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hey everyone, welcome to primordial evolution. For those of you new to this, we plan a little, make some creatures, then play with them and twist them to new and exciting ends within some reason, at least that is the working theory. With great news and a heart full of joy, it would appear Indonesian Gentleman, our game's creator, is back.

1d4chan article and archive links: It is a fucking nightmare of information.
IRC: come and talk. The regulars know the scoop.

This session of the Evo (Evolution game) will be quite unique. We are covering two biomes on one continent. A freezing, yet arid northern wasteland, and a tropical forest in the south. On another continent is another set of creatures, the Vyrii, who recently gained a very good reason to start changing. The Vyrii side of this is a lot more unrestricted given their synthetic nature. Perhaps a grounding point for your worst nightmare fuel.

Pictured are creatures Generously and awesomely drawn or modified or both, by Nad and Notrip, and just two by me. The top group are the current contenders for the jungles, the bottom, for the frozen wastes.

Feel free to chime in, say if you feel something is missing, are the pictures going to be easy enough for you to edit, or just to say hi.

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Nobody's responding on chat.

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fucking vyrii. the other part to the game. these are a completely independent game, that will have no bearing on the tundra and jungle games.

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The selection for Northern creatures that you saw is already outdated. A predator and a new plant were added, and the Fluzpuff was changed. I'm on my laptop, so I don't have the new sheet at this time.
Also, the north game will be more of Taiga than arctic. Looking at the map, it is not arid at all up there. The desert has the rain shadow thing going on, keeping it dry, but outside of it, maritime climate. Heavy snow in the winter. Think of Buffalo, New York for the heaviest snow some years.

Stalckar: Stalck descendant. Ambush predator. Hibernates during the winter.
I'll get the picture on Sunday or Monday.

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i have been out of the loop. hot damn. sounds better already.

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Should probably post the descriptions for the animals and plants.

1. Wezar. A close cousins of the desert dwelling wespars. They are solitary ambush predators, who kill their prey with their stinger.

2. Wlouz. Perhaps the last surviving member of the winged flouz lineage. They lack proper eyes, though they have many light sensitive patches on their skin. Because of this, they use their keen sense of smell and touch to navigate. Their wings allow them to move with relative speed, and their long tentacle arms allow them to grab and constrict small prey.
Like many flouz descendants, they posses light organs, which they mostly use to confuse both prey and predators.

3. Lasmar. Close relative to the desert bound usmals. The lasmals are slow, mud dwelling critters who use their raspy tongue to feed on plant matter and detritus.

4. Torrog. A cousin of the burrogs. These heavily armored and slow creatures move in small groups. They are mostly herbivorous, though they will occasionally eat smaller creatures, if they catch them.

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5. Hops. A primitive hoppa species, whose ancestors were blown to the central continent in their floating larval stage. These small hoppas are mostly nocturnal, using their light organs to illuminate their way. They are opportunistic omnivores, who move in small herds.

6. Snaruu. Slow moving and extremely poisonous colonial organism who live in humid places. They use their poison tongue to defend themselves and even attack other critters. They feed by crawling over their food, and releasing digestive acids which melt their food into slurry that they can then absorb trough their skin.

7. Swaho. Another colonial organism, which lives in water. Uses it's fins to move and it's small tentacles to filter food from water.

8. Stingar. A fast, eel like kuckar descendant, which uses it's sharp "face" to pierce the skin or trunk of the target, and then inject it's digestive juices inside of it, so the creature can then suck up the liquefied innards. They are omnivores, feeding equally on plant roots that reach to water, and on animals.

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And now the plants.

1. Kakt. A close cousin of the kaskus. The kakt has a long trunk/leaf that resembles a tube. Inside the tube resides the kakt's spore poles. The kakt is most common in windy areas, as there the spores get around the best. The plant's defense against herbivores is it's hard skin.

2. Mugar. A yantar species that grows one great mug like leaf, that gathers water. It too, reproduces by spores, which are emitted by the long wispy "tentacles" that grow from it.

3. Lras. Hrass descendant, which stores excess nutrients in pulps in it's roots.

4. Freolla. Evola plant which has ring like leaves growing from it's segmented trunk. The topmost cup like leafs house the spore emitters of the plant.

5. Yaced. A fungal organism with limited mobility. Grows in murky and humid places, decomposing detritus. It can move it's fungal roots around slowly, trough hydraulic pressure. It spreads trough spores.

6. Chan. A cousin of the cho plants. It's thick and hard leafs protect it's juicy main trunk, in which it stores nutrients.

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The Bearded Ramel is darker in coloration to better absorb heat in the north. Its front legs have shifted slightly in order to better grasp the terrain and gain advantage on competitors in charges. Its beard serves little purpose outside of courtship, though the beards do indicate age.

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For players that go "but man, i have no art skills. but i do have ms paint. what can i do." DO I HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU! It's the Edit worm, the creature born to be a tutorial on how to hastily draw in ms paint!

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Just remember that this is still just a planning and discussion thread.

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Well, if this is a discussion thread, what shall we discuss then?
Here is a topic:
Should we try out the map mechanics and resource stuff that we have tried to utilize in the earlier games, but always kinda failed with them? Should we try to implement these mechanics to the next civ/tribal game?

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I'd always be up for trying that. It mostly depends on IG and NG.

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Could it be?
Are we going back to South Continant, Nongent-kun?

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I think that's something we could try, the resource stuff especially, even if most of it goes out the window as the game goes on.

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Well, we're going to Central continent, both in the mini-evos and the Metal Age civgame.

Might as well, now we got an excellent map and I got more free time. But first, we'd have to list possible resources, so I might make tiny little symbols for it.
Also, as for the mechanics, wasn't it somewhat like this:
-player's civ goes on 'expedition', specifies place, rolls dice
-GM puts the appropriate symbol on the map

Maybe we can do this in creating new townships/villages as well. There could be a small list to the side about the villages/towns/cities and what resources are there.

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I provided Onol with a really comprehensive location of enclave settlements and sites, and then, a less comprehensive list of central and east. south im gonna wait a while on.that one is complex.

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By my holy powers, I demand this thread to be spared of the currupted powers of ritual #404!

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Those ideas sound good, though I am kinda wondering if the map marker idea, that I myself also at some point proposed, would really work out. It would require almost continuous modifying of the map, which would both give more work to our already overtaxed gms and eat away the image count quite fast.

What if the map would be instead split into sectors, like in the southern tribal game, and the gm's could just inform in what sector what resources were found, without the need to actually modify the map.
The sectors could also work in for movement speed, like they were supposed to work in the southern game.

I feel that the central game will be more tribal like, despite the fact that it is our second visit there. All other continents advanced overall far more than the central continent.
Actually, I would kinda prefer the game in central to be somewhat smaller scale, with small empires and tribes interacting and developing.

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Bumbing with sketches of suzumou clothing before hitting the bunk.
I added the human to give proper idea of the size of the suzumous. They aren't that big critters.

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Lets wrap up the Crestlands, shall we?

As the years pass, the factory at Rust Pile is followed by more of its kind, and within two decades there were twelve factories churning out supplies for the Enclave. They are dark, smoke filled structures, with many workers choosing to don cloth masks to keep the choking smog out. Its not pleasant work, but the pay is good, and on off time a worker can make whatever he wants with the forges, be it a hammer, a few nails or lantern, or anything else useful and small. Factory, or Krabuk, work is hard work, but the benefits make it worth it, especially when the only other major source of employment is farming. In fact, as the population of the Crestland grows, it may need to import food from the more mild southern regions to survive.

The Airstrips grow in importance, particularly for the Bone Towns. Travel in the mountains is still treacherous, as independent vyrii, wild ramels and cidexes still lurk in the valleys. Thus, travel between the Bone Towns or between them and the Rust Pile is mainly limited to soldiers or large air transport. The factories shipments are brought by air to the Rust Pile, where they travel by ground to the rest of the Enclave. The Fists are made in greater numbers, and though not at the rate Ice Blades were made during the war. Just a few dozen for fighting the remaining vyrii warforms.

The number of Titan Ramels has been stabilized at a nice round 10. The breeders have worked out a system of growth and death where they think they can keep the number of titans steady for at least a century, during which time the can improve breeding efforts further. However, even the Cresthost (the army made from the ABR soldiers who still want to be soldiers) has doubts about keeping the Titans, especially as the lack of farms and the neccesity to import food becomes a more pressing concern every year. Small ramels and cidexes are still bred in large numbers, and fulfill many roles as domesticated animals.

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As Vontil and his "sons" divide over the years, some of the "Sons of Vontil" take up a quasi-religious role, using their experience in dealing with the loss of fellow soldiers, even loved ones, to help the Frowgs, Joords and other races of the Crestland deal with their losses. These chaplain figures, called "Rebvontil" quickly become important figures in the Crestlands, and a Rebvontil even presides over the funeral of the Beloved Fathers of the North, Ronak Prebyn and Teotnaviy Vian. From there, the Rebvontil became a part of every Crestlanders life, helping them deal with loss, celebrate life, and providing the guidance of a hundred years to those who wander in their lives.

The future is bright for the Crestlands. May the Beloved Fathers and the Black Ramel watch over these peoples.









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>that feel when we will never return to South continent

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We will. It's just lower on the list. Central and East just come before it.

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I'd love to return to south, but I'd also like to participate in building up the Civs of Central and East first. I've even got a little tribe in the southern mountains of East that I just tagged on the end of East.

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BUMP FOR THE BUMP GOD. Can I start evolving yet?

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Hmm, good point. I'll add a grid overlay then, but would probably still mark the resources/landmarks from time to time. So instead of updating maps every new resource discovery, they get updated every 10 or so resources found.

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Bronze, this is still just a wrap up West and plan for Central thread.
Nad will get his thread running when he's ready.
I'm at a standstill with the north due to being away from my desktop.

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Sounds good,
Good question, lets find out if we are ready, and if so, make a new thread and get to the evolving.
Keep in mind, a pinch of utility when you make your new life forms, as they are probably going to be killed and harvested for resources. Creating interesting things for tribes to use later on.

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I hope someday the to see what happens when the Vyrii come into contact with the Blung

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Well, I was planning on making Lrass bulbs into something like potatoes. or pumpkins. Maybe potato pumpkins?

And that bearded ramel... He's going to have a big ol' shovel moth when I'm done with him

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Wait until the evo threads actually get going.
And don't do the adaptations in a meta-gaming sort of way. The ecosystem created is more important than resources.

A warning about Yantars: They probably still release small amounts of radioactive material into the air with their spores.

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OMAHGUHR, JIZZING, ERRYWHERE!!! These are too cool. Sorry I missed everything guys, ended up in the ER, so playing was difficult, to say the least.

>> No.21956758

Or the Gantu, Mother Ocean help us. 0_o

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Well, we're glad that you're back, Fortune. I take it you're feeling better, being back here.
I have something to say about Central Ramels. I created the original one as an ancestor to the Desert Ramel.
NG, yours won't be a starter, but feel free to repost it as an evolution when the thread starts.

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So the Vyrii are kind of like Phyrexians?

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Not really. They're simply self-replicating robots with a hivemind.

As for there got to be robots, it's a long story.

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Those torrogs that live in the southern forests begin to adapt to their surroundings. A swanky new camo pattern allows them to blend into their environment and the newest generations favor well muscled and lean bodies.

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I don't think the game itself has started quite yet.

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The forest torrogs continue to evolve. Their shell becomes lighter and more flexible allowing for greater speed and mobility. Now with tree environment.

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oh whoops, should I delete these?

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Eh, only if you want. At least keep them around until the actual thread starts.
This is unless Nad says otherwise as he'll be running the southern part of Central.

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A little, I'm recovering slowly, just wanted y'all to know I hadn't given up on this game.. And to let the Fortunates know.

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You asked for it, you wanted it, and now here it is. Evolve away.

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Here is another suzumou sketch.

In this picture, a small tribe of nomadic suzumou, who lack a godworm in which to live, have captured an adolescent sandworm, that they intend to use as a vessel for their eggs.
They have paralyzed the worm with their poison, and are conducting a ritual that seeks to appease the spirit of the worm, as the suzumou reproduction is lethal to small worms. The eggs that will be implanted within the worm will hatch into larval suzumou, who will feed on the innards of the worm and slowly kill it.
These types of nomadic tribes are actually the most common type of suzumou tribe. They are far smaller than their more fortunate cousins, who live in godworms, as their way of life can't support large tribes. They also revere the sandworms, but their beliefs differ greatly from the beliefs of those who live in godworms, and even other nomadic tribes.
Religious differences are the most common reason for conflicts between suzumou tribes. The suzumou seem to be naturally zealous species, and they don't need a great incentive to kill members of other tribes, just a small difference in beliefs is enough.

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Here is a suzumou without any clothing, for reference. The suzumou haven't developed that complex weaponry, due to their already deadly natural weapons. They have sharp claws, mandibles, teeth and a poisonous stinger. Their poison has two components, a paralyzing toxin and a potent acid that can melt trough even the shells of sandworms. The suzumou can control which poison and in at what potency they use them, as the two poisons evolved for different purposes.

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Bumbing with new hoppa species.

The first one is an aggressive pack predator that lives in the arid mountain ranges of the western continent. They use their sharp "claws" to rip their prey apart and their strong mandibles to maul them.

The second one is a fast moving and light weight omnivore that lives in plains and mevola forests. They use their large crest like fin to catch wind and "fly". They direct themselves with the wing like back tentacles. This method of locomotion allows them to move quickly in search of food.

The third one is a social grazer, that lives in lower slopes of the mountain ranges. They move in small packs that defend themselves by trying to intimidate attackers, or even charging them. Their heavy bodies and hard "face" makes them quite dangerous, against small predators.

The last one is a predatory whale hoppa species, that uses it's barbed tentacles to ensnare prey. They occasionally swim up rivers, and grab victims from the shore. The pipe like organ on their back side is their air pipe, that allows them to breath while mostly submerged. This pipe can be retracted.

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These are exceptionally awesome! Good show, anon, good show!

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You know what might help keep things interesting? Religions outside of our control (by which I mean they're random events occuring in the control of NG or IG). It would add cultural differences to the world that are sorely lacking at the moment

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Bumbing with yet another suzumou sketch.
It is common for the suzumou warriors to receive a blessing of war from the elders of the tribe, before they head out to slay the heretical members of neighboring tribes.

>> No.21967203

Could be good random events. New religion.
I like the idea of it, but there is already a good amount of GM fatigue from this.

>> No.21969213

There was a couple more resource ideas. Salt, spices, and glaciers in the mountain.

>> No.21969258

Relax, I got my creative stamina replenished. New religions are perfectly fine, since each tribe of Suzumou have differing beliefs, and it is not unknown for two godworm suzumou to declare holy war on each other over the tiniest differences.

>> No.21969304

Is this based on the delightful SNES game?

>> No.21969671

Only one person can answer that, and we haven't seen him in several months.

>> No.21970235

Well, not quite, it's mostly an advanced Spore.
But if you're talking about the quest Blorp wrote, that's a whole nother story, for Blorp is now the one running the Ogre Civ quests.

>> No.21970240

That link shall answer all your questions

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File: 3.20 MB, 1201x1681, central continent grids.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, oh hey what's this?

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I believe that he was actually referring to this.

It does get mentioned from time to time in these threads. Spore more-so.

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Ayep, there was a quest that had that as the base.
it was insanely popular due to dice gods shenanigans. And now the DM from that quest runs another quest... and guess what, insane dice again!

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Yes, this will be very helpful.
We need to decide the movement speed for the different races. Also, the environment should perhaps play some effect on it.

>> No.21974286

Gorriogs probably have a bit of speed to them.
Koburrogs too, coming from their lineage.
There is no way that an average Pusmal could move fast without breeding that trait into the hive first.
I'm guessing that Suzumou are fast in the air, but significantly slower on foot.
It depends on the wind for Tentouz. Either go with it, or hang onto something.

>captcha: 7 3/4 - ngdorfe
Nongent's a Dorf, Captcha? That really isn't be too surprising.

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The suzumou, while slower on foot, are still relatively mobile even if they aren't flying.
On long travels and in big groups, the suzumou often walk on foot, to conserve energy and so that the young and elderly can keep up with their pace.
Flight is usually reserved for shorter trips, or when they are in a hurry. When there are only fit adults on the move however, the suzumou will of course move even longer trips flying, as the adults have the resilience to do so. Warrior and hunter groups, composed of few dozen adults can move across large distances this way in relatively short time.

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Prepared most of the stuff for the Hu-raan on the map. Major settlements and paved roads.

>> No.21977875

very nice man. im going into work early today, so ill try to figure out some of the other locations

>> No.21977889

hey this is a little meta-y, but i think that as this is the next age, the Hu-raan, who are spawned from a troll joke, should take that one picture of the chariot and make it reality.

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I'd actually find that kind of funny. Btw, too drugged up on meds to play (still recovering from the ER), but drawing takes little brainpower for me so I whipped up this number.

>> No.21980106

Also, just want to say, I fucking hate you. Green with envy..

>> No.21980409

I just made that using Universe Sandbox. Set Onol's new map as a planet texture, and set it to take a screenshot every 30 frames. I just imported the pictures onto Gimp. The only hard parts were finding a screenshot rate that didn't slow the program to a complete standstill, and deleting frames until it nearly matched up.

620 frames.

>> No.21980777

Either way, mate, kudos. I imagine that took a long-ass time. Thanks for contributing to our little corner of the web.

>> No.21982624

bumb. Don't let this die folks.

Here is a topic: Should we, in addition to the resources also implement passive effects on certain areas, like heightened wind, or other weather effects?

>> No.21983030

Wouldn't dream of letting this thread die. Working on stuff for Fortune so I'll be busy.

>> No.21983167

How would that work? Penalties for travel or our projects?

>> No.21983569

If I understood Anon correctly, then I think what they meant was bonuses for these kinds of things. The GMs have already established certain things and resource distrubutions.

>> No.21983676

But does this mean, say, if I want to build an irrigation system, I'd get a bonus for building it in the floodplains of a river than along the river further inland? Or a bonus to building a structure of stone if its particularly near a source of stone?

>> No.21983683

Possible both, or could differ by time of year. Lots of rain means lots of fresh water. On the other hand, deep snow during winter, making travel difficult.

>> No.21985312

Bumpdiddily bump.

Perhaps we should layout the major/possible conflicts of Central for everyone here. I'd certainly like to know more

>> No.21986172

I know I would appreciate it at least. Maybe if I recover soon enough I can even participate!

>> No.21989409


>> No.21989686

There's the bugs going rampant, battling against the Houyi, but it's mostly out of the civ's hairs. There's of course the fight between Suzumou zealots. Pusmal kingdoms migth declare war on Suzumou tribes if they know it's their godworms that's been wrecking Pusmal undreground cities. There could be some Tentouz/Pusmal clashes due to events in Tribal (some Tentouz like to play 'shoot the pusmal'), koburrog tribes might be like the VKB and raid other tribes, or be raided and defend like Hu-raan. Gorrirogs could come into conflict with any of them, although Hitangan tribe is currently in a trade relationship with a Suzumou tribe, the Zhen'qual.

>> No.21990115

I just want to say, thanks for making this game, IG. The fun of it has inspired me to finally pursue my dreams, go back to school, and finally get that art degree I've always been talking about.

Sorry if that's a little TMI or anything, but with the meds I'm like a drunk in a bar going "I love you man".

(also bump)

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File: 364 KB, 1366x768, Mevola Hunter-Gatherer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bump with some other art. Been on a binge since I got Photoshop recently.

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I'll take that as a compliment. I was very proud of how well it "popped" too.

Here's some more sketches just uploaded it a moment ago, in fact.

>> No.21993460

its a compliment. I also like his popped look. A suggestion, unless your tribe naturally has shorter beaks i would suggest a slightly more elongated, toucan like snout.

>> No.21994570

Here's the species chart collection so far.
Some are just too large to upload to /tg/.


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I think that's the perspective, but short beaks as an ethnic differentiation sounds solid. Why the fuck not?

As another bump have this map of my plans for the Korobushka.

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The Ulbus plant (#5) grows in harsh regions where water and nutrients are rarities. They are common in dry wastelands. Becuase of this they never grow more than knee-height.

The Ulbus (uhl-buss) begins to develop a sort of nutirent storage system, so that it can survive on past nutrients. Basically, a starchy aboveground tuber. A potato on a stem.

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Posted these in the irc, but figured the wider evo community would enjoy seeing them too.

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Bumbing with a quick sketch of two suzumou warriors stalking their prey in the night.

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Posts for the Post Throne and all that rubbish.

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I'm a child of Tzeentch, you all know this.

>> No.22000636
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Some ideas for a planet of Lem. Slime based critter (not unlike the Gel Walruses).

>> No.22001376
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>> No.22002456
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I'm glad you approve. I take it you'd like one more before I hit the hey?

>> No.22002496
File: 25 KB, 320x240, tumblr_ltdc19xbxA1qb993yo1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if it was darker in colour, it'd have to have a diet very rich in vitamin D, like fish.

hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see their carapaces go translucent.
which would make their medical science far more advanced...

>> No.22002578

Do go on...

>> No.22006274
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>> No.22006816
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Bump, someone in the chats wanted an original Kuckar?

>> No.22008693
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More from my personal sketchbook. Because I'm an attention whore.

>> No.22008722

daaayum that Korobushkan. Love the details.

>> No.22008749
File: 373 KB, 1700x2338, Scan0025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Compliments from the creator of this game mean so much to me. :D

Would you like to see more? I've got Gantu and Korobushka alike.

>> No.22008750

nicely done man

>> No.22008760

Thanks, means so much coming from you guys. You should see the steam engines I'm building for the Korobushka.

>> No.22009053
File: 701 KB, 1376x2021, Scan0023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry that all I've contributed is these sketches, I'm just busy catching up working on Valley of the Giants. Trying to make it a worthy finale to the chapter. Of course, after that we'll have to see if there's enough interest for a chapter seven.

>> No.22009234
File: 804 KB, 1700x2338, Scan0012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And to go with the musculature, the bone structure of an Upright Shwirm.

>> No.22010159

Isn't that north thread? Because i just want to let you know that the torrogs have already evolved diffrent ways on the tropical thread.
>>21960100 (OP)

>> No.22010522
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Bumping for more discussion. What are some of the topics being discussed here?

I must admit that despite captcha, I prefer this format because we can save what we've written and come back to it if need be.

>> No.22010626
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>Parrot Kafka in all yo Reefs
>Eatan yo Corals

what ever came of the Reefs?

>> No.22010659

We returned to them in the Ocean Tribes, an event that I was sadly absent from.

>> No.22011689
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So what's the scoop with Primordial, very little discussion going on in this discussion thread.

>> No.22012193
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Not sure why it is so quiet here.
Though, if you want to discuss something, we could start fluffing out religions for the desert or something.
Also, are you planning on participating in the upcoming central civ game. If so, what race are you gonna pick?

In addition, I wanted to draw the albino hopps that ng evolved.

>> No.22012279

Well, if I get Fortune done, sure thing. What races are available?

As for religion, I've been in a philosophical mood recently, so BRING IT ON.

P.S. Your work is stunning, and you should head over to Fortune discussion, it's riveting, we've actually started to put rules in and everything, actual crunch!

>> No.22012636
File: 212 KB, 700x950, races.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go.

>> No.22012708


The races available for the central are the suzumou, koburrogs, gorrirogs, pusmals and tentouz.

As for religion, the sandworms play a heavy part in the suzumou religions at least, due to the fact that the worms are a crucial part of the reproductive cycle of these parasitic wasp people.
Almost all the tribes, despite their differences in lifestyle and traditions, worship or revere the worms in some way. The worms are seen as holy or even partly divine beings, whose will shapes the desert and life itself. They are seen as symbols of both life and death, as the suzumou are born from their flesh, and upon their death, they are often left as sacrifices for the worms, so they may once again join with them.

>> No.22012754

Was there any race that got really neglected? Because that's who I'd like to spice up.

>> No.22012874

Suzumou and Pusmals mostly.

>> No.22013306

Gimme a quick rundown about Pusmals, please. Short and sweet, something that I can build on, as well as physical/biological characteristics.

>> No.22013528
File: 76 KB, 883x626, pusmal queen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are a subterranean race with hive qualities. There is a queen which is the sole breeding female of a colony.
They are able to breed new traits into the population, such as pickaxes for hands in miners, more intelligence in the Foreman caste, warriors with touch carapaces, and anything else you can think of.

tldr; Selective breeding, hive castes, and eugenics.

>> No.22013561

Oh as soon as I take a break from the DnD campaing I'm working on for Friday night, this could be damned interesting.

>> No.22013570

Why does it look so moe?

>> No.22013637

I'm not touching that with a 10-foot stick.

>> No.22013755


>> No.22014081


I am loving those ceryatzi sketches by the way.
They look great.
Playing with the cedyas was so fun for me, due to the freedom it gave. Their fongal nature allowed me to mold them into very strange shapes.

I would also imagine that there exists loads of variation within the members of cedya species. Some ceryatzis for example could be taller and leaner than the others.

Anyways, regarding the pusmals. In the previous central game the other sentients seemed to regard them more like animals than sentient species. Their insect like behavior, and small frames most likely only reinforced this misconception. This misunderstanding about their nature could have far flung effects on the pussmal creatures.

Also, the tribes living in the desert are most likely nomads, unless they live in an oasis or are suzumou living with a godworm. Not all suzumou tribes have a godworm of their own, and thus they too are also nomads, having to rely on younger worms for reproduction and follow them around, or even sacrifice even younger worms to reproduce.

In larger scale, permanent settlements can probably only spring up around the oasises, or other resource locations of the desert, which makes establishing nations with large and secure borders very hard, due to the distances between the settlements.

>> No.22014214

A compliment from you is the greatest gift you could have given me... I am so very flattered.

I'd stay and chat, but my stomach grumbles, and I seek to sate it with dinner.

>> No.22014905
File: 104 KB, 883x626, moe queen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22015009

me gusta.

>> No.22018125
File: 8 KB, 200x200, laughing so hard i'm crying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22019304


Perhaps i should redraw pusmals. I mean they are cute as fuck but some of the advancements i made for them look horrible.

>> No.22021650

I don't really see any problems with them.

>> No.22021765
File: 24 KB, 471x385, blueback wizard @ computer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feel free, I'd welcome a new look for them, but once I'm done with preparations for Valley of the Giants, I'll be probably updating them myself in some manner anyway.

I'm curious, would it make sense to have an underground metropolis around a deep aquifer?

>> No.22022025
File: 22 KB, 300x300, 1355081530951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22022194
File: 71 KB, 579x404, yaced-hivers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hive Yarrogs

>> No.22022259

Archived, but accidentally mis-titled.
Had south-central on the mind.

Then again, the first run of West was labeled East Continent.

>> No.22022786
File: 8 KB, 342x345, Tannog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22025080

Don't worry, I'll be sure to link it correctly on the 1d4chan page.

>> No.22025098

Oh, hey Nad, you mentioned wanting to discuss religion/philosophy with me, what specifics were you going to discuss.

>> No.22025320


Well, the suzumou are my main concern, as I am not sure of what types of religions the other races would form.

>> No.22025432

Well, you could also have "denominations" or different factions in the suzumou, different godworms manipulating their servants with different things.

>> No.22025832
File: 43 KB, 440x448, koburrog luck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like I may be running the only player Koburrogs again. The unlucky lil' guys need some variety too.

Also, it's probably a good idea to link to the new game thread.

>> No.22025901

Don't forget the hi-def version of that pic.

>> No.22025954

high resolution self immolation?

>> No.22026042

Nah, an updated version of the KORROBURG LUCK IN ACTION made by me and NOTRIP.

>> No.22026201

For central I'm planning to do a religious organization, more a small cult. The goal of the group is to create a new doctrine to explain truth and the nature of god. Let me throw this out there and see what sticks. Please correct me if I mess shit up.

A small movement of suzumou started after the persecution and death of their heretical teacher. He taught his students that the old thoughts of the Godworms were only part of an incomplete truth. Given the chance, other suzumou took great offence to his teachings and stoned him. His students survived him. But without their teacher, they are at a loss what to believe.

>> No.22026210

These students are a blank slate open to new doctrines by their own beliefs or an outside influence. How to construct this new doctrine is one question they'll have to answer. Philosophic Debate is a viable option but not the most effective. Each new concept of Truth and God is constantly questioned and may give the new doctrine too little weight to be complete. On the other hand they could forgo that and interact with properly indoctrinated organizations. This way they could combine their insufficient perspective with their beliefs. And then on the furthest extreme they could believe Might makes Right. If there is an ultimate truth and an ultimate god, then surely his followers are the strongest and conquer their enemies. They would then gather the strongest tribes, adopt their beliefs to the exclusion of others. In the desert there is one big strong organized empire, The Hitangans. They may not be suzumou and don't offer anything for the new doctrine, but they haven't offer any ill will in the past.

These students must decide how will they settle themselves. Settling in the Hitangan Empire would give the Movement access to a horde of useful material opportunities, giving them plenty of long term security. However it might also delude the doctrine they're trying to create with alien influences. A Nomadic Existence is an option but carries with it the dangers of the desert, including hostile wildlife, such as the bladerunners and houzi, and other hostile nomadic suzumou, whom might take offence to the new doctrine being created. With these conflicts the Movement might not survive to finish their work. And if they can't finish it in this generation, there's no guarantee they'll find a godworm to continue the Movement into the next generation. This problem is present settling in the empire or surviving a nomadic existence, feeding back into the incomplete truth of the godworms that their teacher professed.

>> No.22026222

Bump on that.
To fortuneHost: Just to let you know, my previous studying has been a echnical diploma.
I learnt metabolism biochemistery and GM shit as a lab executant.
So i am not a lot aware on biosystems and evolution.
But i can still bring some serious pysiological/metabolic shit to my creatures.

>> No.22026224

There is no alternative to using the godworm for procreation. The suzumou and godworm evolved together to complement each other and thrive in the harsh central desert. The suzumou worship and give offerings, and the godworm nurtures and protects their infants. An elder godworm is fully aware of this process, but the adolescent worms do not still sharing the same function. The younger godworms don't talk to the suzumou the same way as an aware elder godworm. So while they are objects of worship and reverence, the question becomes are these godworms the ultimate spring of truth and divine power. Or is there an altogether separate and more divine force that drew the two species together. An invisible hand in creation. If such a being exists then he is more divine and full of truth. This concept is perhaps the most heretical and dangerous to preach and would lead them into conflicts with hostile suzumou. Damn Pervert Philosophers trying to interfere with Good Honest Procreation. These two concepts, the tangible godworm or the invisible hand, are both viable in the new doctrine.

The conflicts hoply make sense to be peeps reading and isn't meant to be a complete thesis. I'm sure it'll be improved with criticism.

How to find the truth
Philosophic Debate vs Radical Conflict

Where to find the truth
Hitangan Empire vs Nomadic Existence

Whose truth to seek
Tangible Godworm vs Intangible Concept

>> No.22026308

Trust me, you're fine, you'll be just what we need to spice Fortune up.

>> No.22026314

Goddamn, Imma have to print this out and read it, way to much to view on a screen.

>> No.22026416
File: 287 KB, 480x360, applause black & white citizen kane.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nad... I am floored by this. Do you have a degree in philosophy and/or religion, because I've read doctoral theses that are less concise and open. My god, this is SOLID gold.

>> No.22026579


I didn't write that stuff about the religion and other stuff.
It is brilliant though.
One point that I must correct however, is that the suzumou are completely reliant on the sandworms for reproduction.
The suzumou do prefer the sandworms as their hosts, and in fact, basically all suzumou tribes do reproduce trough sandworms.
However, in theory at least, any creature with sufficient size and fat tissue could host at least few suzumou eggs. Of course, the suzumou themselves haven't, in any large degree at least, done this, and even the suggestion of reproducing trough other creatures than sandworms might be considered abominable.
The fact that the suzumou, in their view at least, are born out of the divine flesh of the sandworms, is an important tenet in the faith in basically all the suzumou tribes.

>> No.22026804

He actually covered that in that theses or whatever you wish to call it. That's one of the things that is one of their conflicts.

>> No.22026976

Yeah, that was me. I forgot about my name.

Yes, they are completely reliant on the sandworms for reproduction. And it is a universal trait shared by all suzumou tribes. The sandworms are tangible evidence of their significance. Without them, no tribe would be able to continue to the next generation. However this heretical teacher professed that the sandworms were an incomplete truth. The sandworms will never be totally out of the question. In fact talking to a elder sandworm would be unbelievably enlightening. If they can survive their followers, and if the god worm is willing.

>However, in theory at least, any creature with sufficient size and fat tissue could host at least few suzumou eggs. Of course, the suzumou themselves haven't, in any large degree at least, done this, and even the suggestion of reproducing trough other creatures than sandworms might be considered abominable.

Oh interesting, never thought about that. And I suppose its an idea that might occur in the Movement, which I'm calling them since I have no better name.

>> No.22026986


It is more than possible because pusmals use ground water to grow their food and they live in hives.

Also there has been some changes in how pusmals work. So the Queen is intelligent instead of stupid child factory and has some sort of genepool to choose from (what kind of offspring she can make). Foremen still have most of the power as the queen can't move so they are the ones giving commands. Workers are still quite stupid and only know how to do their job but warriors and hunters can make individual decisions, a bit like wolfpack but more intelligent. All pusmals are female but the drones who are rare. They are so rare that they can be used for diplomacy with other hives (instead of princesses we have princes)

Most of the stuff is just about culture. so there could be hive with more intelligent workers if they evolve that way or so. Only the way of reproduction is set in stone.

>> No.22026995

Apoe! It's been a while! How've 'ya been buddy?

>> No.22027015

*is flattered

>> No.22027033

I call it like I see it, Apoe, that's some deep shit you've got going.

>> No.22028098
File: 169 KB, 800x600, suzumou priests.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumbing with suzumou priests.

>> No.22028132

The consider themselves enlightened, holy even. Yet as the night cloaks them their minds too are shrouded in darkness...

>> No.22028443


Speaking of night, Notrip's explanation for the blue color of the suzumou makes sense. They are mostly nocturnal creatures, and the blue hue of their skin melds well into the darkness.
Reason for their nocturnal living is due to their ancestral interaction with the worms.
Worms beyond adolescence, travel mostly above the sand, due to the fact that burrowing long distances underneath it consumes far more energy. When they hunt, they may move underneath the sand, but when they have to move long distances, they do it above the sand, and during nights, in order to avoid heat exhaustion from the daylight.
For eons, suzumou followed the worms around during the nights, as the worms were their way of reproducing. Bands of nomads, following the worms around benefited from their blue skin, which hid them into the darkness, like it hid all their other ancestors.

It seems that almost all wespars are blue hued, which could mean that they too are mostly nocturnal. The jet wespars on the other hand have no reason to hide from sight with camouflage, as their hordes make themselves very apparent anyways, and thus, they lack a reason to get rid of their nocturnal camouflage.

As for the suzumou priests, they consider their race to be born from the divine flesh of the godworms, who are the deities of the desert. Thus, the suzumou are the rightful inheritors of the desert, and the chosen servants of the gods.

>> No.22028523

Interesting, I'll read up on this, but I'm going to take a break, got some laundry to do and I'll return after that.

I like this format for discussion, btw, it lets us record our ideas lest we need to return to them.

>> No.22029786
File: 222 KB, 808x906, tentouz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my offshoot of tentouz that i will use as base individual for my future tribe.
What does /evo/ think of them?
I've just been working on the coulor and reshaped the canon tentacles.

>> No.22029892

Oh thank god, somebody changed the cannon tents. That's been driving me crazy, the lack of colour coordination.

>> No.22029963

The thing that disturbed me most was the lousy hand shape. Also, where did the slug came out by?

>> No.22030069

Same here, but the second part of your question... uh, u wot m8?

>> No.22030107

do you mean where did the bubble come out from?

>> No.22030448

Yes. Gas bubble.
I'll be throwing some biology on them a bit later.

>> No.22030514

I cannot wait to hear this. Man do I have a thing for technobabble, boy am I glad we've got someone who can deliver. ; )

Fortune Evo is in *desperate* need of it, mate, all the folks good at it are busy with Primordial.

>> No.22034134


>> No.22034230

Thanks for bumping for us, Indonesian Gentleman and I are busy with super-secret GM's eyes only stuff. Y'all are gonna flip.

>> No.22035283

It was the four lower tentacles which the gas bubbles came from. The two large tentacles have never been anything other than manipulator limbs.
They also have a beak, which is obscured by the mass of tentacles.

>> No.22035293

Almost forgot about this. the large strip that goes around the back of the float chambers is a massive eye.

>> No.22037469
File: 31 KB, 344x287, CodexAstartesSupportsThisAction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22038369

you fool!
do you have any idea what you have just unleashed upon us?

>> No.22038669
File: 50 KB, 600x460, 600px-Boreale40M[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.22038963


>> No.22038993
File: 118 KB, 774x962, 1211817183231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22039457
File: 225 KB, 808x906, tentouz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, here we go.
Got it with the limbs, also thanks for the huge hiden eye update, i couldn't guess.
So here's the biology organ by organ:
Behind the mouth, the food goes in a first stomach full of digestive acid produced by a liver/pancreas-like organ. The organic matter melts and the nutriments are directed to the lymphoïc system (cause it ain't blood).
The chime of all the unwanted matter then goes to a second stomach full of a methanogen arcaebacteria flora (like cows but way tougher). This stomach is equipped with a valve that opens to spread the gas into the baloon.

>> No.22039540

Here comes the mindblowing part.
At the bottom of the balloon, oll around the gas intake sprout, is a layer of neural cells.
These cells are able to synthetize thousands of different neuro-transmitter.
These organic molecules goes back and forth into the gas chamber where they then exist in two different form, normal and methylated (R and R-CH3) the methylation is a reduction of a CH4 molecule. This oxydation liberates H2 molecules that are known to burst in flames in contact with oxygen. that's why the baloon bursts in pierced.
When the methyled form comes back to the brain cells, it is interpreted as an information.
The brain works by interpretating the variation of partial pressure of each neuro-transmitter.

>> No.22039632

Once again, you're a master, molden.

>> No.22039662

All around the chamber are disposed small neural glands linked to the lymphoïc system.
This allows to "save" some neuro transmitter in liquid phase when their partial presure becomes high in the chamber. This is basically their memory.
These glands are also able to deliver into the chamber foreign molecules that were taken in the stomach or synthetized by the organism or "saved" earlier.
These can be coloured molecules, bioluminescent molecules, toxins, neurotransmitters, etc.
This allows them to adapt their colour in order to communicate, confuse preys...
This system can also deliver into the back limbs to create the deadly bane-bubbles.

>> No.22039683

The back sprouts only deliver H2 surplus that bursts in contact with oxygen and then propulses the creature.

>> No.22039728

Forgot a bit:
The neuro transmitter and their receptors on the brain cells are randomly synthetized by random gene splitting (that's the immunoglobuline synthetisis way)
Then, like the antibodies, these receptor can randomly be sensible to some foreign molecule.
This molecule can temporally become a new"thought component".

>> No.22039746

That's al of it, i swear! ^^

>> No.22039766

No, no, I love it, I love reading these things, Hell, to quote John Waters: "I want MORE!".

>> No.22039830

You'll get plenty when they go tribe.

>> No.22039855

woah... so the Tentouz think with gas? Now that is a novel idea!
also, would this mean that a starving tentouz would go 'paler'? As in, they can't quite change their coloration?

>> No.22039896

Exactly, and the best hunter would get fancy features that shows their superiority.

>> No.22039919

I can't wait, and this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for in Fortune Evo. Gotta get my technobabble fix, and you, molden deliver reliably. ; )

>> No.22040112
File: 99 KB, 808x906, 1335247171942.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This oicture got it all wrong too then...

>> No.22040239

In that picture, the flouz was gripping the bubble with its hand.

>> No.22040286

Isn't it a gas bubble? Then it's more solid than i thought.

>> No.22040310

It was a bubble of mucus filled with flammable gas.

>> No.22040321

I think some folk referred to it as plasma, which, honestly, while more solid, the heat of which would make it even more difficult to handle.

>> No.22040375

plasma ain't solid gentlemen, plasma is an is an agitated form of gas.
Long story short, fire is plasma.
If you're talking about plasma in a biological sense, it's the liquid part of the blood.
But i guess the bubble could be a kind of mucosity.

>> No.22040434

I was taught that plasma was halfway between a liquid and a gas. When I said "more solid" I meant basically "heavier than gas".

>> No.22040957

That's not what plasma is.
To be precise, plasma is an ionized gas.
Anyways, i tried to redraw the "hands" hope i'm doing it right.
Also notrip told me that there was actually multiples chambers of gas.
So i'd say they communicate and have different partial pressure of each element. This allows a better temporization of the gas-mind and also to not completely explode when pierced.
The biggest one is in the forehead.
The bubbles are acid mucus containing flammable substances and toxins drained from the gas chambers. They have a large palette of poisons because most of their neurotransmitters are neurotoxins for other animals.

>> No.22041047 [DELETED] 
File: 226 KB, 808x906, tentouz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last redraw

>> No.22041080
File: 226 KB, 808x906, tentouz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoopsie, forgot to move the bubble back.

>> No.22043311


>> No.22044777
File: 30 KB, 586x401, bug preacher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Do you wish to hear the truth of the desert?
Will you submit to the divine will of the Hazuvaat, serve and obey with zeal, so you may receive eternity in unity with the Divine Flesh of the Godworm?"

>> No.22047082

Hello fortune host.
I've been looking through some of yours threads.
There definitely has been some really neat critters evolved.
I think it'll be a lot of phun going on with them.
Also i friggin love the redrawing touch in the begening of each thread, it makes it more exhaustive to not forget whet we are dealing with.

You'll have definitely me joining the crew.

>> No.22049217

Best news I've read all day. Let me extend a welcome to Fortune to anyone else who's curious.

>> No.22052081


>> No.22054119

For the up-mentioned curious:
>http://1d4chan.org /wiki/Fortune:_Evolution_Game#Part_6.2C_Parting_of_the_Ways
>Starts tomorow

>> No.22054241
File: 191 KB, 700x525, fancyfuckthepolice (disregard the constabulary).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, hope y'all are ready. ; )

I know it's an unspoken rule that emoticons aren't allowed on 4chan, but, you know...

>> No.22056644
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Not much discussion going on in this thread, be it dead?

>> No.22057696


There doesn't seem to be many topics that people are interested in discussing right now.
I myself am all out of ideas, both for topics, as well as evolutions, which is a pity, as I won't be around next week.
I will be back at 22th of this month, or on 23th. I will have 9 days of vacation, and then the last week of military, after which I will be relieved of duty, on the 4th of January. Me and my family will however go on a week long vacation, to the Canary islands, so I might not be around then.

Anyways, I hope that you guys will have fun with the evo games, I have been distracted by other threads unfortunately, which is why I have been so absent from these games.

>> No.22057786

I was wondering if anyone could give me a quick rundown of the Koburrogs? Much obliged.

>> No.22057827

When I get back from Dungeonmastering.

>> No.22057845

Well then, I wish thee a most fruitful game.

>> No.22058444

May there be glorious victories upon the ground and the skies! And then necropolis fall!

>> No.22059603
File: 19 KB, 392x369, Baby Koburrog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. Koburrogs.

They're distant cousins to Gorriogs, but they lack much of the exoskeletal plates, as well as the bioelectricity.
Coming from an ancestry of "prey creatures," Koburrogs grow up quickly, somewhere between 7 and 9 years, and usually give birth to twins or triplets. As a species, they've been around relatively unchanged for hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of years. Due to this, there are many groups with legends about ancient creatures which are long extinct.

Koburrogs are a fairly social creature, coming from their ancestors being herd animals. Another thing about their mentality is how in comparison to other races, they are less aware of death. This leads them to being reckless. If one dies trying to do something, it isn't uncommon for them to keep trying until someone gets it right.

In game, their "bonus" is bad luck. Expect more disasters to befall them.

tldr; Perfect cannon fodder.

>> No.22059625

Koburrogs started off as a trolling attempt that we made into a real race. They are essentially the kobolds of the game. They reproduce quickly, and have phenomenally bad luck. this is reflected in very harsh failure results. Biologically, two eyes, two arms, two legs. a tail, and a large shock of hair on their head. They come in a variety of colors. They are all usually adept at digging, and setting up half assed schemes. One tribe rose above the rest to create a great kingdom.

>> No.22061761


>> No.22062975
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Tropical wezar's evo chart!

>> No.22063069
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Forgot the ulbus colonizers

>> No.22063989
File: 150 KB, 4144x992, Leatherhead evotree.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a leatherhead evo tree

>> No.22064065 [DELETED] 
File: 1.29 MB, 4000x2000, Torrogchart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been working on the full torrog chart.
Also tried to make it on scale.

>> No.22064098 [DELETED] 

Tfw it took 2 minutes to upload and mistyped captcha...

>> No.22064302 [DELETED] 
File: 1.28 MB, 4000x2000, Torrogchart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Full torrog's.

>> No.22064359
File: 1.28 MB, 4000x2000, Torrogchart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Full Torrog's chart!

>> No.22065066


>> No.22067784


>> No.22070570


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