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thought /tg/ might be interested in this:


>SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON – 11AM GMT, December 6, 2012 – SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced that Creative Assembly™, award-winning creator of the Total War™ series, and SEGA® Group have entered into a multi-title licensing deal with Games Workshop® to create videogames based in the Warhammer® universe of fantasy battles.

>“With this year being our 25th anniversary”, said Tim Heaton, Studio Director at Creative Assembly, “it seems fitting for us to embark on such a dream project with such a well-established partner. The incredibly rich and detailed Warhammer world is something we grew up with, and has left an indelible imprint on us as both designers and gamers.”

>“We’ll be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before. We’re bringing those 25 years of experience and expertise in extremely high-scoring games to bear, delivering a Warhammer experience that videogamers will absolutely love.”

>“We have enormous respect for SEGA and Creative Assembly and have felt for a long time that the combination of the enormously rich setting of the Warhammer world, and their stunning development talent is a match with huge potential,” said Jon Gillard, Games Workshop’s Head of Licensing. “Now that we’ve managed to bring these two giants of gaming together it is safe to say that some truly amazing products are going to be unleashed as a result. We are excited at the possibilities, and are enthusiastically working with the team at Creative Assembly already.”

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Well... This is going to cost me a lot of money.
But with any luck, it'll be worth it.
Warhammer: Total War? Hell yeah.

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welp, there goes my wallet

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Finecast video games? What could go wrong!

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Take all my money, take it all forever.

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literally trying to shove money thru my CD tray over here in hopes in reaches CA

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i hope its not gonna be limited. like only a few factions and not everyone. they might only take the easy route so just the standard fair of fantasy: Empire, Dwarves, High Elves, Chaos, and maybe Skaven to keep things unique

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I believe, at this point, wearing pants is futile.

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I hope Skaven are in, and that the Under-Empire gets its own campaign that doesn't end in the man-things' utter defeat, but in you holding off the forces of the cowards who didn't take the obscene risks you, the valiant, soft-furred, charitable and undoubtedly amazing Grey Seer Thanquol, did. The fools!

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which means
>Lizardmen DLC
>Dark Elves DLC
>Tomb Kings DLC
>Beastmen DLC
>magic phase DLC part 1
>magic phase DLC part 2

but still.....i hope it comes out yesterday

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When are they taking pre-orders?
Can I just send them a pile of money and ask them to send back whatever they don't need, and the game when it comes out?

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You should have acted. They are already here. The elders told of their return. Their defeat was merely delay, until the time after THQ and Relic failed, when the sons of /tg/ would spill their own blood. But no one wanted to believe, believe they even exist. And when the truth finally dawned, it dawned in fire. But… there is one they fear in their tongue, he is Warhammer: TOTAL WAR!


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I have been waiting my entire life for this ;____;

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my wallet has left the stratosphere

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my body is very ready for this

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i wonder how theyll handle magic

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>khorne playan
>settlement destroyan
>lord promotan
>blood spillan
>economy ignoran

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I'm assuming having pre-set auto cast for the smaller spells, maybe the bigger stuff you'll have to pause and target them on specific areas/units.

e.g. Bright wizard's normal attack are a fireball, but he can throw tornadoes of fire at entire units by activating special abilities.

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>implying Khornate Chaos forces currency isn't blood and skulls

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I'm currently playing war hammer total war rage of the dark gods and it's pretty great for a fan made project a ca official war hammer game can only be better cant wait for halbadiers and riflemen about to absorb a giant horde of beast men as they charge the imperial lines I only hope like the mod they have steam tanks and other units that are rare

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shouldn't be that hard. There is a warhams mod for Med 2 total war that handles it alright.

Its pretty over the fucking top broken but the mechanics are there. If modders can place that into a game then the devs should be able to implement it well.

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just like magic is done in mods, its a skill, when activated a unit fires a ballistic like catapults do

>mod the ballistic to look like fireball
>mod a unit to look like a mage

there you go, a mage that would normally fight with sword and would fire balls of fire when skill used

>take skill trees from shogun2
>mod some skills to give abilities
>some abilities are magic

here you go, now your lord can become mage during his service to you, or be familiar with both swordplay and magic

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>playing khorne
>exterminate the populace my lord?

Do you even have to ask

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i wonder which race would sound the funniest saying "SHAMFUR DISPRAY!!"

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>play slaanesh
>sex everything

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>be high elves
>turtle entire game
>build nothing but mass swordmasters and archers
>come at me AI

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i wonder how they will make kislev sound both polish and russian at same time

as for your questions, orkz

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Gotrek and Felix should be hirable military units

Naval combat.

Story mode should include the Storm of Chaos at some point.

I also hope they make some kind of ROG, but I heavily doubt it.


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That could work as a unique faction trait for Khornates. Automatically exterminate upon conquering a settlement, get better melee stats/charge as a tradeoff.

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totally forgot orks there

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and I just got a 6e codex

awh yeah

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"Bloody peasants! Dare not soil my mount with your filth covered hands!"

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>not scheming and plotting (it will be added in rome2:total war)
>not making ostland a seat of empire and dividing empire into civil war to please tzeentch

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>Warhammer Total War
Dis gon b gud.

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>Massive population growth

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dear god yes

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apparently bison really wants this game to happen

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The added text on that image is completely unnecessary.

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2014 can't come soon enough.

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They took their time with this one.
I'm also wondering if 40k version might follow if it succeeds.

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Epic! They make Epic 40k! My diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

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>settlements join you for no reason
>win with religion and sex
>have bitching hot princess as faction leader

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oh god

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Chaos dwarves
>Slave raids
>Making nuclear bombs

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A total war-esque game wouldn't work nearly as well for 40k though. Also I believe Relic still owns the license.

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Are we sure this isn't about 40k? Is Warhammer Fantasy called as such usually or is it just Warhammer?

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You know it's gonna be limited at launch. Probably Empire, Chaos, Orks, Dwarves/Elves in base game, more in expansions/DLC.

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>slave raids
i really hope something like that gets added
i mean, attacking small villages to get slaves, maybe getting big fish(town) and making it into your own death camp

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THQ has the license and they're going bankrupt.

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i never liked how thq makes games anyway

i for one, welcome our new sega overlords

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>404 Page Not Found

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Look at the logo man.

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We'll see. Doesn't matter though, this thread is about the glorious return of FB games. So excited.

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As much as 40k is great and all, I really hope they release at least a few WHFB games before making another 40k one. Fantasy hasn't had an awful lot of vidya love in a long time. Mark of Chaos was alright, but that was quite a few years ago now, SotHR and Dark Omen were amazing, but they feel like centuries ago...

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It doesn't make it any less necessary. The image itself is fine the way it is, adding text on to it is like pulling a B^U.

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Not posted on /tg/ in forever, stopped by to add excitement to the pile.

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dude,why do you give so many fucks for a picture on the internet?

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your autism is showing

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Buzzword detected. The image is fine the way it is, the added text ruins it. You slap a meme on it which ruins the original intent of the image.

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stay mad bro

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Please stop. Those images have been around forever in interwebs time.

It's not like those anons added those words.

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i didnt even used a word...
and no, it doesnt ruin it

just.....just calm down, ok?

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fantasy battles confirmed for any more unbelievers

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It is definitely a Warhammer Fantasy affair they're going after, seeing as THQ confirmed they still hold the rights for 40k. This makes me happy to be honest, a Warhammer Total War would be pretty baller. It seems like balance would be an issue ont he campaign map - playing as Kislev is just asking to be overrun the moment Chaos starts getting uppity.

Also, I kind of hope they add some depth in minor factions rather than just doing the major factions present in the tabletop game - for instance possibly making the various Empire states seperate factions all loyal to the same crown, as it is lore-wise based off the HRE. Similarly, some minor human factions across the old world (Tilea/Border Princes anyone?) and having different warring factions of Orcs sounds great.

I kind of wonder what they'll do in the western continent though - that entire area really only has the Dark Elves and the Lizardmen across the entire vast landmass.

>> No.21917337

Unite the Empire campaign?

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>> No.21917545


Shouldve done this at the first place instead of making fucking NAMCO do it.

>Total War running out of bankable historical eras.

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think about a guy and some girl
guy - gw
girl- assembly

they both loved each other but they both already had a partner and they didnt want to hurt their partners so they stayed with them, now that nothing worked out for both of them, they went on a first date with each other and it all went perfectly

>> No.21917624

>mfw imagining CA as a shy history and wargames loving girl

>> No.21917625

To be fair, Total War relies on High School history since its safe.

>> No.21917634

this anon gets it

also, dwarfags, draw me CA-chan

>> No.21917641

Ahahahahahaha like highschools teach a tenth of the stuff in Total War.

>> No.21917642

You mean balanced?

>> No.21917645


> they went on a first date with each other and it all went perfectly

A bit early to say that, right?

>> No.21917655

>>turns out that wargames as a dick.

>> No.21917658

Heh, I didn't know they still existed. Anyway, so what's Total War like? Is it turn-based or real-time or whatnow? I assume given that it's historical that it involves actual battlefield tactics instead of 'build a base, harvest resources, charge units at enemy's base'.

>> No.21917664

My highschool skipped the Scottish invasion of France too.

>> No.21917671

actually they do...well in europe at least

>> No.21917676

>Heh, I didn't know they still existed. Anyway, so what's Total War like? Is it turn-based or real-time or whatnow? I assume given that it's historical that it involves actual battlefield tactics instead of 'build a base, harvest resources, charge units at enemy's base'.

Half the game is turn based where you manage your cities and stuff and move your armies, when fighting happens it zooms down into real time.

>> No.21917715

they made a deal, no its not

>> No.21917720

Nope, popular historical eras with many fanboys

>European History

>Rest of the World.

>> No.21917722

Sounds sweet. And the fighting's actual formations and maneuvers and devastating charges into flanks?

>> No.21917726


Also, the campaign game is completely free-form and open ended, there's nothing linear about it. You want to take your army of Scottish higlanders and conquer the Holy Land? You get some fukken boats and go to TOWN on the place. That said though the campaign AI has always been kind of shaky, and as much depth as there is in the campaign game it always becomes a slow process of painting the map your colour once you get pretty well-established. It can still throw you a few curveballs if, for example, you're embroiled in a huge land war with a large power and your ally stabs you in the back though. It's fun, and you'll lose hours and hours at a time playing a TW game if you do get into it.

And yes, in terms of both strategy and tactics it is all entirely intuitive, applyin real-world doctrine to your strategy is perfectly feasible comared to games like Starcraft and whatnot.

>> No.21917729

The game could still suck though.

>> No.21917741

>cant believe someone hasnt played total war series

yeah all that, well you can charge straight ahead, but that may result in big losses or just loss

or you may maneuver your cavalry behind enemy and charge-rape them from behind

>> No.21917754

Is there no Three Kingdoms or Warring States? Everybody loves Three Kingdoms...

>> No.21917755

I think one of the Rome expansions was about the dark ages.

>> No.21917763

>THQ confirmed they still hold the rights for 40k
They don't, GW does. THQ only licensed by them. GW is very protective of their IP.

>> No.21917764

well, ca in whole its history had only 1 fail game, and i think they learned their lesson

>> No.21917779

Three Kingdoms would have had the same issue that Shogun did, all the factions would just be China.

Also, Europe is the best map for wars.

>> No.21917785

Still published by Saga right?

>> No.21917787

It stops with the events right after fall of Rome but gives no shit about the Frankish Empire nor the Viking age.

Koei actually didn't take much of a risk releasing ROTK in Asia since everyone there knows & loves it from Japan to Vietnam. They just didnt see the Western World coming to like it as well. Surprised them that did.

>> No.21917798

I am so sick of Europe.

>> No.21917801

>Would just be China.


Its China with the Huns (fun fact: Ma Chao isn't Chinese), Proto-Thais, Vietnamese, and various other barbarians.

>> No.21917810

This is awesome news. How long does it take to make one of dem vidyas?

(I'd also like a proper 40k tactical game, but a Warhammer Fantasy is fine too)

>> No.21917812

Hmmm, I thought it went on a little afterward? Kind of reminds me of how Paradox's Rome game ends when the republic does.

>> No.21917814

This really. Conquered that bloody continent for like...3 games already.

But I agree that it is the one with the sure-market because of the masses having entry-level history education.

>> No.21917815

And crazy Sichuanese barbarians riding tigers!

Or maybe that was just a cartoon version I saw a bit of...

>> No.21917822

>+ 2 considering the Early Europa Universalis Series.

>> No.21917835

Shogun would be improved if they added the Mongol invasion as a campaign like they had for the first game.

And grew some fucking balls, ignored Korea's crying, and did a Hideyoshi's Invasion of Korea expansion as well.

>> No.21917836

Ah, Europe...
>civ 2
>small world map
>play Rome
>start in the square right next to... France, I think
>free capital!

>> No.21917837

A wee little afterward, yes.

>> No.21917843

oh, so you are just going to blame the consumer even though people bought Shogun in droves.

Would navel combat even be a thing? Its not like they have a large body of water in they way of fucking people up.

>> No.21917849


Japan is yet another complaint due to samurai popularity instead of something new.

>> No.21917873

People would by it for total war part.

Sometimes I wish they would rip off the Civ series and just give you randomly generated map. A real smart system for it to because I liked having to plan my invasions around the environment.

>> No.21917880

Right. That would basically be what I meant.

>> No.21917969

>Korea's crying

Was this actually a thing? Koreans complained about the idea of depicting that in a game?

>> No.21917990

>tfw I probably wont get to play as a Nagash faction, turn the world in to an undead kingdom and shut Chaos out of the world

>> No.21918007


Whiny fucks complain about everything.

>> No.21918034

>Shut Chaos out
>Empire crumbles because of no magic

>> No.21918055

>Planning your invasions around the environment
>Not just running in with your million stacks and raping their million stacks
>Not having your tank lose to 2 spearmen

Seriously though the environment in the Civ games was pretty irrelevant when it came to invading. It was all just planning and positioning to be ready to exploit the first opening that they left you.

>> No.21918066

>undead empire powered by magic
>shuts out chaos
>gets no magic
>whole world is void

>> No.21918086

>planning, strategy, openings
>motherfucking civ

the fuck are you talking about? it was zerg rush all along, water bodies or hills, mattered not for troops

>> No.21918121

>It's a complaint, therefore it's invalid by virtue of being a complaint.
Then why is your complaint about it still valid?

>> No.21918136

There better be playable Vampire Counts with bloodlines!

>> No.21918165

I personally predict TW is yet to release a Pan-Asian setting in the future.

Possibly centered around the time of Genghiz.

>> No.21918168

>wants to live in backwater of empire
>so backwater empire doesnt even pay attention to you anymore and doesnt even care that its no longer part of empire
>wants to be asskicked by every neighbour possible
>wants to be a weaboo vampie-ah!

>> No.21918190

I was talking about a random map like what civ does but have the gameplay like total war only you can pic a shit ton counties to chose from.

>> No.21918192


>> No.21918195

>Implying I'm not going to bring the End Times fo real.

>> No.21918201

if its not tile based i am happy

>> No.21918206

>Invasion of Korea expansion.
>Twisting panties of Koreans.

Funny thing is, Koreans could play THEIR side in such a game given how CW is open to screwing history in their campaigns.

Kinda like how I drove Spain and Whitey off the New World in the New World expansion campaign in Medieval II.

Then again, we are talking about insecure Koreans here.

>> No.21918221

Vampires live all over the Old World and one bloodline specialises in infiltrating the governments by sleeping with important people.

Then Gav Thorpe decided to put the entire spotlight on Sylvania.

>> No.21918225

>banners fluttering
>both ways


>> No.21918229

>implying one of your trusted lords is not going to betray you in decisive moment

>> No.21918235

Von Carstein are master race.

>> No.21918242

>inb4 Middenheim and Orc headbutt

>> No.21918253

Hey, remember sending Princesses in Medieval II?

>Vampire Princesses.


>> No.21918262

I like Carsteins but I hate that they made all other bloodlines sideshows. It's kinda like if all other Chaos gods was toned down in favor of Khorne and if they are they could get to come along as support.

>> No.21918267

This actually sounds like a fun gameplay mechanism.

>> No.21918270

and if they are lucky*

>> No.21918271

Maybe SEGA can knock sense into GW's marketing director.

>> No.21918273

Other bloodlines are plebs and mono-task.
Von Carsteins are always the ones who launch the big campaigns.

>> No.21918307

Im actually more interested on how CA/Total War will handle magic in the game.

>> No.21918324

Outside of the Vampire Wars they hardly did anything else of note.

>> No.21918344

>to much magic using in a single location ups the chance of daemons infiltrating the province
>Chaos gets to use this to their advantage

>> No.21918375

That's still more than the others, and Vashanesh was Nagash's top vampire.

>> No.21918401

I still don't care how much they show off. I want the other bloodlines because variety is fun.

That's like saying that all other Space Marine chapters are lame because Ultramarines are doing better then the other chapters in the setting.

>> No.21918424

Von Carstein are the jack of all trades, there's plenty of variety in them alone.

>> No.21918446

see my post here >>21916925

>> No.21918461

No, von Carstein are generic.

>> No.21918486

No they aren't. They use living troops and aren't squished into one archetype like fightypire or magicpire.

>> No.21918513

thats called generic...

>> No.21918528

There had better be a Lustria expansion with playable Lizardmen.

>> No.21918529

It's called not being one note.

>> No.21918560

what if the game had the same setup as magic planeswalkers duels of.
>dlc army list
>pay to buy regiments,characters, and magic weapons and armor
>pay for skins

>> No.21918584

get out, now, and take your faggotry and bullshit with you

hipster faggot...

>> No.21918609

Lahmeas are the vampire Illuminati of the Old World, Strigoi lurks in the dark corners of the world together with their gypsies smuggeling them around, Blood Dragons aspire to be the ultimate warriors and live for combat, Necrarch are mad scientist vampires that will make a freakshow army as an experiment and von Carstein sits in a castle and declare wars out of self-importance.

Havin von Carstein do everything makes them generic.

>> No.21918632

i know that dlc is wrong.............but i would buy every single one.
And i want a PROPPER CUSTOMIZER!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.21918637

BEFORE you hype this game to the max, REMEMBER what DLC shitfest Shogun 2 was.

Pay for blood, units, armies and expansions have shitty campaigns that dont differ almost at all from the core campaign and AVATAR multiplayer only, with skirmish thats hidden pretty deep in the multiplayer menus.

Besides, 40k is far more superior setting.

>> No.21918667

i dunno if you're the same guy, but previous posts going on about 'popular' history, then no vikings??

Surely they would be a popularist choice?

>> No.21918674

wat up with dark millenium?

>> No.21918686

>40k is far more superior setting
>superior setting

Get out.

>> No.21918688

Last I heard it was being turned into a single player game.

>> No.21918690

>dlc is wrong
It is? Why?

>> No.21918696

Probably will be killed because THQ is dying.

>> No.21918700


I honestly doubt it. If they toss in minor nations as their own proper nations rather then the generic 'rebels' like they have in the past, its entirely likely they'd use all of them.

>> No.21918703

But it is, Mr. Opinions. How could you say it isn't?

>> No.21918708

It's always overpriced.

>> No.21918716

That's what piracy is for.

>> No.21918729

40k is saturated in clusterfuck grimdark and everyone is the BBEG. WHFB at least is kinda coherent and not the human factions are reasonable.

>> No.21918733

I look forward to everyone's inspirational speeches before the battles.

>> No.21918739

40k, fantasy, who cares?

Just give me the damn game last Friday. Quit arguing.

>> No.21918765

>40k superior setting
>throws around 'mr opinions'

>> No.21918774

SEGA® Group Creative Assembly™Total War™ Games Workshop® Presents:

“We’ll be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before.
> Because Mark of Chaos (shit) and Shadow of the Horned Rat (good) dont exist.

We’re bringing those 25 years of experience and expertise in extremely high-scoring games to bear, delivering a Warhammer experience that videogamers will absolutely love.”
>Judging games by IGN and Kotaku scores and making a game that videoGAMERZ will love and warhammer fans better prepare for saturday morning Cobra Skeletor the khornate sorcerer. 25-years of experience alone doesnt make a good game, just look at EA or ID now.

I liked TW games alot, but this just reeks. Having two huge companies co-operating means that theyre aiming to make massive revenues and not pleasing the warhammer crowd. I'll guess the game will release with 3 playable core armies with on-disc DLC subarmies (empire counties, marked chaos armies) and standard DLC armies. Also PEGI 13 and dlc blood + horse armour.

>> No.21918778

>40k superior setting


>> No.21918797


>> No.21918814

Then stop shitposting smug opinions in this thread.

>> No.21918832

am i the only who likes both fantasy and 40k and consider them equal?

you guys are the reason why warhammer is hated because of its fans

>> No.21918843

>inb4 a fourth opinion arises stating that both are shit

>> No.21918855

>Pay for blood
It was like 99p. They did this so that they could release the game at a lower age rating so they could sell to more people. Then people over 18 could buy the blood if they wanted it.

Also did you even play FoTS.

>> No.21918857

i'll probs play as Tomb Kings so won't get to hear any awesome speeches
unless they give settra his whole "he did say "war" and the world did tremble"

>> No.21918858

The point of my post was that your statement was an opinion, as was my implication that 40k is superior. It was rhetorical. Your opinion is just as worthless as everyone else's opinion.

>> No.21918865

40k is guilty pleasure tier for me.

WHFB I genuinely like.

>> No.21918870


>> No.21918879

>Besides, 40k is far more superior setting.

Actually had me there for a second...

>> No.21918904


>> No.21918924

Was about to post this.
In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there is only TOTAL WAR.

Though Warhammer Fantasy is far more likely and would fit Total War's style much better.

>> No.21918927

>someone thinks 40k is a superior setting
>must be a troll
You poor, deluded fool.

>> No.21918936

Why wasn't Mark of Chaos popular?

>> No.21918941


i posted amongst that bollocks above, and i like both settings, i just didnt appreciate the hypocrite 40k fan.

Also it isnt these dudes who cause the hate really. Its the douche bags who argue about the fluff like they are all real people about to act, when its a static story line. Majority of shit posting (on /tg/ at least) is those poor sods.

>> No.21918946

I'm actually looking forward to some armies getting their roster expanded to fit into a TW-style strategy game - not all of them really do at the moment. As it is a lot of GW's more outlandish expansions have been pretty cool, Demigryph knights etc.

But it would be nice to see some armies getting different tiers of troops beyond the usual 'standard infantry' and the jump to 'badass elite two-hander-wielders' that many have. Seeing the Empire (or the various Imperial states like Middenheim and such, if that happens) get some early-game basic infantry preceeding the regulars, and some heavy infantry/veterans preceeding the jump to elite Greatswords would make for a much more fleshed out army roster.

Also, different Knightly orders even if there is little mechanical difference would be sweet. Knights of the White Wolf anyone?

>> No.21918964

>Implying I won't Ogre Kingdoms
>Implying I won't sweep over the old world like a fat plague of destruction
>Implying I won't eat every last motherfucker

It will be glorious /tg/

>> No.21918965

you sir, understand my feelings

mah niggah

>> No.21918966

they charged a quid for what could've been a free patch/option with code to make money, mug.

>> No.21918992


The one thing we all wanted and talked about is comming true. Fucking awesome!

Total WarHammer!

>> No.21919000

Thinking it's a superior (or hell even "good") setting is one thing, brazenly claiming it to be is another. In the former case, that's not trolling... That's just ignorance. In the latter, that's idiocy and trolling.

>> No.21919001



Alternatively, you could spread eastwards, conquer grorious Nippon.

GW never really did much with that whole area though, I somehow can't really see it making it into the game.

>> No.21919012

Now we just need a proper Total War LotR and Total War Game of Thrones.

>> No.21919013

Bloodbowl = coliseums and racing tracks.

>> No.21919025

>play bretonnia
>get excited for this
>realize my favorite is bretonnia
>realize I'd basically be playing France from Medieval 2
>Might as well just play Medieval 2 total war instead

>> No.21919027

So you're going to play a fat, smelly guy who eats a lot? Isn't that kind of redundant?

>> No.21919031



>> No.21919051

dude, call of warhammer has that and its a mod for medieval:total war
>light infantry - free company
>heavy infantry - swordmen/spearmen/halbeders
>high tier infantry - mercenaries/greatswords/warrior-priests

>low - free company archers
>med - bowmen/crossbowmen/musketeers
>high -mercs, practicly the same weapon types

>low/med - pistoliers
>high - knights, depending and what chapterhouse you built

>low - cannon
>med - bigger cannon
>high -hellstorm/biggest cannon/ something like hellstorm only with rockets

>> No.21919064

Naaaaawww. France has good foot troops and good infantry that aren't nobles. They also have more sophisticated technology than a sharpened stick.

Unlike Bretonia.

There's also a Call of Warhammer mod which is just this, you know. It's pretty damned good.


>> No.21919080

Yes, and?

>> No.21919089

You can have pegasus riding knights.
And I am sure, in the next army book they are getting some kind of wyvern or dragon or giant lion or something interesting.
Also le trebuchet.

>> No.21919091


No Christmas for you.

>> No.21919092

go back to magic, i hear there is some expansion coming to milk you out of your money

>> No.21919109

aint there always some expansion coming? with each expansion having more op cards than last?

>> No.21919120

>implying magic is worth discussing.

>> No.21919129

Yes, we're all aware that the Call of Warhammer mod exists. But that isn't what we're talking about here. We're talking about the anticipated professionally made Warhammer strategy game that will be in the works.

>> No.21919145

i am just telling you that its possible, and since some russian guy who just likes warhammer did it, then professional developers will have no problems with it

>> No.21919146

Thinking that 40k isn't the superior setting is ignorance. Brazenly claiming that it isn't is trolling.

>> No.21919171


>> No.21919174

>implying whfb isn't as broken as 40k

>> No.21919178

I enjoy both for different reasons

>> No.21919190

what ever it will be, its gonna be like total war, so yeah.... its a total war game

>> No.21919191

what the hell else do they make? Total war is their only real series and its a damn good fit for the warhammer world

>> No.21919202

I think a good addition would a semi-RPG system for characters and heroes, similar to how WC3 integrated it into the gameplay. Heroes and legendary characters are a big part of the Warhammer lore, and having a system whereby characters could progress would fit quite well. A combination of Shogun 2's talent tree system (expanded of course, and including physical combat talents in addition to strategic/leadership stuff because KILLMAIMBURN) and the older sum-of-experiences character traits system from Rome and Medieval 2 (Confidence in different aspects of command and administration, physical and mental scarring etc) would be a great system.

Also for Chaos characters it could make for some interesting progression, gaining the favour of your chosen god (or gods) and eventually ascending to daemonhood.

Overall yeah, the Warhammer setting is, I think, a perfect opportunity to include a more in-depth character-based system to the usual TW formula. What think?

>> No.21919203

Ok, now what about the bloodthirsters and the xboxhueg daemons?

>> No.21919217


it will be total war okay IT HAS TO BE ;__;

>> No.21919233


Warhammer: Total Warrior?

>> No.21919234


Ogre Kingdoms are just gigantic, cannibalistic Tibetans.

>> No.21919264

>worst that /tg/ has to offer

>> No.21919279 [SPOILER] 

probably it would be a third person shooter rpg with puzzles.

>> No.21919309

>scaling models

dude, do you even into programming/modding?

>> No.21919346

Nope, but I do into game balance.

The largest Total War land unit ever made were just elephants, discounting joketime codes. Now what about titanic bloodthirsters?

>> No.21919384

Yeah, GW has been pushing large models a lot so this might be relevant.

>> No.21919412

>i am all about balance
>titanic bloodthirsters
jee, ok

>> No.21919825

>> No.21920298

They made an action game once

It sucked, nobody bought it.

I doubt they'll go back there

>> No.21920324

i already mentioned that

but yeah that game was horrible, just terribad

>> No.21920358

They made new animations and resources for the blood pack then had to distribute it. It was a dollar. If you're so poor you can't pay a dollar for something that adds nothing to the game you shouldn't be on the internet.

>> No.21920482

M:TW 1 had an expansion called Viking Invasion, I believe.

>> No.21920543

>tfw all your favourite factions will be on DLC at best

lizardmen, mummy kings, dark elves.... please, one of you has to be in.

>> No.21920611

If lizardmen aren't in, I'm going to be hella pissed.

>> No.21920651

Well get pissed, Lizardmen are second string at best.

>> No.21920676

This is GW people.
Of course they are going to have DLC.
And compared to their shitty prices, it's going to be a steal.

Recall how they want 30 bucks sometimes for ONE mini, and often, one that's not really all that big.

>> No.21920700


GW doesen't affect the prices of the DLC, the publisher (in this case SEGA) does.

>> No.21920716

They won't be.

It'll probably be very geographicly centred around the empire to begin with. But I'm sure that if it's popular (it will be, the combination of Warhammer and Total War is a given seller) there will be additional material and expansions including versions of factions in other geographical locations so more of the WHFB armies gets included.

>> No.21920740

Well it's not really GW as much as its GW's IP in the hands of Creative Assembly and SEGA.

>> No.21920747

That's the problem, though. It will only get expansions if it does well. But this is warhammer without the 40k. I'll never get to be lizardmen if they aren't in the game to begin with.

>> No.21920776

Total War has recently been infested with nickel and dime DLC

>> No.21920795

>Paying for DLC

>> No.21920821

It's (presumably) a Total War title, which sells all on its own accord and titel, then its a Warhammer titel on top of that.

Unless they totaly botch it it'll be selling well (for the kind of game Total War is).

>> No.21920845

Also it it don't sell well, the modding community will have an official Warhammer Total War to mod from.

>> No.21920852

>Also it it don't sell well, the modding community will have an official Warhammer Total War to mod from.
..Hell, even if it do.

>> No.21921441

I don't think there's any doubt that the mod community will take this thing and run with it as far as CA's tools let them.

>> No.21922138

Imagine this but Warhammer Fantasy. I am hyped to the stratosphere!

>> No.21922159

Orc of course

>> No.21922278

It will come out
>after 2013
So it will probably be delayed till 2015. Still, it's getting made and it will be GLORIOUS!

>> No.21922331

Assume a 2 year development cycle

>> No.21922370

Deader than dead, praise the Emprah!

>> No.21922393

>voiced by the DoW team
My dick can pierce the heavens.

>> No.21922401

>Having two huge companies co-operating means that theyre aiming to make massive revenues and not pleasing the warhammer crowd.
>THQ & WH for DoW
It worked out ok.

>> No.21922937

>Be playing Empire in my Brand spanking new Warhammer: Total War
>Have good relations and alliance with high elves
>Get Ready to launch expedition to lustria and attack dark elves with help of high elf brethren
>So pumped
>High elves and dark elves
>High elves on Empire
>High Elf fleet sinks my entire expedition
>Total war AI
Needless to say im still fucking pumped for this.

>> No.21922970

About time, Dark Omen was pretty much the forerunner of Total War


>> No.21922984

There already exist sa mod for Medieval true with full conversion of units from Empire Handgunners to Chaos Demons and Knights. its called Warhammer Call to Arms and is one of the more popular mods thats exactly why they are forming an partnership

Hope they have crazy invasion shit.

>> No.21926256

that shit will be funny if its just the same sound bite the crops up ever once in a while when you loose as orcs.

>> No.21926318


>> No.21926407

>Naval combat

Ever since Tides of Darkness I have had such a gargantuan extreme-o-boner for naval combat you don't even know.

>> No.21926419

Fuck orc speeches I want Skaven speeches.

>> No.21926449

Fucking finally, been waiting for this day for a long time.

>> No.21926782

>>THQ & WH for DoW
their games have always been pretty basic in all fronts, not bad, but not as good as they could have been.

Of course this is different because we have the best company possible doing a warhammer stategy game

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