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We've all heard of anti-spellcaster warriors, but are there any games with anti-warrior spellcasters?

Other than 3.5.

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Why not just have a spellcasting warrior?

And why do you need to know such minutia?

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Interesting thought, OP, which gives me an excuse to bring up my favorite thing.
Spellcasters are the magical equivalent of air power, able to utterly rape an army if allowed to do their thing.
Anti-spellcaster warriors are like anti-air weaponry. Which means that logically, yes, there would be magical wild weasels specialized in hunting down and destroying anti-spellcaster warriors.

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It depends on what sort of system you're using. Are you looking for one where the spell casters are fancy gunshootymen, or where they're something different, and there powers are indirect, but pervasively powerful?

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These casters would likely use indirect magic to get around anti magic fields and spell resistance. I could see a lot of different spell schools used for that - do conjurations unsummon in anti magic fields?

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>Spellcasters as air power
Do they have callsigns, play homoerotic beach volleyball, and whip each other with towels in the shower?

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Considering you can't have sex with women to become a wizard, probably

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If any of you have played Dota then you'd know of Silencer and Anti-Mage. Both use spells of their own and burn mana.

Silencer does as his name implies and his biggest ability is even called "Global Silence" which also self explanatory.

Anti-Mage is some teleporting assassin like character that not only in turn hurts you with every attack but also hurts your mana pool and can eventually make you pop like a balloon based on how much mana you're missing.

Both could easily be implemented into table top RPG's.

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Could be stated as every attack/attack spell does bonus damage based on every spell effect currently active on the target (+1d2 or 1d4 magical damage)

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Or do bonus damage based on how many spells the target has used since last rest.

A flat number might be better, so something like +2 magic damage for every spell expended.

Then add some synergy by implementing some high level spell that removes a spell of their own as if it was casted.

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Shouldn't it also deal, somehow, with how powerful the spells they've used are? Like, +2 damage per spell level for each cast spell?

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OP here.

These aren't me.

And these are anti-spellcasters, not anti-warriors.

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That's a cute trap in the OP.

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There's probably a way to hit Warlock that way if you put your mind to it, though.

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If you read correctly, you'd know you made a silly mistake.
I lol'd

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Spellcasters are already anti-everything-in-line-of-sight. An anti-warrior would just be incompetent at fighting other spellcasters.

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Currently playing one in a very quick and simple system my GM is running.
My main weapons?
Sneezing powder bags fired from a sling.
And Solvent grenades.

Here's how it goes
>Mage is standing at ritual circle, getting ready to summon Loluroth, raper of maidens and drinker of piss.
>Step the fuck up
>Lob the Sneezing powder in the right direction
>Disrupts chanting, causing spell to start to go bad
>Throw solvent grenade, ruining the protective circle.
>Demon of some kind appears
>Eats caster first while he's trapped by his own magic
>Party deals with demon using Consecrated weaponry.

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We can pretend it's a game like Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition - where Wizards are actually balanced against the other classes

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Of course.
They're called summoners, they bring down armies of mooks to deal with warriors on their own terms and beat them at their own game.

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You mean every game with status ailments ever?

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Answering Op's question.
Both are called spellcasters.

Casting spells is transcendent when it comes to physics. That is why there is no winning. Only through the spellcaster's own ignorance can he fail, otherwise, he has a connection With the world above this world.

Look into anti-magic, or Abjuration if you want to unlock the power of NOPE.JPG

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