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Do you guys think that FFG will ever make an Imperial Navy-centred RPG, like what they've done with Only War and Deathwatch? Or is it more likely that they'll release an expansion book for Only War that will let your run campaigns for the Imperial Navy?

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No. Life in the imperial navy is... really really really dull. More dull than most far trader's lives. You OCCASIONALLY have the odd orbital bombardment or transport duty, but not often.
I do want to see a Mechanicus game, though.

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I could see an expansion for Rogue Trade where you are officers on a ship, which would make things a little more interesting...

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RT and OW mixed together would basically be the setting.

... Except you can't directly be in control of a fleet of ships to get the OW power level of characters.

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Why not?

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With the material available for RT, I don't see why you couldn't run an IN game now.

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Well, mainly just lacking in flavor/fluff, beyond what little is in Battlefleet Koronus and can be picked up from the Black Library books. It just means that most of it will be homebrew.

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Now o. Life in the Imperial Guard is... really eally really dull. More dull than most Planetary Guardsmans life. Ocasionally have the odd planetary invasion or guard duty, but not often.
I do want to see an Adeptus Munitorum game, though.

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I'm still holding out hope for a Rogue Trader: Jericho Reach book with rules for Space Marine Battle Barges and Strike Cruisers, Imperial Navy Battleships, Tau vessels, Tyranid Hive Fleets, proper stats and components for making Chaos and Dark Mechanicus ships, Necron ships, and everything else you'd need for waging war in the void of the Jericho Reach.

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You know, every time I see this image, I wonder: What the fuck is that tiny red dot in the lower right corner? The top of a Hive Tower? A Space Marine on a jetpack? What?

Also, totally agree with you. I really want Battleship rules, so that my Rogue Traders can get up to some ridiculous shit, or at least take on some massive opponents.

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Judging from the trail it leaves behind, I'm guessing it's some kind of flare. Probably some specialized Astartes or Imperial Guard equipment, considering how far away it's visible from.

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As the subject of my point, I will run and do the footwork to make this game possible. I am in GMT+1, I have a good deal of experience with the RT system, and need players who would be willing to play over Skype or another voice-capable system (Tabletop is too slow over typing).

Players will begin as a Commander and his immediate Lieutenants in charge of a single Escort vessel, broadening to each player in command of their own ship (if they desire), or following the career of the Commander and his crack crew. Maturity and depth of writing is appreciated, and I ask that you get some inspiration from movies like K-19 and U-571 before we completely get underway.

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Prospective players might also like to read "Relentless," by Richard Williams, which follows a Battlefleet Captain trying to survive in the bowels of a renegade Imperial cruiser.

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What exactly would you do in it?
The party is a fleet and each member is their own ships captain?

Cause anything else feels more like an expansion for RT or DH tome.

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The two BFG novels are pretty good too.

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Fantastic suggestion Anon, I had forgotten about Relentless.

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Either that, or something lower in power level like Dark Heresy where you're a junior officer working your way up the ranks as you level up, or more like Rogue Trader where you and your party are officers, I guess?

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Think the Void combat of RT, streamlined a bit for cinematic effect, with each player playing a ship officer (such as damage control, propulsion, ordnance, navigation, etc.) with a captain in charge and calling the shots.

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Those got reprinted recently, right?

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Um, I honestly don't know. You could probably find Execution Hour and... Shadow Point or whatever the second books title is in PDF or Txt format pretty easily online if you had to.

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I just remember looking up what Abnett had done and seeing that he'd written some BFG novels early in his career.

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I'm kind of surprised there isn't an Imperial Navy-themed quest going on.

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I should get that, and the Imperial Infantryman's Handbook, which is basically the reprint of the two Departmento Munitorum books.

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Ohh thats neat. Well in that case I can't recommend buying that highly enough. Its one of a handful of "good" non-Abnett 40k books I can think of off the top of my head.

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The only issue is that it's really expensive, since it's a reprint.

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There's a couple used ones going for half price on Amazon, probably also the originals there too.

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You know what I wanna see? More xenos. I'd love to see some playable xenos (like Crone Worlders) in Black Crusade, for instance.

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Are there rules for playing a Tau special operations team?

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I'm pretty sure there's no rules for playing Tau in any of FFG's line of 40k games. There's probably some homebrew foating around for it, though.

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>Playable Hrud
I'd play it.

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I've always wondered about xenos in the EoT. Do they exist? Are they all slaves? Are they devoted to Chaos? Do they form warbands? Are they accepted with the CSM? What exactly is the situation here?

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Depends, I think? If they're not slaves, then they're devoted to Chaos or are mercenaries that hate the Imperium. Then there are the Necrons.

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More importantly: why aren't they playable?

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Because Games Workshop hates money?

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As good an explanation as any other, with possible exception for the one about most kiddies wanting to play as humans or muhreenz.

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What is Battlefleet Koronus?
That applies to OP as well, RT has the rules for this

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