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So, fa/tg/uys, can we talk about how the Milky Way is completely and utterly fucked?

Every single major battle with a Hive Fleet has been an all-or-nothing, practically pyrrhic victory by the Imperium, and it seems like these are nothing but the preliminary tendrils of an even vaster mass of Tyranids. How can any of the races possibly hope to stand up to this sort of threat?

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>How can any of the races possibly hope to stand up to this sort of threat?
the Necrons could unite under one ruler and become canonically unstoppable

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There's a reason we capitalize GRIMDARK, Anon.

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I'm sure the orks don't mind.

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If the Nids are allowed to feed on the lesser races, not even the united Necrons could stop them.

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If Chaos hadn't scattered the primarchs Chaos would be a thing of the past. And many other "if" situations exist

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Actually, the Tyranids will a) not attack Tombworlds (seeing how their is nothing to NOM there) and b) have a hard time against Orkz, seeing how both factions get tougher the longer they fight.

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They trampled the first few ork worlds they stumbled upon. But the orkz are doing great now, the current Overfiend's leading them to greatness. And fire's pretty good at removing biomass

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Except like the Tyranids the Necrons have respawning troops.
But here's the kicker, Necrons are a) not made of biomass and b) disappear to be repaired when they die.
The Tyranid's most formidable advantage is negated by the Necrons, and their other advantage is not unique.

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>Every single major war with anyone has been an all-or-nothing, practically pyrrhic victory by the Imperium


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this is another orks vs nids thread

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The Tyranids are described as thriving, and the Overfiend lost all but one of his worlds in short order. Orks are fucked.

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Necrons beat them easily.

>Go live in webway.
>Turn out all the lights in the Orrery

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As far as I know the Overfiend of Octavius is completely wrecking the nids, and while the orkz have lost several worlds their numbers are everincreasing because they're drawing in orkz from faroff worlds due to the increased size and potency of the WAAGH

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>the Overfiend of Octavius is completely wrecking the nids

That's wrong. The Nids are doing better than ever and Orks have got their shit pushed all the way in.

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"Recent reports indicate that the Tyranid Swarmlord has joined the assault on the Orks of Octarius."

The Swarmlord is stated in the tyranid codex to be a stress mechanism that is spawn when a hivefleet is taking heavy damage.

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Actually, once a Tomb World is destroyed everything inside remain destroyed and Necron ships don't phase out when destroyed. So...the Necron numbers won't be an issue.

There is enought Biomass in the galaxy to cover for the nids to use to drown the Necrons with their numbers.


The Overfiend is losing. The Swarmlord was spawned on the Capital Ork World and he has been busy slaughtering the Warbosses.

Already three continents have fallen to the ends advance.

There is no fluff that says the Orks are doing well or turning the War on the ends.

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This. Seriously, the Imperium has been fighting a uphill battle for over ten thousand years with quite literally everything the galaxy can throw at them. The tyranids will have to get in line with the billion other threats that want to overthrow the rule of Man.

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If there is a line, then the Nids are first.

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500% I believe is the needed increase in military manpower calculated by the Admech, to beat the main tyranid hive fleet, working on estimates under the assumption that hive fleet leviathan is a small tendril of a bigger fleet.

That is 500% to beat it while ALSO continuing to fight the Imperium's thousand other wars.

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The Swarmlord is spawned in situations where conventional methods won't work.

Such situations like breaking the last Orkish stronghold in the System.

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We all know that the Swarmlord is really just going after an easy kill after his crushing defeat in single combat at the hands of the Lord Macragge.

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It's one-one, so far.

The Swarmlord will hone his martial skills on the Orks in anticipation for the next time he will meet the Lord of Ultramar.

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>Martial skills
>Hurr durr I am the fastest and the toughest

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imperium believes it can halt with a 500% increase in recruitment. which isn't realistically possible.

However ork worlds are more common and more populous and every single ork is a "soldier"

Despite complaints about possible backfiring its the orks who will be stopping the tyranids.

Its not the tyrandis who are getting attacked by third parties in that octavius war its the orks. Clearly they are the bigger threat.

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>possible backfiring

Already happened. >>21807629

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>look look the tyrandis killed some planets in octavius clearly they're winning
>they've done that before every major defeat.
>they also did that before major defeats.

tyranid tears delicious.

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It depends on your view of the setting. Some people prefer to see the Imperium as being essentially an invulnerable, heroic bulwark against chaos and monsters which despite horrifying losses will always win in the end.

I personally like to see the Imperium as Germany or Imperial Japan in late 1944. A hopelessly corrupt regime that is desperately trying to shore up its teetering, overstretched boundaries through last resort measures. Essentially the Imperium is rotten to the core, is facing severe manpower shortages, and its leadership is more concerned with procrastinating and saving their own asses than the survival of mankind, and there are only a few factions/individuals throughout the whole universe who hold it all together.

Without the Astronomican, humanity is pretty much fucked, but that doesn't mean the universe has to be.Once the Imperium invariably collapses, part of mankind would probably go over to chaos infested semi-daemon worlds, and parts will go over to regions of space controlled by factions like the Admech, remnants of the Ecclesiarchy, Ultramar or other Space Marine controlled domains. The Tyranids, although posing a major threat to the Imperium itself, are unlikely to overwhelm the entire galaxy with all the orks and warp bogies in their way. Everyone will be fighting each other in perpetual hellish war. Some may say this is a nihilistic view, but in a sense the collapse of the Imperium may actually be way LESS grimdark than the current setting, because we might actually see a possibility of humankind developing technologically and socially without the Imperium and the Ecclesiarchy's stranglehold.

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>Its not the tyrandis who are getting attacked by third parties in that octavius war its the orks. Clearly they are the bigger threat.

What are you smoking? i hope that's mistake because the Eldar and Space Marines are joining the fight to stop the Nids. They are trying to stop the Nids from getting more Biomass.

Either your made a mistake or making stuff up (Like the rest of the Ork Fandom).

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so its a good match up? hardly a backfire. The plan never included decisive ork victory.

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>and it seems like these are nothing but the preliminary tendrils of an even vaster mass of Tyranids

Where is this from, and what is the logic behind it?

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>so its a good match up?

No, it's bad. The Tyranids are thriving against the Orks and the Orks are losing worlds in short order.

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The plan was to stop the Nids from attacking any more Imperial worlds.

Clearly this failed. The Nids are attacking Imperial worlds all over the sector.

The Nids are growing larger and larger from the Biomass and the Orks are not stopping their advance.

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Losing is losing.

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If the Nids are gonna lose, it gonna be because of the Space Marine and Eldar intervention.

The Orks just kept losing and losing more ground during the whole war. So its time for the SPACE MARINES to rescue them.

Believe me this will be more humiliating than actually losing to the nids.

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Wait till they become embattled upon a world like octavius, virus bomb them.

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>the Orks are losing worlds in short order.

It says they've lost worlds, but it didn't say in short order. iirc it actually says the Ork worlds are holding out longer than the average of other races. Still, a lot of that retcon can be chalked up to typical codex "hurr this army iz best" bullshit. There's not a mention of the Octavian war in the Ork codex currently, and their next book (in 2058) might say something vastly different. Not too unlike how the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors fluff from Index Astartes has the same battle be a crushing victory for each side (based on which one you're reading).

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>iirc it actually says the Ork worlds are holding out longer than the average of other races.

No actually read it. It says the Ork Worlds fell shortly after.

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get told


Stay delusional hive mind.

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>Butthurt loser ork detected
>Preparing to consume tears

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>500% increase

Well tell the hive worlds to get to fucking then. Its the Imperium of Goddamn Man, manpower is a resource only slightly less common then hydrogen.

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>yfw mutant and pysker population incease
>yfw Chaos outbreaks everyehere

Just as planned.

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>Calgar is proclaimed new Lord Protector of the empire
>ultramar standards everywhere
>gazillion new recruits with the hearts and minds of true ultramar citizens
>tyranids are buttraped out of the galaxy

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Alright, I'ma say this once.

While the Orcs will, if they continue to fight the Nids non-stop, get bigger, 'arder and tougher, they will begin to run out of Orcs. You may say that their spores will generate more Orcs, but these spores can and will be eaten by the Nids.
Furthermore, these Hive Fleets are SCOUTING FLEETS. Even Leviathan. Think about how big the major fleets will be. They also hint that the Nids may be running away from a much nastier alien menace from another galaxy.

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>Believe me this will be more humiliating than actually losing to the nids.

How is it any different than how 40k is already? Everything has to be saved by the spess muhreens, all the time.

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There running away from bigger orks who' have chased them out of 12 other galaxies

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Yes... but compared to what? It used to be that numerous Ork world were holding out for years.

Considering the average time it takes for Nids to first invade a well-defended planet and then reduce it to barren rock is 100 days, that's pretty substantial.

In any case, again, I would not be surprised at all to see the next Ork codex portray them as giving the Nids a good run for their money. Unless the codex is written by Ward. Then in all likelihood it will be mentioned that they're losing, and every unit in the entire army will go up in points and gain a form of Animosity where on a 1 or 6 they can't take any action for that turn.

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>but these spores can and will be eaten by the Nids.

It is canon that the spores fight back.

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Calgar repaid the Swarmlord, when the Ultramarines broke Hive Fleet Kraken.

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And that they lost.

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They don't fight back. The Nids Phage Cells break them down and slow their growth.

Only the most stubborn and strongest Spores will live long enough to become Orks.

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Oh, neat. I should really start reading WD...

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>Yes... but compared to what?

To a length of time that would be considered long.

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Just imagine how big and 'ard those orks will be by the time the main fleet arrives? This is just some high-quality good times for the orkish race.

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>To a vague length of time in a propaganda story, that is not directly given a comparison to anything.

One can also say that it is definite our world will end shortly, too.

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>Just imagine how big and 'ard those orks will be by the time the main fleet arrives?

Not at all because they'll be devoured.

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Yes they do. It's in the fluff that the Phage Cells and Ork Spores war amongst each other while the Orks and Nids fight.

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>Just imagine how big and 'ard those orks will be

No, in all likelyhood they'll be dead.

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Pick one.

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It's also canon that every army has lost. Except marines.

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Other armies use tactics and strategy or are capable of conciously improving themselves, microbes don't and aren't.

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>>Tyranids Codex
>Pick one.

>Actually thinks that the codices are a viable source of non-supremest fluff regarding it's faction.

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>Thinks that makes it dismissable as propaganda

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Who the fuck cares. Go read the fucking passage again. All you need to know is that the Spores and Phage cells fight each other. Who wins or loses means jack shit against your original argument which is
>They don't fight back.

Yes, congratulations. Orks lost a few worlds. Nids have lost whole hive fleets. Entire Eldar Craftworlds have been destroyed. And at one time Cammoragh was sealed off from everything until Eye of Terror was retconned away.

First rule of 40K: Everybody loses.
Second rule of 40k: Except Loyalist Space Marines.

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It depends - for example, you can believe the various Chaos dexes on Warp metaphysics.

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>thinks propaganda is dismissible.

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I think you mean spess mehrines only win phyrric victories.

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The writers want to make the army you're playing look cool. That doesn't make it propaganda, it just changes which battles are focused on.

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My original argument was simply that they lost.

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>I think you mean spess mehrines only win phyrric victories.

No they win good victories too.

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I am pretty sure the Necrons killed off a few Marine Chapters.

Marines do lose.

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that's the definition of propaganda

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Even in their own goddamn codex the Marines lose.

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Propaganda is the in-universe type deals, like the Primer or the historical records, not the third person narration. If you count that as propaganda then there's no point in discussing the setting at all.

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Yes, but you can't believe both the loyalist marine lore, and the chaos marine lore, regarding the story about how Perturabo achieved daemonhood. In the Imperial Fist side, they came in guns blazing, leveled an entire fortress using superior tactics, were big damned heroes, and the Ultramarines arrived just in time to say "Good Job" and for Gurly-man to convince Dorn he deserved a vacation in his tower of solitude.

The Iron Warrior side of it is that it was a TARP, and that the Imperial Fists were killed in mass in a mock-frotress of no importance that was designed to be a killing field. The Ultramarines arrive just in time to keep Dorn from getting himself killed, before dragging him off and having him committed to the Tower of Insane Asylums. Meanwhile Perturabo reaches Daemonhood for being a swanky bastard and killing tons of Imperial Fist dudes.

Both can't be correct. And in no way is this the only time you see stories like this.

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>Necron lord
>No bunnies ears

What is this treachery?!

>> No.21808411

>make space marine spores

>> No.21808418

There's that one story of the necrons having some kind of giant planet destroyer ship thing, and a chapter of space marines just crashed their fortress monestary into the damn thing because fuck you that's why and everyone died.

>> No.21808419

Keep your fan fiction out of this.

>> No.21808421

Were they any chapters of note? The only marine chapters that ever lose are the ones who aren't the big four.

And besides, you're reading into it far too literally. Yes marines lose, but compared to everyone else it's few and far between.

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>inventing new things

>> No.21808431

There is another story where the Necrons trap an entire Chapter inside their fortress and then hunt them for sport.

Such a heroic end!

>> No.21808432

>but compared to everyone else it's few and far between


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Propaganda does not have to be in-universe. Each codex (for the most part) is written in a way to make the army seem like the biggest, best army to be playing. That's called propaganda. Every codex is full of it.

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The Ultramarines spend 2 pages fighting Necrons but ultimately being unable to stop them from claiming Damnos.

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It's a well known fact.

If you don't have those swag bunny ears, then you are no lord of the Necrons.

>> No.21808453

Still better then their new models I guess...

carry on.

>> No.21808465

That's more like it!

100% Canon approved, carry on.

>> No.21808468

The models aren't that bad, it's just that GW paints them up like fairies.

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never said it was imperium
>orks loot geneseed, not knowing what it is
>orks kill eachother, blow up the place
>spores and geneseed everywhere
>WAAAGH shenanigans ensue

>> No.21808488

That would actually make the Orks worse. And all Orks are notoriously self-absorbed and highly violent towards anything not-Ork.

>> No.21808526

they'd probably lump them up with odd boyz
also: blood axe warbosses might use them

plus, you gotta figure that beakie boys would start off significantly stronger than the average boy springing up from the ground

>> No.21808558

The Orks would kill them. And they wouldn't improve. It would actually be a hindrance to the Orks. And they still will never become stronger or tougher than a Nob.

>> No.21808587

>implying orks don't usually kill the young orks

but anyway
>boy kills young beakie boy ork
>more beakie boy spores
>repeat ad nauseum
>there is now a substantial pool of beakie boy orks for some to survive to adulthood

>> No.21808621

I didn't imply anything. You're just being a twat.

And it doesn't work quite like that. Regardless, the whole 'beakie-boy' idea is stupid, even as far as fanfiction goes. The geneseed would only weaken the Orks and slow their development time considerably. .

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becuase every faction has its 99% victory card op its likly the mikly way will be fine and by that i mean in its perpetual state of gridlock

>> No.21808678

I'm not saying it isn't stupid. I AM saying that it is fun.
but out of curiosity, what makes you say that it would weaken them and slow their development time?

>> No.21808690

>becuase every faction has its 99% victory card

No it doesn't.

>> No.21808719

he probably meant 1%

anyway, on topic of the thread, the galaxy of 40k IS fucked, WILL BE fucked, and HAS been fucked all day, everyday.

it's just the entertaining varieties of HOW it will be screwed

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orkses is never beaten

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So wait...if the Swarm Lord is such a game breaker, why is it only spawned when the Hive fleet hasn't been able to defeat its opponents through conventional means?

Is it because it is self aware and could possibly pose a threat to the hivemind itself if it spends too much time out in the open?

>> No.21808849


They're fleeing the two lost Legions who were dispatched to kick their ass back during the Great Crusade.

>> No.21808872

Because it takes a shitload of biomass to create the carapace and weaponry for it. The hivemind has to mash atoms together several thousand times
Or, you know, herp derp plot

>> No.21808874


Why the hell would you need to use your super special mary sue general to take over a exploratory research post with like fifty dudes guarding it. Thats just sad.

>> No.21808881

The Swarmlord takes a lot effort and resources to spawn.

He is the pinnacle of the Tyranid race and creating him and summoning his consciousness from the Hivemind is no easy process.

>Is it because it is self aware and could possibly pose a threat to the hivemind itself if it spends too much time out in the open?

Like all Nids, he is slaved to to service of the Hivemind.

>> No.21808916

Probably because it takes more biomass to produce compared to a regular Hive Tyrant, and there's no point wasting resources spawning the Swarmlord when a lesser Tyrant will do.

As far as I'm aware, the attack on Tyran was the first main, pitched battle between the Tyranids and the Imperium. Because higher forms of Tyranid life are capable of independant learning, it's possible the Swarmlord was spawned and sent to lead the attack so it could witness the tactics humanity would use and start working out counter-ploys. Tyran was also heavily guarded - the description of the battle in the Tyranid codex mentioned a whole IG regiment, substantial Adeptus Mechanicus forces, and a very large, heavily defended fortress that had to be broken into.

>> No.21809054

'nids aren't that unbeatable in space.
it's a bitch to fight an attrition battle vs that many ships and their ordinance, but they move slowly, and don't warp.

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The swarmlord is an... ok... idea for a variant hive tyrant, but his execution is utterly terrible.


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>the Orkz could unite under one ruler and become canonically unstoppable

Fix'd that for you

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Give this man a cigar

>> No.21809711

For scribbling on a picture to point out the obvious while making an unoriginal joke?

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>> No.21809818

went above and beyond in scribbling with 40k font

>> No.21810388

Tyranids don't have a win condition.

To eat humanity, they have to break humanity's armies. They do that, the Golden Throne fails, daemons flood the galaxy, and the Tyranids get raped.

Keep in mind, Chaos is by far the strongest force in the setting; the only reason they haven't won already is because they have massive deployment issues. Once the Golden Throne fails and they have a permanent entry point, everyone else loses.

Really, the only sides that can possibly win are Humanity, Chaos, and Necrons. Humans could win by either evolving into a fully psychic race (imagine if the average imperial citizen was a level 2 psyker, and the top psykers were capable of taking the Emperor's place on the Golden Throne; everyone else would be screwed) or discovering old technology (the Baneblade's STC describes it as a "light battle tank"; imagine what the discovery of a heavy battle tank STC would mean). Necrons, on the other hand, are the only non-warp-sensitive race capable of conquering humanity without causing the Golden Throne to fail (they could then gradually cull the warp-sensitive races, keeping the Golden Throne going until the Chaos Gods die).

This, of course, assumes that the setting would actually ever move forward, which it won't.

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>the Baneblade's STC describes it as a "light battle tank"; imagine what the discovery of a heavy battle tank STC would mean

Oh, I can do some imagining.

>> No.21810866

At non-FTL they're generally as fast as their Imperial counterparts. Their FTL is slower than imperial warp travel though.

>> No.21810979

Except when the space marines have to be saved by someone else. Like at the Battle for Macragge.

>> No.21811227
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You want a heavy battle tank?
here you go.

>> No.21811250

Fuck yeah.

>> No.21811267

>the Baneblade's STC describes it as a "light battle tank"

Citation needed

>> No.21811395

Considering the Leman russ is an STC battletank. I doubt the Baneblade is in anyway a "light" tank.

>> No.21811759

the leman russ is an STC tractor

>> No.21811845

>Turn out all the lights in the Orrery

I love how so many people think this is a trump card against the nids. These people need to understand how FUCKHUEG space is, and what part of it nids inhabit 98% of the time.

>> No.21811933

First off I want to see something that clearly shows that they have proof that this is only scouting fleet.
By that as in "yup looky there joe that is definitely a main fleet".
I have seen plenty of people post that is appears to be a scouting fleet, what if THIS IS ALL THEY HAVE.
Next suppose that this is a scouting fleet for a giant fleet that is likely scouting several galaxies while running for something REALLY bad.
Suppose the scouts return back with the info "we can take this galaxy, but would require allocation of X biomass and would gain a total of y biomass.
In addition it will likely also take additional z time to gather the biomass to re-coup losses / gain net profit.
The hive mind then decides that the net gain isn't worth it especially since scouts in b and c galaxy report easy pickings that will yield higher returns and importantly lets them keep running faster

TLDR hive fleet decides that while it would eventually win it would take to long to be worth it and pulls out while losses are light enough to be over looked.

The necron pylons if completed would firmly reset the barrier between the warp and the materium and would do so so completely that all psychic beings (or have souls) would die including the hive fleet if it was close enough to be affected (note we only seem to see a warp that is milky way affected we don't see creatures / entities in the warp working with events outside the milky way.)

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>want proof of something stated over and over again the codex
>then suppose, suppose with me something that is mentioned as a possibility

>> No.21811986

nope. You're thinking of the Siegfried which was made during the Krieg rebellion.

The Russ is a Tank.

>> No.21812020

>mocks the fact I used a word twice
Really insightful comment

>> No.21812054

>clearly wants proof
>enters into hypothetical fluff

>> No.21812060

the 6th ed rulebook explicitly says that this is just a small of what is yet too arrive.
5th ed rulebook also told us that they'd eaten 12 other galaxies. Tyranids in the whole certainly out number everyone else combined. The only question is how quickly they'll bring all that to bear on the 40k galaxy. Too slow and each wave will get beaten before the next arrives.

>> No.21812106

>Gives helpful answer I can look up later

>entered hypothetical "lose" or at least win for milky way since pretty much ALL of those fucking situation are hypothetical anyway

>> No.21812127

if you want pages its 215 in the 6th ed rulebook.

and 167 (or one page back/forward if I remembered wrong) for the 12 galaxies in 5th ed rulebook.

>> No.21812134

No, fuck you, we're asking for canon, you're feeding us fanon.

>> No.21812233

you're asking for "who wins" situations in a SETTING that will never move forward (besides power creep) and is designed to never move forward.
anything you say is "fanon" the only difference is how much your fanon fits with theirs.

>> No.21812950
File: 1.27 MB, 1297x903, nidfanwankpls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To all the Nid-wank fans in this thread; you can stop now, at least until the next codex comes out.

>> No.21813050

I don't see a good enough reason to stop wanking over my preferred faction here.

>> No.21813263

That it is the last and/or at least the greatest hive fleet, all other hive fleets are small time or at most the same-ish size
Also that a lone phoenix lord killed a whole hive tendril.
Hell get all of them together they will takeout all of Leviathan.

>> No.21813473

>main fleet is so fuckawesome, it is in a class several orders of magnitide above a hive fleet, therefore not a hive fleet
>That was one insanely lucky phoenix lord and/or one very sickly ripper

>> No.21813532

'Last and greatest' could refer to it being the eventual doom of the galaxy.

>> No.21813966
File: 17 KB, 443x318, product_57815[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u mad, mon-keigh?

>> No.21814007

Get all of them together it's the rhana dandra and erryone dies.

>> No.21814017

Does it actually say that, or are you just putting your own spin on it?

>> No.21814108

He didn't take out the whole tendril. He took out a Swarm. By the way, this is the same dude who couldn't stop the Marines from trashing Craftworld Alaitoc.

And another thing, the Ork Empire of Octrarius was trashed by less of a tendril.

>Hive Fleet Leviathan

It is the most recent and largest Hive Fleet to reach the galaxy. That's all it.

You really think it's the last?

>> No.21814149

>GW putting the word "fuckawesome" in the 6e rulebook
Fun drinking game, drink a shot every time the word "indeed" is used in the new Necron codex.

>> No.21814217

I think that the setting is constantly balanced so that no one faction ever wins,(until the IP stops being profitable for GW and their last 40k release is just a sheet of paper saying the Ultra-marinns win everything).

>> No.21814341

>implying that by the time a large enough force of Nids reaches the Imperium humanity won't have evolved into a higher psychic state and be able to rip hive fleets apart with mind bullets until the Nids give up and go find somewhere else to eat

>> No.21815821


>> No.21815871
File: 2.38 MB, 3000x2250, based_on_starcraft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, what if Tyranids.... absorbed the Emperor.

>> No.21815992

>dat wryyyyystealer

>> No.21817823


>> No.21817883

Why? Thread's just more nidwank cancer that's been trending in /tg/ recently. 40k has always been about chaos, take your Korean bait backdrop armies into the back of of the bus.

>> No.21817987

These threads are proof that Tyranids, Necrons, and to a small extent, Orks, are the real plague on 40K and not SPESS MUHREENS, HFY, diaper nuns, or other IoMfags.

>> No.21818028

> and to a small extent, Orks


Orks are up there with Nids and Toasterbots. Don't try to down play their cancerous effect.

>> No.21818089

His mind/soul/whateverbullshit would allow him to keep the hivemind occupied so the tyranid forces would not have the same kind of strategic power

>> No.21818457

The Emperor would be free to be reborn as "Emperor: Beater of Ass", que Imperium of Man endgame victory.
Ork threads never last as long as the Nid ones nowadays and they are on average much less obnoxious.

>> No.21820259

>40k's always been about chaos
>korean bait backdrop army

I'm sorry, these statements just make it difficult for me to take you seriously.

>> No.21820298

Why don't we just agree that the milkyway is the balcans?
Tyranids would be the best ending you could ever wish for.
Just die already milky way and content.

>> No.21820302

Actually, the Orks are the Tau threads are tied as most obnoxious.

>The Tau are good guys guise
>The Tau are important believe me

>Orks as huge as planets!!!!!111!!
>The Orks can loot everything

etc etc etc.

>> No.21820386
File: 48 KB, 485x239, Waaaaard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

6th edition Imperium endgame doesn't seem to mention the Emperor being reborn.

>> No.21820408
File: 1.14 MB, 2170x641, WAAAGH!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.21820425
File: 48 KB, 510x243, emprah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...he just has to hang on for a bit longer, apparently.

>> No.21820429

I rest my case.

I like this end game better.

>> No.21820528

So humans become eldar and then what? All their problems disappear? Fucking retarded.

>> No.21820876

Ah, but they become SUPER Eldar. And kill everything with mind bullets.

>> No.21820959

No worse than

>The DEldar are safe from EVERYTHING but themselves

>The Necrons could win if only they wanted to

>The Tyranids are LITERALLY unstoppable you guise

>CW Eldar matter!


Or anything regarding space marines. I dont even have the time to list everything wrong with SMs and SM players, so lets just hit the high point

>> No.21820981

>tfw the Space Elves get mocked for claiming to matter


>> No.21821000

Personally I'd assume the Imperium gets ripped apart as psykers emerge on an uncontrollable scale, civil war, Chaos errywhere, but slowly a group of people who can control the shit out of the powers begins to coalesce and they ultimately beat the crap out of Chaos and what remains of the Imperium. Then, happiness!

Or an even more oppressive state in which everybody knows what everybody else is thinking.

>> No.21821032

>CW Eldar matter!


>> No.21821252

Did you read the actual novel where they killed a bunch of the necron command structure before pulling out and actually making that sect weak enough that if a true imperial fleet showed up they could retake the planet

>> No.21821663


Not even Ward.

>> No.21821791

>Implying the New men would be as weak as the Eldar

>> No.21822204

don't worry humanity the Tau will save you from this threat!!

we beat the once we'll do it again no sweat

>> No.21825431


>> No.21826178

Only a tactical genius could have put those jeanstealers th- SWAAARMMMLLOOOORRRDDDDDD

>> No.21826234


Creed has competition?

>> No.21826539

pyrrhic victory means that if you have another loss of that scale you are truly, royally, utterly fucked. the imperium has losses that seems staggering to us, but they have such an absurd population they can take it.

>> No.21826663

highly violent to not-ork? I didn't realize they were that picky.

>> No.21826791

I spy a heretic

>> No.21826818

Every single race has a Creed




Granted, the Tau are the only one who can't actually field their Creed.

>> No.21826844

Humans have an amazing amount of ingenuity, if the culture allows it to flourish. How would an imperium with a culture that encourages (or at least doesn't actively discourage) innovation effect the war?

>> No.21826848

Rolled 5

Can't field Orkimedes either

>> No.21826859

Orks have a creed? thats unorky.

>> No.21826890


>> No.21827071
File: 1.30 MB, 1962x2744, Rb6-Commorragh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry, mon-keigh, you can come sleep over at our place until the big mean bugs are all gone.

You do like to play Doctor, don't you?

>> No.21827357

Actually the humans will have do more than evolve psychically, they need to change culturally. For their culture is dependent on the emperor as well. while you could say that the custodes might just try to fool the populace, would an entire psychic galaxy wide civilization be fooled by the absence of a psycher as mighty as the emperah?

Also the imperium actively culls psychers. That is not a selective pressure you want to have if you want to achieve an all psychic race.

>> No.21828648

I've always wondered about something. They theorize that the Tyranids are running from something nastier. What if this isn't true? You figure, when a Genestealer cult reaches its peak of power, the Patriarch becomes a psychic beacon that attracts the Fleet. What if they aren't running? What if they're being drawn here? What greater psychic beacon is there than the Astronomicon? Give it a ponder.

>> No.21828724

See >>21821000. It would be unlikely to happen peacefully.

>> No.21831606


Psychic power is not genetic.

>> No.21831673
File: 231 KB, 800x1220, 1333681700484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But since GW talks about psykers like they are an evolutionary change, they just might be ignoring any artificial pressure towards the number of mutants by the imperium, or implying it is no where near enough. Certainly psykers are appearing in greater numbers despite Imperium's efforts.

>> No.21835783

Are you sure about that? If anything, the tyranids are a perfect example of it being genetic.

>> No.21835832

The Navigators are bred kind pyskers.

Pyskism is genetic.

>> No.21835924

During the Golden Age of Technology, humanity spread across the galaxy. Then the Age of Strife happened and humanity fell apart, most of its knowledge lost and and most of the humans wiped out.

Then the Emperor came along, united Terra, and started his Great Crusade. Once again, humanity came to dominate the galaxy. But this ended with the Horus Heresy where the Emperor was mortally wounded and the Age of Darkness started.

History might very well repeat itself again. The realm of Ultramar is one of the most powerful faction within the Imperium. With the death of the Emperor, the daemonic barriers will break and Terra will become a daemon world. This would mean the doom of the Solar system and would devastate the entire Segmentum Solar. It would almost definitely mean that Ultramar would be the most powerful realm of humanity.

And remember, Roboute Guilliman's wounds are healing. He will recover. And once he does, it's safe to assume that he will start the Second Great Crusade and try to do his father's work.

>> No.21835979

Orkimedes is just the tech guy. He'd be Orky Szeras or Rakarth.

>> No.21836015

Navigators are mutants not pyskers.

>> No.21836406

Old Ones show up as a None playable faction, just like random uncontroled units which just fuck up everyone and random D6 rolls.

In Lore Old Ones reclaim the web way
DE- Under siege
CwE- Fleeing as the Old ones wanna punish then for failure
Necron- shittin brix and have to start workin together
Ork- Yay bigger Battles XD
Imperium- HOLY SHITWTFBBQ, get forced back into smaller denser empire
Nids- The Overmind is playin god mode chess with the Old Ones leaders
Chaos- Oh its on bitches

>> No.21836448
File: 59 KB, 873x627, 9800110017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Old Ones


>> No.21836457

Old Ones used to be a playable faction, and they were not nearly powerful enough to justify your bullshit:
simply space slanns. Basically eldars with more fancy gadgets.

>> No.21836466

Mutants that can fire blasts of warp energy and navigate the immaterial realm.

They're pretty close to psykers.

>> No.21836476

And the Tau?

>> No.21836479


>> No.21836497

well they are likely the only thing that will make the Necron Overlords go "yh i guess we better but our own shit aside and deal with these dudes"

>> No.21836515

Only because they hated them for not sharing their immortal juice.
With the Webway they are now irrelevant.

>> No.21836526

Tau claim many worlds the imperium ditches, they however find themselves facing foes that they are faceing a shit storm, they begin to reverse engineer Old One Tech, which bothers some sparkin a civil war

>> No.21836538

poor Necron, its one thing to be butt hurt, but butt hurt for eternity till you go mad, thats gotta suck.

>> No.21836577

Because most of them are dead.

The ones that ascended got slaughtered by the C'tans in the webway, and they weren't more powerful than daemon princes anyway, as far as we know.
As for those that are still alive, they've degenerated to a level that is barely above Lizardmen and Amazons. They still have bits and bobs of super technology, but they don't remember or want to use anything more powerful than rayguns and antigrav tanks.

>> No.21836578

Anrakyr has slain gods, toppled empires and destroyed entire worlds. He's led an impressive life and has got nothing to be butthurt about.

>> No.21836588

He never did any of that, actually. He killed some dudes, mind-controlled some machines and stole some other dudes.

>> No.21836593

since when has GW stuck to something other than the space marines been OP heros and the Horus Heresy, everything else is re-wrote none stop

>> No.21836598

>He never did any of that, actually.

Yeah he did.

>He killed some dudes, mind-controlled some machines and stole some other dudes.

That's just what he's up to after the great sleep.

>> No.21836602

Well, the new FFG supplement says that Old Ones may be different races, a bit like the Cabal, but it also says that the C'tans killed them.

So, there you have your new and improved fluff: Old Ones are not degenerate, they're dead.

>> No.21839838

>they're dead

That's no fun.

>> No.21839981


If psykers were genetic, their numbers would be decreasing, not increasing.

Humanity is becoming a psychic race and nothing can stop it. There is no "psychic gene", because psychic powers do not come from genes. They come from the soul.

Navigators may well have genes that cause people who wouldn't normally develops psychic powers to do so, but that is a completely separate issue. Psychic powers are not normally genetic.

Case in point: The Emperor. His psychic powers come from the fact that he is the reincarnation of a conglomeration of ancient human psykers. If psychic powers were genetic, this wouldn't have worked (in fact, The Emperor's physical capabilities are the result of his sheer psychic might warping his body, rather than the other way around).

>> No.21840023
File: 2.67 MB, 1191x1750, 86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old codex said they were scattered, but mentioned the possibility of their descendants living on backwaters and even suggested players use Fantasy Lizardmen in 40k to represent them. Current codex says they were defeated, scattered, and destroyed. But that shouldn't stop people from writing their fanfiction about the very last Old One who has sparkling rainbow-coloured eyes and hair the shade of twilight and whose sorrow at the passing of his people grants him powers of angst that put even the Silent King to shame.

>> No.21840053

Please, tell me that you have a link of Xenology in that quality

>> No.21840067

In the Xenology it is implied the Umbra are the remains of an Old One cursed by Slaanesh to ''Linger Forever''.

If that's true then it means that a few Old Ones survived until at least the time of the Eldar fall.

>> No.21840110

Brutal Kunnin' is ded Orky

>> No.21840111
File: 1.60 MB, 1191x1750, 85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I just got it from the first result on /rs/.

>> No.21840122

Omega Scenario of the end alliance.
I wonder if Necron-Eldar-Human technology would be able to recreate stars after that?

>> No.21840134

Capital Ork World.
All those monuments on the streets of Orklondium to Warbosses, their metal shapes shadowed by Dome of Overfiend and the Ork Parliament

>> No.21840989

If you look at the Psyker Grades, Sigma and below are blanks. At the very bottom of the list their are Pariahs are explicitly get their complete separation from the warp and they are like this because they were given the Pariah GENE by necrons. So it is genetic.

>> No.21841000

Its actually been said that the Astronimicon is drawing one of the tendrils of Leviathan.

As for the running away thing that was a throw away wild speculation of an imperial scholar.

We can be pretty sure that such wild speculation is wrong, especially considering Tyranids actions in this galaxy aren't one of a fleeing race.

>> No.21841175

Being a Psyker is definitely genetic. It has been referred to often enough as being the Psyker Mutation.

>> No.21841233

also from the thousand sons page of the wiki
"As befits the genic offspring of such a colossal psychic mutant as Magnus, the geneseed of the Thousand Sons appeared to ensure the development of psychic ability." So gene's are probably at least related to psychic ability

>> No.21841279

It's to do with both genetics and the soul.

>> No.21841311

But if Magnus geneseed makes psykers, where did the rubric marines come from?

>> No.21841327

"ensure development" was probably in context to the development of the Legion, not necessarily a personal guarantee.

>> No.21841328

Weak psykers.

>> No.21841358

Tzeentch being a dick a Arihman when he tried to stop the rampant mutation the thousand sons where suffering from.

>> No.21841384

This looks like something someone would draw in on his math binder during lunch period.

>> No.21841457

Too bad all this doesn't mean jack on the table top.
I'm tired of getting my shit pushed in 6 ways 'til Sunday.

>> No.21841495

I keep hearing this, where in canon fluff is this stated? because I can show you a segment that shows that necron fear nids, not the other way around (*cough* *cough* blood angels allied necron vs nids *cough* *cough*)

>> No.21841574

he can't because he's actually wrong. Its never stated in fluff that Tyranids fear or avoid Necrons.
Tyranids avoid most tomb worlds because they're generally barren lifeless worlds they'd be avoiding anyway, the Necrons are totally irrelevant in these cases.
There have been enough times when nids have invaded a tomb world if it had life on it. The Necron codex even mentions a Dynastie that was nearly wiped out by nids.

>> No.21841804
File: 371 KB, 500x375, 1351721918061.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just gonna go with 'everyone dies because they deserve it' ending or Doctor Who shows up to correct this tiny speed-bump in history in a christmas episode.

>> No.21843548

>the one shining beacon of knowledge in the vast abyss of misinformation

>> No.21844936

Then stop playing assault-y nids and get with the shooty nids program.

>> No.21845276
File: 287 KB, 900x1350, 1331521606110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is it fucked? All I see is the fruitful culmination of the Old Ones' life experiments being resolved into a perfect unity. It may not be a Human solution, but who said our social patterns were ultimately correct, let alone enduring.

>> No.21845351

Recreate? why? Stars do that by themselves anyways, and if all of the stars in the galaxy go out? Well, shit, that's one gigantic stellar nursery you've got.

The only problem is that the Eldar rule the Webway and material disruptions can breach it, even worse, material disruptions have an equally dynamic effect in the Warp, id est, the opposite end of the Webway.

If the Orrery goes Scorched Earth, the webway will be cleansed along with everything else.

>> No.21845466

As I'm sure had been already mentioned Tyranids will be mostly fine if all the stars in the galaxy explode. Since they spend most of their time in interstellar space ( any other races ships outside a solar system as well as those in the outer reaches of systems should survive too) for the nids it would just mean moving onto the next galaxy earlier than planned. For everyone else it'd be starving to death for the few individual survivors.

>> No.21845514

Yeah, Interstellar space would the only safe place, the warp would give birth to some abomination of a god, if it didn't just summon the damned amalgamation of souls into materialspace for all of eternity.

>> No.21845536

You mean the 12" shooty Nids that are basically like playing assault except you die if things get into melee with you?
I hate Termagants so much.

>> No.21845622

have you even really look at the codex? Its all relatively short range but most of the really dakka options are at least range 18.
Devourers on gaunts or MC's are crazy dakka.
On guants its good to run 20 in a spore so you have 60 S4 shots deepstriking with is good against pretty much anything. Fex's and tyrants get 12 twinlinked S6 shots when given devourers. Hiveguard are pretty good with their non-LoS almost cover ignoring guns (that also ignore jink saves and wargear cover saves). Warriors with Deathspitters can put out a respectable amount of S5 shooting at 18 range.

>> No.21845749
File: 17 KB, 270x200, Devourer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll look into it. You know a supplier from which I can get a shit ton of Devourers?

>> No.21845790

This is actually pretty damn heroic!

All Glory To Girlyman! I'd rather have Rogal Dorn though.

>> No.21845813

>I'd rather have Rogal Dorn though

Enjoy your skeleton.

>> No.21845862

Hoard o Bits has like 16 of the gaunt ones for ~$1.50

>> No.21846000

Thanks man.

>> No.21846462

Well, I meant if Dorn was still ALIVE smart ass.

>> No.21847157

Necrons ans Ctan wake up and use world engines and doom fleet to teleport around and fuck up nids piecemeal, faster than they can build new ships.

Really. The new fluff should have been more Pest Control and less Tomb Kings.

Necrons. Galaxies most effective exterminators.

And it makes sense.

>> No.21848519

And the Orrery is the answer to everything, I'm sure.

>> No.21848925

I think its safe to say if any faction besides Imperium and Eldar ever totally unite or survive/grow they will become canonly unstoppable.

At least thats what it says in practically every codex.

>> No.21851571
File: 564 KB, 981x748, 1300150311684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it pronounced "teer-ran-ihds" or "tie-ran-ihds"?

>> No.21852571

I doubt it matters. In verse, the Imperium is huge.

In reality, no one cares.

And no, thevorrery is no answer.

>> No.21852970

Teer-ruh-nids is how I always say it.
>the vorrery
That sounds like a lot of fun...

>> No.21855152
File: 77 KB, 600x900, 1354347202959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lich me.

>> No.21855172

Necrons either win, or everyone loses

>> No.21855610




wat if

What if Khorne favors the Orkz for their battle against the nids?

>> No.21857545

That doesn't sound too appealing either way.

>> No.21857568

>So, fa/tg/uys, can we talk about how the Milky Way is completely and utterly fucked?

Can we talk about something other than fucking 40k?

>> No.21857574

Like what?

>> No.21858008

No matter who band together with who chaos with undermine their very efforts

>> No.21858203

There are so many non 40k threads. Why are you even in this one if you don't want to talk about 40k

>> No.21859614


The existence of a gene that prevents psykers, or a gene that makes someone a psyker who ordinarily would not become one, does not affect whether or not being a psyker is normally genetic. Most of the time, it is the soul from which psychic powers come.

>> No.21859665

For some reason this morning the 40k kids are just posting all up and down the boards.

It usually doesn't bother me but today it feels like it's crossed a line.

>> No.21859913

You realize that /tg/ is mostly 40k, right? I doubt you'll ever escape it here.

>> No.21861873

>He doesn't know /tg/ was made for Warhammer Wednesdays
Rev up that new, 'cause its showin'!

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