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C'mon guys Is this really that bad?


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What was that saying you people have? "Large money!" was it?

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I think it was "huge dosh"...

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bonus points for alliteration

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Thaat looks a lot like the Edinburgh store.

Fuckin changed a bit since the days I went there as a wee laddie but the general layout is the same.

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That guy seems pretty cool.

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I can't help but feel you've ruined everybody's fun.

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Aye just paused it a bit and took a look at the street and buildings across the road, its the Burg alright.

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It's not wrong when I do it!

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I used to work in an LGS that had a strong WarHammer focus, next to the major card games it was the biggest source of income, but I never pitched a game like that with the fluff right off the bat.

I would just tell them about the game in simple terms an outsider would understand (we got a lot of customers who had never played a tabletop game before, so we had to prepare them in order to prevent irate situations the next day).

I get that he's telling kids this but still.

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oh u

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I think it's the right way to do it, a lot of the fun in tabletop wargaming, at least for some players, comes from the storytelling that it offers, I've played with guys who will recount and narrate events as they happen, they don't just say "wow I only hit with one bolter from that whole squad" they tell me why, they explain why that unit of highly trained marines acted so uncharacteristically incompetent.

I think it's good to explain to new people how they can be telling stories, otherwise why not just play chess?

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>not telling stories with chess
"Then the bold knight jumped RIGHT THE FUCK OVER the bishop who was in his way, and totally bust down a castle!"

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>"Then the bold knight jumped RIGHT THE FUCK OVER the bishop who was in his way, and totally bust down a castle!"

My sides are in checkmate

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>Ever not doing this
Then again, I got started with BattleChess, which did actually show combats for every capture. Or should I say "brutal murder".

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My friend has a cultist in his squad who has his eyes sewn shut and blames all the misses of the squad on that one guy

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>not telling a comedy of manners akin to Jane Austen with your chess pieces

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a knight in possession of a great leaping ability must be in want of a bishop.

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The Orks are going: "WOTS DAT?"

perfect introduction

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Dude reminds me of when I initially got into it. The narrative has always been the appeal for me, this guys clearly been playing for ages. Have a fucking play with them don't get so super serious.

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that's one seriously British video OP

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That basically sums up their entire character.
Except maybe you might also have them argue over whether they're going to shoot it, stomp it, or blow it up.

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>implying orks don't rape and pillage everything they find and enslave humanity in order to further their warmachine of rape, death, torture, and sodomy.

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They're not interested in any of that except the death part. They reproduce asexually.

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You're mixing orks and dark eldar.

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>implying this image isnt canon, scanned straight from the pages of the top-secret 6th edition ork codex

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Mfw Im playing Orks Against Blood Angels with a friend later today.

Mfw when I just told him I couldnt hear him over the painful sounds of him loosing.

This. Fucking. Picture. I must print it out and stick it to my looted tank.

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That's a pretty cool veteran neckbeard. Looks like a fun guy to hang out with.

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you ass

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>implying the ork codex has even got a release date within the next 3 years

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THAT'S your problem with the canon status of that image?

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pretty much yep

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Fuck yeah battlechess!!!

Castle DEVOURING the queen was pretty brutal.

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>Implying Our Glorious Leader Mat Ward would ever let a thing like that happen to a Spess Muhreen

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Pawns were awesome. I really loved the little guys.

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