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Captian's report:
while investigating one of the warp phenomenons the crew are referring to as "warp storms" we have encountered lifeforms claiming to be from within the warp itself. physical examination has confirmed that their bodies are neither carbon, nor silicon based but seem to be warp energy condensed into solid-mass. they also posess psychic powers simmilar to those seen in the eldar lifeforms which have been hindering and attacking us. However so-far these warp creatures have not shown me nor my crew any hostility, rather they seem just as curious about us as we are of them. From a sociological standpoint they seem to have a very structured, and hierarchical society that is highly ritualistic in it's natue (rather ironic given the instability of where they are from). They want to learn more about us and to be honest I think It wouldn't be a bad idea to learn more about them, humanity has enough enemies among the stars as it is, how do you recommend I proceed sir?

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Admiral Grayson here,
Captain, I order immediate quarantine of the warp creatures as well as all who have had extended (30+ seconds) contact with any of them. If necessary, quarantine yourself and put the first officer in command. A medical/incinerator ship is being dispatched to your location. Do not take further action.

Grayson out.

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We fuck whatever has materialized.

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Proceed with sexual confontration with the xenos

Inquisitor Rikar

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who is this? I've never heard of an admiral Grayson what is your identification?

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>humanity has enough enemies among the stars as it is

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you realize op meant this to be 1st contact with anything from the warp right?

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...sorry about that, the admiral has been relieved of duty due to becoming emotionally compromised proceed with caution captain.

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Well, ensure full isolation. No telling what coming into direct contact with a creature made of 'un-reality' will do.

Once proper quarantine has been established, let's work on communications.

What communications from them have you seen so far? Verbal? Visual? Or do they only communicate psychicly?

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>What communications from them have you seen so far? Verbal? Visual? Or do they only communicate psychicly?
our first meeting they communicated psychialy, though since then they've adopted verbal communication to accommodate us. I will be sure to proceed with fitting our representatives with quarantine suits until we can establish what the potential risks are.

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Purge them. Lay waste to their cities, their town, destroy their culture, history, everything. Burn it to ground.

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what? why?
and you'd better have a damn good reason to declare genocide on a creature unprovoked.

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We don't about the future(wh40k). We don't even know about chaos or the emprah.

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That's like Imperium 101, you double heretic.

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Rolled 15

Read the fucking thread title

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First contact with warp entities was more like the events in Event Horizon than any kind of organized "encounter with aliens" thing. They invade your dreams, nightmares, your soul. Then you realize you don't need eyes where you're going. Then you send the ship into the maw of the void. Humanity would have known this before they began organized space flight, since safe Warp travel is impossible without Gellar fields, and Gellar fields are designed to block out warp creature influence.

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How long before the Heresy was the Emperor a thing? Because I thought that's what he did.

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"Heretic?" Do people still use that word in a derogatory manner? Seems out of place, what with all of us being atheists, you know.

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>Gellar fields are designed to block out warp creature influence.
that's what they are used for now, it could be that they were originally designed to just keep lethal amounts of warp energy out of the ship unaware that there were any kind of lifeforms in the warp.

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Rolled 1

Apparently, before slaanesh was born the warp wasn't a total shithole, might have even been possible to travel without gellar fields

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The moment you go into the warp unshielded your mind is a target for warp entities. They assault the mental faculties of every crew member. It's literally impossible to be unaware that there are malevolent entities in the warp that want to eat your soul and wear your flesh. Your scenario is impossible in any point in time in the 40k setting.

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says who?
certainly not the rule book.

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The warp was calmer before the Eye of Terror erupted and opened realspace to warpspace. But it was never possible to travel it safely without gellar fields. It was just possible to NAVIGATE it reliably without the Astronomican's light.

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"The Gellar field was invented along with the warp drive, allowing warp-capable ships and their occupants to actually survive the hostile environment of the warp. It protects the ship and its occupants from the hostility of the warp itself as well as from the predation of warp entities such as Daemons. The Gellar field device emits a field called a Gellar field, essentially creating a bubble of real space around the ship. The weakening, failure, and collapse of a Gellar Field while the ship is traveling through the warp would be completely disastrous. Warp entities would tear the ship apart to reach and consume the souls of the crew."

This is from a Lexicanum article, referencing Codex: Chaos Daemons (4th Edition), p.43. I don't have the books here, so I can't check, but some kind anon may look it up and quote the rulebook itself.

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