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Hey there /tg/, I've been playing Earthbound again and I was curious to know if someone had converted it to a tabletop game.

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Point-buy stats, roll-over d10 system.
Good enough groundwork for you?
Alternatively, 1d4chan or google may be your friend.

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I loved the Mother series, but I think it'd be tough to try to run a game as silly, and yet so heart-wrenching without the perfect group.

Would be a blast to try though. Might be a bit awkward with a few solo sessions when things get rough.

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Something with a good system, please?

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I'd probably use FUDGE, never touched GURPS.

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With minimal fudging I once statted these guys out as follows:

Ness is a Wilder: powerful but limited number of psychic powers, and somewhat more durable and capable of physical combat than the psion. His huge Magicant powerup was inherent bonuses.

Paula is a psion, and likely a kineticist with a thing for the energy powers, but she also has useful defensive stuff and telepath. I feel like she has the most variety overall. She's also the squishiest.

Poo is an ardent, which we see in his meditation on nothingness and the general mystical and contemplative theme he has going. Dipped one or two levels in monk.

Jeff...he might just be a unique Expert with some jacked up Craft bonuses. When I was younger I think I used the Tinker class from one of those Warcraft RPG books, actually.

Giygas is an extremely high level psionic monster; his powers cannot be identified because his high level means the Psicraft DC is higher than any of them can roll.

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Freeform would do wonders. Or they could stick to a d6 pool system.

I'll give combat and stats a quick go...
Most weapons fail on a 1 or 2, use multiple dice, and deal 1 damage per success (2 damage on a roll of 6). Your offense increases the end value, the enemy's defense decreases it.

Roll d6, add speed, bam you've got your turn order. Highest speed stat determines priority, etc.

A certain Guts value can increase your SMAAASH!! range to 5-6, as opposed to only 6. If you're going to die, roll 2d6. If you roll below guts, survive with 1 HP. Auto-fail on a roll of 12.

Vitality is 5x instead of 15x for max HP. IQ is 3x, instead of 5x. PP costs are accordingly lower.

PSI or PK attacks may use different dice, or don't have the "failure on a 1 or 2" clause.

For these reasons, stats would probably be really low. But high numbers will probably get in the way anyway. Also I realize this is probably pretty crappy.

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Couple of entries down the page

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side-note I'd give a testicle to play this with a group.

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Rolled 1

Looking at it, I think I'd rather make a similarly styled world to the Mother games, and not just Earthbound with players.

And I am unsure if d20 is where I'd go with it.

Why do you want to play this version so badly? Am I missing something?

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Mother trilogy is ALL MY LOVE Ω

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I just wanna play a table top game at all and an Earthbound one would be amazing.

Assuming I could find a decent group.

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Jeff - Artificer

Really the point is the characters, world, and especially tone, more than the system.

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tone could easily slide into darker mod-punk fantasy like Akira or Metropolis if desired / not careful

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or just as quickly space exploration

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