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Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to me...
Happy Birthday dear anon...
Happy Birthday to me...

You're all I have /tg/ :'(
Once in a year reminder that I like you guys

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Have a happy birthday Anon.

If I wasn't broke, I would get you a present.

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You should get a cat.

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Fuck off to /b/ faggot

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This. Join into the /tg/ cat club.

Easier then dogs. Don't eat your stuff.

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Man, I was just going to sleep. What would make you happy, birthday fa/tg/uy?

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Anon, what's your steam? And what would you like dumped?

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It's someone's birthday?

There's only one thing for it


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Having birthday in december sucks when you were a kid.

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dunno, anything i guess. I'm not a picky guy

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Do you have AudioSurf already? I have a spare copy to gift.

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Converting my Daemonifuge Comics to PDF, and doing a Sisters of Battle dump for you OP.

Happy Birthday bro.

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Don't worry Anon, /tg/ loves you.
And hates you.
And is indifferent to you.
And thinks Anon 3.5 is superior.
And thinks Anonfinder is superior to Anon 3.5.
And prefers Anonrun to either of those.
And loves painting Anonhammer minis, but hates those damned kids.
And thinks that Anonhordes is superior to Anonhammer.

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Want Dota2?

>> No.21850287

Then you shall have the three images of Grace Holley that I own.

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Why is /tg/ all you have? That don't sound great.

Although /tg/'s pretty cool, I guess.

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Have some damn good cosplay.

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Oi, dat roight Orky!

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Happy birthday!

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"You don't show me any respect. You don't even call me Chapter Master. Instead you come to me on the day of OP's birth, and you ask me to purge xenos... for thrones."

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Figured. Have a happy birthday, anon!

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Thanks bro

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Gimme three words, Anon, and pick wisely. I'm going to gift you a cheap ass shit game on Steam based on them.

>> No.21850345

On its way, sent an friend request

>> No.21850355

cheap as shit, rather.

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You're the best.
But you don't have to gift me anything really. Just happy being here :3
Thanks anyway

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Thanks anon!

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You heard his three words, anon: "You're the best"!

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More on the way, here comes the Sister's yo.

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Happy birthday fa/tg/uy! I have been toying with the idea to zip and torrent my /tg/ related pic folder again (did it a few months ago). It is currently at about 40.000+ pics. You want? Because if you are I will start a thread and link you to it.

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Is that the 10gig one? I may have it and I must say it is impeccable.

>> No.21850435

I'd love to see it!

>> No.21850438

Dude. Yes.

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Happy Birthday OP! You should go out and do something fun to celebrate.

>> No.21850449

It is, and thank you!
Alright, it will take a while to zip it.

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Not the other steam anon, but I have a tf2 gift for you if you want it. Trying to friend you on steam but it either you havent responded or are offline

>> No.21850462

Make a torrent file and I'll seed it forever Anon.

>> No.21850470

I forgot to mention, this time around I have 100/100 connection so it should upload a tiiiny bit faster than last time. Oh, and I will link the torrent here first, then create a thread for it (OP, fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls ITT gets first pick).

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A dig showed up on our porch. It was raining, but he was dry and well-groomed. He was impeccably well behaved as well, house trained and quiet. He looked like pale furred corgi.
Then one day he had a seizure. He frothed at the mouth, twitched and spasmed, and then recovered. We sent him away to a shelter, out of fear of rabies or I don't know what.
He wasn't aggressive or anything, we just didnt want to take any chances.
Dogs are animals, they can't convey emotions as humans do. But I cannot stop seeing the look he gave me as he was handed off to animal control.
The one time he needed us most, I failed him.

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You did the right thing for him.

He could've been suffering and you'd never know. You would've let him suffer in pain, always frothing and seizing and slowly dying a painful, quiet death. He wanted a friend. But you gave him relief.

That pained expression on his face wasn't sadness that you gave him up.
He was gonna miss you. But he knew it was the right thing to do.

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>> No.21850493

I'm here!

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Can I request now that you put all of your monsters? (dragons and such)

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From my conversation with OP, eh's a pretty cool guy, he lived another year and doesn't afraid of anything;
>"So, I've spent 8 months on this world, everything is perfect. You start in a Tavern, Edward is armwrestling Jacob, using the bard as a table. Jacob looks in Edward's perfect eyes, spouting through gritted teeth "Do you even Catan?"

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Want an extra copy so you can invite someone - anyone? I know you said you dont have any friends, but if you can find someone in a stream or something I have a few extra invites you can have.

Polite Sage for not-tg

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>30 min left to zip

>> No.21850519

Dragons, you say?

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Everything but my Drawn Porn folder is included. Monsters, Monster Girls, Monster Guys etc is in it.

>> No.21850532

>copy of dota2 that is.

Sorry, forgot to specity

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Psh, like that's gonna stop me...

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Thanks anons! This is the best birthday ever!
And cthulhu saves the world!

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This is okay. You wouldn't happen to have the picture of the knight stealing the dragon instead of the princess would you? Either of the recolors.
This is awesome, more of this.

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I guess we'll just need to top it next year.

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>Oh god I miss Greenmarine. So bad. He drew all my porn for me.

>> No.21850574

Do me a solid and make sure that went through, Anon. I've still got a copy of it in my inventory.

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>> No.21850589

This thread is Extra Heretical

>> No.21850591

Why yes, yes I do.

>> No.21850592

I strive to one day be as good as Greenmarine at Tits.

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>> No.21850611

Well, show us what you got. I need a picture of Koriel Zeth doing the Mega Milk pose. TITS I TELL YOU!

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>> No.21850619

Hold on bro, my greenmarine folder is included in the zip. Just give it a little while longer!

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Hey anon 15 bucks US what online retailer am I getting you something from?

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>> No.21850632

It seems this dragon has found his fluffy.

>> No.21850633

They aren't much, OP, but I sent you two games. One I already own on XBox Live and one isn't my genre, so maybe you'll like it better?

Happy Birthday for the third time (NO KILL LIKE OVERKILL)

>> No.21850634

Got a reference pic? I can't find a good one.

>> No.21850635

Thanks you so much /tg/
This really is the best birthday ever for me :))

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>> No.21850644

Adding you on Steam anon I have a plan for you...

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>> No.21850650

ITT: /tg/ are best

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>> No.21850656

>tree fiddy

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>> No.21850661

ITT: /tg/ proves that even if we're all that OP has, we'll be more than he ever asked for.

>> No.21850667

I need to sort my folders, it seems. So many unnamed files.

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>> No.21850675

That and dragons. I think someone asked for dragons.

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>> No.21850681

bad dragons

>> No.21850683

That would be me, first gifter Anon who gave dota2.

>> No.21850687

Holy balls it's almost three. I meant to go to bed an hour ago. Happy birthday, Herr Anonymous!

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Muju made me a pic of her and Saint Celestine. However, in the book, she has Red Hair, Welding goggles, and wears full plate of Bronze armor, and does dastardly things with her mechandrites.

>> No.21850689

Bro Tier, bro tier everywhere.

>> No.21850702

Oh. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I guess I'll just wrap up with this.

Good man.

>> No.21850706

>almost 3
Nigga it's almost 6 here.

And i have to poop.
It is not going to be an early day tomorrow.

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>> No.21850717

Draconic School Girl? I'm okay with this.

>> No.21850732

As am I.

>> No.21850734

Very okay.

>> No.21850749

>/tg/: Monster Girls, Bros, and Vidja Games. You never needed the other boards in the first place.

>> No.21850752

Why would you torment him like that?

>> No.21850753

Anon now has the THQ Humble Bundle.

>> No.21850756

Hey, OP, if you name something cute and easy to draw, I'll give it a shot. I'm a shitty drawfag, but I'LL DO MY BEST. FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY.

>> No.21850763

6 minutes left till it is zip'd
And I have so many goddamn folder I forgot that some exists, like where I found pic related just now

>> No.21850776

Anon, do you have a name? If not, you shall be gifted with one.

>> No.21850783

It's in my inventory :)

>> No.21850785

Archivist, he used his trip earlier.

>> No.21850790


Smile mate, and have a happy fucking birthday.

Lots of love from the aussie fa/tg/uys!

>> No.21850793

Good to know.

>> No.21850797

IRL yes, 4chan no.

>> No.21850798

The OP is not me thank you. I am however an Archivist of TG Lore.

>> No.21850802

>Archivist, he used his trip earlier.

>> No.21850806

Ok, the zip'in is done. Hold on a few moments longer OP till I figure out how to do a torrent again.

>> No.21850819

Cryptkeeper you shall be to me then. You'll have your own sigil when I can post it. Fucking shite cameras. Amature Drawfag I be.

>> No.21850825

OP, this is for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUm5rM4fQxs&t=2m0s

If you haven't watched Doctor Who, there are SERIOUS SPOILERS past 2m30s and before 2m.

>> No.21850827

>uses the term poikilotherm in casual conversation
Seriously, how can anyone actually think she is not the best

>> No.21850852

I second Cryptkeeper as glorious moniker.

>> No.21850856

you know, I always feel like gifting random anons shit, but then I look at /v/ threads that are literally people begging for steam gifts and all manner of steam nonsense.. I can never trust any thread ever again that steam even comes up in.
On a different note

Happy Brithday OP!
I hope you have a great day!

>> No.21850865

Oh is it a motherfuckin birthday? Image dump time!

>> No.21850872

Mia is objectively best monstergirl

>> No.21850875

It wasn't OP that posted stuff about steam, though?

>> No.21850877

Happy birthday Anon. It's my birthday in two days, and I expect to spend it the same way.

Sending a steam gift your way.

Also, The rule is that if you get gifted a terrible steam game, you have to play it until you get all the achievements.

>> No.21850886

That was OP, me, who posted the steam gift pictures. Just giving credit to anons who were incredibly generous :)

>> No.21850890

oh, I know, I just can't trust anyone that posts a steam ID, can't even tell it was OP. not knockin OP however, just 4chan is super creepy about steam.

>> No.21850893 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

>> No.21850907

Well, I meant at first.


>> No.21850922

>> No.21850927

Is this legit?
I'm going to shed a tear

>> No.21850930

Why not? It's got a nice ring to it.
I've been spending my time reading up on tripcodes (will only use it where it is relevant)
and trying to make a torrent. Will use google for the latter.
I am partial to delicious petite harpy girl

>> No.21850932

i laughed at the message

>> No.21850934

Are there any /tg/ steam groups?

>> No.21850951

fuck yeah cryptkeeper

>> No.21850960 [SPOILER] 


>> No.21850961


>> No.21850968

Wings are pretty great, but that level of bird brain is simply unforgivable.

>> No.21850974

Alright OP, here's a mediafire link to the torrent file in question. Have fun!

>> No.21850984

Ahem ... is there, uh, is there more? For, uhm, for science... yeah.

>> No.21850987

I'll attempt to make a better one, hope you like it Cryptkeeper. Hope it makes your upload worthwhile.

Motto" Save Fuckin' Errythang, Leave only the Dead Buried."

>> No.21850993

Hum... maybe I fucked up, I'm not sure. Tell me if it works or not.

>> No.21850997

Thank you Cryptkeeper!

>> No.21850998

Downloading now, you have to seed it in yours however. Utorrent would be the way I did it.

>> No.21851000

trying to connect to download but no seeds/peers connections

>> No.21851004

yup its working just got no peers

>> No.21851013

8 chapters of Everyday Monster Girls is included in the zip (if it works)

>> No.21851014

More what? Of the monstergirl comic?

Come on dood, did you just awake from 1,000 years of slumber or something?

>> No.21851025

Same issue as this guy.

>> No.21851029

>> No.21851031

More like 500, but yeah.

>> No.21851046

I fucked up somewhere, trying again with a new torrent link.

I set it to seed when I created that torrent file, it SHOULD work... I think.

>> No.21851059

nope same thing still

>> No.21851067

Terribly sorry about this, this is the second time I create a torrent. I'm not using any trackers, would that be it? Pic related, +save as +upload the torrent to mediafire. What am I doing wrong?

>> No.21851071

Did you make sure it's set to start seeding?

>> No.21851073


>> No.21851077

I got it going with zero seeds, and it is going slow as fuck.

>> No.21851086

and also thanks to Geracht for the TF2 items!

>> No.21851087

need a tracker, your not even using your own "embedded tracker"


>> No.21851096

Excellent choice by Fellow Fa/tg/uy

>> No.21851109

That is by far the BEST image in this thread. I'm not OP, I have around 400wallpapers only like 3 warhammer wallpapers and some halo ones, will dump now. I also have a lot of pony, if op wants it.

>> No.21851129

BTW Happy B-Day OP. I'll add you on Steam.
Captcha: and visedsn
I don't have an account on visedsn, but if I get one I will friend you.

>> No.21851131

Don't do it man

>> No.21851138


>> No.21851161

Alright. Unless you aren't op,, and he wants me to. But I have no way of determining that. So I wont dump it. some people like ponies, i'm sorry

>> No.21851163

I like this thread

>> No.21851164

>> No.21851165

This is, and will continue to be, really embarassing if this doesn't work.

>> No.21851167


>> No.21851168

Yeah, but it's probably best to keep that to /mlp/ anyway. Or upload the folder somewhere. Or something that isn't an image dump here.

>> No.21851173

I forget how nice some of these are.

>> No.21851184

great success, my friend. the download has commenced

>> No.21851188

Hey! It works!

Happy birthday to you OP and merry christmas for the rest of yall!

>> No.21851190

/mlp/ is horrible, makes me feel bad to be associated with them. No offense to anybody is meant by that
I forgot the picture.

>> No.21851192

IT LIVES! IT LIVVVVVVVVVVVES! We good brother man. I'll keep my PC up all night to download/seed it for you all.

>> No.21851204

It works. I'll keep on seeding it for as long as I can.

>> No.21851205


>> No.21851210

Sorry for the late appearance, but happy Birthday Anon!

Not seeing any progress here, but hey, others are successful. I'll happen.

>> No.21851213

Pic related, it's OPs official title, along with a cool dog.

>> No.21851218

why was there never more of her?

>> No.21851223

I'm liking this download speed

>> No.21851224

Holy shit, I really forgot how man planets are in here, I am scrolling through picking out the best pictures and oh man all these planets I am passing by.

>> No.21851228

I have no doubt that /mlp/ knows that it's bad, so I doubt you can offend anyone

>> No.21851233


>> No.21851235

Seedan for great justice

>> No.21851237

Anyone know why my upload speed isn't greater than it currently is? I have 100/100, set Bandwith Allocation to High and Upload Limit to unlimited but it's only upping at 2.5 MB/s.

>> No.21851239

I sure hope they have the comprehension skills to understand that.
4chan wallpapers inbound, only a few though, after that is back to random.

>> No.21851242 [SPOILER] 

I'm a bit late to the party OP, but Happy Birthday!

Have some cake.

>> No.21851247

because the people who are downloading from you have a combined download speed of 2.5mb

it will go up the more people that connect and download if you actually get 100/100

>> No.21851249


>> No.21851254

Oh god, my cholesterol!

>> No.21851256


>> No.21851264

... I have those same goddamn plates!

>> No.21851265


>> No.21851271

Happy Birthday Anon-Cryptkeeper and my you always find water and shade.
Thank you very much for the torrent Archivist and going out of your way to share it with the OP and the rest of /tg/!

>> No.21851276

I have another version of this pic but it is a black background and the bird is re with a swastika on it. No idea where I got it. Want it?

>> No.21851279

I'm having almost no download speed.

>> No.21851282

>> No.21851290

Give it some time, it'll speed up once some people other than the Archivist get a good chunk downloaded and are able to get major seeding in.

>> No.21851291


>> No.21851308

have you optimized your torrent program?

>> No.21851336

This picture and the ones following come in a variety of sizes.

>> No.21851339

Happy B-day,
have an eldritch loli.

>> No.21851345


>> No.21851347

Alright, gonna start my own thread now. Sorry for hijacking your birthday thread OP! Have fun with all those games you get from fellow elegan/tg/entlemen!

>> No.21851349


>> No.21851355


>> No.21851362

Anybody want me to keep dumping?

>> No.21851374

Turns out that folder has 503 files and 33 folders.
If people want me to dump I will otherwise imma go game with OP.

>> No.21851375


>> No.21851387


I lack space ship wallpapers.

>> No.21851390

Go game with OP.
It's his birthday. You can dump another day!

>> No.21851397

I have a folder of SPESS SHEEP!


>> No.21851419

Thankyou muchly!

>> No.21851425

Speaking of dumps any and all /tg/ related Ipad backgrounds are appreciated

>> No.21851427

I don't have many, so this will be quick.

>> No.21851429

What resolution are ipads?

>> No.21851438


It's long shot but I figured I would ask since it will be basically my dm tool.

>> No.21851443


>> No.21851453


>> No.21851460

DM off an Ipad? That could be so amazing oh man. You could play music or have some kind of amazing scenery to show them so they get a feel for the game, I wish my DM does that.

>> No.21851482

Will dump my 1024x768

>> No.21851500


>> No.21851509

I forget how common dubs actually are. How many boards still get them?

>> No.21851516

600 spess shieeps.

None of them 1366x768


>> No.21851517


>> No.21851528

All of them except /b/, /v/, and /vg/.

>> No.21851531

Hey OP, on Monday I'll be drinking heavily, likely by myself. I'll knock a glass of whiskey for you.

>> No.21851536

Set the picture to fill. I do that with a 1920x1080 and it fits great. We have the same resolution.

>> No.21851543

I have an image forgetting issue sometimes.

>> No.21851550


>> No.21851557

That one is warhammer 40k.
This one is halo related.

>> No.21851561


>> No.21851573

ITT: /tg/ shows it has heart.

Here, have some stubby Panzer IV.

>> No.21851577


>> No.21851579

That's pretty awesome, but can you crew it with cute girls?

>> No.21851583


>> No.21851592


>> No.21851594

>how common dubs actually are
Well seeing as it's literally every eleventh post...

>> No.21851596


Well, if you insist...

>> No.21851600


>> No.21851604

Wow that was scary fast.

>> No.21851607


>> No.21851611

This is /tg/ in the way that it is Warhammer 40k

>> No.21851615


Well, it's Panzerwaffe, Ich ain't have to explain Schei├če.

>> No.21851620



>> No.21851622

I love you.

>> No.21851623

>> No.21851626

thank you so much /tg/ family

>> No.21851628 [SPOILER] 

>This thread

>> No.21851629


>> No.21851635


>> No.21851639


>> No.21851642

Happy Birthday, OP!

>> No.21851646


Look at this shit, it's masterpiece of tank engineering. Some day I'll find a way to build this beauty, no matter the cost and I'll ride it proudly.

>> No.21851648

That was Definitely halo related. A few of these are.

>> No.21851652


>> No.21851653

Color me jelly. I don't have either the money or the time to play it, especially the former and the latter.
Too busy with school and ERP

>> No.21851658 [SPOILER] 

And that's all I have.

>> No.21851666

Happy Birthday, OP. May your next year be blessed.

>> No.21851667

>Clearly a skeleton

>> No.21851668

> every 10th on average, because 99 and 00 are right next to each other....
But we love you anyway.

>> No.21851678

>image limit

Hah, interesting.

>> No.21851697

STOP RUINING MY HEAD CANON!!!!111OnE!1! I actually laughed at what you said after checking the picture. How did I never notice?

>> No.21851706

Okay OP, so tell us, are you a little happier man now?

>> No.21851718

>Okay OP, so tell us, are you a little happier man now?

Happier is an understatement. I don't know the word in the english dictionary to tell how great I feel now :3

>> No.21851732

Glad we could help.

>> No.21852400

>You're all I have /tg/ :'(

One of us, one of us

Gooble gobble gooble gobble

>> No.21852483


Happy Birthday OP from all the races of the galaxy!

>> No.21852492

... Sup

>> No.21852542

hey, OP. I aint no Greenmarine, but if you've got a request, it's yours.

>> No.21852544

Happy birthday OP

>> No.21853123

Happy birthday OP! Go out, buy some booze and get hammered! Nothing to loose, right?

>> No.21853418

Happy birthday! I was going to gift you something through Steam, but I'm broke and only have HL2 EP2 to gift. Interested?

>> No.21854154

gave you a little somethingsomething

have a good one OP

>> No.21854178

Happy Birthday to you, Anon.
And remember, if you are here, you are awesome.
I am serious, you are awesome, because you are a person who like to keep using your imagination and make believe when most of the rest of human beings around you are materialistic and easily manipulated by the media, thinking life is only about earning money for spend it on toys.

>> No.21855123

Shark tits were in the way.

>> No.21857930

Hit 100% and I'll continue seeding for the rest of you.

>> No.21858067

Happy birthday OP. I hope your day was saved by the /tg/ hapiness taskforce.

this thread is why i love you /tg/

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