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Character art thread!

This time, art of the high seas! Pirates, Admirals, Sailors, Privateers, and the like. Or just dump some art, if you have none of the high seas.

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Could I get some art that looks like it could be a male ship's doctor? Failing that, a guy with a rapier and/or switchblade knife would be groovy.

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bump for more artwork

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How about something like this?

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Or this? I got a bunch of pirate pictures floating around, since I had to do a pirate theme storyboard for uni

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Fucking brilliant, thank you.

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If you wanna go a bit old school creepy, the beck doctor could work

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Pirates, I can do pirates.

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And more pirate

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I'll begin dumping some of mine while I do some work.

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Well, I have my next 7th Sea character in mind now. Thanks for whomever posted this 'un.

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Thought I had more, but this is it from me.

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Do I belong here?

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Do you have anything of the undead variety?

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Piratey... maybe?

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I'd let her plunder me booty, if ya catch the way my wind's blowin'.

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Pirates you say.

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Goodness meeah.

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Less tits, more swords, pl0x

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Just how gay arre you?

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Ee's a faggot of eight, I'd wag'arrrr

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