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/tg/, give me reasons why I should play Orks in WH40K. I really want to (I'm brand-spanking-shiny-new), but I wanna know if I could build them competitively, or if I should go with Chaos Marines of Slaanesh, instead. I haven't researched the Chaos Marines just yet.

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Orks can be easily competitive, but they're also a bucketload of fun to play, convert and paint.

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If you want a competitive build that won't become obsolete in a couple of years, pick some kind of marine.

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Pick marines! BE UNIQUE

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OP, you will have more fun playing and building orks than being another marine player.

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If you're gonna play orks then you need to get 6 squads of 30 boyz with power klaws because shit's gonna fuck up your day with the new fleet rules. If you wanna get into the action quicker then you get six trucks and just 10 boyz for each. Mad Dok Grotsnik is a good one to get in a high point game because he can make ANY infantry unit get a 5+ invulv save. So your Meganobz can finally stop dieing like assholes. If you dont want to smack shit around then you go for a bunch of shootas and Flash Gitz. They have "Ignore Cover" on ttheir weapons and can make their weapons into AP 1 if you're lucky without having to take a gets hot roll. Lootas can glance transports if they have low armor and you can actually HIT them.

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I doubt I'll ever actually start buying these things or playing, but Orks just LOOK so much more fun than any other faction.

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Start off with a pair of huge-ass Boyz mobs, about 20 Lootas, and a Kustom Force Field Mek. After that, you can throw pretty much whatever the flying fuck you want into your lists and still win games.

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Ghazzy is the Ork's Yarrick (or rather Yarrick is the IG's Ghazzy, since Ghaz came first).

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I've been very drawn to Orks, so at this point I'm basically looking for reasons to play them instead of the Noise Marines. I have to agree that I'd prefer Orks first because there's a ton of Marines players... but I want people to tell me why Orks are better, besides just being fun. What advantages do they have over other armies? What are their main disadvantages? Does anything wipe the board with them, and is there any way to prevent that? What armies do they do well against?

This is a big investment and I have no idea about anything WH40K related, so I'm trying to make an educated decision, here.

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That doesn't look like an ork to me.

Or is he in duskaize?

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Why don't you find out? ;D

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Orks are a half swarm half rough tough army.

Generally you suck at aiming at things, but you drown it in so much fire that it hardly matters. Your dead killy in close combat and your armor aint the best but your guys are tough and come in big enough numbers to balance it out

Usually if you want to have alot of boys, their going to want trukks, lots of trukks to help them get to where they can put the hurt on things. Presently Shoota boys are prefered to slugga boys but slugga boys still have their uses. Always make sure to take a power claw (ork power fist) and a boss pole on the nobs leading the squads. Burna boys are also a pretty good investment, as are Lootas.

Bikes can be a good idea, as are Nobs if they have something nice to ride in (or possibly nob bikers) and storm boys are pretty cool too.

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Orks are just better because you can throw a ton of bodies at things and if you're lucky, kill them. I had a squad of 30 orks charge at some terminators that decided to deep strike in front of me. A challenge was issued and their librarian took on my nob. So that's 29 boyz vs around 7 or 8 terminators. My nob didn't survive the challenge, but the librarian was left alone in a sea of green. Though if you want to watch out for table wipe outs, it's IG players with 4 orders to make ALL of your stuff die. So you put in stuff that can outflank in turn two so you can get close enough to the guardsmen to fuck them up. Make sure they have template weapons like flamers because camo cloaks are not fun in a shooty fight.

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Damn, i'd be a shitty jedi...

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one of the major advantages OP is you can field 9 of any unit you want because they're cheap and effective. Orks wreck the current meta because everyone builds for anti-MEQ (marine equivalent) so they run into huge problems when they play an ork player who outnumbers them 6 to 1.

Oh he plays Blood Angels/Space Wolves? Well he can have fun fucking charging into my mob of 30 boys and taking 60 shots from Overwatch, and then another 60 dice in attacks.

With orks, quantity is a quality of it's own, and they are not at all limited in builds as IG are.

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Orks should have at least one list that is competitive, but don't expect them to be GOOD competitive like the broken armies. Just, playable and able to win tournaments, which should be good enough especially when their codex is so old. When they get a new codex, it should help a lot, unless it turns out like WHFB Orcs & Goblins.

I say do it if you like them. You can custom build all their vehicles, guns, and armor from scratch and just slap them on the very cheap AoBR Boyz.

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pls dump

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Join the Dark Side.

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I play Emp's Children. They are a great army if you like to spend an assload of time painting and customizing. CSM is one of the best choices for the model part of the hobby. Playing a Slannesh-based CSM, I am told, is one of the "worst" options for CSM as far as bonuses etc, but I'm not sure I agree.

Orks, on the other hand, are a hundred dudes all painted the same way over and over. Can do some cool stuff, but it is a Horde army. And ofc, it plays like a Horde army. Less tactical, more bowling-over.

So basically they are very, very different ends of the hobby?

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Why would i... oh, right, boobs.

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this is completely unrelated and i don't know why i'll say this but i whish my gf had them bigger

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Solution: get new gf

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or just cut the mammary sacs off a larger specimen.

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Slaanesh is probably the second best god right now with Nurgle firmly seated as first. Their Lore is awesome, all the powers are great, always Sorc>lord. I5 is a great boon against MEQ and Eldar.

Orks sure is a lot of painting, but I think that is a flatout lie to say CSM is better than orks for the hobby part, Orks are way more open ended in the amount of bitz you can do and the vehicles you can build. You can kustom build almost anything for the codex.

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Fluff-wise: They're just about the only army in 40k that doesn't take themselves way too seriously.
Model-wise: The "ramshackle and individualistic" aesthetic basically gives you free reign to do whatever the hell you want as far as kitbashing and conversion.

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Not bad. I've heard Trukks are fairly expensive? How do Lootas, Burnas Bikes and Stormboyz compare in terms of price?
What can perform those outflanking maneuvers in an Ork lineup?
Any idea when they get a new codex?
I only have a few, but here you go. I love me some succubi

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>They're just about the only army in 40k that doesn't take themselves way too seriously.

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Ha, when I started playing years ago I was told that "nobody" played Slaanesh or Nurgle. Funny what a couple of new Codexes will do.

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Bumping with more succubi goodness. Or, is that badness?

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Succubi? But that isn't a Dark Eldar.

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>tfw you will never play as a succubus in a PnP

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Moar succubi for help plz

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That pic pisses me off to no end, the glyphs either spell out nothing or I have no idea what I'm doing.

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I think they're just gibberish.

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Stormboyz sadly are shitty this edition, they roll a d6 every turn they fly and have a chance of just blowing up, they're horribly overcosted.

Trukks are an integral part to any ork army, so either kitbash em or find a cheap way to buy them. Lootas are fucking awesome, they roll a D3 every turn, and 1= 10 shots, 20= 20 shots, and 30=30 shots. Each. They will drown something in fire until it dies. Burnas are great because templates=auto hits, and trukks are open topped so they call can shoot while driving by.

Dakkajets are also awesome, 18 shots a turn with supa shootas added on. Basically the ork idea is sure it's low BS5, but when you're rolling so many dice a turn you're eventually going to pulverize something.

Also Nob Bikers are a deathstar unit, they will carve through anything like butter, specially if you give them all Power Klaws.

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So don't do Stormboyz, gawt it. Where's a good place to get cheap Trukks? Also (I'm new), what's kitbashing? Are Lootas expensive? How do they fare against enemy units? Dakkajets obviously rock, but I've heard they're expensive. I've also heard some downsides to Nob Bikers, apparently they're easily killed? My first Ork army idea was based around speed freeks and bikes anyhow, was gonna theme them as Hell's Orks. Why are they good/bad?

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Who wants to play a succubus?
They're boring.
Now a half-nymph on the other hand, that's fun.
Torn between heritages, being rape-bait in human society, and seen as a pathetic mortal in the fey realms.

Though that game was more an ERP.

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Orks is an expensive army to start, but the rule is Boyz before Toyz. for the first 500 pnts I have a list with a Bigmek with KFF, 2 Trukks, 2 shoota boyz squads and a warbuggy. Fast and Shooty. Just don't buy anything until you finish painting the sets you have, sure it will limit your games but it gives you time to learn how to play orks a bit and finish your current models.

Bikers are pretty sweet this edition with T5 and hammer of Wrath, Relentless, and Jink. Relentless means they can move and shoot heavy weapons in the same turn, Jink, they get a 5+ cover save when they move, and 4+ if they turbo boost on the run phase. Hammer of Wrath generates one automatic hit at the same strength as the model.

Great for sweeping into units and wiping them out.

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>30 shots per loota
nigga you high

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For my first ever game, I borrowed a friend's Ork army. Had these machine gun dudes (Lootas?) that got 1-3 shots per turn. I went up against a Tyrannid army that was supposed to be hot shit, but my gunners mowed down all his big, high armour guys in the first couple of turns. Cleared the board on turn 3.

I was a total noob, but it didn't matter. It turns out that if you roll enough dice, you can hit anything.

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I did once. She escaped hell not because she is good but rather because she just wanted personal freedom and is basically on the run for the rest of her immortal life because of it. She knows when her pursuers inevitably catch her they will drag her back down to hell to be tortured eternally, so she made a habit of putting as many people between her and them as possible and was paranoid as all fuck that someone might be a demon in disguise. She made buddy-buddy with the paladin real quick in order to abuse dat Detect Evil.

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How many boyz are in a squad, and do they need a leader like a Nob or a Warboos, or does the Big Mek take the place of leader? Also, what's the difference between trukks and warbuggies?

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fucking cocks. I just ordered a bunch of IG shit, But now i'm thinking maybe I should have gone with Orks after all. I wonder if it's too late to cancel my order.

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Not bad. I'm starting to think Orks are the way to go for me, but I wanna be absolutely sure. Also, more succubi for everyone! God I love gelbooru.

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It's never too late to make the right choice, ya git.

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I'm actually going to play Orks for the fist time soon. 800 points, some bikes, a boss, lootas nobs, truk, and boyz. Any last tips?

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put the lootas in the trukk, run the boss with the nobz and boys and chew em up.

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>Put lootas in trukk
I was thinking of putting them up high, so they can see things. Would that work?

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Another succubus to keep this alive! If I can get a significant amount more of help, I'll dump other stuff, as well :)

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Moar succubi for you. I know you're out there, /tg/! Help meeeeee

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I'm still waiting for a reply.
I would post, but I don't have any other succubi. Damn

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this thread is giving me a boner

please, stop.

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What's your question this time

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Wait, I'm the only one whose posted succubi in this thread so far, wat? And a reply to what? I'm the OP lol

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Not until I get more help :O

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Help? with?

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I'm the OP, I'm looking for advice about running Orks. I've never played before. Basically what I'm trying to find out is summed up in >>21827621
and especially >>21826956

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The ONLY time it's advisable to waste two turns moving units into a transport belonging to another unit is burna stupidity.

Don't waste your time putting the Lootas in the trukk.

But yeah, you're going to want to have as much vision on shit as possible, cover should be your top priority if you're facing a lot of range/the Lootas have a chance of being cc'd (which they shouldn't).

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All of mine are NSFW
So, if no Lootas, then who goes in the truk?

>> No.21830071


It would work, but you aren't guaranteed to have such a piece of terrain available to you (unless you're buying a fortification, but the only one like that means the entire squad won't be able to fire out of it because it has fire points), so it's usually not best to simply assume that's what will go down.

Putting them in a vehicle also has the advantage of giving them extra mobility if they need to get somewhere for a better shot.

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Not exactly a succubus but Polno would pass.

>> No.21830077

>two turns.

Why would it be two. Just because they take a dedicated transport doesn't mean they MUST start in it, just that they can.

So you take it, turn 1 put lootas in the trukk

>> No.21830087


Oh, sorry, i don't know a thing about Warhammer. I'm here just for the ladies

>> No.21830143

Actually, they do have to start in it.

It's still only one turn because you can take the boyz and put the lootas in during the same movement phase.

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what the fuck did they do to Dizzy.

>> No.21830166

Isn't her name Porno, as goofy as it sounds?
I mean, it'd be par for the course for Bastard!! honestly.

>> No.21830167

>Actually, they do have to start in it

I'm pretty sure you can deploy unembarked.

>> No.21830173

I'll post here instead of a new thread...

Someone please explain the joke here.

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They make her a demon-chick in Bastard!!, the most Metal Manga Ever.
The entire universe is like a Japanese version of one of those insane heavy metal album covers.

>> No.21830180


Porno Dianno, the Exploding Breasts General.

No, I'm not kidding.

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"The only limitation of a dedicated transport is that when it is deployed, it can only carry the unit it was selected with"

It's never brought up

>> No.21830212

I know you're not kidding.
This is the manga where the D&D Wizard is also the Antichrist and has huge 80's head-banging hair and fucks all the chicks while casting spells named after prominent metal bands while for some reason always being naked.

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Posting moar, I'm simultaneously finding more succubi and browsing /tg/.

>> No.21830225

Units buying dedicated transports and the transports themselves are treated as two separate units from deployment onward, you don't have to start the unit in the transport. You just can't put another unit in there before the game actually starts.

>> No.21830231

So, Jack CHick? Not hte same comic, but similar.

Playing to much MGQ?

>> No.21830246

Pic related
Blackstar... have they been reading Warrior Cats?

>> No.21830250

Not really: Jack Chick is trying to teach you a paranoid shut-in's lopsided moral lesson.
Bastard!! is just fucking metal. Pretty funny to, it's very self-aware of how absurd it all is.

>> No.21830252

What's MGQ? I've just been looking for porn and seeing if anyone will give me advice about Orks.

>> No.21830277

Monster Girl Quest.
Visual Novel with elements and battles of an old school RPG. Really, really old school.

>> No.21830281

>What's MGQ?

>> No.21830305

I believe he means Monster Girl Quest or something like it.
I'm not especially familiar, but I've have to be blind to not notice all the image that get posted of it on here over and over from that Monster Girl Encyclopedia thing.

>> No.21830307

Huh. Is that for the PC, or is it a thread or something?

>> No.21830314


It's one of those Japanese h-games but with an RPG battle system.

>> No.21830334

Like I said, I'm not especially familiar, I've heard it mentioned on here quite a bit though.
Oh, it's a computer game huh? I would've thought it was one of /tg/'s homebrew things.

>> No.21830339

Here's the pastebin


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Orks are kind of outdated, but they're not unplayable. I think 6e is gonna give them an update.

I feel kinda sorry for the Battle Sister players. I play Blood Angels and I had to deal with a White Dwarf codex once. Shit was not cash.

>> No.21830384

Its actually it doesn't really matter since both spellings are correct AFAIK. She's named after a heavy metal singer if I'm not mistaken.

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So, does anyone know if/when the Ork codex is getting updated? I got the 6th edition main rulebook, but I still have the old Ork codex. Also still looking for help with Orkz. What's the best way to use melee units? What *are* their best melee units, and how do I beef them up?

>> No.21830617

Moar? I'm begging you guys, I'm completely new and I'd love some tips for running Orks. What are your favorite army builds/tactics? Who do you hate playing against as Orks? If you don't play Orks, how do they beat you, or vice versa?

>> No.21830634

Their best melee units are Nobz/Meganobz, and Burna Boyz to a lesser extent, though Burna Boyz are pricey. Slugga Boyz are best as tarpits, though the new Overwatch rules favor Shoota Boyz now.

Give them Power Klaws. If not all of them, then at least a sizable chunk of them. Ork initiative is shit, and against anything that isn't Guard, Tau, or Necrons, you're going to be going last anyway, so you may as well hit like an armor-piercing dump truck on steroids when you do hit. Meganobz pretty much need a transport to get to the front lines; a Battlewagon serves nicely for this purpose, as it lets you take a full squad if you need to. Though ten Nobz plus a Warboss in mega armor will fit in either a Battlewagon or a Trukk.

And as much as /tg/ harps on Stormboyz, I personally like them, because they're pretty much an instant tarpit if you use Boss Zagstruk. Then again, I'm also the kind of Ork player who does not really give a shit about how many casualties I take so long as I ruin my opponent's day in the process.

>> No.21830990

Don't Meganobz have slow, purposeful, and no invuln save?

>> No.21831021

Yes they do, which is why you stick them in a Trukk. Also, they still get their armor save against all power weapons now except for Fists and Axes. They also have multiple Wounds, unlike, say, Terminators.

>> No.21831083

Sorry, forgot my picture.

>> No.21831308

Please haaaaaalllllllpp

>> No.21831356

Yes but Slow and Purposeful doesn't slow down movement anymore, it just prevents them from firing Overwatch, so no big deal. While they don't have an Invul the only thing popping their armor will be Fists and Axes in melee, which go at Initiative 1 so at the very least they'll take their killer to hell with them.

>> No.21831454

Moar help plz. I don't have much information and the Dakka Ork Tactica is only updated to the last codex before 6th edition came out, so I don't know what to believe.

>> No.21831624

Here's another succubus, just in case. Thread seems pretty dead.

>> No.21831805

No idea when/if the Ork codex is being updated. Knowing GW, it will probably happen in the next two years, if we're lucky.

Lootas are amazing. Camp a full strength mob in some cover and they will blast anything and everything to smithereens, even flyers. BS1 does not affect Ork weapons so much because Orks are terrible shots anyway, so they have rapid-fire weapons. And 45 S7 shots WILL hit.

Kommandos used to be awesome but they can't assault the turn they outflank anymore, which completely ruins the point of them. Warbikers got a bonus attack on the charge thanks to 6e and they get a constant 4+ cover and armor save, but they're pricey. Killa Kans and Deff Dreads are vulnerable to glancing and krak grenades/melta bombs now. Flash Gitz still suck.

On the other hand, Tankbustas are looking pretty cool now.

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