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Crazy stuff about eyes.
I was thinking what powers and designs could eyes have. So far we only have lasers and hypnotism. Evrything else is stupid.
For years i wasn't be able to come with nothing original. Maybe tg did?
Also in tabletop do you ever stop to descirbe the eyes of PCs or NPCs?

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Read manga, you can get a lot of crazy shit from there.

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Vision modifiers. Things like being able to see in different spectrums, with different amounts of clarity, and possibly even the ability to view time slowly. Slow Time power, anyone? Of course, it would all be based off perception rather than actually slowing time, meaning you would also be slowed down, but would give you ample time to react.

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Eyes are pretty good for seeing with. That's what I use mine for.

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Bitch do you even Type-Moon or Naruto? The Nasuverse has a fuckton of magic eye powers, and Naruto has quite a few of them as well.

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Not a particularly rare power, is that? Even more common than Mystic Eyes of Deaf Perception.

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Many powers are similar to hypnotism, such as manipulating the memory, forcing people to do something, changing the way the victim perceives his surroundings etc.
The fun thing about those is to make certain limitations/rules and be creative around those. For example, as
The ability to manipulate a person to act a certain way, but you can only command once. After than, the person will be immune to any further attempts in the future.
Or the ability to stop the time for everyone in a certain area. Although the time doesn't really stops, everyone will stop moving and experiences it as if the time skipped.
Those are two examples of "hypnotism" that are very different because of limitations.

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This man is correct.

Nasuverse has stuff like Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Mystic Eyes of Enchantment... well, that's all I can remember off the top of my head. But there's a whole bunch of 'em.

Naruto has Byakugan - which is pretty much all-around vision as well as X-ray vision, in a certain radius - Sharingan, which... has a whole boatload of abilities tagged onto it, some of the most basic being highly increased tracking capabilities and the ability to perfectly copy any movement seen...

So yeah.

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To be fair, though, eyes that let you pinpoint the exact distance and trajectory of any object would be a pretty cool minor power.

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Both abilities from Code Geass. Fun times.

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Your first example is Lelouch's geass, but I can't seem to pinpoint the second, even though it scratches my head very hard. Where is it from?

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Eyes of Better Hearing

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Rolo's Geass, from the second season.

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Byakugan reminds me of that retarded mobile phone sonar vision thing from the dark knight.

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Her eyes can do hypnosis.

Well, what an awesome and totally new power for eyes. Where does Zun find all this stuff? He sure has imagination.

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Sharingans is Byakugan with fuckton more powers.

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The only similarity is they both allow one to see Chakra, and both give increased visual acuity. That's where the similarities end - Hell, the Byakugan can see chakra better than the Sharingan can so... yeah.

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Hypnosis AND laser beams!

Just like what OP said.

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>Abilities: Manipulating insanity

>A rabbit who lived on the moon. In her eyes dwell far greater power of insanity than the rabbits of the earth.

Do you even Touhou?

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Actually the Sharingan can see the color or chakra even through rock, so they can see what's element's user, plus, according to sasuke, the can see vital points.

They do the same diferently, the only special thing Byakugan can do is see the chrakra points, which are irrelevant since forever.

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>which are irrelevant since forever
That was pretty important, it allowed the user to shut down their enemy completely. Sharingan is still better though, free Genjutsu and copycat

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I wonder how many people who watch Naruto are actually aware of the literary origin of the Dojutsu/Eye Technique thing?
Probably not that many, but it's to be expected really.

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Give the character many eyes, each with different powers!
One of them could, let's say, charm monsters
One could charm people, because that's somehow a distinction
One could disintegrate things
One could strike fear in the hearts of its enemies!
One could straight up kill people
One could be like a medusa eye, and petrify people
One could just simply be for wounding people....moderately.
One could put people to sleep
One could slow people down
Hell, you could have one that telekinetically moves things around for you so your character won't even need arms any more!

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One would allow you to see
One would allow you to drill sockets in your skull so you can have more eyes!

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You could even call it a beEyesHolder, for they have many eyes.

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Sharingan used to mean something.

They added marie sue abilities to it after a few chapters, and that's when it got bad. Byakugan got left behind. It really got more shit chapter after chapter.

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>Magic eyes
Shit's pretty Naruto yo.

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I'd love to find out, though. Please, enlighten me good sir.

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Actually the relation between ninjas and magic eye attacks dates aaaaal the way back to Kouga Ninja Scroll, written back in 1958.
Also, treating ninjas as people with magic powers dates back to that too.
Futaro Yamada basically wrote a book and then invented everything about ninjas for the rest of forever in Japan.

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I'm just going to assume it has to be with irl ninjas and things like hypnotism and stuff.

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Koga Ninpocho (Kouga Ninja Scroll) is a novel written in the 1958's by pseudo-historical fantasy fiction author Futaro Yamada.
The stories, ESPECIALLY the first one show ninjas as explicitly superhuman people, having been born with mutations over years of selective breeding. This also causes half of them to be born truly hideous.
The leader of the Koga Ninja Clan, Koga Gennosuke, possesses an extremely potent mutant power, passed down by his bloodline: the Dohjutsu (Eye Technique).
His power is pretty much the perfect offense: when he activates the Dohjutsu and stares, he reverses the killer intent of whoever he's looking at back on themselves.
Effectively, they commit suicide with their own powers or weapons, and all he needs to do is look at you.

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the slow time seems more like a mental ability then eye ability.
I have read manga.
But apart Naruto and 666 satan evrything else is lame.
There was a manga (picrealted) with a clock eye demon that was able stop time but i think this is all. Correct me if im wrong

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Naruto has more plotholes, continuity problems and timeline problems than StarWars, StarTrek and WH40K together.

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No, it dates back to an actual literary source.
See >>21900075

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>But apart Naruto and 666 satan evrything else is lame.
Wat?, I think you don't have any clue of what "lame" means.

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Koga Ninpocho can actually be watched in anime format these days, with only slight altercations in plot.
It's called "Basilisk" for some reason though, no idea why.

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I thought Ninja Scroll, the anime, was based on that.

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Huh... I've thought about watching that, before. Never got around to it. Going to have to look that up. Thanks, though, really. Helped alot.

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Ninja Scroll is based heavily off of his works.
The bee guy, the use of a guy named "Jubei" as the hero (Yagyu Jubei features in a shitload of Yamada's novels), the giant stone man are all nods towards his "mutant ninjas".
Kagerou, the woman with the poison body, is a direct lift from Koga Ninpocho, though she's quite different in the books, and an even MORE tragic character.
Futaro Yamada likes bittersweet endings.

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It's kind of important culturally to Japan, largely because like ninety percent of "ninja" based shit comes from his novels in some way, the same when elves and dwarves as fantasy writers use them references Tolkien.

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Is the japanese Game of Thrones.

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So lets talk about eyes desing?
so far in fantasy the only ones we got are vertical pupils.
We could do more. What is you favorite eye design

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Kind of....less political, but there's a SHITLOAD of complicated plotting and betrayal.
And lots and lots of characters die.

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Ancient egyptian wireless webcam technology. Great for looking around corners, rolling it into unchecked rooms, or put it in a socket somewhere else on your body to cover your blind spots. Also comes with limited zooming abilities!

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You sick of getting blinded by those pesky fire and electro mages, or in dire need of multiple eye powers without having to carve another hole in your head?

Try this ridiculous eye roulette!

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Hypnosis seems rather simple, but there could be thousand types of "hypnosis".
It could paralize you
It could trap you in an illusion
It could make you tell the truth
It could make you think the time pass slower or faster

The same for "lazer eyes".
It could be thermal vision
It could be flames of hell
It could open a door to hell

There're Medusa/Basilisk/Cocatrice's eyes that turn you into stone.
Night vision
Xray vision
Every light specter ever vision

etc, the limit is your imagination.

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Eyes of True Seeing.

Third Sight, opening the door to the supernatural.

Seeing in the dark, x-rays, thermal vision, infrared, UV.

Ever heard the phrase 'glaring daggers'? That, but literally.

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>ctrl+ f: evil eye
>no hits
tg I am dissapoint


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Eyes that enable you to literally see the future. Catch is, you are actually blind and you are always seeing what will happen in the future.

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Man I hate when movies have delayed sound...

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In Tsubasa and xxxHolic, there's a lot of stuff about eyes being like, the source of power... I can't really say much else without spoiling major plot points. One character puts one of his eyes into a clone of himself, allowing him to see through it and control it. One character, a sorcerer, gets his eye eaten and the eater gains some of his power. One loses an eye to a spider's curse, and is given half the sight of his archer friend's eye. There might be more, that's just off the top of my head, having just woken up.

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so much win

what about freezing eye? Have you already seen it somewhere?

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>So far we only have lasers and hypnotism. Evrything else is stupid.
>eye lasers
>not stupid

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That's a recurring theme in a lot of CLAMP works, actually.

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Always meant to read more because I wanted to know everyone that made cameos, but time makes fools of us all.

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I rather enjoyed xxxHolic. Is this Tsubasa a continuation or something?

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Not exactly, every Clamp work is related to every Clamp work, it's like the ultimate cameo.

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There's some guy in 40k who already does that. He can see the future and past but is blind to the present.

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Tsubasa is about four people who all go to Yuuko's shop wanting to hop universes for different reasons. It's basically anime Sliders. The cast of xxxHolic show up pretty frequently, but they aren't exactly part of the main cast.

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You're blowing my mind, Frank.

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By the way, I've seen it in a lot of eastern art, but where does the "black sclera + yellow eyes = demon" combo come from? I can't stop seeing it since I noticed it.

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The blue eyes in Tsubasa were pretty were pretty cool
>Magic eyes simply give you the ability to use magic. Possibly at incredible strength.

Also, Blood Fines from Legend of the maian ARE DOPE.

>Genetic mutation passed from fathers to sons from being genetic descendants of a Physical war-god.
>Turns of battle instincts
>Boosts physical and magical strength
>Allows for techniques to be copied and mastered instantly.
>Allows you to cast divine magics.
>Basically turns you into a psycho killer in return.

Once you get over the bloodlust, it's just fucking power.

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Can't have an eye-powers thread without Ryougi.

Pretty sure the heavy eyeliner look in samurai/ninja settings comes from the make up worn in traditional Japenese theater.

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The Wicked Eye from Chuu2.

I-I'm not actually leaving, this is just the only Chuu2 gif I had.

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Damn it, now I want to know, too.

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Some interpretations of hell state that the damned can only perceive the future. Necromancers divine the future by calling on the soul of one of these damned and asking questions, it will answer as honestly as it can in the hopes of being summoned again so it can escape torment for a little bit.

They look forward to the apocalypse because once there is no more future their minds will become completely blank, no longer able to suffer.

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I think it's from traditional depictions of demons in artwork, but I don't know enough on the subject to say for sure.

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Beat me to the punch there Anon.

Well played.

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Oh my. This thread is still going?

I can't say I expected that.

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Reminds me of the curse to see manifestation of people's thought.

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As a background character I only have boring dull brown eyes

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>Eye lasers

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How about some understanding?

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I don't think these have a power, but damn if don't creep me out.

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Oh kubo. If only you'd let somebody else to write a story and leave yourself the drawing part alone. Something glorious would be bound to come out of that.

I also concur on eye lasers. Eye lasers are awesome. If you do not agree then you probably do not think that pulp should be the default mode for everything, and that is fine.

Just saying that pulp is the default mode for everything.

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I like the opposite of powers, call it curses if you wish, but its good if it also can be used for your own gain.
(Mostly thinking D&D here)

Here are some easy examples;

-Any person you watch, becomes aware of the fact that you are watching them, if they are not already. Its like "I am feeling watched", but stronger, with a rather exact location pin-pointing. Fun to put into a thieves eye socket when he fucks with the wrong people.

Sifting Sight -

If you stare/look at anything for longer time or very intensely - like when aiming a bow/weapon - it starts to "shift" ever so slightly, its outlines becoming softer and it is really hard to hit - but not just for you!

- You are really, really bad at finding stuff. You know when you look in the freezer, searching for something and it's just not there... then someone else looks and its right there? If you search for something specific, it is extremely likely that it just... fell into a hidden spot, is well camouflaged or in the shadows.
See, aren't those fun things to use?

I describe the eyes of non-humans, especially original races, but only if they are special in anyway.

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Petrification is the best eye-based power.

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They can also use the byakugan has a fucking binoculars

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I always liked the idea that people with different eye colours could have a different power. Like I was going to have a whole setting based on the principle except I was going to use slightly exotic colours like turquoise and vermillion and mauve and the players would have to guess and pre-empt the NPCs capabilities.

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or, minus the eye connection, Charmed...

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So if I'm reading this correctly...

360ยบ vision (though with one small blind spot), able to see through objects and chakra points.

Able to read the movements of others (though that still dosent necessarily mean you can doge them) which can also be used to copy the techniques of others, can cast high level illusions or hypnosis on others. High level techniques are reality warping powers but at the cost of overall eyesight. Can see chakra better than Byakugan

Enables use of nearly all forms of elemental jutsu, albe to control up to six different bodies as a hive mind. Can see chakra better than Byakugan OR Sharingan

That about right?

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That's right.

>> No.21903600

To refine this, with the byakugan they can see through objects, read chakra flows, see great distances, and have 360x360 vision except for a 1 degree blind spot directly behind the brain stem. Particularly talented users can see the points where chakra is output when fighting and see them. Earlier in the thread it was claimed this is pointless now, but Naruto could recover because of his second chakra source, and that sound four spider guy used armor-forming technique to block the hits.

Sharingan is a "power at any cost" technique. The basic version is the "sees chakra, copies movement, generates genjutsu" type. By killing a friend you unlock the Mangekyo (mirror wheel eye) sharingan, and if your sibling did the same you can take his eyes and not suffer the side effects with the perfect version.

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>everyone in the setting buys sunglasses

>> No.21903919

flesh it out for us, anon, nao!

also: having arcital
he just might captcha, he just might

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>Legend of Maian
Mah niggah

>> No.21904142

eyes, you say?

>> No.21904227

isn't she beautiful now?

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The Byakugan actually sees chakra better than the Sharingan, atleast, but yeah that's pretty much it. Byakugan also has a MASSIVE range (10km on an ?average? user of the eyes: Hinata)

>> No.21904553

Shiny black eyes are best eyes.

>> No.21904557

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's CLAMP.

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>> No.21904670

>> No.21904676

>> No.21904680

Anybody have pictures of eyes like this, but with Silver/grey irises instead of gold/yellow?

>> No.21904766

Sharingan sees human-shaped silhouettes of chakra and can differentiate between humans and shadow clones. Byakugan can see how it flows inside of the body.

They can use the Jyuuken (Gentle Fist) because they can see which internal organ and chakra lines they are slapping with blasts of chakra.

>> No.21904789

Presumably someone who studied really hard and was really coordinated and capable at visualising things very quickly could use that style like 99% of the time. I mean I can well imagine someone would be like 'fuck your genetic lottery, I'm doing it, where's my anatomy diagrams'.

>> No.21904807

Which means that the Sharingan can see general flowing of chakra, while the Byakugan sees chakra much more specifically. In fact, if we want to be even MORE precise, the Byakugan can see the chakra SYSTEM, while the Sharingan can only see the flow.

>> No.21904818

Actually, it's stated that this isn't possible. I'd hazard a guess and say that the chakra system variates between each person, so it would be an incredibly low accuracy rate. That's why the Byakugan allows usage of Juuken, because they can see what they're hitting.

>> No.21904849

>Actually, it's stated that this isn't possible.
Yeah sounds like some authoritative classist bullshit, all no only super special lineage who you should just bow down to already can do this don't even try i'm serious you shouldn't try it seriously.

>> No.21904885

That's been a character-concept I've wanted to do for a while: A poly-disciplinary doctor who augments his martial-arts skills with savant-levels of knowledge of the human-body. He'd beat seven shades of shit out of you and then fix you up, because he knows exactly what organs he fucked up.

>> No.21904886

>Stated that this isn't possible
Well, sure it wasn't a 800 years old Yoda frog who knows everything about anything who said something like:
>No Naruto, you can't do it, it's impossible
And then 5 seconds later Narudo does it.

I really love masters and fucking wise people in mangas...

>> No.21904888

Combination Mary Sue/whatkindofpowersdotheseeyeshave?/animals with freaky eyes thread?

>> No.21904896

Well, Naruto's special.
In fact he's super speshul.

>> No.21904900

The "normal" ninjas who have that kind of intellect and chakra control seem to become medics, like the 5th Hokage and Sakura. And for them it's been easier to just punch it so hard it dies than to play around with purely internal injuries.

And when you get to the advanced techniques of the style, having the acuity in byakugan to see the tenketsu is critical to striking them.

>> No.21904907

You should play Legends of the Wulin, this is pretty much the assumed role of doctors there. I think they might actually be able to cure you by beating you up.

>> No.21904912

>The "normal" ninjas who have that kind of intellect and chakra control seem to become medics, like the 5th Hokage and Sakura. And for them it's been easier to just punch it so hard it dies than to play around with purely internal injuries.
Yeah but that wouldn't piss off these genetically lucky fucks would it.

>> No.21904938

Don't forget the:
"Nobody has ever seen the Sage-mode complete, but that there is truly the Sage-mode complete, because I've seen it"

>> No.21904948

Naruto is a fucking DMPC who survives and completes things through Deus Ex Machina.

>> No.21904954

It's just that the whole manga kind of sucks honestly. Try reading a good one sometime maybe.

>> No.21904957

Sounds like something I should read up on. Biologically dubious as it is, I want to make a doctor who breaks somebody's nose to one side, and then punches it the other way to set it back into place.

>> No.21904967

Just like the guys from Bleach and One Piece.

>> No.21904978

He's the son of a ninja who, in war, their enemies' standing orders were to flee from. His mother's clan was renowned for their freakish levels of stamina. He has the most powerful tailed beast imprisoned inside him.

It'd be weird if he DIDN'T become a god-tier ninja.

>> No.21904987

Something like the ability to produce eye-based puns by seeing eye-to-eye with someone?

>> No.21905007

So his parents are super speshul, too.

>> No.21905020

Congrats, you just described every Shounen Jump Protagonist.

Dont tell me thats not true.

Then again, I still enjoy Naruto. Though not as much as One Piece.

>> No.21905026

It's a world full of human weapons of mass destruction. It's not like that's being supar speshul at that point.

>> No.21905046

He's the most speshul.

>> No.21905052

I really want Neji and Lee to beat the shit out of him because things like
>No neji, i'm not special or a genius like you, i'm like any other guy, like my friends Chouji and SHikamaru, a hardwork genius like Lee...because i never give up. I don't believe in destiny.
>Kid of the profecy
>Son of Yondaime
>Member of a fucking special snowflake clan


>> No.21905057

Battle Angel Alita: Last Outpost.

Her former mentor is a simian shit (most likely Zycrow from Aqua Knight) with a unique talent: he can pop either eye out of its socket and make it explode like a flashbang grenade. Panzer Kunst has a neato rule where you can only become a meister once you've taken some weird bodily talent and made it into an actual Panzer Kunst technique. His talent was eye-poppin'.

>> No.21905078

>Hardwork genius
>Rasengan in 1 night
>Rasenshuriken in 5 days
>Sage mode in 3 days
>Kyubi mantle in 1 day


>> No.21905096

You seem to be new in this thing called mango

>> No.21905117

Scott Summers' eyes shoot punches. From the Punch Dimension.

To some, eyes are the gateway to the soul.
To Cyclops, eyes are gateways to the Punch Dimension.

>> No.21905157

It took him months just to get the basic form of rasengan working, and a full week of burning himself out every night to perfect it.

It took him weeks just to get the basics of air style functioning.

Stop using number of episodes as a day-by-day calculation.

>> No.21905173

>knows the number of episodes all these things took
Holy fuck. It's really bad.

>> No.21905183

Are you playing a shitty system like BESM or Exalted?
If no, never be more descriptive than "my character's eyes are X color."

>> No.21905193

>Months to get the basic form of rasengan
Actually it took him the duration of some town festivities, read the manga again.

It took him 5 days get the air technique, the time against the Immortal duo, plus the 3 days they took the sanbi's soul and the niibi'soul.

I'm not pulling number at random dude.

>> No.21905195 [DELETED] 

Explain this bullshit

>> No.21905199

I started watching when episode 20 or so was fansubbed. I suffered through the fucking fillerpocalypse. Fuck you.

I also have a good job, my own car, and my own apartment, so deal with it.

>> No.21905218

You also have horrible taste.

>> No.21905240

Which is subjective and really, you probably enjoy something I think is completely fucking stupid too, so why waste your time hating things?

>> No.21905241

Yeah, you still watch some really godawful shit.

>> No.21905270

idunno, why are you wasting your time hating things?
especially when there's so many episodes of naruto for you to watch

>> No.21905287

it took him one evening to master the duplication scroll

>> No.21905288

Naruto sucks, that's not subjetive...has a ton plotholes, timeline problems and continuity problems.
Even the autor rewrites stuff from time to time, like Kakashi getting to chuning at 12, when in the chapter 35 or so he said he got to chuning rank at 6.
Or Itachi telling to sasuke that, if he awakes the mangekyou then there will be 3 guys in all the history who got the Mangekyou. And then there's Izuna, Shishui and all the fucking clan killing each other...

The manga sucks asses.

>> No.21905295

My personal hell.

>> No.21905367

Yet I with my horrible taste, have a girlfriend are not a fucking failure at life like you, neckbeard.

How does it feel to be worse at everything than a "Narutard", eh fucker?

>> No.21905397

I have a house, a wife, a child, and a job.

So sorry, that those things that you seem to think make people failures at life suddenly just enveloped you in their ranks.

Enjoy your Naruto, loser.

>> No.21905411

You're getting really defensive about your interest in Naruto. If you're comfortable with liking it, why are you trying to justify it as if it's a bad thing drawing on other aspects of your life?

I mean you don't know anything about that poster, or I, or anyone else who commented like that. You're the one who brought in those things, seemingly in an attempt to preempt any accusation to the contrary.

It's just a (really awful, really fucking terrible) cartoon man.

>> No.21905442

>y-yeah? Well you're a... a n-neckbeard! ;-;

And you're not insecure in the slightest, I'm sure~

Cowboy Bebop masterrace. Come for the Steve Blum, stay for the Corgi. :3

>> No.21905463

Guys, guys, let's keep it civil...guys?

>> No.21905470


Oh yeah? I have three wives and a husband, a flying mansion and a child that came out of the womb able to speak latin. I don't give a fuck about Naruto either way.

Check and mate!

>> No.21905555

My twelve many-armed life-partners, fifteen hundred mutant superpowered children and five jobs as god of alternate universes are all actually my immense multidimensional fractal mirror castle, so suck it.

>> No.21905609

How ever you like Naruto, therefore everything you say is null and void.

>> No.21905648

Fuck, my dad never encouraged me to be that successful in life.

>> No.21905674

I didn't have a dad, just my self rebirthing self rebirthing self from the heart of theoretical supernovae.

>> No.21905725



>> No.21905763

>Using eyes to shoot beams
>Not turning your eyes into autonomous abominations with which to crush the forces of righteousness
Are you even trying /tg/?

>> No.21905769

Don't worry dude, humanity need average guys. If it weren't for people like you, others like me wouldn't be so awesome.

>> No.21905885

Dammit, why does every shonen have to turn to shit eventually?

Also, did they ever explain how the fuck Sharingan can shoot black holes or whatever now?

>> No.21905994

The most entertaining thing about your post was how you think having a house, wife and child are so out of the scope of possibility.

>> No.21906009

Eye powers? Eye powers.

>> No.21906014


That obviously wasn't the joke at all. The joke was that anyone can claim anything on the internet.

>> No.21906104

Did someone say Nasuverse? Because I think someone said Nasuverse!

Have a list of all of the Mystic Eye types. The translations are literal (meaning they read weird as fuck for native English speakers), but the concepts (once explained/teased out) are really fucking weird/awesome. Mystic Eyes of Distortion causes anything other user has to twist. [spoilers] Such as people's limbs


>> No.21906223

It's one of the abilities the Mangekyo can manifest, called Kamui. Like how in Itachi and Sasuke's cases one eye can project Tsukuyomi and the other can project Amaterasu. Specifically, it was what Uchiha Obito could do.

The Susanoo is actually only possible in those who can use Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, like the brothers, or Madara.

And then there's the one the Uchiha refuse to use because it means permanently blinding an eye just to negate injury, Izanagi.

>> No.21906269

What bothers me about the Sharingan and the Mangekyo isn't that it comes with a butt load of super powers, but the way its users, particularly Sasuke, just seem to spam them like they aren't even a big thing. Dudes got more chakra than Naruto and Kisame combined it seems like.

Also? Kisame was the best character in the whole series.

>> No.21906340

how have none of these been googlied yet

>> No.21906345

>Kisame was best
>Implying you didn't fucking love Zabuza

>> No.21906386

Itachi actually couldn't last anywhere near as long as Sasuke in a fight. He was just more gifted at the start and had more experience by then. He was also nearly blind by their fight, too.

A big thing to remember too is that the Senju and Uchiha clans were always the two toughest dogs on the block long before the Hidden Villages were a thing. And it's even possible they're the direct descendants of The Sage of Six Paths' two sons. The Senju (Naruto's father's side) were always the number 1 choice to hire for war, and by default their opponents always hired the Uchiha. The fact that they allied as long as they did is surprising.

>> No.21906403

>159 posts, none of them is BEHOLD! OPTIC BLAST!
i'm leaving you /tg/

>> No.21906447

Actually, Minato had no connection to the Senju. Naruto got the Senju connections from his mother, and by extension, the Uzumaki Clan, who were close allies and essentially cousins of the Senju.

>> No.21906450

zero's power was worthless

>> No.21906453 [SPOILER] 

You almost had me going. 6/10

>> No.21906478

Ah, they never really made that clear, at least that I picked up.

>> No.21906498

I imply no such thing. I did fucking love Zabuza. But I loved Kisame more.

>> No.21906505

I was waiting for someone else to do it.

I laughed when you did, thanks.

>> No.21906526

No, the best characters were Hidan and Kakuzu.

>> No.21906551

It's kind of interesting tracing lineage of the Hokage's, though.

2nd is the 1st's brother
3rd was one of the 2nd's bodyguards
4th was student of one of the 3rd's students
5th is the 1st's Granddaughter and one of the 3rd's students

And Naruto was trained by one of the 4th's students and his father's teacher.

>> No.21906570


Have to agree with you. One was just out for the money and the other just liked to kill shit.

>> No.21906583

The best of all powers.

>> No.21906585

Those guys were fucking awesome, shame the got beat by plot no jutsu.

>> No.21906635

Hidan's bloodlust got the best of him, and he let a complete fucking genius lead him straight to a trap.

>> No.21906652

Did someone say best eye-based power?

>> No.21906711

>Hidan rivals kakashi in speed
>Hidan beats easyly Asuma
>Hidan is hit by explosion that blows a fucking forest and walks from it like nothing
>Shikamaru beats Hidan in speed
>Couple of exploding tags tear him apart
Yeah, totally non bullshit way of die.

same with.
>Kakuzu is 98 years old
>Kakuzu fought the 1sr hokage and survived
>Kakuzu falls twice in the same pathetic tactic made by naruto
>Kakuzu said "ima going to fight in long range mode"
>Then he fights in CQC
Yeah, makes fucking sense...

>> No.21906899

>Yeah, makes fucking sense...
You're complaining about a cartoon where the main character is a ninja who always wears a blaze orange jumpsuit and basically never stops shouting when the enemy's in sight.

>> No.21906993

>> No.21907035

Yes and no, i'm actually complaining about a dude with 98 years in combat experience lost against a 14 years old retarded kid who spams the same tecnique and does the same stupid tactic over and over again.

And how a guy, who's the worst in what physical means, beats a dude in speed and martials art and blows him into pieces even though he is INVULNERABLE to that kind of things.

I get really mad when the internal logic is raped that much.

>> No.21907054

>i'm actually complaining about a dude with 98 years in combat experience lost against a 14 years old retarded kid who spams the same tecnique and does the same stupid tactic over and over again
...in a cartoon where the main character is a ninja who always wears a blaze orange jumpsuit and basically never stops shouting when the enemy's in sight.

>> No.21907086

Come on, now. That last one isn't fair. He is clearly chilling in a cool, comfortable backpack while his puppet takes the heat.

>> No.21907116

Suspension of disbelief.
There're elves and mages in Lotr, but if Gandalf starts buttfucking mumakils to get into SSJ2...that would totally rape the lore.

>> No.21907158

>if Gandalf starts buttfucking mumakils to get into SSJ2...that would totally rape the lore.
I don't know half of the words in this sentence, but I feel it's safe to assume that a mumakil is a kind of lore.

>> No.21907212

Shingeki no Kyojin hasn't. Yet.

>> No.21907261


It's easier if you just don't think of the 'ninjas' of Naruto as ninjas. Think of them as quasi-magical special forces soldiers. Quasi-magical child soldiers fighting each other to the death! Isn't it fun now?

>> No.21907304


Constructive posts are ignored for naruto fan wanks?

>> No.21907344

Naruto is an absurd comedy about magic ninja kids. It's basically made of puns and contradictions. When did you start expecting it to make sense?

Anyway, they had nowhere left to go with the power level after the chuunin exam, but to get stupid.

>> No.21907425


You have entered the Lair of the Weeaboo.

You are in a room with a shrine to the protagonist of Iria: Zeiram the Animation. There's a prop of the chainsword from the show on the shrine, but it seems to be made of plastic.

To the east you see a door that is locked. To the south you see a corridor stretching into darkness.

>> No.21907482

Yes, but isn't it more fun to poke at stuff you enjoy than waste time becoming an expert in something you hate just to argue against it on the internet?

>> No.21907704



...no matter what you typed the next response was going to be "You are eaten by a weeagrue."

>> No.21907735

>Break Prop

>> No.21907749


See >>21907704 re: you, weeagrue.

>> No.21908392

i dont think they exist.
the ones in your pic is a naruto reference, i bet they wouldnt produce something with just changed color, it would not sell.

>> No.21908498

The anime explicitly states that the Byakugan is an offshoot derivative of the Sharingan. The Byakugan bloodlines developed in a different direction because they thought it was cooler to look blind, than to actually be blind.

>> No.21908525

Well in Erfworld they help you tell if a unit is of Royal lineage or not.

>> No.21908526

Depends on use. If you are Hinata level you could in theory, become impossible to hit.

All the magic ninja powers in the world are useless if you can't hit your target.

>> No.21908550

Not sure if trolling.

0/10 no effort whatsoever.

This is confirmed wrong. The Sharingan is a derivative of the Rinnegan. The Byakugan is completely seperate from both.

>> No.21908571

Well hold on now, I distinctly remember in an early part of the manga someone saying that Byakugan or Sharingan were derived from the other. Probably changed now that we have the Rinnegan, but still.

>> No.21908628

That was a guess made by Kakashi. I think. Either that or it was a widely spread fan theory. It's not true. The Sharingan and Byakugan ARE, however, considered part of a trio of the 'Strongest Doujutsu', the third being Rinnegan.

>> No.21908654

Kakashi said that it was speculated that the Sharingan was derived from the Byakugan.

This was when Kishimoto was bigging up the Hyuga Clan so Neji would be a challenge for the plot. It really wasn't necessary, and it alone spawned a plothole in Kakashi's state of mind. He's the only source of this tidbit and it's contradictory to the Ninja legend of the Sage of the Six Paths, would likely have been disputed by the Uchiha and given their separate abilities really not all that connected.

>> No.21908710

That said, Kishimoto didn't exactly plan out the Naruto Story, he just meshed influences and played it as he went, hence the vast power levels between Part 1 S rank Ninjas and Shippuden's S Rank Ninjas (including the same characters)

>> No.21908733

I miss Neji actually being powerful and relevant.

>> No.21908773

Yeah, Bourgeois dickery aside, he really made shit interesting

>> No.21908775

The problem though is that the story of the Sage is considered a legend by most of the world, and the only source that's been "revealing" details like it's absolute fact is Tobi, who isn't necessarily going to tell the truth.

Though it's an interesting justification as to why the Senju and Uchiha clan conflict continues even with two kids who never knew anything about it.

>> No.21908868

True, but a legend of Ninja origin is more relevant to a person's deduction than say "Red must have originally come from white!" because Kakashi is the only source of this, the Hyuga never mention it, nor is it alluded to being a subject of discussion by any other character and it's certainly not fact as Kakashi said he was speculating.

I'm game for everything Kakashi has to say without asking why (not that he won't immediately reveal why) except his skills at tracking ancestors, that he needs justifications for, Honestly I'd think that if were to be biased, it'd be for the Doujutsu he has implanted in him

>> No.21908943

you mean the Ninja Koga Scrolls novel? I was pretty sure it was common knowledge.

>> No.21908960

Just imagine how Ninja Hentai would have turned out without Futaro Yamada's Novel

>> No.21908966

Either way the origin of most of the Bloodline Limits that were actually able to be stabilized into a clan structure are probably so old as to be considered legend at best. I think the show had three clans built around a limit? Uchiha, Hyuga, and that boneshifting clan?

>> No.21908976

I would imagine that most Naruto fans aren't aware of any of the literary origins for anything from the manga. Which is sad because it's basically nothing but old tropes and stories mashed together into one crazy thing.

>> No.21909015

yes, because the OP asked for Powers, not curses. Honestly neither type of thread was especially helpful, but then again, neither was yours.

>> No.21909027

>> No.21909105


>> No.21909154

The only good manga is Onepunch man.
And the only good Super sentai is Akibarangers.

>> No.21909164

Yeah, but you'd think that if anyone were to spout the legends it'd the clan itself, which Tobi does, but I mean more of a public thing rather than let's not even throw a Red Herring bone.

As for the Kekkai Genkai, the Uchiha and Hyuga are the only Clans built around it. The Kaguya clan saw it as a curse and expendable. It was really just a rare possibility that they didn't particuraly want or found useful. Haku's lineage is much the same, possible but not wanted. As for the other Kekkai Genkai, well there's likely some clan based ones (the Tsuchikage and his Granddaughter both have Lava Release) but they've never been expanded upon into that extent. Not to mention you get DNA based not hereditary wildcards like Wood Release.

Really Kekkai Genkai didn't really work that well in my opinion. Unexplained Spammability of High level costly Sharingan Shenanigans aside, the Kekkai Genkai overshadowed the Clan based Secret Jutsu that should have been much more relevant in the Manga instead of being relegated to the fillers

>> No.21909183


Both of those are good parodies, but they don't work unless you're at least a little familiar with what they're parodying.

>> No.21909457

Cut down on Penis Biting Pussies? I think that'd be a plus

>> No.21909869

The Hyuga clan goes to pretty extreme lengths to protect their secrets though.

>> No.21909945

this awesome.
stop shitposting about Naruto and discuss intresting eye curses

>> No.21910063

So Kakashi was either a gossip or bigged them up to psyche his students. Really both are possible

>> No.21910350

Alright if you insist

Chilling Sight - Anyone you look at feels colder as a result. The more intense the gaze, the more they feel cold. Bad for charming, good for unsettling. Perhaps it could even cause the manifestation of Ice.

Pheromone Sight - You SEE Smells and can tell them apart.

Colour Sprayed Eyes - Rainbow LSD Glamour!

Subtitles - Speech comes with a handy script in your first language

Blood Raven Vision - Your eyes highlight possible "gifts" and you instantly map out the optimum (well... quickest) path of retrieval

Pimpin' Vision - You know hoes when you see them, you know when they holdin' out, you get a DEX bonus to keepin' yo Pimpin' Hand Strong

Raining Sight - A circle 1 foot in diameter is constantly rained upon by an overhead personal cloud. This cloud is above whatever you're looking at

>> No.21910440

>Blood Raven Vision - Your eyes highlight possible "gifts" and you instantly map out the optimum (well... quickest) path of retrieval

I honestly would not be surprised

>> No.21910644

Eyes of Curse Consumption - Any ambient 'bad luck' in line of sight is drained and stored within the eye, and can be fired like a beam to create a powerful, pure 'curse' on someone, dooming anything that is not directly in control to failure.

Eyes of the Mental Map - can see the connections between people and of what nature they are. Strenuous to keep active in crowds.

The Window to the Soul - more a weakness than a power, creates a direct link to the soul of the wielder through the eyes

Beast Eye - frightens any sentient target maintaining eye contact, victim cannot willingly break contact for fear of "missing" any movement by the wielder

Eye Blank - blinds and empties the mind of anyone targeted with this skill

>> No.21910787

eyes of detect gender

never be fooled again

>> No.21910825

that's a fatguy

>> No.21910874

>implying you've never seen a girlbeard before

>> No.21910999

Ball of eyes man!
Has the power to see where you're coming from.
Likes: saline, sunglasses, reading
Dislikes: cats, solar objects, long walks on the beach

>> No.21911075

>> No.21912297

Vorpal eyes. Whenever looking at someone for more than a few seconds, roll D1000. A roll of 1 causes their head to fall off.

>> No.21916025

There's also the high forehead.

>> No.21916034

Lion eyes: There ain't no way to hide them

>> No.21917426

THE eyes that forget people.
If you star at an object or a person for too long evryone on the world start losig memores about it. Even you. The longer you stares the more forgotten that object/guy becomes

>> No.21917486

This thread makes me want to creep the living shit out of people by pulling a prank that has me wear black sclera contacts and acting possessed.

>> No.21917507


>Pimpin' Vision

That's a real thing. I have it.

>> No.21917680


"It's common knowledge that light is made of waves, but there's more to sight than just that. Space itself is waves, and the creatures, things, and of course, light in it are also all made of waves.

Naturally, the thoughts and feelings of living things also consist of waves, and their wavelengths determine personalities.

Reisen can tamper with these waves.

Short wavelengths induce madness, and long wavelengths induce an easygoing nature. And, if you completely invert the waves' phases ... she can completely disappear from her opponent's perception."

>> No.21917695


Hmmm, I don't know... I think you'd need some kind of "Central Eye", a theme that ties it all together...

Something like...

Antimagic. Yeah, that makes sense.

>> No.21918061

Eyes are black holes, if you open them they start to absorb everything.

>> No.21921440

But light is particles. Light is not waves.

>> No.21921458

But it moves like waves.

>> No.21921477

Being able to look through the eyes of someon else.

Telekinesis where you move an objet by movingyour eyes/loooking about.

Infrared vision.

Night vision.

>> No.21921480

>the slow time seems more like a mental ability then eye ability.

You didn't read the post, did you? He said it was just a perception thing, not actually slowing time.

>> No.21921590


I'll take Subtitles, I would love to travel. But learning foreign languages is hell for me because of ADD.

>> No.21921662

Waves of particles

>> No.21921735


It's still your perception of time that slows. That seems mental.

If it was merely a matter of your eyes perceiving things slowly then it seems like you'd simply be lagging behind the rest of the world. Your brain working so fast that things see to be in slow motion would be a brain power.

>> No.21921770

Wouldn't that only help with listening to people speaking in foreign languages (still a very useful skill, for a spy or a tourist)?

>> No.21921797

>ever stop to descirbe the eyes of PCs or NPCs?
unless they are blue-within-blue eyes most people are worried it would come off mary-sueish to describe a character's eyes beyond being blue, green, or brown

>> No.21921835

>blue within blue
Try looking into that place where you dare not look! You'll find me there, staring out at you!

>> No.21921844


>rings of metal in your eyes
>fantasy setting with ring-based magic
>true spellcasters are born with copper rings around their eyes
>but they still have Wilson's Disease and no treatment exists

>> No.21921867

You could invent a bunch of these. Rings of silver, gold, iron, platinum, etc. All bestowing benefit with some disease or limitation.

>> No.21923650


I loved the concept of these. Ocular implant/Rec Device/Projector.

>> No.21927646

It appears to, and so can sand and balls and w/e, but that doesn't make it anything other than particles.

>> No.21928056

Light is an electromagnetic wave that coalesces into particle-like photons. It is literally both at once.

>> No.21928345

Nope, it's a bunch of particles, just like other things tend to be.

>> No.21928398

No wait a sec
>Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception
>Spell-like ability: At any time, the character can judge the exact depth of any transparent body of matter, as well as the exact distance of any object with relation to another visible object in the character's field of view, including himself.

>> No.21928469

Nope, light is an electromagnetic distortion of space which distorts just enough energy together to create a photon.

>> No.21928515

Nah, photons aren't made of energy; they're fundamental particles.

>> No.21928672

>Electrons, Protons and neutrons
>which are made Quarks, mesons, and bosons
>Electron vibration can create photons

Please, stop pretending you know anything about physics.

>> No.21928700

Doesn't the Byakugan remind anyone of Blind-Sight?

>> No.21928704

>made of anything
Nope, again, they're fundamental particles.

>> No.21928767

Electrons are not fundamental particles-
well fuck so it is, Electrons are in the subset of fundamental particles known as Leptons.

>> No.21928793

Photons are still not fundamental particles. They are discrete packets of energy that ACT like particles.

>> No.21928795

Yap :D

>> No.21928821

That's close to true, but you get it wrong at the bit where you disagree with me.


>> No.21928822

It's pretty obviously a mutation that allows them to blind their normal method of sight for to make it possible to use the suite of abilities it grants.

>> No.21928951

>you get it wrong at the bit where you disagree with me.
Funny how it always seems to work that way.

>> No.21929011

Well, if one says additional stuff that can be wrong *as well*.

>> No.21932198

the eyes that changes waves in particicles

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