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(Ironically, New Order's 'Slow Jam' plays quietly in the background throughout.)

[Fade in and pan down from the sky to a street filled with police cars, cops with guns drawn. A car arrives, and authority-type people get out. Their jackets say FBI. As one takes off his sunglasses, we see it is Matt Damon.]

Choose federal law enforcement.

[We see a Spec Ops team (led by Eric Bana) moving 2-by-2 with pupose through a shot-up and ruined Fallujah mosque.]

Choose the military.

[A tech-type guy (Jason Lee) sits at a computer screen, wearing big headphones. He looks confused, and turns up the volume.]

GUY: "What the ..."

[Cut to a forensic scientist in a lab (Jill Hennessey, who's been typecast for the rest of her life). She looks at something through a microscope, and jumps back, startled.]

Choose NASA or the CDC.

[Matt Damon stands meekly in an office. His boss proceeds to chew him out.]

Choose lying to your superiors.

[Matt Damon cleans out his desk. You see him putting an FBI coffee mug in a box of his belongings.]

Choose to ruin your career.

[Jason Lee sits alone in a very empty apartment with the lights off.]

Choose no friends.

[Jill Hennessey argues with her husband, who promptly storms out of the house. She looks over at the couch and sees her 6-year-old daughter start to cry.]

Choose divorce.

[Eric Bana gets drunk by himself at a bar. There are booze bottles scattered in front of him.]

Choose life through the bottom of a bottle.

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[From behind, we see four silhouetted figures in front of a burning farmhouse. It's probably our guys, but we can't tell for sure. Some of them have guns.]

Choose destroying evidence and executing innocent people because they know too fucking much.

[Our guys get kitted up in black SWAT gear with gas masks in the back of a van.]

Choose black fatigues and matching gas masks.

[Everyone loads cool-looking MP5s.]

Choose an MP5 stolen from the CIA loaded with glasers, with a range of fucking attachments.

(The chorus to 'Slow Jam' kicks in.)

[We see our guys in a warehouse, in a gunfight with some horrific looking tentacled something. You know, like the thing at the end of Hellboy.]

Choose blazing away at mind-numbing, sanity crushing things from beyond the stars, wondering whether you'd be better off stuffing the barrel in your own mouth.

[We see Jason Lee reading a book. Everything slowly changes and warps around him, but as he looks up, it all snaps back to normal.]

Choose the King in Yellow and waking up wondering who you are.

[Matt Damon puts a Glock 9mm in his mouth. He might have been crying.]

Choose a 9mm retirement plan.

[We see a black-clad squad marching through the snow with purpose.]

[Cut to an old man (Martin Sheen) in a bunker at a computer. We can see a name plaque on the desk that says "Fairfield". There's black and white photos of groups of men on the walls. The computer looks like it's doing some kind of encryption-thing.]

[We see the squad get to a snow-covered bunker door. They look eeeevil. The leader of the squad (played by Christopher Walken) kicks open the door.]

Choose going out with a bang at the end of it all, PGP-encrypting your last message down a securely laid cable as an NRO Delta wetworks squad busts through your door.

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[Everything goes black. All we see are muzzle flashes from automatic fire.]

Choose one last Night at the Opera.

Eric Bana • Matt Damon • Jill Hennessey • Jason Lee • Christopher Walken
With Martin Sheen as Reginald Fairfield and Naveen Andrews as Stephen Alzis

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Convergence (the adventure in the corebook) is both the scariest and best-written module I have ever seen.

>not Nic Cage as Alzis

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That fucking final line.

No, Nic Cage is that cannibal Karotechia dude.

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Have you ever listened to Role-Playing Public Radio's playthrough of Convergence? The GM delivers all of the security footage in a horrifying deadpan.

I didn't sleep the first time I listened to it.

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Hook me up, Anon.

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This podcast specifically is what got me into Call of Cthulhu.

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2AM, let's do this.

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Oh, dear. You aren't sleeping tonight.

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