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Rarely seen fighting in open battle, the Astartes Mafius deviate from the Codex, preferring to deep-strike two or three Marines along with a higher-ranking officer to the enemies' HQ, to present them with 'an offer they cannot refuse'. Details of such offers are sketchy, but common knowledge is that enemy leaders that refuse are more often than not never seen again.

Other Astartes chapters, prefer not to deal with them unless absolutely necessary. They have been under suspicion for Tzeentch worship before, but these rumours were quickly dismissed after several of the Mafius visited high-ranking members of the Inquisition. Two died in 'unfortunate accidents', the others changed their minds unusually quickly, citing 'they're not such bad people when you get to know them', and sporting very fashionable fur coats.

>Continued from >21797154 since things got sidetracked

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Another oddity of the Astartes Mafius are the careers of those who align themselves with them. Many high-flyers on Terra and beyond have been relative nobodies who performed unknown 'services' for the Mafius and as such found themselves in high-paying, high-power positions shortly thereafter. Several Rogue Traders have known ties with the Mafius, turning to them for help with uncooperative planetary governors or for help cutting through the light-years of red tape concerning the Administratum.

The gene-seed of the Mafius is often referred to as 'The Family', and Mafius offer no trust or even general communication to outsiders not known to their battle-brothers.

That they make powerful allies is of no doubt, their terror tactics unusual yet extremely effective. Known to fund other chapters or High Lords even without their knowing, they play the political game as shrewdly as they do their warfare, sporting 'Tomus'-Pattern bolters with extended-capacity drum magazines. In open combat, when forced to the situation, they prefer ambush and disinformation tactics, up to and including creating purely fictitious financial and military fronts to conduct their business.

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>pinstriped power armour
>bolters with drum magazines
>Power coshes
>In tight with the high Lords of Terra via shady deals
>Chapter Master Don Corleonus
>Drive-by Rhino shootings
>installing politicians on Terra that they like
>"Offers they cannot refuse" tactics

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I'm not sure pinstripes work as a power armour colour. But they can wear trenchcoats over their power armour.

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That works too.

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I would prefer 'Astartes Mafiosus'.

Their homeworld is Sicilia, but... they get around.

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I love every part of that.

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Somebody mentioned Forge World did drum-fed bolters. Anyone got a picture?

Also, they obviously need hats.

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Fedoras, trench coats, and straight razors. Or switchblades, I'm not picky.

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Power-knuckledusters. Or as they prefer to call them 'Sister Bettus' #4's'

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>fedoras and trenchcoats
Some careful aesthetic choices need to be made to distinguish these guys from the That Guy Marines.

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That Guy Marines are fat and wear pony iconography under their trench coats.


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Holy shit I want to see a Tomus-pattern drumfed Heavy Bolter.

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Drawfags are working on it. Wait a little.

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"Brother Jonnus. You spend time with your family? "
>Sure, I do.
"Good. Because a brother who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real brother."

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Also, while I think pinstripes might not work, a simple black-with-white-tie-highlights colour scheme seems mafia enough.

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So they're like powerfists except just the knuckles?

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Now I'm more curious about That Guy marines.

Every single one would have to have some unique Tacticool weapon or loadout.

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And katanas.

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>Chain Katanas
>ridiculous huge pleather dusters over their power armor
>cheeto-stained bolters

Yes please.

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A small trip of Adamantine over the knuckles. Easily conceable in the folds of their greatcoats. Can knock a tank crew unconscious in one hit.

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*strip, even.

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>Uncooperative Rogue Trader wakes up with his prized Zoat's head on his pillow.

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>On numerous occasions the Space Marines of That Chapter have been suspected of Nurglite heresy due to the smell.

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This is in equal parts a horrible idea and the best idea ever.

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Are they at war with the Orkish Wu-Tang Klan?

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Man, if only there were a race that consists of nothing but a complex series of gangs, nobles, backstabbing, decadence, and tomato sauce.

Oh wait....

Vect may not be old money, but he is the O.G. of 40K.

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Just use pinstripes. I'm pretty its science that pinstripes make everything more mafia-y.

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This is more the human equivalent to Vect's lecherous hordes.

Just run with it

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I am very OK with this. Although we would also accept a classy white tie.

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To say the Mafiosus are unusual is to stretch the term, even their naming systems for individuals goes against the grain. Almost all brothers take a new name following their initiation, usually based on a distinguishing feature or special talent, such as 'Larrus the Hat', 'Marius Screws' or 'Bolty'.

They are also known for shared love of ancient music forms known as 'swing' or 'jass'.

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Don't forget Fat Tonius.

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Their codex contains a special Independent Character Servitor called Clamps.

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Tutto bene, but you know, if you make this family of Marines, and they work in this business, then they must abide by the rules of the business. That is, you must pay your respects to the Supreme Overlord of Commorragh.

There are two ways to do this:
1) Serve Vect loyally. You can take in the business openly, and one day, though this day may never come, Vect will ask you a favor. And you will do that favor.
2) Defy Vect. Your family will never know peace, your business will never grow beyond a certain size, and you will never be a made man, if you choose this path. You can only live if you are beneath his notice, or furthering his schemes.

Now, I shouldn't say this, but most of the money in town, they try and work out option 3) Serve Vect openly and defy Vect secretly. Not everyone who gets in the business wants to end up doing this, but most do this eventually. And, hey, somebody's gonna off the old man one day right? Not that I should be saying that...

So, how do these Marines feel? Are they in or they out? One way or another you gotta choose.

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Welp, here's the Astartes Mafiosus' Preferred Enemy.

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Can we replace the Pretty marines as one of the lost chapters with these guys?

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Astartes Mafiosus Scouts are particularly deadly, as they're all vying to become Made Marines.

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If you refuse them do they leave the head of a tyranid in your bed?

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A grox would make more sense, but nids would be more interesting

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Ok, I have hung out here a long time. nothing has made me want to play 40k as a minis game. This? This is making me think I could bankrupt myself for the Emperor.

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no one knows how they manage it given they're based in the west most segmentum. But they got fresh tyranid heads from the latest hive fleets somehow, without fail.

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>Made Marines

This is too funny to not be canon.

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Something to tide you elegan/tg/ents over 'til something better's done

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Hey, nothing says driveby like "Fast Open-Topped Skimmer". I recommend these Marines hustle for some anti-poison tech.

>> No.21799988

Apothecaries who double as interrogators?

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You made me think of this scene so i had to watch it again

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>smoking through face grill
>trenchcoat lapels over HUGE pauldrons
I'm seeing a lot of potential here. How about a fairly normal bolter shape, but with a drum?

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"Horus I know it was you! You broke my heart Horus, you broke my heart!"

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Yeah, that was just an sketch to run ideas by. the proper thing probably won't be done for awhile. (Said drawfag's gone to sleep for now).

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Statted up a chapter master, some rules unsure of (namely chapter tactics), one rule unfinished.

No point value.
Feel free to do want you want with it.
Don Vito Capone
WS 4
BS 6
S 4
W 4
I 4
A 3
Ld 10
SV: 2+/4++
Warlord Trait: Princeps of Deceit
Special Rules: Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Fear

Chapter tactics: All marines may fire out of a rhino regardless of gunports available. But only if the Rhino has moved flat out and past the target.

I'll Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse: I feel like there should be a rule here, but I got no ideas right now.

Order a Hit: Nominate an enemy independant character, all Mafius marines gained hatred and preferred enemy.

Artificer armor
Iron Halo
Classy Cane - This cane is also a master crafted power maul.

The Don's Tommy Gun: Range: 30" S5 AP4 Type: Assault 4, Shred.

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Father, you can't do this! You don't bump guys! You're not like those animals back there. It's not right, Father! They can't make us do this. It's the wrong situation, they can't make us different people than we are. We're not muscle, Father. I... I... I... never killed anybody. I used a little information for a chisel, that's all. It's my nature, Father! I... I... I... can't help it, somebody gives me an angle, I play it. I don't deserve to die for that. Do you think I do?

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>He's black.... he's bald...


>> No.21800339

>You don't bump guys!
You misspelled purge.

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>> No.21800389

I feel like "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" should involve challenges, but he's not a very melee character.

>> No.21800411

Clearly they get their supplies and recruits as protection fees from various planets.
Woe to the planet that forget their protection fees.

>> No.21800427


"We wouldn't any... oh, you know... rumours of heresy reaching the Inquisition, would we?"

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>> No.21800463

That's stage 1.
Stage 2 is a bunch of scouts, led by their senior leader and/or a chaplain, fuck up the Imperial Governor's palace and use a power maul on his knees.

Stage 3 is "open rebellion" followed by Exterminatus before anyone can confirm there was a rebellion.

>> No.21800472

>All marines may fire out of a rhino regardless of gunports available. But only if the Rhino has moved flat out and past the target.
Farkin' lold at that one.

>> No.21800495

>and use a power maul on his knees.

by the Throne, that'd liquidate them.

I love it.

>> No.21800542

He's a planetary governor, he can avoid new ones.

>> No.21800549

they put a steel rod over both knees, and then smash it with a power maul. Completely removes them.

>> No.21800594

You are now imagining a bunch of scout smashing vases and shit with power maul, while a chaplain beats a newly-legless Planetary Governor, "WHERES OUR FUCKING RECRUITS, WHERE'S OUR FUCKING RECRUITS? I DON'T SEE ANY OF OUR OTHER SUPPLIES EITHER MAN, I WANT OUR FUCKING RECRUITS AND SUPPLIES".

And as they leave,
"And don't you dare try to rat us out the Inquisition. We're fucking watching you."

>> No.21800636


Why would a legless PG avoid new legs?

I know you typo'd just winding you up NOW WHERE ARE OUR FUCKING TITHES

>> No.21800655

how did I manage to type avoid instead of afford.

>> No.21800671


I'll Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse: Move a single enemy unit of your choice as if it were your own during their turn. This includes moving and shooting. All normal rules to that unit apply.

>> No.21800703

>the sensors of the Inquisition ship Righteous Zeal pick up a small, unusual item floating in space close to Earth, and it moves in to investigate
>it's a dead member of the Administratum, legs encased in plascrete, with 'RAT' scrawled across his face
>"Fuckin' Astartes Mafiosus"

>> No.21800715


Does this need to be specified that it can only be used once per battle?

>> No.21800716


>> No.21800734

>floating in space
>legs encased in plascrete,
>floating in space
That's so unnecessary.

I almost choked on my slice of bread laughing.

>> No.21800773

Brother, thou clearly stated that you found me to be amusing. For the benefit of the Chapter, please elaborate on that sentiment.
Dost thou compare me to a harlequin?
--cease thy denials, and respond to the query.

>needs a special rule called "bada bing, bada boom." Probably involving explosives.

>> No.21800776

They're nothing if not thorough.

>> No.21800824

Apologies for my poor drawfagging skills, but I had to draw a Made Marine after I saw this thread. He's got one of those Power-knuckles somebody mentioned.

(Kinda ripped off the smoking through his helmet's grille part from a previous drawfag, I honestly think that should be standard for the Mafiosus.)

>> No.21800834

Goddammit guys, now I have to go watch The Sopranos. And Godfather I. And Goodfellas. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! Also, the ad at the bottom of the page has a dude wearing a horse head. It knows!

this shit is awesome, though. Please continue

>> No.21800854

>The Administratum member's family received a fish under a data-slate the day after he went missing.

>> No.21800895

a space fish?

>> No.21800908


>> No.21800921

Of course!

>> No.21800979




Bada Bing Bada Boom: One enemy model has been secretly sabotaged to explode violently. When that model attempts to shoot, they immediately explode on a 2+. Use a normal artillery template to calculate damage as if done by (something) ((I don't know what would be appropriate)
This rule can only be used once per battle.


Bada Bing, Bada Boom: Enemy Character has all of their special wargear somehow stolen. They must use default wargear as per their codex entry.
This rule must be declared before your opponent's first turn.

>> No.21801007

Another odd behavior is the relationship between the Chapter and the citizens of the worlds under their purview. Once per generation, as a new corps of recruits is inducted into the full rites of Marinehood, certain high-ranking individuals are invited to the ceremony and may make requests of the Chapter Master, which by ancient decree may not be refused. However, it is never quite that black and white.

>I understand. You had a good trade, you made a good living. The Arbites protected you and there were courts of law. So you considered us to be objects of reverence and nothing more. Now you come and say "Master Corleone, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me "Imperitorfather." You come into my indomitable polar fortress, on the day my acolytes become Marines, and you ask me to do murder - for thrones.

>> No.21801019

What if it's a special character, and therefore has no default equipment?

>> No.21801032


No idea, I made it up on the spot. Immune, maybe?

>> No.21801059

Or maybe some kind of debuff. -1 to all rolls related to said character?

>> No.21801075

Fine work, but ninja'd >>21798004

>> No.21801080

Either could work. I'm leaning towards a debuff so the wide reach of the Adeptus Mafius can be illustrated

>> No.21801184

The Mafiosus' sanctuaries are often disguised as music clubs, financial establishments or construction firms. As such, it's difficult to find any bastion of the Mafiosus without knowing first who they are, and where to find them.


>> No.21801435

"Offer they can't refuse"

In any assault where the don is a combatant, before overwatch is rolled, the opposing unit must take a leadership test. If they fail this test, they are immediately placed in reserve and treated for their reserve rolls as though it were turn one when they were removed from the board.

"The Thunderhawks are right there, gentlemen. wouldn't it be better to ascend to the skies then descend into the abyss?"

>> No.21801475

Hy guys, it's >>21800824 again.

Just drew an Adeptus Mafiosus standard pattern Rhino.

A few notes:
>The stormbolter is operated by opening the sunroof.
>The hood ornament is an Aquila.
>I didn't color it in because it would be black, and we wouldn't be able to see any details. (I'm just working with a pencil.)

>> No.21801484

Whoops, forgot my pic.

>> No.21801514

It's great mafia, but these guys are still Imperials. Seems like it should be blockier.

>> No.21801525

Yeah, it was originally blockier but I rounded it a bit to make if more mafia looking.


>> No.21801610

For what it's worth, I like it the way it is.

>> No.21801642

They need Omerta-pattern Land Raiders.

>> No.21801673

There's always this art of an Imperial car from about 20 years ago.

>> No.21801697

Or Genestealer Limos.

>> No.21801711

The cow catcher pushes gore and dirt right into the chaingun barrels. IMPERIAL CRAFTSMANSHIP AT WORK! It does seem eerily perfect for this topic, though.

>> No.21801725

Holy shit it's beautiful.

>It's just a car
>Has two assault cannons anyway


>> No.21801732

>Genestealer Limos
Fuck yeah.

>> No.21801750

Well, I know what I'll be having built for me with my lottery winnings.

>> No.21801788

I wish genestealer cults were a playable thing now.

>> No.21801826

"For all their views on family and brotherhood, however, the made marines fight many battles within their own chapter. Where in other chapters the death of the chapter master has clear lines of succession drawn out, the death of an Adeptus Mafioso chapter master usually results in a boardroom filled with the corpses of all but one possible successor.

>"It's all about honor. The new Don is always the smartest one or the fastest shot, but he knows that his brothers' bodies are sacred, so they go straight to the tombs. I mean, except for the power armor.

>...and the geneseed.

>...and any fillings they've got.

>> No.21801904

Please, for all that is Holy (Emperah Be Praised), ARCHIVE THIS THREAD.

>> No.21802200

Dammit, /tg/, I don't even like Marines and this is making me want to paint up some Made Marines. They'd need the absolute sharpest of black-and-white paint schemes, though.

>> No.21802208


>> No.21802276

Drum-fed heavy bolters are go!

Can't see any regular boltgun versions, though..

>> No.21802413

Ah, google provides.

>> No.21802445


I got your archive riiiight here, buddy

>> No.21802454

Picture this guy in a crisp black-with-white-highlights paintscheme. With spats. And a cigar hanging out of his face grille.

>> No.21802478

Oh, and switch that knife for a Power Cosh.

>> No.21802506

Why not a nice set of Powerknuckles?

>> No.21802523

So would they have contracts in other chapters when they need a little "something special?" like, say, Sam'Ken "the Torch," a Salamanders Techmarine who gets them promethium "cocktail" grenades, and who can be relied on to keep his mouth shut about the extra armor on their rhinos(which could be av 13 all around[at cost] if he's in the army)?

>> No.21802546

That would be fine too. Or a nice length of Power Piano-wire.

Just realised that this model already has spats. They just need to be accentuated with the addition of black.

>> No.21802553

Holy fuck, yes.

This idea is gold, sir.

>> No.21802593

I can't tank ya enough. If you eva need a favor done, you just come see me.

>> No.21802638

So, anyone got a spare marine model, greenstuff, some black and white paint, and some time? I really want to see one of these guys now.

>> No.21802673



Bobbiius 'Gear' Anfeld is the head tech-priest on Sicilica. he works mostly removing the stubber rounds embedded in the Mafiosius' Limo vehicles and making sure they're impervious to all but the strongest AT fire.

>I'm thinking this chapter is particularly weak against Tyranids since there's no real leader they can 'make an offer they can't refuse'.

>> No.21802679

>yfw anon comes to you for that favour on the day your daughter is to be married

>> No.21802719


Someday, and that day may never come, I will ask you to perform a service for me.But, uh, Until that day, accept this gesture as a gift on my battle-brother's initiation day."

>> No.21802749

>>21802523 Here
thought of another rules for the Don or another SC
"I want him dead! I want his family dead!" before the first turn, nominate one enemy character. if a unit kills that character, and/or any unit said character is attached to/joins, the leader of the squad may take an upgrade to any piece of his wargear(i.e. upgrading the bolter to a storm/combi, power armour to artificer/runic), or may add an extra special weapon to the squad.

>> No.21802779

"Shut it, Gear. There's no offer the Family can make that can be refused. The Hive Tyrant wakes up with his prized Carnifex next to his bed. You know? We make our demands simply, unambigously. That's the way of men."

>> No.21802787

Suggested drive-by rules: all Made Marines in a rhino can fire out of the left and right sides, but only as snap shots, and only if it moved that turn to come within 12" of the target.

>> No.21802792

rule, another rule
i should hit the hay, but this thread is too awesome

>> No.21802825

Shouldn't they have a strangely good relationship with the Ecclesiarchy?

>> No.21802828

Let's not get bogged down in rules. Best to go with standard rules with one or two special rules.

>> No.21802842

"Why hello, there, Admiral. How lovely to see you on this fine day. What are we doing here? Why, we're just paying a visit to our good friend the Lord Admiral, ain't we, Tommy? Can't a pair of marines drop in to say hello to an old friend?"

"This here's an awful nice battlefleet you got, ain't it, Admiral? Lot's of cruisers and battleships here. Must be awful expensive to build a battlefleet this big, I figure. It bet it sure would cost a lot to replace it if it, say, went missing or something. Sure would be nice if a fella could just pay some money and never have to worry about that sort of thing, know what I mean?"

"Get to the point? Come, now, Admiral, there's no need for that tone, we're all friends here. All I'm saying is, it's real easy for things to happen to a battlefleet, you know? Could be lost in the warp, could be eaten by Tyranids, might be scavenged by Orks, who knows? All sorts of things can happen to a fleet that don't have the special protection that we provide, you know?"

"Oh geez, Tommy, you idiot, now look what you've gone and done. Sorry about that Admiral, but see, Tommy here is real clumsy like that. All the time, he's breaking stuff. Dates back to the Age of Strife, huh? Well, we're real sorry about that, ain't we, Tommy? Yeah, Tommy's doing stuff like that all the time. One time he accidentally destroyed a titan on account of how clumsy he is. Course, if they'd been paying for our...services, I would've been there protecting them and I could have stopped him, know what I'm saying? Anyway, Admiral, you think real hard about what I've told you now, and you let me know what you decide, okay?"

>> No.21802853

>They have been under suspicion for Tzeentch worship before, but these rumours were quickly dismissed after several of the Mafius visited high-ranking members of the Inquisition. Two died in 'unfortunate accidents', the others changed their minds unusually quickly, citing 'they're not such bad people when you get to know them', and sporting very fashionable fur coats.

They are close in with the Ecclesiarchy. Those Iron Haloes don't pay for themselves, y'know.

>> No.21802882


This sums up their military doctrine so perfectly

>"You wouldn't want that fleet protecting that planet when it'd be so much better off protecting this one, y'know?"

>> No.21802898


>> No.21802931

I lost it at "This here's an awful nice battlefleet you got, ain't it, Admiral?"

>> No.21802968

Have them never having given the gene-seed tithe to the Mechanicus, because, you know... Everything stays in the Family.

>> No.21803019


>> No.21803051












>blessing writoryo
Yes captcha our blessing is needed

>> No.21803056

Here's something I made
basically traced
because i love you all

>> No.21803076



*kisses hand*

>> No.21803086


>> No.21803095

You are a gentleman and a scholar, and I thank you for your creation.

>> No.21803104

The first successor Chapter from The Family were the Scarbearers.

Their story is a tragic story, that humbles all Space Marines that even the best can fall, a statement on the dangers of Chaos.

When the Scarbearers began their fight against the enemy within and without, they stormed across the galaxy with a fury and success not seen since the Great Crusade.
With every victory their pride grew to new heights, with each conquest their treasury grew with exotic loot. Despite their thuggish behavior, they were well-liked, for they got the job done, as the High Lords of Terra had expected from geneseed from The Family.
Their greatest feat was their assistance to a besieged Marneus Calgar, who gifted them a rare case with power weapons from the Dark Age of Technology.

After that, their power and success made them proud, and they began to forgo actual military campaigns for wars of loot and plunder, mostly targeting the enemies of the Imperium.

The final straw for the Imperium was when the Scarbearers ransacked a transport ship carrying cyclonic torpedo charges, as well as many Dreadnoughts and Terminator armour for numerous chapters.

Two days later, Inquisitorial troops and the Sisters of Battle charged the homeworld of the Scarbearers.
During the final assault on their Fortress, drop pods came reigning down, revealing old friends.

The Astartes Mafius had landed to destroy their descendants.

Today, no one even knows the name of their homeworld. Only the Adeptus Mechanicus identification code remains. And inside the burnt out Fortress, you can still see the remains of the Chapter Master and his retinue in a dried up fountain, covered in the remains of what once was a pure platinum statue of Slaanesh holding the world, riddled in bolter holes, plasma burns and lascannon craters.

>don't mind me smashing some other stuff in there

>> No.21803107

oh shit, that makes me think... someone should add wargear for HQ. A digital weapon.

>> No.21803176


Remnants of the Scarbearers persist to this day, forever in foul cowtow to the forces of Chaos. To The Family, it's just another anngry roar in the symphony that are their ill-fated enemies.

>> No.21803181


>>Hes a Salamander....hes bald....


>> No.21803188



It's worth it

>> No.21803207

And then it turns out there actually IS a planet named What by a particularly cheeky rogue Trader out there.

>> No.21803209


>> No.21803219




>> No.21803227

I just came.

>> No.21803234

Probably Abdul Goldberg again.


>> No.21803239


Already done, it's called the Adeptus Mafiosus actually being well-groomed men in classy suits

>> No.21803257

Don't forget the spats and cigars, those are a distinguishing feature too.

>> No.21803261


Oh god I love this. We need to run with this.

>> No.21803314

You are outstanding.

>> No.21803331


"you don't give me no respect... you don't even call me chapter master!"

>> No.21803415


>> No.21803450


Don't just bump, contribute!

Given that shooting out of transports is already a thing, the Adeptus Mafiosus should be REALLY good at shooting out of transports. Maybe their Rhinos have tons of firing points and/or they can do rerolls when firing out of a vehicle?

>> No.21803452

There needs to be an Omerta rule concerning iron will against psyker interrogation, as well as being a code of annihilation against battle brothers that would willfully share any of the chapter's secrets.

>> No.21803473

Marlon Brando is actually the ideal Space Marine. Seriously, this huge armoured thing comes crashing through your door and points a gun at you- scary enough. How much more would you shit yourself, though, when it removes its helmet and you see >>21798595 ?

>> No.21803485

Personally I just think Omerta is a fantastic name for a Land Raider variant.

>> No.21803502

My sides hurt. This is your doing.

Good work.

>> No.21803516

looking at >>21803209
Thought... would it be better for them to be a successor to the Dark Angels, and to view the DA's secret council as a group of all the families heads?

>> No.21803519

The Chapter Master's personal guard get access to ancient, exotic power armour variants: the Pacino, the De Niro, and the Pesci.

>> No.21803558

or just have their inner circle be referred to as the Cupola, a meeting of all the company heads, with the most successful company getting the better goods and title of first company, or something.

>> No.21803559

As part of their ancient custom, the Astartes Mafiosus partake in the traditional dishes of their forefathers at feasts. The Mafiosus' obsession with these seemingly bland grain noodles and dough wedges, hardly food befitting ones so illustrious as the Adeptus Astartes, baffles outsiders, as the Mafiosus are prone to hours-long debates over the merits of various types of red sauces or cheeses that appear more or less identical. It is not unknown for members of the Chapter, or "Family" as some members term it, to come to blows at these gatherings over an insult to their preferred dish or chef.

>> No.21803589

>wargear: orange peels 15pt

>> No.21803612

I can't make up a story about some enemies of the chapter waking up next to a dead horse's head or a 40k equivalent.

>> No.21803632

>planetary governor and favored venerable chimera variant

>> No.21803646

Administratum Protocol note 12: in contrast to most Chapters, Marines of the Astartes Mafiosus remain quite attached to their birth family even after becoming Battle Brothers. If you refer to their mothers, and in particular their mothers' specific grain noodle recipes, using anything but the most complimentary of terms, they will rapidly resort to extreme force.

Protocol Note 12a, appended following the Exterminatus of Calinos VII: do not attempt to date their sisters.

Protocol Note 12b, appended following the Black Devastation Of The Ixos System: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVEN THINK ABOUT DATING THEIR MOTHERS.

>> No.21803676

>A /tg/made space marine chapter
>After so long
Praise the God(Father)Emperor!

>> No.21803711

>5 and half foot tall Astartes

>> No.21803724

>No matter what your response is you'll get *BLAM*ed by a Tomus pattern bolter.

>> No.21803787


Although cloaked in romanticized tales and half-truths, one of the open secrets of the Astartes Mafius is the nature of the 3rd Company, known in official records as "Atra Manus" or Black Hand Company. True to their name, the left hand of their armor is painted black as per tradition.

Legends persist that the Company practices psychological warfare against upcoming foes, sending crudely written communiques with scrawls of chainswords and bolters in thick black ink, thus earning their original name. Demands will be made that purport to spare the recipient's life, but payment or not still results in the destruction of the target.

As those targets have more than occasionally been "upstanding men of the Imperium" including planetary governors and Imperial officers, the actions of the Black Hand Company are heavily curtailed by the Chapter. It officially does not exist, but consistently emerges from obscurity from time to time.


>> No.21803798

Carlonius was groggy from the night before; even his gene seed of the Adeptus Mafius couldn't handle the extreme amount of alcohol in his system. As Carlonius proceeded to wake up, he felt a sticky, thick, fluid on his left side, filling the space between his neck and pauldron. "What in the Emperor's nam-", and that was as much as he spoke before looking upon his most prized Grox's head, lying beside him in a large pool of blood. The only thing going through his mind was the pain that he would inflict on the ones who did this...

>> No.21803845


[door opens]
CHAPTER MASTER CORLEONOUS: Ah, there you are, Albinus. Come in, come in! Johnny, get this man a seat.
[chair scrapes]
GOVERNOR ALBINUS: Greetings, Chapter Master Corleo-
CMC: "Chapter Master"? No, no, c'mon! I known you what, twenty, thirty years? Call me Don.
GA: As you wish, Don. You asked to see me?
CMC: Ah, you know, business. How's the family? Cigar?
GA: My family is quite well, but I would appreciate it if we could discuss whatever the matter at hand happens to be, Don. I am a very busy man.
CMC: Why the rush, Albinus? Easy, my friend, easy.
CMC: [to Johnny] Take a hike.
[door closes]
[long silence]
CMC: Why you gotta be trying to screw me, Albinus?
GA: What? What in the name of the Emperor are you talking about?

>> No.21803850


CMC: You know goddamn well what I'm talking about. Why you gotta be doing this?
GA: I can assure you quite well that I have never had the slightest intention of "screwing" you, Don-
[loud smack, as if an armored hand upon a varnished wood surface]
CMC: Quit lyin'! You tell me you need help, that the PDF ain't enough, so I send some of my boys. You tell me that still ain't enough, that the heretics are shootin' up factories by the shipload, so I send more boys. Only thing you don't tell me izzat the 'heretics' my guys are puttin' six feet under were a duly appointed crew sent here by the Administratum to toss you in a cell!
GA: But, I-
CMC: Enough, Albinus. Enough. I ain't even angry. It's the disappointment, y'know? It's the disappointment that hurts the most.
GA: W-what are you going to do?
CMC: Well, first off, my friend Johnny here is gonna take you out back and give you a good once-over. Then, you're gonna rot in a cell for the rest of your rotten, short life as an example of what happens when some palooza thinks he can make a fool outta the Family.
[door opens]
[sound resembling knuckles cracking]
[music attributed to instrument classified as "saxophone" begins playing]
CMC: Goodbye, Albinus. May your maggot-riddled bones rot in the Warp.


>> No.21803860


(I know "goddamn" doesn't make much sense in 40k, but it's my assumption that the Astartes Mafiosus have some culturally ingrained swear words which they retain even though the original meaning has been lost for ages)

>> No.21803892

"Made Men" should be the unofficial chapter name for the First Company, all soldiers handpicked by the Chapter Master (affectionately known as the "Don" for reasons long since lost to the passage of time).

The Chapter Champion or First Company Champion should similarly be termed "Scarface", on account of he's got a whole lotta scars from all those battles he fought to get this position, see?

>> No.21803900

Unless you're the Blood Ravens, as they'll nick your wargear/stuff if theirs isn't good enough. Or for the hell of it!

Also, hello people, I got b& for 3 days for posting adult 40k Rule34. Mental note, don't post a Tyranid fucking an Eldar with the comment "Well, everybody else is posting NSFW stuff" It does not help.

>> No.21803959

>chain katanas

>> No.21804369

You messed up, asshole.
And nobody messes with me. Capisci?

>> No.21804761

We're going to need more art and ideally some converted minis for this, stat.

>> No.21804766

...the Astartes Mafiosus, I mean, not the That Guy Marines. Although they'd be fine too. Maybe just call them Those Marines?

>> No.21804827

they were already created.
something about wearing the skins of some creature on their masks and living on a half-broken-down battle-barge, one of their names were "The Millenial Questors"

>> No.21805406

i think it should be a vehicle bomb.
One vehicle on the enemy side has been rigged with a bomb
roll a d6 on a 4+ it takes a penetrating hit, if the roll fails the vehicle takes a glancing hit

>> No.21807525

Should they be fighting vicious turf wars with the alpha legion? The alphas could start doing their thing on a world under the protection of the mafiosus, and all hell breaks loose.....

>> No.21807565


I like the idea of Those Marines being one of the lost chapters. Not because they were lost to Chaos or the Warp or anything, the other marines are just so fucking embarrassed to be around them they were gradually forgotten.

>> No.21808199

For an Omerta-Pattern Land Raider, maybe the sponsons are scaled down vulcan megabolters. something like: Valentinus-Pattern Assault Bolter - Strength 5 AP 4 Heavy 10 (Possibly Pinning)?

>> No.21808604


>> No.21809899

and why no louisville slugger?

>> No.21809909

You. I like you.

>> No.21809917

They use Power Mauls

>> No.21809923

I could see scouts using them for some reason

>> No.21809976

Yeah, going off of >>21809917
earlier in the thread, when a Planetary Governor doesn't pay his Protection Tithe, a bunch of Scouts with Power Mauls led by a Chaplain fuck up the Governor's Palace and his kneecaps.

>> No.21810051

I seriously hope this shit gets archived

>> No.21810076

Archive This Thread!!!!! FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!

>> No.21810155

what about dreadnaughts?

>> No.21810161

Picture this; Inquisitor Ness discovers Slaaneshi activity in the underhive boardwalks of Nova York. The infestation is too much for his acolytes to handle, so he calls in a favour from a friend higher up in the Inquisition. The next day, the sharp black-and-white drop pods start raining down, and he has his first encounter with Captain Capone of the Made Marines. Capone and his men decend into the uderhive and don't come out for days. Drop ships come and go, ostensibly to deliver supplies ad reinforcements, and finally Capone ad his men emerge. 'De problem 'as bin dealt wit' they tell Ness, and they depart. Ness and his acolytes descend to investigate.

There's carnage, sure; foul daemonic ichors and more standard blood, but the underhive has been swept clean of the rest. No sign of the artifacts or substances the Inquisitor expected he'd have to deal with. 'Maybe the marines dealt with it', he thinks. He asks his contact higher up, just to be sure. 'Reports of the destruction of all forbidden artifacts and substances have been filed' is the response. 'Now drop the subject.' Ness gets curious, investigates. The reports are filed, sure, but there isn't nearly as much in them as Ness would expect for a chaos cult of the size he'd fund in the underhive. What happened to the rest of those daemonic bitches, and all that daemonic blow? And then he remembers the dropships. Supplies and reinforcements, they said. And Ness is the second coming of the Emperor. He starts to investigate these "Made Marines" but his superiors shut him down. "Don't poke," they say. How high does the heresy go? Ness will find out, but he'll need acolytes for it. The best of the best, untouchable.

>> No.21810219

Only one. The Don-naught.

>> No.21810580

he must have a hat

>> No.21810588

And a bowtie.

>> No.21810701

I want to play a made marine in deathwatch now. would be fun

>> No.21813981


>> No.21814050


>> No.21814743


This sounds like the best Dark Heresy game ever.

>Have a new sketch, too

>> No.21814782

What... what's he doing to the kitteh?

>> No.21814798


I think he's supposed to be stroking it...

>> No.21814865

Fine work, sir, even if he does appear to be crushing an innocent kitten.

On the pauldrons... I was looking for a mafia symbol, but couldn't find one. Was thinking they'd have to use the Godfather puppetteer hand, which would be hell to draw, but then wikipedia told me...

>The Mafia was also known by another term, La Mano Nera ~ the Black Hand. Mafia crimes were often sealed by a black handprint at the scene.

...so I'm thinking white pauldron, black hand.

>> No.21815029


(I didn't draw that, a friend did, I had some input, she's not really into 40k much)

I was wondering about insignia. Black-on-white hand sounds awesome, as does the puppeteer logo.

>> No.21815850

why not a mix of both?

>> No.21817830

>Captcha : FSFune Empire

>> No.21818313


>Inquisitor Ness

>> No.21819797


>> No.21820088

As a 40k player....

Really guys, just....stop.

>> No.21821513


>> No.21821778

shut the fuck up

>> No.21821819


>> No.21822125

Bumping just to annoy this faggot

>> No.21822354

what a gay elf loving faggot

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