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why are Cestree and Loli-D's heads disconnected from their necks?

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/tg/ Christmas Party?

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notto dissu shittu againu

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Shouldn't you be in that drawthread, being bitter and unloved?

Oh wait, that's where you are, saging because drawfags get love and your mother never gave you any.

What's with your hate anyway? Was your step-father a drawfag, and did he beat you everyday?

I'm actually genuinely interested, because your butthurt must have some kind of soppy story behind it that could be turned into a tv-movie.

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Looks like I have more photoshop work to do now.

Good thing I saved the psd.

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There's still like 40 characters missing.

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Xeno is so moe in this pic!

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There we go, all the previous bastardizations included again sans Xeno, who is now invited apparently.

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She didn't even have to knock-kock-down the front door.

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Faces included in this picture:
generic girl with nose
generic girl without nose

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don't be too harsh, there's also the "pointy chin and thinner eyes" girl.

Still, it's less various that Mr Culexus's designs, that go as far as to mix thin eyes with not-pointy faces, and wide eyes with pointy faces.

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Complaining about anime styles on 4chan.

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Riiiiight, because having an anime style means that you can only draw four female faces at most.

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Is there a list of all the /tg/ characters somewhere?
There's nothing on 1d4chan.

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there's none

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People have tried to compile lists several times, but there's always a disagreement over who counts and who doesn't.

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Fuck off Ribbonfag

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What's with all the fucking elves

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What? There's only two elves.
Unless you count eldar as elves, but those are more like elves in space.

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pointy ears = elves

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Oh yeah, it's all those OCs that /tg/ can't stand nowadays.

I'm sad.

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( Some Tau, no drone so assuming not Xeno), Angelica, Macha, Cestree, Sandwich, Loli D, Blue, Rage, Ribbon, Noh, and Cultist-chan.

For those of you wondering.

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>shitty OC
>terrible OC
>awful meme from Dawn of War
>product of a banned drawfag
>dead OC
>dead OC
>recently dead OC
>product of a banned drawfag
>product of a banned drawfag
>dead OC
>dead OC

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1. Never try to speak for more than one person, and never assume one person to speak for anyone beyond themselves.

2. I like /tg/'s OCs. Or at least, I like most of them, and I like the idea of them.
The only one I have an issue with above is Xeno, but that's not because I dislike the character so much as I dislike people trying to spam her.

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My, what a grump!

Could you please you a trip code, so I could filter you to make it easier to ignore you and everything you would ever have to say, because you are less of a person and more of a poison?

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now put xeno in window looking sad cause no one wants here there.

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OC's can't die. In fact, they don't even really age.

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Doesn't Cultist have a grown-up superpowered form?

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She has a younger version.

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Needs more Cuddles.

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All these cute girls...

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I think by "dead" he means "I don't care about them" or "I hate them", not that they actually died. Cultist has actually died before, though.

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I think thats Sclicktau and not Xeno...

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Nah, it's Xeno, she's got the little lock of hair, the glowing eyes and the flustered expression.

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Wait, Xeno? But that isn't a taucron. Neither of them are. And Shlicktau doesn't make sense without Chem-chan.

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That's because the guy who drew this, despite frequenting the board for more than three years, somehow doesn't know that Xeno is a taucron, and actually possibly only saw a picture of her for the first time two weeks ago when we posted one in his thread.

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>Shlicktau doesn't make sense with Chem-chan.


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No, I see the eyes now. I thought she was looking the other way.

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Yeah, but Xeno can shapeshift when she needs to blend in. She's made of nanoscarabs.

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I want guilt lizard.

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needs more Gnome Young

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Where is the dakka?

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why is it all women....

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Because /tg/ makes waifus.

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because old man henderson is busy lookin for his gnomes.

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I disagree. /tg/ makes interesting and fun female characters that some people say are their waifus.

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For the vast majority of anime artists, this is true. They only know a couple of faces.

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>he doesn't have a waifu

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and Sir Bearington is also secretly Santa Claus

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I don't. And I hope the people that say they do are just joking.

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I'd agree with some of them, but others seem to be obvious fetish fuel.

And then there is Xeno...

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It's more of a case of where the differences between characters in western or eastern styles are quite different, especially in regards to the more subtle ones.

Most asians tend to think western characters tend to look the same, with this being especially true with younger characters (who end up looking like adults to them).

The things we pay attention to are not the same as the ones they do, and our methods of varying them are not the same as theirs. It's one of those culture gap things, where it takes some time getting used to, but once you understand it, you have a hard time reverting back to seeing things like the uninitiated.

For instance, I see a lot of variation in the faces in the OP pic, from things like the face length, softness/hardness, eyes and nose positioning/style, and so on. The differences aren't exactly subtle, but if I take a moment and try to see it as someone who's not familiar with anime would, I can see how the faces would look identical.

It's kind of like how westerners think all Asians look the same, and Asians think all westerners look the same.

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>interesting and fun female characters

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I agree with you. It's a funny thing.

But you sound like a dick.

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There are terrible to mediocre anime artists who really do only have four faces they know.

Look at Gundam SEED or any BL manga.

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Xeno's actually gotten more interesting lately. Her Twitter's fun to read.

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I hate SEED's style. In fact, I hate how Hisashi Hirai's character designs managed to taint a lot of good series, like Soukyo no Fafner and Scryed.

But, there are variations in the characters' faces, though I will agree that most of the main characters look like the same guy/girl wearing different wigs and having different skin tones.

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Man, I was just talking about this. Compare the character designs for SEED, Sokyuu no Fafner and Heroic AGE. They're all the same six characters, just with slightly variant hair and costumes.

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I actually see a difference between Seed, Fafner, Age, and so on, but not so much of between the characters within the series.

It's like at the start of each series, he designs a template with the face already drawn, and then uses it to build all of his characters.

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I still love waltfield he was bad ass

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Yeah, except nobody accuses the guy who draws the punisher of only having only 4 faces.

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Haven't been to /co/ lately, have you?

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That's probably because the people who live in /co/ have a very Western sense of things.

But, even so, I've heard a good number of complaints about Liefeld, and how all his men are the same and all his women are the same.

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You disagree? You think that isn't possible?

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>Christmas elf
So what are the elves in /tg/'s nonspecific modern fantasy setting? Christmas, brown island elves, drow, haughty oriental, reclusive woodland?

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/tg/'s elves are known collectively as bedroom elves. They include most variations of delicious elf.

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I like how in this picture Blue is really childlike. It's adorable, and so much better than just being a waifu thing.

Blue is a daughterfu to me, like Clem etc.

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You should see the shit /co/ gets up to with all their OCs no one ever remembers.

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Demons need extended necks for better deepthroating.

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Am I the only one who finds /co/'s OC to be a bit shit really? Maybe I'm spoiled by how good /tg/'s can be at it's best. /co/ has pretty pictures, but /tg/ tends to have much better writing and ideas.

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>crtl-f caitlyn the brave and dashing
no results
i'm dissapointed gents.

and where is the manoel cat chilling in the background?
there is much to be done.

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that pic is of some of /co/'s less than even c-lister OCs.

And don't kid yourself, /tg/ does nothing but bitch, fight and spray piss on each other whenever OCs are discussed for the sake of discussing OCs.
I've never seen /tg/ do anything with their OCs after creating them and the buzz wears off.
You create them, they exist, you make up a ton of stories, then you kill them (literally write a death story for the character) and never want to talk about them again afterwards, derailing any thread that comes up about them.

/co/ makes an OC, they tell a story with it, it gets passed along to whoever wants to do anything with it, so-on-and-so-fourth until the character is retired and maybe brought up a few times every year in found reminiscence and whispers about what anyone might be doing with it.
Or they do exactly what /tg/ does with it, which is shit all over anything ever made by the board.

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I use them as NPCs, really. /tg/ makes some fun shit. Can't comment on /co/'s stuff, I know next to nothing about them.

>> No.21954551

Because people keep bringing it up. HINT HINT

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>Xeno trying not to look lustfully at Blue, who is just thinking of the best way to loot the flashiest tree she has ever seen.
Yeah, we all know you're lewd as fuck, Xeno. And a lesbian.

>> No.21954621

>You create them, they exist, you make up a ton of stories, then you kill them (literally write a death story for the character) and never want to talk about them again afterwards, derailing any thread that comes up about them.

That might not be so bad though really. It means things don't overstay their welcome. And don't get shit.

>> No.21954642

>literally write a death story for the character
That only happened with one that I know of, and it wasn't out of malice.

And come on, /co/, how many people have done their take on the death of Batman, Superman, or any other big hitter in the comic scene?

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>Xeno trying not to look lustfully at Blue, who is just thinking of the best way to loot the flashiest tree she has ever seen.

This sums up the two characters well though. Xeno is a predatory being with only sex in her mind. Blue is an innocent being with only loot in her mind.

I won't let you sully my daughterfu, Xeno.

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>That only happened with one that I know of, and it wasn't out of malice.
I've seen it done at least four times.
It's never out of malice, but after that is done the character might as well be dead since /tg/ will actively avoid doing anymore with it.

The thing with /co/ OCs is they get passed around, kinda like how there's a new writer for all the major comic franchises every so many years (even though a lot of the big name characters in comics really ought to be retired by this point) and things are more episodic.

With /tg/ it's like only a designated group is every allowed to do anything with them and anyone else who even tries gets shat on even if they're showing potential.

That could be true too, but most of the shit comes from people who want a character to stay down so they don't get that shit.
It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of shitting up a character by either overexposure or stifling it.

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Well not all of them literally die. Sometimes a set of /tg/ OCs (like WHH) has a new writefag take over and reset and recreate them.

>> No.21954862

WHH is in the running for "worst thing ever" though.

>> No.21954902

Not really. Harem Knights has that contest won hands down. Now, SECOND worst thing ever, on the other hand...

>> No.21954967

I have no idea what War Hammer High or Harem Knights is about and frankly speaking I don't care.

I'm only interested in characters that are created by the board, not preexisting characters placed in another setting.

Harem Knights sounds like that ill gotten /co/ idea where a 9000 year old man is trapped in the body of a 21 year old and gets one year of his memories back with every girl he fucks, and he has to fuck 9000 girls in a years time to prevent the destruction of the universe or some shit.

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Its just daughteru. Get the f out of there.

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>> No.21959951

>forget about Xeno
>Add her in as an afterthought later
>she still looks out of place and uninvited
Poor Xeno, now you're making me actually feel bad for the damn thing.

On top of that, the random token WHH bitch doesn't much look like she wants to be there.
WHH: Maximum angst, even on Christmas

>> No.21960249

It's likely her house.

Dad invited all of the people he thought were her friends, and she's super grump about it, knowing she can do nothing about it.

>> No.21963480

I thought the WHH bunch didn't have houses, they just wandered to wherever they could be the most angsty.

>> No.21966096

I think I still like this one better, with the uninvited Xeno and the WHH class picture instead of having a token primarch daughter.

>> No.21966131

Clearly Schlicktau and Sandwich need a few more drinks and a bedroom. Angela just needs a wing massage.

>> No.21966207

I think that's supposed to be Xeno.

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Fucking stop already, god damn. You haters are so amazingly annoying.

>> No.21966969

Xeno is amazingly annoying. Difference is that mods agree with us.

>> No.21966993

He was talking about WHH, not Xeno. Its funny how the WHH fans are as angsty as their waifus, though.

>> No.21967039

No they aren't. There have been more people complaining about nonexistant angst in WHH than there have been WHH posts in the last two months.

You haters are juvenile. Not only are you complaining about something that doesn't exist, you're doing it in completely different threads, then samefagging to look popular.

>> No.21967042

Ah, shit, my mistake.

But yeah, WHH fans are a special breed of faggots.

How you can take seriously a series that revolves around a shitty joke concept with added ANGST boggles my mind. It's not even fucking well written, it's teen fiction bullshit with LOL WARHAMMER shoehorned in.

>> No.21967142


Why did you wait until AFTER WHH had finished posting to start hating on it?

>> No.21967233

Because he was too much of a pussy to complain about it in the actual threads.

Hey, OP, thanks for the new pic. It's appreciated.

Mods, do us all a favor, and ban that whiner. Shitspamming disguised as retroactive distaste is still shitspamming.

>> No.21967289


Hey, /tg/!

Could we celebrate Christmas together? I'll even prepare a present for you. It won't be much but I feel I have to return the kindness and good stuff you've given me this year.

>> No.21967326 [DELETED] 

>Mods, do us all a favor, and ban that whiner.

Muh feelings!

WHH is shit and the majority of people on /tg/ agree. Now get the fuck out of this thread.

>> No.21967329

>shitposting should be bannable
The entire fucking website would be gone.

>> No.21967342

>implying Santapire wouldn't also be included.

Sir Bearington is the cool old uncle who tells you the stories about Santa coming to visit. Santapire is what happens when /tg/ makes the World of Darkness festive

>> No.21967345

>One, maybe two spammers

>> No.21967373

I actually agree with that guy. If he had a problem, maybe he should have gone to the actual threads and tried to fix it. Or at least told them his viewpoint, so they could consider it and maybe integrate it.

But asking for mods to ban him? seriously?

go fuck yourself.

>> No.21967441

The majority of /tg/ does not like WHH.

>> No.21967482

You don't speak for the majority. Now stop spamming this thread.

>> No.21967509

/tg/ is a hive mind that doesn't know itself. Stop pretending that you know exactly everyone visiting /tg/ and their opinions on WHH. I for one love it to bits, and if I don't like something, I'm not going to vomit all my life's tension in the form of verbal abuse (to be very diplomatic) all over the place.

Learn to let people enjoy what they're doing.

>> No.21967561

Nope, WHH sucks ass and has sucked ever since someone said "let's have rule 63 of the primarchs" and some other retard decided we could use a high school drama about them.

>> No.21967624

Your reasoning is subjective, which is fair, given how liking something, especially stuff like WHH, is a subjective question. However, please refrain from repeating yourself. Your opinion was heard and acknowledged. We'd like to proceed with having fun without you.

>> No.21967644

>WHH sucks ass and has sucked ever since someone said "let's have rule 63 of the primarchs" and some other retard decided we could use a high school drama about them.

Fucking this so damn hard. It's a shit joke taken way, WAY too far and too seriously. If it had been a thing like angry marines where people know it's a joke and keep it that way it'd be fine, but they've created the world's worst first world problem bullshit story and tried to hammer 40k into it somehow.

>> No.21967653

How does one actually know how many given people like or dislike something on any given board?

Surveys don't work since someone will always send in multiple entrants.

>> No.21967668

there are no words, i love you.

>> No.21967676

Hold up there, boyo. Primarch rule 63 is delicious. WHH absolutely isn't, but don't be making a fuss over primarch rule 63.

>> No.21967692

Fuck, why did I laugh at this.

>> No.21967700

Yeah. WHH is like a porn fic where the author decides he wants to be Dostoevsky.

We don't want that shit, we want porn.

>> No.21967708

Maybe because it almost sounds like an order to exit one's daughter.

>> No.21967720

IMO, WHH is a cool concept, and I thought the first picture of it that I saw was pretty funny.


It doesn't actually have any appeal outside of that tho- there isn't anything to it besides "look at these primarch schoolgirls teehee fap fap". It doesn't really 'need' threads about it.

>> No.21967729

Speak for yourself. I just wanted something funny to read.

>> No.21967754

I would pay for a single of x-mas sandy, if i had cash.

>> No.21967756

But it's not funny, it's pretentiously sad and serious.

>> No.21967759

So how about we focus on the holiday aspect of the picture instead?

>> No.21967783



More importantly: Someone should design an official /tg/ christmas card.

In fact, all the boards should design their own christmas card.

>> No.21967824

As long as it doesn't resemble a MtG card I'm happy. That'd be overdoing it quite a bit.

>> No.21967919

Well, this is what I use /tg/s OC for, too.

I mean, really. What other use there is, gentlemen? Not use them in your games?

>> No.21967923

>mfw people care about their obnoxious original characters
>mfw other people care enough to actively protest them
>mfw people care about what anyone does on the internet
>mfw when posting a picture bumps the thread anyway

>> No.21967983

>implying your post has any meaning
>implying your life has any meaning or value
>implying you're not a nihilistic piece of shit who should shut the fuck up while the rest of the world goes by
You sad little creature.

>> No.21968011

Actually, using picture does not override the sage. And besides, who cares anymore. We got catalog build into the system, now.

Seriously. I mean, seriously. Good content, bad content, angsty content, fun content, shit content or amazing content. It's all for games.

Why get all up and arms with it, really? Nobody is going to come to your games and tell you to use content you don't like. And the lousiest use of your time is to communicate your distaste after the characters or concepts have already been set in stone. What's it gonna change? If you don't like it, don't use it.

>> No.21968012

Whats that? ANON is evolving!?
ANON evolved into POT!
POT used CALL IT BLACK on KETTLE! It's not very effective...

>> No.21968015

Some mistletoe, a tree, a wizard dressed like Santa, and some elves in green.

We /wish/ you a Merry Christmas.

>> No.21968041

Fucking brilliant! Do it!

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>> No.21968068


>> No.21968079

Yes! And maybe he could ride that Halloween dragon who breathes candy? Just throwing out ideas.

>> No.21968080

>mfw when posting a picture bumps the thread anyway
But it doesn't. Try it.

>> No.21968197

The present had better involve you getting naked.

>> No.21968271

I hated on it while it was running, but I was polite enough to keep my criticisms outside of the threads. It is funny how you are advocating for him to spam and shitpost in WHH threads.

>> No.21968279

If it involves others getting naked instead - will that satisfy you?

>> No.21968286

Maki a shit.

>> No.21968312

you just did

>> No.21968320

That depends on who the others are and what else is involved.

>> No.21968330

Monstergirls, for instance? Lamias, mainly.

>> No.21968352


>> No.21968386

Shit, I woulda been with the whole SOL angle if they didnt try to turn it into goddamn fuckin angst and grimderp. That and the writers hate lesbians, which is just plain inexcusable.

>> No.21968399

Well that's just lovely.

>> No.21968407

Only because lesbians as a whole are way overdone on /tg/
Don't even pretend they're not

>> No.21968409

With the addition of the two new people, that room looks exceptionally large. Like, its either a hallway or whoever owns that house lives an excessive lifestyle.

>> No.21968420

Then that is what you shall have - among other things.

>> No.21968449

Well I think I can safely say I am feeling optimistic.

>> No.21968451

They are as overdone as monstergirls.

>> No.21968455

>excessive lifestyle
Fuck, now I'm thinking that Slaanesh is the host of the party.

I have no regrets.

>> No.21968484

As overdone as 40K, kobolds, dwarves, elfwatdos, tranny/trap faggotry, edition wars, femdom, dragonfucking, animu fanfiction, quests, animu fanfiction quests, making everything needlessly grimderp, and monstergirls.

>> No.21968498

That would explain why that room is filled only with inebriated girls of all ages.

>> No.21968567

So I guess it's part of /tg/?

It does not, however, explain the lack of drugs, alcohol, and Doombringer.

>> No.21968594

You forgot HFY.

>> No.21968618

Hes lulling them into a false sense of security. Once they start getting comfortable and a little too forward with each other, THATS when the tentacular multicocks come out.

>> No.21968658

With presents and Slaanesh popping out from behind a large tentacle saying "Happy Christmas!"?

>> No.21968699

The tentacle dicks cum presents inside their victims who then have to squeeze them egg-laying style.

>> No.21968739

I think you spent too much time on /d/ my friend. But I agree nonetheless.

>> No.21968768

You act like /d/ in its current state could even come up with such a thing.

>> No.21968807

Every board has its good times and bad times. It's part of life.

>> No.21971836


Oh god nigh/tg/

Wonderful and terrifying.


>> No.21972975

Wait, there was a thread about dildo golems?
Dammit, I missed it.

Off to archivefoolz with me.

>> No.21976013

We'll soon be discussing all the best threads of 2012, and that'll bring to light ones everybody missed.

>> No.21976045


And that will bring all the 'stop liking what I don't like' and worse, which always happens when we discuss the best and worse of any given year.

Though I think we've done well, with Blue and the Scraplootas, and other projects.

>> No.21978156

>all the 'stop liking what I don't like' and worse
I hate that. Why can't /tg/ just live and let live?

>> No.21979200

Because your opinions are wrong and my opinions are law.

>> No.21979318

I wish this wasn't the way 4chan was run :(

>> No.21980156

>This is as insane as the dildo golems from last night. What the hell happens to /tg/ after dark?
>last night
The wizard thread? That thing?

>> No.21980239


>> No.21981198

There was also a thread in which it was worked out the cup and vaginal size of a female snow giant.

>> No.21981523

<s>Imagine all those girls, bellies swollen and nethers aching, forcing their abused cunts to stretch open one last time so they can get their reward for undergoing that ordeal.</s>
<s>After much heaving and straining, Angela, wings sticky plastered against her body with foul daemonic cum, looks down to see her prize, only to collapse in both exhaustion and frustration.</s>
<s>“A sweater. All I got was a fucking sweater.”</s>
<s>Slannesh shlickfaps with glee at her pain.</s>

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