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Welp, there goes my desire to see it.

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Bad shop is bad

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top critics

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It's so bad because Jackson decided nothing coud be left out this time. Apparently taking good old Tom out out of LoTR was ok but no detail can be left out of the hobbit! And therefore the first movie is painfully slow. It's pretty clear this is just to milk money.

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seven review total. None of them that low.

nice shop

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You come to me,
on the day my daughter is to be married and you, uhhh... Ask me to believe lies, with photoshop?

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All of these top critics with negative reviews just complain that the movie is too slow in their Rotten Tomatoes snippets. The film is about three hours long. The second movie's title suggests the first movie covers something like 180 pages.

Would you like to see the Hobbit with a one minute per page screenplay? Yes you would. Otherwise you would not have come here.

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>itt : idiots who don't know how to click on 'top critics'

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I can believe OP's image isn't a shop, just old... it's currently on 70% fresh, but with an average rating of only 6.9/10. Metacritic gives 62.

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>no score yet...

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>The film is about three hours long
Oh shit, that is potentially punishing.

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>An Unexpected Journey may as well be The Phantom Menace and God help us all if the next two movies aren't better than this one.

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DON'T even put that thought in my head, man.

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Early reviews, man. Media and critique have become so lowbrow that shitty sites that no one frequents will pick movies like this that are frequented by die hard fans and post some shitty review, just to stir up some traffic and get people storming their site to argue in the comments section.

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After Jack Chick, Rex Reed is probably the most successful troll currently alive. If you can read a single one of his reviews without exploding in incadescent fury and wishing him dead, you're Buddha-tier.

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That's about how long the LOTR movies were. And then they released the extended edition which made each movie about 4 or 5 hours.

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There has never been a movie which I have enjoyed that the critics did not hate.

Because my tastes are not their tastes.

If you use critics and audiences to determine your enjoyment and desire to see a movie....why the bloody fuck are you posting on a board full of people who value their own opinions over those of idiots who can't grasp the concept that other people have opinions and can enjoy things they don't?

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The art of being a critic is dead, its either a gutless worm giving shit movies great reviews because they are popular or because of who is writing their pay checks.

Or a guy who gives good movies shit reviews to stir shit.

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>a board full of people who value their own opinions over those of idiots who can't grasp the concept that other people have opinions and can enjoy things they don't
Wut. The second half of that sentence describes a large number of /tg/. Hence stoplikingwhatIdon'tlike.jpg

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>dictating your actions in entertainment choice

What's it like to be the echelon of idiots BELOW youtube commenters?

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>There has never been a movie which I have enjoyed that the critics did not hate
I'm calling bullshit on this. What are your favourite movies?

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They might be ON /tg/, but they aren't a true PART of /tg/.
So says the wishful-thinking corner of my mind.

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Exactly. That's the point. If OP is going to pay attention to critics and audiences and not his own preferences, this is SO not the place for him.

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You're really not reading the site, are you?

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>James Rocchi doesn't like it.
That's a sure sign that it's good. That guy is fucking Opposite Man.

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>A purist's delight, something the millions of die-hard fans of his Lord of the Rings trilogy will gorge upon. In pure movie terms, however, it's also a bit of a slog, with an inordinate amount of exposition and lack of strong forward movement

So it's a faithful adaption of the book?

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And lol.

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I think that describes LotR better than the Hobbit. IIRC The Hobbit moved pretty fast.

But that was more than 20 years ago, I guess...

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Alien Resurrection, Splice, several anime films not made for children that have been big screened in America, They, Let the Right One in (not the American travesty)....movies that step outside the defined scope of the usual American habit.

A number of people will say they're bad movies....which just means they have different taste. If I paid attention to critics, I would have missed out on things I enjoyed.

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>Let The Right One In
>hated by the critics

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Virtually all of the complaints can be boiled down to "it's too long" and even then they almost all also say "but there's some really good tuff in there."

If that's the worst that can be said of the movie, I'm not worried.

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>We've seen this world already!
>Bu-bu-but mah attention span!
My hopes remain untouched.

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Oh god....

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Critics loved Let the Right One In, though. Are you trying to be hipster by self-persecuting?

But I agree, fuck critics, there's no reason people should get paid for their opinion.

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>it's also a bit of a slog, with an inordinate amount of exposition and lack of strong forward movement

>So it's a faithful adaption of the book?

The Hobbit is light reading for an afternoon of enjoyment. It's nothing like the Lord of the Rings in terms of reading experience. It shouldn't be anything like watching the Lord of the Rings in terms of viewing experience, either, outside of production values.

When I heard they were doing two movies, I thought it made sense because they wanted to do the Necromancer story line. When I heard they were doing three movies my heart sank and I began bracing myself for some serious bullshit.

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So you preferred Alien Resurrection to Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3?

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Yeah. Clearly they should've focused 50% of the movie on shit happening at Dol Guldur to get in some good action scenes.

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I guess, the first book manages to be pretty fucking boring despite the second and third having huge portions of just Frodo and his manslave trekking through the wilderness

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Like, they could've had the elves of Mirkwood fighting a massive skeletal army and somehow winning even though no part of that sentence makes any fucking sense. Maybe then people would've been happy.

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But when people make bad things they should know that they are bad and what makes it bad so they could try again with out the bad.

Or just make a CGI stuffed remake of a classic movie.

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Read some Rex Reed reviews and all he needs to do now is talk fast with some funny pictures and some review website is bound to pick him up.

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>caring about critics' opinions
>not just seeing it on someone else's paycheck and formulating your own

You guys are silly.

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I disagree. The alternatives are to buy into the media hype machine (be prepared for constant disappointment) or to see movies at random without context.

I'm not saying critics are the gospel, but an anti-critic stance is equally unreasonable.

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That was always a bit of a weakness of tolken's work, in my opinion. So much of his story and worldbuilding took place across so many different works, books, notes, even a few poems, that trying to write a self-contained story that shows the reader all the relivent names, dates, and histories more or less requires a long slog of background and exposition before the story can take off at it's own pace.

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Does he ever make good points though?

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A good way to go about it is to find one critic who is consistent in their opinions. Then you have a baseline. You may not always agree with their reviews, but if they, say, only disliked a certain element of a movie you particularly enjoy, you know that you should watch the movie even if they rated it poorly.

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>some review website is bound to pick him up
But... he already has a full-time reviewing job for a proper newspaper. He used to review movies on TV, dammit!

(this is why he's such a successful troll)

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Of course, that would require actualy reading the entire review, and lord knows no-one does that. Just give me a rating out of 10, please, thinking is hard.

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Who are you proclaiming yourself superior to here?

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I was being sarcastic. My point was that the (stereotypical) average joe doesn't care enough about movies to watch a slew of reviews and judge movies based on them in relation to their own opinions, they'd rather just get a X/10 rating and decide if it's good or not afterwards. Whether that stereotype is accurate is irrelivant now; the guys bankrolling professonal critics beleive it, and they tailor their buseness model to fit.

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Not gonna stop me from seeing it. I've only seen the LOTR films and freaking loved them, and that's enough for me to see this.

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