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This is how I Dwarf, Picture related!

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This is how I Tactical Warlord

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This is how I Bard.

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This is how I TPK my players for wanting to waste an entire day by starting fights in taverns.

>> No.21934972

This is how I concealed weapon

>> No.21934992

This is how I Rogue Trader.

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This is how I fail my Knowledge checks.

>> No.21935012

This is how I Rogue/Assassin

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This is how I Imperial Guardsman.

The rough translation of the text would be "you're not fighting hard enough, soldier".

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This is how I Rogue with 0 ranks in Pick Lock

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This is how I cancer mage.

>> No.21935246

This is how I cancer mage

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This is how I cleric.

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this is how I Kobold

>> No.21935329

This is how I bad end

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This is how I interface

>> No.21935337

This is how I Cleric

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This is how I minion

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This is how I lose san.

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That video is about four minutes longer than it needs to be.

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pic speaks for itself

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