice and fire campaign, I have the idea, i just need someone to draw it.Iron Glove Open palmed lighting coming out of it. Blue and gold field diagonal(background)

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You'd think that, but there are positions in PS2 that you can hold pretty much indefinitely even if you're surrounded deep in enemy territory. coughTarwichcough

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okay! Is this mean to be serious? And do you some of those fancy looking selesnya robes or the more low-key druid-looking ones?

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Drawfriends, I have a sort of unusual request. I would like a picture of Mitt Romney as a successful merchant in a fantasy setting. Its for one of my fellow players and he would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

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Ooh, looks like someone beat me to it.

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Rolled 20

you can still do it, the more the merrier after all

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Rolled 20

and either works, its really for the sake of illustrating a pun

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Can i get him to look older? Like having a bald crown and longer pony tail, cataraxed eyes, bushier eyebrows and moustache. he should also have a burlap bag and a grim reaper behind him holding his shoulder.

He's a necromancer i'm playing currently. Due to my dm's plot he happens to be the grim reaper but has no clue about it. Kind of like the protag from Fight Club and Tyler Durden.

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yeah. im just doing this for practice, so i can find some style to draw in

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Tiefling Rogue with Crossbow. I would also like that he have the stereotypical blacksmith body. (Thick arm and leg muscles, big gut that doesn't make him look obese, just big-boned.)

Pic kinda related, its a Tiefling.

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exactly, i don't think he's realized what i'm doing yet, though he did find it weird that i bought a shit ton on bags.

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Terran Republic is also a bunch of iron-fisted jerks who will kill anyone that thinks differently, or doesn't obey them.

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Haha, I've arrived to shatter your dreams of having your requests handled by much more talented artists that could be doing this for money!

Tonight! >>21956396 YOU!

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Rolled 19

To be honest it's pretty good, neck is a bit thick though

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Would anyone like to draw some Scraploota scribblins? Something with Zizzbitz if you're feeling specific, though any Scraoloota drawfaggotry is fine by me.

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alright, I did it really quick since you already got one. I hope it's close enough.

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whoops, let's fix that..

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Rolled 7


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Rolled 7

Thats better, looks really good now

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i dyslexic so lets hope i got the right left

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I'unno. May be the anime eyes + nonose, but it looks kinda downsy to me.

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Wouldn't mind seeing another take on this half-elven gunslinger.

>> No.21957291


I actually meant the other one hahaha

but it's cool. I like her!

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A bearded, aged cleric of Tiamat wearily arguing with a couple of chromatic dragons about the merits of more-or-less benevolent draconic tyranny over 'I'm so evil I shit orphan adventurers' brand draconic tyranny.

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I want a female minotaur in biker leathers punching a furry viking for ordering a 'cherry mead', and screaming at them for dishonoring their ancestors.

>> No.21957311

gimme a written description and I'll see what I can do.

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It's been a while since I've tried this request, so lets see if it pays off...

Female character for a near-future Scion campaign. Being the daughter of the goddess Kali and a Tibetan man, she looks kinda like a significantly more athletic version of pic related. Her hair is straight and black, and she tends to keep it shoulder length. She is generally dressed like a revolutionary militant, generally tailoring her image to look good on propaganda posters for whatever rebellion she’s stoking. This often involves mismatched elements, but generally involves combat boots and some manner of headwear (sometimes a beret, sometimes a hijab, sometimes a bandanna, sometimes a more Western-styled head scarf and sunglasses thing like Jackie O – whatever makes the outfit work for the region – that is, whatever the artist feels like in getting the point across).

She mainly uses a five-bladed urumi (basically a ribbon sword used kinda like a whip with a cutting edge - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urumi) and buckler, both made of the same black iron as the Pillar of Delhi. She also carries a Ka-Bar knife somewhere at all times as a weapon of last resort, most often tucked into a boot sheath. When she can get away with it, she carries an assault rifle, typically some variant of the AK-47 showing some degree of personalization. The gun is largely for appearances sake.

Her appearance overall should carry the same connotations as a carnivorous plant or a poisonous frog - strikingly attractive in appearance and while still being obviously dangerous.

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Requesting androids/AI in relaxed, casual stances, I don't have enough AI in my life.

Or Kriegers.

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Half-elven gunslinger, standing around 5'10 of slim build. Shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, packs a musket and wears some stylized leather armor with a long coat over it and fingerless leather gloves.

That work?

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Same general outfit as that guy? Japanese as well?

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I'll bump this.

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I would like, if possible, a drawing of pic related, once again in his nightclothes, standing over the slain corpse of a HUGE, demonic rhinoceros. He is looking rather worse for the wear.

The problem with full plate is you can't really wear it while sleeping, and fuck me if we don't get attacked at night every single time.

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Holy shit, it's Mite Ramney of the Tiefling party!

Our cleric is a priest of Barackathon Obamadar, and I'm pretty sure your character is his order's arch-nemesis.

>> No.21957521

Here is also his face.

He is not a pretty man, but he is a very scary one.

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Jesus god that filename.

>> No.21957557

haha sounds interesting but not the same guy. Changeling bard who owns his own business, disguises himself as mitt romney "Mick Romney". Funny how theres multiple players playing as Romney though

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A harpy in a fancy easter bonnet and turn of the century dress (forced in is as a wizards 'uniform')

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"The Left" usually means audience left.

>> No.21957665

Alternatively, it can mean the dirty, freedom-hating pinhead hippies who hate america and want to steal your prescription stool softener.

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Still waiting on an answer here, otherwise I'm just going to assume yes.

>> No.21957695


Natural camouflage would definitely come in handy, but at the same time those giant glowing goggles don't help much either. So really it just kind of balances out.

>> No.21957698

Right on, draw things!

Okay...40k Dark Heresy Interrogator Mary Sue-dom...I would humbly request a fashionable, fancy woman wearing a high-collar ladies long-coat, given a bit of the ole warhams treatment. Wavy hair, tied back in two low ponytails behind her, and a set o round shades. Underneath she's got a black bodyglove thing with black leather gloves and chest protector, maybe a jeweled choker, too. Fashionable knee-high boots. Her choice of accessories is a fancy, boxy-looking bolter in one arm and a fancy semi-automatic pistol in the other. Overall, a fancy runway model hitgirl with the authority of the Inquisition behind her, purging and being fabulous.

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Thri-Kreen dancer


>> No.21957879

Thank you, sir.

>> No.21957888

Lewd taus.

>> No.21958137


No, thank YOU sir. Thanks to your request I'm not remembering that some of the first pictures I posted on /tg/ were of an octopus character derailment of a long crashed and burned quest thread. Those were good times.

>> No.21958162

I just started this campaign where the main villain is a necromancer that makes magical symbols on his victims, all over their bodies, and creates a magical thread that connects from his fingertips to the body's symbols. Would anyone draw this 'puppet master'? =3

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Lewd Tau are gross

>> No.21958190

Would you believe me if I said that I was playing the Octopus completely straight, and not to derail a campaign?

Well, at least, as legitimately as an uplifted octopus engineered into a master infiltrator can be. Cyberpunk is a hell of a drug.

>> No.21958209


Yes I would, because Octomorphs are just neat.

>> No.21958227

A Dragonborn dressed up in Arabian garb, like a Muslim holy warrior. Appropriate music:


>> No.21958289

Could you perhaps draw some thri-kreen erotica?

Like a thri-kreen giving a mandible job to a young man who is smiling nervously like he's not sure if he's okay with it but still enjoying himself

>> No.21958294

one lewdtau coming up

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Yes! Snake Eater reigns supreme once more!

>> No.21958431

How about this?

>> No.21958449

Could you draw an elven blackguard riding a black unicorn?

Pic somewhat related.

>> No.21958452

I can dig it.

>> No.21958500

Going to bed but if this could be done thanks

>> No.21958513

A soldier from the Great War as a magical girl. Bonus points if you do a Brit, Frenchman, Ruski and Kraut together. Gasmasks also welcome.

Perhaps a yankee lagging behind in the background.

>> No.21958519


Guess you were gone for the night.

Well, here's your request anyways.

>> No.21958545

could you please draw a character for a game of Shadowrun i'm in? Basically a tall, leggy, all-american cowgirl.
Denim jeans, cowboy boots, long sleeved but low cut shirt that says "Made In America'. And, of course, a hat at a jaunty angle. Blond hair(not that color matters in a sketch), shoulder length.

>> No.21958580 [DELETED] 

Hnnnnnnghhhh, of fuck this makes me wish there where just-as-good prequel/sequel/alternate story for Lucifer and Biscuithammer

>> No.21958582


This sounds familiar...

>> No.21958647

>> No.21958671

Should I be afraid that my DM is going to troll us?

>> No.21958675

>> No.21958698


>> No.21958705

>Born 2 kill

>> No.21958715


>> No.21958737

>> No.21958751

sorry it took me so long to respond, i just got dragged out of my chair for awhile. holy crap thank you, it turned out a lot better than what i imagined

>> No.21958767

Let's make a zine called the Art of /tg/.

>> No.21958792


No problem man.

I had the itch, and that scratched it. Have a good night.

>> No.21958815

it is the theme of, and in my opinion best song in, my favorite game in the series, afterall.

>> No.21958826

Perhaps "ar/tg/allery"?

>> No.21958843

Sounds even better

>> No.21958890


I'd just like a traditional Cleric/Warrior/Thief/Wizard group battling an evil Rotten Eggknight and his zombie chick minions.

All of the PCs are eggs. Classic style D&D characters fighting a deathknight.


>> No.21958917

you too man, and thanks again

>> No.21959094

Not if you kill him before he trolls you.

>> No.21959111

Much appreciated! And yes, that song is like earsex. They captured the Bond feel perfectly.

>> No.21959225

Huh. To me, I always thought Live and Let Die was the penultimate bond song for anything in the '80s to early 00's.

>> No.21959253

Its 3AM and I can't sleep, maybe character portraits will help me?

and fuck yes snake eater

>> No.21959297

That means I'm going to draw character portraits, if that wasn't clear

>> No.21959318


Then begin here >>21958890

Staid, classy pictures of Egg PCs.

>> No.21959332

Could i get a half-elven 40-something aristocrat-ish looking noblewoman dressed in fabulous gear (think fantasy bling with style) wielding a equally fabulous sword in one hand and holding a fireball in her other please?

She's recurring NPC in my pathfinder game that got ousted during a hostile takeover by another nobleman and are now seeking her revenge.

>> No.21959359

Yo, I'm DM'ing a campaign very soon with rolled up medieval fantasy races doing a lot of sabre rattling.

Can I get a picture of a Aztec Warrior clad in panther fur and bird feathers, fighting a Naga donned in your typical Ancient Greek spearman outfit (save greaves of course)?

Much obliged.

>> No.21959383

Could you have a go at my friends 4 popped Collar Swag Rogue?

Someone else drew it last time, and it was alright but im seeing if I can get a more detailed drawing.

Busterchainsawgunsword optional

>> No.21959400

Feel free to use it as reference as well.

>> No.21959412


>> No.21959492

I just realized erasing the fighters axes a lot kind of makes it look like he's chopping away

>> No.21959511

Could I get my kobold paladin? Got a game tomorrow with it.

Just a normal looking kobold, with scale mail and a flower crown. Uses sword and shield, and rides on a fat pig weighed down by all the random junk piled up that the paladin can't bring to give up and hoards.

>> No.21959524

Could you draw me a scottish-inspired barnarain Naga? Preferably wielding a claymore, bottles of whiskey hooked into belt and perhaps some form of Naga-appropriate kilt.

This is going to be my character for a one-shot game where we will be playing misfit monsters.
I went for Scottish Barbarian Naga and the other PCs will be Mongol Archer Kobold, Lawful Good Paladin Succubus (whippings for great JUSTICE!), Opera singer Bard Gug and Mexican gunslinger Flumph

>> No.21959582

Not an artist, but I found this with Google Images.

Is early 21st Century tacti-cool sufficiently futuristic, or are you talking about retro-futuristic Art Deco, or...?

>> No.21959587



>> No.21959704

re-requesting >>21957485
if you're up for it.

>> No.21959838

So... Fucking... Bubba....

>> No.21959869

go to Google Images, search for "Thompson" + "Tactical" and you will find a lot of stuff like this.

Poster asked for a "futuristic" Thompson SMG. Do rails and an Aimpoint make it futuristic, or was he thinking 1970s beige-plastic-with-buttons-and-lights-all-over futuristic, or 1930s Art Deco retro-futuristic (which a Thompson with the drum and vertical foregrip already sorta is), or...?

>> No.21959914

Is a naga one of those slithering things from WC3?

>> No.21959931

Nagas are human from the waist up, from the waist down an enormous serpent.

...usually they are depicted as female, and are a recurring favorite topic in /d/

>> No.21959932

Upper half of a woman, lower half of a snake

>> No.21959959

Its a generic term for snakegirl, often interchangeable with lamia.

>> No.21959967


Alrighty then, scottish barbarian naga coming up

>> No.21959993 [DELETED] 

rolling for new fetish

>> No.21960004

Sorry I was late by a few days Anon.
(well I hope you are lurking around)

>> No.21960010

Rolled 5

Checking to see if this becomes a new fetish

>> No.21960016

it was only funny the first time because you fucked up the dice roll, anon.

>> No.21960144

mix between the last two, It's for a cyberpunk game so the 70's-80's look is awesome.

>> No.21960165


I am (somewhat) done
If you want a face and colour it will take a bit longer

>> No.21960180

Awesome! if you feel like giving him a face go ahead. I'm just happy i got someone to draw it

>> No.21960181

I'll drop this off here since I couldn't post yesterday.

Also I might do >>21957343 later on.

>> No.21960197

I'll try

Did I also make the right choice of making him male? I couldn't really picture a female scottish barbarian with snake body as a lower half.

>> No.21960208

I hadn't decided on gender so male works fine.

>> No.21960369

Heil drawfriends!
Might I request some Imperial Guards since IG are pretty good?
They're going to be in an upcoming RT game that I'll be GMing and I would like to have something on hand to show.

Basically they're mechanised infantry with a penchant for dakka, pic related is what I want their uniforms to look like.
Thanks in advance

>> No.21960378

I wouldn't complain.

>> No.21960412

lol wow... I was gonna say: "Wait.. their hats, they must be marines around 1900.".
Then I looked at the file name.
A rather unusual choice for IG, I guess, the reason why I had a closer look in the first place was their apparent lack of uniforms; and this being the uniforms you want.

>> No.21960498

Heh, historically those guys were sailors given rifles and told to fight. Turns out the Black Sea Fleet had some pretty manly men in its employ, fought in Sevastapol and even after their base was gone they continued to operate.

Lets face it anyway, IG are just various armies of various flavours in SPAAACE, but that went without saying.

>> No.21960745

A Persian-German fantasy rogue. Weak, but dextrous. Wears a gold ring studded with three small rubies, loose clothes good for hiding stuff, and a handy haversack. Dual wields a rapier and a gladius. Has facial hair like pic related, but with uniform thickness (same thickness as the hair on his chin).

>> No.21960894

A girl with a ponytail, with a creepy grin, and her mouth is abnormally large, from ear to ear with serrated teeth.
If possible, could you draw it so that there's a key ring with a single key hanging from one of her teeth as her mouth is open and a hand reaching for it?

>> No.21960926

requesting a dwarf wiping his ass with a bag of gold

it makes sense in context

>> No.21960963

Could I get a drawing of a sci-fi operator, operating?
Equipped with a shield, a pistol with a chain-link feed going into a backpack, nightvision goggles, webbing & pouches and knives all over him.
As a bonus, it'd be great if he was fighting off a gribbly alien of some description.
Much obliged.

>> No.21961164

Any drawfags?

>> No.21961288

Well, I'm working on pic related.
I like the sketch, so I don't think I'm gonna finish it in this thread. Also trying to level up my perspective.
For the armor design I'm going to borrow quite heavily from >>21958431 , if you dont mind.

>> No.21961293


Pass, I've already had my share of nerdrage and criticism yesterday.

Ima lay low for a while till the bitter fa/tg/uys find something else to bitch about.

>> No.21961295

As long as it looks like leather I don't mind at all.

>> No.21961304

Ah, I'm sorry a couple ruined spoiled you on drawthreads. Don't let it get to you. Some folks just want to complain. They never shook that high school mentality of insulting others to hide your own faults.

>> No.21961312

It's not the norm around here, we just have a few roving ragefags that piss on damn near anything.

>> No.21961314

... sperm spewing baby jesus, I really need to check my posts after being up all night. My grammar is atrocious.

>> No.21961329


Don't be, I love /tg/'s bitter cynicism, but being a bystander and being the subject of said RAEG are still 2 very different things.

>> No.21961353

Thanks very much bro, I really like your art <3

>> No.21961401

I have a request if any drawfags are up for it:

Could somebody draw this bloke but gravely wounded, perhaps leaning against a wall or something whilst clutching a wound?

>> No.21961404

What's "the great war"?
Do you mean World War 1?

>> No.21961438

Fuck you, you always make me smile like an idiot.

Also glad you like it. dumbass

>> No.21961613

Not the requester, but here's the ref s/he posted in the last thread.

>> No.21961626

Requesting someone to do their own version of this. *Pic related*

>> No.21961656

A Byzantine-looking armored horesman riding a gigantic raptor/allosauus-looking dinosaur, using a small shield and a sword and a big crossbow on his back.

>> No.21961670

Right, just the way stability is ensured.

Seriously, TR > NC > Unwashed Vanu Hordes

>> No.21961678

An XCOM rookie holding a grenade in each hand, with the caption "Shit son, it is on!"

>> No.21961823

Guoh, Alright, or any of the other drawfags in this thread; do you think I could get your take on one of these guys? Or you could draw your own, that would be awesome I think. They come from an advanced race, so they have a lot of technological advancements and gadjets. And robotic minions too.

Is tumblr noses an insult? I showed this picture to one of the players and that is all she had to say about them.

>> No.21961886

draw a propper dakka fex

>> No.21962073


>> No.21962094

draw this, just more awesome.

>> No.21962406

I tried.
It had a gun for a penis and was generally maladjusted.
I'm too drunk for this right now.
Not any other drawfag btw.

>> No.21962460

Not OP. I've only played the XCOM remake, but hopefully this works.

You know he's still going to miss both those grenades and the sniper will take them out

ohgod i promised myself i wouldn't drawfag anymore

>> No.21962471


>> No.21962503


Did a female one, hope you don't mind.

No idea what a "tumblr nose" is.

>> No.21962569

From what I could tell, Tumblr-nose is the name given to the phenomena of many Tumblr-artists coloring entire noses a darker colour than the rest of the face. The noses in >>21961823 aren't necessarily Tumblr-noses because the darker colour is used to bring definition/shading to the nose.

See pic related for an example of proper Tumblr Noses

>> No.21962585

I've a request.

I'd like a Hobo riding a flying unicorn firing a rainbow ray towards a pirate airship. The ray is coming from both the unicorn's horn, and his own hand.

>> No.21962975

Righto, I'm back for a few more requests

>> No.21963050


Rerequesting this.

>> No.21963064


>> No.21963086

I want it inside me...

>> No.21963087

I might try to do this, no promises though.

>> No.21963113

Really would love to see this. Dinosaur Cataphract, hell yes.

>> No.21963143

Sorry, I was out getting some KFC.
Thanks so much drawfag! She looks pretty cool!

>> No.21963197

I would like a shirtless manly gentleman with fluffy dog tail and ears holding a harpoon and leaping dramatically toward a giant sea-slug monster.

>> No.21963202


Re-requesting this one.
And if drawing them fighting is too much, how about them just eyeing each other suspiciously?

>> No.21963316

I would like someone who has four tentacles in the place of arms, two on each side, with hands at the end. The hands would have three big claws instead of five fingers. (Think of General Grievous's hands, only with an extra finger.)
Each hand is holding a ring-blade (I think the correct name is chakram).
Clothing is mostly robes, with pauldrons covering the shoulder area, and the bottom-half of the legs have plate armor.
Body type is thin but lightly muscled, and about as tall as the average person. Would like to have a hood and a simple mask (think of face covering, the only real feature is eyeholes).

Sorry if this seems like too much.

>> No.21963327

Now the tumblrites are even infecting our drawthreads! When will it end?

>> No.21963395

I'll see if I can dump some more lewd Macha stuff in here.

Ima need a whole lot of censoring to keep it blue board friendly though...

>> No.21963412


>> No.21963522


>> No.21963550

The Great War is another name for WW1, yes.

>> No.21963754

Detail is good. Seems like an interesting character.

>> No.21964093

Re-requesting this 27 year-old human rogue. He also has a 24 year-old Persian-Japanese half-brother human wizard who wears robes fit for running a magic item shop, an intricate gold & sapphire pendant, and has black facial hair like pic related. I'm mostly interested in the rogue, but since the two are pretty close it would be nice to see them both.

>> No.21964148

Kan yoo draw lizurd and orc pleez? Dey had ak-see-dent, but dey be ok nao

ps orc ees a dum

>> No.21964165

The Spring Council's youngest member and Child-Queen of Slyphs; she takes the shape of a ten year old girl. Blone hair that is short and wavy, blue eyes and dressed in a teal dress. Sometimes seen with a fancy white umbrela, I think those are called parasols? Like elaborate handle, fancy tassels, and gold embroidery.

She's an accomplished shapeshifter, who can transform into a blue bird type were creature.

>> No.21964215

That is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

>> No.21964620

what the heck?

>> No.21964659

The mother is from a desert area, the father just so happens to be Japanese. Pic related: a real-life Iranian-Japanese dude.

>> No.21964665

Letting the anon working on this know I'm still here.

>> No.21964716

>things that should not be

>> No.21964825

It's just two people from the near and far east. Two humans, even. /tg/ has created much more alien pairings.

>> No.21964984

I'unno, that guy looks pretty damn sexy. And I'm a straight male.

>> No.21965195

His name is Yu Darvish. He's a baseball player. Started his career in Japan, joined the Texas Rangers last April.

>> No.21965227

His face gives me the creeps

>> No.21965248

Still shouldn't be.
I thought that Japanese people hated half-breeded people?

>> No.21965259

There are no Japanese-Black people, so they have that going for them at least.

>> No.21965304

I'm suprised he managed to find someone to photograph him

>> No.21965306


Well, yeah. Why do you think he moved to the States? I'll give you a hit: it is not because of USA's beauty, culture, money, or cuisinewhich should be obvious because America doesn't have any

>> No.21965318

I thought it was because of the money

>> No.21965335

US has lots of beautiful places, our popular culture is exported all over the world, we're, as a nation, rich as fuck, and we've got some of the best barbecue around.

>> No.21965349


Word. We got deserts AND forests. Shit's so fucking cash.

>> No.21965360

A robot cowboy with cowboy hat, poncho, and cowboy boots.

>> No.21965434

Can you draw Jin-Gitaxias using some black mana type spell or ability?

>> No.21965453

That isn't true, Americans have Hot Dogs and Apple Pie!

>> No.21965523

I present to you a blasian. Granted, she most likely wasn't born nor live in Japan.

>> No.21965606

Lurk around in the next thread or so.
It wont be finished today.

>> No.21965643

reminds me of the tau that /tg/ loves fappin' to so much.

>> No.21965663

Ew, that is nasty

>> No.21965760

Really? I find that hard to believe

>> No.21965781

Could I request a hunch backed skeleton in a robe attempting to shove a stereotypical, gaudy pirate into a plastic trash bag while in turn the pirate attempts to shove the skeleton into a burlap sack?

Attached is a nifty landscape wallpaper in a shameless attempt to bribe any friendly drawfag who would attempt my request

>> No.21965988

I don't think there are any drawfags

>> No.21966137

give me an hour or so and I'll be free to do some things.

>> No.21966189

Can someone take this sketch of my FFd6 character and make it less completely terrible?

Thanks a lot for your time!

>> No.21966244

Bumpin' for this request.

>> No.21966301

Viera? I've done one before

>> No.21966474


okay. gimmie a sec.

>> No.21966492


>> No.21966493

Thanks a bunch!

Ha ha, that's neat.

>> No.21966554

There is a Final Fantasy system?!?
How does it play?

>> No.21966620

There's a few of them, of varying degrees of playability and varying degrees of faithfulness to the games.

FFd6 is the easiest to learn and the most playable in my opinion, but it's still a work in development so there are some wonky things and balance issues with some classes. Still, it's hard to beat a free game you can get up and running in about half an hour.

http://www.mediafire.com/?yibrve1l1x65e3i The book's here, take a look if you're interested.


>> No.21966645

Did the guy working on this ever finish?

>> No.21966719


i hope this thread isn't dying

>> No.21966794

Rolled 6

I should hope not either!

If the thread's still alive today, I'd like to re-request this, please.

>> No.21966831



>> No.21966834

There needs to be a moogle.
Moogles are adorable.

>> No.21966910


>> No.21966922

Much obliged sir, thank you very much

>> No.21966970

I like how they were both polite enough to step into the other ones bag.

>> No.21967032


what is the character's Job and stuff? would help with the outfit details and stuff

>> No.21967036

How about a picture of a cat spellcaster of somesort, maybe a warlock?

The idea being that she was just a cat who ended up being hunted by a pixie lord, who ended up being eaten by the cat. Instead of dying that day he survived, melding his spirit with the cat.

So just a fluffy looking cat in a magnificent hat, and using a cool spell?

>> No.21967079

Add a moogle to the picture

>> No.21967100

She's a geomancer from a subspecies of crazy moon rabbits - hence the sort of crystal spires and togas design of the outfit.

Working on this now.

>> No.21967151

This guy here, I have another request? Kinda.
I'm wondering what sort of sci-fi weapons are possible in an advanced tech deal? Like the only two I can think of are lazer sowrds and ray guns. They're the only sci-fi weapon you see a lot, well Jedi use lightsabers and everyone and their brother has a ray gun.

What else is there?

>> No.21967161


>> No.21967200

...a-anyone want some sort of Monster/Alien/Demon type creature drawn? Or a non-architecture landscape?
I can draw those things, I'm terrible at human/humanoids.

>> No.21967210

Wrist-mounted forcefields that can be shaped to form arm blades and stuff.

Pet robots.


>> No.21967264

Can you do robots?

>> No.21967310


>> No.21967318

I've done a few, I'm not to good with the intricicies of the mechanical parts. I usually just cop out and encase it in metal plating. Can give it a go if you've got something youy want.
No promises on it looking very decent though.

>> No.21967340

Draw a moogle.

>> No.21967364

already being done
if this is anything to go by

>> No.21967371

I'm not even the guy who requested it, and I think I'm going to enjoy the end result.

>> No.21967377

oh shit son, that's going to be fucking adorable.
don't fuck this up!

>> No.21967396

could I get you to draw a cute robot? Something with thick plating and has multiple arms?

>> No.21967408

umm ok, will give it a go.

>> No.21967458

I request a tengu Druid shooting a fire ball

>> No.21967508

I'm not really a drawfag but enjoy anyway!

>> No.21967539


An elderly man with scraggly shoulderlength hair and a well-maintained beard sitting on a crumbling throne with a bastard sword leaning on it that has a blade made out of crystal, he is looking down at a little girl in a tunic and jacket two sizes too big for her with long (blonde) hair who is clutching a fairly sizable tome with an arcane eye with a crown atop it, the little girl looks extremely upset.

Backstory: The elderly man is the girl's grandfather, ruler of a mageocracy who is dying and the little girl will one day become a great Red Wizard and try to ressurect his kingdom of MAGIC and PEACE!

>> No.21967786 [DELETED] 

say that to my face, seeqbreath, not online!

see what happens, kupopo!

>> No.21967840

Don't these things come with wings?
Hey OP how long have you been here, there are requests up there that ask for you.

>> No.21967958

how the fuck did I forget those. Also, just got on, i have a bad habit of making these things then accidently elsewhere...

>> No.21967962


Right I know it's not exactly what you asked for but this is what I ended up with. I don't think I know how to make machines look cute in my speed paint style.
Oh yeah and apparently he's trapped.

...I do not take directions well

>> No.21967977


I unno, I think he's pretty cute. Dem eyes.

>> No.21968020

I'll take it! If in doubt, draw big glowy eyes.

>> No.21968070

6 foot 8 human Bard with a guitar
Short, brown hair (if you do colour)
Chainmail, brown cloak
Missing pinky and ring finger on left hand

Also, a sandworm in the background (think Dune) would be awesome.

If you do this I'll love you forever.
His name is Lucky Two-Fingers.

>> No.21968196

I really like your art, is it possible you might look at my request? >>21961823
I just... Really like the wizard you drew in the last thread. Some art by you would be awesome.

>> No.21968203

Any chance of this? Armored-up, helmeted warrior in scale armor riding a big feathered raptor, itself plated in scale male, with a flowing cape off the back, maybe the big crossbow attached to the mount itself, for storage, and a quiver of bolts on the hip.

>> No.21968207

Oh yeah, and a big, stupid grin on his face.
Eyes are blue, and wide (like a child seeing a big city for the first time and being in awe).

Numerous small scars on the non-face parts of him (from the 17+ times he's died).

>> No.21968245


>> No.21968266


I'm going to rerequest this again, since the drawfriend who said he'd consider it never responded. I wouldn't mind if she looked slightly crazy.

>> No.21968267

Groos hammertoes.

>> No.21968276

Goddammit, I love vieras

>> No.21968281


>> No.21968331

If its not too much trouble could you make this
>>21963754 a bit more...solid, I guess? Basically I would like it too look more finished.

Pic unrelated.

Though the guy/girl who drew this for me did a fantastic job.

>> No.21968366


I'd like to re-request this one, if it's no trouble.

>> No.21968368

>thinking there's a meaning to life

>> No.21968369

Oh, uh, actually in my drawing, the sleevy bits were actually connected to a dress-ish thing, not like...nothing.

It's a nice drawing though, I like it!

>> No.21968388

Aw crap the text moved. For clarification the drawing/picture I was complimenting the artist about doing was the four-tentacled person, not the chess picture.

>> No.21968429

A feathered, blood spattered dinosaur over a kill?

>> No.21968453


He's a warforged, right?
But he's dwarf-sized, due to originally being a dwarf that was forced to transfer his soul into an empty Dwarforged shell.
And he's a cleric of Moradin
So he has a big-ass warhammer in one hand
And a tower shield made from the Holy Book of Moradin in the other.

Yes, he has a metal beard.

>> No.21968592


>> No.21968599

urgh sorry man, falling alseep here. Yeah I'll touch it up a bit I guess, then off to beds.

>> No.21968778

That is a good hat

>> No.21968780

i dunno if they're supposed to be a asexual race but here's a ladyperson.

>> No.21968803

Why do joke requests?

>> No.21968872

what class is she

its fun

>> No.21968900

>what class is she

Rogue. Or well, it was "thief" back then. But yeah, it's rogue.

>> No.21968918

I would quite like a picture of long haired cat wearing a kind of pilots oufit. You know big leather jacket and leather hat with a set of goggles?

>> No.21968930

Would anyone like to draw me a human? Sick of using the stock render.
Story included for those who would like a read.

>> No.21968943

Can you draw me a young sorcerer throwing a fireball? Wearing standard commonery clothes. I'd appreciate it greatly.

>> No.21968964

Hey Guoh, is it too late to make a request, or should I wait for the next thread since this one's nearing its end?

I'm from the Kobold thread. You know who.

>> No.21968994

Requesting an incredibly thin, incredibly tall man wearing a suit. Long fingers, stretched out toothy grin, completely bald. Almost as if you took someone and completely pulled him out of proportion, lanky as fuck limbs but long as hell.

Almost like slenderman, but less tentacles and more face.

>> No.21968998

Not really on topic, but this is the closest thing I could think of without making a new thread. Does anyone have that image of the general from Avatar, and the text asking about the aliens' great works and feats? Saying how they'll languish on their little planet regardless of the actions of humanity, but humanity will rule the stars. He compared their tentacles to puppet strings.

>> No.21969055

If the excellent drawfags are still about the place, I've got a favorite NPC from a Pathfinder game. Kaer Magan bespoke necromancer Meryl Pha're'pta

Draw a super-petite female necromancer. Egyptian/goth-themed, with the classic hairstyle and too much eyeshadow, and the sort of skin that naturally-tan people have when they don't get enough sun.

Garb is oddly reminiscent of mechanic's overalls.

(the joke is that she's a necromancer wrench-wench who uses her zombies in ultimate-robot-fighting-esque undead pit fighting.)

In-game, the party helped her cheat by having the monk remote-control her zombie, King Buster (yes, its a futurama reference). Their competition included Tarheel Clive (wore a tophat, enchanted brass knuckle implants), Otis (4-armed skeleton held together with wire), Mongo Ongo (huge, grafted armor, morningstar hands), and Grey Jenny (well-preserved Fast Zombie wearing a tattered wedding dress)

I am very proud of that adventure.

>> No.21969064

Could you draw Terriermon doing something cute?

>> No.21969280


Done, here you go.

>> No.21969359

Absolutely lovely. Thanks for doing this.

>> No.21969450

Badass 40k-style prinny mercs.

>> No.21969457


new thrad

>> No.21969506

err, I mean this thread.

>> No.21969532


>> No.21970371

Reporting for duty.

>> No.21970693

Wee! Now bed.

>> No.21970801


I recognize that style!

>> No.21973280

You are awesome

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