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Horror thread, /tg/? you guys are generally better than /x/ at coming up with creepy shit/posting creepy pictures.

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OP, check out francis bacon. I think he inspired a large deal of the silent hill stuff.


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thanks dude. I'll be sure to check it out.

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I remember once upon a time coming across a large text file with mountians of creepy /tg/ ideas, it was from sometime in the golden age of /tg/, 07-08.

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Rolled 8


And if anyone knows where this is from, please let me know

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>improper use of roman numerals

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What's scary about the colour orange?
I'm noticing that a lot of horror pics are orange.

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it evokes flesh and contrasts nicely with green, which is the other main color of horror

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I always think of the more modern cyberpunk aesthetics. Glowy orange seems to be the in thing right now, which is a shame because I liked the blues of the old days

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secondary colors usually have a wider range of shades, which means they can be more vibrant than primary colors. Resulting in more aggressive visuals.

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Mai waifu

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>City of talking heads

It's Dis, you twat.

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So? Dis is full of talking heads.

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I think this has a bit of an ill omen over it

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No actually it's full of souls, and none of them consists of just a head. It's like you didn't even look at the picture you saved.

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What is dis?

Dis right here, of course. Dis thing. It's absolutely dis-gusting.

Don't dis-pute my mastery of puns, else you might get dis-troyed.

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Requesting Giger.

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I'm getting disgruntled

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I think this post actually made me physically ill.

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In Barlowe's novels, it's the capital city of Hell; it's also the latin name of Hades.

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Screw Giger, you can find all of his stuff with a quick google search.

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Not in nice quality though?

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Run for the hills

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I always thought of this guy as more a Slaanesh or Tzeentch servant than Khorne.

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Imagine this.

one day you wake up and you find your wildest dream has come true, you, yes you, have been magically transformed into a little girl. You giggle head over heels about how this is so wonderful, and how you couldn't be any happier.

how ever, despite being a little girl YOU DON'T HAVE A VAGINA OR A PENIS. Just a little hole to pee out of that cannot be stretched or modified any way, and if any thing is inserted into it it causes immense pain. The same goes for your asshole.

also, you don't have any magic powers, and despite looking like a little girl your actually legally an adult as it shows on all official records, but no one will ever take you seriously.

Also, you have a very thick Jamaican accent.

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Why would me becoming a little girl be wonderful? I enjoy my height

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>not wanting to be a little girl

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True horror.

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Go to bed Mitch, we've had this discussion already

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Horror you say?

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Indeed I do.

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God I hate the ocean
I'm about to pop a vein from these captcha errors

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Ocean is a scary place.

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I'd be fine with that.

*Especially* not being taken seriously.

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Be afraid

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There was this video I ran across a while ago on YouTube. Some guy was in a kayak or something out in the ocean off the coast of California I think. Any way this whale comes up and he kind of sticks the camera under the water to catch a better glimpse of it.

but than he decides that isn't good enough, and so he gets in the water, and at this point he's just facing straight down, and with the way the light is and everything it looks I dunno, endless and like he's falling, but it makes you feel like your falling too, and it just goes from light to black, and the sound is muffled by the water. It's only a split second, but the vertigo is so intense.

Than he flips up and you just see this giant fucking whale, and the feeling of fear for me was so intense. It was nothingness surrounding this monster that was just fucking huge.

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This is really unsettling and I can't figure out why.

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weird, I find it very comforting. I just want to go inside and lay down.

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Sounds a whole lot like a venus flytrap to me

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differences, I guess. It creeps me out.

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haha moar like this please

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Cthulhu wasn't even that powerful. He was defeated by a Norwegian ramming him with a boat.

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>Forest tunnel.jpg
Is it supposed to look like a face in profile, looking left, or is that just a coincidence?

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Defeated for a few moments, yes. Not permanently defeated or even harmed in any way. His injury healed in seconds.

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that was just a maifestation not the real deal
he ramed the equivelent of a sleeping man waiving away a fly

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I forgot how to spell Cthulhu when I saved that, so I just gave it a name and never bothered to change it. Kinda like this one, I'm pretty sure some of these are not Great ones.

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It was enough to make him give up and go home.

Now Nyarlathotep, there's an eldritch abomination i can get behind.

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Jesus fuck them quints. Also, we must have the video for the greater glory.

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Second this.

Check your YouTube history, Anon. I just got a huge TV with my PC linked up to it, I want the video to fully engross my vision and make me flip out.

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Best damn Galacticus I've ever seen

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He is clearly a Slaaneshi, because his face is a goatse

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And someone photoshopped in an x-wing, some rocket launcher and probably a giant missile. I'd love to see the original.

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Me too, but it was good enough to save.

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Reverse image searching it worked just fine.

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I guess I should've done that myself. Thank you.

Looks fucking great.

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Internets to you, Anon!

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I think the original is scarier.

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Alternate title: Christopher Walken is Hobo with a Nazgul?

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stars weren't right I believe

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I like it!

I got a fever

and the only cure is the one ring

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I'm pretty sure that was Dagon. Not Cthulhu.

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No...that was Cthulhu.

The story even says that.

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No, it wasn't. Pick up on your lore.

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Love this comic.

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Wallpaper for a while

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Personal favorite.

My brain... is made... of tiny ANIMAAALLLSSS

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Do a little effort, you leech.

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This is beautiful, but I'd really like to see the moon being over the spires of Carcosa, over the Hali, to follow the homage Lovecraft does to Chambers.

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/x/ is now /b/.

/x/ is dead.

The occasional stream posted there is fun if the /b/tards don't ruin the chat but aside from that there is nothing of value left.

I am an e/x/ile and I am happy in my new home here. Thanks /tg/.

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... is that the R.E.G.I.S mk-V from megas XLR?

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I love this picture.

It's like an early sketch for an MtG card ... but it makes them all look like mannequins.

Fuck mannequins, creepy plastic fucks.

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Another e/x/Ile? Place used to be so great, loved everything paranormal and it was one of the few places to go that wasn't retarded. They did some amazing things and got me into some really cool stuff like mysterious universe. Once the /b/ invasions happened in like 07 or so it all started going down hill.

I think the best moment was when some one found this like online short wave radio thing. It was setup so you could see what other people were listening to, and chat. We spent the entire night in there checking out all sorts of weird interesting things.

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Thanks Batman Beyond, that's just what I needed to see on a Saturday morning.

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That genesplicing episode was scary as fuck in the end. I should download Batman Beyond actually

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Yeah I mean I'm no blind nostalgic, like most of 4chan there was its fair share of utter rubbish even on a good day, but there was always a gem or two aswell.

For me the best were the "creepy story" threads which always ended up being a mix of people telling stories of bad experiences they had personally had and people creating stories from scratch in that kind of theme. That story telling aspect was always something which I always felt led to a lot of the crossover between /tg/ and /x/.

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Definitely. I loved writing up stories on /x/ and seeing peoples reactions to them, wondering if it were real or not. We should do something on /tg/ maybe one day.

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A huge number of Batman Beyond episodes had "bad ends".

Earthmover was probably the worst, cause his bad end begun years before the episode.

Other noteworthy ones would be the guy who used technology to make himself phase through stuff, but in the end he loses control of it and just sinks into the ground never to be seen again.

Shriek going deaf is kinda tame in comparison but still nasty.

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Looked up TV Tropes...the most dangerous of games...to find more info on the phasing guy.

"Ian Peak's ultimate fate: the one force that still affects him is gravity itself, so he will fall through the earth until he hits its core. Hopefully heat still affects him... Hopefully."

Some other fun ones:

Doctor Able Cuvier mutates into something several times his size, has his skin ripped off (by protruding bones), violently morphs his fingers into lobster claws, grows several extra eyes, sprouts tentacles...

The Human Shifting criminal False Face can rearrange his face to impersonate anyone he wants. As a consequence of this ability, his facial muscles are so malleable that Batman actually caved his face in by punching him hard enough.

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I was working on a horror setting inspired by Ito, mostly Uzumaki.
Gave up on it when work started piling up.
I should probably revise it one day.

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I feel slightly sick from reading this post

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Don't worry. You'll get used to it.

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Not really horror related in the way the subject mentions, but since I started browsing /tg/ I've always wanted to post it.

I don't know if any one is familiar with the game bureau 13, but its a horror table top.game produced by Tri Tac games, its designer is Richard Tucholka. Any way, I found out like 2 years ago he works in the same building as me but on a different project.

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>so he will fall through the earth until he hits its core. Hopefully heat still affects him... Hopefully.
If not he'd just shoot out the other end (and back again).

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Also >implying Batman can't cave in the face of most people with a punch

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Isn't Batman Beyond stronger than the old Batman too cause he wears a power suit?

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But wait theres more:

The radioactive treatment given to him for the exposure to his own mutagen nerve gas leaves Derek Powers looking like a pitchblack skeleton surrounded by fluorescent green tissue.

If I remember right he tries to cover it up at first with makeup/paint/synthetic skin ... but that just starts cracking and peeling off showing the green underneath.

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I remember Blight well, but he's not as tragic or disgusting as the other 2

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>I'm a neon green Ghost Rider

Fuck you, Blight, stop pretending that isn't one of the more awesome side effects compared to rupturing bone growth and eternal yo-yo-ing through Earth's core.

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Hi this is /d/ and that sounds pretty hot if you ask me.

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For whatever reason I always made him out to be Lex Luthor

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Reminds me of those giant snake-robot things from Journey. I'd post an image if I could fucking find it
Is it just me or would Journey make for a fucking awesome setting?
/d/ is not an entity, some of us do not want to be the little girl, some of us want to be the big girl

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"When Inque attempts to suffocate Batman by literally cramming herself down his throat, Bruce manages to fend her off by spraying her with a fire hose, and we are then treated to the sounds of Terry heaving and the sight of Inque's leftovers spilling all over the ground."

Good old Inque.

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Might be a bit simplistic. Perhaps a short one-night adventure to break out in case a few of your players can't make it.

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Yeah it's more the cracking/peeling normal face bit that was creepy.

Blight once he just accepts it is pretty fucking badarse.

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Another you might like

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Who needs the ocean anyway?

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Thirst is really a terrible and agonizing way to die.

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By the Emperor what IS that and where is it from?

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From Gyo, by Junji Ito

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/d/ is an entity. An entity with many /d/esires, some of which you may find /d/isgus/tg/ingngngngngng.

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Junji Ito's manga Gyo.

>> No.21867936

/d/ is a pantheon of /d/eities

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Thanks - will go read

Here's a Night Lord as my thanks

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> get behind
If you catch my drift.

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more like /d/angerously /d/eceptive /d/icks

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Get away, Slaanesh

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That was absolutely /d/readful
No you go away Khorne

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>Un! Nya! Un! Nya!
Now this is a cult ritual I can get into.

>> No.21867981

>get into
It's all coming back to me

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Actually, just a small head's up - some of his work might seem... Silly, when you think about it.
Sure, the art is detailed and disturbing, but the stories are mostly a weird clusterfuck of whatever he could think of.
If you go into it, expect awesome art and some sigh-worthy storytelling.

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What, the rurus?

>> No.21868004

>might seem
All of his work is fucking silly. Have you ever read Cat Diary? I've never laughed so hard in my life
That too~

>> No.21868015

What? The no season two?
Surely thou jest.

>> No.21868030

>thou jest
Should be jests.
Thou and you aren't quite interchangeable.
At least if I remember correctly please don't hate me to death

>> No.21868031

I hate you so much right now

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Come on, guys, I just wanted to give a fellow some advice.

His stories are fucking retarded. This is Gyo, by courtesy of TV Tropes:

During World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army commissioned a secret experiment to create biological weapons.

The end result - a deadly bacteria that infected corpses and released nauseous gases, and a walking mechanism fueled by these gases, for the purpose of spreading infection. This plan was averted when the ship carrying the bio-weapon was sunk by American bombers during the war - but the bio-weapon remains active, infecting the sea life and spreading back into Japan in the form of undead walking fish...

Then the scientists look at it, and it's pretty clear that no human hands could have designed the walking mechanisms, though it's never made quite clear what's behind it.

Oh, the ghosts of all who died in wars undersea, you say?

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My mistake then, my knowledge of ye olde English come from watching posts on /tg/.
Don't worry, I'm sure season two will be out when Spice and Wolf season three is out
That or Lucifer and Biscuit hammer anime

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Joke's on you, I don't care for Spoice and Wulf
And I didn't like Samidare and the Biscuit Hammer that much

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/x/ had a good thread the other day actually...

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fuck youand fuck you.

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Nice one.

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the hell is that?

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It's a guy turning into an alien insect.

>> No.21868272

That does not horrify me.

It does give me a boner, though.

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Isn't this traced from Alice: Madness returns?

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Double, the eldritch monster nun from Skullgirls
She can flesh morph into all of the characters limitedly. Interesting stuff, her ult SS is a gradius reference

What do you mean? That looks more like the vampire family from touhou

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wich movie is this from?

>> No.21868443

Looks like a shitty scifi original version of Pickmans Model.

>> No.21868445

So who's the artist behind this particular piece?

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Yeah, Gashunk. What a strange story.

>> No.21868495

Got to love the shorts at the back.

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bump for more horror

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I just went on /x/ for the first time in ages and it was all like, illuminati/infowars shite... Is that paranormal now?

>> No.21869472

"This hole... It was made for me."

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Jesus fuck that was awesome
The loop was done really well too.

>> No.21869580

Not the poster, but I think it's one of the american Ring sequels.

>> No.21869698

Is it weird that I find this more adorable than terrifying?

>> No.21869744

I'm strangely aroused.

Mostly because they don't look sinister, they just look like they want to fuck.

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>ITT: file names, how do they work?

>> No.21870922


Yah it does look pretty cute!

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