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So, why are the Tau awesome? How well do they hold up against other armies, and do they have any flexibility?

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bumping because army choice anxiety.

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They're awesome because they're a shooty army that isn't Guard, because flying tanks are cool, and because Crisis Suits can jump-shoot-jump, which has been scientifically proven to be more fun than just moving and shooting.

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I don't know, I would assume that fire caste blueberries are pretty flexible, with all those aerobics they do.

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>inb4 some faggot tries to turn this blueberry thread into a tau thread

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Oh, and they carry long-ranged super-rifles, which are also fun.

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...and the fact that they have kroot for close combat options and Tau for long-range blastin' is cool and potentially flexible, although the fact that nobody really seems to mention using kroot suggests the rules don't allow for that flexibility to be realised.

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Why don't people using kroot more? If I started off with a Tau army and ran a combo of Tau and Kroot, could I run an effective army?

This compared to using Orks, and though I love them, the idea of shelling out for more than 100 Boyz and painting all of them is quite daunting.

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I don't know.

I don't actually play, just saying what seems cool about Tau.

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>“So, why are the Tau awesome?”
>Starts thread with a pic showing why the orks are awesome.
Tau are nice too, though.

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>and do they have any flexibility?
their only competitive formation is frog leap line of gunners
which is sad as sad frog can be since all their fluff is about being tactically flexible and favoring mobility

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If you're keen on Orks, go with them. There's ways to cut down on the number of boyz you have to use (though you'll keep adding more).

Trust me, go with whatever army interests you the most. It works out best in the long run. If Tau also interest you a bunch, then that works too.

Ork player, can't help with Tau stuff so much.

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mass battlesuit is always fun

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How do you think orks and tau compare to each other? They're actually my two toss-up armies, and I like both of them, but I'm worried about the tau's flexibility, and the sheer number or ork units.

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Also, OP here, where can I find more Tau cheesecake? Those sexy, sexy blue ladies make me very happy.

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/tg/ will fill your blueberry preserves soon enough.

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Mooooaaaaarrrr, please? I like them, *and* they may draw more attention. I still can't decide between orkz and tau cause I don't have enough info.

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Same guy from the previous 2 threads? All I can say is look at the fluff and go by that. If you don't like the army you're playing, then whats the point? Just my personal opinion, though.

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Problem is, I already significantly enjoy the fluff of both. The issues I'm stuck on are playability and versatility. If I knew I could get away with multiple effective tactics, I'd like that. If I can get away with using some tactics but not too much, that's even better. I don't wanna be stuck in leapfrog with the tau like that one person posted, but I also don't wanna go Orkz and just throw a bunch of models without purpose at the enemy.

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TRQ was here. All other blueberries are smalltime.

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Too lewd for me!

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All least the other blueberries dont have a gaping asshole from footlong hrudcock.

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MOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR. Also what's your opinion of Tau vs. Orkz as for playability, fluff aside?

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Lies. Its probably not lewd enough for you, you little slut.

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No it's not

I'm a Vet Tau player and I ended up picking up IG because I was fucking tired of running the same exact list every single game

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The Tau actually dont perform well, they have a dated codex and aren't as good at shooting as they once were compared to newer armies.

Pretty much every reason you would want to play tau is done better with newcrons.

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OP, if you waited this long (ive seen this thread a few times) wait until Tau's new codex due sometime next year. THEN make your choice

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i desire to see a full body pic from you, any of the /tg/ waifus would be acceptable.

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I'm not the guy who draws these, I just like his pics.

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not really a full body, the proportions are a bit wonky, like her spine doesn't connect right.

i like his style, i just want to see more of it, see where his limits are and whatnots

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Is you.

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I can't take a thread seriously that has Tau and awesome in the same sentence.

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It is widely known that Xeno is the lewdest of all tau.

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So from what I'm hearing, Tau are pretty and cool, but get repetitive. Whereas, Orkz may have tons of models, but it can be more fun to mix up the types of units and throw them at the enemy. Am I correct? Also, found a ton of new Tau cheesecake for you.

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And she's banned. So post something else.

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I thought you got banned.

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Posting pictures of Xeno isn't banned. The annoying namefag Xeno is banned.

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Not the same bro, but I play orkz and have an extremely bit of tau, but I've read up on them a bit.

Tau are basically glass cannons. They HURT, but the second anything even gets in spitting distance they fly apart faster than a Warboss punching a gretchin with a power Klaw.

Orkz are a bit brittle at times when faced with str 5+ weapons, but they have enough boyz to compensate for that.

You're gonna have a lot of boyz, no matter what you do, the only exception to this rule is the Deff Walker list.

The least I've even fielded was 68 boyz. The most I've field was 180. The best thing to remember is that yes it takes awhile to paint all those orkz, but by the end of it. you'll have even more skill than when you started. It's truly the Hobbyist' army.

All dat painti'
All dat Buildin'
All Dat Convertin'

I only stopped caring about my tau, simply because I can't motivate myself to do much with them.

I like pathfinders, Fire warriors, and stealth Suits, and bits of fluff. I do not like anything else about them. It's pretty much what the previous ork-bro stated all about preference.

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Why not just play both on Vassal and see which you like?

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If you can find anyone on Vassal, that's a fucking miracle.

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What's Vassal?
That sounds about what I was thinking. Do many things have sr 5+ weapons? Also, how does a deffwalker list hold up against other armies? Doesn't it have much fewer boyz?

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What are good heads to use for Fire Warriors? I don't like how ugly the fire Tau look.

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Moar cheesecake for you.
>>21896313 came up with the kind of advice I'm looking for.

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Moar for you? I'm trying to write a paper right now, having this off my mind would help me concentrate more... ;__;

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Not really...Most special weapons (save from regular flamers) have 6-10 str, but they're so few and far between it doesn't really matter. The worst thing for you to fear as an ork are Terminators, flamers, and Mass Fire.

Terminators really arent THAT bad, but they can be if you don't deal with them. If you can somehow get 20+ boyz whacking the utter piss out of them, they will die

Flamers you're just fucked, unless you have 'eavy armor or 'ard boys, but meh.

mass fire is a given, throw enough dice at something it's gonna die. Boyz are the rule of thumb with this. "What can I throw the most dice at X." the Majority of the time it's boyz. Slugga for melee, Shoota for Shootinmee. Sluggaz keep da gitz from shootin at da ova boyz, Shoota Boyz bring da noiz. I've had a squad of 20 shoota boyz hold off a full squad of Khorne Berserkers just from overwatch alone. Killed about 5 on the first charge, they failed the distance, my turn, dey felt dat dakka, by their second attempt they had at most five Berserkers. Once CC came into play I lost like eight boyz, but they just murdered those Spiky boyz.

Datz not to say Slugga boyz don't bring dat Dakka. Slugga pistols have this weird luck about them. Every time they shoot they almost always have 1-4 hits on them. Sometimes they actually outshoot the shoota boyz. It's really fuckin weird.

Deff lists are good still. The only drawback is that the Actual Dread, got better and worse. Against necrons you might as well bend over and drop trousers, you about to get raped son. Against nids? Oh sweet merciful christ the rape of those bugs is painful for even you to watch.

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More tau ladies for you. Don't make me dump butts again, I have far too many to want to sit dumping them here for a response all night. Glorious butts...

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Eh? Does nobody Vassal anymore? Why?

It's a Warhammer 40k tabletop online. Move dudes, throw dice, win battles.

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Starting to sound like a basic green tide army, or a mix of tide and speed freeks sounds good about now. How can I have a good size horde of boyz plus nobs in 'eavy armor? Or, can I do some of boyz, nobz in armor, and nobs on bikes? What about warbuggies?

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... Actually not that bad, pretty reminiscent of pin-ups.

It's a nice change from anime-inspired or "lol insane features," that's for sure.

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Not much of it, but there's some okay stuff here:

I wish there was more Tau cheesecake that wasn't hardcore, or at least that was better quality. Like the last picture I posted, stuff like that.

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They've got decent options in terms of mobility, combined with some of the best dakka in the game.
You're good at taking objectives.
You're good at holding objectives, mostly because you tend to gun down anything before it can get into melee range.
Outside of battlesuits, though, you're pretty frail, so watch yourself.

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I'll just leave this here.

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Eh, Im not a fan of Nagas faces. They bug the fuck out of me and each one looks the same. I used to have a tau pinup somewhere around here...

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Lois, where'd your nose go?

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The God Emperor has forsaken me. This thread is turning me to heresy.

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Damn, right , Party Tau, it's not a good pain, it's party time!

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Bad blueberry! Stop being so lewd!

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I said stop it!

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Any advice for starting my Tau army?

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silly anon /tg/ doesn't play tau they just fap to them

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The Tau would be great, but the whole sterilizations and mind control thing creeps me out.

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Stealth Suits
Fire Warriors. Two teams or so.
You might want an Ethereal if you really want to but I'd go with a Commander and some Crisis Suits.

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Eh, most of their fluff is told from the Imperium's stand point so the truthfulness of that is kinda up in the air.

>> No.21902975

Sounds good, I want to start around 500 does the battle force a few Battlesuits seem good?

>> No.21902976

I do both, thank you very much.

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>The Tau
>Poor man's Eldar
>Awesome in any way

God no.

>> No.21903010

Indeed, you got your Hammerhead and Stealth suits covered in the battleforce Also, Drones, lotsa lotsa Drones of all kinds.

>> No.21903044

The Deathwatch books pretty much confirmed it. Seriously, speaking for myself, I find that aspect of their fluff utterly unappealing.

Like the Guns, like the design, but the fluff....nyyyyyeeehh.

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Broadsides are always pretty fucking handy.

Also. Forgeworld Tetras are apparently useful too.

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I only have a few Tau pieces right now, so I turned my Imperial Guard into a Gue'vesa PDF. They're the main force, and my group of Tau Fire Warriors and Stealth Suits act as their "handlers" in battle.

Pretty awesome.

>> No.21903189

Can I run Guardsmen as Fire Warrior proxies?

>> No.21903413

I wouldn't take Deathwatch too seriously. Anti-Warp star-gods defeated the Old Ones by eating Necrontyr souls and unleashing Warp-spawn, and Ultramar doesn't raise Guard regiments.

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>> No.21903531

I have a feeling is the EMPARAH! was still running shit he would have totaled Ultramar ages ago.

>> No.21903546

he supported Ultramar when he was running shit though.

>> No.21903552

Only out of jealousy.

>> No.21903568

That honestly sounds like the modern military to me, the 'overwatch gives suppressing fire and the other guys advance to a position to do the same' stuff.

Aren't we also trying for the tactically flexible and mobile thing too?

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I kind of like Tau, but I just can't dig them right because their trained hardasses are inferior to conscripts in close combat.

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Oi, sexy perspectives and proportions aint easy ya know...

But yeah they're the cornerstone of everything, get your proportions right, get everything right.

As to my limitations… yeah they're pretty severe in some areas. Any criticism is welcome though, especially if it's foamed in rage and trollsauce.

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Not bad. Be careful about not making the eyes too wide apart or too big, though.

Also, it looks like she has more hair on the sides of her head than on top of it. Make it more balanced next time.

The rest is nice, although making her wear a bikini would have allowed you to make her at least as sexy, and without those pesky censor bars.

>> No.21905618

>a bikini
with a diaper underneath, of course.

>> No.21905859

Sure but put Tau weapons on them. I'm starting Tau as well, my guys are a renegade branch from the Kor'e (Korea) Sector.

>> No.21905944




(un)fortunately clothes are one of those limitations, so you're all stuck with fullcore nudity for the moment.

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Thank you so much. I know what I'm posting to mock the diaper people from now on.

>> No.21906298

You have my clearance.

But seriously, though, when are we going to see more padded blueberries?

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I hope you mean curvy.

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This. This is how we kill the Technomancer. May its filth be sealed forever.

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I like how at this stage there are two things:

Real tau: fairly ugly warrior race

/tg/ tau: Blueberry waifus

>> No.21908925

Blueberries are real tau. They're just female.

>> No.21909067

Fire warriors became more relevant in this edition with mobile 36 inch threat range.

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Actually in cannon Tau Females are apparently fairly good looking, enough to impress Caiphas Cain, who is a notorious womanizer. They have features indicative of human females, breasts and the like (at least according to him, specifically were described to have a womanly figure).

How we draw tau females is on a whole correct.

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Stop, please. You'll make the nofun neckbeards collapse into a rage singularity.

>> No.21909326

Is that from the first novel?

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sorry took me so long to respond bro. Went to sleep shortly after posting and had to work all day.

Anyway. You could easily do 6 groups of 30 boyz (180) and have ten nobz in heavy Army. Bikers might be a bit expensive, but they are fuckin awesome to have.

I've been using a mostly Speed Freakz; Blood axe list. Lot's a trukks, looted wagons, and Battle wagons with Kommandoz tearing up shit. Orkz have the grace of being able to do anything.

Warbuggies currently blow ass. Yes they're slightly cheaper than Deffkoptaz, but that's about the only good thing about them. They're a vehicle, not a unit, so they have the statline of a trukk and we all know how long trukks live.

>> No.21909357

But, I'm just saying that according to the actual lore the human like tau are correct. Also, this was an air caste, which are said to be thinner and more willowy than the rest. This means that earth and fire cast would be more *cough* meaty *cough cough* and supposedly more human looking in body.

>> No.21909401

Water Caste are known to dress and alter their appearance and behavior to invoke a sense of familiarity and fondness in their targets.

So...it would not surprise me if Cain fell for it.

>> No.21909410

>tau getting breast implants just to impress humans

>> No.21909451

Actually it comes out from one of the short stories I believe, but it might be the first novel. I really can't remember for sure, I just remember finding it and siting it in the past.

>> No.21909473

I doubt it, Cain may be a womanizer, but he isn't stupid. I doubt he would fall for something unless it involved actual cosmetic surgery, which I doubt the tau would get (though... come to think about it I might not put it past them).

>> No.21909502

No need for anything extreme. Padded Bras under the formal diplomatic robes would suffice.

Also they'll need one of these too. They wouldn't want to freak out the Gue'la with their ''alien'' facial features.

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>> No.21909550

Maybe you're right. We need some detailed fluff on tau physiology for both male and female.

>> No.21909588

Just read the Xenology.

It has two pictures of female Tau and a detail description of their biology

>> No.21909630

Right down to their toes.

>> No.21909665

The straws that some people grasp at...unsettling.

>> No.21909709

The funny thing is that even if you accept the book itself as canon, it was supposed to be unreliable and inaccurate.

>> No.21909729

Well, toss up those pics. I don't trust Xenology because in world it is a book created by the Ordos Xenos and is allowed to be seen by the public. Which means it would be rife with propaganda and purposeful misinformation, so they might not be accurate, but it is a step in the right direction.

>> No.21909744

She was also a malnourished ethereal and quite possibly a male transvestite.

>> No.21909766

Not Cannon

Seriously, Eldar having no body fat? That's retarded

>> No.21909777

That's how I've always seen it: a perfectly canon example of the Imperium's unreliable information network.

>> No.21909779

B-But muscly chest-asses!

>> No.21909789

As canon as anything else, remember that.

That book probably will be the only in depth and full detail study of the Tau species in the fluff for years to come.

>> No.21909832

Look at this thing.

Does it look like it can store fat?

>> No.21909901

Seriously, look at IT!

>> No.21909927

Xenology is fucking boss. They should do another one on warp beasts and other weird phenomenon.

>> No.21909953

Yes, or it would be dead. 0% body fat is a pretty quick death sentence for any type of creature we understand as mammals... and elder are mammalish... so they should require body fat.

>> No.21910024

Is there anything else you don't find right in the Xenology?

Or are you gonna say its not canon just because of one erroneous picture?

>> No.21910074

Forgetting the fact that there are at least /two/ pieces of it that this thread seems to have conflict with, what do you think it got right?

>> No.21910100

Ork Biology is dead on.

The Anzion Theorem was nicely expanded upon.

>> No.21910122

Well, also keep in mind that in Xenology they state that while Humanity and the Eldar look similar on the outside, on the inside the Eldar are utterly alien, nothing like humans at all. It also states that the Eldar seem as though they were put together rather than evolved such as we had, that there is nothing wasted and that everything is perfect.

Not trying to say that you're wrong, just that it's entirely possible that they have no fat at all.

>> No.21910243

Whether it's canon or no, Xenology seems to be a clusterfuck. I don't see the problem with there being both DFC musclegirl tau and blueberries at the same time, myself.

>> No.21911191

A bead of sweat slid over the side of Shenraya's eyebrow and down along her nasal slit, just above her lips. The cold air of the hall felt soothing on the Shas'Ui's warm skin. She thought it odd how heated up she was in the open room and not tucked snugly within the confines of her battlesuit. The alien eyes of the diplomats that had received her group were all on her, dressed down to just the tight latex of her undergarments. Somehow they felt tighter-- tugging almost as they observed her perform her usual daily exercises. Internally she cursed the noble Aun who had suggested the activity-- a cultural show of how the Tau soldiers kept themselves fit.

>> No.21911215

Flashing a glance at the Ethereal, he turned a piercing gaze toward Shenraya that took her off of her rhythm. The intent gaze of his silver eyes urged her onward in her task. Taking a deep breath caused her top to stretch around her chest with an audible noise. It was if the material had somehow gotten smaller, making it hard for the Tau girl to breathe. She nodded her head down to focus her thoughts and then looked back up at the aliens before her with a smile. It wasn't just her top, it seemed as the Shas'ui slowly brought her hands between her thighs and bent her knees down. The leggings pulled against her skin and her bottom threatened to split her in two. She couldn't look down to confirm, but the battlesuit pilot was sure that everyone watching her could see every contour of her sex now through the material. Her hooves scraped against the ground as she brought her hands up, letting out her breath and raising them high before circling them around back down again, returning to a squatting position.

>> No.21911222

The Tau girl continued her exercises, sweat shining brightly on her skin. One of the aliens bid the Ethereal over and, out of Shenraya's earshot, they had what appeared to be having an animated conversation. As she moved her hands to the side, her arm brushed against her chest, dragging roughly against the nub of flesh and the end of her breast. Smiling again to try and hide her arousal, Shenraya wondered if the aliens could even comprehend what she was going through. The Shas'ui admittedly knew nothing of this particular group of aliens. They were tall and lean, and their armor had long, draping robes that were dark in color. Returning again to the squatting position, Shenraya's clothing squealed as it stretched and rubbed against her damp skin. She could feel the edges of it tugging against her thighs and stomach, against her shoulders and her chest.

>> No.21911243

The Ethereal then turned towards Shenraya from his conversation and pointed directly at her with his long, grey fingers, saying some words to the alien he had been talking to. The Shas'ui didn't know it then, but she was about to be introduced to how the Dark Eldar did things.

>> No.21911979

earth caste best caste

>> No.21912685

Well, this thread certainly went places...

>> No.21913712

OP here, I can't believe my thread is still here. Still up in the air about Orkz versus Tau. I still haven't gotten many answers as far as the Tau's playability. Is leapfrogging or going with a mech list the only way to be competitive with Tau? How else can they be competitive? Orks I'm clear about, throw enough boys at something and the enemy should be toast.

>> No.21914827

What castes are the famous /tg/ blueberries?

I seem to vaguely remember Blue being a earth/fire mix.

>> No.21914866

There's no such thing as caste mixes.

Earth Caste:
>Sar'A Ker'Gan
>TIDF's little sister
>Party Tau

Fire caste:
>Fuk'Myr and Do'Myr
>Hueg tau

Water Caste:
>Tau Race Queen
>Survey Tau
>Por'Ui K'Tadie
>That one tall redhead diplomat

>> No.21914924

>There's no such thing as caste mixes.

As far as I could tell, they can fuck, they just don't most of the time

>> No.21914943

>Is leapfrogging or going with a mech list the only way to be competitive with Tau?

Given how tau collapse in melee? Yes. Your opponents know this, so they will try to get in melee as soon as possible. Staying out of melee by leapfrogging, gun-lining or driving circles around the enemy are therefore the only viable tactics as tau, be3cause you sure as hell won't be winning it in the assault phase.

>> No.21914975

They never do

>> No.21914988

The universe is a big place, big enough that I'd wager it's happened.

>> No.21915006

the tau empire is not.

maybe it happened in the farsight enclaves, though

>> No.21915756


I'm not sure about the correct terminology, but I think Blue was considered caste-less or something like that due to her parents "putting themselves before the Greater Good".
Mother was Earth Caste. Father was Fire.

>> No.21916116

No, she's explicitly an earth caste.

>> No.21916354

Thread could use more Hueg

>> No.21916407

Not according to the fluff, if you read the one where they find her.

>> No.21918249

Blue was an earth caste orphan, but her father was rumored to be fire caste, leading to everyone hating her on principle

>> No.21918871

I fought on Koh'rea against scum like you.

>> No.21918983

>That feel when thousands of neckbeards still won't accept that female tau don't have tits

>> No.21918998

See, one of your examples was about shelling out for hundreds of Boyz, but think how much money you are saving by scratchbuilding/converting Ork vehicles.

>> No.21919364

>That feel when thousands of canonfags still won't accept that orks have large cocks for raping captured spacemarines and guardsmen.

>> No.21919564

>That feel when thousands of fa/tg/uys still won't accept that tau girls wear diapers

>> No.21919623

We've been over this countless times now. They do. Take your fanon elsewhere.
That's...just idiocy.
Go die in a fire.

>> No.21919916

Kroot have some terrible rules.
They don't come with armor saves.
Their guns are rapid fire meaning you can't shoot and assault.
They aren't that good in melee.
Honestly most of their problems could be fixed with an update changing rules to work with the new edition, in the meantime they aren't that good.
However 2v2 lists where the tau focuses on broadsides/suits/fire warriors to dakka everything down while having a blood angels or other strong melee army to screen for them have been doing very well.

>> No.21920128

This thread is probably old and dead, but 40k on vassal is still going strong, there just hasnt been an update for a while. So no new chaos and sisters are lacking a few units but I think a few are developing models. I know that there are a good number of americans on, some europeans. Biggest problem with vassal is random disconnects.

>> No.21921007

I thought the 40k modules were blammed due to GW catching wind of them and being the gigantic assholes they are.

>> No.21921102

Kroot originally were fine. They were designed to be somewhat like Orks in combat purposes, always having 2 base attacks, 3 on the charge, at Str 4, Initiative 4. When Tau were first released, it was decent and passable for a non-MEQ army. The Rapid Fire didn't let them shoot and charge, but that was fine (only pistol-wielding combat units and Eldar Guardians/Avengers could, and no one was fielding Avengers). Their points cost was about half that of 10 bolter-armed marines, and in total they out-shot them. The lack of an armor save really means little when you've got what at the time was cheap, expendable, CC light infantry.

The problem is that Tau's last update was early 4th, and little was needed to be done to bring them up to par. Kroot Hounds and Krootoxen were added to the Kroot units as opposed to being Force-Org slot add-ons. And Kroot still maintained the same viable role as before, and continued to out-shoot bolter marines while being cheap tree-hugging light infantry led by a mini-HQ character. Late 4th hit, and the go-to standard for "light infantry assault unit" became 6pts, and lost a lot of it's threat value, then hit 5th edition, and now we're in 6th. All the Kroot need is a decent Ld value of at least 8 (they initially had a Ld value equal to their point-cost per model), Mabye a slightly heavier armor option, or bonus to cover saves, and a reduction in point cost. Give them some weapon upgrade options, and they'll do fine as an all-around shooting+combat light infantry unit, similar to Shootas.

>> No.21921473

Y'know what? OP here, I'm gonna say screw it and just go with Orks. They're pretty straightforward, don't involve and of that 'hurr run around in circles' stuff, and though they may not be as 'serious', that's really the point. Have cool models, speak with a Cockney accent, get more dakka, and krump some gitz.

/tg/, you have birthed a new fan of the DAKKA!!!!11!ONE

>> No.21921495

>>TIDF's little sister


>> No.21921796

Actually yes and no. Yes gw doesnt like it so the official vassal site dropped it. But there are few fan website(s) that have module. Also the wfb module died out years ago, shame though I like the fluff.
heres 5.4

>> No.21921910

>> No.21922571

Too bad we couldn't add a new member to our low number of tau players, but if orks sound more like your kind of thing, then go for it. There's no worse choice than playing an army you don't enjoy, and no better than one you do.

Welcome to the WAAAAGH!

>> No.21922889

Hm, I am probably buying my first 40k figures tomorrow. Will be tau. Any tips? Should I go with the starter package?

>> No.21922976

He is working on lots of stuff. Drawing, writing, musical instruments are all about practice. He is kindly working on Another Writefag and my fics in terms of comic art. So, here is one I remembered to save.

Don't worry man, I love your stuff.

>> No.21923039


Ever planing on doing full on images or web comic-ish things?

>> No.21923068

Eh? This isn't my art. It's art for my fic he is making a comic out. The guy who did it is nicknamed Lewdanon but he doesn't wanna name fag it up since people are dicks about name/tripfags.

Unless you meant we both do a web comic, I had thought about asking him, but, he is busy, I am not.

>> No.21923123


Ahh okay, I've just seen him pop up but I didn't know who drew the images.

And you never know if you don't ask.

>> No.21923270

Exactly! The guy has been in the thread, see


That's the guy. But he is basically working on stuff for myself and another dude. Hopefully he will get some time off and able to finish them before I end up writing too much and asking for more pictures.

>> No.21923306


Yes, I'm wondering that myself.

>> No.21924443

This is the greatest thing... on /tg/... right now.

>> No.21924515

This thread gave me cancer.

>> No.21924683

Then there is at least one person somewhere in this big wide world that deserves cancer.

>> No.21925515

She's the one from this image

>> No.21928505

Hueg caste is my favorite caste

>> No.21928531

I can think of a few off the top of my head.

>> No.21928543

Are Tau players just that much more vocal than other army players?

>> No.21928558

>Hold up against other armies
>Got their ass kicked by a basic level Crusade
>Saved because Nids

Yeah no

>> No.21928578

Didn't they beat Damocles or whatever?

>> No.21928601


They lost several world, a lot of ships, and a ton of soldiers to a total of

Imperial Guard Regiments of the Damocles Crusade

17th Brimlock Dragoons Regiment2
19th Brimlock Dragoons Regiment1
Rakarshan Rifles4
Brimlock Fusiliers4

Imperial Navy Ships

Blade of Woe 3.b.i (Heavy Cruiser)
Dutchess McIntyre 3.b.ii
Honour of Damlass 3.b.ii
Lord Cedalion 3.b.ii
Ajax 3.b.ii
Fist of Light 3.b.ii
Niobe 3.b.ii (Overlord class Battlecruiser)
Regent Lakshimbal 3.b.ii

Space Marines

Iron Hands3.b
White Scars3.b
Scythes of the Emperor5
Black Templars6

Rogue Traders

Lucian Gerrit of the Arcadius3.b
Korvane Arcadius Gerrit, Lucian's son3.b
Brielle Arcadius Gerrit, Lucian's daughter3.b
Oceanid (Rogue Trader Vessel)
Fairlight (Rogue Trader Vessel)
Rosetta (Rogue Trader Vessel)

>> No.21928620


Yeah no, Tau lose no matter what they have

>> No.21928631

FW Tetras are awesome. I never leave home without um. I've been experimenting with them since 6th came out and they fix many of my problems with the Tau utility. Also, they have a nice fluffy 'mobile Tau' kinda feel.
Without Tetras Tau have some weakenesses compared to alot of other armies, but I've found that by using allies to fill in the places I'm having the most trouble I'm having a more balanced army overall.
(also Tetras, seriously)

>> No.21929816

You say that as if that's not much, but last I checked Armageddon was turned by far less than that.Only half the space marines for starters. You also conveniently forgot to mention that the tau halted the crusade at Da'lyth.

>> No.21929957


It really isn't a lot. Cadia makes that look like nothing.

>> No.21931166

A single company of space marines is already capable of copious amounts of bullshit in every one of their codexes. The tau tanked seven of them. And then some. And they're still growing.

Sure, Cadia's tougher, but then I'm not claiming that the tau empire is as dangerous as the main entrance to the goddamn eye of terror.

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