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As we all know, the sun god must be properly venerated, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

For better or worse, though, I am one of them, one of many Kindred that stalk the night, reveling in the power of undeath.

Then corpses start exploding.
I can't for the life of me find the spell for this that my DM used that killed a rather old and experienced vampire with a bunch of zombies.
I don't suppose I could impose upon the considerable collective knowledge of /tg/ to help solve this baffling puzzle?

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What system was it in?

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Poor girl must get the worst back aches.

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I'm assuming 3.5, right? There are augments to the Create Undead spell that can make the zombies explode. I forget which book they're in, though, lemme check.

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Magic Missile

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I don't think it's a problem when she is a god that can blow up planets if she wanted to.

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if its the DM why should it have to be a spell from any source? Real DM's just do shit

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I think that makes it even worse; she could blow up a planet cuz she's having a bad day, because of back problems

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>As we all know, the sun god must be properly venerated
Completely spontaneously, this reminds me of that thread about space Aztecs who worshipped stars and had spaceships with oars. They'd destroy their enemies by creating a star in the general vicinity of whatever needed to die, IIRC.

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This picture isn't art from Shingetsutan Tsukihime, is it?

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It's Arcueid, bro.

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Kindred. Vampire. WoD.

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Sweater puppies thread?

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I don't see why not. Dump 'em if you got 'em.

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What's with all these pictures?

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Don't know, but I like Arcueid so I'm not complaining.

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Strangely, when "sweater puppies" were mentioned as the new topic this is what I thought of.

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>I fucking love cocaine.

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Holy HNNNG Batman!

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> this thread

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Oh. Well, I don't know anything about Vampire, so I can't help. Sorry, bro.

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I think my derail-derail is complete.

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No problem, I appreciate the thought.

I don't suppose you know anything about VTR/VTM, my derail-derailer?

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Destructive retribution doesn't work like that; it strikes after the creature crafted with it dies.

Pretty sure Complete Mage also has some corpslpoding spells. Either way, not the system OP is looking in.

Sometimes the DM/ST homebrews stuff to fit the idea in mind. Hope your game goes better for you I the future

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Some puppies grow their own sweaters.

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God, those things must smell like the breath of Nurgle.

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Some. Lemme actually look at the thread, I guess?

Exploding corpses, huh? Sounds vaguely familiar, in a WoD way rather than a Diablo 2 way. I'll browse a little, but my library is not extensive in this department.

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Dude, vampires. Sunlight.

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Yeah, but without the sunlight. Although I guess the vampire cult of Apollo could be up to its old tricks.
Anyway OP, sounds like a Tremere or Mekhet trick, depending on edition; sounds like a 'rocks fall on X, shit your pants and run instead of fighting' gambit to me.

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Devastate Undead? Level 8, kills undead and channels the negative energy back to you for healing.

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>double 'sounds like'
>in one sentence
Fuck my life.
Pretend I have a vocabulary

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Well, we're running VTM with some VTR rules (because obviously VTM fluff and Clans are vastly superior and VTR rules are superior).

And we were Archons hunting him. We also did kill him. Actually eviscerated him and literally fed him his own entrails.

We'd seen this done once before with one zombie (where there had been multiple), but that was a dominated Giovanni. And though this vampire was a diabliarist, the only Giovanni we'd known he'd eaten was a very young one.

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oh they do if you don't bathe and brush them every week

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But OP, Arc is a True Ancestor. An earth spirit. She is the wrath of Gaia incarnate. While she is VAMPIRIC, she's not really a VAMPIRE in the same sense that Kindred are vampires. While she craves blood, she doesn't NEED it to survive. Also, she's not very angsty. Like, at all. She's generally pretty cheerful and cool with her place in life.
A better OP for a WoD vamp would be Sacchin, since her whole thing is that she's stuck being a vamp, NEEDING blood to survive, being compelled to brutally murder people, et cetera.
Polite sage for Type Moonfag autism.

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