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So, did anybody save that drawfagging of a half-orc paladin delivering JUSTICE to a heathen with his mighty boot? I forgot to save it and it was awesome.

In the meantime, let us have a paladin thread. Because paladins are bros.

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You want Paladins?
I got paladins.
You don't want paladins?
Silly /tg/, of course you want paladins.

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"I dropkick demons in the name of Pelor, and so could you!"
Thus spoke the Elder Brother-Paladin Cornelius Armitraggius, and he was the biggest, hammiest, bestest paladin ever. He was basically what happens when a paladin decides to pull the Immovable Rod out of his ass and focuses on doing good instead of being a "Stop having fun guys" -asshole. Cornelius smacked demons and evildoers with one hand, helped the downtrodden with the other and fistpumped with both afterwards, because being good and doing good deeds was awesome. He wanted the world to be a better place, and understood that the first thing required is a wide smile and a big, firm, gentle hand. Making things better didn't start with glowering at everything, it started by showing people the right way, leading by example.
Cornelius Armatraggius singlehandedly tripled enrollment into Pelor's fold after more or less becoming the PR person of the church and leading a very succesful popularity campaign.

My DM absolutely hated him and always claimed that being cool about it was totally against the paladin's code and all paladins needed to be angry at everything, all the time. And yet he couldn't actually get him to fall. No evil bone in his body, no fault of any kind in his deeds. He was just happy to help people and people loved him for that.

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What's a paladin?

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The greatest of equals, the least of brothers.
The first to the fore, last to retreat.
The hero, the monster.

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it goes to show that you do not need to have a stick up your ass to play a paladin. You lead by example and the others will follow. And when your example is to slice the heads off of passing orcs to save the maiden then i think that is a bonus

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In case you're still around, OP.

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I once played a Paladin who's code was based off of the virtues from Hunter: the Vigil.

A Paladin must be Merciful, for they are creatures of good. Feed the hungry, help the helpless, and never forget that you are a servant, not a master.

A Paladin must be Zealous, for evil does not simply go away. It is always there, waiting, watching, and preparing. So to much the Paladin watch, wait, and prepare, for when words fail, the blade must be drawn.

A Paladin must have Vision. The future is cloudy, but it can be prepared for. Evil will be prepared, therefore so must the Paladin. Know yourself, know your enemy, know history and philosophy so that you are prepared to fight them where-ever it may be.

To Lack Vision is to be lost. To Lack Zeal is to be dead. To Lack Mercy is to become that which you fight.

All things in balance, all things in accord.

Such is the code of the Paladin.

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True paladin here.

Sit back folks, no need to help yourselves.

It's my show, you are the audience.

I'm going to take care of everything, because I'm better than you. All of you. We all know it.

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