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Was this really so wrong?

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I think that about covers it.

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Good night everybody!


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Never change, /tg/. Never change.

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Let's cut to the heart of the matter /tg/.

Would you rather have your Necrons as robot slaves to star eating vampires, or fully sapient robot zombies, capable of interacting with other races through non-violent means?

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Why not both?

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This is really too much of a common occurrence to warrant a cap.

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Wow, /tg/ really caps everything doesn't it?

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This just on /a/.

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The former.

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Ward pls go.

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I want them to be legitimately scary. Ancient Egyptians in space isn't scary.

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Silent Terminators aren't particularly scary either.

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actually they are.
Think about it 10 000 Necron Warriors moving in complete silence. The other races try to make some noice but in the end everything will be silent and nothing more.

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But, but they are. An inexorable tide of destruction that never ends, versus space Egyptians. I mean, yes, there are still tides of silent destruction with the basic Necron warriors, but the other stuff, like Cryptek Stalkers and Time Control just make it feel out of place in the Warhammer 40k universe.

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Okay, I'll delete it...

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The truest of images.

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Well from a reader's perspective I don't find it particularly scary.
And from an in-universe perspective, I doubt I'd be able to tell the difference between the oldcrons and newcrons.

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From the point of view of your standard Imperial Guard, this is still what they see.

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I want my Necron Lords as fully sapient (programming goes downhill from there) robozombies capable of interacting non-violently with the horrid warp loving fleshraces of this galaxy while worshiping their star eating vampire overlords. They generally just don't want to interact that way.

You know, like they used to be.

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It still is. It's just now you're free to remove the worshiping part if you choose to.

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But that's totally Boku no Pico.

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Actually, the worshiping part was forcefully removed and can't be added without it being uncanon.

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And I was like yooooo what the fuck...

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and then I was like
And then those motherfuckers got into the car and I was like

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There are still free c'tan shards. It was left open for them to be able to do whatever they wanted. If a free shard is the first one to reach an inactive tomb, I don't see why it wouldn't remain in control and establish followers.

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It never says that there aren't any necron lords who still don't worship the C'Tan.
The Lords would be in the superminority but it wouldn't be breaking canon.

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It was a bit weird for Oldcrons, but perfectly in character for Newcrons.

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This is fanfiction.

If there are free C'tan or C'tan serving Necrons, the Codex would have mentioned them.

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>not getting the memo about the canon being provided as a basis for you to spin your own wacky adventures

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Just calling bullshit on canon breaking fanfiction.

I would do the same if someone mentioned Chaos Grey Knights or something equally...uncanon.

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Two people including myself replied.

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Nope. Canon specifically states that no GKs have ever fallen. It doesn't specifically state that there aren't any Necrons that still worship the C'Tan.

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Because the canon says No Grey Knight has ever fallen numbnuts.

If the Canon doesn't mention something, you can assume it's probably happened somewhere.

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Do you even 40k canon?

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The former.

I'm bored of most factions being sociopaths.

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Nor does it include any examples of C'tan worshiping or serving.

And there never have been stated that there aren't any Necro-Tau out there. So that means they exist, by your logic?

>you can assume it's probably happened somewhere

By somewhere, you mean your fanfiction?

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Newcrons are fun, Oldcrons are boring.

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40k was made to be a fanfiction insertion setting and it still is.

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You must be a fun guy to play against.
My chapter's Omophagea organ has mutated so that it doesn't work.
That's uncanon because the codex doesn't specifically say that there is a chapter with that issue.

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Did you guys seriously just reply?
You don't argue with brick walls in real life.
Just because they have the ability to be wrong on the internet doesn't mean you should argue with them here.

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I don't know.

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>his opinion does not match mine
>he must be a retard or a troll

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Work within the parameters of the fluff.

Stray from them and you'll enter fanfiction territory.

>You must be a fun guy to play against.

The only thing I would do is exhale a sigh and eyeroll at the sight of your uncanon army.

>That's uncanon because the codex doesn't specifically say that there is a chapter with that issue.

It also says there are no Female Marines, It doesn't mean its okay to field them!

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Keep in mind Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are worlds where half truths, lies, propaganda, politics, legends and myths exist. The absolute truth which is implied when you talk about "canonical background" will never be known because of this. Everything we know about these worlds is from the viewpoints of people in them which are as a result incomplete and even sometimes incorrect. The truth is mutable, debatable and lost as the victors write the history...

Here's our standard line: Yes it's all official, but remember that we're reporting back from a time where stories aren't always true, or at least 100% accurate. If it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40K universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.

Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.

I think the real problem for me, and I speak for no other, is that the topic as a "big question" doesn't matter. It's all as true as everything else, and all just as false/half-remembered/sort-of-true. The answer you are seeking is "Yes and no" or perhaps "Sometimes". And for me, that's the end of it.

Now, ask us some specifics, eg can Black Templars spit acid and we can answer that one, and many others. But again note that answer may well be "sometimes" or "it varies" or "depends".

But is it all true? Yes and no. Even though some of it is plainly contradictory? Yes and no. Do we deliberately contradict, retell with differences? Yes we do. Is the newer the stuff the truer it is? Yes and no. In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies.

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It's a decaying universe without GPS and galaxy-wide communication, where precious facts are clung to long after they have been changed out of all recognition. Read A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M Miller, about monks toiling to hold onto facts in the aftermath of a nucelar war; that nails it for me.

Sorry, too much splurge here. Not meant to sound stroppy.

To attempt to answer the initial question: What is GW's definition of canon? Perhaps we don't have one. Sometimes and maybe. Or perhaps we do and I'm not telling you.

tl;dr, everything and nothing is canon and pretending there is any hard canon means you are likely autistic.

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>Specifically saying something cannot happen is as damning as having nothing to say on the matter.
Because that makes sense.

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>tl;dr, everything and nothing is canon and pretending there is any hard canon means you are likely autistic.

It should be mentioned that half-eldar space marines are canon.

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>there never have been stated that there aren't any Necro-Tau out there. So that means they exist, by your logic?
Yes, it's possible.

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I didn't argue that.
There are specific things which specifically cannot happen (exempli gratia, female space marines) or specifically are true (exempli gratia, the Imperial Fists can't spit acid). Everything else is up in the air.

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>It also says there are no Female Marines, It doesn't mean its okay to field them!
Interesting fact: refusing to play against female Marines is actually one of the example symptoms psychologists' handbooks use for autism.

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I thought that guy was just a navigator?

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Astropath, actually. Had power armor and thus was mistaken for a Space Marine, but it never actually said he was one. He also changed chapters, giving credence to the idea that he wasn't actually one.

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Astropath under the jurisdiction of the "Ultra-Marines".

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If you can rationalise it I would have to say yes.

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>not responding to Trolls with reasonable discussion

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I think he must be new here.

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Just going by relevancy. Newer and relevant canon discounts the possibility of any C'tan worshiping Necrons.

If you want to stick to old and outdated, good for you. Feel free to be stuck in the past. Just know your army is irrelevant to the setting and where its going.

I would chuckle a bit and play against a guy that fields female marines.

I would feel dirty and creeped at the end of it, though.

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>Newer and relevant canon
>Do we deliberately contradict, retell with differences? Yes we do. Is the newer the stuff the truer it is? Yes and no. In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies.
>In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no.
Keep being autistic, though.

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Do female Marines have to be fetishy? What if the guy playing them was a normal dude, not a fedora-wearing neckbeard? What if it was a girl playing them?

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>discounts the possibility
[citation needed]

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>What if the guy playing them was a normal dude, not a fedora-wearing neckbeard? What if it was a girl playing them?

Why do either of these discount the possibility of fetishism?
And either way they scream "special snowflake fanfic characters".

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It would still suck, because:
1-either they're undistinguishable from regular marines, and it's not only pointless, it also damages the obscurantist, conservative theme of the space marines.
2-or they're significantly different from male marines, and it's pointless special-snowflaking that could have worked better with battle sisters.

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What if they have no background? They're just, 'yeah, I thought female Marines would look cool'.

>> No.21860516

Then it's plain wrong, because Battle Sisters look better than any female marine would. Even that sculpted miniature of a female marine with a plasma pistol looks really bland compared to a battle sister.

>> No.21860528

Well... see
That's what I think, basically.

>> No.21860531

but a normal person looks at the fluff and goes "yeah okay" and buys SoB, eldar or guard if they specifically want females.

>> No.21860552

Eh, just hypotheticalling. Personally I don't care much about the fluff and would have no problem with female Marines if they didn't look fetishy.

>> No.21860580

I would have problems with female marines ESPECIALLY if they didn't look fetishy, because then, not only would they be pointless and thematically damaging, they'd also be unattractive.

>> No.21860581

Why do people care so much about the dreaded special snowflake ideas anyway? 40k is made of them.

>> No.21860604

it'd be just as weird to me if someone was running male SoB.

>> No.21860608

Some people likes a challenge when doing hobby stuff.

>> No.21860615

Oh... well, I don't give a shit about 'thematically damaging'. As for unattractive... I was picturing just female heads on power armour bodies, so I suppose it depends on how attractive the faces are. SoB faces would be pretty ugly, yeah.

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That's because they are called Sisters.

>> No.21860631

Eh, I'd be fine with that too.

>> No.21860646

Because of the fact that it's actually more bland than what the setting already proposes, because it often happens to contradict the themes of 40k when done seriously, and because it also contradicts the fluff.

Want to do an army based on Xeno's super-fun adventure club of friendship? Fine, but don't go claim that it's an idea as valid and serious as a regular necron army, even if newcrons are pretty goofy.

>> No.21860669

No, it's because "male sisters" already exist in two forms that look cooler than actual male sisters: Black Templars, and Templar Brothers.

Again, your special snowflakes are worse, less special and less interesting than GW's.

>> No.21860674

And Marines are called Battle-Brothers.

>> No.21860680

and canon-wise they cannot be male. Just like SMs can't be female.

>> No.21860686

>Black Templars
Don't actually worship the Emperor, so not really. >Templar Brothers
Frateris Templars, actually. And yeah, I'd like to see an army of them.

>> No.21860701

>I don't give a shit about 'thematically damaging'.
You should, 40k's themes and aesthetics are the single most important aspect of it. If you take them out, you're left with frustrating, bad rules and a clusterfuck of badly-written fluff.

If you don't care about thematic integrity, you don't like what's good about 40k.

>> No.21860730

Newer fluff gets more focus and content by the writers and devs because its the direction they want to take their setting.

While retconned and old fluff gets forgotten and discarded. Just because you choose to pick it up for whatever reason doesn't mean its gonna be relevant.

As example, your Oldcron army has no place in the current setting unless you update their fluff as discard the outdated fluff.

>What if the guy playing them was a normal dude, not a fedora-wearing neckbeard? What if it was a girl playing them?

It's more about my feeling about the army than the person playing them.

>Do female Marines have to be fetishy?

Yes, why would they create this kind of army if it isn't about fulfilling some weird urge or something.


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>Don't actually worship the Emperor
Extremely arguable, they often refer to him as the "god-emperor", they might be the exception.

>> No.21860737

I disagree. I think the main thing with 40k is cool-looking minis, and I think you can appreciate that without caring much about 'thematic integrity'. Because, as you say, the fluff's a clusterfuck anyway. It's too badly-written to take seriously.

>> No.21860772

Keep something in mind:
the fluff is supposed to be relevant to us. Just because the writers wanted it one way, doesn't mean it's the right way.
I'm talking about specific execution decisions, of course, the core themes of each army and of the setting can hardly be "wrong", only the way they're written out.

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No, they don't. In Helsreach this is specifically discussed.
You wants ones who worship him? The Fire Angels. The White Consuls.

>> No.21860790

>It's too badly-written to take seriously.
No. The writers are too bad to be taken seriously, but the abstract themes and ideas are often genuinely cool.
And without the cool themes to guide the miniature designs, they would be inconsistent and uninspired. Being able to sculpt miniatures with fine details is useless if they don't represent cool things.

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What if I just want to have fun with 40k and don't give a shit about the integrity of this cardhouse of a setting?

In a setting with murder clowns guarding the Black Library I think Newcrons fit like a glove. 40k is silly.

>> No.21860848

Then you're not being serious, and it's fine.
As I said, as long as you don't claim that your silly interpretations are as good as the canon ones when they obviously aren't, it's okay.

What legitimately pisses off people is stuff like WHH that tries to be serious, or guys who go on rants about how there SHOULD be female marines, or how Mr Culexus' OCs are so deep and moving and should be canon.

>> No.21860860

No, I think my silly interpretations are better.

>> No.21860865

Oh, fair enough. Not that anon, but I too wouldn't go claiming female marines were super-serious or anything.

>> No.21860876

Better in what regard? Do you think that sexy battlesuits convey the idea of a creepy totalitarian shintoist race better than the current designs?
If you do, you're wrong.

>> No.21860892

Anon referred to them as silly, so I doubt it was about the totalitarianism.

>> No.21860895

While I don't want to interrupt you guys I guess it's true, to a certain extent, that everyone cherrypicks his fluff bits. I don't have to keep RT era space marine penal legions around but I sure like my 2nd edition Ordo Malleus exterminating the entire victorious Seventh Guard Corps after the liberation of Praanxh VIII against the planetary govenor turned to chaos.

So, isn't it kind of mute to discuss whether official fluff is correct or not? It's not like there has been a coherent vision from the beginnings until now among the devs themselves.

>> No.21860938

But the Tau are about totalitarianism, ergo, what conveys it efficiently is better than what doesn't.

You could argue that, since they're a little weeaboo, mecha-musume would be relevant, but it would contradict the other aspect, while not necessarily serving the latter a lot. Also, they're not really that weeaboo, and they already have one mecha-musume: Shadowsun.

Ergo, sexy battlesuits, taken seriously, are bad.

When your goal is silliness, anything goes, but nothing can be taken seriously.

>> No.21860954

I think staying true to whatever generic guidelines GW has set up is boring. Go crazy and do what comes to mind is a much more fun way to 40k.

40k as a setting will never be anything I can truly respect so I will treat it like the cheap trick it is.

>> No.21860971


And there has at least been a coherent vision throughout each edition.
And you cannot argue that 40k wasn't supposed to be genuinely grimdark and badass since the beginning, even if the amount of grimdarkness, or rather its forms of expressions, have varied a bit.

Again, don't confuse themes and execution.

>> No.21860992

>Female Marines
There's really 2 ways to pull this off. And both rely on just how creepy you come off as:
1) lol Chaos. Self explanatory.
2) Panic method. They needed marines, bad, so they shoved geneseed into everything that classified as human. Sometimes it worked. We don't talk about the other times.
3) Troll Method. Every Marine wears a helmet. We just have to take your word for it on the gender.

>> No.21860995


Silliness is funny, and as such, it can be fun, but if I want to have fun in a more serious way, which is enjoyable in itself, and more thoroughly so than silliness, I have to stay true to the core guidelines. It won't hinder my creativity one bit, I often come up with alternative designs and I do it better when I'm being serious and consistent with the themes.

>> No.21861010

>1) lol Chaos. Self explanatory.
That works for me, honestly. If there are hermaphroditic Marines (which there quite emphatically are), then I don't mind you fielding female Slaaneshi Marines, as long as they started out male.

>> No.21861017

Yeah, works for me too. Chaos (at least Slaanesh) is SUPPOSED to be transgressive and shocking, it works.

>> No.21861023

Well, if that's fun for you I won't disagree. I will however keep regarding 40k as comedy.

>> No.21861029

I honestly don't give a fuck if they started off female, if they started off as CSM.
Blame it on fabulous bile or something.

>> No.21861050

Than why even bother being a part of this discussion? It doesn't matter what's in any codex to you because you'll change it to what you want it to be regardless.

>> No.21861056

But if you don't also regard it as a serious attempt at pulling off grimdark fantasy, you will be objectively wrong.

Are you sure that you are okay with being objectively wrong?

>> No.21861066

Not really.
CSM still follow the same basic processes as loyalists, it's just extra Chaosy. You could field female Chaos warriors who are analogous to Space Marines, but they wouldn't be actual Chaos Space Marines.
Now, male Marines who became female Marines? It's Chaos, it can do that shit.

>> No.21861073

serious attempt =/= you have to take it seriously

>> No.21861092

>And there has at least been a coherent vision throughout each edition.

I'll give you that but inbetween editions? No way. RT was a dorky clusterfuck of rip-offs, 2nd was still dorky but with the grimdark tuned to over 9000 and 3rd and onwards was gimmeallyourmoniespl0x. I haven't played or really followed 40k's development since early/mid 3rd edition and while I can still get what today's 40k is all about, as soon as I start scratching the surface it all becomes really stupid confusing pretty soon.

>Again, don't confuse themes and execution.

I didn't follow your discussion so I wouldn't really know what to confuse. But I concur, as I've said before, that it wasn't all grimdark all the time.

>> No.21861104

But didn't fabulous rig up some chicks to constantly churn out CSM?
I mean, it's chaos. Ain't gotta explain.

>> No.21861105

What I mean is that you have to acknowledge the fact that it's mostly serious, which would make the belief that silly, transgressive interpretations are better, wrong, because it would be inconsistent.

>> No.21861118

>RT was a dorky clusterfuck of rip-offs
still supposed to be genuinely grimdark and badass.

Every guy who tries to make general statements about early 40k should read this here:

>> No.21861129

Axlotl tanks are not Space Marines. They are very different things.

>> No.21861135

But something can be consistently bad. If I believe 40k is consistently bad, then the fact that some comedy spin on it is inconsistent doesn't make it inherently worse.

>> No.21861162

So, let me get this straight.

You prefer making fun of things you don't like, than to genuinely enjoy what you like, right?
Sounds like what being an asshole is about.

>> No.21861167

E.g. Twilight. Some parody of Twilight might well be better than Twilight itself, and yet inconsistent with Twilight's tone. In fact, if it was consistent with Twilight it would be worse.

>> No.21861178

What if I genuinely enjoy making fun of things I don't like?

Anyway, I'm not saying I am, just arguing a point here.

>> No.21861187

Then you'd be a genuine asshole.

>> No.21861196


Oldcrons are fun, newcrons are boring.

>> No.21861201

Plus you don't have to actively DISLIKE something to find a parody version of it more entertaining than the original. The parody just has to be more artistically successful than the original is all.

>> No.21861217

Oh. Then I disagree. I think parody and satire are perfectly valid forms of expression, and people who enjoy them aren't all assholes.

>> No.21861219

>terminator ripoffs are fun

>> No.21861236

You can't revert irony back into seriousness: There's no difference between irony and serious irony.

>> No.21861246

>explicit acknowledgement that 40k and Fantasy take place in the same universe
Intredasting. I'll save this for when that debate comes round again.

>> No.21861255

I side with the other anon on principle.

>> No.21861260

>Orks fighting Marines so that they can build a multistorey carpark on the conquered land
>comical example character names at every turn
>genuine attempt at grimdark

RT was meant to be excessively grimdark to parody the grimdark of the day. They weren't going for full goofiness but they certainly weren't going for poe-faced dark sci-fi either. What they didn't count on was people like you taking it totally seriously and begging for more grimderp with a completely straight face.

>> No.21861267

How's that Aspergers working out for you, kid?

>> No.21861276

Eh? You can't genuinely enjoy a parody of something?

>> No.21861278

The problem is that no parodic interpretation of 40k has been more moving, fascinating and creative as serious ones.
If you believe the opposite, then you're pretty weird, because none of Mr Culexus' productions, despite being relatively rich and entertainign, are half as good in their genre as an average standup comedic show. Whereas 40k is fascinating enough to have drawn Culexus himself into studying most of its lore.

>> No.21861283

Having read the RT book I can say that among all the 2000AD artwork, 80s, gangers, Judges, Mad Max, soda can popping beakies, 80s, push-the-on-button-liturgies, baby eating huns IN SPAAACE!, 'Nam and 80s, yeah, there was grimdark. And it was pretty revolutionary too, but still it seemed like some side boxes said so, so we have to assume that it's, oh, grimdark.

For me, the grimdark in 2nd ed was far more spohisticated than in RT. Building on the fundamentals laid out before, sure that, but with a much more refined background there were suddenly so much more ways to put the grimdark completely over the top that GW had to cut back in later editions (like the guardsmen-Chaos thingy - Inquisitorial stormtroopers before 3rd ed? no way).

>> No.21861295

You can, but you're still being ironic towards he object of the parody. If you're not, then you wouldn't even get the jokes and find it funny in the first place.

>> No.21861308

which is what I meant by saying that the forms of grimdarkness have changed, but not the fact that it's grimdark and badass.

>> No.21861320

I don't understand why anyone wouldn't think that Space Tomb Kings isn't the most original and fantastic concept ever.

So what if they took a downgrade in badassery from the oldcrons? NOW I CAN ALLY WITH BA LOL!!!

>> No.21861326

When did I claim that it was completely serious?
I didn't.
It did include many parodic and humorous aspects, but it was not a parody of grimdarkness as you claim it was.

>> No.21861342

because everything in 40k is supposed to be badass.
Newcrons fail at it.

>> No.21861345

Ah yeah, I was just arguing the principle of the thing. I haven't actually seen any awesome comedy versions of 40k. I think the setting might be too crazy, exaggerated and varied in its own right to be a good subject for parody.

>> No.21861350

The Newcrons feel a bit too much....human.

There isn't anything alien about them.

>> No.21861357

That is a good explanation.

>> No.21861359

Your rebukes have no substance.

>> No.21861380

Heeey, Tau aren't badass either, yo.

>> No.21861388

>playing as Skynet and commanding an unstoppable horde of T-800s that carpet the table isn't fun
>playing as wacky Uncle Phaeron and his clown car posse is so much better

>> No.21861406

Well, they certainly have the potential to be; and in early stages of the design process, they were badass indeed.
But the problem is that taus are a commercial endeavor before being a 40k race.

>> No.21861417

>thinks Tau are badass
>and no other race is

You're a faggot.

Any space marine and especially chapters like BT and Carcharodons
Any CSM legion
Dark Eldar

All badass.

>> No.21861419

>>playing as Skynet and commanding an unstoppable horde of T-800s that carpet the table isn't fun
Yeah, that's what I just said. They're boring and have zero personality.

>> No.21861424

But Mr. Culexus' OCs are canon. And Boone is a Living Saint. Read your Navis Primer.

>> No.21861440


And yet Space Marines are the best selling faction.

>> No.21861442

When do you know your faction sucks?

When you bring up the Tau to defend them. Seriously, Newcron fans have no pride.

>> No.21861453

>But Mr. Culexus' OCs are canon
No they aren't.
There's a specifically apocryphal reference to Boone, but that doesn't make either her or any of his other bullshit canon.

>> No.21861459


Seriously, the only thing keeping Tau afloat are giant railcannons, exoskeleton armor, and hover technology everywhere.

>> No.21861461

Waaaait a second.
Are you trying to cheat me again by making me negate the entirety of your post, thereby stating that most of 40k isn't badass?

I will only remind you that I did not say that the tau were badass; simply that they could be, and used to be, in the early stages of their design process.

>> No.21861462

Space Marines are incredibly variable. Oldcrons are emphatically not.

>> No.21861467

>There's a specifically apocryphal reference to Boone

Is this a coincidence or are people just making a stretch?

>> No.21861477


Gooby pls.

>> No.21861478

I'm not actually a Newcron fan. I dislike Newcrons and Oldcrons pretty much equally and prefer the Tau to both.

>> No.21861481

because you can make your own chapter with their quirks, while many established chapters are quite different.

on the other hand
>they are robots and uhhh..
>they have a special plan none of us know about
>but trust me, they are really scary.

>> No.21861484

Nah, it's pretty much a description of a story people tell about a rogue psyker which is pretty much Boone's backstory.

>> No.21861486

The only thing keeping the Newcrons a float is the Webway.

>> No.21861487


Absolutely not, there is one book called the "boons of St-Something", that's all.
And since Culexus' Boone is not a living saint, if there was indeed a canon living saint named Boone, it would not be Mr Culexus' Boone.

>> No.21861488

>hurr Blanche concept Tau are badass
>nothing else is though
>despite Blanche doing similar concepts for every race

>> No.21861500


I hate Tau and Newcrons so you're preaching to the choir.

>the only thing keeping Newcrons afloat is an OP new codex and people enjoying making special snowflake dynasties while being hyypocrites that hate on Space Marines

>> No.21861503

The story could have been a coincidence, until you look at the source of the quote.

>> No.21861507

His Tau are cooler because they LOOK cooler. These look like they actually FIT 40k instead of Star Wars.

>> No.21861508

This is not contradictory.

It's because he makes only badass concepts that his taus are as badass as other races he designed.
And I didn't say that nothing else was badass, simply that tau aren't badass.

>> No.21861520

Not nearly, actually, it's just a little quote, and the description of the class, below, is not nearly similar to Boone's.

>> No.21861524

>concept Tau are cool because they fit in 40K
>all the other races that fit in 40K aren't cool

>> No.21861534

Eh, there's nothing very grimy and grubby about the Elfdar either, and they've been part of 40k since the beginning.

(yes, I know there are Blanchedar. But the actual models have always been about clean lines and smoothness)

>> No.21861539


All Blanche drawn Eldar are actually Dark Eldar.

>> No.21861551

You know, it's becoming pretty obvious that you're simply taking statements and linking them by random logical links, in order to produce blatantly wrong statements that superficially look like ours, in order to make us believe that we're saying things that are wrong, or difficult to interpret.

>> No.21861555

But....smoothy and clean is not Grimdark!

>> No.21861560

Pretty sure he did some Phoenix Lords at least. Also, I can remember a really freaky old Rogue Trader picture of Eldar, but that wasn't actually Blanche.

>> No.21861565

But Blanchedar are inherently superior.
Also, the actual models still look all arcane and shit, unlike the Tau.

>> No.21861572

>an inexorable tide of destruction
So they are just like nids, but they're also 2spooky robots?

No, it's dumb and redundant, but so is most of 40k.

>> No.21861573

that's extremely not true, he only draw a handful of dark eldars, but a shitton of craftworlders
and despite being smooth and clean, they are badass, because they're dynamic, ancient-looking, esoteric, full of strange weapons and exaggerated features.

>> No.21861575

Indeed. We are forced to conclude that from its very beginnings 40k contained non-grimdark elements, and that the Tau are therefore not entirely inconsistent.

>> No.21861577


>> No.21861581

A fellow Xenohater, well met!

>> No.21861584

Here, /tg/, thanks for the laughs.

>> No.21861595

Only a handful of non-grimdark elements, massively outnumbered by extremely grimdark elements.

Except their smoothness, everything about eldar design is grimdark, or at least badass.

>> No.21861602

I think some Tau stuff is badass looking. Fire Warriors look dangerous enough, and the hovertanks kick ass. Crisis Suits look stupid, granted, but the Forgeworld ones (XV9s, I think?) are a big improvement.

>> No.21861620

It could still be improved a lot.

>> No.21861626

>Fire Warriors look dangerous enough
Not really. They're short guys with camera heads. The hovertanks look pretty much identical to Star Wars ones.

>> No.21861632

>Fire Warriors


>> No.21861643

camera heads are pretty creepy, and they have the tacticool aspect and the samurai silhouette.

But yeah, they lack details and bits.

>> No.21861654

Fire Warriors need servo harness carapaces that make them look like they have four pulse rifle arms.

>> No.21861680

>they lack details and bits
I'm fine with a lack of that. Most of 40k is covered in details and bits- let's have Eldar and Tau in there for slightly less busy aesthetics.

>The hovertanks look pretty much identical to Star Wars ones
Shit, you might be right here...

>> No.21861709

Tau are/were supposed to clash a bit with the rest of the setting anyway.

>> No.21861712

Was this really so wrong?

>> No.21861728

I'm simply talking about slightly more segmented armor, and let's say, a few more cameras, either shoulder or helmet-mounted.

Then, for elites, maybe more accessories, either more gadgets, or more traditional garments.

But the main problem is their official paintjobs: too similar to eldar ones; they'd need either very dull, realistic, nearly cyberpunk paintjobs, or on the contrary very gaudy and garishly colorful designs

>> No.21861737

>less busy aesthetics
u wot m8

>> No.21861742

These look more like Eldar hoover craft.

>> No.21861746

they clash in a boring, unappealing way

>> No.21861748

>Pariahs represent the next phase of the c'tan's ideal for the galaxy

yes it was, the C'tan doing everything was horrible.

>> No.21861769

Firewarriors just need some Operator style gear for their pulse weapons.

>> No.21861771

>cameras on everything
I'm very OK with this.

>> No.21861805

The pariahs were cool though.

>> No.21861808

u are 1 fucking cheeky kunt mate

>> No.21861810

I'm pretty sure the cartoonist/animator guy at advancedtautactica did a bunch of stuff in that vein.
You've prolly seen it already, I did that:

>> No.21861817

Yeah, Pariahs seemed pretty sweet. What do Cron players use Pariahs as now?

>> No.21861820

No, you're not.

Cameras are not skulls. The Tau need skulls on their gear.

>> No.21861822

In what way?
They just looked like modern cybermen. That is to say like average robots, without the cool retrofuturistic aesthetics of old cybermen.

>> No.21861830

the difference is that the tau one actually looks good. while the star wars one looks like shit.

>> No.21861832

Lychguard I'd imagine.

>> No.21861843



>> No.21861844

This isn't actually a shot from the film is it?

>> No.21861845

Can you repeat the question?

>> No.21861850

Cron players didn't use Pariahs to begin with. They were awful.

>> No.21861855

Also bigger pauldrons.

>> No.21861860

>more skulls
Nooooooo. 40k has enough skulls. No more skulls.

>> No.21861864

Why do they look like Injuns?

>> No.21861867

Praetorians and/or Lychguard.

Well, if anyone actually used any of those three to begin with.

>> No.21861883

I am the Future.

I am Perfection


>> No.21861884

The concept behind them, that feeling of something horrible happening to who got caught, that spooky aura they had around them.

Who cares if the C'tans were the masterminds there, if a random Necron Lord did the same now nothing would change.

>> No.21861890

Because they're inspired a little by Moebius' stuff, and Moebius seemed to have a hard-on for indians.

>> No.21861901


>Source Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Seems to be.

>> No.21861904

hence, cameras.

cameras are the cyberpunk equivalent of skulls
which is why the imperium has skull-cameras, since it's cybergothic.

>> No.21861905

>not Hammerheads.jpg

>> No.21861910


>> No.21861911

If the Newcrons can create new Necrons from the fleshbags, then what's the point of the return to flesh thing?

>> No.21861912

Hoooooooly shit haha. The technology really wasn't ready, huh?

>> No.21861929

It's Mat Ward's failed attempt at making newcrons sound tragic. It actually makes them pathetic. You can't turn pathos into tragic just like that, and Ward doesn't know that.

>> No.21861941


It was 1999 dude.

>> No.21861947


>> No.21861949

I meant to say that having either the C'tan or some Necron Lord behind a unit like that wouldn't change their theme. What made them cool in my eyes wasn't who was behind their creation.

Do all Necrons strive to get back to flesh? Aren't they lacking a unified purpose?

>> No.21861958

And the original Star Wars was 1977, and I'm pretty sure nothing in it looked as unrealistic as that.

>> No.21861979

>mfw the Newcrons got the''Suchisthetragedyofourpeople'' treatement
>mfw the Newcrons are doomed

It's pathetically funny that they're so similar to the Eldar.

>> No.21861983


Because none of it was CG except the explosions, which looked like stereotypical unrealistic explosions from the 70's.

>> No.21861985

Because that's not creating a new Necron, it's creating a human who is now roboty.

The Necrons don't want to be living so they can have babies (okay they do want to continue producing babies to further the empire but it's not the main point), it's not an issue of producing more of them. They just realize that "hey we don't like being robots since we are soulless monsters, no longer glorious Necrontyr, and we did this without consent anyway". They want to return to being alive so they can be "alive".

>> No.21862004

>Altharius, which meant in the ancient inscrutable Eldar tongue The Most Elegant of Nobility in The Arts of Graceful Warfare and Majestic Pottery pointed his elegant weapon at the apish space marines, the squad ripped apart by a graceful hail of deadly shuriken fire, the advanced psycho reactive monomolecular wraithbone edges ripped apart their crude armor like a swarm of vengeful wraithbees defending their spirithoney from the starbears of ancient Eldar mythology.

>Still for every crudely clad clunky stupid clumsy monkey marine killed, a dozen swarmed in to take its place. Their clumsy boxcars puttered slowly towards the elegant firing lines of the most ancient eldritch elegant Eldar, blown away by graceful deadly brilliant lances of energy from the vengeful lances of the glorious guardian squad Thethaliusomis which meant in the ancient Eldar tongue The Squad of Most Righteous Invincible Unwavering Noble Craftsmen Who Craft Death as Elegantly As Their Earthenware.

>Altharius danced gracefully through the clumsy bolts belched by the marine's crude gun, if such a clumsy device could even be called a weapon, dispatching one after another with elegant sweeps of his monomolecular finely crafted gem encrusted graceful blade made from the psychoreactive wraithbone, testament to the Eldar psychic and technological mastery.

>A stray bolt shell farted through the air and struck Altharius upon his noble chest, but the amazing psycho reactive wraithbone armor of the Eldar which was as flexible as the most sheer silk elegantly shifted and hardened harder than the hardest of hardturtles of ancient Eldar mythology to deflect the crude monkeyshot, veering it into the face of another clumsy marine standing beside him.

>> No.21862005

yfw the Dark Angel codex goes on about how Marines wish they could just be normal humans again, not have to fight for the Emprah all the damn time, and actually make use of their genitalia

>> No.21862009

This, CG was added much later when they did the "special edition" or whatever that was called.

>> No.21862012

>Altharius then somersaulted through the air dancing across the sky like the great elegant hunting falcons of Eldar mythology and in his descent his elegant heel caved in the helmet of one of the crude armor clad monkeys and used the building momentum to spin cartwheeling towards the leader of the marines, a great ugly brute with crooked teeth and a lazy eye and ruddy wrinkly skin his crude armor garishly covered in seals and with the crudely banged out symbol of his clumsy god emperor scrawled upon his crude armor. The simple creature's dumb farm animal eyes widened in fear as the spinning whirlwind of eldritch ancient elegant destruction spun towards him and in a graceful flash of majestic advanced wraithbone he was cut cleanly in two by the elegant gem encrusted monomolecular edge. Its kidneys, backup kidneys, secondary kidneys, and deluxe double black kidneys all fell out of his body with a disgusting ploop.

>Their leader dead, the marines hopped back into their boxes and puttered away, but there would be no escape for the crude monkeys as their clumsy retreat was cut apart by an elegant hail of deadly monomolecular shuriken discs and graceful lances of light that cut through the air like the legendary glowwyrms of Eldar mythology which once aided The Ancient Mythological Eldar God Vaul as he got lost in the spiritwoods in the legendary mythologies of the Eldar's ancient past.

>Altharius was glad the war was over and looked forward to returning to walking the graceful path of the potter which staved off the temptations of Slaanesh but he walked a razor's edge between indulgence and the trappings of the path which the brilliant Eldar mind could fall to such was the tragedy of his people.

You know, I don't really think they did.

>> No.21862018

I know, and that's my point. If you spend millions of dollars on computer effects and the results aren't as good as the work you did two decades ago, isn't it a sign that the technology isn't ready and you should use models instead?

>> No.21862031

But the Space Wolves do. Score one for them.

>> No.21862041

Nah, they'll become even more "FIRST LEGION HURRRR" and half their Codex will go on about how they're so ashamed of their past and will stop at nothing to atone in their own eyes, since no one knows anything about what they do or why.

>> No.21862054


You are speaking from a 2012 perspective. Episode I CG effects were amazing in 1999. People called it groundbreaking and revolutionary and it no doubt helped pave the way for studios to invest and experiment in improving CGI.

>> No.21862058

Oh yeah, that's true, they have a tragedy of their people anyway.

>> No.21862068

>Do all Necrons strive to get back to flesh?

The sane ones, yes.

If they don't get backed to flesh, they'll lose their minds, personalities, and memories to madness and oblivion Also their lack of soul makes them sad.

This raises a good question. How will the Necrons get their souls back? The C'tan ate them and their gone for good. So even if they returned to flesh they won't have souls.

>> No.21862070

>Epidsode I was a decade ago

I'm old

A hate you anon

>> No.21862079

so basically their 4th edition codex

>> No.21862082

Also you need some sleep, grandpa

>> No.21862084

I don't remember Eldar stuff along those lines, tbh...

>> No.21862126

Supposedly all Necrons want to rebuild the dynasties and bring the galaxy under their rule once more, as was the Silent King's final command. However, there appear to be some who don't care and just do whatever they want: for instance, Trazyn the Infinite is obsessed with his collection and nothing more, and Thaszar the Invincible just wants to play pirates. The desire for a return to flesh is said to be a key motivator for many Necron nobles, but again there are exceptions, like Illuminor Szeras who thinks being a robutt is pretty cool but wants to go one better and become an energy god.

>> No.21862134

Multiply that. And I wouldn't be surprised if one of the first sentences stated how they are ultimately destined to fail and disappear, as they don't follow the glorious Codex Astartes and didn't even have Rowboat to help them or the Necrons as allies like the BA did.

>> No.21862188

That was the original joke.

>> No.21862193


Because apparently, lacking a soul sucks.

>> No.21862204

I don't see gingers complaining.

>> No.21862223



The "GOD! GA-AH-HA-HA~" part is the best.

>> No.21862234

I remember when Thomas Macbee was over joyed about being turned into a Necron. That time seems so far off.

Why is not having a soul is bad? In this era, having a soul is a weakness and a danger.

>> No.21862239


Because not having a soul means I can't enjoy hot sex with daemonettes and space elves

>> No.21862274


Pariahs and blanks still have functioning reproductive systems.

>> No.21862283


So do space marines.

>> No.21862301

>I remember when Thomas Macbee was over joyed about being turned into a Necron.
I bet he was brainwashed by Necron propaganda.

>> No.21862323

Oldcrons weren't really big on Propaganda back then.

>> No.21862334


Another reason why they're superior.

>> No.21862335


We don't know for sure whether marines can or cannot have sex, or if they can have children.

>> No.21862350

They did have poetry on the walls of their tombs though.

>Death stands above me, whispering low
>I know not what in my ear
>Of his strange language all I know
>There is only pain and fear.

>Inscription transcribed from the walls of Cthelmax

>> No.21862370


This is a common theme in fiction, right up there with AI being a crapshoot. Not having a soul is somehow an indescribably horrible experience, to the point that suicide is preferable to an eternity without a soul.

>> No.21862371

Ouch, teenage Cron poetry.

>> No.21862373

>We don't know for sure whether marines can or cannot have sex
In the Space Wolves series one of them is described as a womanizer.
Furthermore, a Relic dev said he'd had a discussion with GW and found out that they can have kids in canon, just choose not to.

>> No.21862376


Why wouldn't Necrontyr have art and culture before being turned into terminators?

>> No.21862385

>Death stands above me, whispering low
>I know not what in my ear
>Of his strange language all I know
>There is only pain and fear..
>I want to die

>> No.21862394

Ancient Necrontyr poetry, perhaps.

I doubt the Old Necrons would care about such triviality.

>> No.21862396


Oh, don't misunderstand. I am firmly in the "yes they can" camp myself. However, they are others who would fight such an assertion tooth and nail. And their arguments are as good as ours (considering the clusterfuck that is 40k canon).

>> No.21862409


I have Chaos Worshipping Grey Knights, and no-one has ever called me out on it.

>> No.21862433


That Guy

>> No.21862447

I'm OK with this.

>> No.21862478

>their arguments are as good as ours (considering the clusterfuck that is 40k canon)
It's never been suggested that they CAN'T, though, and the way 40k canon works, if there's no contradictory canon, there's nothing to pick and choose from.

>> No.21862484

So long as you call them Sons of Malal, I am entirely fine with it.
Malal is the only appropriate counts as army for GKs, save maybe pre-heresy 1k Sons, and that is a stretch to me.

>> No.21862509


As a GK player, one of the most interesting interpretations I've heard for the GKs is that they never fall not because they're immune, but because the Chaos Gods like what they're doing (since they are well-known to cause almost as much damage as the daemons themselves).

I don't personally buy it, but I find it very interesting nonetheless.

>> No.21862510


Nobody really calls people out for stuff IRL except sperglords, but you would probably cause such shitstorms on /tg/.

>> No.21862532

Wait....I get it.

This writing is describing the dark influence of the Nightbringer

>> No.21862533

>crazed pyromaniac burns down your men and his allies in equal measure
>not wanting to possess said pyromaniac and direct his full brunt on your foes

Chaos is retarded.

I find it much more believable that Chaos really does suck that much, provided that the only thing they can do to stop Draigo is reset everything constantly for eternity since they can't stop him.

>> No.21862589

I think it's just bad heavy metal lyrics. Or teen poetry. Or both.

>> No.21862620


No, no, the idea is they don't bother trying to corrupt the GKs because if they did the GKs would start executing each other, thereby losing the ability to do the Chaos Gods' bidding by accident.

>> No.21862622

The useful thing about Chaos is it CAN be stupid. I mean it's four big gods and countless minor powers doing crazy shit and failing to work together. It doesn't need to conform to any notion of good strategy.

>> No.21862669


He thinks Draigo actually did that stuff in the warp that the codex talks about.

>> No.21862683

Old fluff claims that the presence of the Nightbringer brings visions of death and that he keeps his 'cattle''in a state of agony and horror before reaping them.

These might be the last words of one of the Nightbringer's victims.

>> No.21862699

>He thinks he didn't.

>> No.21862842

>using your last words to declaim bad poetry
That's dedication.

>> No.21862881


>Argonax was here
>C'tan are faggots

>inscription transcribed from the walls of Cthelmax

>> No.21862898

This is absolutely beautiful.

>> No.21862924


>successfully cursed by a daemon prince who exists for the sole purpose of getting owned by various individuals to show how cool they are

>goes into warp and does things ranging from absurd to patently impossible

>no one witnesses any of it

>accepted as truth

Yep, makes sense to me.

>> No.21862956

>told from an omniscient narrative perspective
Yep, it actually does.

>> No.21862965

>Farseer Erlanjupizeusodinchulain, which meant in the most elegant and graceful Eldar tongue the Most Graceful Learned Ancient Elder Scryer of Forgotten Eldritch Paths Walked In Grace and Knowledge of Forbidden Secrets of the Past For The Future Sight Unseeing Allseeing Of The Starlight Where The Maiden Weeps Purple Haze, elegantly extended his triple wraithwand spiritclaws, a great eldritch nimbus of elegant psychic energy reacted with the psycho reactive super advanced wraith technology of the Eldar whose mastery was that could snuff out stars.

>He uttered with eloquence and grace in a manner so full of panache and eldritch arcane knowledge and gracefulness that no lesser race could even begin to hope to even begin in hoping to understand the complexity of the Eldar language seeped in its ancient mythology like the never ending story of the legendary Eldar myth epics of their ancient tragic past.

>"I'm here to take it to the limit".

>> No.21862976

>The horde of crudely clad clumsy marines in earshot who could only not bear to begin to understand the grasp of magnitude of such Eldrich Arcana that their tiny brains ejaculated violently from every orifice of their body. The master librarian of the crude marines, if such a weakling seer could be called such, defecated himself in terror and fright and euphoria of such a display of raw psychic energy all faith of the emperor was lost for before him stood a true master of the cosmos a Mighty Seer of the Ancient Eldritch Deadly Eldar who wielded his supreme psychic mastery with the grace of a thousand graces of elegance.

>And then he exploded and the flying shards of crude adamantine pierced the Chapter Master of the Emperor's finest, if such crude stupid warriors could be called such or it shows the poor state of the emperor for such fools, like children before the elder Eldar, could be called their finest. But it mattered not for the puny cowardly foolish Chapter Master had already put a bolter round through his own head such was the horror of facing a True Master of the wicked eldritch danger ridden dangerous yet elegant path of psychic Mastery that stood before him.

>Farseer Erlanjupizeusodinchulain let out a sigh of sorrow as he could already feel the call of the dome of the crystal seers which calls for the elder ones of his people and the seer could already feel the crystals hardening but there was still much work to be done for the glorious return of the Eldar and so he resisted the peaceful call of the dome of crystal seers where his friends and masters lay and a single elegant tear fell down his face which was gently blown from his cheek. Such was the tragedy of the Eldar.

>> No.21862998

Eldar fanfluff = best fluff

>> No.21863021

>but the amazing psycho reactive wraithbone armor of the Eldar which was as flexible as the most sheer silk elegantly shifted and hardened harder than the hardest of hardturtles of ancient Eldar mythology to deflect the crude monkeyshot

My sides have been lost upon the Path.

>> No.21863038

I'm still campaigning for Hardturtles to be recognised as an aspect warrior. Them and the Indomitable Moles.

>> No.21863047


>> No.21863075

Last one I have.

>Eliinyr, which means in the most musical and mysterious Eldar tongue He That Walked With the Star Maiden Even Unto the Forests That Wept to See the Burning of the Most Beautiful Wraithtrees, moved with the soundless grace and agility of the holocats of old, squatting in the half-dark of the Hall of Beneficent Passage. He felt the urge rising within him like the Tides of Eldamarash at the Coming of the End and he tensed for a split-second. The motion within him was fast, far faster than any clumsy beastlike human could comprehend, and with unerring effortless grace he expelled it into the waiting hole like a magnificent glittering starhawk falling upon its prey. A perfect spiral, like to the galaxy itself in miniature, lay below him.

>Eliinyr needed only one piece of silken wraithpaper to wipe. With a single graceful fluid wave of his manicured hand the disposal system activated and his waste was sucked away. Eliinyr stood for a second as his shit- a shit a stupid apelike mon-keigh would give his whole life just to look upon- disappeared forever.

>A single emerald tear glistened upon his perfect cheek. Such was the tragedy of the Eldar.

>> No.21863098


I suppose you also believe that the Tau really are perfectly good, that Gork and Mork could crush the Chaos Gods at any moment yet don't (despite such a thing being completely against their nature), that the Necrons unifying would mean the end of the galaxy, and that the Tyranid main fleet arriving would also mean the end of the galaxy (even though the last two things are mutually exclusive).

>> No.21863139


Stop trying to argue against "hard" canon. I hate the fact that I even have to use that atrocious term.

It's dumbasses like you that fucked up the fluff so bad. Next you're going to say the Emperor is a lie.

>> No.21863173


Gork and Mork are wrestling each other for all eternity. Why do you argue about shit that you know nothing about.

Protip: The main narrator does use ambiguous language from time to time. For example, he doesn't outright say X Chapter Master is the greatest of all time, he says X Chapter Master MAY be the greatest of all time. When the narrator straight up says THIS HAPPENED. Then it happened, you faggot.

>> No.21863178


>> No.21863194


Unified Necrons beating everybody is hard canon. Main tyranid fleet arrival beating everybody is also hard canon. These two things cannot both be true.

It's almost like no single source in 40k can be considered hard canon, and that the true hard canon of 40k requires multiple sources.

>> No.21863230

>It's almost like no single source in 40k can be considered hard canon,
I prefer to think 40k doesn't have hard canon.
Setting makes a lot more sense to me that way anyway.

>> No.21863237

I think it was just the uncreative alliance between 2 undead-theme based groups.

>> No.21863300

You're not the boss of me now

>> No.21863380


Unified Necrons would not occur at the same time as Unified Tyranids, idiot. Unified Tyranids > scattered Necrons, Unified Necrons > Tyranid tendrils

>> No.21863434

Evolved superpsychic humans > both

>> No.21863467


That's not confirmed.

>> No.21863477

I was listening to Cash's cover of Hurt when I read this.


>> No.21863507

Yes it is.
It was stated in the 6e Rulebook.

>> No.21863526

>Chaos is retarded.
No shit. Welcome to 2012.

Crazy Basement Draigo fan?

>> No.21863576

This is how the Eldar language literally translates.

>> No.21863582


The Tyranids codex specifically says that all the warring races must unite if the Tyranids are to be defeated.

>> No.21863635

I think anon means it doesn't specifically state that superpsychic humans can beat everyone.

>> No.21863654

I'm pretty sure entering a new Golden Age counts as saying that.
Given that being dead/enslaved isn't a Golden Age.

>> No.21863661

Oldcrons were actually unified. There is zero chance of Newcron unification, so what's the point of talking about it?

>> No.21863668

>implying there wasn't shit ton of wars and death in mankind's previous golden ages

>> No.21863677

Ah, maybe. I really don't think the GW fluff writers think about making this stuff fit together even 10% as much as /tg/ does, to be honest.

>> No.21863686

During the DAoT, they were spanking their enemies. Same with the Great Crusade. Both were golden ages.

>> No.21863697

>I'm pretty sure entering a new Golden Age counts as saying that.

No, it doesn't. See, that's your problem. You can't tell the difference between ambiguous statements and hard facts. You also probably can't tell between unreliable narrators and objective narrators.

You INFER that peak humanity will beat everyone, but that's not stated ANYWHERE. Whereas certain other things ARE stated outright and explicitly so. And yet you have the gall to say those facts are untrue.

How stupid.

>> No.21863708


And? There were still conflict and death in those times. Stop being a dipshit.

>> No.21863717

The Emperor hopes to hold out so that humanity will evolve and be able to survive that way. Not that they will all of a sudden become invincible gods.

>> No.21863725

What's your point?
They were winning handily.

>> No.21863738


What's yours? Humanity is already beating everything in M41.

>> No.21863751

Guys, Chaos is the real threat. The 6th edition rulebook says so.

>> No.21863752

>And yet you have the gall to say those facts are untrue.
Anon, GW specifically says that 'canon' in 40k isn't necessarily to be taken as true. You already know this. And the reason they say that is to stop people like you from going all Comic Book Guy about it.

>> No.21863773

No, they aren't.
Unless you didn't notice, they're steadily losing.

>> No.21863775

>yfw the next Tau codex makes it perfectly, canonically clear that the Tau are the real threat to the galaxy

>> No.21863794


So they know that people are idiots and will talk bullshit, but they want to protect their feelings and handhold them in their wrongness because Comic Book Guys exist.

Just like how the rulebook handholds you through everything else.

>> No.21863802


I'm okay with this.

>yfw they are the Borg

>> No.21863842

It's probably more because they don't want to bother having to spend effort on making their shit consistent for the benefit of a small group of probable autists.

>> No.21863919


Autists don't quit just because they spergrage.

Idiots do quit when people nerdrage on them for being dumbasses.

It's win/win and a sound business strategy.

>> No.21865154

I'm on a phone. Someone please cap this for me so I can text it to my friend tomorrow. I'm in tears.

>> No.21865211

Or better, a series of caps to get all of it. Glorious.

>> No.21865904

Just for y'all

>> No.21867653

>Imperium of man falls
>the Silent King unites the galaxy against the Tyranids
>the Tyranids are obliterated
>Necrons get mortal bodies and a new golden age begins

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