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Hello again everyone on /tg/.

So a few days ago I had great fun writing up an erotic sisters of battle fapfic to spec, and to which a kindly drawfag did some panels/may still be doing some panels for. I can link people to the story, though sadly I lack the 1d4chan-fu to include the artwork that accompanied it so far.

But the experience of writing, and the way i did it, with you kindly /tg/ers voting on the course the narrative would take, was alot of fun for me, and I'd like to try that again.

First things first: Whatever I write, it'll be 40k in nature since thats a canon everyone is familiar with. Secondly, I wont do any extreme or messy fetishes. Thirdly, I wont accept any trollish or silly requests.

So, to begin. What 40k writefaggotry would you like to see? It needn't even be erotic. Roll a d20, highest score wins, and I'll get this ball rolling.

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Rolled 11

Hey, guy who rolled the 20 on your previous thread here. Make one about an Imperial Guard officer trying to pick up girls at a bar, and failing miserably.

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Rolled 3

A sister of battle and bloodclaw Space Wolf broing it up with chainswords and a shit-ton of Tyranids to kill.

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Rolled 10

Welcome to the Inquisition Sister! Meet your Cell.
Female Cleric, Male scum, Female Guardsman, Male Arbite. Get to know them. Soon you go to extract a High Profile Xeno From a ship.

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Sister of Battle is shrunk and put in an unbreakable jar next to hundreds of others in a collection by a fallen Sister of Battle with access to warp sorcerery.

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Rolled 4

I was thinking a Gene Stealer Pretending to be a Rogue Trader ( IE replaced him)

>> No.21888284


Then he goes back to barracks and a female comrade in arms confesses her love for him.

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Rolled 4

Leeman Russ is on a mission and finds a Dark Eldar female whom is just beautiful as fuck and they have a blossoming, but star crossed relationship.

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Dam you're super lucky guy. Since you rolled the highest I'm gonna go with your suggestion so far. Since these ideas seem very contained I might do several such stories, we'll see how it goes.

Next post of mine will be the beginning of your request.

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How about you go fuck yourself faggot

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Sargeant Lennick counted his creds. Enough for maybe one more round. He sighed. They were shipping out tomorrow too. Some godforsaken Deathworld, he imagined. The Ophidian Crusade, they called it. The Ophidian Sector had been overrun by some hideous xenos menace, and he and about four or five million other guardsmen and a couple hundred astartes were going back there to clear that shit out.

He slammed back the last of his sacra, and wiped his mouth with his dirty sleeve. Well, by the Emperor, he was going to have fun tonight. The 84th "Last Hopers" of New Salisbury was a regiment with a proud history of desperate last stands and fights against hopeless odds. He hoped to prove them right tonight.

He surveyed the bar. Mostly millitary types like himself, having one last night of joy before they shipped out to Emperor knews where on the morrow. But he spied several promising beauties he would try his charm on.

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Rolled 9

A squat, (from pre 6'th edition fluff btw) thats laying low in a imperial hive city. Talks, acts and shares mannerisms to that of Captain Price from COD 4, even down to chomping on a cigar/cigarillo and being a skilled sniper.

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Rolled 1

the adventures of un'cle ru'ckas the only Tau officially sanctioned by the Imperium of Man, and his illogical haterid of all nonhumans.
"Aww blueberry, you should give praise to the human fo lettin' yo xeno ass live to see another day"

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Rolled 13

If your ok with wishful thinking crossover, think you can do more glorious imperial guard logs of Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard on Cadia fighting Chaos, ala http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Half_Life_40k

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There was a hot, busy chick with a short white fringe. The obligatory sister of battle. She looked completely hammered. She was probably here making sure none of her new novices were skiving off or indulging themselves in something they shouldn't be. She looked a bit too butch, but what the hey.

There was a slender, dark-skinned girl with a pony-tail in the dark navy skinsuit of an Imperial Navy fighter-jock. She was drinking several other guardsmen under the table. Probably had gland mods. There was a shy, quiet girl in the corner, nursing a tall cocktail. She was wearing some heavy robes. Probably Scholar Progenium. She was sat with a very feminine guardsman, standard haircut. Looks to be part of the rival regiment, the 92nd Mad-Jumpers. A unisex regiment, with a reputation for wildness.

Finally, there's a woman in rich purple dress, long braided black and red hair, long fingernails dyed black. A servo-skull or two seems to be hovering around her. She's clearly loaded. Maybe a rogue trader or part of one's entourage, you reckon. Classy, but perhaps looking for a bit of rough to alleviate a dull night.

Which one do you go for? roll d20 etc (Not everyone need be a total failure pickupwise, but the fun is in getting there...:)

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Rolled 20

Going for Sister first. We gon get ourselves some consecrated poontang or burn from prometheum trying.

>> No.21888529

Praise be to the dice gods and The Emprah!

>> No.21888615

Natural 20. Roger Wilco.

Lennick sidled up next to the Sororitas, flipping some of his credits to the bartender. "Another of the same as she's having." He said, beginning his charm offensive.

"A Promethemium Triple? Your deathwish, soldier." The bartender smirked, mixing up a foul concoction of spirits that reeked like a flamer and looked likely to be as deadly.

"Y--you're a, uh, guardsman...pissofff..." She slurred. She seems to be -really- drunk. You wonder if even she knew how hard the stuff she was hitting was.

"Whats your name Sister? I dont see any of your order around, and I was curious. I imagine you're here to safeguard the virtue of your sisters?"

"Damn right! Gakkin' novices. Always...always getting drunk and chasin imperialsh, guardsmen. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" she thunders, slamming her fist down on the bar, causing a dent. "You..wouldn'tbehappening to knowsh anythink about that, would you?" She fixes you with a steely eye. You can't tell if shes coming on to you or planning bloody murder.

>> No.21888685


"No, No. I'm just ah, making sure that you're not alone whilst you keep your Vigil." Lennick said. He took a sip of the Promethemium Triple, and nearly gagged. This was some -strong- stuff. He wondered why someone like the Sister would drink this awful tar, especially since she seemed not to be too good at holding her liquor.

"So uh...what was that name again?"

"I...I already told you. Its Constance. Constance Vigilance." She slurs. "Gimme another of those triples...no, better make it a double..that more or less?" She seems to sway a little, then balances herself. Seems her training to maintain poise is so rigid that even blind-drunk she can't unbend.

"You know it must be tough, shouldering so weighty a burden, and you seem to have been holding it for a while now. Maybe I could...relieve you a little of that duty?" You wink.

"Are you...trying to tempt me away from my post?" she says. "Cos...thatwouldbebad."

She seems to be both too stubborn and too drunk to be receptive to your usual ploys. But maybe there's something else you could try...

What do? Move on to one of the other girls, or do you have any ideas how to crack this Sororitas? (This is turning into 40k Leisure Suit Larry...>_> Not that that's bad mind you...)

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I saw your previous thread and awaited said link.
Why the fuck don't you link it in the thread?
Or at least give us an article name.

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An unfortunate psyker taken aboard the black fleet and has the extreme misfortune of being the only person in the imperium to have the ability to hear the Tyranid Hive mind without having his mind ripped apart. Gets recruited by an inquisitor of the Ordos Xenos or something.

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Rolled 1

whoops forgot to roll

>> No.21888763


Didn't know if anyone wanted that story or not.

It's here: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Sister_of_Solace

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Thank you, OP. Now get us shot down by the rich chick. Use your skill to reveal our love of humiliation!

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We hold the line and tell her whos gonna know? It's not all bad to blow off some steam (or in this case, blow off some prometheum), what with having barely any r&r and that anything that goes down in the tent is between her, us, and the Emperor. Plus it'll be no strings attached, for all she cares, we'd get gutted by a ork or end up with as many as many holes in us as swiss chesse from tau guns.

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*for all she cares, we'd get gutted by a ork or end up with as many as many holes in us as swiss chesse from tau guns the next day we go back on tour.

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Rolled 18

You were the guy who got Drawfriend drawing right?

I can never remember, you're triped but I can't see a name.

Speaking of which I've started the second one of mine. Somebody requested I did muscle and breast envy, with abhuman monster girls and futa. Since the last two can be combined (and I have the frame work on it done) I'm still un sure on the muscle + breast bit, I only have part of it done.

But, I'd like to see a female IG trying to survive in a company of IG that look down on them.

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18, awwwwww yeah.

Unlucky dude.

>> No.21888895

Seems good. Normally id ask for d20 but what the hey.

Lennick decides to try the pity card. "No temptation, sister. I, like you, am a dedicated servant of the Emperor. Tomorrow I and my men are bound for who knows where, to fight and die for his enemies. On a thousand worlds guardsmen like me die every day, holding the line. We keep the Vigil in our way, just as you are now keeping yours." Lennick gives her his most serious look, or at least as serious as can be given his own insobriety.

"That said...I think the Emperor would not object were we to combine our resources, and aid each other in our Vigil-keeping duties."

The Sister seems to consider your words for a moment. "Alright. You can keep aneyeoutforany novices. Report em strasght to me ifyou see them!" She runs off to the toilets, entering the little Sister's room. You can't hear here from the bar, but you're guessing she's busy emptying half a drum of triple-strength spirits into the toilet.

Well that went well. Still, if any Novices do come in later, at least they won't be set upon by the Harridan.

Whose Next? Rich chick has one vote. Any others? remember d20 gets your post priority if its high rollin'!

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Hey Provider. Yep, that's me. Just call me Just Another Writefag. That story sounds awesome, and if you want to post that here or elsewhere i'd love to see it. When this bar story is over ill probably do your request next since you rolled so high. :)

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Rolled 4

Ya rich girl sounds good, plus we should consider that shy Scholar Progenium girl as a contigency plan (the quiet/shy ones are usually the wildest in bed... Usually)

>> No.21889014

Awww yeah. Cool bro. It's awesome how /tg/ has rekindled my love of writing, your story got me going (not in that way) and the reward Drawfriend offered was the icing on the cake. Now I do it for fun! My latest story isn't as sexy as the first one... Yet.. I dunno if I should keep it the same length as first one or keep going.

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Rolled 13


>> No.21889371

Rolled 20

Something humorous involving the Aprior Sector, home of the Knights Inductor

>> No.21889422

thank you sir.

>> No.21889461

Awww, rolling? I thought you'd take requests on stuff.

>> No.21889466


I'll keep the ball rolling by moving on to the rich chick.

Mustering your courage, you approach the woman, who must be at least three or four whole class-levels above you, and who probably makes more money in a day than your entire regiment does in a year. However, she gives you a very...sinister smile as you approach.

"You're a Sargeant, yesss?" She says, sexily rolling her 's's, in an accent you're not familiar with, but which nonetheless speaks of wealth, taste and culture.

"Shipping off tomorrow I imagine? A pity. So many strong men, brave and handsome...Lost in the emperor's cause." She sniffs, before delicately sipping at her drink.

You now feel a little uneasy. Is she hitting on -you-? Stay strong, Sargeant. Hold the Line.
"Name's Lennick. Yeah, I'm a Sargeant in the 84th "Last Hopers" matter of fact. May I have the pleasure of your name?" You inwardly curse, fumbling your own introduction. Ah well, you were never going to fool her into thinking you were classy anyway. She knew you weren't an Officer.

"Name's Lemiserata Delacordia-Rue-Sanskrit. of the Noble and Augustine Trading House of the Delacordia-Rue-Sanskrits." She says, with a flourish, batting her heavy eyelashes at you, her braided hair swinging a little. The Servo-skull hovers around you, giving you a cursory scan. Its a little distracting, but not enough to throw you off your game.

"You seem ah, a bit out of place here, Ma'am..." You venture.

"Oh? Scared I'll be accosted, no, ravished by some scary Guardsmen? Perhaps you'll be the bold one to protect me?" She sighs, flapping a fan at herself, bending over to reveal an impressive amount of cleavage.

over in the corner, the female guardswoman is sniggering uncontrollably to herself, whilst the Schola Progenium girl seems to just be blushing. Seems your antics are attracting an audience...

>> No.21889482

For you that are interested, I finished the second part of the story. I decided to split them up.


There is the second part.

First part is here:


>> No.21889569

I can only do so much, good sir. I think I'll move this story to quick completion, however, since people seem to want me to start their own stories...

Lennick looks across uneasily, wondering if he should ask them to knock it off, but you have a hot, wealthy chick bearing down on you. You're not an idiot.
"So, uh, Lady..Lemiserata..."
"Please, call me Lemiss. Everyone does." She says breathily, as she brushes herself up against you. You can feel her breasts lightly through the fabric, promising much.
"Lemiss...What say you and I go somewhere more private? You seem a fascinating individual." Its an obvious pickup, but she's been dropping hints like theyre cyclonic torpedoes from an Astartes Battle barge.

"Of course. Let me just go freshen up..." She sidles off, the servo-skull following, towards the facilities. Another one sent to the bathroom. Great.

But now would be a good time to find out what those two were sniggering about...

>> No.21889600

Seems we're making quick progress with this chick. Let's keep it going, get to know her better and such.

>> No.21889635

Err, I should of asked, shall I delete my post about the second part possibly being done?

I don't wanna hijack your thread and I don't really want to start a new thread. Not sure what to do, I see you're doing a quest now so I don't wanna disturb you.

>> No.21889642

That WHH Yuri with Horus-Tan and Sangy-Tan.

We were promised it back when WHH first began, but the anon working on it never delivered and then the new authors showed up to 'rework' the setting.

Can you do this anon?

>> No.21889652

Rolled 3


Fucked my roll up.

>> No.21889707

Rolled 14


>> No.21889797

Is there a chance you'll do another write by suggestion thing, Provider? We had a lot of ideas in the last thread which people wanted to see.

>> No.21889799

No worries, its fine, since its only a link and not the whole text in post form. :)

I'll be reading part 2 myself, naturally >_>

Sorry, I don't do any existing fanon or canon characters as a rule, only my own.
Lennick went over to the table, to see what the two girls were sniggering about. "Is something funny, Mad-Jumper?" you ask the Guardswoman, a bit gruffer than you normally would. To think you'd been thinking of hitting on her too...

"I dunno, No-Hoper. Aiming a bit high for one so low?" She smirks, deliberately mangling your regiment's nickname.
"Don't be mean, June. I'm sorry, my name is Alicia, and this is June. We went to the Schola together, and well, she ended up a guardsperson and I'm in the Progenium." The mousy girl speaks, revealing a much more educated tone than her rougher friend.

"We were just stunned because well...the Delacordia-Rue-Sanskrits...theres something you ought to know about them.."

June snorts. "Let him find out for himself."

Lennick frowns, but sees Lemiserata coming back, and pouting a little in the background. "Well, I'll catch you on the flipside I guess. Emperor knows, we'll probably be bunking together on that saintsdamned ship next few months." Lennick winks at June, who sticks her tongue out at him rudely.

"Ah, friends of yoursss?"
"No, just some low-aimers. Ah, where shall we go, your Ladyship?"
"I was thinking...my place. " Her eyes twinkle dangerously. "Follow me."

>do you follow? what happens next? first post i like gets it

>> No.21889817

>may still be doing some panels for...

I find you lack of faith disturbing OP.

Holy shitballs though, I had a ton trouble with my noses today.

I need more practice…..

>> No.21889855

We did? I know only fetishes people wanted. They wanted muscle evny, breast envy, abhuman girls, futa and monster girls. But, if you have ideas I can work on something.

I deleted it any way, I don't wanna clog up the page.

But if you want it, the second part is here:


And first part:


>> No.21889874

If you're our drawfriend, can you give yourself a tripfag and namefag please? It is confusing for my drug addled brain.

>> No.21889882

inb4 /d/

>> No.21889939

Fantastic work as always. Alot busier than the last 2 pages but understandably so. You did a good job with Rebecca and Thelessa though. Any ETA on the next page? And I shall give thanks to the Emperor that my Faith was rewarded so. :D

Yeah the noses are a little unusual, but I kinda like it, makes them seem...cuter, i guess?

Also, dat look of shame on Rebecca's face, kinda wish i'd written her into the story in a greater capacity now, lol. >_>

Overall, looking forward to the rest. :)

>> No.21889953

Rolled 5

OP, are you going to do another thing after this story? If so, I would like a quick little blurb of backstory for this character.
>pic related

Why was he plucked from the Arbites by an Inquisitor? What does he have against doors? Will he ever run out of ammo? How is his name pronounced?


>> No.21889961


The warp is against my die.

>> No.21889977

I might do one or two quick things after this but there's alot of requests above, so I dont know. Provider, if you're in the mood, I'd be quite happy if you took some of these other fine posters requests?

>> No.21890031


People can just ask me, I'm not doing anything, it won't be anything super amazing, but I'll do my best.

If people want me to do something, ask and roll, will do it as quickly as possible.

>> No.21890061


Wanna do this? It can be very short. A paragraph or so might be nice. I'm a writer myself, but I tire of creating my characters from scratch.

>> No.21890101

Just keep on with your style, and porn type i like the lack of hardcore fetishes in your stories.

>> No.21890107

Rolled 7


>> No.21890146

>June snorts. "Let him find out for himself."

I'm calling it now, she's either a trap or a mutant.
Or both.

>> No.21890178

Rolled 12

A tale from the most infamous necromundian cantina.

>> No.21890252

What I posted in the last thread:

What I'd like to see explored in a sexyfic sometimes is the feeling that the Sisters are all indoctrinated into the Sororitas and made as similar as possible. On the battlefield, they all look alike, behave alike etc. With space marines there is an extensive indoctrination/brainwashing system to turn them into perfect killing machines, it would be cool to see a similar system explored for the Sisters, with also the aspect of them building their bodies, excising individual marks and maybe even undergoing some surgery to look alike, change hair colors and such.

It could for example be of a somewhat naive (but pious) young woman being admitted and then the slow, torturous experience as her individuality, kindness and personal flaws are ruthlessly stamped out in the name of unity. Or she could beat the system and break it, maybe even bringing out suppressed traits in her fellow Sororitas.

Anyway, just something I'd like to see explored someday. Won't roll for it, because I'm not even sure if it fits in with the OP's preferences.

>> No.21890263

Rolled 3

>sisters of battle fanfic
>expect lesbian action

How about a lesbian sororitas fanfic, OP?

>> No.21890341

Eh, I'll just keep going.

As Lennick is about to leave, the drunk Sister before staggers out of the bathrooms, swaying. "Shtop! Shesh...She's not RIGHT!" Constance shouts, before falling flat on her face.

Lemiserata gasps, and blushes. "Damn drunk! I thought you were ssssleeping your hangover off. No matter. Lennick, dear, you wouldnt trust an obvious inebriate like her, would you?"

June shouts "She's a Hermaphrodite, Sargeant! Hope you like the bayonet!" before collapsing into fits of laughter.

Lemiserata blushes crimson, and her servo-skull whirrs over to June, stinging her lightly. "OW! Why you little-!" Whilst June tries to grapple with the servo-skull, Lemiserata turns to you, shame-faced.

"It is true. My blood-line issss polluted, and many of usss are born with...extra appendages down there. But I had hoped you, being a man of the worrrld, might overlook ssssuch things." She bows her head low, her eyes shaded.

You are torn, now. Yeah, its a bit weird, but she seems so nice...then again, June and Alicia seem quite merry, and you can be reasonably sure theyre not mutant.

What do you do?

>First reply or I'll continue onwards to the end

>> No.21890415



My two fics are exactly that....

first part:


the second part is here:


No lesbians in second part, at least until I decided to extend it or not.

>> No.21890463

please, continue it it would be great...

>> No.21890504

Oh, I will. I owe people some fetishes. But, I wasn't sure if I should carry on the second part, making it longer, or start the 3rd part and go from there. Basically, I'm not sure if I should do a long Part 2 of over 5000 words or start a Part 3 and go from there. It's very minor, but, yeah.

Unless, of course, you were talking about Sgt Hary.

>> No.21890529

>No lesbians in second part
I guess...I guess I should read it anyways...

>> No.21890542

Nope, but i think i will like everything you write .
good night

>> No.21890579

>lesbian sisters
>no BDSM dickery
Gave it a quick skim, Provider. Okay stuff. I'd give it a fap if I had the time, mate.

>> No.21890636

Trust me, there will be more lesbian schenanigans later on. I just had to flesh it out. That way I could please those who like story and those who like fapping. I think I stopped because I was moving onto a big part of the story so decided to stop it and allow people to dive into the 3rd part.

There will be plenty of stuff for those who like fapping to it.

Sweet, I don't really get the whole BDSM Sister of Battle thing... I could put it in (no pun intended) but I don't feel right doing it. Since I have other fetishes to fulfil, I needed to split stuff up.

Where are you man? I put it up on pastebin cause it was too long for here.


I'm not sure if it's what you're after.

>> No.21890712


You peeps can make one up for me for my part, I just prefer the thrill of anon

Have a sneakpeak of Trouble in Paradise instead though….


ETA is difficult to say right now, hopefully I can get to the naked bits when the weekend arrieves.

Have to start being discreet too though, don't wanna start freaking out the flatmates.

>> No.21890731

You will forever be lewdanon in my mind due to the first drawfaggotry I saw fulfilled by you.

>> No.21890739

You mean Training in Paradise!

But, yeah, that is awesome! :D

Also, did you manage to read the second part?

>> No.21890754

Ah I see. Well I've given you my e-mail address before, and its up again if you need it. I was thinking possibly if we can figure out 1d4chan we can put the more NSFW stuff there. Its a long wait to the weekend, but i appreciate the difficulty of doing this stuff, and am grateful you've managed to do what you have so far. :)

I'll wrap this story up and move on to the next one, and just write straight since people seem to prefer straight prose right now to my scattershot multiple choice approach. :)

>> No.21890797

Err, I can have your email so you can send me updates?

>> No.21890865


Nope, but I sure as hell saved it for later.

>> No.21890866

You are my current favorite drawfag on /tg/ and you seem humble to boot.

>> No.21890908

He has fun, too, like that picture of Technomancer I forgot to save.

>> No.21890949



The cool thing is, he works pretty quickly, I can't wait till he's done the full Part 1 of my fic. That would be sexy. In two ways. Also, I hope he gets some time off soon, he said he is working this December.

Shame the guy who wanted Sgt. Hary stuff has disappeared, I have no idea if he liked it or not. It's a shame.

>> No.21890951


You mean this one?

>> No.21890972

Like this one?

>> No.21891018

Thats them! And by the way, I really love the ear biting in >>21890908. If anyone does an eldar fapfic, you need to include earplay. There is never enough elven earplay.

>> No.21891052


Lennick considered his choices carefully, and then shook his head. "Going with you would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I know as a Guardsman I really, really shouldn't turn up an opportunity like this-" He winced, as he realised what his damn fool mouth was about to do- "but, your Ladyship, you did lie to me, and sought to decieve me. Heck for all I know you might still be lying. So whilst I may be a poor footslogger and you a mighty merchant, I'll stick with my fellow footsloggers, thank you very much."

Lemiserata tutted in disappointment. "As you wisssh. You could have had a night of...unimaginable pleasures. But I'll leave you with your common rabble. Come, Skullexus!" She calls, and her servitor-skull follows, leaving off its battle with June.

June regards Lennick with new, appraising eyes. "That was mighty dumb of you, Sarge. Why the hell would you turn down a piece of ass like that? Really put off that much by icky manparts?" She makes a face of contempt.

Lennick protests. "No! I mean, uh, I was just...She was a bit of a sleaze, really, trying to pick me up, take advantage of me..."

June bursts into racuous laughter, and even Alicia can barely hold in her girlish laughter. From the floor behind them come the groans of the drunk Sister. "Shtop laughing so loud...emperordamnit..."

This sets them all off laughing. "Man, it's been a crazy night."

As the laughter subsides, June gives Lennick a significant look. "Yeah. But you were right about one thing. I heard that speech you gave to Sister Vigilance over there... We guardsfolk get a hard rap, don't we?"

>> No.21891080

Lennick sighs. "Yeah. A lonely death, and noone will remember our names. It was bullshit, but, now you mention it, it does seem kinda true."

Alicia sighs. "For Emperor's sake, you two should just screw already!"

June looks wickedly. "Oh? And I suppose your a pure maiden, chaste and virtuous? If I'm fucking this Guardsboy, you're coming with me!" She roars, grabbing her friend and tickling her.

A moan from the floor. "I...demand...relief...from my posht also..."

Lennick couldn't believe his luck.


The next morning, waking up in bed with a hot short-cropped guardswoman to his left, a busty, alcohol-reeking Sororitas to his right, and a cute schola girl in his lap, Lennick felt the happiest he ever had, or likely ever would. Somehow he also felt this wouldn't be the last he'd see of any of them. Maybe that Vigil in the Stars wouldn't be so lonely after all.

The rest of the 84th couldn't believe it. "How the gak did you manage that?"

Lennick smiles. "Trade secrets, boys. Trade secrets."

======THE END====

>> No.21891113

I could add some Eldar fun in my fic at some point, I always planned to.

I had plenty of ideas for it, but... I dunno if it is canon safe. Oh well, we'll see. It'll be awhile though. I might do a very short story which is pure fapfic.

>> No.21891121


I add my own appreciation to those previously expressed. You can draw sexy expressions down to a -t- my good friend. I'm sad you're so busy since just imagining what you'll be doing in the next few pages has got me all tingly. Keep up the good work, Lewdanon!

Right, next story. I think it was your request, The Provider?

Female IG trying to survive in a company of IG thatlook down on them. Anything else you'd like in that tale? Ill try and keep it short and to the point, and there wont be any choicepoints in this one.

>> No.21891136

I dunno, general taking shit from guys, saves their asses, ends up killing herself to save them, they make her a hero of the company.

Or something.

>> No.21891148

SoB on Eldar BDSM interrogation.

Just puttin it out there.

>> No.21891192

You have me all wrong, sir! I'm grateful for it. I as well could never fathom why ever sister must be a harsh dominatrix.

>> No.21891197

Can you guys do me a favour? I'm going to go to sleep but I want to know if that Anon gets my Sgt. Hary background.

If you find him or he/she comes back, will you show him the link and record the response:


How did you know my ideas? ARE YOU PSYCHIC?! ARE YOU A WIZARD? I'm not joking, this is exactly what I planned.


So, could you email me if the guy comes back? I want to know his thoughts on the Sgt Hary paragraph.

>> No.21891220

I assumed that! It is my exact thoughts. Why the SoB has to be harsh dominatrix, the only ones I would do it for are Mistresses of Repentia. Whips.

Yeah, so, I'll work on stuff eventually. I will do Part 3 tomorrow probably, it'll be filled with more awesome lesbian sex and stuff. There will also be plot.

>> No.21891222

Ah sure, I guess?

And yeah I'll start work on the IG girl story. It won't be erotic though, since thats not what you've been asking for, but i'll do my best.

>> No.21891555


The rain beat heavily on the soldiers of the 92nd Mad-Jumpers. They stood in full parade-ground gear, nonetheless, their Commissar and Officer shouting orders. Today was the first real day of the Ophidian Crusade, and this mixed-sex regiment was expected to preform to full expectation.

For Guardswoman Septima, it was just another day of miserable hell. She could feel the crush of men around her, in their battle-fatigues, deliberately crowding her. She was shorter than they, and scrawnier. She was the smallest and weakest of the women integrated into the regiment, and also the most feminine. Which meant she was the Runt. A name they never let her forget.

"Don't mess up, Runt. We'll be going into real combat soon." whispered Kent. A man with a razor-blade smile and a scar above where his right eyebrow used to be, Kent had grown up in the Hiver gangs, and was the regiments CQC expert. Also their biggest bully, and a gakwipe of colossal proportions.

Septima simply nodded, too afraid to speak. She feared him more than the Commissars, sometimes.

>> No.21891615


"The Mad-Jumpers are a regiment with a reputation for uncompromising ruthlessness in the face of the enemy, and as Drop-troopers you are each of you expected to carry your weight in munitions and supplies. On this world, we have the advantage of planetside bases already, as evidenced by the fact you walked off those shuttles behind you." The Colonel barked, his briefing droning on as the rain spattered down around them.

"Any of you who does not preform to expected levels in the coming campaign will be summarily discplined, atr the discretion of our regimental commissars."

Septima gulped, feeling her nerves acting up again. She didnt want to fail. She didn't want to be discplined. Or worse, executed. She'd been discplined too many times as it was. She couldnt bare it if she failed them.

"He means you, Runt." Kent smirked. She gritted her teeth. Just rain off of her fatigues. All of it. Just rain. Even the tears.

>> No.21891760


"This is the Target. Our enemy, the Traitors, have secured a Leviathan Command Fortress, and are directing their offensive against our front here and here-" The colonel pointed to points on a map, but to Septima it meant only one thing. They were going to hump from a large number of shuttles, in-atmosphere, onto a mobile city made of guns. It didn't sound fun at all.

She focused hard, imagining herself detached from her body, an external observer controlling events through strings. That way she didnt have to think too much about her size, her frailty, how she was going to fuck up today.

"We'll need volunteers for the first wave, to set up beacons for the next. Naturally this will be the most dangerous. I know you gaks dont have it in you, but any voluntary volunteers?" He sneered at them.

"I'll do it sir." A voice piped up. Everyone turned in suprise. Even Septima seemed suprised, because the voice was hers.

"You? Ru- I mean, Guardswoman Septima? Are you sure?" Even the Colonel doubted her. It almost broke her, but instead, magically, her resolve hardened.

"Absolutely. I will set the Beacons." her voice barely even wavered. One of the other Guardswomen, June or something, shot her a sympathetic look.

"Good. The raid is tomorrow. Make sure your packs are secure."

>> No.21891775

>They were going to hump from a large number of shuttles

Thought you said this wasn't going to be an erotic fanfic...

>> No.21891885


Dawn came, and Septima found herself shivering as she sat in the modified Dropship. Not a fancy Thunderhawk, just a simple long Marauder which she and the other unlucky "volunteers" would have to jump out of. No grav-chutes, either. Just regular canvas parachutes. The enemy had some kind of inertial dampening field to stop grav-dropped troops landing on their Leviathan. They apparently had never considered anyone would try it the old-fashioned way.

But then again, that was what the masses of AA were for. She gulped, shuddering. She was completely and utterly petrified. Sweat was running down her, and she was shaking, white as a sheet. To say she was the model of the brave, stoic guardsperson would be laughable and outrageous.

If she could have traded places with anyone, even her own mother, just to not be here, she would have. The knowledge shamed her, even as she retched, emptying her bowels again.

"For gak's sake, Runt. Why the feth did you volunteer in the first place?"

Septima couldn't say for sure. Maybe it was some mad impulse. The Emperor forcing her to her duty when she would not do it herself. But a part of her felt that maybe she had done it, for once, of her own free-will.

Kent came along the shuttle-bay. That gakwipe had ended up on this crate, too. "Alright everyone, we're almost there. When the light goes Green, Jump, or I'll fething well push you." His knife-like smile gleamed.
"That goes for you too, Runt." He spat- quite literally, spat- at her as he said this. Even before battle his contempt couldn't have been more obvious.

She simply closed her eyes, and let his spit dribble down her face, mixing with her vomit and sweat. She stank like hell, her hair matted. But none of that would matter in five minutes.

>> No.21891968


Dude, your work for Sgt. Hary "The Judge" Türhasser was genius.

Kudos, sir, kudos.

>> No.21891981


The Shuttles rocked, as enemy AA fire burst around them. Shuttles exploded and screamed down past them, making a sound like a shrieking rocket as it did so. Septima shamed herself again, wetting herself in naked fear. She tried to calm herself, detaching herself.

God-Emperor, please. Get me out of here. Let me not shame myself or my squad any further.

A voice, maybe just another product of her fear-induced hysteria, seemed to speak back.

Have Faith, my Child.

She gradually began to relax.
"Feth me, Runt! Pissing yourself aswell? You are the worst soldier I've ever had to see." Kent laughed.

Septima opened her eyes, and spat at him. "Last one to the surface is the real Runt." she shouted back at him.

He looked suprised, as if he couldn't believe she would fight back like this.

He was about to retort, when the Light went Green.

"GO! GO! GO!" Screamed the Pilot over the roar of their engines.

As one, they rose.

The first few jumped, and were quickly shredded by autocannnon fire.

Septima was next. Making the sign of the Aquila, she leapt...

>> No.21892006


Also, sorry I disappeared for a while. My apologies for giving you a complex.

Master of Orion 2 was calling my name.

>> No.21892044


Oh! Yay! Sorry, I just love helping people, hence my namefaggyness. It is my Raison d'être. I provide, therefore I am.

Was it OK? Was it too comedic? I would like to see other peoples feedback, but, I dunno if they'll read it.

>> No.21892069


Emptiness. A shrieking void around her. Even the sound of the enemy fire didnt register, though she shuddered as waves of pressure rocked her. The vista below was pure chaos, flashing tracers and screaming shuttles. Looking to her left and right, she saw more of her fellows falling with her. Some were vapourised or cut in half by fire, but the rest fell down.

Below was the enormous, gun-metal surface of the enemy Leviathan. She could see enemy traitor guardsmen moving around, like ants below.

She pulled the cord, and her chute tugged her up, yanking her. Not nearly as gentle as a grav-chute, but she didn't care.

Enemy rounds flicked past her, like buzzing beetles. She felt eerily calm, safe. Like she was held in the Arms of the Emperor himself. A feeling like a kindly father enthused her. Her hair might have been matted with sweat, her uniform stained with piss and vomit, but none of that mattered. She was...unafraid.

She hit the deck with a crunching force, the sudden landing almost knocking the wind from her. Straight away she rolled free of her chute, dragging her lasgun clear as she had practiced so many times to do so. A dead body, one of her squadmates, landed but a foot away from her, slamming like so much meat. Ahead the enemy lay.

She grimly flicked off the safety on her lasgun. She had a Duty to preform.

>> No.21892080


Honestly, I loved the feel to it. I retains a certain comedic tragedy while keeping the absurdity believable (for 40k at least).

I just need to piece together his meeting with his Inquisitor, unless you would like to do that as well? If you're feeling inspired, please, be my guest.

>> No.21892096


I've run out of Guard/Guardswoman art, so if anyone else wants to post some, lol, im afraid these posts will be unaccompanied by thematic art. >_>

Also, welcome back Provider! I got your email and added you as a contact. Also, please let me know -your- thoughts on this story. I hope its up to scratch so far!

More coming in a jiffy.

>> No.21892098

>she shuddered as waves of pressure rocked her
>waves of pressure

I read this as "waves of pleasure". What the hell is wrong with me?

>> No.21892111

Thanks for the story, it's cool!

Ah, shit, forgot to do that part. I'll work on it in a bit.

You might of read my fic, I used that a lot.

>> No.21892127

Absolutely nothing.

>> No.21892191


Septima rapidly gunned down three snarling traitors as they came up, her shots tearing easily through their blood-matted fatigues. They were clearly former PDF, and despite having a Leviathan it seemed they werent really prepared to face a fully equipped Imperial Invasion. The chatter of autoguns and stubbers flicked around her, and the scattered sound of lasguns firing in response as more and more Mad-Jumpers made it down to the deck.

Seeing another squadmater disorientated and dizzy, she ran over to them, hauling them up.
"Get up you gak! We have work to do!" she screamed. Terrified and amazed, the soldier obeyed, quickly fumbling the catch off of his lasgun, and returning fire.

Septima ran along the deck, checking the fallen, helping up those not too badly wounded or dead. "Form a Line! Push them back to their hatches! Get the fethin' beacons clear!" One soldier screamed as he parachuted right past, overshooting off the side of the Leviathan, down into the huge crunching grind of its massive-treads below.

She didn't even blink, only pausing to re-shout her orders. "What are you gakkin waiting for? Emperor's Day? Get up there!"

Though Jumpers were dying all around her, she stood firm, shots whizzing too and fro. There was no cover, no retreat. Forwards or Death.

She quickly joined the fray, firing quick shots, aiming for the head and heart, sundering the enemy's puny flak armour with her powered lasbolts.

>> No.21892200


"Come and have a go if you're hard enough, scum!" she screamed, her blood thundering.

A hatch opened in front of her, a head poking out. She ran up to it and kicked it hard, crushing the man's nose and dislocating his jaw. She emptied a clip into the compartment below, as they fell back, swearing and cursing.

"We have an opening! Get those fething beacons set up!" The voice spoke to her again. "Ahead, my Child." She obeyed, jumping down into the dark belly of the metal beast.

Kent and his men reluctantly followed, too amazed to question her lead.

>> No.21892266

Um, I need to know a bit more of what you want. What Inquisition branch? Or don't you care?

>> No.21892284


The corridors were narrow, the noise of the moving landship around them deafening. Septima was not distracted, moving ahead with purpose, snapping off shots. She knew, somehow, instincitvely, where the enemy command-room was. They were going there, ahead of schedule and orders. She knew she could. She was safe. She would Know no Fear.

"Get back! Heavy stubber!" shouted Kent, falling behind cover with speed. Septima didnt, simply moving her hands fast, firing her lasgun quicker than the eye could follow, killing the operators with two bolts, their rounds pinged around her, missing her miraculously.

"We don't have all day." she said simply. Kent nodded, and barked for the rest to follow.

She kicked through a heavy hatch door, it swung on his hinges. The room was full of tech-servitors and staff, squabbling and working at consoles. She fell to the ground and shouted "OPEN FIRE"

The men behind her did so, filling the metal room with the screech and ping of las-bolts, and the smell of cooked meat.

When she got up again, they were all dead. Traitors all, punished justly in His Name.

"Let's go. The Command Room is ahead."
"Hold it right there, Runt. This is way beyond our ord-"
Septima flashed him a glance. Kent stared, for several long seconds, before looking away.

"Stay, or Go on with me. It makes no difference."

As one, they moved ahead.

>> No.21892346


Your choice. I was thinking of the one involving heretics primarily. I can't remember it off the top of my head. I think it's the Ordo Malleus?

Of course, he may not even know. Also, I was thinking of it as more of an "in the field" meeting, considering the character's fluff. But as I said, if you are gripped by something, go with it.

>> No.21892381


The Command Room was filled with the elite of the Traitor PDF, their General gazing out on the battlefield proudly, his ritualistic scars cut deep. "Lord-General, the false emperor's guardsmen have landed on our craft."

The Lord-General frowned. "Pesky fleas. But nonetheless, Stop all engines. Prepare to repel boarders." They nodded, and quickly swung the room into Action Stations.

Throughout the huge craft, sirens began to blare, and traitorous man and beast alike reached for their weapons, awoke from their slumber, and began to pour throughout, ready for the fight.

But one squad pushed on ahead of all of them, whilst the 1st and 2nd waves of the Mad-Jumpers ran into heavier and heavier resistance.

Septima led the way. They crouched in a shadowed corner, as the Lord-General's men ran past. They were close now. She motionted to them to have their grenades ready. She signalled- 2 door-guards, more beyond, unknown.

They nodded, twisting the triggercaps and lobbing their frags.

The Lord-General heard a clatter outside, and then a deafening boom. "Lord-General! They're outside!"

His eyes bulged in panic. "Close the Blast Doors! Close the Blast Doors!" The Servitors scrambled to reply.

Seeing her one Chance, what everything had been heading towards, Septima leapt across the corridor, every muscle straining, as she leapt into the gap....

>> No.21892466



There you go. Hope it's OK!

>> No.21892495


The clouds broke that day, as the Leviathan's engines died, and it rumbled to a halt, to the amazement of the Imperial Army in front of it, and the Traitor Army around it.

A signal came through. A lone Mad-jumper. Sargeant Kent. "Command Room Secure. No survivors." Behind him was a mass of the enemies, but with the blast doors closed, they couldnt get at him.

He surveyed the battlefield, throwing aside his vox-bead and smoking las-gun. It was a magnificient sight. He had shot all the panels he could, but it seemed some of the gun-systems on the damn Leviathan were still working. He felt bad about that, but he'd done his job.

He looked with amazement again, back at the bloodied, carnage-strewn mess around the entryway.

He wandered over to her, her crushed and bloodied torso, crushed in half, squeezing the life out of her. She'd held long enough for them to leap over her.

"Why did you do it, Runt?" He asked, softly. "Why you, of all people?"

In that moment, he believed in the God-Emperor, truly, deeply, in a way he had never done before. He made the sign of the aquila, and closed her staring eyes. She seemed...at peace.

"To the Runt." He said, to noone in particular.

In years to come, this would be a battle-cry of the Mad-Jumpers. The Septima Squad became known for being the most reckless, most formidable of the regiment's insane drop-troopers. They even got their own motto- Fear Gives You Wings. They did not shun fear, or claim fearlessness, but embraced it.

When, many decades later, Lord-General Kent was asked about her for the thousandth time, he simply nodded gravely.

"The Emperor's Finest are Superhumans, no Fear, all of the best training and weaponry. But I still would rather have a hundred like the Runt than a thousand such Astartes."


>> No.21892512

And thats me done with writefagging for a little while. I hope you all enjoyed it! Way more serious than my other efforts, but I hope I did the concept some justice.

When I awaken tomorrow Ill try and do some more of the others here, if the thread's still going.

>> No.21892550

>mfw I wanted him to go with the futa noble

>> No.21892608

The Sister of Solace article now has a Story template and is in the NSFW category.

>> No.21892636

Many thanks kind sir. :) Alas I'm not registered with that site or a mod so there's not alot I can do, but I thank you for your asisstance. :)

>> No.21892678


I called that. I knew that was going to happen.



I'm such a dope. Ordo Malleus is the one inderested in Daemons, isn't it? Glad you got my drift.

Good show, sir. I'll report back once he achieves glory in my upcoming campaign. And by that, I mean dies horribly in an embarrassing fashion.

Thanks a heap, friend.

>> No.21892682

If you have access to 1d4chan, could you add the second half of my fic to the first bit?

first part:


the second part is here:


There are also some art floating around, like


So on, so forth. It would be nice if you help.

>> No.21892709

I can repost the comic panels Lewdanon has done so far, if anyone is interested, aswell as some incidental art.

>> No.21892723

You are very welcome. If people are nice, kind and supportive, you desire to help them increases ten fold. I hope he does something cool. I'll do my best to see your thread when you post it, if I don't I'm on most days so just do a reply to me, I'd love to hear what your fellow players (I assume it's for DH/RT/OnlyWar game?)

Do you have the few he's done for Training in Paradise? Probably Sisters in their skin tight gear.

>> No.21892750

Sadly no, I didnt think to save those. >_> But I'm sure when he's on next you could ask? He seems to come and go, like a Dark Knight, leaving sexy art in his wake.

>> No.21892802

Hehe. Indeed. I can't wait for the final results. It's one of the reasons I'm still writing, I love art and always wanted to draw, but, alas, fine control doesn't work when you're DNA is dying and muscles tear open when you use them.

I better go to bed as well, I don't know how to get the second part of the story onto 1d4chan or whatever. I might do the 3rd part tomorrow then do a thread with all three and possibly some requests and stuff, with you and maybe Lewdanon showing off his stuff.

>> No.21892843

>mfw he left it to go cry itself to sleep, using its tears as lube for its malformed body
>mfw then he later reported its house to the Inquisition for being mutant scum and it and the rest of its house was burned alive for their crimes

>> No.21892848

Thats awesome. I definitely think you're the better author, able to create solid works of erotic prose, whereas I find I have to post things in chunks to work a story out. I find a blank word document too daunting, for some reason. His art and the format that /tg/ has made possible has certainly allowed me to surge in creativity.

But yes, I'll keep an eye out for your thread, I'm sure it'll be great.. :)

>> No.21892928


Yup, DH game. I haven't gotten into the tabletop, but I find the setting quite enjoyable for RPG's.

>> No.21892937

And i didn't think /tg/ could suprise me anymore.

Bravo, I guess.

>> No.21892947


>> No.21892950

I should also point out, if you have not noticed, that Hary's second name is German. Use Google translator or something to get the translation to English, unless, of course, you know it already.

Thanks man, I don't think I'm good at all, you're very good at short stories, you keep them to the point and get lots of things across in few words. I get kind of obsessed with explaining everything, it's why the 2nd part didn't go as far as I wanted as I spent a lot of time explaining stuff.

We could do a quest thread at some point... But I guess two people would be a bit confusing. Still, I look forward to other threads with you and all writers and readers and any of the goodness that is /tg/. Also, did you get my email? I think I sent it to you, [email protected]?

>> No.21892990

Suffer not the heretic, the mutant, the xeno, you filthy heretic scum.

>> No.21893024

The greetings one? Yes I believe so.

And yeah, Quest threads tend to be somewhat overrated, and attract all sorts of hate and trolling regardless. But I'd be happy to work with you on something if you liked, sure. You have my email, drop me a line.

And thank you muchly for your kind words. :) Its always good to get an ego boost, especially from a fellow writer.

>> No.21893500


I did indeed notice his name. One other player is German, he should enjoy that.

>> No.21895447

Second half added, with section headers.

>> No.21895655

Templates and categories have also been added.

>> No.21895835

Is there a gallery or something of this guy's work? I WANT MORE.

>> No.21896085

Any writefags still taking requests? I wanted to write up a slightly uplifting story of a moment of mercy between a space marine or guardsman and an eldar child defending his sister, but it's too late for me to take a crack at it with college tomorrow. Thought I'd throw the idea out if anyone was looking for inspiration, but I'll come back to it either way.

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