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How would you feel if Wizards started a "Tamiyo's lesbian planeswalking adventures" series, /tg/?

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>"Oops, my telescope slipped"

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Worried about a fatguy getting a position of power at wotc

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It would get me back into magic

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I'd scratch my head and then check /tg/ to see what people think about it in hopes we'll get something good out of it or, at least, maybe something good will come out of the inevitable derail.

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I'm surprised they haven't included a lesbomancer in the fluff, yet.

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If only WotC would

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I'm sure it's only a matter of time until Japan puts out a doujin.

I know I've seen a Chandra x Liliana x Nissa one. It's futa, though.

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>Overt sexuality in Magic the Gathering
Yeah, that'll happen.

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I wouldn't care.

However the white knighting magic community would go up in arms over it.

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They have Liliana fucking guys right left and center in the new books. Hell, even Chandra had a sex scene.

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It's on sadpanda somewhere, I stumbled across it while looking for elves.

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Wait, Chandra got laid? I thought she was holding out for Jace? Or is it the other way around?

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Chandra and Gideon are the ones who are tsundere for each other

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>holding out for anyone

Nissa is the only forever a virgin among them and hat's only because she's an utter bitch that nobody wants to stick it in.

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Depends on who's writing it.

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Sorin would totally hit that if she'd just leave him alone afterwards.

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>Wait, Chandra got laid? I thought she was holding out for Jace? Or is it the other way around?

Jace tortured Chandra and killed her friends. I don't think there'd be anything but hatesex between them. Or rape.

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Lalalalala! Can't hear you over the sound of my OTP!

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>Hey Sorin, you didn't answer my messages today. I sent you 25 messages. You didn't answer. Who is she, Sorin? :D

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With the same utter indifference to all of their products.

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Yeah, Nissa is yandere as fuck. That's why she won't get anyone to sleep with her. No one wants to deal with the fallout.

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I can't see Tamiyo as a sexual being. Which is a feat compared to the average female in M:tG.

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>Yeah, Nissa is yandere as fuck.
She is, really?

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/tg/ has decided Tamiyo is a lesbian who can turn even the most hetero woman gay

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I know right.
What kind of woman wears practical armor in a combat zone?!

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/tg/ can suck it.

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True. It's far more likely to be something like "Liliana's Sexual Escapades, And Other Tales From The Planes."

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>practical armor in a combat zone
>literal boobplate

and here



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>No Helmet
>No Gauntlets
>Boobplate that will actually channel a strike to the center of mass
>Sharp Faulds

2/10 would not mount.

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>Sharp Faulds

lost it

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The helmet and gauntlet thing is normal, she is obviously parading around rather than actually jousting. But I doubt the fake boobs are removable.

>sharp faulds

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I for one, i'm pro Tamiyo X Jace

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Jace is a dick. Why would you ship him with anybody?

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I thought it was common knowledge every planeswalker is a dick in some form

I also heard he is "okay" on the new book

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>Mountains are red

Silly Tamiyo, land is colorless

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>/tg/ can suck it.

Don't be like that Chandra.

Come back to bed?

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Rolled 65


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>Jace is a dick. Why would you ship him with anybody?

What if Jace was a cunt instead?

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>Garruk just standing there
Every time

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It is.

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Dunno, this picture looks like shit though.

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Only if Tamiyo still wants to get it on with him, which we all know she does.

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>Jace, Architect of Boners

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Its true. If you play a card that, say, destroys all red permanents in play, it would not destroy mountains.

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What does gender have to do with whether he's a dick or not?

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inb4 Elminister Skinsuit copypasta

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Why do you think Vampire Nocturnus doesn't give you his bonus if your top card is a swamp?

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>inb4 Elminister Skinsuit copypasta


On second thought. No. No. No No.

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>Jace, the Dick Sculptor
There's some disturbing implications to this one, but that might just be me reading too many Clive Barker novels recently.

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Garruk is just great
Punching through mind magic like it's nothing

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>Jace, Fellatio Adept

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Post it.

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I remember this. That bodysuit was fucking gay.

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/d/ please go

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Disturbingly enough, MtG already has male to female transformation stuff in canon.

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Wasn't "he" female all along?

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>Disturbingly enough, MtG already has male to female transformation stuff in canon.
Don't you mean "gloriously"?

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dunno about that, but she is stalking Sorin. For reason theoretically not related to sex.

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Stalking implies she knows where he is

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No, the card has it backwards. It was Volrath disguising himself as Takara, not the other way around.

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>Don't you mean "gloriously"?

No, we're not all gay

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/d/ laughs at your puny conception of sexuality

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What's happening here?

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> dis nigga

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>binary sexuality
cis scum pls go

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Sarkhan X Dragons

Purest Love in the setting

/u/ can't even compare to love this pure

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When did /tg/ go from "being the little girl? you sick fuck" to "this is totally cool!" ? I must have missed this paradigm shift.

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He meant the OP's pic, not his.

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> did go from

TeeGee was never the sanitary, sane, socially acceptable board you seem to believe it to be.

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Nothing's changed.

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There was no shift. It's always been like this.

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It's basically always been that way since /tg/ started.

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Not only are there canon TGcharacters in M:tG, there's also items and spells that can change your appearance, sex and species.

Pic related, Mask of the Mimic, often referred to as the item Volrath used to become Takara (as it looks like he's the one holding it).

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Sarkhan is the purest

Stayed alone for weeks, defending a cave, slowly becoming insane, just so he could prove his loyalty to the baddest dragon of all

>Pic related
>What Sarkhan had to pass through

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<<<see pic

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That was bad and you should feel bad.

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You are a champion of the nation. Thank you anon.

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I swear i just heard some heretics...

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Maybe they're in a 40k thread, go look there

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No hereteeks here, meeehstor.

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40kids pls go

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What's going on in this thread?

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>No mention of these two

The best pairing

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>getting it on with best praetors
I'd pay good money to watch that.
I've got a broom, you bastard. Stay back.

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>feels good

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>implying jace isn't the ultimate magic: tg pimp

just mind or control bishes to suck his cock.

or rape them and then erase their memories.

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Truly he is the finest self insert character for wannabe date rapists in the entire franchise.

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I have to hear that argument every friday.
How did Jace do against Nicol Bolas again?

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Niv Mizzet is going to turn out to be Nicol Bolas all along.


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>ctrl f
>0 results for the best plainswalker waifu

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Jace did mindwipe Chandra in the purifying fire.

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niv is his wiafu

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Are you retarded son?

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>She is an Angel I created some years ago. Now please go back to Zendikar and enjoy your Eldrazis, treehugger.

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Are you?

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That picture's of KotR, not of Elspeth.

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Oh C'mon

We both know Liliana was the alpha in their releationship

>> No.21934730

>Quoted or referred to

No, but you are.

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She was being mind controlled

She doesn't actually like him

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When did people like this sneak in here?

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She helped him escape on the book

I know they parted ways, but whatever

The only person Jace genuinely cares about nowadays is the Selesnyan Elf

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Give it time. They'll be one of us soon enough...

>> No.21934787

She was the one using him.

She used him to take control of Tezzeret's consortium. Then when he stopped being useful she ditched him.

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wow... surprising amounts of butthurt.

why the jace hate? he's clearly the coolest male character in the franchise. except maybe for gerrard (old player know who i'm talking about).

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>people getting disturbed by a little futa

>> No.21934872


No, Jace is just a boring character.
The other planeswalkers are just more interesting to read about

>> No.21934888

but gerrard was pretty boring too

there were much cooler characters around

>> No.21934921

He's a noticeable mary sue in a world inhabited by mary sue's.

>> No.21934941


i'm not familiar with that expression. care to elaborate?

>> No.21934945

>Jace did mindwipe Chandra in the purifying fire.

Why? What happened?

>> No.21934956

Not any of the people you responded to, but have you read the new RTR ebook?

Jace is kind of a dumb shit in there.

>> No.21934987

I wish we could have had someone like bo levar as our blue neo walker instead of jace. He'd be a really cool character as a mortal (even though he was still pretty awesome as an old walker).

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>/d/ please go
>not 'hey /d/, check out channel five! They got the breast exam on!'

>> No.21935024

Still waiting for bear walker

>> No.21935031

That's not the only time he did that to her.

>> No.21935079

>Jace is the Coolest
>no beard, not even a mustache

>> No.21935081

She was actually trying to guide Jace to make a deal with Nicol Bolas to free her from her debts to her demonic masters. Jace figured out the ruse and went to Kamigawa instead.

>> No.21935100


Sorry, I'm a newbie to MTG fluff and the wiki is total shit.

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Jace is a try harder, well, mtg tries to hard to make jace cool. The looks, the oneliners, the arrogant, mysterious and emo look. And that's why I don't like him.

It's like old Dante and New Dante, with new Dante they wanted him to be fucking cool and they failed miserably, old Dante is charismatic as fuck.

My fav planeswalker is either Gideon or Garruk.

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>My fav planeswalker is either Gideon or Garruk.

Mine's Nissa, but she was my first.

>> No.21935143

I want them to bring back the oldwalkers, even if just for a flashback set. I want a Bo Levar, Freyalise, Tevesh Szat and Taysir set.

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are you 12? omg he has swords and guns and he fights demons in a trenchcoat so edgy!!

>> No.21935159

You didn't saw the anime right? Neither play the first game...

>> No.21935166

His personality is charismatic. Have you even played any DMC? His being a likable bastard is like 90% of the appeal.

>> No.21935171

Dante is a fucking pizza loving goof, you goon. Its Donte whos the edgy tryhard.

>> No.21935176

What a fucking dick.

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>> No.21935189

The only correct answer to the 'best' Planeswalker is this motherfucker right here.

>> No.21935194

Actually I can't explain why, but i like him...and no, isn't the guns or the sword...Donte also have guns and swords and I don't even bother to try his game, I don't like Drizt and he's pretty much made to be liked...

>> No.21935196


played dmc 1-3

dante was cool when i was like 15. his personality is just embarrassing now... it's so cliche that it's cringeworthy.

at least the new dante dresses like a normal human with jeans and a tanktop and not fucking red leather pants and jacket lol

>> No.21935198

Think about it, he could do the same thing everytime he fucks her. That spell he just used is like MtG roofies and Jace is a fantasy date rapist

>> No.21935203

Don't forget the strawberry sundae.

>> No.21935210

Wow dude, you just operate in another level of trolling...you fucking beat me there.

>> No.21935214

Go sleep Taneem

>> No.21935223


Scary thing is all the female mtg players like Jace. Maybe Wizards was trying to appeal to female gamers by inserting a "hawt" character.

>> No.21935228

Whenever you type that phrase in firefox the little spellchecker wavy red lines makes it look like a dude drowning in red water.

>> No.21935229

>dante was cool when i was like 15.
>at least the new dante dresses like a normal human with jeans and a tanktop and not fucking red leather pants and jacket lol

How the fuck can you regress in age? Teach me the secret, grandmaster!

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Elspeth. My first deck was soldier tokens (no creatures).

>> No.21935245

Of course thats what they were trying to do. He has the smouldering rapey look about him that women love. Its the same reason 40K chicks play either DEldar or Nids and the same reason 50 Shades of Gay and Twilight even exist.

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>his opinions differ from my own
>he must be trolling


>his opinions differ from my own
>he must be tameem lol

i actually like the new dante and the new direction they're going with the series. it was stagnating. dmc4 was so boring i didn't even finish it. the music seems good as well. tired of that metal garbage.

>> No.21935256

I agree, and Disney now looks awesome.

>> No.21935266


twilight has rape? i might actually have to watch that shit...

>> No.21935273

>scroll through thread
>nobody posted this yet

>> No.21935276


You light up my night.
You're completely right, like this review:


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>> No.21935301

>Jace is a date rapist

I'm not a feminist at all, but that guy is a scumbag. Sorry Jacefags.

>> No.21935304

Ctrl F 'guff'
0 results


>> No.21935313

I find it nearly impossible to take anything you're posting seriously.

>> No.21935328

>See thread, remember I have a spare Tamiyo and wonder how much they're going for on ebay now.
>See this on first page of results.
>Realise that this is a basic land

> Why?.jpg

>> No.21935333

You probably shouldn't, because it's trolling!

Also, Sorin is the best neowalker

>> No.21935334

>Half-demon half-angel want's to preserve his human side while fighting demons
So new Dante has 3/2?
Also, smoking and dressing like a fag doesn't makes you more cool than a guy who dresses with red leather pants and jacket.

Like i said, what's makes Old Dante charismatic wasn't the looks.

>> No.21935352


>wearing jeans is more gay that wearing red leather pants and showing your abs.


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>> No.21935361

Hot damn. Even if I /didn't/ want to be the little girl, I would subject my body to dark arts and terrible surgeries to go gay for this woman.

>> No.21935365

>Reading skills of the charts

>> No.21935376

Oh god that picture.

What novels are there with the new planeswalkers? I only read 1-2 novels back years ago when that pair of siblings were still important and stuff.

>> No.21935378


>> No.21935401

What's funny is that your oppinions could have more or less the same validation as ours, but isn't funny when someone calls new Dante a fag, but you seem to dislike when someone says old Dante was charismatic.

Funny thing.
Whatever dude, i like old Dante, new Dante...not even the slightest

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>> No.21935407

Its about a guy who stalks a girl for so long that she falls in love with him and then tries to suicide whenever he leaves for like half a day.

>> No.21935416

But Tamiyo is straight

>> No.21935423

>implying Jace isnt a reverse trap
Hes gotta be compensating for something with that attitude of his.

>> No.21935450

She's a blue mage, she has plenty of options if your body type isn't to her liking.

Pic related.

Fucking hell, just realised how fucked up Blue mages are in Mtg. Fancy someone, and they don't like you back?

Polymorph them into some freaky, fetishised sex doll, and then mind rape them until they LIKE it.

>> No.21935472

Wait wait, he's now half-demon, half-angel? but that totally destroys the character.

>> No.21935481

Yep. Also removed the whole Sparda thing, and Vergil. He now allies with Anonymous to defeat the government (which is full of demons). I'm not making this up.

>> No.21935485 [DELETED] 


Oh, Jace has a penis alright. It's just an illusionary one.


>> No.21935503


>> No.21935504

>Polymorph them into some freaky, fetishised sex doll, and then mind rape them until they LIKE it.

Why settle for just one person?

>> No.21935513

truly the best color

>> No.21935514

The delusions of these shippers are downright maddening.

>> No.21935531

>overlooking the option that he's just a colossal douchenozzle
Or it could be that he acts like he's a jerk because outside of the actual game his character seems to basically be a doormat.

>> No.21935535

/tg/ is still /d/ lite isn't it/

>> No.21935538

>half-demon, half-angel
>That lager vocabulary
>Those witty replies
Wow, they really tried hard to make him likeable.

>> No.21935539

If you value your sanity, do not pursue this line of thought. Just play the first four games, hell, even watch the anime. DmC does not exist.

>> No.21935545

it's better that way

>> No.21935546



I my vidya senses tingled and I found this thread just to tell you one thing;


>> No.21935569

When evere anyone says DmC/DMC all I think of is Detroit Metal City

>> No.21935573

Sir, here we are more civilized.

Fornicate thou

>> No.21935574

>she could turn me into a woman and make me a lesbian against my will
I...I think I'm in love...

>> No.21935591

Oh god what

>> No.21935597

Wait, so Jace is going to mass polymorph everyone into lesbians to sleep with Tamiyo and Chandra.

>> No.21935599

>Implying that you wouldn't go lesbian for her voluntarily.

>> No.21935600

Theres a doujin for that. Some elf pedo girl turns a shota dogboy into a loli doggirl and then gives him/her back his/her penis so that she can fuck him both ways.

>> No.21935601

Come on, now. We all know that Tamiyo will gladly tap anyone, or even anything, if you ask her to but only because she wants you to like her and think she's useful

>> No.21935613

Its going to end like this, but with genderbent planewalkers.

>> No.21935615


Anon, it's way more likely she'll turn you into a female creature she would have use for on the battlefield, and then change your mind so that you were totally loyal to her. And when you lay dying on the battlefield, your last thoughts will be you died gladly for your mistress.

>> No.21935626

>Its going to end like this, but with genderbent planewalkers.

Nah, none of the polymorph spells can affect Planeswalker cards.

>> No.21935671

They can affect Gideon

And, with Myconsyth Web + March of the Machines, any walker.

>> No.21935734


So robot lesbian planeswalkers?

>> No.21935739

I lold. Now two people are drowning.

>> No.21935743

>Wait, so Jace is going to mass polymorph everyone into lesbians to sleep with Tamiyo and Chandra.

Just imagine it.

There's Elspeth setting up her huge army of knights and soldiers, and then Jace shows up with his Mass Polymorph and suddenly there's just a field full of naked merfolk girls,faerie women, genie chicks and so forth, and they're all very confused.

>> No.21935768


>> No.21935774

the best kind

>> No.21935779

Like this.

>> No.21935785

What does /tg/ think about Ral Zarek?

Swaggest motherfucker in existence.

>> No.21935789

And this.

>> No.21935795

And this.

>> No.21935796

>Myconsyth Web
Mycosynth Lattice

>> No.21935802

And even this.

>> No.21935810

And suddenly Jace has an army of Lesbian Slaves.

>> No.21935816


>Target permanent's controller sacrifices it. If he or she does, that player reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals a permanent card that shares a card type with the sacrificed permanent, puts that card onto the battlefield, then shuffles his or her library.

This can only change a Planeswalker (Name) into another Planeswalker (Name), though, right?

>> No.21935822

Elves! From the Zendikar/SoM era. Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Elvish Archdruid, Joraga Warcaller, Eldrazi Monument ... Good times, good times.

>> No.21935831


>> No.21935836

The greatest indignity of all.

Being transformed into this guy.

>> No.21935842

She also refuses to change him back afterwards.

>> No.21935843


Is that you?

>> No.21935888


Oh God.

Oh God.

Oh God.

You could reveawe Liliana into Sorin.

>> No.21935895



>> No.21935904

so far

>> No.21935914

Or just joins in

>> No.21935925

The city behind him has way more character than he does.

>> No.21935933

Nah, you can change a Planeswalker into any other Planeswalker. The two cards don't need to share all their card types, just 1 of them is enough.

>> No.21935959

Elspeth has... Other tastes.

>> No.21935991


Yeah, but it assumes that the other player HAS other planeswalkers in their decks, otherwise it'll just be reweaving one into a "fresh" copy of themselves (with full loyalty tokens).

Are there any competitive decks that run more than one different planeswalker?

>> No.21936032

Yes. Lots of them, in all formats.

(Well, except maybe Vintage, but no-one plays that so who cares).

>> No.21936039

Card type never refers to subtypes. On a planeswalker, "Jace", for example, isn't a card type, it's a subtype of planeswalker. Just like Elf isn't a card type, it's a subtype of creature (aka creature type). Planeswalkers only ever have a single card type (in the library anyway).

>> No.21936046

>When the Mirran resistance arrived, the furnace dwellers looked to Urabrask for guidance. His decree stunned the others: "Let them be."
Urabrask is the best waifu, all others are tainted and imperfect.

>> No.21936076

Fuck off Phyrexian Slobbad. You're the worst Praetor by far.

>> No.21936083


Got any examples? I need some commonly used ones for... purposes. Please?

>> No.21936090

If you're looking at it from a purely game perspective, yes.

But we're not.

>> No.21936092

>Phyrexian oil made red so mad it turn the scale upside down and become cool

>> No.21936138

This made me think of the "you are a planeswalker" angle of the game, and how that works with regards to the neowalkers.

That casual deck I run with Chandra Ablaze, Tamiyo, and Elspeth just took on a slightly different connotation.

>> No.21936172

>Chandra Ablaze

Why would you punish yourself by playing that terribad card? Especially in a 3 colour deck?

That's almost as bad as my friend who was playing Nissa in an elf deck with no copies of Nissa's Chosen.

>> No.21936188

... I DID say Ablaze, didn't I?

That's the one version of Chandra I don't run. Dunno how that happened.

>> No.21936265



>> No.21936292

Urabrask is female? Are all the praetors female?

>> No.21936316


No. Only Sheoldred and Elesh Norn are female (or at least only they are referred to as female).

Although the original plan was to have "Brides of Yawgmoth" instead of Praetors.

>> No.21936317

Jin and Vorinclex are both definitely male, they're referred to with male pronouns several times.

Elesh Norn, and Sheoldred both have tits, but being Phyrexian they could have come from someone else and just been stapled onto them on a whim.

Dunno about Urabrask.

>> No.21936320

Any deck dubbed planeswalker control.
Sorin ISD, Lilliana of the Veil, Elspeth Tiriel was a wb version.
Jace Belaron, Venser, Elspeth Tiriel was a wu.

That's just 2 of the top of my head

>> No.21936341


Vorniclex will tap your shit so hard, you don't untap

>> No.21936388

Elesh Norn changes her body parts frequently by recycling the flesh of lesser failed phyrexians.

I don't know whether you can call that 'male' or 'female'

>> No.21936416

Female, officially, and essentially, female.

Even if there's a little superficial ambiguity.

>> No.21936427

in current standard decks play anything from jace, sorin and tamiyo to Garruk and Vraska.

There's a guy at my store who plays nothing but lands, lanterns, and planeswalkers in his deck. It is truly a frightening abomination.

>> No.21936439

Urabrask is male I think. He gets referred to with male pronouns, and also lacks breasts. But then again, y'know, Phyrexia.
They were originally going to have five female leaders called the "Brides of--

Aaanyways, even if Urabrask is considered male in the current lore, there is nothing that twoo wuv(And or compleation) can't fix.

>> No.21936459

>Sorin ISD, Lilliana of the Veil, Elspeth Tiriel was a wb version.
>Jace Belaron, Venser, Elspeth Tiriel was a wu.

So let's see. Ignore any duplicates.

Reweaving Liliana into Sorin. Reweaving Liliana into Elspeth. Reweaving Sorin into Elspeth. Reweaving Sorin into Liliana. Reweaving Elspeth into Sorin. Reweaving Elspeth into Liliana.


Reweaving Jace into Venser. Reweaving Jace into Elspeth. Reweaving Venser into Jace. Reweaving Venser into Elspeth. Reweaving Elspeth into Jace. Reweaving Elspeth into Venser.

Which one/ones are best?

>> No.21936467

>Is Urabrask a girl?
>Flavor text on his card refers to him as male

>> No.21936480

Hahahahaha, damn that's subtle.

>> No.21936486

>Elesh Norn changes her body parts frequently
Thank you, O blessed drawfag for delivering us this image.

>> No.21936533

>Elesh Norn changes her body parts frequently
Does that mean that she can graft diapers onto herself?

>> No.21936583

it looks like her armor is mostly ceremonial anyways

>> No.21936709


Come on chaps, give me some ideas. I want to write something. Something horrible and reweave-related.

>> No.21936727

Nicol Bolas Reweaves Karn into Nissa Revane. And then proceeds to rape him.

>> No.21936759

Garruk, the Veil-Cursed stumbles upon Tamiyo on Innistrad. He gets pissed at her talking about the goddamn moon and starts trashing shit. Tamiyo freaks out and Reweaves Garruk... into Liliana of the Veil.

>> No.21936760

Figure out a way for Sorin to get changed into Avacyn and then raped by Grisselbrand.

>> No.21936763

Nah. Nicol Bolas reweaves Karn into a second Nicol Bolas, and then proceeds to rape him.

The bastard child they sire eventually grows up to be Niv-Mizzet.

>> No.21936765

No he doesn't.

Don't fuck with mai waifu. Go be a wimp elsewhere.

>> No.21936775


>> No.21936810

>Male Dragon rapes clone of himself.
>Fathers a child

>> No.21936812

replace Karn with Jace and you got a winner

>> No.21936816


>> No.21936823

not working

>> No.21936837

It's Nicol Bolas. He can WIZARD things even wizards can't wizard.

>> No.21936851


Don't have to explain shit.

>> No.21936870


Well I suppose he made a genderswapped clone. Nicole Bolas.

>> No.21936886


>> No.21936922

>Figure out a way for Sorin to get changed into Avacyn and then raped by Grisselbrand.

There's no way to change a planeswalker card into a creature card, sorry.

>> No.21936936

>Decide to try and make photoshop of Bolas to make him look pregnant.
>Google "Pregnant Dragon" for inspiration

>> No.21936949

There is not nearly enough sheoldred around these parts, and that saddens me

>> No.21936960

Mycosynth Lattice + March of the Machines

All your Planeswalkers are now artifact creatures.

>> No.21936963

Mycosynth Lattice, March of Machines, Polymorph. Or Reweave. Reweave makes it a craps shoot on whether the planeswalker becomes a new artifact, creature or planeswalker.

>> No.21936982


So you could technically reweave a planeswalker into an artifact version of a creature?

You could make a robot waifu?

What happens to their loyalty counters?

>> No.21936993

Negative, good buddy! There is.

You have to get tricky, however. First, Reweave Sorin into Gideon Jura. Use Gideons 3rd ability to make him a Human Soldier. Then use one of the various spells that let you change one creature into another and make Sorin-Gideon into Avacyn.

>> No.21937031

Nicol Bolas engineers this scenario to get a hold of a demon-angel-vampire, so he can melt it down and use the mary sue juice to become an old-style planeswalker.

>> No.21937054

i'm fine with turning Nissa into a robot.

>> No.21937067

Wouldn't Demon-Angel-Dragon juice be just as potent?

>> No.21937101


I think at this point he needs demon-angel-vampire-dragon-robot juice.

>> No.21937119

>Phyrexian Slobad
>Compleated Slobad
That...that would actually explain some things...

>> No.21937123

So, can we fit the Eldrazi in there somewhere?

Or maybe some New Phyrexians?

>> No.21937276

Why isn't this translated, I can't do anything if it's not translated

>> No.21937348


Myconsynth lattice, MoM, reweave, Jace is now a robot Quirion Dryad.

>> No.21937384

Except it's not Jace, it was a dryad all along because transgender sucks.

>> No.21937399


You are thinking smalltime.

ML -> MotM -> Mass Polymorph.

Every planeswalker on the field is now transformed permanently into another creature.

>> No.21937703

So, which Reweave thing would you guys like to see written? I see a lot of good ideas, let's try and focus on one.

>> No.21937997

My vote goes to Nicol Bolas x Jace turned into Nicol Bolas.

>> No.21938046 [DELETED] 

hi guys

>> No.21938055

Because the only thing bolas isn't too egotistical to bone would be another version of himself.

>> No.21938067

>mdw tarmogoyf reprinted

>> No.21938086

isn't cum just white mana?

>> No.21938102

Captcha: cus ariaass

>> No.21938174


>> No.21938182


MTG is actually pretty good about not sexualizing its female characters too much. They're attractive, sure, but they're also realistically proportioned and not shown in sexy poses for the sake of fanservice. Liliana is the exception, but that's part of her character as a seductress.

>> No.21938250


Not really my thing, sorry chap.

>> No.21938286

I like Jace in the new book, if only because he feels like a guy with flaws, and not some douchey Mary Sue.

And Ral seems like a dick, typical Izzet.

>> No.21938438


Agreed. He's a black-aligned 'hero', which I really like. He saves the world because it suits HIS interests.

>Sorry Eldrazi, I can't let you destroy the Multiverse, that's where I keep all my stuff!

>Sorry dark legions of Innistrad, I can't let you kill all the humans, that's where I get my food!

>> No.21938465

Black-aligned heroes are the best heroes.

>> No.21938473

Keep this nasty gay shit to yourself faggot, no one wants your kind here.

>> No.21938488

Speak for yourself. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find male-victim tentacle porn?

>> No.21938500


>> No.21938522

I heard "lesbian wizards" and came running as fast as I could out of my coven. What's going on here ladies?

>> No.21938529

Bondage Fairy says hello.

>> No.21938548


Being a member of the Izzet League and thus having Izzet hardware is automatically cool, but I know next to nothing about his personality.

>> No.21938555

What's next, going to tell us that blue gets direct damage because of Tim?

>> No.21938616


Oh, only planeswalker transforming eachothers and eachothers armies into girls.

>> No.21938689

From an in-universe standpoint, would using stuff like polymorph, mass polymorph or reweave be kind of an extistential crisis?

I mean you are literally replacing the original creature with a new one. All their abilities are replaced. Does that mean that the creature has been fully turned into the new form, physically AND mentally? Would turning Liliana into Nissa create a new Nissa, with no memories of ever being Liliana?

This is some scary shit to think about.

>> No.21938947


C'mon give me some feedback here.

>> No.21938982

wasn't slobad an oldwalker for like, five minutes?

>> No.21939249

>character pinned down
>aggressive hand at throat
>dominated by towering figure
OMG, rape scenario! You shouldn't post that without a trigger war-

Wait, the one in blue is a guy too? Ok, carry on.

>> No.21939302

I think that is very disturbing, and the fact that I'm sure someone finds it arousing just makes it worse.

>> No.21939368


>Nicole Bolas

>> No.21939521

>I think that is very disturbing, and the fact that I'm sure someone finds it arousing just makes it worse

Mind control is a pretty tame fetish, honestly

>> No.21941054

>Sorry dark legions of Innistrad, I can't let you kill all the humans, that's where I get my food!

Then he goes on to do jack & shit

>> No.21941072

to be fair, he did create an autobalancing mechanism already

it just got imprisioned and the humans were too stupid to figure out what to do with it

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